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tv   Rewind News  FOX  March 20, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm EDT

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that pulled these drugs off the streets. i'm leyla santiago....lets rewind.. good eveinig...thanks for joining us...i'm leyla santiago this week.. building of new police headquarters in durham.... donald trump and hillary clinton are both celebrating huge primary victories..... and...state agents raid 2 homes belonging to a former nc state football player dozens of people rallied in front of durham police headquarters this afternoon, to protest plans to build a new headquarters. construction is set to begin in the fall or winter. as of now, 71- million dollars have been allocated for the police station project. protesters say the money could be put to better use. "what about the things that the residents of durham have been demanding for a lot longer. like housing, affordable housing, like jobs, like a better educational system. why aren't we listening to those residents and giving them what they need before we
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new shiny building." city council member don moffit told us it has been years since a significant amount of money has been spent on police headquarters. however, he says city leaders are open to feedback from the public. both donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating huge victories after prmaies in 5 states... including north carolina! in the republican primary... donald trump won north carolina... as well as the winner-take all state of florida. he lost to governor john kasich in ohio... another winner take all state... and kasich's home. but trump won illinois. and in missouri, trump beats senator ted cruz by a narrow margin. attorney general roy cooper did not dwell on his primary win very long. he's already looking to the next fight. 21:03:34 "it is time for us to come together and get ready for the battle ahead in
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cooper is the democratic nominee for governor. that officially makes governor mccrory his new opponent. cooper wasted no time going after him. in a speech tuesday night, he took shots at mccrory's record. he also compared the governor's campaign to the campaign of donald trump. voters overwhelmingly approved the 2 billion dollar nc connect bond. supporters credited a bipartisan push that brought together leaders from different professions and parties. the last two candidates for governor, a democrat and republican, even found common ground on the bond.
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long term low interest borrowing with no new taxes. coming up later on rewind brian shraeder tells us what the state is planning to do with the money. state agents raided two homes belonging to a former nc state football player with questionable ties to former high profile wolfpack athletes. members of the sbi and agents with the secretary of state's office removed several hard drives from eric leak's townhome on isabella cannon drive. a spokesperson wouldn't comment on the investigation, but the secretary of state does oversee possible violations of the state's athlete- agent laws. nc state told leak to stay away after he provided improper benefits to former basketball star cj leslie and another player. he also had dealings with former
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soon after both players announced they were going pro- leak helped them buy high-end sports cars. one of those sports cars was seized by federal agents in a separate investigation. the johnston county sheriff's office has arrested two people in connection to a double homicide. matthew jones and jessica pyatte were found dead in a mobile home in newton grove. family members say a toddler was found in the home. gerald paul junior is charged with murder. tara wilson is charged with accessory after the fact. hundreds of pets are in a new home! more than 2- thousand people showed up in sanford for a mass pet adoption friday. earlier this year, the aspca seized about 650 dogs and cats from an unlicensed shelter in hoke county. most of the dogs have been adopted. they hope the rest will go to new homes soon. tonight in our cover story....a judge denies a request to stop the deportation of a teen picked up by ice
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way to school at riverside high school in durham. supporters of the high school student say if he is deported back to honduras. it could cost him his life. wral's adam owens tells us... an attempt to put a hold on that deportation was denied. we arrived right as the family found out. 18:34:28 "we just let her know." acosta and hector learned their son 19-year old son would not be saved from deportation. a request to stop his return to honduras was denied by a judge. his mother talked with us through an interpreter. 18:35:02 "we have been through a lot of difficult experiences, this has been hard for me." her son, wildin acosta, is a student at riverside high school in durham. in january, he was detained by ice agents as he left home for school. since that time, many people have taken up the fight to keep him in the u-s some of them gathered outside the office of congressman g-k butterfield - asking for help.
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to federal authorities. in a statement he said.. "i insisted that mr. acosta not be deported this sunday and requested his release so he can have a fair shot at presenting his case for asylum." a judge denied a stay on acosta's deportation a short time later. supporters fear the teenager could be returned to honduras as early as this weekend. his mother is worried. 18:36:28 "the gangs are my main concern." family members say they could kill her son. anna kistler is acosta's homeroom teacher. "he's very afriad of going... off the airplane." that's why supporters say they will not give up. one of them talked to acosta friday afternoon as he sits in federal detention. 18:09:35 "he was happy just to know the community is fighting for him, so he is like i a mnot giving up. because i do not want to go back to honduras to be killed."
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ice officials say they cannot confirm or deny if acosta will be deported this weekend as some fear. that's for security reasons. what we do know another attempt to keep the teenager in the u-s failed. drivers around nc state are about to get some much needed relief. the city plans to extend pullen road across western boulevard to centennial parkway. pullen road would then connect to bilyeu street then to centennial. the project would connect nc state's main campus to the centennial campus. it would also help ease congestion on roads like avent ferry that connect that two streets. the city has talked about the idea for decades, but the new cathedral being built off centennial parkway and the thousands of parishioners it will bring with it, brought the project to the forefront. the diocese of raleigh and nc state will pay split the 3 million dollar cost with the city. work is expected to start next spring and the road is expected to open at the end of 2017. next on rewind.... fallout for the cumberland
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deputies who did not arrest a man seen on video assaulting a protester at a donald trump rally. the punishment they've received. and... voters passed the connect nc bond, which will have a big impact on state colleges and universities. we'll explain the many projects benefitting from the funds. the families of 2 men found dead
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want justice, but say they forgive their sons' killer. police have charged daekwon ragland and 18-year-old denzel dancy with o counts of murder. ragland is in the wake county jail , dancy is still on the run. pedro reyes diaz and allan rodriguez were found shot to death in a car on glenwood avenue just over a week ago. anyone who may know where dancy is -- is asked to call 9-one one. five cumberland county deputies have been disciplined. not for what they did - but what they did not do. >> it happened at a donald trump rally at crown coliseum.
