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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 8, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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officer involved shooting in raleigh. we are getting a serious dose of spring. how long warm temperatures stick around. i have a bad case of spring fever. bring on the warmth? thank you so much for joining us. just two. >> i'm bill leslie. you better not get sick tomorrow. we won't believe you. >> you know, i'm feeling, you know, -- [ coughing ] not that we advocate calling out or anything. >> i don't know. the nice thing about this is will have a nice stretch of days in the 70s. you don't necessarily have to take tomorrow off, you could do it the next day or friday and getting into the weekend, friday may look a little bit wet but that is still up in the air. we'll talk about chances for rain coming up.
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there's our rdu skycam, nice and warm, there's our roxboro skycam which has been nice and warm. her temperature in durham, 47, 52 in holly springs and wake forest. 46 roxboro, 50 in fayetteville, 49 degrees in rocky mount and wilson. temperature should be close to 50 degrees as you head out this morning. by lunchtime warming up quickly to 70, highs in the upper 70s with plenty of sunshine. that trend continues into the end of the work week. it looks like we may have 70s into next week which is unusual. not unusual to have a few days in the 70s this time of year but this kind of stretch of 70s is unusual. >> an embarrassment of riches. it is 7:02. let's take you downtown and look at the live commute map. all quite that if we move up toward wake forest at the belt line, there is a report of a minor accident at week town drive.
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indicating delays, there are plenty of parking lots into which you could move the minor accident and that is probably what is happening. something to keep in mind as you head up toward the belt line on wake forest road. new accident in the stages on rock quarry road, and in zebulun, look out for crash on 64 eastbound , looks like a minor accident, so far no delays on the eastbound side of 64. let's take a look at life drive times now in wake county. watching traffic starting to build one for clayton bypass right on time this morning, so far those delays are not bad. 12 minute ride from 42 to the belt line split. just the faster end of a typical tuesday morning commute. not unusual for us to see 15 or 16 minute drive times come off to a pretty good start through gardner. also looking good through the fortify work zone, 440 out to us-1, so far the trip from 540
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free at five minutes. here we go again, decision day in politics. michigan, mississippi, idaho and hawaii, with michigan that could be proving to be defining moment for democrats. >> republicans are trying to turn mississippi into a battleground. tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, we are focusing on michigan today. it could be a big one especially for bernie sanders. they got more than 150 democratic delegates and sanders needs to grab a lot of them to remain competitive. today's michigan primary could be bernie sanders last chance to beat hillary clinton. he is disputing the claimed that he voted against stating -- saving the auto industry. >> what i did not vote for is a bail out for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: in a fox news
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sanders' supporters. >> if i win the nomination i hope i am so fortunate to work with him. >> reporter: republicans are working with mississippi's primary. >> raise your right hands, everybody. do you swear that you are going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? i love you. >> reporter: ted cruz is going after supporters of donald trump. >> we have seen supporters of donald trump to realize he is and what they thought he was. >> we need someone to unite this party, i can and i will. >> reporter: in florida, marco rubio, the underdog, is now facing attack ads from trump. the latest polls show rubio closing in, but still eight points behind trump in rubio's home state, florida. they vote next tuesday. now, john kasich is doing better against donald trump in his home state of ohio, the latest poll has him four points behind.
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potts, wral news. >> while trump reframes the -- remains the front runner, ted cruz is getting momentum. like other candidates who turns his attention to north carolina where our presidential primary is one week away. wral's tara lynn is live in raleigh where ted cruz will be holding a rally today. >> reporter: that's right, he said to speak at calvary baptist church. people had to preregister although the event is free and all the seats are spoken for, and there is a waiting list for people to attend. cruz is trying to position himself as the only republican that can beat donald trump. the texas senator is second in the gop primary race. he is a southern baptist who has made appeals to conservative christians as the core of his campaign. but, trump has won more evangelicals than ted cruz in rivalries. this sunday, donald trump will
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rally with glenn beck as well as chuck norris. today's event in raleigh set for noon. we will air it on our website, donald trump has north carolina on his mind, this week the republican front runner was in concord yesterday speaking to a letter of more than 3000. trump frequently referenced trade deals he thinks are costing americans drops and are vowing to get waterboarding and other torture techniques on terror suspects change. he will be back tomorrow appearing at the crown coliseum. former president clinton toward north carolina rounding out both for his wife. he spoke to a crowd of 200 at market hall in downtown raleigh before heading to referral and charlotte. he urged voters to support his wife, touting her experience at home and abroad, a detailed plan to create -- her detailed plan to create jobs and to be a change maker.
