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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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home to find her teenage daughter bound with duct tape. the candidates on the trail ahead of another set of crucial primaries. way. elizabeth explains how warm temperatures will climb this it is a gorgeous morning. thank you for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. i saw the daffodils. there are plenty more to come and other flowers with the warm >> some trees are already starting to bud a little bit. >> that's right, probably going to see the bradford pears week or two. it is that time of year, especially with this long stretch of wm weather that we will see this week. let's take a look at the tall tower camera, hardly a cloud in the sky as we look west across wake county, nice warm glow of the sunrise, it does not feel warm however, temperatures are chilly. 38 in durham, 32 cary, 39 wake forest.
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freezing still this morning. take a look at the wider view and a roxboro 32, 33 in south hill, 31 rocky mount and wilson, 39 southern pines, 32 in erwin. definitely a cold start but quick warm-up. by lunchtime 58 anti-of 65 this afternoon. we jump up another 10 degrees for tomorrow as highs climb up into the mid-70s. will talk about what the morning temperatures will feel like coming up in a few minutes. tara is here to look at typical backups especially roma clayton bypass. nothing out of the ordinary at this point. let's start out with the drive coming to johnson county. you'll encounter delays at i-40 w. and nc-42. as we take a look at the clayton bypass, in terms of your drive times, once you make
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sausage road interchange, you will be just fine. 14 minutes. not bad. that typical amount of time that it will take at this point in the morning, 7:02. as we look at the south side of raleigh starting to see traffic slowdown and congestion pickup at lake wheeler road. still not adding a lot of time to the drive. eight minutes from the split on out to u.s.-1 at this point. lets go to durham. no issues downtown. look at the baseball stadium as we prepare for baseball season. for the most part things are all clear in durham, we'll take a look at the drive times making our way through the durham freeway. five minutes along i-40 east from nc-54. if you're traveling at 154 it will take eight minutes to make your trip from i-40 to the durham freeway. otherwise taking a larger look at the triangle, delay free on the south side of raleigh as well as beltline, 440, 540. things clear on the capital
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we'll take a look at those cameras in a minute. overnight fire tore through a townhome complex in mooresville. it started before 11:00 last night off of madre lane in an unoccupied units. five other nearby units had to be evacuated. don't run with her. the red cross is helping displaced residents. no word on a cause. raleigh police are looking for two suspects left a teenage girl tied up in a closet. this happened on glade aster court yesterday. siegelman force themselves into a house through the back door. the teenager's mother did not want to be identified but told that she got a text from her daughter saying she was tied up in a closet and needed help. when the mother arrived home she found her daughter bound with duct tape and on clothes. >> it was horrifying. they took her clothes. in the closet. nobody ever wants to walk in on your child's like that. >> reporter: the suspects have
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investigation is undergoing. the suspects appear to have gone through things inside the house. it's unclear what, if anything, was taken. after a busy weekend this morning presidential candidates are focused on the next primary care tomorrow in michigan. tracie potts is in washington with more with what the numbers are looking like. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the republicans are already very much focused on florida. that primary coming up next week's winner take all. first up, michigan tomorrow where the voters are focused on water and jobs >> iphoto to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> reporter: auto jobs and the flood water crisis big topics in tomorrow's michigan primary. >> people are not paying a water bill for pros and water dashboards and one. >> reporter: most democrats
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our poll shows clinton with a 17 point lead and forehead in the delegate count after last weekend. donald trump is topping polls in michigan, targeting florida, marco rubio's home state. rubio won puerto rico this weekend. but he is trailing back home. >> i haven't given up on florida, yes. >> neither is tell crews who is closing in on delegates and does not want a contested convention. >> we've got to unite. >> reporter: trump thinks republicans will unite behind him. >> i very much unifier. 80 people don't see that but they will see that. >> reporter: the next test, tomorrow in michigan. mississippi, idaho, and hawaii also about tomorrow. from washington, i'm tracie potts, wral news. north carolina's primary is a week from tomorrow and candidates are turning their focus to our state. >> hillary clinton will be
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her husband today. wral's mikaya thurmond is in the newsroom, former president bill clinton has a busy day with three stops including one in raleigh. >> reporter: that's right, he will also visit greensboro and charlotte. he is covering a lot of ground in our state to drum up support and get out the vote for his wife. former president bill clinton's first stop will be in raleigh and 9:15 this morning at market hall on wall street. his speeches are focused on talking points for his wife's campaign, why he believes she is the best candidate for families. he will also encourage north carolinians to participate in early voting for the primary which runs through saturday. hillary clinton will be in north carolina herself this week . her campaign on at least a few details about the visit accept that she will be in the state thursday. after bill clinton's campaign stop in raleigh, he will appear at elon law school, then
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charlotte. >> that is a lot of talking and traveling. thank you very much, mikaya thurmond. republican presidential front runner donald trump will be in north carolina today as well. you'll make a stop in concord in the charlotte area. he plans to appear at crown coliseum in fayetteville wednesday. last december he spoke at dorton arena. the nation prepares to say goodbye to former first lady, nancy reagan. >> reaction from president obama and candidates on the campaign trail. vice president biden is in the middle east.
