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tv   WRAL News 5PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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hey. what do we got? 2 d.o.a.s-- mother and a little boy. name's angelos, both shot in the head. husband's gut-shot, but he's gonna make it. they cut the glass around the inside door to gain access. pretty fine job for a home invasion. make a note of that. paramedic: coming through! mr. angelos, detectives. can you tell us what happened, sir?
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he's in shock. we're taking him to bellevue. that'll put him back in shock right there. there's blood on the sheets, but the blankets are pretty clean. not too much ransacking. nothing really under her fingernails to indicate a struggle, but i want to bag her hands anyway.
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look at his little legs. we need to talk to the father again.
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how you feeling, mr. angelos? what am i gonna do? we're sorry to press you on this, but, you know, you can give us right now might help to lead to a quick arrest. n of a bitch. about 5:00 this morning, i heard sounds... in the kitchen--rustling. but joshie cries at night. i thought it was just him rustling the crib. and this guy busts in. i get shot. i lose consciousness, then i regain consciousness. then i saw the same thing you did.
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hey must've heard or seen something. we haven't got off our canvass. i don't know what to tell you. well, uh, obviously, anything...k of let us know. i couldn't save 'em. i tried... but i couldn't. you rest up. fancy: so, what'd you get? simone: husband's gut-shot. wife and baby, 2 bullets to the head. only neighbor heard anything thought it was a war movie. husband gonna make it? he's all right. they're gonna release him a little later on. we're gonna look into him a little bit. the d.o.a. wife's mother's coming in. see what she thought of her son-in-law. sounds like you like him a little.
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this gentleman says he's a friend. he's not lying. harvey! it's great to see you. it's great being seen. how you been? i'm doing good. last time i saw you, face, you just got your first chest hair. aw, get in my office and stop telling stories. hi. morning. how you doing? i--i--i brought you something. tape. i sell 'em at my gigs. i want to buy this from you. naw, face... it's a gift. so, harvey... everything ok with you?
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d i have been married 15 years. 2 girls and a boy. that's great. yeah. pretty much i got my music. that's good. so, harvey, how about i get you a glass of water or something else to drink? naw, to tell the truth, face, i was just pretty much about stopping to say hi. must've just told me. i gotta split, arthur. it's good-- good to see you. yeah, yeah, all right, harvey. but i want you to call me when it's a better time, ok? i will do that. i'll do that. [telephone rings] ok, let me walk you out. no, thanks. thanks a lot. good seeing you doing so well, arthur. yeah. 15th squad.
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got it. diane, you're up. um, assault on third and bowery. greg, james... give her a hand? i'll be back in a little while. harvey. [gasping] harvey. what is it, man? i gotta sit down. ohh, the buzzard's eating at me. you need the paramedics? it's ok. the sky's clearing. so what's wrong with you, harvey? kidneys are gone. they got some fancy initials to it, but that's what it is.
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one thing i have learned from my job... is when someone's carrying something around that they want to say but they're having trouble getting it out. first thing, i'm straight now 10 years. i ain't here running no game. ok, i believe you. i know about a murder happened 15 years ago. i didn't see it myself, but i know what happened for a fact. guy that did the killing's name is onus price. the victim was ray green, a musician like me. onus broke in to steal ray's horn-- it's worth a lot of money. he stole the horn, he shot ray to death. how do you know onus did it? everybody knew. onus played a little, but he was a stone junkie--pulled stickups when he was short. ray caught him once before trying to get into his place. the day after ray died, onus is in the bar-- loaded, spending on women. he's the one did it.
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coming forward after 15 years, saying everyone knew that this onus did the killing, something about that doesn't add up. well, what do you mean? i mean, essentially you're coming forward with a rumor. everybody knew, arthur-- damn. onus is still out there. he's selling drugs. he's--he's breaking in. look, look, harvey. if we're gonna go after this guy for the homicide, i'd have to have more than what you told me. now, did you have something to do with this? i drove him. all right. onus had his own place in that building. i didn't realize what he went upstairs to do. i didn't realize till they found ray. then i--i was too scared to say anything.
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how's he doing? jfk. hey. erik volper. some kind of rock 'n' roll manager.
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what's her act? some kind of business associate. tells us someone also took some kind of tool to this guy's car. it's all vandalized in the employee parking lot. we'll check out the bathroom. got her name? yeah. patricia bell. thanks. i'm detective russell, miss bell. miss bell. you're the one called 911? john came to me. said erik's bleeding in the bathroom. i went in there, and it was just horrible. he was lying there twitching with his head all crushed i just found him. i had absolutely nothing to do with this. you're john? i went in there because i wash my hands a lot. i never even met mr. volper, and i only started work here 2 days ago. john, you have no blood on you or show any signs of a struggle, and i have no reason to think you're a suspect. thank you so much for saying that. why don't you wait over there? would it be all right if i went to wash my hands really quickly downstairs and come right back up? yeah, absolutely.
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lar? even if he was a nice guy, you're always disappointing people, turning them down for representation. plus, the people aren't the most normal, tend to act out. the rock 'n' roll groups? plus, erik was an xxxxxxx. erik's mr. volper. but that's almost like an occupational requirement. you know, i'm gonna need a list of everyone who works here, patty. you want his rolodex? yeah. i'm gonna need all of it. ok. i'll get you all of it. look at the amount of brain matter mixed in with his blood. well, csu might get a lift off this dispenser. yeah, we should get 'em over here. csu needs to go over this guy's vandalized car, too. see if they get lifts from that. yeah, might get a match with that here. pretty gruesome, huh, diane? ohh, if you're a family member, you'd probably hope the guy does go out of the picture. yeah, survive, you live as a broccoli.
