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tv   WRAL News at 4pm  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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[ chattering ] item 17 -- item 17 is the matter of a complaint in division concerning the unauthorized body searches of female suspects. ring ] all right, let's settle down. be reminded, female police officers will, according to policy, perform all in-depth searches of female suspects. is that perfectly understood? all right, last item. and the last item -- now early this morning, we had two more rape assaults up in st. james park. chances are one or both of them
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the vicinity of the botanical gardens and the reservoir. in other words, we got some extremely bad animals out there that need apprehending. so, let's spend a little less time flirting with the hookers and the waitresses and put some heavy attention on that park. all right, let's roll. hey... let's be careful out there. ] uh, hold on a second. i'll give you a hand. is that you, howard? stand clear, frank. [ toilet water gurgling ] [ gasping ]
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i don't like the indiscriminate use of tae-kwon-do, frank, but i cannot abide close confinement. it is a sorry state of affairs, frank, i don't mind telling you -- maintenance-wise when you have to fight your way out of men's room stall. i've issued numerous memoranda to division regarding that very subject, howard. that left sideburn's a little ragged, frank. well, it's nothing personal. it's just symptomatic of a far greater malaise. oh? what might that be, howard? judas priest, frank. we are coming apart at the seams up here, and you are dashing off memos to division. procedure, howard. what can i tell you? hang procedure. mobilize a team of your more domestically oriented female officers, and let's fix this place up. we start tolerating rusty hinges, and before you know it, we tolerate rusty minds.
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ning. au revoir, frank. leapin' lizards. woman: dispatch, we have a 9-11. armed robbery in progress. see surplus store,
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ut. huerta bail bonds. bail bonds, sir? read for free. bail bonds. oh, don't be shy. here, take two. huerta bail bonds. oh, my, my, a new face. new face, new friends. huerta bail bonds. 24-hour service. cuidado, huerta. esterhaus catches you advertising in here, he's going to 86 your keister, isn't he? i'm not arguing. who's arguing? am i arguing? am i arguing? huerta bail bonds -- half a block up and across the street. hold on, renko, please. check this out. my cousin helped me put it up. brand-new slogan. "the blessing of freedom for a lousy 10%." what do you think?
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oh, renko, give me a break. hey! keep that dog away from me! listen, will you please lower your tone of voice, renko? he's only responding to your hostility, not his. sarge, would you open that door for me? oh, sure thing. you know, henry, you missed your calling. you should've been a mountie. hey, hi there, fella. [ barks ] hey, hey, easy, boy. easy. we're on your side, pal. pretty dog, huh? speak for yourself, henry. that dog is a cop hater. it's just a stray. ours, tops. the last time it took you two weeks. what am i supposed to do, leo? let him get picked up, sent to the gas chamber? he can cop a plea down to misdemeanor soiling. [ barks ] sir? sir? i love dogs, and i can really help you out. for instance, i can take him for a walk -- right away, if you'd like. very creative, seymour. two hours, leo. just take me a couple of phone calls to the proper adoption agencies.
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can i help you? i have an appointment with frank furillo. the captain is tied up now. maybe i can help you. i see him right there. no, you can't come in, ma'am. frank. yes, that's right. frank furillo, how long has it been? how long? it's been a while. [ laughs ] you don't remember me. sorry. i should. i should hope so. grace gardner. of course. grace, how are you? you look wonderful! thank you. grace, this is lieutenant ray calletano. ray, you remember chief of detectives sam gardner. pleasure. uh, my condolences, mrs. gardner. sam was a very fine man. yes, sam was okay. thank you. well, this dump sure hasn't changed. only the faces. what brings you up here?
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e faithfully that he would warn you so that my moving in wouldn't come as a shock. moving in? darn that man. i thought you knew. i'm sorry. i'll explain. after sam died, i decided to pull some strings and come to work for the department. you did? you bet. in this precinct? especially this precinct. i figured if i could do something with this relic, i can tackle anything. forgive me, grace, but i don't seem to be following what you're telling me. i'm your police decorator. excuse me, captain. lieutenant, we got a guy in a jockstrap directing traffic down on dekker avenue. outside our robbery stakeout? you got it. [ speaks spanish ] pick up this roach! he just said to pick the sucker up. ha ha ha ha. oh, frank. i don't want to be considered anything other than a normal working part of this precinct. so let's all relax.
