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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 4, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EST

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right now on fox 50, things get downright dirty during the republican presidential debate in detroit. the candidates spar over the issues from health care and they get pretty personal talking about the size of hands. >> unc system president margaret spellings gets ready to speak to the full board of governors for the first time in her new role. >> the man killed in an officer- involved shooting will be laid to rest today as police release a preliminary report on what led to his death. >> the phones are ringing off the wall. well, if they were on the wall. they're ringing off the desk. all you have to do is call the number on your screen and talk
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they can answer just about any question you have. good morning. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. it is like grand central station down there. >> ready for some sunshine this afternoon j probably after lunchtime, we'll see a little bit of sunshine. -- probably after lunchtime, we'll see a little bit of sunshine. still the flow out of the northwest keeping temperatures chilly and a little bump up over the weekend and after, a huge warm-up. we saw rain last night and it has moved out now that we are into the 7:00 hour when the roads start to get busier. what is out there now is very light, very patchy. mainly just some drizzle or some mist. starting to notice some of the roads drying out.
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but not a lot of water standing. it is 36 in durham and cary. it is 32 in south hill and roxboro. you want to watch out for bridges. there could be some slick spots. school are delayed until 10:00 a.m. as well. of course el in the mid-30s to near 40. expect mid-30s heading out the door. a high of just other this afternoon. it is about 10 degrees colder than normal but warmer air is coming. brian is here taking a look at the roads. any issues? >> looking pretty food on six fork road in north raleigh. about 13 minutes to make the ride on 540 westbound. no delay there. major routes are looking pretty good. we do have a few accidents
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ignore this accident over in the knightdale area. look lick that has cleared up. we do have a crash on capital boulevard at huntley. another at hammond road. on cheek road at hereford road, we do have a crash there. we hope to have an update on that a little later on on fox 50. let's look at drive times. six minutes 55 westbound from i- 40 to 147. and the southbound durham freeway coming in from i-85 towards roxboro, district attorney lay-free at four minutes. mecklenburg county, virginia schools are not delay- free. the weather is delaying the start of school up there this morning.
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mecklenburg county, virginia. you can find any delays or closings at we have some freezing temperatures up near the virginia line this morning. it was red-hot at the gop presidential debate last night. only four candidates on the statement but they were constantly talking over one another. >> donald trump was on the receiving end of many attacks. as tracie potts reports, he fought back. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> reporter: beyond the bickering. >> donald, learn not to interrupt. >> reporter: the name calling. >> i've given my answer. >> reporter: the insults and accusations. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen, you've got to do better than this. >> i don't think the people of america are interested in a bunch of bickering school children. >> reporter: there was substance in the fox newschannel debate. >> why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008? >> actually, it was for business.
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>> reporter: the moderators challenged trump op his new health plan. >> this will save more than $300 bill wrong a year. >> numbers don't ad up. >> reporter: frump explains why he changed positions. >> i'm softening the position because we have to have talented people in this country. >> reporter: trump is refusing to release a new york time tape that reportedly shows him backing off building the wall with mexico but he admits. >> you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation. >> reporter: marco rubio and john kasich agreed we now need troops in libya to go after isis. >> we have to be there on the ground. >> i did think it would be more evil. i did think it would be more vicious. >> reporter: the republicans have four contest this is weekend, kansas, kentucky,
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hundreds of people blocked traffic at the fox theatre chanting flint lives matter and dump trump. the trod demanded that attention be paid to the flint water crisis. -- the crowd. criticism of donald trump from leading republican figures is growing more intense. the party's last two nominees for president, mitt romney and john mccain, called trump unfit for office and a danger for the nation and the party. romney called trump a phony who is maying the american public for suckers. >> wait, wait, wait. isn't he a huge business success in doesn't he know what he is talking about? no, he isn't and no, he
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his bankruptcys have crushed small businesses. whatever happened to trump airlines and tarek mehanna p magazine and trump mortgage and trump vodka. -- and trump magazine. >> house speaker paul ryan says conservatism is being disfigured. >> trump returns to north carolina next week. he plans to aappear in fayetteville at the crown coliseum march 9th. last december, he spoke in raleigh. on to other news now, the board of governors might for the first time this morning at fayetteville state. we understand there are prepared for possible protest this is morning. >> reporter: it has become an increasingly common event at unc board of governors meetings. protesters and demonstrators
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which in some cases has led to hair arrest. margaret spellings has already toured the campus and met with the chancellor and his board of trustees. she has met with students in the classroom and talked with them about the cost of higher education and what they hopes to do it make it affordable. >> i think the board needs to be very involved in the strategic policy issues that are before us that are so critical but we need to honor the role that the chancellors play as sophisticated managers of sophisticated enterprises. >> there have been several walkouts and protests opposing spellings' hiring. the concerns they express range from how spellings was selected, her record as former u.s. education secretary and previous statements on gays and lesbians. the board of governors meeting
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you can watch it live on >> thank you, mikaya. life can be complicated. so if could you get free legal information, why wouldn't you? >> today is your opportunity. 5 on your side's monica laliberte who is always looking for a good deal, is with dozens of attorneys who are ready to answer your legal questions. >> reporter: what better deal can you get that be free legal help, right? that is what we are giving today with our attorneys on call event. we do this every year and all day today we are doing this. wral is here to help with free legal information. we'll have almost 200 attorneys here throughout the day. here is the number you need to call to talk with them. this is a giant effort with the north carolina bar association and their statewide day of service.
