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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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a deadly shooting in durham. what we are learning about the shooting and search for suspects. thank you for joining us, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. it is going to be the warmest day of the week today. >> we will cut up into the 80s. if you feel like that is hot, changes on the way. >> we drop temperatures 10 degrees tomorrow. close to the mid-80s today, 70s tomorrow. that's not where the temperature stops. wait until you see the forecast this weekend. take a look at the roxboro skycam, it is gorgeous. the flags are flying and pretty sunrise in progress just beautiful. temperatures feeling miles, cary 55, 58 in durham, 60 holly springs. 51 in rocky mount and wilson, 61 fayetteville and southern pines. temperatures close to 60 heading out this morning.
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in the forecast, high of 83, 3 degrees from the record high today. if you don't like it hot, hold on, it is much cooler the next several days. brian is here checking out the roads. any issues? a couple of accidents causing any big delays at this point. 7:01, we have an accident on east street at boylen, also when need in and rich. traffic is flowing freely this morning. elsewhere looking good in north raleigh, still clear on raleigh westbound, the beltline also looking pretty good, it's a little slow heading through garner, 16 minutes to make the trip from 42 up to the beltline split. that trip through the fortify work zone is delay free and
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caused so many backups all morning long on 40 w. on. smooth trip from wade avenue, taking six minutes. still looks good on the durham freeway and also 85 all clear. let's look at the drive times coming out of wake county, coming in from wake forest, nine minutes. 4:50 hundred and 40 from rolesville, and once you hit 540, a smooth ride from capital boulevard to i-40, 13 minutes. police are investigating a deadly shooting in durham this morning. >> it happened at an apartment on hardy street this morning, wral's bryan mims has been on the scene trying to get information, but i know it has been hard to come by. >> reporter: it has. police have not released many details so far. what we do know is that a man was shot and killed at this a
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just north of holloway street on hardy street in durham. i will show you what has been going on this morning. police have been focused on this nissan sedan, i believe it is a nissan altima. they are collecting evidence in and out of the car. it is unclear how the car was involved. the crime scene includes this parking lot and another one a few yards away. we will show you video we gathered earlier this morning, there was a man shot and killed here. they showed up on the scene and found a man fatally shot but have said little about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. what was the motive? the victim's name has not been released and nobody has been arrested. police have not given us information about a suspect or suspects. police are asking for the public's help in finding whoever is responsible. a woman who lives in the
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police have been out here since 2:00 this morning. it has been about five hours. we will bring you back life to the scene where as you can see forensics experts and detectives are collecting evidence from the parking lot. we will be out here for the next couple of hours in bring you updates as we get them here on hardee street in durham. >> bryan mims, we appreciate your work trying to get information on that. thank you. all of the presidential candidates are taking the day off today accept john kasich. donald trump is halfway to the nomination, hillary clinton is celebrating a huge mega tuesday victory. tracie potts tells us more. >> thank you, florida, thank you, north carolina, thank you, ohio! >> reporter: those three states
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victory in illinois police hillary clinton with 1500 delegates and clear path to the nomination. bernie sanders is in arizona for next week's primary. >> we will win if the voter turnout is high. let's make it high. chromosomal trump won every state but one, even with violence surrounding his campaign. >> you explain it to me, because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand, nobody understands. >> reporter: losing florida to trump was the last straw for marco rubio, he is out. >> after tonight it is clear that although we are on the right side, we will not be winning. >> reporter: john kasich need to 60% to avoid a brokered delegation. ted cruz is helping to make it
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>> america has a clear choice going forward. >> reporter: but apparently not an easy one. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. exit polls show half the voters in ohio, florida and north carolina pick someone other than trump. in florida have the republican said if trump was the nominee they would consider a third- party candidate. hillary clinton did not take north carolina for granted. she made a surprise campaign stop at southeast raleigh high school at noon yesterday. voters we spoke with said they were delighted to see her and get up close and personal. trump is backing away from a comment that he might pay the legal fees of supporters charged for violence at his rallies. during an interview he said he does not condone violence and would likely not pay legal fees. 78-year-old john mcgraw was
