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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  September 8, 2016 7:00am-7:58am EDT

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tough line of from a military crowd >> and it's gointo feel a lot like smer again today. how warm it will get and when we will see some reef thank for joining us this thursday morning. time inow 7:00. >> i'm bill leslie. looks a little hazy out there on that shot saw ther >> i wasn't paying attentio sorry about that, bill. i know it feels humid, so i can believe you. and it's just hot. >> it is. it is. warm out there this morning.
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you can see there'a s ttle cloud cover in the sky there. this shot is mostly of the road. it is a little hard to tell. overl today, lot of sun. yes, it will be a ttle bit hawses say. some cloud cover onand off, especially from raleigh eastward, but no rain today. and of cose we e really in need some of rain, though we had some last week some folksust saw a . comingonour noon necast, we're going to ta a lookat -- doesn't comeout 9:00 a.m. here atus that heading out upper 60s to low 70s. 68 in wake forecast, and carey. town by town, 68 in south hills, and 73 in southern pis, fayetteville, and goldsboro. your planner this morning, expect low 70s, upper 80s to near 90 -- 1 degree above yesterday. it sta hot, hot gun tomorrow. temperatur ua little bit for the weekend. we have a front that will help things out for next
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bring us a whole lot of rain. brian's here with a look at an accident on i-40 that's ing problems? what in the world? . >> not seey big delays on the south side this is on 40 westd around highway 55 that accident over on the right shoulder lks ke a r crash. police have not responded yet to the scene there. we -- little while ago. just want to remember to stay in those center and left lanes on the side of i-40. . something we're going keep your eyes on this morning. good news over on the eastern side of wake county d knight dale. that earlier crash that was blocking a lane on northbound smithville road at the 264 interchange, that has just cleared up. traffic is flowing freely ugh there.
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was not so good. about 17 minutes. now looks like things are coming back down, at least temporarily. 14 minutes around garner this morning. most of those delays around the clayton bypass. we do have a crash over on the right shoulder of 40 westbound. you see it'sover in the not causing any dire dela at this point. but you do need to keep mind. ne to scoot over, again, those left and center leaps ty get that didn't cleared up. not adding too much to your overall commute. we'll watch those drtimes, ani'll hother up at a time about 15 minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. the fural is today for a high school stent und dead a wade county pool. >> a stedepartment of bor investigation into her death moves forward. renee shu is in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: investigators do say there's no
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surrounding the katie of 17-year-old rachel rosov, but there are lingering questions about what happened about what happened. rosov was a lifeguard in the heritage point neighborhood. an employee at the pool say they found the emel high scoltudent in the water saturday. a preliminary autopsy say suggests she was knocked unconscious by an heck try call shock, and drowned. inator have not said ho the pool may have been electricly charged. route safety inspeio at recently in april, june, and july. however, they not include electrical inspections. the north carolina department of labor says it could be three or four months before their report is complete. sov's funeral is 11:00 a.m. at brown -- funeral home in raleigh >> tragic story. thanksree, live in our newsroom. the search is over for a man suspected of lling his teenage son and seriously injung his
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they say he di m self- inflteguho wound. valentine ha on the run since tuesday after said he ot his 15-year-old son and critically wounded his ex- wife wish sha valentine. . lice say, for the firs the ex-wife spokyesterday, better. s an amber alert remains in effect for two miss lastseen in eeboro. police year-old damian mccollumndtwo-ar-old navia mckill um. detectives believe the children are wi their ther. . the motherf a three-year- old girl w died in morning, e still jail this prosecutors sashs flight sk cio ma reel estrada is
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prosecutors believe shs a flight risk, because she recently visited the mexican consulate in raleigh. they also claim maria estrada had a fight with her three-year-old daughter the same day she s left the car. >> did leave her three-year- olbiological child in a vehicle f approximately four hours, causing her death in her care >> family members claim maria estrada had en ra nds with her five thought lesl gt of e car when everyone else got out. her other children are in the custody of soal services. > the cause of a fire at an apartment cpl in carey is still under vestigation this morning. this was breaking news yesterday. it happened just after midnight rned three floors of one building. twenty peoplare without a
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to smoke alarms and neighbors who went door door. three pets, though, did die in the fire. a state trooper killedn the line of tywill be honored today. troopeje delawsuit was struck a kled by burglary suspect who led police on a chase. it hpened on highway 4 years ago today. that, ristopher rogers, is in pron after pleangmurder. and today the bridge after the trooper. it's over red oak road on u.s. 64 in nash county. the dedication ceremony is at nash community college in rocky mount at 1:00. 7:70 now. hillary clinton and donald trump out line their plans on national security. >> what the presidential candidates told voters in a forum focused on national security. . >> plus the punishment for a swimmer who lied about
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try say pots has a preview of today's campaign stops and last night's commander-in-chief forum. >> good to see you. >> reporter: hillary clinton rallies in charlotte day after answering tough questions from a military audience about, mailing classified information.
