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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 1, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EST

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this is captain kathryn janeway of the federation starship voyager. we are not your enemy. they seem to disagree. we're not interested in your mining operation. our ship is badly damaged. we need to set down on the surface to make repairs. we repeat: leave or be destroyed. shields down to 52%. with our systems degrading we won't be able to take this much longer. target their weapons systems. fire. no effect. hull breaches on decks 11, 14 and 15. the damaged sections are turning into bio-mimetic matter. containment fields are failing. evacuate those decks. if we emit a polaron burst, we can disable their shields
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no. we're not going to destroy them over a misunderstanding. either that or retreat. ( gasps ) we're starfleet officers. we can't forget that. break orbit. that planet may be our last chance for survival. we'll have to find another option. i'm not sure why we're still taking orders from you. lieutenant, follow orders or leave the bridge. the alien vessel's not pursuing. begin scanning for other class-y planets. harry, transmit a distress call on all subspace bands. if the real voyager is out there i want to find them. in the meantime which direction do you want me to go?
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i know what you're going to say and i don't want to hear it. too bad. i'm willing to take a little insolence from tom but i shouldn't have to remind you that i'm still the captain. you're not. you're a bio-mimetic life-form created in her image. are you saying you're not taking orders from me anymore? i'm saying you need to step back and look at our situation objectively. you think i should have given the order to fire on that vessel. no. i agreed with your decision to stand down but how long can we adhere to starfleet principles before we start making compromises? as long as it takes. our ship may be deteriorating but our humanity is intact. belief alone won't hold this ship together. it's gotten us this far. not far enough. ( sighs ) tom and i aren't the only ones
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is known a lot of people think we should turn around and head for the class-y planet. they're starting to remember their existence before voyager. what? what existence? pools of bio-mimetic fluid? we didn't even experience sentience until voyager came along. what good is sentience if we're not alive to experience it? kathryn, we've got to go back. i promised the crew i'd get them home. 't earth. janeway to sick bay: medical emergency. he's not responding. ( alarm blaring )
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we've lost commander chakotay. duplicate or not he was real to me... and he was a fine starfleet officer. and... he was a friend... who... wasn't afraid to let me know when i am wrong. mr. kim bring the enhanced warp drive on-line. turn voyager around.
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janeway: captain's log, supplemental. we've lost 63 crewmen, and our systems are continuing to fail.
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we haven't given up hope. the holographic projectors in sick bay went off-line at 0300. we've lost the doctor. what's tom's condition? no change. well... hmm... looks like we're in the market for a new medical officer. feel up to it, neelix? i've only been trained as a field medic. it'll have to do. wh... what about my other duties? make sick bay your priority. ( weak laugh ) at this point... morale is a luxury. how's the core holding up? the modified nanoprobes are still reinforcing the warp field. it should remain functioning until we reach the demon planet. however, there is less than a 20% probability that voyager will remain intact that long. well...
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up against... captain? it's all right. i'm just... a little tired. let ensign kim take command for a while. i'm still the captain. and i am the chief medical officer. don't force me to relieve you of your duties. your concerns have been noted... sir. now... there is another matter. i want to download the ship's database... and our personal logs into a signal beacon. in the event we don't survive
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a time capsule. this crew's existence may have been brief... but it's been distinguished. none of you... deserves to be forgotten. i will use unaffected components to construct a beacon. the deflector's off-line. interstellar dust is contaminating the warp field. purge it. seven: i can't. the exhaust manifolds have disintegrated.
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we've come too far to be stopped by dust. reroute auxiliary power to the deflector. warp field failure in eight... seven... six... five... four... three... got it. reinitializing the deflector. the warp field has stabilized. ( tired sigh ) i may not be morale officer anymore but i think this is a cause for celebration. what do you say, captain? captain? ( gasping )
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kim: acting captain's log, stardate 52597.4. our situation's getting worse every day. more than 80% of the ship is uninhabitable. most of the crew are gone. it seems less and less likely that the few of us left will reach our destination. computer, hull status. hull integrity at 45%.
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seal off that deck. computer, erect a level-ten force field around the bridge. unable to comply. seven... i need more power up here. the bulkheads are coming apart. i'm transferring the last of our power reserves. computer: deck one force field is in place. that's better. how's life support? seven: degrading. we have approximately ten hours of air remaining. what about the time capsule? it's ready for launch. do it. the launch sequencer has misfired. reset the initiator; try it again. it won't work.