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protester. attorney general roy cooper is the democratic nominee for governor and is looking ahead to the next fight. >> it's time for us to come together. and get ready for the battle ahead in november. because we know it's coming. >> in a speech last night, he took shots at the record of governor pat mccrory and compared him to donald trump. former state representative debra ross will take on richard burr for the u.s. senate. she thanked her supporters and attacked burr's voting record in the senate, saying north carolina could not afford another six years of richard burr. >> with your support, we are going to win this thing. >> [ applause ] >> and we are going to give the people of north carolina a real voice in washington. >> [ applause ] >> ross is no stranger to public service, spending 10
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in the safe house. she is also a practicing attorney and law professor at duke university. 7:08. let the basketball games begin. >> local businesses gear up as the ncaa tournament rolls into
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7:11. breaking news from the white house. we have been waiting for this,
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the day he will announce his nominee to replace justice antonin scalia. he says he has taken some time and has made his choice after consulting with legal experts and people across the spectrum. he will reveal the conference at 11:00 this morning from the rose garden. riley could be a big winner in this year's ncaa tournament. the city hosts rounds one and two. teams arrived with their bands, cheerleaders and players. pnc arena has hosted four times, most recently in 2014. that year it attracted 17,000 visitors to the area who spent more than $4 million. businesses are hoping for a repeat performance. >> they are going to draw across the street, it brings additional people here, whether it is locals are a lot of vitors. >> for raleigh to have this
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it's exciting to host this event. >> there are four games tomorrow and two on saturday. the tar heels play tomorrow night at pnc. what to do about closing duke energy's coal ash impoundments, the public hearing in person county tonight. the department of environmental quality is seeking your feedback on his proposed classifications of coal ash ponds across the state. this is a key step in cleaning up the ponds and setting closure deadlines. tonight's meeting focuses around the roxboro power stations, it will be at the person government building in roxboro at 6:00. federal employees in washington dc can take the day off for work from home. they are giving them that option with the entire metro station shut down for safety reasons. it will remain closed until midnight tonight. they will be doing emergency
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monday, there was a fire on one of the pieces but they will not safe tt has a connection. they have seen as much as 20 inches of rain in the last week. how texas and other sections are doing with historic
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plus, the wake the sultry sounds of the late amy winehouse. >> a nice mellow melody for you
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what a beautiful shot. the sun is just starting to come up there at 7:15. it's beautiful, temperatures nice and miles, beautiful day with sunshine and warm temperatures, there is a look at rdu, there is some beautiful color, literally when i pulled this camera up there was somewhere purple, you can see cloud cover, looking at the first hints of light. 58 is the current temperature at the airport, windows southwest at 5 miles per hour. the wind will pick up later today. dewpoint is 51, humidity 78%. taking a look at temperatures, 50 roxboro, 52 in south hill, 51 rocky mount, 58 in raleigh. a nice thought, one of our cool spots, definitely feeling very pleasant this morning,
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satellite and radar pictures showing mostly clear skies. we do have a friend that is heading our way. we are in the warm sector of this system ahead of a friend. often times ahead of a friend miles. this hermas, 10 degrees colder than the one we are sitting under now. that change tomorrow. as the front moves across, we will see cloud cover, north and east of the triangle we will get some scattered showers. we may see some shells closer to the mountains, as futurecast moves this front into our viewing area it does not give us much chance of showers and storms. so oeromtemodels hinting at a shower or storm, it is worth mentioning that that possibility is out there. we get some cooler air and here comes another front with this cloud cover also not likely to bring us any showers, but it
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83, 73, 66, 60. big drop over the next several days. 83 degrees as well above normal, almost a record high. 86 is the record high. we are close to it. marginal risk for severe weather in the northeastern part of our viewing area including edgecomb county, nash county, warren and halifax county. of their you could see some brief hail or a little bit of wind damage. our threat is fairly low. tomorrow is st. patrick's day, we will still be running above normal, 51 in the morning, 73 in the afternoon. a good 10 degrees above normal. at lunchtime 68, and if you are celebrating at 8:00, 67 degrees. heading into the weekend it's going to be a different story. we start off with sunshine in the morning, but the clouds roll in.
