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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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president obama in havana today. following breaking news on a crush in rocky mount claimed four lives. a busy morning, thank you for joining us, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. let's begin with the weather which is starting off very chilly this morning. >> the sun is out and it will be pleasant. >> we warm up quickly but definitely winter coat weather this morning. take a look at the rdu skycam, mainly clear skies, cloud cover starting to stream in from the mountains but what it will do is create pretty color in the skies as the sun is coming up. we have a frost advisory until 9:00 a.m. for the viewing area, a couple more hours with temperatures at or below freezing but then they warm up quickly. 33 durham, 30 wake forest, 29 in moncure. 30 in south hill, 31 rocky mount and wilson, 32 in erwin,
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in your planner, expect temperatures close to freezing heading out the door. 58 at lunchtime, i was 57, by 4:00, 65 degrees. a pretty afternoon on top, we continue to warm up and will go through that in a few minutes. tara is here taking a look at the typical slowdown spots. >> that's right, i will give you all one guess where that would be, i-40 westbound on the clayton bypass. we can see the delays from the sensor map. checking in of the clayton bypass, this is westbound traffic with brake lights as people are merging together at this point in the morning. those delays are not excessively long at this point and in terms of your drive times, you should be relatively clear as you make your way up to the jones sausage road entertained at this point. westbound traffic moving towards us, 16 minutes from the
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as we move past that onto the south side of raleigh, we've got your eastbound traffic here, people out and about on the rose, not too crowded and noticing the delays on the westbound side either. right now, you are delay free, i-442 us-10 in raleigh. we have a couple of other incidents to let you know about, you are accident and delay free run the beltline right now as well as 540. take a look at capital boulevard and buffalo road, no delays, that is a disabled vehicle. still following accidents in durham on u.s.-15 and garrett road, starting to see delays on the license or alleviate. checking with drive times around durham coming up in 15 minutes. >> thank you. we begin with breaking news out of belgium where authorities are telling everyone in brussels to remain where they are after explosions at the airport and subway station.
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many others injured. there were two explosions in the departures area of the brussels airport and witnesses described the ceiling caving in and wounded everywhere. this morning, all flights are canceled. arriving planes are being diverted, and belgium's terror alert level was raised to maximum. >> security was also tightened at all paris airports, in french president francois hollande ordered all police officers deployed in france. >> this happens four days after the arrest of salah abdeslam in brussels, he is the prime suspect of november paris attack that killed 130 people. since his arrest, authorities created -- learned he created a new network around him and that his partners had access to several weapons.
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brussels is now closed, that includes the eurostar trains, buses, of course, the airport is shut down. authorities are trying to get a grip on the situation. no cell phone service, all of that shut down in brussels after a devastating series of what officials are proof -- officially proclaiming terrorist attacks today in the belgian capital. >> we will continue to follow this on every newscast and on breaking news out of rocky mount were four people died in the two vehicle collision. >> this happened right outside north carolina wesleyan college. that's where wral's mikaya thurmond is with us this morning. what can you tell us at this point? were these students at the school? >> reporter: that is what social media post are seeming to say. the scene is clear at the 3400 block of north wesleyan boulevard but this is where the crash happened around 8:30
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rocky mount police say two vehicles collided outside of north carolina wesleyan college. four people in one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the second vehicle was taken to nash general hospital and is recovering with non-life- threatening injuries. social media post are suggesting that those people in the first vehicle i mentioned our students at the school. police are still investigating as to what may have caused this crash. >> mikaya thurmond live in rocky mount, thank you. the day after police say the suspect fired a gun at an officer in the booking area of the durham county jail is due in court. we had this as breaking news yesterday. officer are sterner was removing 34-year-old danny mcmillan's handcuffs when he grabbed a gun in the waistband of his pants. the men wrestled before the men went off -- gun went off, grazing officer turner in the
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turner was treated and released. mcmillan was originally taken into custody on a peeping tom charge. two people are recovering from gunshot wounds and the third is recovering following a shooting inside a busy fayetteville mcdonald's restaurant. it happened yesterday at the raeford road restaurant. a buyer arrives to purchase cell phones from three sellers. the seller attempt into rob the buyer at gunpoint, that's when the shooting started. there is a new sheriff in charge in harnett county. larry rowland stepped down yesterday afternoon. he served as sheriff since 2002. he did not give a reason for his resignation but says he's grateful for the experience. beliefs after four decades of service. county commissioners
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sheriff, wayne coates, through 2016. he has been with the sheriff's office for 20 years. today in cuba, president obama will address the nation's people in the speech that will be broadcast live on state television. he will also spend time with dissonance and civil society leaders to hear their concerns. he is also expected to address the terrorist attacks in brussels. before ending his historic 2 1/2 day visit, he was taken a baseball game between the cuban national team and tampa bay rays along with president raul castro. wral's leyla santiago continues live reports from cuba at 4:00 p.m. on wral news. she will talk with congressman david price who is also part of the visit. she also caught up with a professional baseball player with ties to the triangle. follow all of her reports on
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primary injury western states. >> what's at stake for the candidates today as they fight for the party's nomination? we tell you why the fbi calls off a highly anticipated hearing on an encrypted iphone.