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they are. welcome back. this is a live picture from our nations capital. the american flag flying at half staff in honor of nancy reagan. the nation continues to mourn her after she died yesterday at the age of 94. she is remembered for her strength, intelligence and as a woman who changed the role of first lady. we have reaction to her death. >> reporter: across the country, nancy reagan was honored and remembered. president obama and mrs. obama said they are proud to learn from her example and said that the first lady redefined her role in the time here. a biographer said as first lady she protected president reagan. >> she wanted to make sure people around her husband were advancing his agenda and not their own. she was outspoken about it, privately, very much so, publicly, too. and, in that way, i think she played an important role in the
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>> reporter: at the debate in flint, michigan, a moment of silence. on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopeful, john kasich, who served in congress during the reagan years, paid tribute to mrs. reagan. >> she was an incredible lady. very strong and a total class act. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio fondly recalled meeting the former first lady. >> i had been invited to speak at the reagan library which was an incredible honor for me. i grew up and i'm a child of the reagan revolution. >> reporter: in southern california, mourners brought flowers to the reagan library. >> it's like the end of an era. it's sad, bitter sweet. >> reporter: mrs. reagan will be buried at the library next to her husband. dan scheneman, nbc news. >> former president jimmy carter has news to share to the world. details of the progress he has
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durham city leaders get ready to decide on a proposal
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force body that's a good song for the ocean. >> and also the temperatures that we tend to see come march. back up to warm, cold, warm. we're going to get one this week. >> that's right.
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not today but we're getting there. over the weekend temps were in the 50s. there was that middle day in the 60s. but the 70s, it's going to be that way the entire week. let's take a look at what's going on right now. still chilly at the moment, temperatures in the 30s. this is the coldest morning of the week. we are going to warm into the 30s tomorrow and 50s for morning lows for the rest of the week. look at that bright sunshine behind the durham county courthouse. it is a pretty morning but cool. still 38. so you know, it is still winter coat weather out there. you're going to shut that later today. dewpoint 34, humidity at 85%. take a look at temperatures across the area. in south hill 32 as well as roanoke rapids and roxboro. temperatures at or below freezing in some spots, rocky mount and tarboro, temperatures in the low 30s. 36 chapel hill, 28 sanford, 39
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fayetteville, still 32 up in smithfield. as we take a look at the satellite and radar picture everything looks fairly clear. we have cloud cover starting to stream in from the west. have some high, thin clouds this afternoon, a little bit of rain starting to moving up into the great lakes and midwest. we have some pressure sitting up into the west. temperatures. our normal highs for the next low 60s. we are going to be close to mid-seventies tuesday, wednesday, and near 80 degrees thursday. huge warm-up in our forecast. we take a look at our average temperatures, you will see trees budding out. a lot of bulbs are blooming. the azaleas are going to start to look like they will bud as well. our average first freeze in most of the viewing area is not until april 1-11. in the northern part of the
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through the 21st. you're better off to wait even though we are looking at warm temperatures, it's probably not going to start that way. these 70s are a good 10 to 15 degrees above normal. we could easily see highs in the 50s and flows above freezing. hold off until after easter and after that, you could feel a little better about going ahead and planting your vegetable garden, or some vegetation. upper 30s this morning. lunchtime 58. 65 at 5:00. tomorrow's high, 74 degrees. we continue with the same pattern, that high moves out into the atlantic and pulls up warm air from the south and west, looks beautiful. 77 wednesday and thursday. we don't to the record, the record is 81 degrees.