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the call, francis. belker nailed one of the two rapists in st. james park. oh, let's hope he's the big one. just a moment, sir. he'll be right with you. phil esterhaus, grace gardner. how do you do? hello. as a matter of fact, phil here will be your liaison. i will? so, uh, why not get on with the job? i'm very glad to meet you, sergeant. good-looking woman. nice perfume. chief daniels. captain furillo. fine. thank you, sir. how are you, chief? oh, mar?n. 48 hours? yes, sir.
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great news. the president of the united states wants to visit the hill. belker! bail bonds, sir. move it! huerta bail bonds -- half a block up across the street. no, don't think jail. think bail. you stay, i pay. ought to do what they do in sweden. freedom for a lousy 10%. [ both growling ] [ barking ]
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very refined sense of humor we got around this place. sit! i was thinking of... mrs. gardner, i find it hard to understand how a department short of funds can spend precious dollars on ambience. ah, never underrate ambience, sergeant, particularly in the work environment. this is not a community center. this is a -- ha ha ha. it certainly isn't, which is all the more reason to humanize it, sergeant. y stores at the same time. i know, i know. look, set up a schedule. do the best we can. frank, a word with you if i may. uh, please, phil, not now. henry? yeah, frank? what's up? downtown. uh, listen i got to go. no, tell her he's just a puppy. yeah, no, no, he's college material. take my word for it, and the cutest little thing -- [ dog barking viciously ] you will excuse me, won't you, grace? whatever that is in there, get rid of it.
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henry... good collar, mick. one out of two ain't good enough, captain. i have a hunch you'll correct that. any connection to the 11 others? no, not much. maybe interrogation will turn something, like the name of his running mate. you mirandized him, didn't you? we don't want to violate any laws. captain. i mean it, mick. no mistakes. i don't want to lose this animal in court. excuse me, uh... i'm having stress. i want to call my doctor. i'm getting therapy. [ growls ] okay. i'm on my way. sirs?
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what happens if the president can't make it
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see that as your concern. your concern is his safety, should he come. for a press secretary, you've got a short memory, mr. parker. if the president doesn't show, you'll be gone, and i'll be stuck with the consequences of 10,000 unmet expectations. what troubles me here, captain, is your perception of the community up there. you make it sound like a loose collection of banana republics. in a sense, that's right. well, then maybe we should be considering another community in another city. hill street's exactly what the president's looking for, mr. parker. believe me. it's really disgusting up there. you'll get some incredibly effective footage. if you can't deal with it, frank, i'll put someone on it who can. commander. mr. parker. captain furillo is the only police officer up there who's respected by everyone, including the youth gangs.
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tell them the president's coming, and then take it from there. we can do that easily, frank -- captain. captain? we'll do what we can. we'll do our best. and i hear your best is mighty good, sir. belly up. m sorry. god, am i sorry. listen, i couldn't help it. i got this anxiety syndrome around authority. i thought i had a handle on it, but between commander swanson and this parker guy, god, he's got cold eyes. listen, frank, i can understand it if you can't forgive me. come on, henry. i forgive you. no, really. i mean it. don't fold on me now. i need you to go back and set up that summit.