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classified matiaon a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> reporter: she drew the line on ground troops to find usus. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> reporter: and she insisted donald trump also supported the iraq war. >> i have taken responsibility for my decision. he refuses to take responsibili fty his support. >> i was totally against the war in iraq. >> reporter: tmp ohio today after being challenged repeatedly by the audience to explain his policies. he said immigrants who are not citizens should be allowed to serve in the military. >> it would be a very special circumstance, yes. >> reporter: he defended praising russia's leader. >> if he says great things about me, i'm going to say great things about him. >> reporter: and he criticized our general our
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va reform. >> i will not let the va be privatized. >> i never said take the va, take the veterans n private. i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: setting the stage for their first detelater this month. >> and wral will be there when clinton brings her message today to the tar heel state. she will speak in charlotte at noon. wral's collin our is covering that event. >> security jay johnson will be in durham tonight. he'll deliver remarks on combating threats at home and abroad. he'll speak at the sanford school of policy, public policy. the event is free and open to the public. it starts at 6 in the fleischmann co the damage estitemaare in on hermine. how much officials say the north carolina coast suffered. . >> plus a big decision willbe made t when it comes to how nts in certain counties will vote
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for some reason -- back a long time ago. i think it was in raleigh. or was it houston? >> being on the -- you know, it's so funny how songs make certain memories come to life. >> that's true. >> like, i think of studying in grad school, and i would play, like, one school about a hundred times. and now i can not listen to that song anymore.
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that's definitely a hot day song, i think. fun barbecue song. >> absolutely. going to be a fine day for that. maybe a little bit hot for cooking out; but you know, it's not going to last too much longer. we do have cooler temperatures in the forecast next week. we have a little hazy look at the sky this morng. our temperature 9 t the airport. our winds southwest at 5 miles per hour, and our dew point has been on the which is, you know, not so bad. it's the upper end. the 70s feels really muggy. 65, just kind of right in the middle. it's 63 degrees in rocksboro, and 68 in -- heading south, 73 in southern pines, and in fayetteville, 68 degrees in smithville. satellite and radar picture showing what's going on out there. high pressure in control of our weather, keeping
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through the weekend. we're waiting on a cool front. we're seeing showers and thunderstorms up here where we'd leak to get into some of those, wouldn't we? i know we had some rain last weekend with hermune. we had a lot of that from say raleigh eastward. from raleigh westward, it wasn't that much. we may slip into drought conditions soon. we had a very interesting feature yesterday that was affecting folks around roanoke rapids, even far down south as rocky mountain. that shied just this little disturbance, this little plume of moisture, if you will, come into the nearby portion of arriving area. that is moving eastward and away from us. rain chances are just not so great. 10 on saturday, and 20 on sunday and monday. that's even with a cool front coming through. typically with a cool front, you'd expect to have a decent chance of some showers and storms, but this one looks dry, unfortunately. we look at the tropics for a chance of rain this time of year.