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a little bit, we may see a friend that slips further south, also watching the weekend for a low pressure system that may develop and move up from the gulf of mexico. right now we have showers in the forecast saturday and sunday. don't forget saturday night before you head to bed, turn the clocks ahead because we go back to daylight saving time. i have to change the batteries in the smoke alarms as well. that's a sure sign that spring is around the corner when we go back to daylight saving time. tara is here taking a look at the rose. we have a backup at the clayton bypass? >> yeah, still have that backup but other than a pretty quiet morning. starting to see a couple of delays on 540 at this point but still clear through south raleigh and on out to chapel hill and durham at this point. there is an accident in zebulun this morning on business 64 in south wakefield street. just be aware that you will have some delays on 64 and those eastbound lanes right now. as we move along and take a look at the drive coming in from wake county, we haven't seen too many delays all morning long which has been good news. to kick off the week on a monday, taking a look at
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down capital boulevard south from wake forest to make your way onto 540 this morning. as we look at lewisburg and cleveland road for those coming in from rolesville, stop and go traffic at the stoplights there but again it will be 11 minutes. no major delays as people make their way onto 540 at this point. starting to see traffic builds on the south side of raleigh, westbound lanes, traffic moving away from us in the fortify work zone, in terms of your drive times this morning it will take nine minutes from the 440 split on out to us-1. the strong el nino weather pattern brought heavy rain to parts of california, leaving behind a serious flooding like this scene in lindo, which is about 40 miles north of sacramento. the heavy rain is needed in northern california as the area has been in a severe drought for the past several years. rain will keep falling through the morning. a town in massachusetts is saying goodbye to a police
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first day on the job. ashley guindon's funeral will be held today where she lived as a child. she was shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call in woodbridge, virginia late last month. the suspected shooter also killed his wife and two other officers. a building that was robbed after protests last year is back open. the cbs was burned during riots in baltimore over the death of freddie gray. a second cvs pharmacy that was rebuilt after being destroyed during the riots reopened in february. a union pension fund is pledging $25 million in loans to help solve the water crisis in flint, michigan. the city's mayor, karen weaver, made the announcement last night. she says a labor life insurance company will replace low-cost loans for replacing white water pipes. booster $50 million fast start program with the goal of replacing all residential lead
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starting with families most at risk. lead leaked into the drinking water supply after the city switched its water source about two years ago. also knew overnight vice president joe biden and his wife, bill, he arrived in the united arab emirates on their first leg of their middle east tour. this morning, biden visited a grand mosque in abu dhabi. examined a wall in the ornate mosques bearing the 99 names of stepping outside. biden is unoriginal tour that will also include visits to jordan. later in the week they will visit jordan and israel. the u.s. olympic committee will hold a form today to discuss the zika fibers. they informed and infectious advisory group last week to help perform best practices, mitigation and assessment of
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raised concerns surrounding the 2016 summer olympic games in rio de janeiro where the diseases prevalent. organizers say august is brazil's cool season so the infected mosquito population will be smaller. the world health organization declared the zika fibers and international public health emergency last month. former president, jimmy carter, says he no longer needs to be treated for cancer. members of the sunday school class that he teaches in plains, georgia were among the first to hear the good news. a carter spokesperson says he will continue to be scanned and resume treatment if needed. the former president was declared cancer free in decemb aereangn aggressive form of melanoma that spread to his liver and brain. peyton manning stays of decoding defense and recuperating in cold tubs are over. he scheduled a news conference this afternoon to announce his retirement from football today.
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after 18 nfl seasons, five mvp trophies, and two super bowl championships. the announcement comes one month after hoisting the lombardi trophy after winning super bowl 50. the soon-to-be 40-year-old quarterback will forgo $19 million and a 19th season in the nfl. >> i think financially he is going to be okay. samantha question is, what will he do after he retires? >> anything he wants. he's popular. 7:23. a case that has gained attention internationally pierced the marks attorneys for beau bergdahl hoping to meet with president obama. amazon making its tablet secured.