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keem jones, a protestor. deputies took jones to the ground, but let the supporter return to his seat. cumberland county sheriff earl "moose" butler, said the failure to act will not be tolerated. three officers have been demoted and suspended for five days without pay. the other two are suspended without pay for 3 days. all are on a one year probation. the trump supporter, 78-year old john mcgraw, is charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct and communicating threats. voters overwhelmingly chose in favor of the connect n-c bond. wral's brian shrader shows us what the state is planning to do with the money - and when you might see some projects. mccrory 103034 we showed the state can come together in very divisive political times. very proud of that. track 1 vernor pat mccrory celebrated this morning at jordan lake. it's not just dozens of state parks that stand to benefit. more than 1 billion dollars will fund new construction and renovation projects at unc system schools and community colleges all over the state.
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headquarters at n-c central university in durham. ezzard pickett/sophomore 102734 we're all looking forward to it...and the bond > track 2 the rest of hte money will go for new national guard readiness centers, a w africa pavilion at the north carolina zoo -- and new water and sewer projects around the state. the first 500 million dollars could come this summer. mccrory said the toughest part of this process is yet to come. mccrory 102949 once you get the the more important part is to make sure we execute the spending plan in an efficient effective way ack 3 the governor said many of the projects will take years to complete. pickett said he may graduate before central gets the new building -- but he's glad to play a role in his school's future. pickett 102824 it'll be amazing. can't wait to come back and see it track 4 brian shrader, wral news, jordan lake. mccrory said there will be no tax increases to pay for the bonds.
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increasing statewide. after the first or second time it's game er, you're stuck on it closer look at the heroin problem, and goes undercover with a task force stop the supply. you are looking at nearly
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i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go!
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hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? dollars worth of heroin. nearly 350 bricks.. in nash county history - and the sheriff says it's just a piece of the problem. for almost a year now, wral has brought you up to date on the increasing number of heroin overdoses and deaths in our state. wral's mikaya thurmond has gone on patrol and undercover with the tar river regional task force to learn firsthand about the drug problem in our back yard. three months into the year, and nash county has almost matched the number of heroin deaths they had in all of last year. the tar river task force is the largest regional group ever put
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carolina that's solely dedicated to narcotics. heroin is their biggest issue. nats- pull up to the arrests it's a problem the nash county sheriff says is at epidemic levels: drugs, being bought, sold or used in plain sight. nats-antonio in cuffs w/ sheriff because of their undercover work, we will not reveal the team's faces or names. in this incident, the task force discovered marijuana in 42- year-old antonio santos' possession. moments after his arrest, santos told us he was still high. antonio santos, in :55 me: do you do any other drugs? antonio: never ever. and you can test my , you know what i'm saying. trt 5 with a previous record, santos is charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor. sheriff keith stone says this case pales in comparison to what he's seen in the last six months. sheriff keith stone, nash county: 10:53:38 "when we started making large seizures on the interstate, i recognized then that we had a serious problem." runs 6 standup: the heroin problem isn't just in nash county. it's all over the state.
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highest number of heroin deaths at 179. wake county had 109. and durham had 63 .one of the biggest problem areas is interstate 95. a equent route for heroin couriers. end stand up captain allen wilson is trained to catch heroin users, buyers, and sellers in the act. allen wilson, nash county sheriff's dept: 9:46 "if we can stop it before it gets to somewhere else then we are saving lives somewhere else as well." runs 4 one local veteran, who's asked us to conceal his identity, believes law enforcement may have saved his life ce he became an addict. 11:10:11 "you get introduced to it and pretty much after the first or second time. game over. you're stuck on it." runs 6 is man says he was addicted to heroin for 3 years, but he's been clean since february 17th. 11:11:14 "like at first i might have spent like 10 to 20 dollars, 30 dollars something like that throughout the day. and eventually it turned into 100 to 200 dollars at a time." runs 13 he says the culture of being an
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warped. if someone ods, addicts flock to that dealer in hopes of getting a taste of their strongest stuff. this mentality, he says, leads to even re overdoses and deaths. sheriff keith stone, nash county: 10:58:39 "the heroin alone is bad enough, but then you are supplementing it with stuff that is more toxic than what you are dealing with." runs 8 it's a trend sheriff keith stone and his team are working around the clock to stop. sheriff keith stone, nash county:11:01:56 "if you're dealing heroin, you're committing murder." runs 4 mikaya tag the former heroin user we talked to received help from the hope initiative. the program allows opiate addicts to come in and turn in their drugs with a promise of offering support with no questions asked and no chaes filed. for information, g on to adot com. next on rewind. questions asked and no charges filed. for information, log on to wral dot com. next on rewind... an amazing canine rescue. how
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talk about a lucky dog! a german shepherd has a tale of survival that is hard to believe! 18-month-old luna is back home, safe and sound, after falling off a boat off the california coast 5 weeks ago! she fell from the fishing boat at night. after days of searching by boat and plane, she was presumed lost at sea and given up for dead. but luna managed to swim to san clemente island, owned by the u-s navy. there she survived on fish, sea gulls and whatever rainwater she could find. finally, she was spotted by naval conservationists...w ho took her to the mainland, and a happy reunion with her family. tonight in our video of the week... there was trouble in paradise for a luxury yacht owner. a tourist-- caught these images from her hotel room in the u-s virgin islands.
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the fire was contained to the boat. a u-s coast guard vessel towed the boat into open waters so firefighters could completely douse the flames. the boat is destroyed, but no one was hurt. investigators don't know what started the fire. that's all the time we have or tonight....have a great
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