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look at the calls mornings in store, monday 35, 30 degrees tuesday. we have said this before but it is too early to start planting. we see the average latest freeze or frosting to the first or second week of april. it's not unusual for us to have freezing temperatures and we will see it again monday and tuesday. brian, what to have going on on the roads? >> so far quiet, getting a report of an accident on wilmington and morgan streets. still working on getting the details. as we zoom in on the live commute map, we start off with raleigh where we have that accident reported at ridge, more than an hour old and has likely cleared up but still something to keep in mind until it disappears from the map. also an earlier report at old wake forest and atlantic avenue likely also is cleared up but keep that in mind. we are watching building traffic on the inbound side of
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durrant road coming in from wake forest. also busy from louisburg road, but as you head 540 westbound it looks fine moving out from the rport and rtp. still looking good in durham, busier on the northbound side of the freeway but at this point traffic down too much. delays in garner seemed to be confined near the clayton bypass. 60 minutes from 42 to the beltline split. that camera at us-1 and tryon road, getting a little bit busier on walnut but so far pretty good heading into west raleigh. the trip up to i-40 from apex stands at six minutes. a disaster continues to unfold in texas where flooding along the louisiana border is the worst since the 1880s. thousands of people are out of
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heavy rain pushed the sabine river over its things, several riverside communities are underwater. the texas governor will tour the area today, he has already issued a disaster declaration across much of the state. water rescue teams are trying to assess how many people are inside a car the plunged into the ohio river. this happened after a massive pileup on the bridge leading from kentucky to cincinnati. the accidents caused a chain reaction as other cars tried to slow down and navigate around them. it took hours for teams to find the submerged car and they are trying to figure out how many people are inside and how to get the car out of the river. north korea's highest court sentenced an american college student to 15 years in prison with hard labor. 21-year-old otto warmbier was arrested in january after officials said he tried to steal a political banner from his hotel as his tour reap -- group try to leave. he gave a tearful plea. this morning he was convicted
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new overnight, 15 people are dead after a bus bombing in pakistan. the bus was carrying employees to work. nearly 40 people were wounded in the blast, from an improvised explosive device planted under a bus seat. so far no one has claimed responsibility, pakistani authorities suspect taliban and other militants who have been fighting in the state for more than a decade. a fort worth texas police officer is in critical condition after being shot following a traffic stop and chase. police were after two suspects, one of them wanted for felony warrants. police arrested ed mceiver. police believe i bombing was not an act of terrorism but links to organized crime. explosives killed the man in the city, they have seen increased violence from banker gangs involved in the drug
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mother teresa will officially center -- enter sainthood. the nun who cared for impoverished people in india died in 1997. she was beatified after being contributed to a first miracle answering a woman's pairs to
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she good morning, it is 7:26. i'm renee chou with your top stories.
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a killer after finding a man shot to death hundred 10. officers responding to the shooting call found the victim of little after 2:00 this morning. the victim's name hasn't been released. roy cooper moves ahead in his bid to change jobs. cooper won the gubernatorial primary setting off a battle with republican incumbent, pat mccrory. now let's get to elizabeth with a look at the weather. >> it sure is pretty, looking at the museum skycam past the museum of natural sciences, you can see the glow reflected on the glass building. region. 51 roxboro, 51 rocky mount. temperatures running above normal, 61 in fayetteville and southern pines and a very warm day, 83, the high this afternoon. 73 thursday, much colder friday 7:27. getting word of an accident in
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street and morgan. if you come in normally on wilmington street, you want to consider using saunders to mcdowell. also, hammond two-person might work on the southern side of raleigh. earlier crash at glenn eaden. otherwise quiet. still seeing delays coming in from garner, latest sensor readings indicate a 20 minute drive from 42 to the beltline split but after that, smooth strips to the fortify work zone and that ride from wade avenue to 540, six minutes. still ahead on wral news on fox50, a once rising political star in north carolina is helping to minimize
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we'll explain coming up. a big win for the bond, the connect nc bond. good morning, welcome back. >> voters overwhelmingly approved $2 billion for higher education construction projects, parks and the national guard. support is credited a push that brought together leaders from different professions and political parties. the last two candidates for governor, a democrat and republican, found common ground on this bond. is going through a lot of political divide as we see tonight, i want to let you know that maybe north carolina could be a role model for the rest of
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bond campaign and how we developed it. we did it together as a team. >> in north carolina, beauty matters. in north carolina, safety matters. in north carolina, economic development matters. and in north carolina, educational opportunity and workforce training is important and it matters. >> the state will raise money through a long-term low interest borrowing with no new taxes. governor mccrory will travel to various locations of the state today to think boulders. he will be at jordan lake state park this morning. patrick cannon will be in court facing charges of voter fraud. he is being released from prison so he can face charges in mecklenburg county. he is accused in the 2014 election, while a convicted felon. he had been sentenced earlier on a bribery conviction but had
