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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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[chimes] so the hatch opens when the missile hits the water. then, the propellant shoots the chemical fungus into the air that's it, huh? and the air currents wash the fungus the grain shrivels and twists as if it were burning. the whole harvest turns to ash. hmm. so simple. just like a little toy.
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petkhov, borinsk, belograd. each missile timed to infect the wheat just as it ripens. the next field to ripen, at orbesk. i must leave tomorrow. well, i would imagine that our russssn friends are getting a trifle irked by now. one more missile falling on russian soil will trigger off instant retaliation. then, counter-retaliation-- wait a moment. are you sure these missiles are coming from amamica? oh, napoleon. within a fifty-mile radius of here. then, the casing, ferrous palladium. american. the propellant. tri-nitrioxysilicitate-g american. 'the booster coupling. american.' well, then. here's another american product. dr. jonas lavimore. i thought he died five or six years ago. oh, no. lavimore involuntarily and bitterly retired.
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this strain of fungus is one of lavimore's discoveries. on the west coast, in south port. unfortunately, he's disappeared again. i think i'll take a sailing trip down the coast to califofoia. how long do i have to find dr. lavimore and the...missile? the harvest at orbesk will be ready on the 20th. the fungus loses its effectiveness after 72 hours. ng at the 18th. oh, exactly three days. gee, that's a relief. i thought it was going to be a rush job. mr. solo. 'mr. solo. 're such a doll. alright, mr. solo. how w d i do? admirably. there are certain aspects of harvey muller's
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hmm. when youourop anchor in south port harbor you will be harvey muller of draco, kansas. wheat growererrich, spoiled. with a native brightness. interests,s,heat and women. in that order. in that order, i can't be too bright. in case of duress, in case you're captured or questioned, we'll prepare a phrase, a short phphse you can repeat. the instant you repeat this phrase, your mind will be locked into the personality of harvey muller well, let's see. what about "goodbdb, harvey muller?"
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open channel d. channel d is open. subject, fish. floating all around me. belly up.
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mackerel. i presume there's more, mr. solo. odd note department. fish seem to have been fried by something very warm. like the blast from a rocket perhaps. should i check with ichthyology? yes, check with ichthyology. see what else might have fried the fish. what do you hear from illya? the entire orbesk coast is manned. on red alert. mmm. well, if anymore containers fall to shore we may be hearing some very loud and destructive noises. [glass breaking] my sun lamp popped. well, thank you, heather. that takes a load off my mind. over and out. [explosion]
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(male #1) 'ahoy there, in the water.' 'hang on. we'll tow you in.'
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mwah. oh, much obliged. much obliged. that was the prettiest life preserver a man going down
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gabe.. ...malcroft. - you know that man? - huh? no. no. no. no. frank. bed him down right there till the ambulance gets here. - gabe? - mr. muller, how'd you fall in? the fact is neither of us fell in. - you didn't? then how-- - no! i jumped in after i saw that man come popping up outta the water. how's that? fact. fact doggonedest thing i ever saw in my life. hat little ol' boat of mine? oh, she'll be e right. she'll probably drift aground off the point. - you were saying? - huh? there's all l em bubbles out there like bicarbonated soda and all of a suddede whooshing up.. mr. muller, you're gonna catch a cold in those wet clothes. right smack dab in the middle of these bubbles isishis fellow.. - make some hot coffee, huh? - 'okay, right away.' here, this will do you a lot of good. excuse me.
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orville, this is gabe. i wanna talk to him right away. well, get him. this isisrgent. i'll hang on. you know, mr. muller, i was just thinking. bubbles, people popping out of the water like porpoises. fella could get himself laughed at telling a story like that. gabe, it's purely the truth, i saw it happen with my own eyes. now, i wish i had a plug nickel for every summer visitor who's seen mermaids and sea serpents with his own eyes. hello? hello. gabe here, sir. i.. [bang] you trying to tell me i'm seeing things? mr. muller, there've been times when i've been confusededyself. felicia will be right up with the hot coffee. gabe! [dramatic music]
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aware of what it means.' (lockridge) 'the question is what about the castaway you picked up?' oh, there's nothing to worry about there, sir. 'not very bright. i've got him buffaloed into believing..' here you are, mr. muller. this'll warm you up. well, much obliged, young lady, but i'm pretet warm right now. what? i have some allfired unpleasant customers in my day but that one in there is the allfiredest. 'gabe? why what did he do?' just about as much as call me a fool, dreamer, and hysterical. gabe did? aptain's cap he's wearing in there is shutting off the blood supply to his brain. oh, mr. muller i found some clothes for you. gabe, dear. i'm going to run along now. promise me that after we're married you won't wear that silly cap. why not? well, i wouldn't want you to get anemia of the brain. - what brought that on? - just female talk i'd say.
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ke that fine. [dramatic music] where did my friend go? oh, his wife showed up and took him to the hospital. your slue's berthed at the marina. good. i wanna thank you. you've been a mighty lot of help to me. anytime, mr. muller, anytime. can i give you a lift maybe? no, no, thanks. where can i get a cab? end of the pier. good. good. well, thank you. you going off to the hotel? no. no. fixing to visit an old friend of mine. 'doc lavimore.'
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ramatic music] dad. dad. dad. well, small world, ain't it? yes, practically microscopic. what are you doing here?
