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tv   WRAL Morning News  NBC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now what? raiders. goin' through. you're gonna lose the horses, there's no sense in losin' the men, too. i'll make the decisions, mr. bodie. i'd be willin' to risk my life if i thought there was a chance, but i'm not throwin' it away on a bonehead play w wh you. i'm goin' back. you're gonna follow orders. don't you ever point a gun at me again, mister. out of that saddle. form the men up at the rear, lieutenant. if you don't press charges against him, i will. ? well, thank you, thank you. close the door, will you?
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john! oh, well, when did you arrive on the post? just now, i came directly here. oh, it's good to see you. - what's this? - well, it's a litttt surprise for alice's birthday. i've had this music box hidden in supply - for three months. - well, i'm sorry i didn't know it was her birthday. even if i had, what good would it have done me? where could i find a suitable gift in this wililrness? well, a most welcome surprise you could give her would be my transfer. did general miles say anything? sorry, ted. when i left headquarters, general miles was more concerned with getting horsess for 3,000 soldiers than a transfer for one. naturally. i'm here to help you find a way to stop these e ids and get the herds through. well, if he thinks i'm to blame, all the more reason for that transfer. oh, he has only the highest regard for you. the sioux are stirring up all the plains tribes. sitting bull and crazy horse are drunk with power this territory a blood bath since they defeated custer. the like of which you'd never seen.
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that's sure to get through. the best scout in the territory's leading it. well, hello, dear. - john. - hello, alice! how wonderful totoee you again. she's still the army's loveliest lady. and you're still its most gallant officer. alice. ? ted. ? where did it come from? i smsmgled it in. ? oh, doesn't it take you back to civilization? the excitement, the important people. the gowns and jewelry. come in. ? excuse me, sir. -captain tenson is back. -tenson? he's waiting outside the early room, sir. i'll be right there. tenson was in command of that herd of horses. - ted... - i can't talk now. i must speak to you. i'll wait for you outside. goodbye, alice. happy birthday. thank you, john.
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he say anything about the transfer? hasn't come through yet, dear. ? if they force us to stay here much longer, i'll go out of my mind. ted, i want you to send me back to washington. you mean that you want to go without me? well, i don't want to, but... i can't stand this place anymore. alice, alice, be patient just a little longer, until i get miles' horses. then they've got to give me that transfer. all right, ted. a little longer.
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- on what grounds?s? - willful disobedience of orders and cowardice in the face of the enemy. i thought if anybody could gett them through, you could. raiders were waitin' for us at the summit of eagle pass. they knew w actly what route we were takin'. how can they always know which route we take? did anybody elseseave access to your secret orders? just lieutenant poole and the scout. sir, i repeat my demand for a court-martial. ah, don't be too hasty. i've known cheyenne for a long time. he's no coward. i recommend you withdraw your charges.
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you are hereby dishonorably discharged. from this day, you're denied access to all united states military establishments. it's further stated that if you trespass upon the grounds of any united states military post or reservation hencefefth, you're liable to the death penalty. induct the prisoner to the gate. with your permission, colonel, i'll start for general miles' camp immediately. i want to make it by dawn. tell the general if there's a way to get horses through, i'll find it. go and rub your yellow bellyly against someone else. hold it, grannick, hold it, i said, hold it. you here to sell horses? yeah, colonel, we're here to sell horses.
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not bad. three hundred and sixty-seven dollars. you gave me a better price last time. three hundred and sixty-seven dollars, take it or leave it. you know, it's just not in me to leave money, colonel. captain hudson, 367 dollars. oh, my spread's not very big, colonenel. i'll buy all you can get me. there's nothin' likike united states currency to inspire a man, colonel. we'll be back. mr. bodie? evenin', ma'am. i want you to know how sorry my husband and i are
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you've been treated so shabbily i can't understandnd why you don't leave here. well, i figure on leavin', but i can't without a horse and supplies. tried to get work, but folks around here shy away from me like i had the plague. i think they're just plain rotten mean. i'm gonna speak to my husband and see if something can't be arranged for you. thanks, ma'am,, but be best if you don't. the colonel'd help me, he'd only be borrowin' trouble. -but he'd want to help you. -i know. he was the only one at the trial that had a kind word for me. i'd be doing him a service by not letting his wife be seen talking to me. is this man giving you trouble, mrs. wilson? of course not, lieutenant. good night, ma'am. i'm awfully sorry, mrs. wilson. i didn't mean to intrude. that's quite all right, lieutenant.