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we really appreciate you coming in. we're very sorry about your daughter and your grandson. they were taken from me by murder. any ideas might help us look for who did that? any grievances that anyone might have had with your daughter or your daughter's husband? a bad person-- lazy, don't want to work, borrows money. that person's always gonna have enemies. this is your son-in-law. big insurance settlement from the bus company, he says he's gonna get. for 3 years he don't do nothing, just so he can prove he's got a bad back. don't ask me if he's really hurt. he sits and plays quick-draw on the lottery.
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might have had a disagreement with your son-in-law, maybe over a bad debt, anything of that sort? my little boy had a hole in his heart. who? who's this now? my grandson that they murdered. he had a hole in his heart. my tina took such good care, and i would take care of him. but that one... plays quick-draw on the lottery. someone murdered... my daughter, my little josh. and that one don't get murdered? i prayed to god! please take my life... so my little boy's heart would be good. oh, he could have taken my life....
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[sobbing] all right, mrs. vargas. i have nothing now. i don't even mind coming here. i have no place to go...
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lieutenant, corrections called regarding an onus price. thanks, naomi. unpleasant, but i just imagine he's a hologram. take seats, and we'll start the interviews in just a little bit. would anyone like a beverage? so, where do you stand, james? d.o.a.'s a musical manager. someone bounced his head off the sink and walls in the office bathroom. no witnesses. we'll interview his coworkers. he's divorced. ex-wife lives in aspen. i'm gonna contact her. you got a walk-in says he vandalized the d.o.a.'s car. i like his attitude. you think he might want to throw in a homicide?
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this is detective martinez. yeah? great. we were told you have information about a case we're working. erik volper. i messed up his car. why don't we talk down the hall here? greg. i arrived here voluntarily. are we all on the same page? oh, absolutely, nils. that's understood. i vandalized that dildo's car, and there were a lot of witnesses to that probably. in their "jew record executive" parking lot. so you figure you're a suspect in this other unfortunate part of mr. volper's day. now let me tell you something. if you knew this xxxxxxx, you wouldn't be surprised if someone put him in a veg-o-matic. whereas you just took a screwdriver to his maserati. yeah, 'cause he's a sick maxxxulator. he presses your nose up against the window
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while we had words in his office and i did some bodywork on his car, i did not crack his skull open in his lavatory. are you in the aid of any mind-enhancers just now, nils? straightforward question. ok. would you mind putting it out that i am the suspect, even on the preliminary list? if we do any leaking to the press, nitely say you had a motive and get you a little publicity. and say that i congratulate the killer. did i incriminate myself with the vandalism? martinez: you could make that argument, but that's not the focus of our investigating. ok? ok. good.
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hmm. hygiene, dude. this angelos' got a good credit record. that's 'cause his wife works 2 jobs. he's clean with bci. he had all his phone bills hidden in some half-assed lockbox. 12 calls in the last 3 months to the cottontail club. it's this girlie bar. and 4 more calls to the dedicated line in the club's office. you want to wait on talking to angelos again until you see if that's a girlfriend. simone: yeah. we're gonna check it out. hey, gentlemen. no offense, vince. this man introduced himself as retired detective vince gotelli. no. vince gotelli was a lot shorter. oh, andy, still with the jokes, huh? simone: you're looking good there, vince. fellas, i finally went in for that open-heart surgery. i'm a completely new man. all that pre-operation agonizing and sleepless nights... i gotta tell you something-- if someone told you that you need this operation
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yeah, well, truth is, andy, i'm in a better frame of mind. so, what brings you in, vince? well, i'm working claims investigation for vigilance life. they got me looking into the death of this tino angelos. they'll fill you in. it's good to see you again. uh, that's tina angelos, vince. d.o.a. was a woman. oh. so, what are the odds that it was foul play? double homicide--always a high likelihood. nk that maybe it was an insurance whack? well, what kind of policy did the company write there? the guy... carried a 1.4 million term on himself and a million on the wife. on him we could understand because he has a big claim out against the city. but the wife seems potentially stinky. so this guy fights through his grief from a hospital bed filing for his wife's benefits. well, i don't know the point of origin of the phone call. we gotta go check out a girlie bar, vince.
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well, uh, which girlie bar you going to? the cottontail club. you ever frequent that hutch? [loud music playing] where's the owner? er? let me tell her someone's here. what did he just ask you? thank you. new york city detectives.
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any crime. well, if we applied ourselves there, shauna, i bet we could drum something up. what's that about? live video on the internet. you got any experience? hey, be nice. what's paul angelos talk about all those times he calls you? what happened? what do you think happened, shauna? you assist paul rubbing up his chubby, shauna? hmm? you come into information building up a deep personal relationship wound up useful in a home invasion? olved in no home invasion or nothing else. angelos' wife and son are dead. and what's going on with him? all his heroic efforts to save his family, miraculously, he only incurred not too bad of a bullet wound. hey! what did i tell you? you keep talking. wasn't involved. shauna, you think your place outside


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