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prison term. raleigh city leaders gave the green light for police body cameras. they will be phased in over a three-year period. the cost? of little more than $5 million for the first five years. chief cassondra deck-brown told the city council it was a matter of transparency but it cannot replace face-to-face interaction with community. >> public trust has to begin with who we are as people. the camera does not make us trustworthy. i have to earn that trust. >> there is still a lot of work to do regarding policies including how long video will be stored and who will have access to it. the body cameras could be on officers as early as the end of the year. wake county school superintendent, jim merrill, announced his budget. it has up to $1.5 billion and is comprised of federal, state and local funds. the budget asks for a $35
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the superintendent says growth is h huge challenge and plans to open five new schools to accommodate 2000 new students in the upcoming year. >> commissioners will have a lot of challenges. they have safety issues, they may or may not have transit. there is a lot more than just schools and we recognize that. >> doctor merrill says 10% of funding request focuses on new spending programs. raleigh is getting its own bike sharing program. bike rental stations will be set up around the area. there will be 300 bicycles at 30 stations around raleigh. the city council approved the program saying it would have helped, recreational and economic benefits. no word on when the program will start. the council also voted to allow food trucks to operate on downtown raleigh streets during lunchtime. this will be a six-month pilot
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the city will select for spots around the town. nearby property owners will manage the area to make sure trucks rotate on a regular currently trucks are only allowed to park on streets for special events. they will be able to park curbside from 10:00 a.m. until 3 pm. law enforcement is targeting drunk drivers, the booze it or lose it campaign kicks off, nearly every state agency kicks off in the campaign, running sobriety checkpoints in all 100 counties. we have a gorgeous day on tap in lots of sunshine to go along with it. >> my wife said we are taking a long walk today with rufus. >> put on your shorts and t- shirts. take a look at the raleigh skycam, sure looks pretty. yesterday we started off with cloud cover and fog but noted that this morning, just sunshine. temperatures will warm up quickly.
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hillsboro, 59 in holly springs, a little cooler in smithfield at 52 and 51 degrees in wilson. kids at the bus stop may need a jacket. about 60 degrees heading out with plenty of sunshine, a nice bright afternoon, breezy and toasty at 83 degrees. from here, we drop 10 degrees tomorrow, another almost 10 degrees friday, and that drop continues into the weekend. i will show you that in the 7- day forecast in a few minutes. brian is here checking out the roads. any accidents backing up traffic? >> we are watching one in downtown raleigh at wilmington street.morgan street right on the southeast corner of the state capital. at this point according to sensors we are not seeing any delays on wilmington or morgan street, but still, just knowing there is a report of an
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using mcdowell or person as alternate routes coming in from the southern side of raleigh getting through downtown. also had that earlier accident report on glenn eaden and bridge. it is still on the map although i'd be surprised to hear after more than an hour that it is still an active scene. taking a look around the rest of the trngle on the live commute map, picking up significant delays through garner, that trip from 42 to the beltline split stands at 22 minutes. beyond that you might run into a slowdown in certain parts of the fortify work zone but overall a pretty smooth ride out to us-1 and beyond, all the way to the park. assuming into durham, looking good in both directions of the durham freeway. 85, smooth strife heading to hillsboro, and i-40 looks good heading out of chapel hill into rtp. the beltline also looking fine this morning, there is the scene at six forks road. that is westbound traffic heading away cash heading away
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moving pretty good on the 40 split on 440 w. on, that trip taking 15 minutes. back to you. the cdc is giving doctors new guidelines for prescribing painkilling drugs. the agency says the risks from opioids outweigh the benefits for most people. doctors are advised to prescribe the lowest dose possible for the shortest amount of time. this is the first time the cdc issued guidelines for prescription painkillers. it comes as a response to a rising number of addictions. the cdc's most recent studies show that americans either abuse the drugs or were dependent on them. there are more than two dozen factors that play a large role in our well-being. >> coming up we tell you which counties rank as the healthiest. the new drink starbucks
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pic 3 numbers, 1, there is a new report out this morning on the health of our country right down to the individual counties but we are not talking about just physical health. researchers looked at everything from poverty to education, to jobs in violent crime. how did we do in wake county? durham county? orange and cumberland county's? joining us this morning with a detailed look on this study is the codirector of this study, julie rose vandyke from the university of wisconsin, and donald schwartz, director of
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good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> what is the healthiest county in north carolina and why? >> absolutely. wake county is the healthiest by our measuring system. and, it has to do with the many opportunities that people in wake county have to live healthy lives. it is everything from where people live and how healthy the housing and areas around the houses are, to where people play and work. >> icy orange county, union county, camden county and mecklenburg county all in the top five. i guess we should look at the least healthy, take a look at those. >> roberson county is the least healthy in north carolina, and i think as you look at the counties on the bottom of the list, you will see that many of
7:41 am
that is one of the things we discovered, urban areas are actually doing much better in improving health, and rural areas struggle. >> that's a good point. actually, the pronunciation on that is robeson but don't feel bad. >> i'm sorry about that. >> that's fine. why are people in rural areas are struggling to lead healthy lives? is it lack of access to various services? >> absolutely. we know, for instance, that when people live for their part, there are fewer opportunities for economic development work, transportation is often harder. opportunities unfortunately and surprisingly to get fresh, healthy food have become difficult. it is the whole surrounding for people that makes a difference.
