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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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( whistling ) ( whistling )
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ere. what are you doin' out here alone? my h hse bolted, and i fell.
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chero, ?no? comanchero? i do not understand, se?or. i am conchita. conchita vasquez. my father and i-- we are camped up there. se?or? you are afraid of me? no, just careful. i do not think that you are a coward. i'm not a fool, either. this is kind of rougugcountry for a girl to be out in alone. i was to meet him by the spring. well, at least i can get you out of the sun. i'll takakyou over by the spring.
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better, huh? carlos, now! no, carlos! not the knife!
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give me the knife. give it to me! fool. you kill him, and he means nothing to us. my father gave orders to bring him to the camp. sanchos... tie him up. conchita: sanchos. it is good yououe here. carlos is no match for him. we were both wrong, se?or. fool, but you're not a coward. bring his horse. carlos, where is my father? did i not tell you? he has ridden to our camp on the river to bring rafael and the others. no, , u did not tell me. why did my father go? he was a very sick man.
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ers. conchita, he wanted to go, and he went. me, he left here in command. that is all. i do not believe you. so... think as you like. ask sanchos. sanchos will say whatever you tell him to. s?. and so will julio. and so will the others do what i say! i've tried to be patient with you because you are beautiful and you are young. but i warn you-- wewe, i'm warning you. if you hurt my father, i'm going to kill you. and don't you forget it. your father? all right. i will go myself and bring him m the morning. you have something with which to write? who do you want me to write to? mamar adams. there's paper and pencil in my saddlebag. conchita: you heard him, carlos.
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how do you know about major adams? oh, i know many things, se?or. i know who major adams is. i know you are flint mccullough, scout for major adams, and that he needs you with him. but what is more important to me-- i knkn that he will give us the shipment of rifles you carry to get you back. rifles? never mind how we know. we need those rifles, se?or flint. you're wasting your timim muchacha. except the army post they're assigned to. not even to save your life, se?or flint? what would you like me to say? say that we hold you here, and that we want the wagon with the rifles
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not, you will die. you have to give him a couple of days.. the wagons travel kind of slow in this country. yes, i know. they w wl have to be here within two suns. the wagon should be brought by one man, unarmed. you read english? s?, se?or. just wondering. bueno. carlos, give it to julio. tell him to go at once. this isn't gonnanaork, muchacha. not if you really know anything about the major. he would not let you die. those rifles are his responsibility. i don't think he'd turn them over to you to save his own life.
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mccullough ought to be getting back pretty soon. where is he? i sent him up on ahead, take a look at that pass, he'll be back prprty soon. besides, supper's ready anyway. hungry? charlie, i'm as hungry as a cub bear. good. well, i thought i was hungry. i'm not so sure now. you've been eatin' my grub for a long time. you ain't dead yet. maybe so, but there's been quite a few times when i was mighty close to it. come on, dish it up. major? that williams girl made greatatig batch of new england stew. she and her dad would like to have you join 'em. well, william... i think you just saved a man
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yes, sir! they got a guest. when'd he get so finicky about his food? you know, charlie, i think he's right. go and join him. there'll be more left for me. i wasnsn asked. you're not asked here, either. how's my girl doing, reverend? she's fine, mr. williams. i just wish she'd let me give her some help, though. out ready? almost ready. is there gonna b benough? now, let's see-- there'll be you and dan here, and me. then there's major adams and-- oh, yes, i asked that young fella wes arthur, too. what's the matter? is that too many? uh, no. there'll be plenty, father. only... oh, i see. well, i'm sure dan won't mind wes eating with us, honey. is that so, reverend? of course. why not? i really don't mind, father. only that wes arthur is so-- well, he's so-- wes is young, honey. he's all right.
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and i just felt-- it's all right. oh, our guests are here, honey. reverend. mr. williams. miss martha. glory be, does that smell good. ( laughs ) well, i hope it's fit to eat, major. it's pretty hard to do things with an open fire. oh, anything your hands have touched is sure to have the sweetness of honey. martha: it's not supposed to be sweet. it's ready, if you'd like to find a place to sit. would you help me, please, father? p you. yes, dan-- the silverware. say, this food is delicious! fififor a king! revevend, would you, please?