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arrangements for nancy reagan. it will be at the ronald reagan library in california. a private services friday at 11:00 a.m. she will be buried next to her husband, former president. ronald reagan. she died at her home from congestive heart failure. she was 97. new information surfaces about a violent home invasion in raleigh. >> police search for suspects after a teenager was tied up and left in a closet. what else happened in that home. are also following developments in the terrifying train derailment in california. running -- and, russian tennis star, maria sharapova flunks a drug test.
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beginning of her troubles. akiel denkins in raleigh people are trying to find issues -- the community. 40 people gathered at revolutionary mission baptist church to discuss joblessness, and police community relations and soft or -- in south raleigh. the group discussed ways to improve the lives of the people who live in the community. they wanted to get ideas on how they could help. >> someone to take back my community, positive men to show
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decisions that there is another way. >> the gathering was part of regular weekly forum on ways to improve south raleigh. >> raleigh police have yet to make an arrest on suspects had broken into a north raleigh teenager. police responded to a home on afternoon. the girls mom said she found her 17-year-old found with duct tape naked inside a she said her daughter center a text message asking for help. the grocer stepfather explained how she was found. >> we have a coat closet. that's where she was, her head was face down. that's what my wife said. and tied up to the chair, likes tied up to a chair. >> according to the grocer stepfather, the attackers try to steal a tv but could not disconnected. there was no sign of forced
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a jury hands down a decision in a fox sports reporters case.
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was caught filming her in a if you are going to have breakfast at tiffany's, you better go with pancakes. >> and get a seat at lake lure. >> what is it about pancakes today? >> it is national pancakes today. >> you get free pancakes at
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children's miracle network. >> it sure is pretty. we are showing lake lure because they announced the remake of " dirty dancing." it's not going to be our lake lure, but it will be near cashiers. they're looking for hundreds of extras. this could be your chance. >> transylvania county. >> we could go on about that for a while, but let's talk instead about our potential for severe weather. it is that time of year. march, april and may are prime severe weather months. sometimes i see severe weather again in november. we can happen any time of year but it's most often this time. it is severe weather preparedness week. our topic is how do you get your weather information? have a bunch of ways that wral. you can download the wral weather alert app.
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tracks your location and get alerts based on where you are with your phone. we also have weather call, you can wake you up in the middle of the night if severe weather is coming your way. we can send email and text alerts. there is also noaa weather radio. you can program that for your county and wake you up in the middle of the night of the storm is coming your way. if severe weather is coming your way, we encourage you to turn us on the wral. we will be tracking the storms and what the risk may be. certainly no risks with the weather today. beautiful. gorgeous sunrise in roxboro. breeze at the airport down at rdu, southwest in.5 miles per hour, a few passing clouds, no call to worry about. 48 roxboro, 52 in south hill, these temperatures are much warmer than this time yesterday. 48 at southern pines, this time yesterday temperatures were
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we feel nice and warm here but look at what's happening back to the west. along and west of the mississippi, 60 memphis, 60 kansas city, warm temperatures through chicago. dallas 66, 70 degrees in new orleans. this warm air will continue to march eastward and bring us some very pleasant conditions. most of the rain stays back to our west, we are looking at stronger thunderstorms there. high pressure system will hold back the rain but warm air will filter into our area. temperatures go from mid-70s today to near 80 wednesday and thursday. big, big warm-up. just for reference, what does that mean compared to normal? our temperatures over the weekend were in the 50s. 62 is normal. 81 is the record set back in 1974. we are going to be close to the record thursday. it can be as cold as 30 this time of year but march can bring us anything really. heading into friday, temperatures bumped down a little bit with the potential
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don't forget saturday night, we have a few showers in our foreca. you had to bed saturday night, don't forget to set your clocks ahead. we go back to daylight saving time, also tend to change batteries in your smoke alarms as well. looks like this warm trend with highs in the 70s continues well into next week. ryan is probably happy about that. i was still pulling for one more snow but i love the 70s, too. >> it is just fine. going to be nice to be outside. it is 7:19 right now. let's take you to the live commute map and checking on the durham freeway. sensors indicating pretty good shape, as we look at the cameras on tw alexander drive, traffic moving away from us, moving pretty well. getting busy perhaps but phone nicely through the ellis road interchange through downtown durham. there is a live look at 147 from mangum street. northbound traffic heading into town, right now moving along without delay.