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salvage the probe. it's too late. it's been destroyed. personal logs... mission logs... all our history... gone. ( beeping ) now what? i'm detecting a vessel... 22 light-years away. i see it. i'm trying to hail them. the subspace transceiver's malfunctioning. if they move out of range, they won't see us. we still have one active com circuit but we'll have to go to impulse to use it. seven, drop out of warp.
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converter, i cannot comply. dump the core. ensign, dropping out of warp at this velocity could tear the ship apart. we're already falling apart. we're not going to make it to the class-y planet in one piece which means that ship is our only hope. think about it. what would captain janeway have done? computer, prepare to eject the warp core. authorization: seven of nine, omega phi nine three. warp ejection systems enabled. eject the core. we've lost attitude control and shields. hull integrity at 19%. reroute life support!
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hull breaches on decks nine, ten and 11. seven. seven! computer... how long until we're within hailing range of that ship? ( distorted ): f-f-f-five minutes and th-thirty seconds. f-f-f-five minutes and th-thirty seconds. range? five million kilometers. try hailing again. no response. captain, i've found the source of the distress call. it's coming from a vessel. can you identify it? no. the readings are erratic. looks like they've taken heavy damage. 400,000 kilometers. drop to impulse. are the rescue teams ready? bridge to sick bay: stand by for casualties.
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on screen. where's the ship? no sign of it. that debris... that couldn't be all that's left. i'm detecting residual deuterium, anti-neutrons traces of dichromates. if it was a vessel, it isn't anymore. scan for life signs, escape pods. none. make a note in the ship's record-- we received a distress call at 0900 hours. arrived at the vessel's last known coordinates at 2120. the ship was destroyed. cause unknown. no survivors. mr. paris, resume course.
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reed: you have a ten second firing window. ready? ready. go. time. any better? your hit-to-miss ratio is still below 50%. if those had been live rounds you would have knocked out two or three dozen bulkheads. i never had this much trouble with the em-33.
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unlike the em-33 you don't have to compensate for particle drift. just point straight at the target. and try and keep your shoulders relaxed. it's hard to aim accurately when your tense. ( coughs ) you all right? yeah, fine. you'll get the hang of it. let's try for 20 seconds this time. ( ship engines powering down ) i thought we were staying at warp for the next few days. oh, we're approaching a gas giant: class nine. so much for target practice. we'll pick it up tomorrow. ? it's been a long road ? getting from there to here ? it's been a long time
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? and i will see my dream come alive at last ? ? i will touch the sky ? and they're not gonna hold me down no more ? ? no, they're not gonna change my mind ? ? 'cause i've got faith of the heart ? ? i'm going where my heart will take me ? ? i've got faith to believe ? i've got strength of the soul ? ? no one's gonna bend or break me ? ? i can reach any star ? i've got faith ? i've got, i've got ? ? i've got faith ? faith of the heart.
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and united paramount networks the probe's entered the outer atmosphere. can we clean up the signal? i'm trying, sir. there's a lot of em interference that sounds very strange.
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let's hear them. ( wind, radio squelches and screaming ) siren calls. that's what we called them when i was a kid. my dad would put them through the speakers whenever we flew by a gas giant. it gave me nightmares sometimes. t'pol: other than keeping ensign mayweather up at night there are four gas giants in your own solar system. none of them are class nine. i think this one's worth a closer look. i'm reading an anomalous power signature in the lower atmosphere. and several bio-signs. get the probe closer.
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we can travel faster than the speed of light. you think we could find a cure for the common cold. you should be grateful a human cold is so mild. i once had a patient with the kamaraazite flu. he sneezed so violently he nearly regurgitated his pineal gland. ( groans ) i don't see how i could actually catch a cold on a hermetically sealed starship. oh, you may have picked up a virus from a piece of equipment. it could have been lurking inside a sealed container. i did open a case of plasma coolant. whoever packed that case was probably nursing a cold. but that was back at space dock five months ago. you underestimate the tenacity of a virus, lieutenant. it can lay dormant for months... adapt to whatever environment it finds itself in.
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lves bed rest. oh, no, that'll have to wait. the captain wants me on the team investigating that shipwreck. ah. well, you won't be contagious inside an environment suit. just try not to sneeze in your helmet. i'll do my best. ( door chimes ) come in. hoshi. do you have a minute, sir? of course. what's on your mind? that shipwreck. just because we didn't pick up any bio-signs doesn't mean that there weren't people on board. there's a lot of interference in the atmosphere. are you sure the away team won't need a translator? they have their uts. we'll try to keep an open com link. what about the language on the control panels, the hatches...