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for this of which we are about to partake, we thank thee. we ask thy blessing and guidance for the journey ahead. thy will be done. amen. all: amen. you got me that time, reverend. sorry. i just can't get used to the fact of your bein' a preacher. why, you're not much older than i am. age has nothing to do with it. i'm not quite usus to it myself, wes. after all, i was just out of divinity school a while when we left missouri. ititl take a little time-- ( thud ) down, everybody! down, down! it's all right, i guess. sorry, mr. williams, but it's best to be a little bititareful. looks like we got a note. trouble. not for us. but flint's got himself in trouble.
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you, dan, ananmr. williams come with me. oh, miss martha, i'm real sorry. your dinner was real good. i hate to miss it. i hope mr. mccullough will b ball right. he'll be all right for now. where'd you get this, major? ever see one of those before, charlie? this ain't no regular indian arrow. comanchero. comanchero? that's that bunch they told us to be on the lookout for when we left colbyville. that's right. they got flint. flint? what do they want him for? aw, those confounded army rifles. i knew i should've told that agent to let the army pick 'em up like they were supposed to. now they're holdin' flint hostage. says that unless we turn the rifles over to them, they'll kill him. they're holdin' flint? let's go after him. oh, let's go after him, huh? just like that? let's go after him? yeah. we don't even know where they are, you knothead!
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. use the young men. try not to upset the womenfolk. charlie, you get the ololr men, ask 'em to come over to my wagon. have 'em bring their metal files with 'em. yes, sir. metal files? what do we want metal files for? we're gonna do a little work on the firing pins of those rifles before we turn 'em over to that bunch. you're not gonna give 'em a bunch of rifles. charlie, will you do like i asked you, just once, please? yes, sir. attention: are you eligible for medicare? the medicare enrollment deadline is just a few days away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? new plans are now available that could increase your benefits and lower
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did you sleep? no. i'm used to sleepin' on my stomach. besides, i had something on my mind. here. here is food. you. uh...can't eat with my hands tied. no, thanks. i'm really not hungry. no eat? no. a man knows he's only got a couple of days to live, i guess he doesn't have much of an appetite. major adams will not let you die. you're wrong. we shall see. has carlososeturned with your father? no. not yet, huh? your father is the chief of the comancheros, isn't he? yes. but carlos would like to be chief, wouldn't he? carlos will never be chief. he's not like my father.
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ubt. from what i can see, you'rereot so sure yourself. you know what kind of a man carlos is. what he wants, he takes. and what he e n't have, he kills. very c cver, se?or flint. but it will not work. conchita is not so stupid, you know. but suppose i'm right. suppose carlos has done something to your father. if he doesn't kill you first. carlos would not harm me. he has much love for me. in his own way, maybe. carlos doesn't know what it is to love. he only wants. and that isn't enough for you. you need to be loved. i will not listen totoour lies any longer. conchita. now you'll go to find carlos, huh?? and you will feel the blade of his knife.
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blade. you're thinking of me? why else?? you can help me. we can help each other. you don't belong here with carlos. you're different that he is. think it over. conchita, he is dead.
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conchita, stop it! listen to me! your father was old, sick. you knew this! yes. conchita... i am chief now. everything will be different. soon we will have new rifles. we will be s song. and with me to lead them, the comancheros can take what they want. money, jewels, clothes. you shall have everything. carlos... where is he? back there. i want to go there. just for a little while. the others are waiting down the trail. we must join them.
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( muttering ) adi?s, my father. carlos will die for this. i promise you that. se?or flint, you were right t out carlos. my father is dead. where is carlos? down the trail with the others. i'm going with you. shh. is the guard outside? yes. se?or flint, when they find out what i've done, they will try to follow us.
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se?or flint, you-- you like conchita, yes? i can hardly hate you for saving my life. then you will take me with you, where the wagons go. i promise you. we can't afford to take any chances with that guard. no noise. i'm your prisoner.