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ey wanted to hear. see if you can get them all in for, say, 4:00. i got a lunch date i'm already late for. i'll be back right after. i think the bone might -- oh, i'm sure the bone is a terrific color for this area. it'll go with the occasional bloodstain. all right, sergeant. if you have your little heart set on waging war, you've got it, baby. hey, that was a good collar, you guys. get an assist each. this entire area is wasted space. this entire area is ridiculous. hey, look! bobby's back. hey, bobby! [ cheers, whistles, and applause ] hey. hey, hill -- yeah, we heard about him. he was partnered with renko, wasn't he? well, he was sleepwalking is what i heard. well, i wouldn't be so sure what you heard, flanders. you know, you guys are new up here, so let's don't get reckless with our mouths. [ chattering ]
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good to have you back, babe. good to see you. good to have you back. hey, bobby. hey, sarge. how you doing, huh? i'm doing okay. how you doing? well, it's just the same old ambience. jeez. good to have you back. you are back, aren't you? anytime you say. so... how's it going around here? i mean, how's your new lady? cindy? whoa. get this. senior class sergeant-at-arms, chairman of the prom committee, assistant marching band captain while maintaining a solid b average. hey, that sounds great. girl's got a big future. big. you know, bobby, if, um, you don't want to talk about this...
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when did you get back? about a week ago. you look skinny. yeah, i got to get my suit altered. you preferring that to the basic blues these days? i don't know. i haven't really thought about it yet. how you doing? look it, you didn't come in here for a bunch of "hi. how are yous?" what's on your mind? you didn't call. five weeks in a hospital bed, and you didn't call. belker came by every day, he could've been a nurse. wanted to talk, you would've called me. sounds like you did a lot of figuring, my friend. well, i had a whole lot of time to. you were lucky, man. you were in a coma for two weeks. well, not me, renko. i never lost consciousness, man, not for a second. lying on that cold tile floor, man, i could feel the blood oozing out of my body, but i just couldn't move. yeah, i don't want to hear about this.
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i prayed to die. [ whistling ] occupied. occupied. now you listen to me. the first thing i asked when i came out of it was, "is bobby still alive?" and then they told me yes, and then i figured okay, about a month from now, we'll be back in business, but you didn't call me. why? well, i figured you blamed me for us getting shot. man, cut the crap. i figured if i hadn't lost it on the street like that, we wouldn't have had to go into that building. , renko. it just happened! i never blamed you, man. then why the hell didn't you call? oh, man, i don't know. i guess i just figured things couldn't go back to the way they were. can they? i don't know. something's different.
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t. i still got to get past being scared. well, i'm not scared of anything or anybody, my friend. people have always been scared of me. lying in that hospital bed, i thought, god may give me a body like a b-52, but he also gave me a brain. now we don't need to prove we can go out there again, bobby. that's where it's at for both of us. if we show we got something between our ears, we don't have to be sniper meat. [ door opens ] sorry to bust up your reunion, but people are beginning to talk. renko? have you got a uniform? yeah, in my locker. why? well, i'm shorthanded today. i got a bunch of guys out with the flu, so if the two of you feel up to it...
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oh, i've been watching you use that prop for days, young fella. who you trying to kid? maybe we just don't want to be together. okay, we can work that one out. in the meantime, i want you to both use levy and bartlett's unit -- park detail. yeah. it's very clean, my friend. fluff and fold... why don't you just be quiet? sit everybody out in their own neat little slot. i'll say this to you, renko. you want to go for detective? that's fine with me, man. i'll be more than happy to interview new partners as soon as we're off this shift, you dig? yeah, loud and clear, my friend. loud and clear. will you look at this damn uniform? you coming or what? you hold your water, son. what did you say? you heard what i said.
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you want me to drive? no, i don't want you to drive. i can't stand the way you drive. well, fine. uh-huh. hi. sorry i'm late. couldn't get away. i've ordered already. i have to be back in court in half an hour. frank, this isn't my idea of progress. progress? on a diet of 20-minute lunches. i had a meeting this morning with randy parker, special assistant to the president of the united states. what was i supposed to do, say, "excuse me. give the president my regards, but i got a hot lunch date"? if it was an isolated situation, that would be one thing, but it isn't. joyce, please. i've had a terrible morning. i need a little relief.
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tonight. no offense, captain, but i don't want to fight tonight. i want to do other things. [ pager beeping ] perfect.