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from our i-40 to mangum street. southbound from i-85, four minutes from 85 to roxboro street on the southbound side of 147. right now the approaches into downtown durham looking good. downtown raleigh, traffic moving along. we have a couple of accidents north of central park of raleigh, one in wake forest inside the wake town drive. also looks like we might have an accident on 440 w. underrun capital boulevard, seeing a delay building on 440 w. between new bern and capital. elsewhere around the triangle, and earlier accident at rock quarry road at new hope road is cleared up, still have a crushing zebulun on 64 eastbound around highway 96. new overnight emergency responders say it is a miracle no one was killed when a commuter rail train derailed in california. the lead car plunged into a swollen creek after striking a
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crews had to fight the creek and its fast-moving currents to pull people out of the partially submerged car. nine people were hurt, four seriously. the train was traveling from central california to the bay area. all rail traffic on that line is canceled today. a second man faces charges in the death of a 9-year-old boy in chicago. 22-year-old dwight dudy is being held. investigations went into the death of tyshawn lee. the boy was bored and shot in head because of his father's gang activities. a jury awarded a hefty sum to fox reporter and to be host, erin andrews. she sued after a stalker rented a hotel room next to her in nashville, secretly reported her -- recorded her in the nude
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the jury awarded andrews $55 million. tennis star, maria sharapova is in jeopardy with her career after she failed a drug test for the u.s. open. shall be suspended pending an investigation. she could miss the real olympics. sharapova tested positive for mel tony m, a drug that increases blood flow. the athlete says she does not realize it was band this year. she started taking it 10 years ago after regularly falling out. this could cost sharapova more than her competitive career. nike suspended their sponsorship until the investigation is complete. swiss watch brand set its deal with sharapova will not be renewed. justice department is fighting the latest ruling in favor of apple. the federal government is appealing a federal judge's ruling that apple can protect iphone data. the case involves a routine drug investigation botanicals
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the california case in which a judge ordered apple to help the fbi break into an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. cornell university is mourning the death of their first female president. thousands of students and staff held a moment of silence for elizabeth gary who died of colon cancer over the weekend a few weeks after she found that she had the disease. she led the ivy league school for about eight months. she was only 52 years old. a drug made in the triangle may be the weapon world health leaders are looking for in the fight against the zika virus. a tran03-based company created an antiviral drug which fought the zika virus. geneva. will hold remarks in celebration of international women's day.
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market and speak to adolescent girls as part of the let girls learn initiative. the initiative is a government wide initiative that leverages investments in global primary schools and expense them to help adolescent girls complete their education. durham police are working to reverse a troubling trend. >> what we're learning from the latest crime report out of the bull city.
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strange for people to believe.
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good morning, i'm bill leslie. republican presidential candidate, ted cruz, is focusing on north carolina with the primaries one week away. cruz will be in raleigh today, he is also making appearances in the charlotte area as well and plans to be back before a big rally at the charlotte motor speedway sunday. police have yet to make any arrests on the suspects who broke into a north raleigh home and sexually assaulted a teenager. this happened on glade aster court sunday afternoon. the girl's mother found her 17- year-old daughter bound with duct tape and make it inside of a closet. let's get a check on the forecast with elizabeth. >> taking a look at our skycam over wilson. it looks absolutely beautiful. you can see cloud cover along with sunshine, feels nice out there, too. not as cold as it was yesterday.