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volunteering their time. they have expertise in many different areas of law. anything from traffic law offenses, employment law issues. no matter your question, give them a call s are we will have that number on the bottom of your screen about every 15 minutes or so. can you find it on my wral monica facebook page. can you find it on we will be taking your calls until 7:00 tonight. so obviously very busy right now. everyone is on the phone. just keep trying if you don't get through because you have 12 hours. at some point, you will get through. isn't this awesome? everybody is just already going. it is early but we're energized out here. >> it will be a marathon day for all of us. what an important service they are provoiding. >> thank you so much. we could see women in combat military roles before the end of the year. jot numbers of women expected to volunteer. >> plus, state education
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teach are pay.
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to e ducate. the u.s. military is beginning to recruit women for combat jobs. the marine corps estimates 200 women a year will move into ground combat jobs. u.s. special operations command says it anticipates a small number of volunteers for its commando jobs. the navy is already collecting sub migs for women who want to become seals and could see
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by september. national guard members as well as reservists, now able to live at ft. bragg. previously, only activated service members could live on post. people interested should contact the leasing center soon because of limited available on post housing. children of the national guard and reservist members can also attend schools on post. the state board of education wants north carolina's teachers to be the highest paid in the southeast. they say currently our state's teachers rank 11th out of 12 in pay in the region. that is despite raises in pay in each of the past two years. state education heeders are working to determine just how much more money to request from lawmakers actually first year teach ware bachelor's degree earns $35,000 while 20-year veterans get $46,500 a year. on your mark, get set, hack. a trance atlantic battle of the plains gets under way this weekend. we'll tell you who is
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after lunch but it will abby slow propose tess to get this. we started with a little bit of patchy light rain and some sprinkles. that is moving out as well. making it more pleasant as you are heading out the door. we start the radar loop at about 3:15. we still have h. a few patchy showers. i was thinking yesterday we may still have some rain into the 7:00 hour. we don't have much it was left. maybe a patchy shower here or there, a little bit of drizzle but not much. we'll dry out gradually this morning. of course, just to be safe, since we did have rain last night, the durham bulls pulled the cover over the baseball diamond. it is about a month before they have their home opener. not long so they are still working to get things in gear. today, starting at 11:00, they have the fanfest. it is 11:00 to 2:00 today and tomorrow t will be a little gray but it should be dry. it will be a little chilly but the march so it will be a lot
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they'll let you get out on the field, do a little batting practice, toss the ball around. you can pick out your seats for the upcoming season. it is chilly and damp. our dew point 33. it is still 32 in roxboro and south hills. i want to thank one of our view are who posted to our facebook page in ron oak rapids, just a couple of snowflakes falling. watch out in roxboro. that 32 degrees, there may somebody slick spots on bridges but we haven't heard of any. it is 35 in rocky mount. 62 by next thursday. so pretty chilly here new the weekend but then we jump up off normal for monday and way above normal for tuesday, wednesday,
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next weekend -- and probably well into next weekend. it will be a little bit breezy this afternoon too. skies will clear out after lunchtime. there is 11:00. still pretty cloudy. saturday night, we have another quick little system that will blow by here. saturday at lunchtime, we'll start to see skies clouding up and that little batch of rain zips by especially up closer to the virginia line. just a quick little shot of precipitation on friday night. maybe a little bit brighter tomorrow at 11:00. at 2:00, 53. sunday, 57. our morning lows will be in the 30s not next couple of mornings. then our temperatures really jump as we head into the middle of next week. our normal high thursday is 62. the record, 81. we are not going to hit the record but we won't be too far from it.