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r r rrr r r r francis, but the woman's being disruptive
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r, will you, phil? i'm trying, but she's all over the place. it's not very easy. uh, i'm on a pay phone here, phil. what's the scoop? well, it looks like it's coming together. goldblume's in, and they're trying to convene a summit. good. what else? oh, uh, belker's interrogating the rape suspect. alone? no, i put chesley in with him. also, your wife called. ex-wife. she called six times. she sounded a little tense. well, if she calls again, just tell her to -- what the hell is that? [ arguing ] phil? [ all shouting ] hey, hey, what happened? get somebody in there fast! put me down! put me down! not till you stop growling. can't you see that i stopped growling? look at me, chesley, here. i'm limp. phil, what's happening? that pig in there is laughing at us, and he's laughing at who he raped
4:34 pm
belker, look, we don't know that for sure. mick, did anyone get bitten? oh, no. sarge, i didn't lay a tooth on the kid. why doesn't anybody give me credit for that?! all right. gahh! phil, are you there?! work, you know, it's hell! i'm going out there, and i am going to get the other guy! if anybody wants me, i'll be in the park! phil, are you there?! what do you say, my friend? the phone before she starts by herself. damn. about time. i wish you'd talk to her, joyce. i mean, she's really on the verge of mutilating something very beautiful between us. oh, doug browning, meet frank furillo. oh, hi, frank. really nice to meet you. likewise. hiller, bloomgarden, resnick, and smith, right? i beg your pardon? oh, you're with their firm, aren't you? no. spielglass and ludwig?
4:35 pm
i've got to get back to court. judge natalis... okay, well, you're going to see shelby before i will, so give her this for me, will you? tell her it was -- uh, joyce, i really don't think you ought to take that. it's just a little nose candy, frank. look, joyce, we have got to get together. frank, uh, what can i say? how could you? what? what did i do? embarrass me like that. i prevented you from committing a felony is what i did. excuse me. what is the matter with you? the matter is your automatic cop assumption that everybody is a bloody felon. what makes you so sure that i'd have taken that vial of alleged drugs, anyway? i didn't want to take a chance. then you should've looked the other way. i could've arrested that man. i should've. we really live in two different worlds, frank. not so different, counselor. need i remind you we are both officers of the court? we may both be officers of the court, captain, but at least i am capable of distinguishing between my personal life and my work life. say, lady...
4:36 pm
right. what do you think? let's do it, bro. [ siren wails ] all right, all righty. what do you guys think you're doing? no mucho. hey, just cool it with the set, amigo. do you speak english, man? is this stuff yours? yeah. it is, huh? the television set, too? that's right. well, what about the truck? it's his. you want to check out his license and registration? [ speaking spanish ] hey, we're not doing nothing, man. oh, yeah? can you prove that television set is yours?
4:37 pm
well, what do you think it's doing out here on the street? 're moving. out of this place? got no license, no registration. you got a driver's license? how do you expect me to read this, man? this your address here? that's my old place. i didn't have time to change the address. so what we got here is you're moving a bunch of stuff you can't prove is yours from a place that may or may not be your legal residence in a vehicle that he can't prove is his. [ yelling in spanish ] maybe we ought to just let this go, huh? we can't do that, man. they're in violation. hey, it's minor stuff, man. these guys are okay. we leave now, we look like chickens. i can live with that, man. i can't. come on.
4:38 pm
hey, man, we're just trying to get out of this, so why don't you look out for yourselves? what the hell are you hassling us for? why don't you hassle somebody else? buddy. man, they got their families in there. come on. they don't do nothing. okay. listen, we're not going to cite you this time for the unregistered vehicle but i want you to get this stuff out of here. it constitutes a hazardous situation. let's go, bro. hey, you know, my grandmother used to have one of these, just like it. we're going to be back here in one hour,
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
so is huerta rees of the gypsy boys. i can't tell you over the phone, but it's very important. yes, they're all coming in at 4:00. yeah, we'll send a car. just tell him 4:00, hill street. yes, i'll hold. phil, where do we stand? oh, it's coming together, francis. got 100 calls here, plus -- i'll have to wait. did you get jesus martinez? yeah, i left a message on his answering service. answering service? this kid's got an answering service? which is more than i can say for you, frank. oh, fay. you've been ducking my calls. i have not been ducking your calls. i just haven't had a free moment since i rolled out of bed this morning. how have you been?
