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tv   Today  NBC  December 2, 2016 2:38am-3:31am EST

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marcus. judy. i want you to refile those reports the way it really happened. i filed the reports the way it really happened.
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you find out i'm married, it's over. i didn't try to fall in love with you. but it happened. and now it's complicated. that doesn't mean we can pretend our feelings have disappeared. are you changing those reports? are you going to talk this out? together? we've said all we have to say to each other. you're burning me. woman: i think it's interesting. a cop and a deputy d.a. you don't see that often. it's not that weird, rachel. how do you enjoy police work? i grew up around it. my father was a cop. a whole family of cops?
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jackie. you ladies look beautiful tonight. thank you. you look dapper yourself, councilman. officer hanson. councilman davis. how's the audit going? so far, everything's copacetic. excellent. he's thirsty. ( playing mozart's a little night music ) ute. cute? meaning what? it's off-hours. stop reading into things. it's just you have a very bright future. oh, and the right match can only make it brighter, right? there's no point in sleeping your way down the ladder.
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we can go now? yes. where are you going? we're going away now. excuse me. we're going bowling. why did i end up in the skirt? it fits you. this sure as hell better work. my feet are killing me!
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this goofball? you borrowed my watch again? it would clash with your outfit. right. you sure do borrow things a lot. if it bothers you, i'll stop. no, no. i'll stop. no. did you put the trash bags out for the truck this morning? i was supposed to do that? you know i didn't realize just how absolutely clean you were. because i don't like pizza stuck to the tv? your apartment is waiting for the original owners to move in. you have no consideration for my feelings. okay, here. here's your watch. you happy? i don't believe it. it was working a minute ago. no, it. thank you, god.
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hold it right there. come on, don't run. come on, fella. stop. don't run, please. give me a break, will you? come here, buddy. hey! disappointed? what are you doing here? looking for my daughter. what are you perverts doing here? looking for a flasher. you thought i was a flasher? yeah, afraid so. pervert. fuller: you should have come to me with this sooner.
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i thought maybe he'd done this before. and? nothing. his record's clean. this puts me in a difficult position. if i tell councilman davis one of his boys is sexually harassing one of my officers he'll want proof. if i have none he'll think i'm pulling some stunt to get our program out of hot water. i can't believe i let this happen. i don't have to tell you on the other hand nobody has the right to come after you professionally no matter what happened between the two of you. i just want him to stop. none of the options are pleasant. you can try and solve this with him on your own or you can file a formal complaint. your life will be ripped open in public. i'm not sure i can take that.
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your word against his. i'm glad you came. i didn't know what else to do. you got me. i don't want to get you. not the way you mean. then why are you doing this? tell me you don't love me. i'm begging you. i'll be out of your life forever. i can't tell you that. that's why i can't let you go. marcus, i gave you everything. everything i have. you and i felt so right together. we are right together. but you lied to me.
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you're the best thing that's happened to me. i didn't know how else to make you listen. what do you want me to do? be with me. let me touch you again and make you happy. if i come back, will you change those reports? i'll do anything you want. just give me another chance. okay.
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age man said it was the cleanest in the whole block. harry, this silent treatment is starting to make me feel bad. you're supposed to feel bad. i'm sorry that i yelled at you last night. you screamed. i was mad.
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i appreciate you putting me up and all that. you sure got a funny way of showing it. well... i admit that i'm a little lousy in the feeling department. but the truth is i don't know what i would have done if you hadn't been there for me. oh, come on. give me a little kiss. uh-huh. right here. i don't want to. i'll still respect you. it will make us both feel better. come on, a little kiss. how about a handshake? sure. now that all that's through
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so what do you think? it's impressive. what do you think? very impressive. you had time to think? yeah. i was wearing a wire last night. i see. i want you to change those reports. so it seems. if you don't i'll go downtown to file an official complaint of sexual harassment. very clever, officer. you're also bluffing. any jury in the world would convict you after hearing that tape.
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no, you won't. you're holding this over my head so i'll give up without a fight. i won't do it. i won't slink away with my tail between my legs because you got a tape. hi, judy, come in. i've been hearing a lot about you lately. i'm sorry, i didn't mean anything by that. it's all right. please sit down. tom did mention your problem. are you here to file a complaint? i'm here because i have nowhere else to go. is this evidence? enough to incriminate? he even knows i have it. but he doesn't care. this will hold up in court
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ody. forgive me, judy, but you must have realized the risk. course i realized. but i didn't care. jackie, i had that feeling. you know, when you think this man you met might become part of your life forever. you must know how that feels. yeah, i do. except now it's become dirty laundry being aired all over city hall. that doesn't make it any easier. actually there might be another way. this is not going to be easy but we could stop this before it goes any further. davis: ladies. i was telling captain fuller that mr. rainey assures me these charges are unfounded.