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cheyenne. - howdy, major. - nobody saw you? i don't think so. -evening, sir. -lieutenant. cheyenne. bein' hated sure is a lonely business. counter-intelligence is always lonely, and it can cost you your life. have you picked up anything here in town? nothin' but insults and dirty looks. i was certain the raiders would try to recruit a man like you, especially if they felt he hated the army. i reckon i got myself court-martialed for nothin'.
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at least they've had some success, they've captured a raider. maybe this is our chance. what do you mean? i don't have time to telelyou now, sir. lieutenant, i might need your help later. i'll be around. is that dirt on your blouse, tensns, take charge of the troops, sergeaea. ? sentry! arrest him.
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you know, the death sentence could go with this. take him to the guardhouse.
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well, put you in with ol' yellow belly. ? i've been in some rotten jails, but this is the worst yet. men don't even rate a full blanket. shut up. there's no one, but you? here, take my blanket.
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what's goin' on, bucko? nothin'. look, you got any plans, count me in. i ain't gogono plans. it's mighty peculiar half that blanket is missin'. lookoktwo of us will have twice the chance of one. i know somebody that's gonna tie something on the end of this. keep an eye on that guard. ? well, good evening, mrs. wilson. good evening, lieutenant. music's lovely. isn't it? the colonel gave it to me for my birthday. oh?
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at makes you say that? well, it makes me homesick every time i play it. i can understand that. i used to go for rides through the country around the potomac. but here, the army keeps everyone too busy and ted doesn't want me to ride alone. well, now, ma'am, i refuse to permit the army oon. to be accused of a lack of gallantry. i'd be honored if you'd ride with me. i...i'd be delighted, lieutenant. then, till tomorrow at two? ? good evening, mrs. wilson. ? he's a very charming fellow. ? why, ted, you're jealous. only of his youth. well, when you were his age, you were the most decorated soldier in the union army. they seem to have forgotten that at the war office.e.
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guard? - guard! - yeah? the water pitcher's empty. it was full an hououago. we drank a lot. my relief will be here in a minute, he'll get it for you. two dollars for a pitcher of water.
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put the pitcher on the floor. ? hand me e e silver and go on back to your bunk. ? all right, open the door. ? get in here. ? hey, what about me? you're on your own now, bucko. after what i did to that guard, they're gonna hang me sure. let me ride with you. this horse can't carry double as far as i wanna go. look, you don't have to go far. i got a friend close in. he'll take care of it. you can't t ave me here.
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inside. ? just a minute. you'd better c ce out here, mccool. - good evening. - so you're the friend. tie your horse over there. what did you tell him? nothin'. you're a friend, that's all he knows. i told you never to come here. e for help? it was bring him here or have my neck stretched there. what would you have done? what are your planan cheyenne? bunk here tonight and move on in the mornin'. well, you can have a job. thanks anyway, but this territory isn't exactly healthy for me. the army's too busy to look for you. but if they do, we have places we can hide you.
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no you won't. you know too much. you're either in or you're finished. looks like i'm in. those horses represent five raids. great hideout, isn't it? yeah, tidy little business you got goin' here. all right, grannick, stir the boys up. sell to the army, collect, steal from the army, sell, then collect again. you left out the most important collection of all: crazy horse. he pays more than anybody else... in gold. we're gettin' ready to drive 'em over the mountain and make delivery right now.
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money in a sock. hurry up and saddle up. when i say move, i mean move. grannick handles that kind real well. they're no goods, freebooters, deserters. there ain't nothin' they won't tackle. what's to keep 'em from breakin' loose, goin' it alone? there's no corner on this raidin' business. maybe not, but there is knowing where toto raid. gotta hand it to you, mccool, you sure seem to know. susu. he's the only one that knows where the information comes from. us, we just take orders. i'm kind of fond of that arrangement. suppose somethin' happens to you? what happens to us? if something happens to me, i'm not interested in what happens to you.