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( scraping ) rode into camp. with a se?orita. he's back, huh? get these rifles out of sight, boys. well, you got yourself in trouble again, huh? but i got here, didi't i? yeah, but what with? what's this? this is miss conchita vasquez. if it wasn't for her,, i wouldn't be here. mm-hmm. you helped him get away? why? what's your game, missy? what are you up to? what does he mean, se?or flint--up to? it's all right, conchita. the major here is not very trusting. he thinks you've got some sort of a trick planned. oh, no trick, se?or. i just helped se?or flint escape, and i escaped with him. he tell me that you will protect me. you ought to know you can't trust a comanchero any farther than you can throw a wild bull. you can trust her.
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, huh? well, all right. come along, missy. i want to ask you a couple of questions. it's all right. so, you want to come along with us, huh? with se?or flint. i don't know that we got a place for you or not. flint, you might ask, uh... simon williams and martha if they'd be willing to take her in. good i ia. be right back. has not t ?or flint a wagon? well, sure, he has a supply wagon, but-- then why i cannot go with him? why? well, you can't do that. oh. se?or flint would not like it? well, it isn't that, but-- then i go tell him, yes? no, just a minute. you stay right here. listen, conchita-- if you're gonna come along with us, you've got to learn to do things our way. and behave yourself. do you understand that? i want very much to please you...
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i will do. all right. now, tell me about these comancheros. how many are there? they are 30 men, and carlos. they got any weapons? a few rifles... knives and arrows. but they're good fighters. you think they might try to attack us, huh? yes. oh, but not here. not now. when? when you reach the mountains. hmm. ambush, huh? i figured as much. wewe, conchita... i'm gonna let you stay with us. now, wait. wait just a minute. i'm not through. i'm gonna keep an eye on you, a close eye on you, so don't you try anything, yoyohear? you will not fear me. you will see. i only wish to please you and se?or flint. she's definitely a little shy, but she's really very nice. you'll like her. major, mr. wililams and martha say it's all right.
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do. mr. williams, this is conchita. conchita, you'll ride in mr. williams' wagon. muchas gracias, se?or. you're very welcome, conchita. and this is his daughter martha. martha, this is conchita. hello. she's very beautiful, no? getting flint yes, she is. very beautiful. in wrong with dan jaeger, young lady. reverend jaeger and i are going to be married. oh. you are very beautiful, se?orita. very beautiful. we'll be happy to have you with us, my dear. come, martha. we'll take conchita to the wagon and see what we can do to make her comfortable. thanks, mr. williams. you go along with them. they'll take care of you. go ahead. major: flint? yeah? what's on your mind, major? well, i hoped i wouldn't have to spell it out for you. but it looks like i'm gonna. a gal like that conchita can get under a man's skin
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she's a little girl to me. little girl, huh? sweet, gentle, innocent little girl. just about as gentle as a she-badadr-- with claws just as sharp, and you'd better look out for 'em, boy. don't worry about her. she's kind of f range. i'm just tryin' to make her feel at home. i got no more interest in her than you have.
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applause )
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dance, honey. come on. don't touch h . i do not like it. oh, come on, honey. let's dance-- why, you dirty little indian, you! get your hands off her. leave her alone. it's nothing to get excited about, flint.
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well, apologize to her. sure. sure, flint. i'm sorry, se?orita. i didn't mean anything. keep away from her. go on, get out of here. ( music resumes ) you fight for conchita. i said i'd watch out for you, didn't i? you are not angry with me? no. it wasn't your fault. go along with martha.. she'll take care of you. he won't bother you again. you sure you no angry? yeah, i'm sure. no interest in her, huh? i thought for a minute you were gonna tear that boy's head off. it's like i said--- a gal like conchita can get under a man's skin before he knows what's happening to him.
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major, i'm sorry. ( coyote howl ) major, flint would like to talk to you. all right. excuse me, folks. ( coyote howl ) ( howling continues ) how long has this been goin' on? it started a while ago. ( howling ) what do you think? hard to tell. depends on how many are out there. we'd better find out how many there are.
