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tv   WRAL News 5AM  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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?? >> here's adventure! ?? here's romance! here's o. henry's famous robin hood of the old west...
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(pigeons cooing)
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>> well, jerry... about one more week of recutting, and i'll defy anyone to ever tell that these were once a part of the peralta necklace. >> (chuckles) my complements, maestro. you're a wizard. >> well, why shouldn't i be, europe perfecting the art? and what have i got for it? weak eyes... round shoulders. that's why i turned crook. >> i know, i know. you told me that before. many times, in fact. >> yes, i suppose i have. well, back to work. >> by the way, parker, i've hired an entertainer. >> girl? >> yes, and very attractive, too. i'm sure the hotel guests'll like her very much. >> and you? >> don't worry about me.
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dynamite, until it explodes. >> (clears throat) oh, waiter. >> tony'll take good care of you. >> oh, gary. >> hello, mr. parker. >> sit down, keep an old man company. >> it'll be a pleasure. no sign of that detective yet? >> no, but the boys'll take care of him if he shows up again.
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>> the man in the green coat. (applause) >> ladies and gentlemen, miss joan bentley. (applause)
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>> hey, cisco, she do pretty good with those castanets, no? >> quiet, pancho. >> what is it, cisco? >> that girl is tapping a message in morse code with her castanets, pancho. she's warning somebody here named stan. >> what do thesa >> it said, "they know who you are, stan-- get out, quick." hey, that must be the man over there. ?? >> cisco... look at the gate. (applause) >> it's time we took a hand on
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(gunfire) ?? stay with him , pancho!
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>> hold it back, diablo! >> take it easy, mister! >> start walking!
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why did you shoot that man? >> i think i will kill you hombres dead-- then, maybe you will talk. >> never mind, pancho. we'll take them in to the nearest sheriff. >> that won't be necessary. i'll do it. on your way. >> well, that's taken care of. (wings flapping) >> that's one of my pigeons returning home. excuse me. >> hey, senor, maybe you can tell us who-- >> never mind, pancho. come along.
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>> hey, cisco, where'd the senorita go, anyhow? (approaching hoofbeats)
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they roped me from my horse and hit me on the head with a gun. >> take it easy. it'll be all right in a little while. i'll-- i'll help you to the hotel. >> no, thanks, i can make it alone. but you can stable my horse. >> sure. >> thanks very much. (indistinct chatter) man who got away what did it. >> no, pancho. mason let those men get away. >> what do you mean? >> he said he was hit in the head with a gun. when i felt his head, there was no bump there. >> cisco, pancho! >> hey, senorita. >> we were looking for you. why are you hiding here? >> i was waiting to talk to you. i couldn't do it in the open. >> afraid of mason?
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>> all i know, senorita: when he tell a crooked lie, he do it with a straight face. >> then you didn't believe what he said about how those men got away? >> ha ha, senorita, pancho got brains on top his head. >> mind telling us what this all about? i picked up your message to your friend. >> he was my partner. i'm joan bentley, insurance detective. >> holy smokers, what are you detecting? >> the peralta necklace. no doubt you read about it being stolen. >> who hasn't? >> well, stan and i traced it here. and i got a job as a dancer... to worm my way into mason's confidence. >> not only that, but i think he's mixed up in a number of other diamond robberies. >> what made him suspicious of your partner? >> i don't know... but i overheard him talking to one of his men, and then i knew it was all over for stan. there was no way i could get word to him in time to warn him to stay away, and, well, you know the rest. (indistinct chatter)
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what, leaving us so soon? >> oh, as a matter of fact, we plan to stay a few days. >> yeah, the weather here is good for my lumbago-- when it don't ache in one place, it aches all over! (laughter) >> well, you'll excuse me. i'm taking my daily walk. it's great for the health. you ought to try it sometime. ah, heliotrope. my favorite perfume. yours? >> no, a memento from a friend.
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>> you were right about that girl, tracy. look what i found up in her room-- her credentials from the insurance company. >> and you told me she was perfectly harmless. >> she will be when i get my hands on her. >> don't be a bigger fool than you are.