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our warm temperatures continue for the next several days, so does the dry weather. enjoy it while we have it. it 70s for this afternoon, morning lows remain in the 50s through the end of the weekend afternoon highs near 80 wednesday and thursday. 7:27. as we take a look at the live commute map, a couple of accidents north of downtown raleigh. one reported wake forest road and wake town drive. another near high winds boulevard, a bit of a delay heading toward 440. also want to point out delays building on 440 westbound between new bern avenue. over in zebulun lookout for a crush on 64 eastbound at highway 96. at this point not causing any big delays. here's a look at backups around the clayton bypass, slow
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15 state lawmakers today will hear issues addressing alzheimer's disease and other relations in north carolina. good morning, it is 7:30. a task force has been looking at how to meet the needs of the patients. from the legislative building with more on the study and who will speak about it today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. dr. lynnea smith, wife of the late dean smith will be there
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struggled with dementia. in north carolina right now there are more than 160,000 people living with alzheimer's disease. a number projected to double by 2030. through a mandate from the north carolina general. assembly, the task force of alzheimer's disease was charged with developing a strategic plan for the state. the goal was to better help meet the needs of patients and caregivers. today the task force will reveal recommendations in 16 areas. in addition to dr. smith, caregivers and doctors will also speak. the presentation will happen at the legislative building. >> thanks. raleigh. durham county residents can apply for a free program to help people with disorders such as alzheimer's, down syndrome people who qualify where a device that is always signal.
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enforcement receiver if someone is lost. right now there are two transmitters available. anyone interested can visit the durham county sheriff's office website. sampson county teenager accused of killing his ex- girlfriend is considering whether to take up read deal. he's accused of killing danielle locklear in 2013. authorities say he confessed to strangling her and watched as another team, dominic locke dropped her body in the river. locke has already pled guilty. a jury hinted that malloy may consider taking a plea to avoid trial. under the deal, he would lead guilty to first-degree murder and would be considered for parole after 25 years. in an exclusive interview after the hearing, his mother told wral it is up to her son to make that decision. >> whatever god says, whatever my son says, whatever my attorney says. then it is well with my soul.
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decide if he will accept the plea deal. violent crime increased last year in durham according to a new report. in 2013 there were 37 homicides, up 68% from 2013 -- homicides. there's also an increase in the number of burglaries and burglaries and larcenies were down as well only slightly. while motor vehicle thefts were up 5%. durham police are working to expand efforts in the community including increasing their presence on social media sites next door. the durham city manager postponed a body police camera discussion that was on the city council agenda last night. in a message to members, tom bonfield said the interim progress on establishing guidelines, however he wants to work out additional details and get input from the new police
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recommendations publicly. that new chief is expected to be on the job sometime in may. there is a groundbreaking marking the start of construction of a new bridge the d.o.t. will replace the herbert c bonner bridge over hatteras island. the groundbreaking will take place at 10:00 this morning. over that bridge, okay, all worries and the world are gone. >> i have left them behind. now let's go out on the beach. old time. >> take in the view. >> let's take a road trip. it's going to be beach weather i talked about this earlier, keep in mind, i'm not saying don't go, but keep in mind this time of year when we're looking at mid 70s to near 80 degrees it's got to feel more like 80s on the beach because the water temperature is still so chilly
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coming off the water. it is this seabreeze which feels great in the summertime because it is chilly in the spring. take a look at the fayetteville skycam. it looks beautiful with sunshine and makes this beautiful glow on those brick opens downtown. temperatures feel much warmer than yesterday. holly springs 42, 48 henderson, 51 knightdale, pa lillington, 43 smithfield. a nice, mild start compared to yesterday. at the bus stop, temperatures at 50 degrees. plenty of sunshine all day long, high of 76 this afternoon. shorts and t-shirts for the kids, a jacket on top should work just fine. i know that the minute my kids get home they will be begging to get outside. put that on your calendar. if you can't make it today we have a really long stretch of days with highs in the 70s and are forecast. minutes. brian, looks like you are starting to see some of those delays show up on your map. >> their building in south raleigh.
