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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  September 12, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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people across the nation paused to remember those lost in the it wouldiest terror attack on u.s. soil. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much for joining us. now to our top story. we are following breaking news out of durham. police are investigating a homicide at an apartment complex along east -- parkway. >> we have confirmed two people were shot. one of those victims died. wral's mikaya thurmond joining us live from the scene now. mikaya? >> reporter: leyla and renee, the crime scene investigation unit of the durham police department has been on the scene here for now more than seven hours. i'm going to step out of the way to give you a live
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perimeter set up -- the original call came in around 12:40 last night, and that's when police responded to a call of a shooting. once they arrived, they found one man who had been shot and was injured with nonlife-threatening injuries, and another man who had died. police have not said whether it was an altercation that led to this or whether there was some outside party, but they do say they are not looking outside suspects, and there's no threat for the public at this time. but of course anyone with information is asked to contact durham police. renee and leyla? . >> mikaya thurmond with the latest on the homicide investigation in durham. well the trial is set to begin for the second person charged in a double murder out of wake county. israel vazquez is accused of killing jose and maria mendoza in january 2013. he was 16 years old at the
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nephew, jonathan santian to life in prison without parole last year. santian is not eligible for the death penalty, because he was 15 at the time of the crimes. an animal cruelty trial against a woman accused of starveing the family's dog to death continues today. before we show these images, want to give you a bit of a warning: these pictures are a bit disturbing. stephanie baits of cumberland county was arrested in march 2015, charged with felony animal cruelty. dog named bruno. baits faces up to two and a half years in prison if convicted. republican presidential nominee donald trump is in north carolina today. he plans to hold an evening rally in rasheville. the doors open at 3; the event is set to begin at 6. today the moral monday
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american politics. clergy and activists are taking part. they will call on communities to go to the polls and vote for candidates who support their social justice agenda. the group is calling this the higher ground, moral day of action. this is a campaign taking police in more than 25 capital cities. the rally starts at 11 this morning outside the old capital building in raleigh. law enforcement officers in durham are trying to raise awareness about our state's pedestrian laws. they're concerned about the children. resources officers with the durham county sheriff's office said that they on served speeding drivers entering crosswalks near durham schools. they're partnering up with durham police outside jordan high school this morning to remind drivers, "remember, guys, slow down. you don't want to speed in those school zones as students are trying to make their way to school." . >> do not put those student lives at risk. >> no need. >> take the time there. >> plan for it.
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plan for your morning commute. >> absolutely. we want to plan for the weather as well. one of the aspects of today's weatherer is we will be cooler than we have been last couple days. most of us are in the low to mid-60s. we have 64 for louisburg. we have 70 around chapel hill as well. here at the station in raleigh, we're right around 71. moving to the south a bit, 65 in sanford, but 75 for goldsboro. so parts of the ar fairly muggy and humid as we're kicking off the kay. there's generally more cloud cover as well over the southeastern half or so of our viewing area. we've also got a couple showers that have formed over southeastern parts of the state, even a little bit of lightning starting to show up not too far inland of the coast in spots. most of our area is dry now, and will be through the day. we'll get to about 80 degrees at lunch time with partly cloudy skies. by 3, 4:00, up to about 86. backing it down to the upper 70s by 8 p.m.
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head through the later morning and afternoon. most of those, though, will be over the -- now over to brian, who's keeping up with traffic. it's rather crowded on the freeways, interstates. let's take a look outside, see what we're dealing with this morning. here's a look at i-440 and wake forest road, where traffic has been craw so. expect delays if you're headed 440 around raleigh, westbound out to 40. here's a look at i-540 at fallsom news. it is a standstill on the westbound lanes. you're not getting anywhere quickly through there. fallsome news over to six forks. be mindful of that if you're heading 540 westbound. our daily trouble spot, i-40 through -- and garner, we are seeing some significant delays there at the clayton bypass.
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to i-440, and 440 to wade avenue. , it's about 19 minutes. not seeing any delays as you head west of raleigh out to rtp and wade avenue to i- 540. just a 6-minute drive. look at the northern wake drive times on highway 1. 15 minutes from wake forest to 540, and on 540 west from capital out to i-40, it's a 23-minute drive. we saw some delays there in the westbound 540 lanes. you posted. back to you. >> thanks so much. french officials breathing a bit of a sigh of relief after a suspected terrorist plot is foiled. >> how police caught one the teenage suspect just days after stopping another potential attack. . >> plus what investigators believe may have caused a deadly accident. . >> the members of two football teams who took a
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me.