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the latest win for three states are voting today and another critical primary day for esidential candidates.
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democrats are focused on the next ntest on saturday in washington state. >> reporter: today's contest, idaho for e democrats, and arizona and utah for both arizona is the big prize, winner take all. bernie nders probably -- donald trump is leading arizona, trying to bring the party together after a ivate washington. but, his back and forth on israel is growing criticism from both sides. >> we need a president with steady hands, not one who says he is against t monday, pro- israel to say, and gotiable. >> totally different policy positions in the course of the
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>> reporter: john kasich doubts peace with the palestinians would ever happen. >> why are we living in a dream world? until they recognize israel's right to exist, how could you ever? >> reporter: tracy tts, -- tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> arizona is winner take all if a candidate gets 50% of the vote. another violent night in chicago, this time targeting boys as young as 11.
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shooting and s "river of dreams," billy joel. remember that one? >> that's kind of mellow. >> let's get into kayak. doing. >> i would be sitting back letting her battle with my drink in hand. >> you have been going to ot camp, you are building up those arm muscles. >> i can't even paddle, i am so sore. that boot camp is kicking my booty. i have a raft that i can put everybody on. we can get eight people on. >> that would be allowed to ask from one meteorologist. >> she is e expert. >> a little bit chilly for that this morning but we do have another nice warm weekend our forecasts. let's take a look at what's happening now. we are going to head over to apex and everything looks fine. our big story has been the coldest temperatures.
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one coming ys ago. friday we were talking about the fact that we would see freezing temperatures for monday and esday morning. it is 33 at the airport, everybody is out and about in school buses running up and down salem street this morning. i imagine those kids have their coats on. our dewpoint is 28, that does not have anything to do with freezing, it just means it's very dry. 33 roxboro, 33 henderson, 30 in roanoke rapids, 31 in tarboro and 33 in chapel hill. temperatures will likely start climbing in the next hour, probably pulling well above freezing. 27 sanford, 32 in irwin d smithfield. frost advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m., that is to cover our bases. by the time we hit 8:00 we could get well above freezing in those places but the frost advisory this morning in effect
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check out the temperatures across the country, 30s from atlanta, cincinnati, jacksonville to philadelphia. 50s kansas city to dallas. you can see how far the stretches when you look at the color contours. greens stretching well back to the west. this hermas will pick up and had our way. this morning it's chilly and there are a few clouds across the mountains into our area this morning. high pressure down to the south will continue to push eastward. around the high, we have winds rotating clockwise. on the east side it's typically warmer, west side is pically cooler. and we have this warm air coming up from the south. we start to get into this southerly flow today and to tomorrow and rest of the week, really. we start to get into warmer temperatures back to the west. 65 today, very close to normal for this time of year. almost 10 degrees warmer than our high yesterday. we started in the low 30s this
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warmer tomorrow morning at degrees. it'll be breezy in the afternoon but temperatures in the mid-70s. beautiful. mid-20s to near 30 degrees if you have to do something rather winds are involved, keep that in mind, it will be blustery tomorrow afternoon. thursday likely to be the warmest day at 78. again, compare that to 66 and 88 is the record high in 1929. on friday, we have a front that comes through which will change things bit. we have a system friday that will bring us a chance of a shower. behind it temperatures dropped on saturday and other system that comes in sunday. the weekend will be unsettled but temperatures will be at or above normal. which this time of year is pretty pleasant. of course, sunday is easter and i can't promise that it won't rain during the day sunday. as we get closer to sunday, we'll be able to fine-tune the timing of when that rain may come in more accurately. we'll be talking more about that ming up.