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the clayton bypass were as usual traffic is stop and crawl on that particular interchange. notice in the distance, the red comes to an end, and then it turns into yellow as traffic starts to thin out a little bit getting closer to 70 business. then a close -- slows down again around the jones sausage road interchanged with the beltline. 15 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. overall not about travel time, something to be watching. see if it continues to increase closer to 8:00. through the fortify work zone we are seeing some slowdowns. by the time you got out to lake wheeler road, traffic moving along fairly well toward us-1 but getting to lake wheeler road is going to be slow this morning. 442 us-1, the overall drive stands at 13 minutes. a delay free trip would be eight minutes. you get a sense of the delays you are seeing. unfortunately 440 westbound is congested.
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let's take you to wake town drive out of 440, reports of a minor accident. no huge delays showing up on the sensors. on inbound capital boulevard, there is a report of an boulevard. we are seeing red showing up on the sensor readings toward the beltline on inbound capital. keep that in mind. on the eastern side of wake county, a crash in the dublin area on 64 eastbound behind the highway 96 interchange. that is in the clearing stages. came in as a report of a minor accident. no backs up -- no backups leaving the window area. 7:37. the days of self driving cars may be closer than you think. >> which company says this
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plus, a mystery in facebook says it is in the mix to live stream nfl games later this year. a facebook official tells varieties of the social media giant is bidding to live stream thursday night football. amazon, verizon and other streaming leaders are also interested in the package. the nfl is negotiating with companies to live stream thursday night games. it's not clear how much a company would pay to do this. to celebrate its 100th birthday this week bmw rolled out a self driving concept car it believes represents the future. it is called the bmw vision next 100. the car offers a choice of driver controls or vehicle controls operations, and in driver mode indicates the ideal speed and driving line, while in ease or a at this time, all participants are in listen only
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retracts and the driver and front seat passenger can turn to face each other or those in the rear seats. a minivan painted to look like the mystery machine from the "scooby-doo" cartoon series lead california police on a high-speed chase. redding police say speeds topped 100 miles per hour before the drives gave them the slip. police are searching for 71- year-old sharon kay turman. police caught her after watching her run through several red lights. she later abandoned the mistreat them. a naked woman dancing atop the of an 18 wheeler slowed traffic in houston. it took two hours before she was coaxed off of the truck. authorities aren't why the nude woman was on top or whether she had been inside the big rig before a traffic accident nearby. emergency responders used a fire truck ladder to reach her
7:41 am
what she was doing. police have not said if she will face charges. >> here is another bizarre car story. in illinois police department making a point helping to deter people from drinking and driving. they released this picture of a car they spotted with a 15 foot tree stuck in his grill. people thought, okay, this picture has to be fake. police then released the dashcam video and you can see the car driving down the road with a he embedded in the front part of the car. they arrested the driver for driving under the influence. harper lee is fighting for her family's privacy from beyond the grave. coming up, the ruling in an alabama courtroom to honor the
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every time i look at the pancakes, i have hungry eyes. >> you are so focused on ihop. this is part of the "dirty dancing" theme. they are going to start filming the remake of "dirty dancing" they are filming in north carolina back in the mountains. not at lake lure but in the highlands, at cashiers. a high hampton inn. they look at some tourism out of that, i think.