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some even calling it a trap. but critics stopped short of rejecting the agreement, which is set to go into effect at net. french police arrested a 15- year-old boy they believe was planning a weekend attack. officers took the teen into custody after jones services detected a threat. be arrest comes two days after police arrested what prosecutors call a trio of a stopped attack at notre dame cathedral. authorities believe he planned to carry out a knife attack in public this past weekend. well the nation paused to remember the victims of the september 11th terrorist attacks this weekend, and thousands gathered for mothers, including both presidential candidates. jay gray shows us how the victims were honored on
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. >> jeremiah joseph -- >> joe ann marie ahiotus. >> reporter: fifteen years later, the memory of those lost and emotions have yet to fade. thousands gathered today around the memorial at ground zero at lower manhattan to honor, remember, and pay their respects, including presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton, both suspending their campaigns sunday out of respect for the attacks. after spending about 90 minutes at the memorial, clinton's campaign team says she felt overheated. she left abruptly and went to her daughter chelsea's apartment in new york. inside for about and hour before walking out steady and waving to the crowd. >> [ singing ]. >> reporter: a crowd of family members and friends fathered at the memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, honoring heros who gave their lives to divert a lodged plane heading
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>> their spirits lived in this sacred ground and in our hearts. >> reporter: and president obama took part in a service at the pentagon, sharing a message of respect and resolve. >> but in the end, the most enduring memorial to those we lost is ensuring the america that we continue to be, and we stay true to ourselves. . we stay true to what's best in us, that we not let others divide us. >> reporter: a nation united, refusing to give in to terror and refusing to forget. nbc news, new york. >> and you can find much more on how communities in the triangle and beyond mark the 15th anniversary of september 11th by going to
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results of a new survey -- >> and the number of eligible retirees still on the job >> plus home ownership is on the decline for one
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we had showers that died out for awhile, are regenerating in spots. i already have it zoomed in, because this is really the only part of the state in north carolina that has showers going on now, and the ones that were kind of tiny, but fairly strong showers over eastern dublin county a little earlier have moved mainly become intense enough in a couple spots now to end up with some lightning strikes showing up. you can see a couple of shows popping up in spots. most of that is just about outside of our viewing area now. as we go through the day, the part of our viewing area that has the chance to see a few showers or storms pop up on occasion is mainly in the southern third or maybe even quarter, mainly south from about fayetteville to goldsboro. we have few clouds in some
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sky. you can see a mix of both of those on our tower cam, which is located in southeastern wake county, and looking back toward the northwest. 71 at the raleigh durham airport with partly cloudy skies now, a north, northeast wind at 3 miles per hour, dew point at 65, pressure of 30.15 inches and heading up. our temperatures range from mid- 6 0s up near the virginia border to low and mid- 70s in the south. fayetteville and clinton both at 74 degrees this hour. we look at satellite and radar last 24 hours, we see associated with the front. just about parked over southeastern parts of the state at this point. we've got high pressure extending into central and western north carolina to start the day and probably through the day to keep things mainly dry there. but over the southeastern areas, the front will be stalling and kind of washing out over the next couple days. it may serve as a bit of a focus for some occasional shower and thunderstorm activity. here we go into midday with generally more sun to the north and west, more clouds to the southeast. during the afternoon and
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widely scattered showers or storms over southern north carolina. overnight tonight, we'll call it fair to partly cloudy. tomorrow we'll have the better chances of showers and storms forming to the south. a lot of us missing out tomorrow. maybe a couple stray showers and storms popping up in the mountains. around the triangle area, only about a 15% chance today, down to 10 next couple days. bounces up to about 30% on thursday. that's when our next front approaches the area. for today, we're looking for a high around 86 we should be about 80 degrees at lunch time with partly sunny skies by 3 or 4:00, up to 86. if you're out into the evening hours, partly cloudy and back down to about 77. 88 tomorrow, and then a couple days where we hit up around 90 degrees, on wednesday and thursday. should be mostly cloudy on wednesday, and then partly sunny on thursday. we'll have a chance at a passing shower or thunderstorm. and then probably a little cooler again for friday with highs in the 80s. does look like it will end up kind of warm for the
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showers or storms as with finish things out on sunday. back to you. . good monday morning for you. the broncos straight up abused cam newton on thursday, and now the panthers could be the ones paying the price. the nfl's player's association will initiate a compliance investigation into the way the team handled newton after a couple particularly dangerous this one was flagged for roughing the quarterback, but newton did take at least 3 other helmet-to-helmet shots. coach rivera told us thursday both the team doctor and unaffiliated neurological consultant cleared cam to continue then.