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are you trying to tell me something? i realize that i haven't always been the first one in line to volunteer for this type of mission but i want you to know that i am prepared to go. took a while, but i think i finally got my space legs. i never doubted that you'd find them. your timing couldn't be better. t'pol just asked me to assign you to the team. you'd better get to the launch bay before they leave without you. aye, sir. i thought you were acquainted with the environmental suit. i am. i'm just brushing up on the backup systems. i wouldn't want the emergency oxygen to fail during a hull breach.
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the pressure will crush you to something about this big. i requested you for your skills as a translator. but if you're uncomfortable... i am perfectly comfortable. used to find the suits a little claustrophobic but i'm getting used to them. i'll see you in the shuttlepod. it's 100 kilometers below us. still descending. gravity's pulling it deeper into the atmosphere. at their current altitude the pressure is 15,000 gsc. well, that's well within our hull tolerance. for the moment. but at the rate that vessel is sinking we'll have an hour at most. you sound uncomfortable, sub-commander.
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i, for one, have no interest in imploding a valuable shuttlepod. or three valuable officers. ( alarm beeps ) we've entered an eddy of liquid helium. hold on. we're clear. that wasn't so bad. is that a hatch on the port side? i see it. 50 meters. 40... ( alarm beeps ) what's that? it's just the proximity alarm. 20 meters. ten...
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nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. carbon dioxide levels are high, but nothing's toxic. it's breathable. you first. ( sniffs ) ave the helmets on. what is it? ( coughs ) you can't smell that? no. this damn cold. count your blessings. you two might want to take a look at this. it says "deck two, red sector." reed: what language?
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i thought you knew klingon ships. why didn't you recognize this from the outside? there are many classes of ships. i'm not familiar with all of them. so, i'm assuming you don't know how many klingons are on board. i'm reading three bio-signs. that way. all very weak. how weak? they're still alive. we should leave
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and what if they don't? the atmosphere is going to crush their ship like an eggshell pretty soon. shouldn't we try to help them? they don't want our help. how do you know? they're klingons. to die at their post assures them a path to the afterlife. if we rescue them, they'd be dishonored. reed: well, i, for one, don't intend to just fly off and let these people die honorable deaths or not. your compassion is admirable, but misguided. if they awake and find us on their ship
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but i'm detecting at least nine more bio-signs on board. you can't tell what happened to them? i'm detecting residual amounts of an airborne neurotoxin but not enough to affect us. stand by. how long is the pod's hull going to hold up? at their present rate of descent... half hour, give or take. t'pol... yes, captain. you've got 20 minutes you can do anything for that crew. then i want you out of there. understood? i don't believe there's anything we can do in 20 minutes. i suggest we leave now. ( radio static ): you have a margin of safety so take that time to consider every option... captain? ( radio static ) t'pol to enterprise. reed: damn interference. t'pol: or we've dropped out of com range. sato: we still have 20 minutes. t'pol: it doesn't make sense to place ourselves at risk
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maybe they have a distress beacon we can activate. i doubt you'll find one. klingons don't call for help. sato: what if we carry some of them into the pod? we could save three or four. and if they wake up on the trip back to enterprise? ( airlock cycles ) ( screams ) ( groaning ) ( groans ) ( rumbling ) what's that?
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about guaranteed acceptance life insurance. call this number. there's no obligation.
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try it now. archer to t'pol. what's your status? they're back in com range. captain. shuttlepod one, respond. sir, they're heading into open space. i'm picking up something. bu'kah: duj-to! chak wa kah deesh paklah! ...kah deesh paklah! sounds like klingon.
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...kah deesh paklah! ...'kiv duj... in range. respond. we've been attacked by an unknown ship-- designation enterprise nx-01. any warships in range, respond. set a pursuit course. aye, sir. bring the grappler on-line. we've got it. bridge to security. send a team to launch bay one.
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( grunting ) everybody all right? . mayweather, have you still got a fix on the shipwreck? yes, sir. transfer the coordinates to the launch bay. i'm going back for the boarding party. sir, the alien ship sunk another 2,000 meters. it's below the shuttle's safety limits. then polarize the hull plating. we'll take enterprise down. reed: there's got to be some way off this ship.