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let's talk about some nice weather that we are seeing around here. there is our solar farm 5 shot. nothing but sunshine in eastern wake county. we should be generating lots of energy there today and for the rest of the week. finally toward friday we begin to clout things up a bit and it's possible we may have a few showers over the weekend. the timing on that still a little bit up in the air. stay tuned, we will continue to refine the forecast. 47 is the current temperature, wind southwest at 7 miles per hour. it feels colby yesterday we started off in the upper 20s to low 30s, pink warm-up compared to yesterday. dewpoint 41. 50 in roxboro, 51 in erwin, 51 in southfield. 50 in goldsboro, 52 in southern pines. feeling much warmer than yesterday, 19 degrees warmer in rocky mount, 17 degrees warmer in southfield, the difference is not as big in fayetteville
7:46 am
we are talking all the statistics. normal high temperature this time of year is in the low 60s. we will be close to record store the end of this week. this week, high temperatures mostly in the 70s. these are record highs which are mostly mid to upper 80s, but it's a little warmer thursday, and just so happens that thursday will be the warmest day of the next seven. we'll be close to it. i'm not sure we will hit it to record a couple of days later is 90 on saturday. record is not in jeopardy saturday. satellite and radar picture showing things very quiet up and down the east coast. a few clouds. this high pressure system which tends to bring us to thinking error is not conducive for clouds or storms. even though we may have a few clouds getting closer to that high, all of this rain will be forced back to the west. showers, thunderstorms along and west of the mississippi. this will be a very slow-moving front to the west but finally, it may begin to think some inroads into the area into the weekend.
7:47 am
coming up in a minute. here is tuesday, today, as we head through the afternoon. plenty of sunshine, some fog down south along the coast in the morning, then it dissipates. around here we should see plenty of sunshine today, tomorrow and thursday. we may have a front that drops in on this friday to bring a slightly cooler temperatures and maybe a bit more cloud cover. again, our high this afternoon in the mid-70s. near 80 wednesday. we are looking at our severe weather season now where we are in that as we start march. it's march, april and may. tomorrow is the statewide tornado drill stations this is severe weather preparedness week. it starts at 9:30. the emergency alert system will be activated. make sure if you are at work that your coworkers know where to go and when you get home talk to your family about where your safe place is. if a tornado warning is issued,
7:48 am
the first floor in a room with no windows. as we head to the weekend, have to throw some showers in the forecast. it may be mainly saturday night into sunday but there are still some computer models that want to bring a showers during the day saturday. we will watch that, probably looking at a 30% chance of saturday and sunday. like i said we will find that as it gets closer. brian is here taking a look at the roads, you look busy over there. are some things going on? >> a couple of things. getting a report of an accident on cary parkway, as far as we can tell not a serious accident but something to keep in mind. downtown raleigh looking pretty good. north of town we have been following a minor accident for much of the morning on wake forest on wake town drive inside the belt line. also that icon on capital near 440 is report of a minor accident on inbound capital near high winds boulevard.
7:49 am
bit of a delay but does not look that different from typical delays we see this time of day. also on the north side of raleigh, you'll notice an accident at spring forest road and green road causing a few up. as far as we can tell not a serious accident. also some fortify work zone related delays, those backups begin through jones sausage 440 interchange toward the us-1 interchange. at least in spots, if the stop and go traffic. by the time you get out to us-1 and beyond, smooth drive out of raleigh toward rtp. seeing traraic building on 540 between capital and creekmore. take a look at the drive out of south durham towards chapel hill. looking okay out on 54. the distance starts to slow down a little bit. also out on fayetteville road, getting busier. right now the sunshine angle is not quite where it needs to be to create some unclear delays. that's good news but we are seeing some deletion. eight minutes from 54 to the durham freeway. the famously private author, harper lee, is keeping secrets in death.
7:50 am
will to be sealed from public view. only her next of kin will be able to view the will. the judge noted that she highly valued her privacy. lawyers asked for the will to remain private to prevent public triod harassment of her heirs. the "to kill a mockingbird" died last month that 89. the ac/dc american tour is on hold because the lead singer, brian johnson, faces possible hearing loss. >> the band says in a statement doctors advised the singer to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. the rest of the shows are able are rescheduled, likely with a guest vocalist. that includes one show at the greensboro coliseum next week. dolly parton getting ready to hit the road again 25 years after her last major north american tour.