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a 6-figure fine to loss of draft picks. russell wilson making due -- touchdown toss to doug baldwin in the closing minute, spoils miami's shot at upsetting seattle. 12-10 sea hawks final. our first edition of "sunday night football" on wral. what a finish. chandler catz,ro for the win from rob gronkowski -- patriots survive 23-21 in a battle of finalists. novak djokovic slowed by a foot injury, won the first set against sam mareka, but the swiss superman, just go take the next 3. -- never lost in a major championship loss. that streak did not end on sunday. he wins his first ever u.s. open, 3rd major
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djokovic. coming up later on wral sports, nc state looks to rebounded. plus unc roadways for its home opener against jmu. we'll hear from coaches joram and fedora tonight at 6. for some couples, the start of football season usually signals some problems; but more and more couples are finding some common ground, because women, they're plexing their football muscle. joining miles. she's a sports author and author of "when football season turns you into his side chick." good morning and welcome so much. this is a good thing to talk about now with sunday night football. i'm sure a lot of couples are waking up, kind of maybe recovering from yesterday. is that fair enough? . >> absolutely. that's a good description for it. this is the most wonderful time of the year. >> is it? . >> this is a celebration,
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i did the book, i was just trying to create, like, a balance, because some women do struck this will time of year. they find themselves neglected, feel like they're getting cheated on. they feel like they're a mistress to football for lack of a better word. >> understand. >> i thought i'd create the book to help with the balance -- >> let's start with the heart breaking 1-point loss the panthers suffered against the problem keys. where do we start there? . >> well, of lot of questioning, controversy with the helmet to helmet hit and lack of. i think the thing is, because of carolina -- last year, getting the losses out of the way early -- because, you know, a 15-1 season doesn't guarantee a super bowl. teams have done it with going 9- 7. the giants have won a super bowl being 9-7. not so
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that 1st loss. . i think they're just taking the mistakes that were made there, have short-term memory, forget about the loss, and -- >> what's your take on the panthers and a possible fine for allowing cam knewton to keep playing despite several helmet to helmet tackles. >> he's their franchise quarterback, so i understand why they wanted to keep him out. i understand that. with the rules, it is only franchise player. so i think it's kind of fair if they do assess a fine. again, this is one of those things it would be a mistake, get it out of the way early in is season. go ahead for the -- better result this is year. >> latasha miles talking sports. and for men and women in relationships, everything involved. thank you so much. >> thanks for having many. well hillary clinton cancels several campaign stops.
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>> that's right. that's raising questions about her health. her campaign says not to worry. the reason for her abrupt departure from a 9/11 event. >> and we have a new miss
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three died. let's check in with mike moss for the weather glare thanks, l,yla. a quick look at temperatures across the region. a range from north to south thanks to a front that's over central and southern parts of the viewing area. we've got 64 at rocksboro and south hills, 71 in raleigh. about 74 degrees from goldsboro down to fayetteville and clinton. you can kind of see some bands of clouds associated with that front, some showers to the east yesterday and to the southeast this with that. back over to the triangle area, we're seeing a mix of clouds and sun. we'll go through the day that way with a temperature around 80 at lunch time. should reach a high around 86 by 3 or 4 this afternoon. maybe a storm or two south of fayetteville or goldsboro. this evening, down to 77 with partly cloudy skies at 8 p.m. . over to brian with a hook at traffic. >> a number of our freeways in the area not so free. pretty clogged, especially the durham freeway.
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alexander. looks pretty food there. but as you head on up the road to ellis and manam, this is where you'll start seeing -- actually it is beginning to clear up there. in the last minute or so. that's great news. not seeing too much of a delay. 10 minutes i-40 to manageam street. i-40 to -- 42 to 440, pretty slow, and 440 to wade, 19-minute ride this morning. usual slow down there.
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she became overheated at the 9/11 memorial in new york according to her campaign. >> the democratic presidential new mexico knee is actually fighting pneumonia. tracy pots joins us now from washington with the latest. >> reporter: this video of hillary clinton leaving the 9/11 memorial clearly unstable and needing stop signs is raising questions. her doctor says she got overheated and dehydrated two days after with pneumonia. congressman joe crawley was standing right behind clinton. >> very tight, you know, inches from each other. >> reporter: clinton later emerge. >> a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: seemingly better after resting in her daughter chelsea's apartment. >> reporter: are you feeling better? . >> yes. thank you very much. >> reporter: she's canceled two days of fundraisers in california under doctor's orders to rest with antibiotics.