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this time of year. the coldest high temperature is 38 set back in 1960. the record high, 81. that is a wide range as you can see this time of year. you can see that on the seven- day forecast. not that big a range but still, 50 to 77 is a big difference i don't that is. but you like it. >> it is nice to have a little variety. i would love it if we got one more snow but i don't know that we will at this point. >> maybe not. we have some dry weather out there right now after that rain as you showed us on the radar, elizabeth. it has cleared out nicely and the roads also dried out pretty nicely from last night's rain. we'll take a look at the live commute map and major routes are looking pretty good as usual. fridays are pretty quiet. 40 westbound looks good through garner. no delays from 42 up through the beltline split. through the fortify work don't, it looks good.
7:22 am
from wade to 540. also looks good in durham and the freeway southbound towards rtp. a couple of minor accidents well in the cheering stages. one on capital at huntley and another in south raleigh at hammond road. over on the eastern side of durham county, we have a report of an accident on cheek road at hereford road. we'll let you know what we find out about that crash as our news continues on fox 50. getting busier on u.s. 1 northbound through cary but not a bad ride through the cary parkway interchange up to walnut street. overall travel time from 55 to i-40 taking only about six minutes. the february jobs report is due out this morning. and economists are forecasting another solid month of hiring. unemployment is expected to remain a low 4.9%. analysts say hiring in construction, retail and health care is oversetting layoffs in manufacturing and the oil
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costco is raising its entry level wage to $13 an hour starting this movement that is up by at least $1 an hour from previous starting wages. the company's cfo says it was an important thing to do given the physical demands of entry level work such as lifting cases an pushing carts. >> the new costco opens in cary march 16th. there is a huge movie chain merger in the works. amc is buying a rival chain for $1.1 million including debt that. merger would create the larges theater chain in north america and the world. amc is owned by a chinese con grom rat. teams of students from mit and britain's university of cambridge will spend the welcome hacking one another's computers. president obama and british prime minister david cameron announced the hacking contest last year. it is being held at mit starting today. wins will receive prizes topping $20,000.
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interest in cybersecurity, that particular line of work which experts say has a shortage of
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the old cotton i'm renee chou with your top stories. charlotte's new ordinance involving transgender people and bathrooms could become the subject of a special legislative session. house and senate leaders say they are willing to hold a special session if attorney general roy cooper does not act before the rule takes effect on april 1st. wral is here to help with attorneys on call. here is the number. 919-744-3861. you can talk with a lawyer for
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they will in our studios until 7:00 tonightment. it is gray out there. it is chilly and a little bit damp too. we start off with our skycam in raleigh. can you see it looks rather gray out there. it is still damp. it is 32 in roxboro and south hill. near the virginia line, you want to watch out for bridges with that temperature near freezing. no worries anywhere else. just kind of nasty feeling. 36 in raleigh. 37 in goldsboro. we'll see a high of 50 this affect. some sunshine after will you please. time. we'll see partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday with highs in the mid-50s. a little quick shot of rain on saturday night. >> looks good in downtown durham. as we take a look at the latest drive times between downtown and rtp on the durham freeway, no delays whatsoever. i-40 northbound to mangum street, looks fine between downtown and rtp. around the rest of the triangle, nice and quiet.
7:28 am
wave been following for the past 30 minutes or so now have cleared up. 40 westbound around the clayton bypass, just nine minutes through garner. we are learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in raleigh. next on fox 50, what police are telling us about the moments leading up to a raleigh man's death. centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more -- all in crystal-clear hd. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get tv plus up to 20 megs of centurylink internet all for only $70 a month.