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concern, if you will. it's actually the chance of it developing down a little from yesterday. yesterday the hurricane center said maybe a 70% chance of this one developing in 4, 5 days, and it's down to 06% now. we'll have to keep our eye on it. nothing to be too concerned about soon. 95 today. our big issue certainly the heat. this is a look at the heat index. it's going to feel like 97 to 99 during the middle of the afternoon. really, really hot. we talked about hopscotch, one of the biggest music festivals we have. saturday is one of the biggest days. it's going to be hot there. at 9:00, 80. over the weekend, expect 90 on sunday. big weekend for outdoor events, and it looks like it will stay fairly dry. it looked like that might bring us a chance of some thunderstorms; but you know, probably only about 20% chance. so i wouldn't change your sunday plans because of
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be that big of a deal. then finally we get a break from the heat monday, tuesday, and wednesday. those temperatures are still above normal, but not as much above normal as we'll see today and tomorrow. ryan, of course, has his eye on the rods this morning. schools like it's been pretty quiet, even with an accident out there. a couple crashes that have popped up on came still followg 40 un nd highway and south rham. everything's over on the right shoulder. so far we haven't seen any delays just yet westbound side. and likely will not without too much activity there. no lanes blocked. probably not going to be a big deal. we have to watch the eastbound side this morning for congestion and also maybe a little bit of a sun glare delay as we get closer to 8:00. starting to get to that time of year. 15 minutes through guarantee this morning. about 17 minutes to make the trip out toward the wade avenue interchange. had an earlier crash on 40 westbound.
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the road, not causing any problems. few other accidents popping up here, including one on -- rather clear don crescent near newburn avenue not too far from the high school, another on spring rest quail ridge on the north side of raleigh. just getting word of an accident on wake forest road at 440. this is the southbound side of wake forest road, and this is the ramp out to 440 westbound. and you see that it's not really blocking a travel lane directly this morning. just kind of causing a little confusion there as people no police on the scene just yet. likely get that cleared up pretty quickly. looks pretty minor at this point. want to are mind you about this ramp closing. will close tonight. it will reopen in time for your monday morning commute. this is all part of the fortified project. westbound traffic is going to be detoured down to kerry town boulevard. pert yet, use happy alternate route. back to you >> thanks, brian. a preliminary assessment shows tropical storm
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a half million in damage in d,ir county alone. that includes one home atwas destroyed. hat russ island sustained 1.5 million in damage, the most in the county. this estimate does not include debris removal or personal property. an updated estimate is due late this week. and a section of highway 12 after the storm. the dot had a detour in place in kitty hawk because of the threat of re ocean overwash the road opened to traffic early yesterday afternoon. ryan locht from his sport for 10 months for his involvement in a gas station incident in rio. that is according to reports from "usa today" and tmz. the punishment was handed down by the international olympic committee. the u.s. olympic committee and usa swimming sews anxious. an official announcement could come today. a source close to the process says lochte will not be allowed to participate in the 2017 world championships. during the olympics, lochte was accused of
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station bathroom and then lied about what happened. police in rio found lochte's robbery claims to be false. new,s" this morning in the flint, michigan, water crisis investigation. . former flint utilities manager michael glasgow is cooperating with the attorney general's office, and in exchange for that, a felony charge against him has been dropped. the codefendants are accused of allowing the city to use flint river water without would be less corrosive. the coast guard is searching for a cruise ship passenger who went overboard. the 32-year-old woman from new york reportedly fell from the 11th deck of the carnival ecstasy as the ship passed near the island of brand bahama early yesterday morning. the cruise line, rather, reported she jumped overboard. the trip was traveling from the bahamas to charleston, south carolina. a passenger snapped this picture that you see here of the coast guard searching for the woman.