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at the roads, durham freeway looks good. >> we are delay free on the durham freeway as we check-in at alexander ive, traffic moving away from us is heading toward downtown. heavy traffic in the southbound lanes but at this point everybody is moving. it should take you just seven minutes if you are heading toward downtown to make it from i-40 to mangum street. let's check-in in the garner area, i-40 and white oak road, this is westbound traffic moving towards us. 17 minutes from the cleveland area up to the 0 split. 60 minutes. so, improving a little bit. once you make your way up to this point you are all clear out to us-10 with a nine minute ride and six minute ride from wade avenue to 540. as we check back in with the durham area, on i-40, no issues on north carolina 751.
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hill, you should be l clear. we are still clear on the beltline, starting to see a couple of delays approaching capital boulevard in the westbound lanes. right now 540 is clear as well. in durham, we have been following this accident on u.s.-15 and garrett road. we are hoping to check in with police to e if southbound traffic is effective but right now, our sensors so it should not be a major deal for drivers in that ea. 7:20. there will be no court hearing about forcing apple to unlock the iphone is by one of the san bernardino terrorists. the fbi revealed it may have a way to access the data without the companies help. the fbi has been searching efforts to unlock the encrypted phone longing to syed farook since obtaining it the day after the attacks. new overnight, four boys are in the hospital after a shooting in chicago.
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opened fire in a crowded around 9:00 last night. the boys ages are 11, 14, 15 and 16. at last check they were in stable condition. a separate shooting left one man dead and another in critical condition. local media reported 14 people were wounded in shootings in chicago yesterday. a florida jury awarded former wrestler, hulk hogan in money on punitive damages from the website gawker over a sex tape scandal. he sued gawker for posting a video of him having sex with his best friend's wife in 2014. he said that it violated privacy and the jury agreed. the jury awarded hulk hogan additional money last week. well-known and well-dressed sports reporter, aigsaeger, says his leukemia is no longer in remission. he missed 11 months for a bone marrow transplant before returning to the sideline r interviews and 2014. in an interview with hbo he
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he has already undergone two stem cell transplants. he is best known for his outlandish outfits. new overnight, the head of one of the biggest events in tennis has resigned. raymond moore, terim director of the open at indian wells stepped down one day after apologizing to k comments -- after comments that had the tennis world norms. here's what he had to say. >> they ride the coattails of the men and they are very lucky. >> reporter: he said if he were a lady player, he would thank god every ight for rafael federer because they carry the sport. women were among those criticizing s comments, this open is one of the most well attended tennis events outside of the grand slams.
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toronto mayor says is fighting cancer and receiving specialized care. they say the 46-year-old is sometimes sedated to help him deal with the pain. he has a rare and aggressive form of sarcoma that spread from his abdomen to other parts of s body. he is still officially on the city council after serving as toronto's mayor for years. he gained rldwide notoriety when cell phone video showed him smoking crack cocaine. he spent two months in rehab and launched a reelection bid when he was diagnosed with cancer. powering your home with paid and chicken waste.