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>> denkins the 24-year-old raleigh man shot by a raleigh police officer on monday. tara lynn is live in raleigh. this comes the day after we learned a lot more about the investigation. >> reporter: that's right. authorities released two preliminary reports that on the day of akiel denkins' funeral hopefully this may help with that healing process. community members have gathered each day since the deadly shooting of 24-year-old akiel denkins in downtown raleigh. they have asked for a transparent investigation and demanded answers. now, they have some. the raleigh police department released awe preliminary report doe tailing what led to the shooting. they say denkins ran from the officer who eventually caught up. police say there was a struggle and that denkins started to pull a handgun from his waistband. the report says that is when the officer drew his weapon and fired multiple shots as den cons continued to move his gun
7:31 am
-- as denkins continued to move his gun in the officer's direction. >> reporter: there was a preliminary autopsy report released showing that denkins was four times. >> there is nothing about what the state medical examiner has found that matches with an idea that mr. denkins was shot seven times in the back. that is not their finding. >> reporter: what the da is referring to there is witness statements immediately after the shooting. some people have expressed some skepticism. these investigates are still ongoing. these were just preliminary reports. the funeral will be at 1:00 this afternoon at bible way temple on home street here in downtown raleigh j thank you. we are still working to find out the identity of a suspect injured when a police chase ended in johnston county. investigators were on the scene
7:32 am
along church road just off u.s. 70. sky 5 was over the scene where the suspect's vehicle crashed. he was rushed to wake med with life-threatening injuries. the police pursuit started in wilson county. >> a rundown cotton mill some rocky mount is once again brewing with activity. this is rocky mount mills, one of the oldest cotton mills in the state t shut down in 1996 and sat dormant for years. in 2006, capital broadcasting company bought the mill with plans to revitalize it. developers are making the mill a craft beer incubator and calling it rocky mount brew mill. >> i think we've kind of hit the place where it is a blank canvas. the opportunities are abounding. you think that young people are coming back and seeing an opportunity where they can come be somebody and do something and make a mark. >> developers plan to put
7:33 am
and offices in the old mill as well. >> north carolina is top in craft breweries in the south scwoovment tass like the thing now. >> it is really catching on. >> what a draw it will be in rocky mount. >> i'm sure they will be thrilled to have that. those old mills are so pretty when they are renovated. weather is not so pretty though. take a look at our satellite and radar picture to begin with. we start now at about 7:30. you can see we've had a little bit of rain there along the coast. look how nicely the roads are starting to dry out. we had rain last night. when i came in, it was really just drizzle and some mist and already down salem street it is drying out there. so it is still chilly. that is the only problem. 36 in apex. roxboro checking in at 32 still. and mecklenburg county virginia also at 32. in our north carolina counties, not seeing any problems this morning on the roads.
7:34 am
malymid-30s. there may be aling drizzle and damp out there. we'll see increasing sunshine this afternoon with a high of 50. today will be the coldest day of the next seven. we have a big warm-up in the forecast which we'll talk about in a few minutes. brian checking the roads. you have any issues to talk about? >> no accidents to report. overall, a pretty quiet morning as typically they are on fridays. we'll take a look at the live commute map. so far, so good. 540 westbound looks good on the north side of raleigh. we'll look at those live drive times in just a moment as you come in from wake forest. we are delay-fidel castro on 64. 64 business also looks fine between knightdale and the beltline. the beltline itself is all clear 44 westbound from i-40
7:35 am
only 12 or 13 minutes. as you leave south durham heading into the park this morning, 40 eastbound from 54 for the durham freeway, about a six-manhunt trip. the durham freeway still look good in both directs. couple of earlier accident have cleared up in raleigh and everything is moving along very well on capital and on hammond road where we saw the earlier meunchor accidents. we look at the fortify work zone this morning 440 out on u.s. 1-rbg the trip is taking about 11 minutesment we are see a little bit of a delay starting to build in some of those yards. -- on u.s. 1. no trouble on capital boulevard inbound i'm the slow perhaps on 401 inbound from roseville to i-40 about a 14-minute trip according to sensors. back to you.
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consulting an attorney can be expensive. and now is your chance to talk with one for free. >> 5 on your side is partnering with the north carolina bar association for attorneys on call. monica laliberte is up early this morning with them in her beautiful green jacket. oh, thank you so much. everybody got up very early because we wanted to do this. here is our goal today to get one of the ears to fall off for all of these people today. that is because we want you to just keep calling in. you know what this is all about. this is our attorneys on call day. so all day today, we are here to help. we are will have almost 200 volunteers answering your calls today and we will be here until here is the number. 919-744-3861. lots of folks are on the phone. the phone keep ringing. if it is busy, just keep trying.
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about every different area of law. maybe you have troubled with bill collectors are you're debating bankruptcy. perhaps you are in the middle of a family issue that you would really like to talk with an attorney about. whatever your question, of one of these attorneys should be automobile to answer it. they will be here until 7:00 tonight. back to you. >> just amazes me how many people call in for this every year. >> i'm telling you what. from the moment -- every year we do this and every time, as soon as we start the phones ring off the look and they don't stop at all throughout the day and i'm with you. it always amazes me. >> if you have a legal question, this call will save you money. keep trying. >> without a doubt. >> thank you. i can barely hear monica they are talking so much. >> such awe buzz. a popular search engine is joining the global fight against a dangerous disease.