7:51 am
the new "pure and simple" tour, the name of her new album comprised of new songs in another disc with some of her biggest hits from all of her career. it's coming out this summer, locations and tour dates coming up soon. wouldn't you like to see her? >> i would. a young baseball banter, and unexpected souvenir from a spring training event in florida. a baseball bat that could have killed him. the bat flew out of the hitter's hand, heading straight for 8-year-old landon cunningham's head. luckily, his dad has quick reflexes. he reached out and saved his son from a serious injury. >> this is the baseball bat that hit me right here. this thing, was, like flying. it went like that. i think when it was doing that my dad blocked it like that. but then it flipped around and hit me right here.
7:52 am
snapped a picture of the moment. the image has since gone viral, and the debt is now a national hero. >> good work. the acc tournament tips off today up in the nation's capital. the first game at noon at the verizon center. the demon deacons of wake forest going against the wolfpack from nc state. wral is your headquarters for all of the games. we'll have live reports and coverage throughout the tournament. because of the 12:00 game, the noon newscast while you're right here on fox50. ihop is celebrating its national pancake day by giving out free flapjacks. today, participating restaurants nationwide will offer up a free short stack of pancakes to customers. now, in return for that short stack, ihop asks that you consider leaving a donation for children's miracle network hospitals or other designated
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time for a look at what's trending. disney is hoping to revive an old favorite cartoon from the 1980s. "duck tales." they released this image, the new art for the series set to hit the disney xd channel. you can see uncle scrooge and donald duck, they are all in
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it is 7:56. i'm renee chou. here are the top stores.
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virus over spring break. the school suggested insect repellent, avoiding unprotected check and -- unprotected sex and checking with doctors after visiting infected areas. there is a groundbreaking marking the start of construction on a new bonar bridge over the oregon inlet. the d.o.t. will place the bridge connecting hatteras island to the mainland. we will feel the warm-up today. >> we will. take a look, nice out at the tram -- rdu skycam. maybe just a little bit of cloud cover near the horizon. pretty blue sky over terminal 2. plenty of sunshine and a quick warm-up. it is already much warmer than this time yesterday. 50 goldsboro and rocky mount. 50 in roxboro, 25 in fayetteville. high of mid-70s this afternoon and near 80 wednesday and thursday. morning lows remain in the low 50s for the next few days and
7:57 am
brian course seen some slow traffic on 540 westbound as we take a look at it, just growing along as it typically does this time of day. that trip from r to i-40 taking 25 minutes on 500 40 westbound. taking a look at the live commute map in downtown wake county, a crash at edenton and person, picking up a delay to that intersection according to sensors. an earlier crash getting cleared up from capital new high woods. for an accident at spring forest and at creekmore road. back to you. the case involving the murder of teen danielle buckley or may soon be wrapped up.fox50, the deadline the boys facing and what his mother told us exclusively. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasoned 16 ounce t-bone.
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right now on fox50 another set of crucial contests for the presidential candidates. the states that could turn the tide in the race to the white house. how the state will move forward following a deadly officer involved shooting in raleigh. we are getting a serious dose of spring. how long warm temperatures stick around. thank you for joining us. it is 8:00. i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. this is decision day in mississippi, michigan, idaho and hawaii. michigan could be the defining point today for democrats. >> and as tracie potts reports, republicans are trying to turn mississippi into a battleground.
8:00 am
primary could be bernie sanders' last chance to beat hillary clinton. he it's disputing the claims that he voted against saving the states auto industry. >> what i did not vote for is a middle-class bailout for the crooks on wall street. >> reporter: in a fox news townhall, clinton reached out to sanders' supporters. >> i hope to win the nomination if i am so fortunate, i hope to win with him. >> reporter: republicans are working with mississippi's primary. >> raise your right hands, everybody. do you swear that you are going to vote for donald trump tomorrow? i love you. >> reporter: ted cruz is going after supporters of donald trump. >> we have seen supporters of donald trump who realize he is not who they thought he was. >> we need someone to unite this party, i can and i will. >> reporter: in florida, marco rubio, the underdog, is now facing attack ads from trump.


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