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remember that, gary, and you'll live longer. >> so? >> the girl can wait until we take care of cisco and pancho. i'll tell you what we're gonna do... >> good morning, miss. may i join you? >> as you wish. >> thank you. well, it isn't in his room. >> any ideas? >> it may be on his person. possibly on his money belt. be careful, here he comes. >> such a beautiful day. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning. and how are you, joan? >> fresh as a daisy. sit down and have a bite with us. >> i'd like to, but i've got some important business in town. see you at dinner. >> "dear gary, buyer for stuff
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ask for larkins. don't forget my cut-- joe." >> i told you he had it, cisco. >> well, but he'll not have it much longer, we'll see to that. i wonder where pancho is. i'll see you later. ?? >> hello, little pigeons. i got a friend who'd like to meet you. his name is paul parrot. (chuckles) hey, paul, say hello to the little pigeon. (high-pitched voice) hello, bird-- hello, little pigeon. hello, ha ha. (squawks) (high-pitched jabbering) (screeches and whistles) hello, pigeon. hello, little pigeon. (laughing) (squawks)
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hello, little pigeon. (chuckles) where you come from? timbuktus? oh, what a pretty little 'aminal'. you gots a little baby? >> hey, give me that bird. >> but, senor, i-- >> what's the idea, trying to steal my pigeon? >> well, i didn't was trying to steal the pigeon. i was just talking to him like pigeons talk to one another. i don't know what's the matter with this man, he don't laugh at all with his face, i-- hm. let's go after that necklace.
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>> good try, mason. >> you didn't listen. both of you. drop your guns. make it fast. >> cisco, that letter was not a letter, it was a trap. >> and a neat one, too, you must admit. >> what are you going to do with us? >> you'll find out soon enough. all right, boys, mount up. ?? >> cisco, throw me your gun, cisco. (gunshot) ?? >> pancho, catch!
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(gunfire) >> they're coming back, and got guns! (gunfire) ?? >> you hurt bad, cisco? >> oh. >> are you? >> i'm all right, pancho. just my wind was knocked out of me. the bullet hit my belt buckle. >> cisco, please don't ever do this to me again. what you want, my white hat to turn black, huh, cisco? >> hey, you dropped something, pancho. >> oh, oh yeah. i find that in the pigeon place, you know, cisco. here, i find it after senor parker, he think i wanted to steal one of those pigeon
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ooh, cisco, it's diamonds, huh? look! >> yes, pancho, diamonds. >> yeah. >> stolen diamonds. >> yeah. look. (laughing) >> give me back the diamond. >> i was just gonna do it, cisco. >> can't you understand, tracy? we gotta get out of here, they'll be after us. >> well, they won't bother me, i'm in the clear. >> oh, well, i'm not. >> well, that's just too bad, gary. you should have been a little more careful. >> suppose you give him my share of the diamonds, and i leave. after they are sold. >> oh, so that's it, huh? look here, tracy. either you give me my share, or i'll expose you. >> why, you... well, all right. it seems i have no choice. oh, by the way, the key to the safe is in my coat there. will you get it for me, please?
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[pigeons cooing] >> "the police are after you. clear out, fast."
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>> you stay here, joan. come on, pancho. ?? my message frighten you, mr. parker? >> si senor, cisco sent it with that pigeon i borrowed
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>> ooh, cisco, diamonds, huh? enough to open a store. >> yes. >> look it, they glisten. >> why, you... oh! >> nicely done, cisco. did you find the necklace? >> you'll never find it, miss. i've recut every stone. >> are they in there, cisco? >> oh, si, and plenty more, too. >> well, you can turn them over to me now. >> i'm sorry joan, but i can't. the authorities will need them to use as evidence against >> that's right, they will. well, i better send a wire off to my boss. drop your gun, pancho. don't move, cisco. drop it, pancho. (gunshot) try that again, park, and i'll blow your head off. you're a nice guy, cisco. but, don't believe everything you hear. especially from a girl. >> then you ain't no detective, don't you? >> me, that's a laugh. no, sonny boy, i take my
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just like our friend, parker. >> but, how 'bout those credentials from the insurance company? >> my partner, stan, was an artist when it came to forgery. i'm going to miss him. >> well, you certainly put one over on me. >> don't feel too bad about it. i've fooled smarter chumps than you. now, toss over that box. >> here it goes. (gunshot) anything you want me to send you in prison, joan? >> yeah, a half a dozen good hacksaw blades. >> (chuckling) >> you know, little pigeon, you awful pretty. why don't you comb your hair sometimes, eh? you have pretty little footses, too, pink footses are pretty. what do you got on your nose, something on top of your nose? that thing. >> (laughing) i might have known i'd find you here with the pigeons. don't you ever get tired of them? >> not pancho, you know why? >> why? >> because someday, i'm gonna buy a little rancho, and i'm gonna raise flying chickens. >> oh, pancho, chickens don't fly. >> but they will when i marry 'em with flying pigeons.
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>> oh, cisco! (laughing) ?? >> goodbye, amigos. >> see you soon! (laughs)
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?? ?? mr. brock? i wanna talk to ya. go ahead. it's about pearl madson. beat it. hey, wait a minute, mr. brock. i know what happened this afternoon between you and mr. madson. well if he wants to keep walking around, he'll stay away from me. maybe.