7:42 am
living in raleigh and being at the top of the list wake county. what about nationwide? where do we find the healthiest county in america? is that information included in this report? >> we don't rank counties nationally because we really believe health is a local story, and we want to bring this down to the local community. so what community leaders in wake county can do to improve health there, we know that business leaders, government leaders, hospital and healthcare leaders come together to focus on strategies to improve graduation rates, bring jobs to the community, we can advance health. >> very interesting information, julie willems van [null] and donald schwartz with the robert wood johnson foundation on the health of our counties, this is the seventh year of the rankings. if you would like to get more information, you can find it right here and online at
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thank you so much, i appreciate that very much. taking action in the face of controversy, how the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences is tackling diversity within its ranks.
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major changes coming to
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in a long time. >> brian almost used to drive a big car. >> what was it? >> was it a mercury? >> of course he is not around to fill us in. it was a very roomy vehicle. he called it big iron. >> he would be quick to tell you it was not the -- the grand marquis, yes! >> he calls it big iron? >> yeah. >> [ laughter ] >> do you have a name for your car? i don't name of my car. do you need yours? >> the first car we had as a child was betsy. >> i will say growing up, i won't say which decade it was, but it was an old car then, i will give you that. but we had an old austin
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chitty bang bang. it was cute, little red convertible thing. my dad loved it. >> cute name. >> you always wanted a volkswagen, didn't you? >> i have the most awesome volkswagen van, it was 1990 or so, best camping vehicle anywhere, except it just did not run. >> did you have a grand marquis? >> i want to report that we have some congestion on memory lane this morning. >> [ laughter ] >> where is my mountain dew? you should have brought me my mountain dew. we are not even talking about the weather, so you can tell it is a quiet weather day. what a pretty sunrise over roxboro, absolutely gorgeous. almost 60 degrees at the airport, dewpoint also feeling good, not too muggy. dewpoint 51, humidity 78%.
7:48 am
fayetteville, 59 in goldsboro, very pleasant conditions. we continue our streak of temperatures well above normal. but, it's about to change. this cold front will change everything for us. we are on the warm side of the front today with cold air back to the west. it comes sweeping through dropping the temperature by 10 degrees tomorrow, another front drops it more friday and we keep dropping for the weekend. this front made during an isolated shower or thunderstorm, futurecast has not shown that but we have an area that could have stronger thunderstorms which i will show you in just a minute. definitely warm in this pocket, i will show you where that cold front is back to the west, plenty of warmth from st. louis, houston, raleigh and ohio valley. on the other side of that front, 30s in denver, 40s in bismarck, and that chilly air is coming our way finally. we tend to have ups and downs during the spring and have been
7:49 am
83, the high this afternoon, putting us within a couple of degrees of the record. when the front comes through, we have a marginal risk of severe weather, large hail and damaging wind for edgecomb, nash county and doctor roanoke rapids. halifax county, hampton county, a slight chance that we could see a few stronger storms. temperatures of about 10 degrees. it will be a beautiful st. you are out celebrating at 8:00, 67. nothing beautiful about the weekend, sunday looks like a nasty day, cold temperatures and rain during the day. watch those morning lows monday and tuesday, we are back down to below freezing tuesday morning and close to it on monday, as we will have to pull out the winter coats, brian. hopefully people will remember that by then. i will try to remember what your car was.