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continue its journey to charleston. and new developments filed in the case involving the charleston church shooting suspect, federal prosecutors say dylan roof should not be allowed to ask the jury for mercy. the 22-year-old -- in state and federal court. attorneys for both have said roof is willing to plead guilty if the death penalty is off the table. the federal trial begins in november. roof's state trial begins next year. a big announcement today for voters across north carolina. >> next on fox 50, the decision expected today from state board of educations, and why the state naacp will be watch being meeting very closely >> and nasa scientists are getting ready for a
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a teenager who died will laid to rest today. seventeen-year-old rachel rosov was found in the pool on saturday. the wake county sheriff's office says there's no evidence of criminal conduct. their investigation into the death, however, contues. prosecutors say the durham mother who's charged in the death oferree-year- old daughter is a flight risbecause she
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consulate in raleigh. a judge doubled rosary maria estrada's bond -- she remains in the durham county jail. hot today, elizabeth. >> yes and it's already warm out there with tharge. take a look at our durham skycam. lot of sun there in downtown durham. looking down at the durham freeway, things are moving along fine. you can see a lot of sun in durham this morning. temperatures are going to warm up quickly. it is 69 in irwin, rocky mount, and raleigh. 70 in fayetteville. a wide range in our temperatures this morning. 95 this afternoon, that's really to our high yesterday, which94. we have very little chance of rain between now and saturday. temperatures will actually step down a little bit for the weekend, 92 saturday, and a high of 90 on sunday. brian? let's ke a look at some drive times now rough garner are not getting any better. 19 minut now from 42 up to the belt line spt. real starting to slow there. al starting to see condions
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wto wade, taking t abou16 minutes now. fortified work ze in south durham look out for a h on the right shoulder around highway 55. no big delays. stay in the left and center lanes. minor crash blocking the right lane of southbound wake forest road. back to you. >> brian, thank you. a confusing message for some local voters. a live report on the decisions
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time is now 7:30. this morning, the board of educations will tune lies early voting plans for a third of the state's counties. >> the a the counties th couldn't come one a decision themsels. wral's mukaya thurmond is here to explain what's at stake. mikaya? >> reporter: good morning, bill and l,na. voting rights activists are watching this meeting closely. they say they're prepared to return to court if the board makes it more difficult for democrats to ca that federal court ruling, which invalidated north carolina's voter i.d. law also came with other provisions, one of which increased the number of eay voting days. with the november election fast approaching, election officials are now required to make changes, and make them soon. sixty-seven counties crafted new plans. thirty-three others, including cumberland and wake county, couldn't agree. today, the state board will make a decision for them. the meeting begins at 10:00
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streaming that meeting on bill and linda? . >> all right. mukaya thundershower monday, thank you very much. some voters are getting mixed messages about voter i.d. rules for the upcoming november election. last month the circuit court refused to put a court after appeals ruling on hold. that means voters will not be required to show a photo i.d. when they vote in person. but one viewer contacted wral after getting information, saying voters must show an i.d.. the information september 2nd. we have reached out to the state board of educations, but have not yet heard back. governor pat mcrory finds himself at odds with the state's largest business lobby. during an event, mcrory said a group of top business leaders helped draft house bill 2. that is something the north carolina chamber has me nationwide for months. the statement appears to put the republican candidate directly at with the state's largest
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in recent veteraget help filing claims and enrolling in va health care services at a special event in carey starting today. there's a benefits -- at the herbert young community ceer downtown. it runs today through saturd. attendisease are asked to bring a photo i.d. and all available document station about their cases, plus any medical records. the event is hosted by the wake county veteran services and carey branch overtrains of foreign wars. at can't tell the difference between 92 and 95. it's just hot. >> so true. and why is this happening in september? well we do typically have highs in the 90s all the way into early october. not consistently, but we'll see them sort of smattered and scattered through the forecast. we're looking at a pretty long retch of highin the 90s now, and it ll last all thway through the weekend fayetteville skycam loing pr
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downtown fayetteville. do by town, 7269 wion. feelg rmhis mog. a touch on the muggy side. kids are going to want their shorts and t shirts. but that high of 95 this afrnoon is not going to feel so great, especially wi a liledditional on top of that, it staysry d all the way thrghouhe weekend, which is great if u have outdoor plans. we'rstting to y out a bit. we're going to tal brian is here, taking aooat what is happening on the rods this morning. ow, it seems like it's been pretty quiet so far. >> overall it's been pretty quiet. vice president reallse problems with big delays. we have a few crashes you need w out. we'll start off on i-40 at highway 55. we have the right shoulder blocked with an earlier minor accident. stay in the left and center lanes as you head westbound on i-40 this morning. not too far from there, we have another crash. this is on the southbound side of miami boulevard at the i-40 interchange.