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well you're not me. no, sir. i'm glad of it. way i hear things, you're in town tomorrow morning... it'll be for a burial. ?? ?? trackdown
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?? (chattering and commotion) a single shot had been heard by mike kilroy, the night manager of the hotel. he'd sent for doctor jay kalhaun, and ranger hoby gilman in that order. there wasn't much need for the doctor. manny brock was dead. the bullet entered just above the heart. he didn't feel the floor when he hit it. who was he, mike? i figured you'd ask that. his name was emanuel brock. "b-r-o-c-k"? that's right. out of st. louis. least, that's the way he registered. staying here long? three days. this time. what d'yah know about him, mike?
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but i guess he was all right. what time d'yah hear the shot? well it was about...ten...maybe fifteen minutes ago. does that make it about 10:20? yeah, about that. where were yah? downstairs in the lobby. see anybody? well, mike? i was asleep. d'yah see anybody when you went upstairs? nu-uh. he could have gone out the back though. probably did. well there's nothing in there. did you go through his pockets? well i didn't figure that was my place. did he ever have anybody up here in his rooms? a couple.
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hankercheiff, a comb, a pocket knife, and sen-sen. and 62 cents of change. i didn't get to know him well, hoby. when he'd come in he was alone. he'd leave his call, go to bed. mhm. well here's his order bo thing's sure: motive wasn't robbery. the following morning, ranger hoby gilman talked with the owner of the general store. good morning, mrs. johns. ??
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o you about a man named brock. drummer? yeah. what d'yah know about him? well... nice enough fella. handles a good line. some was a little hard to sell. like ruffles on a gun belt. fancy, you know? yeah. no, thanks. something wrong? you know anybody that'd wanna kill him? you mean he's dead? yeah. hm. why, just yesterday he was in here. big as life. trying to sell me new kind of knife sharpener. now he's dead. any idea who did it? well maybe you could tell me. near as i can figure, you were pretty close to him. a couple of orders, yeah. a drink now and then, but that's all. i had no reason to kill him.
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what about women? all right, what is it? well come on, mr. haskins. you know i'm gonna find out about it anyway. well i don't like to go telling tales. after all, he's a friend. who? adam madson. fella moving into the kelly place? can't say i blame him, myself. you know how these traveling men are with girls. got one in every town. well what's that got to do with adam madson? well his daughter, pearl. brock was moving in fast on her. well you know mr. haskins, she' a pretty good reputation for it. ah, well, maybe.
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word was, that pearl was going away with him when he left town. and adam didn't like the idea? not at all. told rock too. told him loud. was there an argument? more than that. i'd call it just about a fight. adam came close to clomping him. well when did it happen? yesterday. yesterday morning. course they both cooled down. nothing really come of it. well i'm sure adam didn't mean it hoby. what'd he say? that if he ever caught him near the girl again he'd tear brock's heart out with his bare hands.
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adam mattson had been in porter little under six months. a widower he lived alone with his twenty year old daughter pearl. hoby had met the man on a few occasions. but had not formed an opinion of him. to the town adam was a hard working farmer who paid his bills on time and kept a sharp eye on his daughter. yeah? mister matson. oh mr.gilman come on in. we're just having some lunch. thank you. this is jerry kelso he's been giving me a hand with my chores. hoby gilman. texas ranger. i don't know ya. mr.gilman. you know my daughter pearl? yeah hello pearl. so mr.gilman. like a cup of coffee? yeah thanks. pearl bring in the cup for the ranger will you? yes. well mr. gilman what brings you out here at this time of the day?
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(laughing) what's the matter? nothing pa. then what are you laughing at? nothing pa. nothing at all. now what was this about brock? what's wrong with you? i'm sorry pa. excuse me mr.gilman. jerry. pa. (door closes) you'll have to forgive her mr.gilman she hasn't been feeling too good lately. well how bout it? brock. you do know him. yep. i don't like him though. neither do i. the only difference is i let him know how i feel. i'll tell him. when after he walks off with your woman? what kind of man you call that huh? i'm not gonna stand for much more of this adam.
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when did you see brock last? yesterday. did you have trouble with him? who you been talking to? come on adam did you have trouble with brock? we had trouble. why? he wouldn't let my pearly alone. and that's the last time you saw him? yeah. what's this all about anyway? where were you last night? i don't think i'm gonna talk to you unless i know what this is all about. manny brock was shot to death last night. well good for him. yes indeed. who did it? i thought maybe you could tell me? you think i did it? (laughs) by george that's a good one. now mind i would have done it you bet. he'd come near pearly just one more time and i sure woulda done it. but i didn't.
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all night? ever since i came out of the fields. so you didn't go out of the house? no sir. anybody here with you? that's all. get out. oh come on adam don't push. i'll do a sight more than that if you're not out of this house in one second flat. i think you better come down to my office with me. i got a lot of questions to ask ya and it'll be easier down there. i don't think you should've done that mr.gilman. you see i'm not sure but i think i killed mannny brock.