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7:26. i'm renee chou with your top stories. raleigh police are looking for two suspects who tied up a teenage girl inside a closet. the two left the growth tied up in a home on glade aster court. the girl's mother found her tied up and without clothes. president obama -- former president bill clinton will be in raleigh for her -- the candidate herself comes to north carolina thursday. get a check on the weather with elizabeth pierce to make it's nice out there, a little bit chilly. temps mainly in the 30s and below freezing as well. lots of sunshine that will help warm things up, you can see a few-clouds over the garden.tran02. you will see some-cloud cover as we get through the day.
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32 in roxboro and south hill, 31 in rocky mount and wilson. 37 fayetteville and clinton, 34 degrees or when. it is chilly out there and definitely winter cold weather. we see a high of mid-seventies tuesday and wednesday, looks nice and dry, at least through the end of the week. we get into the weekend and maybe talking about a few scattered showers. tara? we are taking a look at i- 440 and new bern avenue. there is a report of an accident blocking the shoulder in the westbound lane. we are seeing traffic pick up in this area so there may be a couple of slowdowns as we head into that area but nothing major at this point. as we take a look at the live commute map, starting to see traffic building on 540 w. and capital boulevard and heavy delays as people make their way across johnson county on i-40 w. at this point nothing extremely measure -- major or out of the ordinary. the durham police force could soon be the latest to
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next on fox50 with city le today, durham city council members are expected to vote on the body camera proposal. >> this is the next step in getting body cameras for the city police officers. wral's mikaya thurmond joins us in the newsroom. what will councilmembers voted on today? >> reporter: today's vote would authorize the city manager to execute a contract with the body camera vendor.
7:30 am
to purchase the cameras and all related software. this comes on the heels of public police shootings were the actions of both officer and suspects were called into question. last month, the vote was postponed after concerns about the original video access policy. durham city leaders wanted the public to have access to the footage recorded by the cameras. since then, councilmembers have made suggestions to the city manager about when the videos should be released. this proposal would allow up to $366,000 for the purchase of the body cameras. bill and renee, the meeting is set to start at 7:00 p.m. >> thank you. also today the durham police department will present the annual crime report to the full city council. it includes information on violent crime, property crime, response times and staffing. the report comes out four times per year but this is the final quarterly report in 2015.
7:31 am
the entire year. today we expect to hear from raleigh leaders about what they expect for the future of the city. mayor nancy mcfarland will deliver a state of the city address during a noontime meeting of the raleigh rotary club. her speech at the convention center is due to start at 12:30. the mayor of fuquay-varina will give his state of the town address tonight, mayor john burns says it has been a great year with lots of positive activity in just about every facet of the town. you'll also spell out how town leadership is planning for growth and the challenges that come with the changes. today wake county commissioners consider a proposal to hold property taxes valuations more often. right now assessors determine your homework done for -- every eight years. under a new proposal that would change to every four years. this will help ease sticker shocks for residents to see tax rates increase significantly
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evaluations. wake county just had the reevaluation this past year. if passed, they will vote on it at the march 21 meeting which will give residents a chance to weigh in. attorneys for army sergeant, beau bergdahl, want to meet with donald trump. they're concerned that his comments about his trial could impact his right to a fair trial. last month he called bergdahl, quote, a no good trader who set up and executed. who is charged with desertion after leaving his post in afghanistan. he said he was trying to bring to light problems with his commander. his attorneys want to determine if trump should be deposed were called as a witness. trump's campaign has not responded. the next hearing for beau bergdahl is next month at fort bragg. the state naacp continues to march to the polls as it has been across the state. the civil rights organization is leading a march today at north carolina central university in durham. the group is concerned the voter id law and shortened early voting period will hurt minority turnout. today's event begins at noon at north carolina central student
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look for a new dmv office it's pretty cool. it wilbe rk on south park street and offers the same services as regular offices. it will be open from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. then it hits the road, heading to creekmore, scotland neck, forest later this month. governor patrick mccrory has declared this week severe weather preparedness week in north carolina. he's reminding us that with the flooding and severe thunderstorms, we need to have emergency plans, an emergency kit and keep an eye on weather alerts. last year in north carolina there were nine tornadoes, more than 130 incidents of flash flooding and more than 500 severe thunderstorms costing more than $12 million in damage. >> we have had an early taste of that here a week ago. >> that's right. the time to prepare is when the weather is calm and you have
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>> exactly. the main thing to do is talk to your ks about where the safe places. if there is a tornado coming it's your basement, or first- floor small room with no windows. fortunately it looks nice and quiet this week. take a look at the durham skycam shot beautiful, still cold. town by town, 36 chapel hill, 38 durham. 34 in erwin. still 32 in cary, goldsboro and roanoke rapids. temperatures warm up into the mid-60s for this afternoon so it's going to be a quick warm- up with plenty of sunshine. early in the morning it's chilly out there with temperatures in the mid-30s. tomorrow morning mid-40s and the rest of the week morning lows in the 50s. it won't be just our afternoon warming up significantly, too. i will show you that in the 7- day forecast in a few minutes. what's happening pearsall traffic on i-40? stomach our first trouble spot of the morning and of course this being in the fortify work zone it does not take much to add delays because of an accident, even if minor.