7:34 am
traffic trying to get around at. looks like you arable to ke at length of time turn, althought ght take yoa ttle while get ound there with that intersection, that interchange partially ocked this morning. we'lkeep our e that. s a on the central or in the ntral part o raleigh,is at wake forest southbound traffic here heading ward town, and we have an accident blocki right lane. so traffic's getti by we are not really seeing any big dela because of that crash. if you can scoot over, try if you can. at least slow down considerably heading through there for safety. some other accidents and also some slow downs. we are picking up delays, of course, on 40 westbou from 42 up to e belt line split. typical delays there all the way out toward jones straw road. it's even a little slow heading beyond that into the 440 officer change and beyond. the fortified work zone starting to fill up a little bit.
7:35 am
spring forest road. . . ll be closed until sometime overnight monday. monday morning. it will be open in ti for ur monday morning commute. they do have a detour is the up to get back to gormon street. elizabeth has something out of this world. oh, brian, u're funny. yes, we are lking asteroids and aty can tell us about life on earth and the solar system. tonight just a will launch its first ever mission to get samples from an asteroid and bring them back to earth. the spacecraft is called the, get this, spectral international resources identification security -- explorer, or isiris rex for sht. osirus rex will travel a nearby asteroid. what is it going to find? joining us this morning is one
7:36 am
us. >> good morning. it's nice to be here. >> so tell us why it's so important to head out to this asteroid to take samples. why are we interested in this? . >> well, the earth and all the other planets form about 4.6 billion years ago. asteroids and comets are the material that was length of time over. it didn't get incorporated into earth, mars, or any of the other planets of the solar system. so and get to sample that pristine material that's really the building block that our planet is made of, everything on this planet. in fact, we suspect the type of asteroid van, is a carb neighbors asteroidthat's the kind of asteroid that not just brought water to earth; it also potentially brought the seeds of life to earth. >> so if we learn more about the seeds of life, what will scientists do with that information?
7:37 am
sometimes of meteorites is that we've actually seen e letters of our dnaence -- our dna seence is made up of four compounds. we've seen some of those letters in there's en t letters that life on earth doesn't incorporate. one of the things we're trying to undetand is the implications for life not just on this planet, but for those 3,000 plus plets we've been around other stars. asteroidhave big implications for understanding not just the igins of life on eah, but the origins of life beyond earth. so is isportan missio, thbut one of the first times na has tried to sample an id, especially as it's moving. and you're calling itkissing the asteroid. explain th. >> that's right. we don't actually land the spacecraft to return a sample. we basically drop what looks
7:38 am
asteroid. we grab a sample, bring it back up to the spacecraft. this is hard stuff we're doing. our juicer are amazing. they've been able to work hard over the last six or so years to figure out how the do this. we're confident it's going to work, and we're excited abt it. this is technology we need in the future as we send humans out beyond earth's orbit toward mars. >> very exciting. a firs how long will it take to got that information back on earth? . >> this is a long mission. scientists have to be patient. it takes about two years to get to banu, the asteroid we're going. this is a model of benu. with oar going to spend about two years orbiting the asteroid, studying it, figuring out what is the best sample to bring back to earth. then the sample will actually arrive here in september of 2023.
7:39 am
we can't wait to hear what what the mission brings back. and ellen stofan, nasa chief scientist, thanks so much for being with us this morning. very interesting information. the launch is set for 7:05 tonight, and live coverage of the launchbegins on nasa tv at 4:30. you cafound out information about e mission vennu on nasa's web site at also coming up later on our newscast in the 8:00 hour, we're going to talk to benu got its name, and it happens to be something that haalmost a loc t. more about that coming up. >> good stuff. >>we love a local tie. thanks, elizeth. there's a new iphone to clamor over this morning. . >>lus starbucks wants to give its customers more than a cup of joe. the new feature coffee lovers will find in the
7:40 am
carolina cash 5 numbers 3 17 26
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preorders of the new iphone 7 begin tomorrow. 's a new phone with a lot of cool features, but everyone is talking about the lack of a headphone jack. apple unveiled its newest yphone 7 yesterday. it has stereo speakers for the first time and dual cameras for iphone 7 plus. it's also what everybody wants, water-resistant. the new phone does not have a standard headphones jack.
