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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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detective. hey. what do we got? george lee. owns the place. passer-by called it in. got witnesses? one lady saw 2 black kids runnin' from the scene, but she didn't see their faces. this is my father's store! who's this? that's probably the son. he lives in westchester.
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get out of my way! it's ok. can we help you, sir? i'm simon lee. this is my father's store! i'm detective simone. this is detectiviv kirkendall. why don't we take a second to talk here? i want to see my father. who, whoa, whoa. try to t te a breath, mr. lee, ok? what happened? there was a shooting here t ts morning. your father was shot, sir. i'm sorry to have to tell you this. he's dead. now can i enter? yeah. let's talk over here. to see my father! you don't want to see him like that. i want to know who did this. when, how, everything. it looks like a robbery went bad. there was a couple of guys running away. they steal his movado watch? i told him not to wear it here. he insisted. so proud i gave him a movado watch. we don't see a watch on him. there. see? i begged him. "move to westchester." he said, "poor people need fresh food, too."
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it's too soon to know exactly who's responsiblbl these people, they want things, they don't want to work for 'em. animals! you killed my father! mr. lee, i know that you are upset. itit not gonna help for you to start insulting people. one way to make 'em talk. you, boy. i'll give you $5,000 cash monon if you find my father's killer. you don't know? find out. tell your friends! go on! you can't do that, mr. lee. you can't do that.
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good morning. how's it goin'? oh, you're back. yes, i am. hey, andy. yeah. how was your doctor's appointment? why? guy's ready to both your corneas, he don't even want to minutes to collect yourself. you backed out? i'm rethinkin' my options. morning. hi, boss. um, rape-assault victim at bellevue. you want to work with diane? why wouldn't i? 9-year-old girl. ready?
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does that say? "never mind love syl--"ne. all right. hi, jill. morning. hi. so,'d it go at the doctor's? guy wants you on an assembly lininpart you're not supposed to show no skittishness getting your eyeballs invisible so you backed out. i'll print larger slips, detective. it wouldn't hurt. wrestling practice tonight? hey, lieu. um, what did you get on that grocery homicide? doa's the store owner-- korean. place got robbed. past the opening money, the doa's son says the doa had this he always wore.e watch that's in the wind. we got a statement 2 black kids left the scene. no good description. the clerk that worked with the doa
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he's kind of a pain in the ass. this guy, he acts like criminals.neighborhood's the only way the case'll make is him walkin' offerin' reward money. did you explain to him field the information, he's gonna get riried off or worse? guy's real hard to talk to. any chance he's trying away from himself? it's more like some kind of guilt. you'd better have him come in. yeah. ok. i'll give him a call. victim--annie watters. she's 9. yeah, we got that. says she was walking near first and tenth when some guy an abandoned building, beat her up, and raped her. she got to a deli after he let her go. they called us. you checked the building? no one around. locate the parents? mother works uptown. she's on her way in. thanks. how's she doin'? cuts and bruises, possible concussion. she told the cop she was raped.
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she's pretty traumatized. annie? i'm diane russell. i'm a detective. this is andy, my partner. can you tell us what happened today, annie? i don't want to tell again. do you mind if i ask what happened before? were you walking to school? 'cause i missed the bus. annie! i'm sorry! oh! oh! oh! your face! my god! who did this? we'd just started talking to annie about that, ms. watters. ms. nelson. i went back to my maiden name. ok, ms. nelson. maybe you could sit with annie while we try to talk to her about what happened. it was billy podesky, right? oh, this was just a question of time. he needs to be off the street.
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and you could just see this comin' on. ms. nelson, let your daughter talk. did you know the boy who attacked you this morning, annie? [crying softly] annie, tell them about billy. did he do this? maybe. he had his hands over my eyes. my god! you think maybe it could've been billy, annie, or you're pretty sure it was? don't you browbeat her! it's you doin' that. it was billy podesky! get some rest, annie. we'll talk some more later? we're really sorry what happened to you. you tell his father i plan civil and criminal action! i told him about this! i have to listen to that woman another 10 minutes,
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appreciate you comin' in. well... mr. lee was a good man. no race prejudice. as many of them as he had to deal with. kirkendall: you want some coffee? no, i'm all right. so who do you think it was that might have killed mr. lee? could've been any of 'em. "them" being who? the blacks. half of 'em are drunksks, crackheads, and the young ones are all hoodlums. any kids specifically you think might've done this? kids who run in pairs? any of 'em. she's asking if any of "them" in particular
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why weren't you at work today, george? i was at h home with my kids. my wife's mother's in the hospital havin' heart surgery. how did mr. lee get along with his son? 3 years i worked for mr. lee, i saw the guy maybe half a dozen times. he thought he was better than his father, smarter. like, mr. lee played the numbers. one time he hits, and, uh, the runner's late payin', and his son says mr. lee's stupid, to pay off. but he did get paid, 3 days later. all right, georgrge. we have your information if we need you again. i'm sorry my wife's mother got sick. cop called, and i left my kids to come cooperate. mr. lee was a good guy. no race prejudice towards me. all right. [knock on door]
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thanks a lot, naomi. sir, you have gone past the catching area where i asked you to wait. this woman's got information. this about the death of mr. lee's father? that's right. sorry about what happened, mr. lee. she's s got information. we appreciate your help. what's your name? felicia chivers. i'm detective kirkendall. this is detective simone. why don't you come with me, felicia, and we'll talk? would also like to have a word with you, mr. lee. i aiain't givin' up no information without that reward. look. look. how many times do i have to show this to you? showin' me ain't puttin' nothin' in my pocket. come on with me, felicia. we'll work all this out. simone: i'll be in there in just a second. she knows the 2 boys who killed my father, and she knows where to find them. we're gonna be right t here. lieutenant. this is simon lee. how do you d d mr. lee? i'm sorry for your loss.