7:35 am
westbound lanes at rock quarry road. the right wing is closed as d.o.t. and imap crews as well as police are responding to the accident. so then we already start to see congestion building in this area this time of mourning and this will just add to those drive times. what are the drive times? 60 minutes right now from nz- 42, the cleveland area of johnston county, up to the 440 split. if you're thinking of taking alternate routes at this point, you can take 70 west, that will take you the same amount of time, same with taking highway 50 north nz-42 up to u.s.-70. things are building here as well on the belt line this morning, here's a look at i-440 and new bern avenue. westbound lanes, traffic moving away at this point. traffic building and has been for the last 30 minutes or so on i-540. here's a look at the westbound lanes at falls of neuse, and
7:36 am
building traffic at capital boulevard. so as you take a look from here are the drive times. about 13 minutes. a little extra time, not terrible but be prepared that you will have a little bit west at this point. back to you. 7:36. after falling for months and make a rebound. >> why experts say prices at the pump are going up. plus, could a smiley face really unlock a preteen's true feelings? the researchers are hoping emojis will help reduce lunchroom waste. here are last night's "pick 3" numbers, 7, 1, 9. sum it up, 17. "pick 3 double draw" numbers, 1, 4, 5. sum it up, 10. "pick 4," 3, 2, 8, 5. sum it up, 18.
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23, and 28. look to pay more at the pump. for the first time in eight months gas prices are on the rise. the average price jumped by seven cents over the past two weeks. the national average is $1.84, $.70 per gallon cheaper than year ago. industry analysts say growing demand and high crude oil prices are causing the increase. the most expensive is la, $2.51 per a new survey finds less than half of american businesses adopted credit card chip technology intended to fight fraud. the straw hacker group found that 37% of businesses are able to expect chip enabled credit and debit cards. the survey included 92 payment service providers that work with more than 3.9 million
7:40 am
that is 50% of the u.s. card accepting market. retailers, credit card companies and merchants were supposed to adopt the new technology by last october or face penalties. the man who invented modern email has died. raymond tomlinson died saturday according to his employer, raytheon company. in 1971 he created a way to send a message to a specific person at a specific address. tomlinson also chose the "@" symbol to connect with an address. tomlinson wrote and sent the first email on the arpanet system, a computer network that was a precursor to the internet. he said test messages were entirely forgettable and therefore i forgot them. amazon will offer full encryption on the flyer templates this spring. they remove the ability to encrypt local data last year because customers weren't using it.
7:41 am
including google, facebook and microsoft backing apple in its encryption fight with the fbi. the fbi wants access to the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. encryption protects user data by scrambling at and only allowing access with passwords. kansas researchers say emojis may help hold the key to understand schoolchildren's true feelings about school lunch choices. researchers at the sensory and consumer research center at kansas state university are serving children ages 7 to 12. the kids are tasting and then rating three foods. binomial, pepperoni pizza lunch bowls, and japanese soda. with 28 face emojis and 28 words. they hope the results could cut down on lunchroom food waste. powerbroker and lady gaga were among celebrities to take the polar plunge in chicago. lady gaga braved the frigid waters of lake michigan with her fianci, taylor kinney.