7:43 am
apple air pods, or you can get an adapter to connect to the old phones. prices for the new iphone 7 begin with a mere $650. apple introduced a swim proof apple watch as well. the apple wash 2 has built-in gps, brighter display, and faster process soar. existing watches can get new operating software on september 13th. apple is phasing out smartwatch models made with 18-carat gold. it's being replaced with a ceramic watch. a "pok,mon" app is coming to -- as wall, called "super mario run." the new game will be released in time for the holidays. starbucks wants to do more than make coffee; they want to share independence separational stories with customers. starbucks said it's moving further into the world of content creation on subjects including a former nfl player who helps disabled veterans. the company says it will begin
7:44 am
digital series the up standers in stores and on its mobile app over the next ten weeks. next on fox 50, the airplane announcement that had passengers laughing out
7:45 am
adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, 44th in per-student spending, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years.
7:46 am
to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
7:47 am
they're going see low 90s -- feeling like upper 90s with the heat index. let's check out our solar farm 5. already plenty of energy being created out there in the eastern part of wake county at our solar farm. and our temperature 69 degrees. our winds southwest, 9 miles per hour. still have a little breeze, butny this wind shift is not going southwesterly wind generally carries more moisture with it. so you can expect it to be muggier today. checking our dew point at 65. it's not so bad yet, but later this afternoon, it will climb up to nearly 70, and our heat index is going to make it feel like almost 100 this afternoon. that just doesn't seem right in september, does it? 71 in south hill. that's our current temperature, 69 in rocky mount, 73 in southern pines and fayetteville. our dew points are definitely
7:48 am
back over to the west in raleigh, rocksboro, and southern pines, we're looking at low to mid-60s. the lower that number, the less sticky it feels. closer to 70 it starts to feel progressive. we're fooling that in the eastern part of the state. high pressure bringing us dry conditions, and it will be hot, too. that high pressure sitting pretty close to us, and we still have this little disturbance that's shifting offshore. that brought us some showers and thunderstorms yesterday, starting say around lunch time or the day. this sort of odd plume of moisture coming down from pennsylvania through eastern virginia and into nearby north carolina. but we're about finished with that. it's going to shift offshore. shouldn't have a big impact on our weather. so from raleigh north and east, maybe a little grayer. into the afternoon, mostly cloudy. some showers and storms try to pop up across the mountains, but we're really not going to see anything here today, today,
7:49 am
the computer models are showing our front way up to the north and west as being very weak coming through, not bringing us much rain. still look like it's going to drop our temperatures and humidity a bit, but not going to give us much relief from our dry conditions. the hurricane center says a 60% chance that may develop. and so we'll keep watching that. 95, feeling more like nearly 100 this afternoon with the heat index. it is a football friday for games kick off around 7:00. still going to be in the mid-, upper 80s at that point. at 10:00, 08 degrees. just plan accordingly. hopscotch music festival starts today in downtown raleigh. a lot of folks will be heading out saturday. if going down there, make sure you're aware that's going on. going to be busy downtown. at 6:00, 87; and at 9:00, 80 degrees. we finally get into some cooler weather by monday, tuesday, wednesday next week
7:50 am
and slightly cooler. should be pretty nice compared to what we've seen the last few days. the weekend will be a little warm. high temperatures in the low 90s. so plan accordingly. lot and lot and lot of events happening over the weekend. ryan of course taking a look at a nice quiet commute for the most part. >> for the most part, although we're starting to see delays building in some spots. it's 7:50 now, not seeing delays just yet on 40 westbound through south durham. that crash on the right shoulder there not too far from the 05 interchange. really there at the interchange. and trfic's getting ound it without any delay. just in those center and left lanes. most people e able to do that this morning. part of the ate's vever law. mor o least 1 lane. if you county, just slow down considerably. goodew non miami boulevard at i-40. an earlier crash that was blocking a couple ft turn lanes now has cleared. traffic is flowing freely through that area. we have a lot of red on the map. over in durham, look out for some building delays. going to start seeing these approach every day on 40
7:51 am
hill, especially between 54 on out toward highway 55. partly congestion, partly little sun glare component to that at this point. s a seeing delays in kerry. that trip on u.s. 1 northbound, starting to bog down a bit between 51 and i-40. ride is taking about 14 minutes. 440 westbound also -- on the east side of the belt line from the i-40 interchange all the way around toward the wade you're looking at about 30 minutes. anon the north side of wake county, coming out of wake forest on inbounded capital boulevardings right now that ride to 540 is taking you about 20 minutes. back to you. this music just makes you think of something trending. the most interesting man in the world is trending.