7:50 am
marquis and it was a living room on wheels. it was a beautiful thing. i deliver that with conviction, didn't i. 7:50 right now, we have an accident on wilmington street and morgan street. the sensors are picking a pretty significant delays on morgan street heading south of the capital out toward new bern avenue. keep that in mind. might want to avoid wilmington street as they get that cleared up, consider using mcdowell street or person street as good alternates from the south. also still have that accident reported this morning on glenn eaden and ridge road inside the beltline, another accident downtown at boylen, that likely is cleared up and it looks like we are getting a report of an accident on capital boulevard not to hide from high winds boulevard, some delays through the fortify work zone getting congested from 440
7:51 am
3. sum it up, 12. but as soon as you clear that, smooth trip out to rtp. let's look at 40 and wade avenue, traffic holding westbound moving away from us but moving along pretty well toward aviation parkway, that trip from wade avenue to -- >> the academy of motion pictures, arts and sciences is making changes. they added three new governors to the 51 member board and appointed six minority members to other leadership positions. the academy is apologizing for a racially insensitive skit during oscars that offended asians. the board ratified other changes to increase diversity within the academy's ranks including limiting oscar rights to those in the movie business. time for a look at what's trending. instagram is changing how users see post. instead of seeing the most recent post first, you will see
7:52 am
to care about. facebook, which owns instagram, uses a similar complex formula to organize the feet. facebook switched away from reverse chronological order several years ago. instagram says it has been harder for the users to keep up with images posted by friends and other accounts. instagram says people miss 70% of their feet, so the algorithm is based on interest and content, relationship with the person posting and timeliness. starbucks is celebrating the return of spring with a limited edition drink, the cherry blossom cappuccino. it is a blend of strawberries and cream with white chocolate sauce and drizzle. the cherry blossom is available through march 20, the first day of spring. starbucks stores in japan have offered a version of this beverage since 2010. it is making its first appearance in the u.s. >> that sounds good to me.
7:53 am
let's have one. what is matcha drizzle? it sounds good. new research to help
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7:55 am
telltale signs and how to help 7:56. bill leslie with your top stories. raleigh city leaders gave the green light to police body cameras. they will be phased in over a three-year period and will cost over $5 million for the first five years. chief cassondra deck-brown told
7:56 am
transparency. voters approved the connect nc bond, it will be used for education, parks and rec's projects, it has low interest borrowing. temperatures this morning already in the 50s, a quick warm-up, 70s by lunchtime and low to mid 80s this afternoon. looks pretty over downtown raleigh and down at the airport, not a cloud in the sky over terminal 2. 58 raleigh, 50 degrees roxboro and a bit warmer down south, 61 fayetteville, 59 degrees in goldsboro. our high this afternoon at the airport, 83 degrees, a couple of degrees from a record high today but noticeably cooler tomorrow at 73, color friday, 66. 7:57. look for an accident on downtown wilmington and morgan
7:57 am
on morgan street heading south of the state capital. also an accident on boylen, just getting word of an accident on 440 before wade avenue, we will watch to see what kind of effect that has on our delays on 440 westbound. and a report of an obstruction in the roadway on 440 e. are not too far away from the jones franklin road interchange. there is a minor accident on capital and brentwood. elsewhere in the triangle major routes looking pretty good. bill? north carolina voters pick candidates for government and
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up next, right now on fox50, it's the morning after another big day of primary voting in the u.s. donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating their victories. who is focused on the next primary and who is out of the race. we know who will challenge richard burr and pat mccrory in the general election. a deadly shooting in durham. what we are learning about the shooting and search for suspects. it is 8:00, thank you for joining us. to two. >> i'm bill leslie. new overnight police are investigating a deadly shooting in durham this morning. >> it happened at an apartment on jake 10. wral's bryan mims is on the scene. that's it happened at an
8:00 am
wral's bryan mims is on the scene. what happened? >> reporter: please got the call after 2:00 this morning when they arrived here at the hardee terrace apartments, they found the man shot to death. hardee street is where we are standing now, north of holloway street in durham. for a good while this morning the focus of the investigation was centered on a nissan altima parked behind me. in the last 30 to 40 minutes, police removed that car, it is no longer on the scene. let me show you video of the scene earlier this morning, it stretched across a couple of parking lots here are hardee terrace, the one where i am standing alongside, and another just a few yards down the road. police have given no information to us about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, they have not released the identity of the victim. so we have no name.


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