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duke energy announced
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bill slie, here are your top local stories. four people were killed in a crash that happened outside north carolina wesleyan college in rocky mount. police say two vehicles collided last night, four people inside one of the vehicles were pronounced dead at the scene. the driver of the second vehicle was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening juries. police are investigating a shooting that happened inside a busy fayetteville mcdonald's restaurant. it s on raeford road. a buyer went there to buy a cell phone, that's when shooting broke out. the suspects are expected to survive. a etty nice start, how is the weather? >> let's take a look at the skycam shot, mostly sunny skies, but there have been a few clouds streaming in from
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expected to have an impact on the weather. more sunshine then clouds as we get through the day. big story is cold temperatures, freezing in many places. 30 intrinsics, 32 in uth hill, dirty one in rocky mount and wilson, 33 in goldsboro, 36 fayetteville and clinton. in your forecast for today, degrees. 43 tomorrow morning, so not as close and temperatures continue to warm up. 76 wednesday, 78 thursday with plenty of sunshine. we start out taking a look at garner, here is i-40 and white oak road, westbound traffic is moving toward us at this point in the morning. in terms of drive times, 15 minute drive from cleveland, and a 16 minute ive from 540 this morning. things are looking clear in durham at i-40 in both
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starting to see a couple of welcome back. we continue to develop breaking news out of belgium. authorities are telling everyone in brussels to remain where they are after explosions in the airport and subway station. at last check, more than 20 people were killed, 15 of the metro station blast, and 13 were killed in two explosions at the airport. >> all flights are canceled, arriving planes are being diverted and belgium's terror alert level has been raised to maximum.
7:30 am
down following the attack. witnesses say at the airport, they heard a second louder explosion which brought down ceilings and ruptured pipes inside the departure area. the subway is near the european union's headquarters. >> explosions happened days after the arrest of salah abdeslam in brussels. he was the prime suspect in the november 2013 -- in the november 13 paris attacks that killed 130 people. we just heard from the mayor of paris who says the eiffel tower will be eliminated in the colors of the flag as they stand in solidarity. state lawmakers will be back in raleigh to take up a hot button issue that would attempt to override charlottes nondiscrimination ordinance. the ordinance broadly defined help businesses must repay gay, lesbian and transgender people,
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with which they feel more comfortable. there are more hearings which will help lead to the closing of duke energy's coal ash ponds. they are giving you the chance to learn about how coal ash ponds are classified and provide you the opportunity to give feedback. this will save time to clean up the coal ash and repay ratepayers. duke energy says it is going green with pig and chicken waste. the company hired a contractor to build and own a plant from a company that saves pig and chicken waste. they already have one smaller project including one that draws gas off of the waste of more than 70,000 hogs. they hope to generate enough electricity to power 10,000 homes a year. it was spurred by a 2007 state law that allows electric facilities to give 12.5% of
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energy by the year 2021. the boil water advisory continues in benson. customers who use public water are being asked to boil the water for three minutes before drinking or using it. that means brushing teeth, making ice, even cooking. token waterlines caused a drop in water pressure which led to the advisory. the town will notify customers when the advisory has been lifted. wake county commissioners will hold property tax evaluations more often. right now assessors determine home worth every eight years. under a proposal approved yesterday, that would change to every four years. the county had the most recent evaluation next year, the next one will be 2020. cape fear valley medical center is among the busiest hospitals in the country according to an industry publication. deckers hospital ranked cape fear's emergency department 17th in the nation. more than 129,000 patients were seen last year. the hospital recently added 17
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accommodate patient volume and reduce wait times. there are more than 5000 emergency departments in the u.s. the busiest is orlando, florida. a bold heist in cary has the art community on edge. five paintings on display in a medical office building on asheville avenue were taken from the walls in february. the artist said police told them because there were no securities in the hallways it's unlikely the paintings will ever be found. they were valued at nearly $30,000. but, sonja kane says to her, they were priceless. >> every piece of art has a large piece of the artist in it. it's not just paint on a canvas. there's a story behind a painting. >> building managers told us they don't know what happened or how the paintings could have been taken.