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ntegrity of klingon escape pods. my guess is we're better off in here. it's irrelevant, lieutenant. klingons don't use escape pods. it would be considered an act of cowardice to abandon ship. maybe we can use their com system to contact enterprise. i doubt their com will penetrate the em field any better than our own. if we can access their helm controls we might be able to put this vessel into a stable orbit. i haven't had much experience at piloting klingon ships. we have no other choice. start translating those consoles. look for anything marked "propulsion" "helm," "navigation." i'll try, but reading klingon is a lot different than speaking it. we could always try waking one of them to help us. all right. kolat chack tabak--
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you're certain? "containment." i'm certain. pu'dah dak cha... something they call "photon torpedoes." photon torpedoes? i never heard of anything like that. what else? this all looks like weapons systems. what about this one? i recognize "pressure." ka'tahl. that can mean "wall" or "barrier"? or "hull"? maybe. if i'm reading this correctly we've got a few hours at most. the hull integrity is failing. then we better hurry.
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quee nagah-- "impulse drive." good work, hoshi. hoshi? it says the pressure's failing in the j'khat bah-- "fusion manifold." do you know what that means? to quote our very own mr. tucker that means we're "dead in the water." archer to boarding party. come in. we read you, captain. how are you holding up? we're doing okay, sir. it's nice to hear your voice. what's your status? we've been attempting to restart their engines but they appear to be off-line. don't worry about it. we're coming to get you. travis, how much farther? 10,000 meters. but i'm having a hard time getting a fix on them. too much interference.
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barely. try using it to triangulate their position. the probe's gone! sir, external pressure's at maximum. i'm afraid we've got a little hitch in our rescue plan. we'll be back for you as soon as we can. in the meantime, just sit tight. see what you can do about getting ( static ): those engines back on-line. captain, you're breaking up.
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release me! cowards! let me die on my feet! t'pol was right. there's a neurotoxin in her bloodstream. untreated, it could kill her within a day or two. can you do anything? i'm working on it. t'pol said the klingons were unconscious. she's showing the effects of hypothermia and my guess is she took refuge in a low-temperature environment aboard her ship. the cold would have delayed the effects of the toxin. i demand to speak to your captain. you know, i read if they sense a leader's weak they'll try to kill him and take command. i'm the captain. i have never seen your kind before
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not hard to do. you stranded three ofofy people down there. you raided my vessel! infected my crew! we didn't infect anyone. we boarded your ship to try and help. liar. look... i don't know what happened to your crew but we had nothing to do with it. now your vessel is sinking deeper into the atmosphere. unless we do something, it'll be destroyed. i've got three very capable people on your ship. let them help. can fly it out of there. if you tell them how to get and fly it where? back to your world to steal our secrets? no.
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remind me to stop trying to help people. i found these schematics in the vulcan database. it's a raptor class scout vessel. how long will it last down there? its hull's at least twice as thick as ours reinforced with some kind of coherent molecular alloy. yeah, it's a touguglittle ship but it can't hold up under that pressure forever. what if we use duratanium braces to reinforce a shuttlepod? it won't look pretty, but... it might hold up long enough for us to get our people out. our only other option is for t'pol and malcolm to fix a brokekedown klingon ship and fly it out themselves. i don't think we're going to get any help from our guest in sick bay.
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klingogoships coming this way. aye, sir. ah, the one time we need our chief engineer is the one time we leave him behind. come look at this. oonos thrott! nej jos michcha xanant 'ach pagh... it looks like a log entry. ( speaking klingon ) we destroyed their ship, but we've sustained damage in our port fusion injector. we've descended into the outer atmosphere of a q'tahl class planet to make repairs in case there are other xarantine ships in the area. ( coughing )
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if we had died when the xarantine attackeke our honor would be secure but to fall victim to some disease... to be crushed into nothing... in the depthss of thi. ( coughing ) sounds like we need to find the port fusion injector. wait, i saw that somewhere. here. one deck below us. it's in the reactor pit. reactor pit? could that be engineering?
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this one? no. that says something about plasas induction. here it is. "port fusion injector." ( both grunt ) archer: i think i might have made a tacticic error dealing with the klingon woman. i asked her for help. she could see that as a sign of weakness. you been boning up on your klingon psychology? we've run into them three times and every time they've wanted to destroy usus i'd love to figure out why.
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that may not be so easy but we could use their help right now. if we could reestablish a com signal with t'pol l d the others the klingon woman could probably talk them through the repairs but she's got a thousand generations of instinct telling her not to trust me. well, maybe it's time
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