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tv   WRAL News 530PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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leave 'em alone! i'm sick. don't move! don't move, or you will get hurt. hey! what-- what we done? just lie still. bathroom's clear. i got a gun. what are they doing? there's nothing you can do for them now. aah! just relax. we got them. let's go. 'twan! gerard: don't say nothin', 'twan. yeah, you keep listening to your brother, 'twan. look how much good he's done for you so far. 15 squad to central,
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i am sorry, lieutenant. you don't have anything to be sorry about. i checked her purse. she's not a prisoner. i couldn't do a body search. maxine, it's all right. what's going on, boss? the mother's high in the bathroom. she had her dope kit stuck up in her privates. ere are the boys? james and greg got them in holding till we saw what was what. see where the mother's at before you bring them up. you all right? yeah. i hurt my ankle getting her out of the stall, but at least i didn't get stuck with her needle. you want hank to take you to er? no, no. i'm all right, lieutenant. thanks.
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you messed up? lucky these days i can cop enough to keep from getting sick. course, that might change now, huh? oh, you're not gonna be getting no reward money if the boys don't confess, felicia. well, bring them on. you'll get your confession. now, how you gonna talk to them? gonna tell me how to talk to my own children? felicia. maybe, uh... letting them know you love them. you're sorry how things worked out, and that you want the best for them from a bad situation. we can play that, sure. let's just do it. all right?
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[knock on door] yeah. andy and me found a guy in the 2-50s-- glenn farley. drunk 2 weeks ago a block from where annie was attacked. he fits her description of the attacker. parole violator from oregon. 2 convictions for molestation. oregon didn't move to extradite? only owed a month on his parole. they didn't want to spring for a plane ticket. last known's an s.r.o. in midtown. all right. get him in for a lineup. that's how they keep their air so pure. man, what's she doing here? kirkendall: just calm down, gerard. you need an adult guardian here 'cause of your ages. we don't wanther up in here. antwan: we want our grandma. you worried about me being xxxxxx off, gerard, behind you nearly pistol-whip me to death? kirkendall: all right, felicia. medavoy: all set? simone: we're good.
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that she's not looking to bring any charges against you for what happened between you and her. that's right. your mom also wants you to know how badly she feels about the problems and hard times in your family. that's right. her using drugs and so forth. i realize that a lot of y'all going hungry and being xxxxxx off about not having school clothes and whatnot, that's on me. - my habit sometime-- - sometimes? your moms also realizes that you and antwan sometime she send us out stealing. i always gotta watch burrell withmy kicks. selling his sneakers while he was sleeping. those were stole sneakers. she's sorry about that, and we realize that you weren't looking to hurt anybody at that grocery. - grocery? what grocery? - don't you lie, gerard. what grocery? we wasn't in no grocery. you always trying to put us into trouble. 'twan, gerard stand in that kitchen this morning
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so he just admit he confessed. man, she ain't here to apologize. hell if i ain't! antwan, gerard, we got witnesses put you shooting the grocer. we got the gun you used and your own mother's words that you confessed. now what's left here for you to explain is how all that came to happen. 'cause i don't think that you woke up this morning meaning to kill anybody. you listen to what he say. the grandmother's downstairs. says if she doesn't talk to a detective, she's gonna lawyer the kids up.
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where they at? we're talking to the boys upstairs, mrs. chivers. ma'am, you should know that we've connected them pretty conclusively to a homicide that was committed this morning. connected them? how? well, we've got witness statements, conclusive ballistic reports off that gun that we found in your apartment. i didn't have nothin' to do with that gun. well, we know that. the boys had committed any crimes. but that's how it lays out, mrs. chivers. they used that gun to commit a robbery, and, unfortunately, there was a man who was killed. so, do they need a lawyer? i don't mind spending the money if i have to. ma'am, your grandsons' best chance not to have to spend the rest of their lives in jail right now is explaining that this was not a premeditated murder. the best thing you can do is let them.
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yes. yes, you can. old man wouldn't give me the cash money out of the register. and he wouldn't show me how to open it. antwan scared, crying, like here. that's what i told you. so i gotta kill him. all right, gerard. [antwan sobbing] mama...
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so they can write it down. yeah, ok. hey. hey. what'd gina have to say? good report. doc says she's doing real good. yeah? i knew she was seeing him today. that's great, james. her only problem is she's going a little stir-crazy. oh, yeah. enforced bed rest. she's cooped up all day. how's things with abby? well, there, too, you're describing a process.
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from the shock of kathy's death. so... abby's lucky she's got you looking out. yeah. well, truthfully, james, i'm grateful for the chance, you know, to keep care of someone a little, and a future arrival. it's the luckiest thing you ever get to do. yeah. andy's hubbub over this eye operation, i'm noticing my own sight's deteriorating. it's the wrong side of 40, greg. i had the same reaction when he had prostrate trouble. all right. what's it about? sit down, glenn. i've done absolutely nothing wrong since i moved here.