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so that's what happened to cheyenne. we shouldn't deal with mccool... not if he hires a man like bodie. we'll buy horses from anyone who brings 'em in to us. yes, sir. much obliged, colonel, for dropping the charges against me. i didn't approve of the way they tricked you onto the post, on't approve of your r fighting with my men. stay away from 'em. my pleasure, c colonel. only eight? got more coming in o o the range saturday. six hundred and thirty-five dollars. the army''made a deal, colonel. captain hudson's off duty right now. come back later for your money.
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morning, gentlemen. morning, mccool. i'll be back when the air clears up in here. wewe, how do you like that? and me with a full house. whiskey, and one for the captain over there. it's army money, captain. in fact, i'm to see you later and collect some more.
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what do you know? full house. yeah, that's what the man said. s? you got the makin's? help yourself. thanks. breathe that air. good morning, cheyenne. good morning, mr. mccool. momoing, ma'am. thanks. i know young officers, if they want to get ahead, have to dance attendance on the colonel's lady, but i didn't know they had to enjoy it so much. i figure hudson's had his fill. i'm gonna roust him out of there and collect our money.
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have to get back and get the boys ready for the next one. what's the use of gettin' ready when we don't know where to raid? i know where to raid. on the way in, you said you didn't. i do now. ? and the raiders are led by a rancher named mccool. sells a few horses to the army as a blind. - lieutenant. - cheyenne. hello, lieutenant. - major. - go on, cheyenne. well, he captures horses who are kept in a canyon
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on who's supplying the raiders with informamation? when i rode into town today with mccool, he didn't know where the next raid would take place. by the time i left him, he did. -how? -i don't know. he wasn't out of my sight or hearing for a moment, yet somehow the information was passed to him right under my nose. who did he see? who did he speak to? well, colonel wilson, captain hudson, bartender at the last chance saloon, and captain tenson. nobody else? lieutenant poole and mrs. wilson. give us a clue? if he were removed, could you get yourself into a position of authority? maybe. then mccool must be removed. the best time to do it, then, is on a raid. i'm leading the detail on the next drive, sir. your job is to kill mccool. how will i recognize him? raiders blacken their faces. well, he rides a pinto. you can't miss him.
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prepare for attack! ? that's a fair-size herd. ? it looks like those blue boys wanna fight. ? let's go get 'em, boys! ?
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good work, you sure got rid of him. never mind that, round up those horses. ? get those horses. round up those horses!
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anybody talk to you? not yet. me either. looks like this idea of yours ain't workin'. give it a chance. i've been up and down that street so many times i've got a groove wore in it. if you were in his place, you'd be mighty careful about comin' out from undercover. . have you noticed all the horse traders in town? in sight. yeah. planning a big drive. well, if mccool's friend don't show himself soon, we're gonna lose that herd. let's gogo
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let's take a few more turns around the saloon, 'cause you never can tell. not me. i'm heading back to camp. i'm plumb wore out.
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cheyenne. yeah, i know. suppose that notote was a trap, suppose... you're an easy man to keep happy, grannick. all you need is somethin' to worry about. ? well, what do you know? ? how are you, cheyenne? fine, colonel. how are you? no doubt you're surprised to see me. that's a mild way to put it. wellll, you shouldn't be. the army's treated me no better than it's treated you. oh? i heard the army's about ready to make one of its biggest drives, colonel. now you just tell us the time and the place. i can't, not yet. general miles himself is laying out the route to be followed. major sharpe is s aling with the instructions.
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in front of the whole garrison? we had a way to do it. do you, umumdo you know where mccool kept his map? yes, in the office somewheres. get it. you know, i, uh, i'm not doing this by choice. the army forced me into it. i figure you know what you're doin'. i...i wanted a transfer, they wouldn't give it to me. sure, when they need you, they'll give you a lot of things, at handing out medals when you're winnin' battles for them. but after it's all over, what do they do? they throwowou over for younger men. have you ever been in love? yes, i've been n love. well, i'm gonna lose alice. they...they had no right to bury her out here in this wilderneses i couldn't take her away without money. i needed it, lots of it. don't you understand?