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because you might prefer to handle your employee's indiscretion privately. be advised that we're prepared to take this before the district judge. jackie, don't... councilman davis. during business hours please refer to me as deputy garrett or simply ms. garrett. okay, ms. garrett. mr. rainey has been a valued employee... with a spotless record. tically motivated. the complaint is sexual harassment not politics. and officer hoffs says she has proof. before we go making snap judgments why don't we hear what she has to say?
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rainey: i didn't know what else to do. tell me you don't love me. i'm begging you. i'll be out of your life forever. hoffs: i can't tell you that. rainey: that's why i can't let you go. hoffs: marcus, i gave you everything. everything i have. you and i felt so right together. hoffs: but you lied... what officer hoffs says is true. i filled out the reports inaccurately.
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oh! hi. hi. how have you been? fine.
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pay's not as good. i also got divorced. oh, i'm sorry. don't be. it was best for both of us. well... see you around. take care, marcus.
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it is said a shaolin priest can walk through walls. looked for, he cannot be seen. listened for, he cannot be heard. touched, he cannot be felt. this rice paper is the test. fragile as the wings of the dragonfly clinging as the cocoon of the silkworm.
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d leading to the temple of heaven? i come to celebrate your life ambition. the full moon of may. -thirteenth day... -fall back. ...of the year of the dog. make w forhe royal nephew.
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ed the royal nephew. get the guard! did you...? did you kill him? yes, my master. after all your teaching, i have disgraced myself. no. sometimes one must cut off a finger to save a hand. there will be a price on your head, no place to hide. you must leave the country. ...all i could offer him is contained in this pouch.
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taking part in the murder of an old priest? it was our duty. your skills will not prevail, shaolin. each of us, in his own way, has studied for long years... master the disciplines of destruction. sun lo. sun lo has studied with the ninja. he is supreme in the science of shuriken. wong ti. wong ti is an expert in the ways of the bushido...
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and you? in tibet, i studied with a lama who was master of the mystic arts.
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master, can these things be real? did you not see them with your own eyes? is it not possible that the lama put them into our minds... grasshopper, would you please gather some of the fruit?
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i have known of such things. never as you will soon know them.
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to be effective... must act with forthrightness and great force. but what is to be gained from such a course... ...if the end one is embarked upon is a righteous action? it flows the way of the tao. forces are in motion to which we cannot add... ...from which we cannot subtract.
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do i know you? i am kwai chang caine. you knew i would come? what is it you wish? for a dead man to find rest. did you ever know your grandfather, mr. caine? i met him only once.
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yes. oh, no, i don't think so. he was a laborer. a stonemason. hammer and chisel and stone. his eyes were bloodshot from stone chips. his hands were calloused, dirty. you offered him a great deal. mr. caine, you are an abomination. do you think i want your understanding? your compassion?
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in china, it is said: "a son may not live under the same sky as the murderer of his father." then die. no. are you going to kill me? johnny? i do not hold johnny responsible for my grandfather's death... ...though i believe he pulled the trigger. whom do you hold responsible? you. and what will you do about it? nothing.
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i do not know. you know why i hate the sight of you, mr. caine? no. you might have been my grandson. mr. caine
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sara? he was here. -i know, i just saw him leaving. -can you imagine? here, in this house. his clothes were no better than rags. and his feet bare. i almost did, but i didn't want anything to happen... well, how much does he know? he knows. what does he plan to do? did he say?
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i know it. sara, i don't wanna do anything that i'm-- i don't wanna do anything unnecessary, that's all. oh, i wouldn't want you to. i turned around and he was gone. like that. maybe he'll just leave. ...maybe he doesn't have a plan. he said something about not being able to live... ...under the same sky as his grandfather's murderer. what does that suggest?
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i'm trying not to do that. i won't do it. you'll do what's right, johnny. i trust your judgment... ...completely.
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i've gotta kill you, caine. question of honor. where does honor lie? r.
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yup. and long overdue. what was solved? pain, hurt, dishonor. -yours? -no, my grandmother's. it became my duty to avenge that dishonor. -why? -because we're a family. what affects one affects us all. now... yours. henry raphael caine... ...was part of two families... ...mine and yours. -never. -yes, it is true. he is grandfather to both of us.
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...a young man and a young woman, met. she bore him a child out of wedlock. that child was your mother. my grandfather? kwai chang caine?
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we will bury our dead first. johnny.
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my grandfather.... i killed my grandfather. you did not know. he was my blood. like you.
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i saw him into this world. i never thought i'd see him out. i did what you asked. i listed the death as a natural cause.
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cover it. we have offered our lives. our brother has given his. the priest must die. our brother's spirit wanders unfulfilled in the land of the dead and cries for vengeance.


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