7:34 am
which coordinated the exhibit says it is reevaluating security procedures. you have another chance to offer input on a monument on the state capital rounds in raleigh to honor african- americans. the building of the monument on capitol grounds will bring in a 25 year moratorium. the monument marking the achievement of african- americans is long overdue. there is a public hearing at the braswell memorial library in rocky mount tonight at 6:30 and another in fayetteville next week. bike lanes and safety fencing could be among improvements along parts of nc state centennial campus. raleigh is holding a public meeting on improvements along trail were drive near lineberry tried to near main campus drive. the project includes extending sidewalks, adding curbs and gutters and installing bike lanes as well as fencing along both sides of the road. there is a public meeting on this at the carolina community center from 6:00 until 7:00 tonight.
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such intense colors. >> just enough cloud cover for the sunshine to work with. completely clear, nothing to reflect beautiful colors from. let's take a look, we have a gorgeous shot from roxboro this morning. the sun is just up over the horizon. that looks absolutely beautiful. it is cold out there, temperatures 33 in chapel hill, 33 durham and clayton, 32 in cary and roanoke rapids. 31 degrees in goldsboro. temperatures warm up quickly. at the bus stop, hopefully the kids are bundled up in their jackets. we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00. temperatures stay down below freezing for a little bit but a quick warm-up this afternoon, ice climb up into the mid-60s. it will be breezy but feeling good. temperatures continue to warm up, we'll talk more about that and potential for the rain over the weekend in a few minutes. we are still seeing heavy delays in johnston county along i-40 west.
7:36 am
slowly moving toward us is traffic in the westbound lanes. let's take a look at drive times. 14 minutes, not bad, not adding too much extra time to the commute. 14 minutes from the cleveland area of johnston county toward the south side of raleigh. now starting to see those delays moved toward that next stretch for you, 11 minute drive along i-40 west between that split and us-1 and once you make your way there, you have a quick six minute drive from wade avenue to 540. checking in at i-40 and 751 over in durham county, things looking good there. we are still seeing a delay free beltline this morning, the drive-in from the holly springs area and cary is also not experiencing a lot of delays at this point in the morning. we are seeing some slowdowns along 540, we'll take a look at the drive times in about 10 minutes.
7:37 am
some johnston county students received a special visit from internet giant, google. >> students at dixon road elementary participated in a virtual reality field trip as part of the company's expeditions pioneer program. students looked through cardboard goggles and with the assistance of a smartphone app can go on a virtual journey around the world. >> i thought it was actually kind of cool because a lot of people don't really see mars, outerspace, or even the jungle. >> isn't she cute? dixon road elementary is one of six schools in johnston county google will visit this month. that is thanks to an application filled out by one of the teachers. >> i want cardboard goggles. the expedition pioneer is a free app that is currently in the testing phase.
7:38 am
to launch in december. >> a google goggle? >> apparently. you can go anywhere. soccer fans across the state have something to be excited about. >> where you can catch the carolina railhawks as they start another season. and, fox brings "the passion" to live tv. where you can see the broadcast today. "pick 3" numbers, 1, 4, 5. sum it up, 10.
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up, 13. introducing longhorn's big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum
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the acc is dominating the ncaa tournament. they have a record of six teams in the sweet 16 including caroline and duke. the dupe levels pay oregon cash
7:41 am
the tar heels play indiana friday night, jeff gravley is a man covering that game. the caravan railhawks will be the first soccer team in the state to broadcast regular- season matches on tv. they make their network debut at noon against 10 time mexican champion, to the fc. you can see that on x50. our parent company partnered to broadcast always -- all games live. if you would rather see them in person, go to wake med soccer park in cary. the new owner is ramping up experience both on and off the field. >> we think we've got pretty significant changes in place and even from the stadium books. i think you'll be surprised when you come out, it certainly will look more like e home to the railhawks then it has previously. >> we have worked to bring new players into strengthen the squad.