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here's the map, colonel. good. now yoyoll, uh, you'll notice along the top, all of the longitudinal lines are numbered, the latitudinal lines the same. now, do you remember the last price i quoted mccool for the horses? six hundred and thirty-five dollars. now didn't that sound like an odd figure, 635 dollars? never gave it any special thought. well, let's forget about the 600 for a moment. concentrate on the last two digits, three and the five. rdinate, three. the second digit, the latitudinal coordinate, five. and they cross right about here. sawtooth canyon. exactly. the location of our last raid. so that's it. i've gotta hand it to you, colonel, that's a foolproof setup. then we understand each other. you come in tomorrow with some horses to sell, i'll quote you a figure. - good night, gentlemen. - good night, colonel.
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men we've made contact. right, colonel. ? phil.
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such a lovely night, isn't it? yes, it is. won't you come in? ted should be back soon. ththk you, but i have to meet someone. phil, i wonder if you realize how much our friendship has meant to me. riding with you each afternoon, being able to talk to someone who understands me so well. our friendndip has meant a great deal to me, too. has it? yes. must you go? one of the women in town? well, i... just a token o omy friendship, phil.
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i was expecting lieutenant poole. i just arrived from general miles' camp. poole left a note for me to meet you here. i know our man. who? wilson. ? colonel wilson?
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cheyenne. if you like surprises, lieutenant, - we've got one for you. - what's that, sir? colonel wilson's workin' with the raiders. wilson? it's hard to believe. you say you're supposed to bring horses in tomorrow? good, bring 'em in. have that map with you. when wilson quotes the purchase price, that's the time to arrest him. we'll have him cold. well, i'm gonna have to get back to the ranch before i'm missed... there'll be questions. we leave at intervals of two minutes.
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rrrr ? - morning, grannick. - hello, cheyenne. better get those horses ready. the colonel will be expecting us. sure. ? almost hadade, didn't you, cheyenne? well, i don't know what you're talkin' about. no use tryin' to lie out of it. you dirty double crosser... don't waste a mat on him, grannick. just kill him so we can get on with our business. you mean others know about me? that's right. only two others. lieutenant poole, major sharpe. both dead. grannick took care of them for me. now that you're about to join them, there's nobody that can interfere with my plans. with you out of the picture, i'm gonna have to lead this last raid myself. i'm going out the canyon, grannick. as soon as you dispose of the bodies, join me.
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really very sorry, cheyenne, that it had to end this way. your friends are waiting for you, cheyenne. get goin'. open it. ? halt! ? this time it'll stick, bodie. - arrest him, corporal. - suit yourself, tenson, but take me to see captain hudson firir.
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it's a matter of f fe. captain hudson is leading the horse drive to general miles. captain hudson is riding into an ambush. colonel wilson is working with the raiders. you're a liar. lock him up, corporal. i got proof. you can show it to the colonel when he gets back. when the colonel gets back, it'll be too late. while you feed a grudge, captain hudson's riding to his death. what's this? it's a way of passing on information. you get me the post receipt book for the purchase of horses and i'll show you how wilson ties in. ? bill. bill, someone started a vicious rumor r out ted. i'm sorry, alice. well, do something about it. arrest whoever's responsible. it's not a rumor, it's true. do you realize what you're saying? we have proof.
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you'll have your wish, alice. you'll go back east. but not in the fashion you wanted. prepare mount! how could he do this to me? he did it for you. mount! ? as soon as the men round up the rest of the horses, we'll get g gng. right. ? i'm sorry we weren't in time. they shot us to pieces and got the horses, all of them. let's go get 'em back. i know where they keep 'em. ? what are we wawaing for?
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? better see what's up ahead. stand by and k kp the men mounted, captain. ? it's wilson, all right. better have the men move up into position. ? have the men dismount and deploy them along that ridge. ? now we're just about set.
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elm. ? - yeah? - leles get started. start hidin', boys. ? fire! ? save your ammunition, boys, and tata cover! cease fire! we've got them trapped.
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we can smoke 'em out. go ahead, cheyenne. ? they'll be comin' out soon. ? i want wilson alive.
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we're gonna have to make a run for it. ? all right, boys, let's make a fight of it!
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i don't know how grannick missed, but i was hoping i wouldn't have to do this, cheyenne. ? but it's all over now. ? that's right, colonel. it's all over now.
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sarah buchanan, lots have been drawn, and according to the law, you've been chosen. abraham? you will do the angel's vengeance. i give you the weapon. hasn't there beeeen enough killing? we did not start this. it is written that we should love our enemies. your father gave us the law, but he told us to use it well. which i am doing. you speak of my father.


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