7:42 am
bagpipes for his plans. the annual event is a fundraiser for the special olympics. organizers say it was a record turnout this year, the weather on sunday was balmy by chicago temperature of 40 degrees. it is 7:42. bringing couples really close together. we take you to the uk where they have a wife carrying competition. plus, if you owned a
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wouldn't you love to wake up to that view in the morning at blowing rock? it looks beautiful. no snow on the ground over there. >> still lovely. >> that is watauga county, right? >> it is. very close to caldwell county. >> look at the geographic banter here. i'm like, i know that we are in wake county. >> [ laughter ] >> that's really what matters. we do have some warming temperatures coming our way. a sure sign of spring. of course, as a spring rolls around, we also begin to think about severe weather. we have already had one round. three tornadoes about a week and half ago wednesday. fortunately we didn't have any injuries or deaths with that but we did have some damage.
7:46 am
there is a different theme every day. the team -- the theme per day is tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. everyday we have an average of 26 tornadoes, three deaths and 39 injuries. severe thunderstorms, we have a lot of those. the difference between a regular thunderstorm and severe thunderstorm is the strength of the wind and size of the hail. the wind for a severe thunderstorm are at 58 miles per hour or higher and have large hail, the size of a quarter or larger. if you of course are looking to stay safe from the storms, you need to know the difference between a watch and warning. a watch is issued when there is the potential later that day for there to be some severe weather, either a severe thunderstorm or tornado. a warning is issued when it's actually happening. that's when you need to get into your safe spot especially if there is a tornado coming. it's the basement or first windows. we hope that it will be a
7:47 am
but already we have had one outbreak. they tend to be most numerous in april. another couple of weeks and it may pick up. our durham skycam looking pretty, plenty of sunshine across the area. 38 is the current temperature. it is so cold out there. dewpoint 34, 37 in henderson and roxboro. temperatures beginning to creep up. the sun has been out for a while. 34 in tarboro, 32 smithfield, 29 in sanford, 37 degrees in fayetteville. satellite and radar shown some cloud cover and showers off to the west. some of those clouds mainstreamed into the area later this afternoon. there is 1:00, 3:00, 4:00. it may get cloudy and overcast but on tuesday, plenty of sunshine. we get io a nice southerly flow over the next couple of days which warms temperatures pretty dramatically.
7:48 am
that well into the week. 74 tomorrow. of course, helped along by that flow coming in from the south. high pressure keeping things drive for us and if it's just southerly flow. we may cool off a little bit right now looks like the weekend may bring us the best chance for rain. if you are looking for something to do inside at the north carolina museum of natural sciences, reptile and amphibian day. we start the morning in the upper 50s, lunchtime mid-60s anti-of 72. before you go to bed saturday night, set your clocks forward. we go back to daylight saving time over the weekend, a sure sign that spring is right around the corner. a sure sign that the fortify work zone is out there and what's going on on i-40? the good news that rock quarry road and i-40 west is that the right wing is back open. 10 minutes ago there was an accident causing some delays. but, you also have another trouble spot further down on i- 40. and, it just cleared.
7:49 am
that one out very fast. this is i-40 west and gorman street. even though both are clear we still have some backup for a while as people are making their way around the accidents. let's take a look at the drivetime for 23 minutes before you get to the south side of raleigh. this is coming in from nc-42, up to the 440 split. here on the south side of raleigh, 17 minutes from the 440 split on how to us-1. once you hit wade avenue you have a nice six minute drive out to rtp and the prior case -- brier creek area this morning. as we take a look at the live commute map, still seeing heavy delays as people are entering 540 from capital boulevard as they make their way down. from wake forest or rolesville this morning. and let's take a look at the west-164 and cary parkway.
7:50 am
directions, no major delays for those coming in the apex holly springs area at this point. checking in with durham, they have been quite all morning on . usually we get an accident on the freeway but things are looking good at alexander drive. the drivetime, nine minutes from i-40 to mangum street. back to you. a french and american couple retained their title in britain's highly competitive wife carrying championships. the ninth annual uk wife carrying championship was held yesterday in southern england. couples raced over a hilly course which features a straw bale obstacles and a splash zone. some women carry men. others had same-sex pairings but the person ^ has to weigh at least 110 pounds. even caring two. the winning couple, one minute and 42 seconds, beating their time of last year by 20 seconds. >> my funds are still burning. >> i couldn't see anything. >> do you do any training course?