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mintz family zone, the beer garden, and a fan s. free travel expenses, a $12,000 salary and all of the beer you can drink. those are the perks the world of beer is offering as part of a new ternship program. a company is looking for three interns to spend the summer visiting breweries across the country tasting beer, going to festivals, and writing about their experiences. anyone can apply as long as you are 21 or older. applications are due by saturday. there is an online competition to name a research ship. there are strange names in the running so far. we'll tell you where you can
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actual p love that rm light. that is a photographer stream out there. >> didn't have the cold out there, it's beautiful. >> beautiful tuesday moing. >> etty cool. where does it make you want to go? >> we are totally distracted by our producer. some of the dancing. you should come out and have a little dance party. >> dance party tuesday? >> i'm mping ahead. as we jump ahead, temperatures will warm up nicely. at the end of last week we were talking about the fact that we would start this week very cold. we did this morning. temperatures dropped into the upper 20s in some places, up into the mid-30s and others. let's take a look at what's
7:46 am
clouds, blue sky, that tower in the middle of your screen is our xed 101.5 radio tower. there are a couple of tiny patches of fog that you can see out there, too. it almost looks like a lake, a tiny patch of fog there, another e there. this is the kind of thing than as you are driving along you're going to run into it and will be out of it in 50 seconds. i looked at visibility's recently, no sensors are reporting low visibility. just a tiny patches of thought we might run into this morning. 33 is the current temperature, wind is calm, and our dewpoint is 28. that just means it's dry. it's going to feel really great as temperatures climbing to the 60s. humidity will feel low. 30 in roxboro, 32 in south hill, 31 in rocky mount, and 33 in raleigh and goldsboro. a cool start this morning, winter cold ather certainly. i will say that when i walked in this morning, i did have on
7:47 am
in, our security guard said it did not feel as d as i thought. we are getting used to the cold temperatures. it is running anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees colder again this time yesterday. we were in the 30s then. down into the low 30s this morning. fostered by three last until 9:00 this morning but temperatures are beginning to beef up a little bit. when we get into the 8:00 are we will see a rapid warm-up. have a few clouds streaming in from the mountains but for the most part, looking at sunny and warmer nditions today. that will be true for several days. we stay nice and dry today, tomorrow and thursday. this is friday's system getting wound up in the western part of the country. it arrives to bring us a chance of owers friday. probably not one of those all- day reigns with cloud cover but it will get through to bring us our next best chance for rain. meantime, enjoy this pretty weather. all afternoon, we will end up seeing a nice, clear start to
7:48 am
while our temperatures not be just e same? we have had a couple of cold mornings. we'll get into a southerly flow over the next 24 hours. temperatures tomorrow morning will be in the low 40s instead of the w 30s. that helps the warm-up. back to the west, clouds across the mississippi valley and here comes the front crossing the mississippi early thursday morning and poised across the mountains arriving here friday to bring us a chance r rain. 76 wednesday, gusting in the afternoon with winds from 25 to 35 miles per hour. thursday, 78, likely to be e warmest day but then the front comes in friday, bringing us a chance of shower. probably not an all-day rain but a chance of a few showers coming through. a slight cool down saturday at 68 and easter sunday morning with a high of 70 degrees in the afternoon but we start off
7:49 am
sunrise it is that -- sunrise is at 7:07 and we may be dealing with a few attered showers. we will talk about the timing on those as we get closer. tara is here looking at the roads, i know that you have a few incidents to talk about. >> thankfully not causing a big impact at this point. we're starting to see slowdowns, good news is, most of the drive-through garner and johnston county along i-40 west has been pretty iet. there are some delays but nothing out of the ordinary. does not even seem to be as busy as normal at this point of the morning. let's take a closer look at two of those accidents that are having an impact on traffic. both of these on the belt line in the westbound nes. one you will encounter here at u.s.-64 at new bern avenue, and then there is another further of approaching capital boulevard. one of the closest cameras where we can start to see
7:50 am
the ightdale bypass. you can see traffic is able to move quicker in the left two lanes by slowing down in the right lanes as people try to get around ose accidents. let's take a look at the drive along 540, some slowdowns here, no accidents reported at this section or any section of 540 right now. in terms of your drive times, 23 minutes from capital boulevard on over to i-40 this morning. again, things are slow in johnston county, but nothing out of the rdinary. drivetime may be about 15 minutes or a little less in terms of your drive in. it is less, 12 minutes. we are starting to see this go back down closer to normal, well we see the drivetime along the south side of raleigh slowly creep up as people are making their way through blake wheeler road interchange and things like that. if you wanted to take an alternate route,hose would actually be longer so the best bet is to stay on 40 west. back to you.