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hoby gilman took the three people back into town. although he had a confession to manny brock's killing in the ranger's mind there was something wrong. something that didn't fit. how long do you figure to keep us here? till i get the truth. i tell you this. my little girl isn't talking to you or anybody till we get a lawyer. well that's your privelge.
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why do you think you killed manny brock? (laughing) ralph,you wanna run over and see if you can find doc calhoun? sure thing mr.gilman. what do you want a doctor for? i wanna find out what's wrong with her. there isn't anything wrong with her i told you she's just feeling poorly. no doctors gonna look at my girl without i say so. that's right adam don't let him. now you shut up. you'd done your duty none of this would have happened. i wanna talk to you alone.
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adam i want you to tell me something. and i want the truth. what happens to pearl depends on what you tell me. has anybody in your family ever? uh... has there ever been any insanity in your family? i resent that. there's something wrong with your girl now adam. it'll be a whole lot better if she talks to me now then have the whole thing brought out in the court of law. ourt on. well she made a confession. she didn't write anything. jerry would have to testify. not if he wants to keep breathing. i'm getting kind of sick of this adam. i gaurantee if you don't take the easy way i'll throw your daughter in jail i'll put you right next to her as an accomplice. you don't know your law. you don't know me! now how bout it?
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don't you worry hunny everything's gonna be alright. pearly. i want you to talk to him. what do you wanna know? did you kill him? i think so. but you're not sure. why not? i don't actually remember doing it that's all. then why do you think you did it? i just think i did. that's all. she couldn't have. what do you know about it? cause last night she was with me. i didn't know that.
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when? bout ten o' clock. how long were you together? till about 11. maybe longer. you do that again without telling me and i'll take the skin off your back. oh adam quit it. what'd you kill him with? a gun. what kind of gun? why don't you leave her alone? will you be quiet? what kind of gun pearl? a little one. where'd you get it? i don't remember. was it your father's? was it manny brock's maybe? (laughs) well hello hoby. what's up? i want you to take a look at this girl doc. what's wrong?
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?? hoby can we use the back room for a minute? yeah. don't! now what's the matter? i killed manny. no matter what she tells ya. i did it. i could write a book about this one. alright tell me about it. i didn't like him. did you really do it? then you keep your mouth shut. i'll get the best lawyer i can but you just keep quiet. you wanna stay out of it now? don't you tell me.
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in the back? yeah. excuse me. ?? now uh you want to sit down over there? ght you wanna tell me about it now? well it was last night. i didn't think she'd really do it. now that's the truth. i've done it with other people and it never worked. i didn't figure she'd be any different. i don't know what you're talking about. i hypnotized her. you did what to her?
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(laughs) uh well. when, when was this? it was last night. we went walking like i said. she was cryin. carrying on. crying. why? well because ma-. because he wouldn't take her with him when he left town. yeah? she said she might kill him but guess she didn't have the nerve. when you uh.. hypnotized her? see i love her. i really do. i didn't believe she was really out. i mean i uh, i've done it with other people and and they said they were hypnotized just to make me feel good. but, but i knew they weren't.
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he's had quite a bit of success with it in a medical way. i told her to go to his room and shoot him. i gave her the gun. but all the time i was tellin her, every minute you gotta believe me i didn't believe she'd really do it. i didn't think she'd kill manny. (laughing) did you have anything to do with that? with the laughing every time she hears his name? e thought he was funny. the books call it post hypnotic suggestion. when somebody's hypnotized you tell em to do something later on and when they snap out of the hypnosis they do it. and they don't know why, they just do it. well can you make her stop laughing? now hold on a minute hoby. i'd like to consult another doctor before he tries this again.
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in the book. i, i saw the advertisement and i sent away for it. but i didn't think it would really work. i honestly didn't that's the god's truth. what can they do to me? i don't know. sure got in a mess, didn't i? i couldn't let her go away with him. i just couldn't. but it's funny. i'm not sorry. i'm not sorry he's dead. well son, there's one thing you better hope for and hope for it good. what?
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two months went by before the legal and medical problems could be straightened out. jerry kelso was held to answer a charge of manslaughter. after a hearing, pearl mattson was placed on probation for a period of three years. it was over. well that's that. all through? mhmm. good morning hoby, ralph. morning doc. weather coming. you still working on that thing? just finished. did you see the girl? yeah yesterday. she's getting along fine. it beats me how a thing like that could happen. you know you see it in stories but it just never seems like it could really happen. well since this came up i've been doing some reading. it seems like no one can be hypnotized against their will. and furthermore, they can't be made to do anything that they wouldn't like to do consciously.
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ncious she was willing to. oh here hoby i uh, thought this might interest you. well doc i'm afraid there's only one way hypnotism is gonna do me any good. what's that?
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? hey, phil, get charlie miller over here right away. ? all right, bodie, inside.


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