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that gal? yeah, you can trust her. i'll have a talk with her. conchita? ven aqu?. ( coyote howl ) i told you they would come. there are not many. carlos is not with them. his call is different. then they can't attack right away. ou wish it, i will go... try to learn something. no, , - no, i don't want you to do that. you have fear for me? before, you fight for me. now you have fear for me.
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i'm sorry, conchita. i shouldn't have done that. you're sorry that i have love for you? no, i didn't say that. but i've got a job here on the train. i can't-- i don't understand. you are a man and i am a woman. why is it wrong that we find love for each other? well-- just sit down... you see, this kind of a job-- i can't be worried about somebody waiting for me or-- well, i-- i just can't do that. being a scout, i'm away from the train-- i think you'd best go back with the others. you come, too? yeah, i'll come, and we'll talk later.
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're just lookin' around. and you believe her? i haven't any reason not to. you know something funny, flint? i think right now if that girl told you that the moon was made of green cheese, you'd believe her. i don't t ink that's funny. it wasn't meant to be. flint, we're in a tough situation. sooner or later, we're gonna have to have a showdown with those comancheros. you and i have got a big job in taking care of all these people. there's no room for personal feeling whatsoever. if i had, you'd have heard 'em. well, i won't give you any rereon to complain. you just run the wagon train. i'll take care of my job. and don't worry about the girl, either. i'll take care of her, too. all right, flint. that's good enough for me. ( coyote howl )
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nchita? help you? of course, if i can. how? you will help conchita to be like you. get you to be like me? whatever made you think of that? se?orita, you-- you have much love for your man. you always want to please him. mm-hmm. i want to please my man. but he wants me to be like you, like your own people. you will teach me? well, i don't know what i could teach you. i want very much to please se?or flint. flint? mr. mccullough? ( laughs ) you do not laugh at conchita. oh, no, conchita. i'm sorry. i wasn't laughing at you. it's just that it was a surprise. that se?or flint is my man? he has much love for me. oh, i'm sure he has. after all, you are very beautiful. then why are you u rprised? well, it's just that... you're s sdifferent.
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all right. i'll try. now, let's see. uh...where can we begin? no. well, flint, we hit that pass tomorrow. i figure that's what carlos and his men have been wawain' for. what's it like up there? 's kind of winding and rocky. a few narrow places, but not a good place for an ambush. do you think we can get through to the open in one day? well, depends on how much trouble we run into. we're gonna have trouble. i can guarantee that. i'll keep the wagons bunched up as much as i can goin' through. charlie, get all the drivers together after supper. i want to talk to 'em. flint, just in case, it might be a goododdea to pass the word. tell everybody to stay close to camp tonight, huh? all right, major.
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keep your eyes open and your guns loaded. now, will l u tell me where you got that outfit? i no steal them. she gave them to me. i only wish to please you. you said it is wrong for us to have love for each other because we are so different. so, i learn to be like your people. conchita, you're very sweet. i wish i knew how to tell you that--
10:44 am
now, this has to stop... right now. you do not love me? no, ni?a. i think you're a very sweet girl, but i don't love you. you just think i'm not good enough for you! conchita, i didn't say-- ng? here are your rags. i do not want them. get out! he thinks i'm not good enough for him. you and all of them do not think i'm'm good enough for him! no, that's not true, conchita. it's just that your lives are sosoifferent. se?or flint's not the kind of a mann who settles down to make a home. you u d he are of two worlds. conchita... someday you willll understand that.
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you, or all of them. you and your stupid ways--
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( coyote howl )
10:48 am
conchita! would you kill me, carlos? would i kill a snake that strikes without warning? you have love for the gringo. you were in his arms last night. sanchos saw you. sanchos is a fool. and you are a fool, carlos. all ofofou-- you cannot think. why do you think i've come here? only to feel the blade of your knife? i could be safe back there with them. the gringo--flint-- he has much love for meme i will kill him! wait. i play with him... like the cat with a mouse. i learn things from him. carlos, i know in which wagon are the rifles.. i know, too, where they go through the mountains-- through paso grande. good. we will wait for them there. no. i will tell them not to go through paso grande, that you wait for them there.