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doing to help stop the zika virus. >> new gadgets from amazon. we'll tell you what they do and
7:39 am
7:40 am
rival electronic devices. so the first case of the zika virus in wake county has now been reported. county health officials a the case involved a woman not of child child bearing age but someone who tested positive for the months keates owe-borne zika virus. she traveled in and t of
7:41 am
which would include most of south america, central america, mexico and the caribbean islands. there are five travel related zika cases in the state right now. google it is donating money and workers to help fight the spread of the zika virus. google has a half dozen of its engineers working to crack the zika virus and the mosquito that spreads. it the volunteer google engineers are working on a system that can predict where the mosquito is headed using cell phone tracking data, weather patterns and other maps. google is also donating $1 million to unicef. amazon is amplifying alexa with a new line of voice control devices. there is the amazon tap and echo dot. hockey puck. it plug into his other sound than echo. now, the amazon tap is a slimmed down grab and go version of the echo.
7:42 am
plugged in but you have to touch a button to summon alexa. alexa is competing with siri, cortana and going to create -- and google for smart homes. the movie is being called
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7:45 am
tribute to a brother, he took up preaching >> that is red roxboro, i think. i was looking at the buildings and trying to figure it out. >> it is snowless. how can you recognize it? >> yesterday, that was one of most beautiful sunrises i've ever seen. >> wasn't it just gorgeous. >> in roxboro. >> they had the prettiest one of all of our cameras. >> pretty bland today >> everybody is gray right now. we did have a viewer send us some video from up around roanoke rapids where there were a few snow flurries. it probably happened around roxboro as well. you can see a little blue showing up on the radar in mecklenburg county, virginia.
7:46 am
they doe laid school until 10:00 a.m. their temperature dropped to 32. if you are heading up there, you live there, you want to watch out for slick spots on bridges. we did have the temperature in roxboro drop down to 32 this morning. it has been a miserably cold an damp morning. that will continue. kind of a neat shot here. you can see the different layers in the atmosphere. we have high clouds and then minister mid levels, not much going on. we have this deck of low clouds right here is our tower from mix 101.5. kind of an interesting view of our oreo cookie layers in the atmosphere right now. our wind north at eight miles per hour. it will be a pretty chilly day overall. our dew point is 33. it is cool being damp. we had drizzle and light rain earlier. most of that has ended now. it is still 32 in roxboro and
7:47 am
you need to watch for slick spots there. 37 in southern pines and goldsboro. we'll talk about our not record breaking temperatures but it will be awfully warm. now, not yet. from now through the weekend, our temperatures remain in the 50s. but 60 is about normal. by monday, we jump up above 60. we get close to the record by the middle of next week. 77 on thursday. the record scurs is 85. as warm as it will be, we still probably won't quite get to that record. we have our low pressure system pulling offshore. we'll have the wind coming out of the northwest. it will take a while to scour out the cloud cover. let's talk about the warm-up in our temperature. we had a little trough that rolls through saturday. it will bring us the quick shot of rain an once that moves out, we start to see the lifting away and the warm temperature come n monday, 60s. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, look how warm it gets.
7:48 am
contours by thursday and that nice big ridge is probably going to stick around into the weekend. we take it on out so saturday and sunday. we'll probably have a mice mild weekend next weekend. this weekend, not as mild. looking at mid-50s. we'll see some sunshine saturday and sundayment but we start off in the mornings with temperatures in the 30s. we start to climb. it will albright cool start monday morning with a nice warm afternoon. and then highs enter the 70s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. again, that record high thursday is in the 80s. our coldest high temperature for that date, 38 set back in 1960. so if you don't like the weather, the going to warm up for us next week. imhe so blood that rain moved out. when we have the heavier rain, it tends to cause a lot of stents. it seems pretty quiet this morning. we've soon only a few meunchor accidents on our hiv commute -- we've seen only a few minor accidents on our live commute map. we have had a couple of crashes
7:49 am
boulevard and another reportedded on millbrook road at atlantic avenue on the north cyd of raleigh. those are both minor accidents. likely have already been moved off the road nooned parking lots not causing any big problems. but just something to keep in mind at those intersections. -- off the road and into parking lots. picking i'm little bit of a did he lay starting around six fork road area and continues through glenwood avenue down towards wade avenue. then it looks like traffic is move along pretty well from there toward the airport and rtp on 40 westbound. also looks good in durham. live drive times to 40 westbound leaving the western garner, delay-free at nine minutes on 40 with is. there is that fast trip out of
7:50 am
and the park. back to you. >> thank you. in this week's local dish, brian an lisa prince have a great way to combine a lot of great north carolina foods into one meal. >> a lot of stuff but it is really good. >> this is from amy smith of ally. she created a sausage and sweet potato hash. >> this is fascinating. >> i can't wait to taste it. sounds good. so let's start with browning up some sausage. >> that is one pound ever hot sausagement we want ours with a little kick. brown the meat over a medium flame. drain the grease and return the sausage to the pan. we add two peeled and diced north carolina sweet potatoes, a diced red onion, two teaspoons of ground coriander, a teaspoon of ground cumin and salt and pepper to taste. cook the potatoes until they are fork tender. we'll cover it with cheese. >> that is extra sharp tied are door cheese.