7:51 am
we do a good bit of training. >> i would think that they are doing a lot of work. the coveted prize to the winning pair, a barrel of ale. world championships in finland. everybody grab a spoon and lifted high because it is cheers. serial is truly an american breakfast food. the serial revolution started in a crime, ohio in the 1950s. a store owner was looking for another use of old outside of feeding livestock. his company later became quaker oatmeal. now, serial is not only eaten at practice, but it can be in just about anytime of the day including snack time. here's a list of the top all-time favorite cereals according to frosted flakes number one beating out cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, and honey nut cheerios. number five, froot loops made
7:52 am
favorite cereal. time for a look at what's trending. and it's a couple of grandmothers riding around in a lamborghini in their video which has gone viral. >> where is the backup camera? how do you see? hey! >> [ laughter ] we are lamborghini queens. lamborghini queens. >> i want to go with them. don't you? this was posted online on the face of page 4 donate media with the question, would you that your grandma drive your lamborghini? these two women take the high- powered lamborghini for a trip to the grocery store. and, they aren't intimidated by
7:53 am
they do have trouble finding the truck. -- trunk. >> where are we going to put this stuff? >> i'm clueless. >> what is in the trunk? >> i don't know. but that is not a trunk. >> no, that's the engine! >> they eventually did find the trunk which is in the front of the car. the video has been viewed 8.7 uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's available 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances?
7:54 am
uh, the location? you're not going to believe this but it's um... it's in a tree. i wish i was joking, mate, but it's literally stuck in a tree. (car horn honking) a chainsaw? no, no, all we really need is a tow truck. day or night, geico's emergency roadside service is there for you. ck 2. check out the fresh new look on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2 now, choose any 2 delicious mcdonald's classics for just $5 bucks. mix n match
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2 for $5 name your flavor pick any 2 iconic tastes- a big mac made with 100% beef, flaky filet-o-fish, seared on the grill quarter pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab a friend today and pick your faves! lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba 7:56. good morning.
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here are your top stories. durham city leaders expected to talk about body cameras. the city council will take up a proposal off raising the city manager to contract body worn cameras for the city's officers. the meeting starts at 7:00. the civil rights group is encouraging voters to participate in early voting. the carolyn naacp holds margins around the state to mark the anniversary of bloody sunday. today's marches are at durham at noon. beautiful weather, a little bit chilly. >> we are talking a big warm-up but we started into the 30s and climb into the 60s this afternoon. 70s the rest of the week. raleigh skycam looking pretty, a few high thin clouds but for the most part sunshine. we will see some cloud cover. a really pretty day today. temperatures in the 30s in most places.
7:57 am
pines, climbing above freezing the 30s. 36 in goldsboro and erwin, 37 fayetteville. 31 in rocky mount and wilson, 31 in roxboro and 34 in south we climb into the mid-60s this likely through the end of the work week but we may be seeing tara? still very slow on i-40. take a look at the garment area at white oak road. the westbound traffic has all of that merely slow, almost stopped traffic. taking a look on the south side of raleigh, look at i-40 and gorman street pier traffic moving east on but those westbound lanes are going to be extra slow. there was an earlier accident that had cleared in the last 10 minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
21 min right now on fox50 a home invasion investigation is underway after a woman returns home to find her teenage daughter bound with duct tape. the candidates on the campaign trail ahead of another set of crucial primaries. signs that spring is on the way. elizabeth explains how warm temperatures will climb this week. thank you so much for joining us. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. overnight, fire tore through a townhome complex in mooresville. this happened before 11:30 last
8:00 am
started in an unoccupied units. five nearby units had to be evacuated but no one was hurt. the red cross is helping displaced residents. no word on the cause for the fire. raleigh police are looking for two suspects who left a teenage girl tied up in a closet. this happened on glade aster court yesterday. they forced themselves into a house through the back door. the teenager's mother did not want to be identified but told us that she got a text from her daughter saying she was tied up in a closet and needed help. when the mother arrived home she found her daughter bound with duct tape and without clothes. >> it was horrifying. they took her clothes. in the closet. nobody ever wants to walk in on your child's like that. >> the suspects havenot been captured in the investigation is undergoing. the suspects appear to have gone through things inside the house. it's unclear what, if anything, was taken. after a busy weekend this


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