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oh. operator, this is an emergency. get me the police. oh, now, wait, just a minute before you go off half-cocked. maybe you ought to take a little look at this. never mind, thank you. yeah, it got a little damp in the the drink there. - a contract from my father? - yup. head up the research department of the empory institute. 'you see that point there about the compensation?' i left that blank, he can fill it in himself, no haggling. 't understand. who are you? well, just a country boy who made good, if i say so myself. they voted me chairman of the board of trustees. "who is the best man for the job?" i asked. that's when your daddy's name came up. well, he's away. could you tell me where he is? well.. or maybe he wouldn't be interested in that kinda deal. oh, no, no. i'm sure he'd be interested but, uh, he's in chicago.
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but, uh, he left for new port. new port, alright. operator, i like-- wait, he's not there anymore. oh. mr. muller, i don't know where my father is, and i'm worried. well, uh, when did you see him last? three weeks ago tomorrow. he said he was going night fishing. night fishing. oh, on the outrider by any chance? gabe melcroft's boat? but gabe said that he never came aboard that night, and, uh the next day, i got a message from my father saying that.. ...he had left on urgent business. when does the outrider pull out from the dock tonight? eight o'clock, why? well, think i might do a little night fishing.
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's selling the tickets here? no one, mr. muller. this trip's booked solid. oh, after me, you mean, no one gets aboard, huh? ah, no, no. sorry, mr. muller. i wish i could find room. 'this group's had the boat reserved for a month.' it's a club. yeah, i understand how it is, gabe. tell you what. i bet you a twenty dollar bill here that i can sneak aboard without you even knowing it. evening, gabe. problem? i'm trying to explain to mr. muller that we're booked. i sure had my heart set on coming along tonight, i did. gabe, i'm surprised at you turning down anyone who wants to go aboard as much as this gentleman does. my name is vincent lockridge, sir. well, harvey muller here. vincent, i like your style. mr. muller-- - but, mr. lockridge, i-- - not another word , gabe.
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rrrrrr [dramatic music] he you'll get used to it though after we get out there. i think this is harvey's first time out for albacore. right, harvey? i'm a sailor, i'm not a fisherman. we're gonna be stacking hard and fast tomorrow morning. 'd take kindly to that. - show him how to bait a hook. - sure thing, mr. lockridge. - oh. it isn't easy you know. those barbs are sharp. the thing, see, is to set the hook firmly in the anchovy - so it won't pull off. - oh, yeah, that's not bad. why don't you try it yourself? oh, sure. - oh, slippery little devil. - yeah, you better hold on. alright. a little light on the subject. no, deeper, deeper, mr. muller. ow!
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oh, you've got a doctor on board. that's real style. we're always ready for any emergency. why don't you just let it bleed? no, no, dr. martin has just the thing for it. - ah, i'll tell you fellows-- - dr. forster, hold his arm. you're right. wouldn't wanna take a chance on an infection. yeah, let it rip, doc. - ooh! - that ought to feel warmer. warm? it's burning up here. i don't, you wanna bet.. goodbye, harvey muller. [fireworks whistling]
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[garbled] well, doctor, who is he? i don't know. (lockridge) 'you never saw him before?' (doctor martin) 'never.' 'i swear it.' never. never. never. [fireworks exploding] mr. muller? ng into port. oh, you mean...ow! ooh. yeah. any of you fellows seen my head floating around here? it's that nice, king size one. confess it, mr. muller. you were fortified by the cup to cheers before you came aboard, weren't you? oh, why would you wanna say a thing like that for, vince? judging from the way you were barking like a fox and leaping like a tuna, i'd say it was a merry trip.
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rt. no, no, man. i gotta get some air. hey, where is everybody? i'm looking for that doctor.. excuse me. hey, i wanna thank that dr. martin, have you seen him? martin on board, skip? the one who doctored my hand, remember? and the other one, that round jolly fellow that kept laughing all the time, i don't see him either. i'll say one thing for you, mr. muller. when you tie one on, you do a very workman-like job. now wait just a darn minute. couldn't have imagined that. i did down a few. females here, there weren't any of those on board last night. were there?
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yes, and when we have that midnight supper, no albacore. yes, sir. i'll make a note of it. anything else, mr. solo? i want a heap of geodetic survey data on the south port harbor. whether it's deep enough and unobstructed enough for a submarine to toot around in it. a sub large enough to launch a polaris-type missile, i take it? that's the general idea, yeah. also this little tidbit. last night, i.. oh, excuse me. a snoopy friend just dropped by. felicia? felicia? (felicia) whatever happened to that farmer that used to be around. it's mere detail. the important thing is-- that you told me nothing but lies.
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my father? last night? who are you, mr. muller? there's an organization known as u.n.c.l.e., heard of it? 'well, i belong to it.' 'rather than going into tiresome details' we're interested in locating your father. now do you believe that? yes. no. oh, i don't know what to believe. you said you saw my father. where? how is he? he's fine. as to where he is, i don't know. it rates very high on my list of unforgettable experiences. 'anyway, we were out about a half an hour, we made a switch'' 'we dropped off some people, and we picked up some people' and among the people that we picked up was your father. aboard the outrider? i don't believe it. i'm not saying he's there now. i'm saying he was last night. as to where he is now.. is there an island out past the harbor?
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there's nothing out there - 'just the..' - 'the oil tower.' (felicia) 'that's ridiculous. tower's only a platform in an oil shaft.' is it? maybe that's what they want us to believe. felicia, do you have a boat? my father used a rowboat. the hansen's rowboat. good. a rowboat is what i need to get there. thank you. - you gotta take me with you. - no, no, no. oh, but, mr. muller.. it's out of the question, do you hear? [water sloshing]


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