4:42 pm
for frank jr.'s tuition, and all i've got in the bank is $53. i need more money, frank. who doesn't? i am trying to make a good home for your son. but between what i make and your lousy alimony, it just doesn't stretch. frank. buenos d?as, ray. nice to see you, mrs. furillo. we have a situation that cannot wait. you are gonna have to deal with this situation first, because i'm not moving. okay. damn it, fay, every time you blow in here, you embarrass the hell out of me. you think i'm not embarrassed? or maybe you think i like having a container of yogurt every day for lunch because i can't afford to go out like a normal person. fay, you know how much i make, you know how much of it you get. there's not a lot left over. frank, i am not negotiating. i am crying out of desperation.
4:43 pm
out of private school? you could buy a mercedes for what that costs. and do you want to be the one to tell him he's got to go back to public school? sure. don't you dare. for the first time since our divorce, frank jr. is better. not entirely out of the woods, according to harvey, but getting there. harvey. harvey is a... pill. what's wrong, frank? jealous? i'm eating my heart out. i know you don't like to think at i could have a rewarding relationship with another man, frank, but i can, and i do. rewarding, i might add, in every sense of the word. well, if it's so damned rewarding, why don't you just rinse out your pantyhose and marry the guy? let him carry part of the freight, okay? you stink, frank.
4:44 pm
mr. begosian, mr. beslin, mr. hatchataki, mr. loud. lapidis. mr. lapidis. i'm henry goldblume. excuse me. mr. lapidis, may i? we're checking weapons at the desk. we all agreed to that. thank you very much. i really appreciate that. thank you. [ chattering ] l right, okay. okay! not everyone's here, but we've been waiting long enough. [ ray translating into spanish ] i know you're wondering what's going on, whether this is a peace conference or what. [ translating ] [ footsteps ] morning, father. what, huh? what you looking at? how you doing, frankie?
4:45 pm
shamrocks over there. [ speaking spanish ] yo, louie. remind me to call my personal physician. glad you could make it, jesus. we have a table reserved for you. thank you, frankie. you didn't have to do that. okay, frankie, you can talk now. thank you, jesus. okay, what would you say if i told you the president of the united states intends making a fact-finding tour of this precinct?
4:46 pm
what did he say? he says the president can't cross gypsy boy turf without a passport. if he wants us, he's got to pay. hey, what you say? what i hearing? this is the president of the united states. [ all shouting ] if everybody will just calm down, listen to other people's points of view... shut up! let me take a whack at this, cap. not now. everyone! all i'm asking is your cooperation for the two short hours of the president's visit. two hours, man. if you can't give me two hours of coolness, the president's going to think you've got no control over your people, and he won't deal with anybody who's got no control. why should he? where's the percentage in it? hey, what's my percentage, furillo?
4:47 pm
i'd like to address that remark, captain. hold it, parker. no percentages. the only deal is a fair shake from this precinct. for two years we've played straight pool with you. no dirty busts, no railroading, no back room games. nobody wants to go back to the way it was. mr. furillo, sir, can i ask you a question? go ahead. thanks. hold that. from, let's say, blood turf to shamrock turf. how's he going to do that? well, okay, the prez is planning a walking tour, son, so he'll probably walk. i guess this guy's probably a comedian, too. we got no treaty with them. no way he's going to get from their turf to our turf. it's impossible. we got no treaty.