10:49 am
ugh duro pass. is not that better for us? duro pass! there they would be helpless! one thing, conchita-- why would they believe you? i told you-- se?or flint has much love in his heart for me. he will do whatever i say. e love for him? for a gringo? never. we are of two diffffent worlds. i know that. he will do what i say. and then he will know how different we are. conchita. go, carlos.
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tell, why didn't she tell me? why should she tell you? she knows who's runnin' this outfit. come on, charlie. shake a leg, will you? i want to get rollin'. what time didd conchita come to see you last night? i don't know. 10:00, 10:30. what's the difference? it makes a lot of difference. i don't think she's telling you the truth. she's doing this to get even with me. what the devil are you talkin' about? all right. why else would she turn against her own people right away, just like that? she's got every reason in the world to turn against 'em! they killed her father, didn't they? she didn't desert them, they through her out. why shouldn't she turn against them? flint, i tried to tell l u what you were gettin' into, but no, you wouldn't listen. you've got yourself so wrapped up in this gal, you can't even begin to think straight. i'd better do your thinkin' for you. you're the one that's not thinkin' straight. listen, if you want the story of my life, i had a fight with her last night. she didn't take it well because i don't want to get married. i don't want to settle down. so, she's run off to carlos and fixed this whole scheme. can't you see that? the only thing i can see is a full-grown man
10:51 am
we'll see. conchita? ven aqu?. lovesick puppy, my foot. conchita, this concerns every person on the train, t what? so it's important that you tell the major the truth. about why you went to see carlos last night. i did it for you, of course. se?or flint, did i not tell you to be like you, like your own people? so, last night, i went to see carlos. i i und out that they want to trap you at paso grande. so i tell the major about other pass-- duro pass--where you will be safe. this way, you fool carlos and the others. is it not clever? very clever. conchita, i'm sorry about the way you feel abobo me. i did my best to make you understand last night. but t n't take a chance will all the lives
10:52 am
you are not going to duro pass, major? sure we're goin' through duro pass. then where is trap? the comancheros will be waiting for you at paso grande, as i said. all right, major, it's your responsibility. wooster: we're ready to roll, major. all right, charlie. thank you, conchita. come on.
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10:54 am
you spot anything up there, flint? no, i didn't see a thing, but i'd bet they're there. i sure don't like the looks of it. well, i wouldn't take the train through if i were you,u,ajor. i don't think i will. bill, you u d charlie get every man armed and ready for action. hop to it. i got an i ia, major. oh, what's that? flint, i'm just not gonna let you do it. you're just a plain fool if you go up there by yourself. look, major, i got you into this mess, and i'm gonna get you out of it. if i come back in a few minutes, you know the plan worked. if i don't, i'd go back to paso grande. adi?s.
10:55 am
the wagons have stopped. conchita has betrayed us. tell the men to move down and keep out of sight. we must attack them where they are. i'm afraid that boy's gonna get himself killed. flint, come back! they'll kill you!
10:56 am
i could-- could not let you die. don't talk, conchita. there's a doctor on the train. no. it is finished. there is no place for me. shh. don't talk. you said i was not like them. i did not belong with them. i do not belong with you. you see? there is no place for me.
10:57 am
10:58 am
? roll along, wagon train ? ? rollin' on the prairie where there ain't no grass ? ? rollin' over r untains where there ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board, high in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ?
10:59 am
? roll along ? ? pickin' up a passenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's ever gonna shoot you down ? ? lookin' for a pal, aiait it a pity? ? ? lookin' for a gal, needn't be pretty ? ? if she'll ride ? ? on the wagon train ? ? wagon ho ? ? gotta keep 'em on the run ? ? time to go ? ? roll along ? ? wagon train ? ? never have a cabin near the general store ? ? only have the wagon and the forty-four ? ? sittin' on a board, high in the weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay y gether ? ? side by side ?
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