7:51 am
billionaire elon musk and his wife are going through a divorce again, his wife filed for divorce in los angeles superior court monday. elon musk filed for divorce on new year's eve 2014 but withdrew the position seven months later. this is their second marriage together and would be their second divorce. the pair first married in 10 and divorced in 2012, and remarried 18 months later. he cofounded paypal and started tesla. riley is an actress. pop star katy rry and country star dolly parton are teaming up for the country music awards next month. this will be the first time they have ever rformed live. dolly parton will get a special award for her tv special, "dolly parton's coat of many colors." other performance include kenny chesney and chris stapleton. the reviews are in for the latest live tv musical event
7:52 am
6.6 million viewers. by comparison,that is half the audience for the audience of "grease live" back in january. "the passion" told the story of the final hours of the life of jesus of nazareth. it started tyler perry, tricia yearwood and feel. and chris -- chris ughtry and seal. there is time left to name a new royal research ship in the uk. the agency that runs it solicited ideas on what to name it. they even started a pole. some of the ideas ggested include shackelton and endeavor. however, the most popular name right now is boaty mcboatface. others voted for the name, ice ice baby. voting ends april 16 but there is no rule saying at the agency has to go with the name that gets the most votes.
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from antarctica in 2019. time for a look at what's trending. washington dc's cathedral of saint matthew the apostle is putting the pope mobile on display. it is a fiat 500 l. one of the two cars that pope francis was in during his visit to
7:54 am
7:55 am
the archdiocese is using is a 7:56, i'm renee chou. north carolina lawmakers go
7:56 am
they will take up legislation to block the new nondiscrimination ordinance approved by charlotte city council. the law allows transgendered individuals to use public restrooms that align with her gender identity. harnett county has a new sheriff. wayne coates will fill out the remainder of the term of larry rollins. he has been with the raleigh sheriff's office for 20 years. rollins who has been sheriff since 2002 has not given a reason for stepping down but says he is grateful for the experience. we are grateful for beautiful weather, although starting off chilly, elizabeth. >> that's right. we will be able to handle it because temperatures warm up quickly. if you are about to head out the door the next hour or two you will need to code. let's take a look at what's happening. there's the raleigh skycam, more sunshine then crowd cover even though as we are looking down western boulevard, we are seeing more clouds especially to the north. the temperature in roxboro is 30, 32 in south hill and
7:57 am
still cold out there right now, ice climb into the mid-60s this afternoon, upper 70s wednesday and 30s, -- upper 70s wednesday and thursday. let's take a look at the live commute map. we are starting to see pockets of delays around the triangle but for the most part we have been relatively clear all through johnston county and the clayton bypass this morning. i want to let you know about two accidents on the belt line at u.s.-64/264 and new bern avenue. delays, check the camera, things are looking much more improved. still to come on fox50,
7:58 am
four people dead near north right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knk o, st.
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right now on fox50 we continue to follow breaking news out of brussels where an investigation is underway on what authorities are calling a coordinated terror attack. wrapping up his trip to cuba, what's in store for president obama in havana today. following breaking news on a crash in rocky mount that claimed four lives. a busy morning, thank you for joining us, i'm renee chou. >> i'm bill leslie. we continue to follow that breaking news story out of belgium, 20 people are reported dead in a series of terror attacks including 15 at a metro
8:00 am
>> authorities tell nbc news that possible multiple suicide bombers are involved with the attacks. the airport in brussels is on lockdown, train and airplane services are suspended, the subway system is also shut down. this coming within the last five minutes, there will be additional security in new york and washington dc. the new york police department tells nbc news they plan to have a significant officer presence at all of the city's mass transit hubs. this is in response to the attacks this morning in brussels. >> there is also new security amounts for a new european headquarters of nato in brussels, and also a footnote to the coverage, paris tonight will like the eiffel tower in the colors of the belgian flag to show solidarity for the people of belgian who are of course suffering this morning after those three attacks. two at a departure location of the airport, one curbside, one inside the building.


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