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you got a cat? no. you told that little girl you were looking for your lost cat. what is this about? i was wondering... once you were done beating that little girl and raping her, if that cat turned up. my problems in oregon are coming back to haunt me again, huh? i don't do that anymore. you mean not since this morning? i didn't-- i am rehabilitated. say you're rehabilitated again, i'm breaking your jaw. russell: glenn... were you at tenth and first this morning around 8:00? this could be mistaken i.d., where i was in the area, but not doing something wrong. glenn, when we picked you up, i smelled alcohol on your breath. is it possible you black out, you do things you don't remember and aren't responsible for? i did nothing involving whatever crime you're alleging. and i swear to god, i am rehabilitated. get out of the room. hold on, andy. get out of here.
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and then i was in the neighborhood of tenth and first. so...if someone saw me and then this incident-- and my record-- i can see you putting things together, but i know better than anyone if i relapse the mess i'll be in. that's how i know i didn't! if there's confusion, glenn, will you agree to stand in a lineup so we can clear it up? you want me on a bus? i'll go. i'll get out of town! glenn... will you stand the lineup?
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i don't want to commit at this juncture. no, you onlythink you got a policy against refunds. because if you don't, i'll come down there, and your patients will need flashlights reading their eye charts, 'cause they'll all be shoved up your ass. to my home is good. thanks very much. i believe they're waiting for you ainst refunds. you're going to see 6 men through the mirror, annie, but none of them can see you. if you recognize anyone, just tell us what number, ok? ok. it's number one.
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where have you seen number one before? he said on the street he lost his cat. then he took me into the building and hurt me. hold number one. is she going to have to testify? we're going to see if that's necessary. you did real good, annie. you're i.d.'d for the rape and beating. you write your statement out, what you did. you never heard of a mistaken i.d.? don't give me that crap. i didn't do her. [whimpers] don't get me started, farley. i was in the neighborhood, but i never touched that girl. i'm rehabilitated.
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saying you're rehabilitated when i told you not to. you must want to die off the beating. what is it, you don't want to go through the trial? you leave me alone. you want to die here so that you don't have to think how it happened again? you're sick garbage. you can't stop yourself from hurting a helpless little child. you want to die now? go to hell. burn in hell! burn your soul in hell! the furnace next to yours, you sick twitch, right? atings! like you beat that girl? i couldn't help myself! your sick mind doesn't have to! that's right! that's right! you do it 'cause you want to! i raped her from a monstrous force! i'm a monstrous force!
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yeah, i want to. mr. lee. thanks for coming in. you pick up the boys? yeah, we picked them up. they've confessed. we've moved them into the coffee room, and now they're in the process of completing their statements. you want me to pay that woman? she claims you said you'd pay once an arrest was made. if that's the case, yes, we have made an arrest. how did she know those boys? they're her sons. animals. the mother, too. she sent them out to murder? at the proper time, you can read the statements. 'cause if she sent them for the murder, i don't give her 10 cents. she didn't send them for the murder. is she giving you part of the reward? they said your father was a nice guy. is that why they killed him?
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of their own. he didn't. he just tried to take theirs away. so maybe being a good guy was part of why he died. on the other hand, i've seen a lot of pricks that have been murdered, too, so maybe being good or bad doesn't enter into why we die. what you can count on, mr. lee, is being nice helped your dad be a little bit happy while he was alive. so why don't you go bury him now? simone: how's it going? god, i just had a good time. rapist turns out innocent off being controlled by a monstrous force. fortunately, as a sadist,
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no, it's ok. you speak for yourself. i intended to fail to urinate. why would you want to wash your hands before you xxxx? i wash before and after, because cleanliness is next to godliness, particularly in someone who secures the majority of his confessions by beating. you want me to split, andy? no. no. you had to tune your guy up, huh? ah, 2 smacks to the back of his head e sick. i'm taking my boys to rent. - that right? - yeah. a friend got us some tickets, and i'm-- i'm going to take my boys.
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no. uh-uh. i appreciate it. simone: hey... you did some good work today. you go and enjoy yourself. thanks. sipowicz: let me know how you liked it, 'cause, uh, my theater club's going in several weeks. [door closes] that junkie gave up her kids. how'd that come out? well, you know, we had to set it up. mother leading them to slaughter. don't sound like she took much convincing. hell, no. she wanted that reward. the, uh,
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know? just trying to reach out. he was... he was just some kid in there, trying to... reach out to his mom. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. nah. no, what the hell.
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mr. podesky. billy's worried you think bad of him. no. did you explain to billy we found the person who did attack annie? but we taught him so much the police are his friends and to trust them if he's lost or so forth, and so now he's worried you don't like him. no, billy. we like you a lot. do you trust me? we like you, and we trust you. i like you.
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we just made a baby.
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[thunder] we believe what you say, captain kirk, but our position has not altered. the halkan council cannot permit your federation to mine dilithium crystals on our planet. we have shown the council historical proof that our missions are peaceful. enevolent at present, but the future is always in question. our dilithium crystals represent awesome power. wrongful use of that power, even to the extent of the taking of one life, would violate our history of total peace. to prevent that, we would die, captain, as a race if necessary. i admire your ethics


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