4:48 pm
you, detective goldblume, and the warlord of the bloods can get together and start hashing out something temporary. use the interrogation room. no, wait, wait. you left your cooties stuck on the chair. [ murmuring ] all right, anybody else. yeah, listen, what's the sugar for us, huh? sugar? yeah, i mean, if the president is coming, i mean, there is going to be tv, in television, man. dinero, huh? okay, okay, listen, guys, i'm not going to lie to you. there's going to be tv cameras all over the place. after all, it's a media event. but it's a news event. nobody gets paid for being on the news. al pacino don't work for nothing, man. that's right. get him. he thinks he's al pacino. [ ray translates ]
4:49 pm
at least i can write, which makes me unique in this room. all right. any beefs between now and then, you run them through the station here. [ ray translates ] that's it. that's all. be cool. uh, captain, if i could say just a few words here. it's cool, parker. leave them be. easy, captain. d to express on behalf of the president his appreciation. now, he wouldn't be coming up here if he didn't care, if he wasn't on your side. so... thanks, you guys, and...stay cool. [ bawking ] you had to get into it, didn't you? i warned you, parker.
4:50 pm
yo, furillo. you're really learning the business well, frankie. hey, mr. g-man, about those jobs and social programs, diablo don't need that garb-age. what we do need is a picture of the dude with his arms around my mother's shoulder. she's got cancer really bad. if his mother gets a picture with the president, they're all going to want pictures, and if they don't have mothers, there'll be girlfriends and cousins. i'm sorry, man, and i'm sorry about your mother. i didn't know. [ speaks spanish ] as for you, mr. g-man, if you send out any social program checks, you send them to me.
4:51 pm
louie. stay cool, frankie. [ murmuring ] you guys want a truck? francis, can i have a word with you upstairs? what's going on in there, phil? take it from me, you don't want to know. ou? mr. parker, you know where the stairs are, hmm?
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
what's going on? what's this, nate? a baseball bat, captain. oh. you in a league or something? gentlemen, i've been a cop 17 years, and i've been to a few softball games myself. so what say? let's not kid a kidder. who called practice? i did, captain. we both did. you both look like you already lost. what happened? we got jumped.
4:54 pm
in broad daylight? no, we were in a building, sir. we were investigating a possible burglary in progress. and? and when it turned out to be a false alarm, when we tried to leave, that's when they jumped us. they got our guns. well, listen up, athletes. softball practice is canceled. you're gonna let them get away with it? what if one of those guns kills a cop? harris, there are enough guns out there every one of us a dozen times over! i don't give a rat's bladder about your guns. what i do care about, and what scares the hell out of me, is the kind of morality i'm seeing here. francis, there's another aspect to this -- pride. professional pride. that's why the men wanted to handle this, um, informally, so to speak. well, if this is how you show your pride, then turn in your blues and get the hell out of my precinct. what we're supposed to be here
4:55 pm
what the hell are you but just another vicious street gang? um...let's accede to the captain's wishes on this one, huh? shall we? i thought maybe i could see you tonight. not tonight, frank. i've got a ton of homework. i'm in appeals court in the morning at 8:00 a.m. i'm sorry about today. so am i. no. no, i'm not. look, uh...frank, the longer i see you,
4:56 pm
of us expected or wants. i know what i want. i think we both do. you always make it sound so easy, don't you, pizza man? i'll come by. we fight better in the flesh. let me see you for breakfast. is 6:00 a.m. too early? do i call you or not show up? you call. this is an all-nighter, frank, really. it's funny. i had the same thing in mind. i really care for you, counselor. me too, captain. good night.
4:57 pm
francis. yeah, phil? i, uh, might have caused us a little grief with the division. what kind of grief? i had to throw that decorator woman out. it was either that or commit a felony. it's okay. take care. all right, phil. belker. move it! yeah, i wonder if it's the guy. all right. way to go. way to go. would you like to sit down over there, hairball,
4:58 pm
and this one's no minor. you're something else, belker. i mean that. thank you, captain.
4:59 pm
captions paid for by the u.s. department of education
5:00 pm
hey. what do we got? 2 d.o.a.s-- mother and a little boy. name's angelos, both shot in the head. husband's gut-shot, but he's gonna make it. they cut the glass around the inside door to gain access. pretty fine job for a home invasion. make a note of that. paramedic: coming through! mr. angelos, detectives. can you tell us what happened, sir?


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