7:52 am
now there's a new younger more athletic most interesting man featured in the beer's ads. take a look. >> inter,sante como el. >> [ music ]. >> so in the teaser trailer, dos equis introduces us to awe gus rebrand who is a french actor who speaks english and spanish as well. you may remember the old dos equis ads -- would have a bevy of women with him. bebrond will be more of a james bondesque action hero. goldsmith was 77 when he retired earlier this year. we'll see how people like him, you know, if it camps on any way.
7:53 am
>> goldsmith was just so cool. the fact he was 77, i did not know that. >> i know. i know. time for a new era, apparently. also trending, those creative and talented flight attendants on southwest airlines. . >> very quiet. we have reached your destination. this is bugs bunny here. on half of this flight crew, southwest airlines, welcome to chicago, the seat belts fastnd, seat backs -- tray tables -- >> so this flight attendant is sam homeasser. how is he so food at making all those different voices? apparently he's a professional puppeteer. also good customer service there. everybody on the plane was laughing. >> i do feel bad for the other flight attendants who have to sit next to that every
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the carolina panthers are looking to even the score. they meet the denver broncos tonight in a rematch of super bowl 0. you can watch the starting ere on wral, at 8:30. that should be exciting. but it will be a hot day.
7:57 am
the next several days will feature temperatures well above normal. look at that hazy view of our downtown raleigh skycam. not likely to have rain next few days. even with our front coming through sunday, that's looking a little drier. 69 rocky mountain, 64 in rocksboro, 73 in southern pines and fayetteville. expect a high of 95 this afternoon. 1 degree hotter than yesterday. still 92 saturday with 90 on sunday. so our heat wave continues into ryan? 7:57 now, elizabeth. some heavy delays this morning with congestion on the south side of durham. this is 40 eastbound at 7:51; and as you leave chapel hill this morning, you're going to run into those big delays. 12 minutes to make the ride from 54 out to the durham freeway. take a look at your alternate route, which would be 54 eastbound. not looking any better between i-40 and. with alexander. we'll have to keep our eyes on those 40 -- drive times. we'll let you know when that alternate route looks a little better. 40 westbound in the fortified work zone. 23 minutes from 440 out to wade
7:58 am
almost 30 minutes to use the belt line as an alternate. back to you. >> thanks, brian. the search is now over for a murder suspect who was on the run from our area. next on fox 50, where authorities finally found his
7:59 am
's game time! and you know what that means. it's time to grab a kfc twenty dollar fill-up. yeah! now available with extra crispy tenders. oh! hey, hold on, you're losing your tenders there.
8:00 am
a state department of labor investigation into her death will now move forward. wral's bill leslie is in our newsroom w >> investigators do say there's no evidence of any criminal conduct surrounding the death of 17-year-old rachel rosoff. there are lingering questions about what happened. rosoff was a lifeguard at the community pool in the heritage point neighborhood, and according to a 911 call, an employee of the pool said they found the them,l high school student in the water on saturday. a preliminary autopsy say suggests rosoff was knocked unconscious by an


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