7:51 am
while the cheese melts, with friday a couple of eggs and put them on top of the hash. >> she says add a little salsa. >> i'll just -- >> sure, absolutely. >> the sweet potato sausage hash is a winner for any meal. >> those flavors work. that is very good. >> you can get a copy of the recipe on we are alittle more than a month away from opening day at the durham bulls athletic park but people are already getting excited about t we kick off their annual fanfest today. event gives fans a chance to buy tickets and take batting practice and meet woolly bull. opening day, the crack of the bat, april 7th.
7:52 am
actress zoe sal dan as getting back lab about her role as nina simone. >> you know would you am? >> my mother used to listen to you. >> nina simone! >> sy mope's daughter and others are upset about the choice to cast saldana. she took the part in 2012. the actress' skip was apparently darkened for the role and she wears a prosthetic nose actually fresh round of criticism erupted after the trailer for nina was unveiled wednesday. saldana posted a nina simone quote on twitter. ill atell you what freedom is to me, no near. i mean really no fear andsy mope's estate responded with cool story but please take nina's name out of your mouth for the rest of your life. the simone estate also tweeted hopefully people begin to understand this is painful, gut wrenching, heart break ring nauseating, soul crushing.
7:53 am
describes her performance as an exceptional and mesmerizing tribute. knee that hits theaters on april 22nd. the estate is urging fans to hold listening parties on the film's release date rather than watching nina. the whole controversy is not her performance or zoe saldana's acting ability. they just feel like this she did not look the part as much as -- an nina simone, a lot of her struggle was with the way she looked. >> it happens many times when you try to relive history with somebody portraying a part of somebody very iconic. today is your chance to talk to a lawyer for free.
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attorneys on call. bill leslie here with your top stories p a funeral service will be held today for akiel denkins, a man shot to death by a raleigh police officer trying to serve a warrant. the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and the wake county da is urging anyone who may have captured video of the incident to come forwardment. wral is here to help with attorneys on call. call 919-744-3861 and talk with an attorney for free. we get the weather for free around here. it is a great personality to go with it in elizabeth gardner. >> thank you, bill. i'm going to have to bring in some don't fouts that.
7:57 am
we should see gradually increasing sunshine this afternoon. likely to stay pretty tbrie through the morning hours. it is chilly out there. not the most pleasant morning inform roxboro, it is still 32 along with south hills. -- pretty gray through the morning hours. it is 37 in goldsboro. 39 in clinton. 37 in southern pines. we'll see a high of 50 this afternoon. mid-50s over wound with partly cloudy skies and a chance of some overnight rain saturday. as we take a look at the live commute map this morning, we have a couple of slowdowns, one on 440 westbound especially between six forks road and glenwood avenue. and then in the fortify work zone from around south saunders street area to the u.s. 1 interchange on 40 westbound. good. in raleigh. boulevard. picking up a delay on northbound raleigh boulevard heading through that intersection. no delays showing you up at
7:58 am
minor accident. >> thank you. unc board of governors meets today. the first time unc system president margaret spellings will speak to the full boar [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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[ no audio ] >> they get really personal. >> the man killed in an officer- involved shooting will be laid to rest today as police release a preliminary report on what led up to his death. >> and wral is here to help with attorneys on call. can you call 919-744-3861 and talk way lawyer for free. i'm bill leslie. >> i'm renee chou. the weather is delaying the start of school in mecklenburg county, virginia this morning. they will be opening at 10:00. at gop presidential debate last night in detroit, only four candidates orpt stage but they were constantly talking over one another. >> it is hard to hear what anybody was saying at times. donald trump was on the receiving end of many attacks. as tracie potts reports, he fought back. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> reporter: beyond the big perking. >> donald, learn not to


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