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th in the catching area? i'm gonna talk to herrrigh. all right. don't waste my time. i gather this woman came forward because of the reward money you're offering in your father's case. money's all these people understanan as you say, the prospect of a payday generates attention from all kinds of people. i hope this woman's information is productive, but if we have t tcontinue our investigation, your letting our office handle the reward process the useless information and bring you the rest. mr. lee, were you listening to what i just said? let us handle the investigation, and give yourself some time to absorb the shock of your father's death. my shock is none of your business. this woman knows my father's killers, and i stay with the money until those boys are arrested. no, you don't, mr. lee. now, you stop shouting, you turn around, you leave this building,
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she knows who killed my father. if she knows, my detectives will find that out. i got a child comin', and i got to look out for myself. now, i made mistakes. don't think i'm the onliest one who's done that. but this is where i am, and i got responsibilities to myself, my future, and my baby. well, you see how i'm beat up. i got a right to some compensation, and i got a right to a future. the boys you lookin' for are named gerard and antwan. they done that robbery, done for that chinaman, and they beat me up, too. gimme that pen.
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a .25 pistol, so you better be careful. what's angela to you? she's my mother.
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se me. - you the super? - sam podesky. detective sipowicz. this is detective russell. - this your son? - billy. yeah. russell: how's it goin', billy? how's it going? what's goin' on? one of your tenants was beaten on her way to school this morning. annie watters? no. is she all right? where you been this morning? workin' in the building. is the little girl all right? she should be all right, yeah. what about your boy there? where's he been? doin' my chores with me. i couldn't say. but it wasn't like we were hidin'. i'd like to ask billy a few questions now. he's slow. you understand. billy, what did you do this morning? we had breakfast. we had our cereal, right? and we d-did our trash and daddy fixed the buzzers. did you see annie watters today, billy? no. annie says you beat her up. what? he did no such thing. billy, why do you think annie would say
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he wouldn't hurt anyone. this girl's mother might've put her up to this. - why do you think she'd do that? - off my occasion saying she had me keeping an eye on her little one too often. having you keep an eye on annie? i don't mind, but if we're doin' chores, sometimes she can get in harm's way. so, since i said that, her mother's agitated against me and billy. remarks to the tenants... the owner. um...time to put in the trash, right? just a second, son. all right, mr. podesky. nothin' against billy unless her mother made her. this a good boy. you ask the tenants. yeah. all right, thanks. a junkie will tell you anything. and she did take a beating,
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says she's been holding the gun for her boyfriend. she's out the last couple of nights. 7 months pregnant. 7 months pregnant and using. she comes home this morning, the gun's gone. a couple of hours later, the boys show up. she asks them about the gun, the older one punches her out. how's she know they're at her mother's? says the younger one was scared. that's where they hide out when they're in trouble. all right. get some help and pick them up. yeah. so, uh, what'd you say to the doa's son? greg, james, you guys ok to give us a hand? yeah, sure. what do you like to drink, annie? do you have apple juice? you bet. you got cranberry juice? i'll have to look. cranberry juice. how'd it go with the super's son? he didn't rape nobody. we're gonna reinterview.
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mother's a junkie. she's just gonna give her kids up for the reward. and they say no good comes of dope. i'll talk to you in a while, boss. yeah. whatever. then i'll have apple juice, too. so we wanted to tell you and annie how things are going on our investigation. we talked to billy podesky and his dad. they both say he was with his father all morning. all right, miss nelson? we also talked to your neighbors. there isn't more than a 10 or 15-minute interval between one or another of them seeing billy. well, between me and the super of their building, whose side do you think they're gonna take? be still now. gloria, we're pretty well convinced billy wasn't involved.
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or they just make a mistake. grown-ups make mistakes, too. but it's not something that you should feel embarrassed about or feel like you can't say. so the first thing i'd like to ask is if you think-- with everything going on at the hospital-- maybe what you said back then could have been wrong? hmm? it wasn't billy. ok, sweetheart. do you want some of my apple juice?
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annie... can you tell us anything at all that might help us catch the person who did this? a man... said he lost his kitty and if i could help him look. so i went there with him to look. so then he did all his bad things. he wasn't too tall, and he was losing some of his hair. and i scratched him here... on his cheek. ok, annie. that's gonna help us. good for you.
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[crying] you don't know what it's like, a single mother in this kind of city. all right, baby. you all set up on the fire-escape? officer on walkie-talkie: all set up outside. - woman: who is it? - neighborhood watch. i'd like to show you a picture of a missing child. i don't know nothin' about it. well, could i just show you the picture?
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leave 'em alone! i'm sick. don't move! don't move, or you will get hurt. hey! what-- what we done? just lie still. bathroom's clear. i got a gun. what are they doing? there's nothing you can do for them now. aah! just relax. we got them. let's go. 'twan! gerard: don't say nothin', 'twan. yeah, you keep listening to your brother, 'twan. look how much good he's done for you so far. 15 squad to central,


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