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a coughing fit last week that her doctor attributed to allergies. in 2012, she also became dehydrated, fainted, got a concussion, and a second blood clot. donald trump has questioned her stamina, but little is known about his health history. tracy pots, nbc news, washington. new overnight, business economists are weighing in on this presidential election. more than half of those surveyed think the election of hillary clinton would have a neut the economy, while 60% think a donald trump presidency would have a negative effect. in a new report released this morning, economists now expect growth of 1 and a half percent this year, down from the 1.8% they forecast in judge. they expect next year to be a little bit better with 2.3% growth. the survey was conducted by the national association for business exhibition. vice president joe biden makes a stop in north carolina this morning.
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central breedmont community college this morning. he's expected to talk about how businesses and community colleges can work together to help people make it to the middle class. this evening, he'll headline a private fund raiser in raleigh with gubernatorial candidate rory cooper. donald trump is returning to north carolina today. he will hold a rally in asheville at the u.s. cellular center. the event starts at 6 tonight. this is trump's second visit to north carolina in less than a week. he stopped in greenville last week. and chelsea busy here in north carolina this week, campaigning for her mother. tomorrow she'll hold a women in leadership panel at wake forest university. then she'll lead the grand opening of clinton's new campaign office in durham. on wednesday, she'll campaign in raleigh, and kick off a live report registration drive. wade county commissioners will consider funding for 14 sports, arts, and cultural projects. this includes raleigh's new bike share program, which the county manager recommends not funding.
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take on affordable housing. the goal is to develop a 20- year comprehensive affordable housing plan. the worsening zika crisis is expected to be on the agenda today when president obama meets with the top four congressional leaders. they will also talk about an end-of-the-month deadline to fund the government or face a shut down. mike moss joining us this morning to talk about the weather and what we can plan for the rest of day. >> exactly. looks like we could end up with a couple showers, isolated thunderstorms south and east of the triangle area. we have a little active weather going on out there now. let's take a look at radar. this is, again, mainly just outside our viewing area. if you look over eastern sections of samson county southeast of clinton there, a little tiny shower going on over there northwest of jacksonville. there's a thunderstorm, a pretty good thunderstorm going on up in central jones county, a kind of noisy morning there.
8:34 am
east, probably headed toward newburn here in the next 20 or 30 minutes. right now our temperatures around the area cover a little bit of a range. 68 degrees at roanoke rapids, about 68 for carey. irwin is looking at 73. we have 72 for goldsboro. as we head through the course of the day, most of us are going to climb into the mid- 8 0s. that's right around, a couple degrees above normal this time of year. cooler than the 90s we saw over the course of the weekend. a mix of sun and clouds across most of the area. a little cloud cover. toward the south and southeast, closer to a stallinged frontal boundary. from around southern pines, points south, there may be a few scattered, widely scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly in the morning and into the afternoon. and then we'll have some warmer weather coming back around midweek. we'll talk about that in the 7- day forecast in just a few minutes. renee? . >> thank you, mike. combating evil with good. the parent of a special needs child is singing the
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kindness. >> after hearing about a mean- spirited -- stepped in. how their gesture made an
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adelle: at first, i was so happy to teach in north carolina. but we've fallen to 41st in teacher pay, and a lot of us even have to buy school supplies. governor mccrory talks about raising our pay, but he tried to cut education funding to its lowest budget share in over 30 years. like over two thousand other teachers, i'm having to move to another state so i can do what i love and make ends meet.
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merle horton is here to talk about this creative idea.
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>> good morning. thank you for having me. this is something your husband's disability inspired. it can go beyond someone who's dealing with parkinson's disease. >> absolutely. i think our holdest stomer is 104. he doesn't have any conditions except his fingers don't work as well as they used to. whether you have limited deposition exhibit forty or don't want to fumble with small buttons any longer, hopefully this will solution for you. >> and now what's cool is these shirts will be available in the major retailers. tell us about that. >> absolutely. so exciting van losen has partnered with their retailers to make the first adaptive clothing that's actually available to consumers in stores. never happened before >> and this major retailor not the only one sort of taking note of this, taking it on. you actually were just in carey for winnovation. it's women inspiring
8:39 am
you were certainly recognized there as well. >> i was. it was definitely an honor to be a part of such a great event. >> wow. so a lot of people taking note of this. so what's next for you, mother area, now you are managing this company, managing this technology that's making a huge difference for so many folks? . >> i hope we just continue to grow and -- technology in places where it can continue to help people addressing, having more stress-free morning. so we just can't to expand. >> you watch someone struggle with something so simple, right? just buttoning up a shirt. now it's something that could be much, much easier. the new name for it is -- >> that's correct. definitely has a click. >> those are sharp looking shirts. how much do these cost? .
8:40 am
-- to 49.99 dependington retailor. >> quite a different array of textile products >> we certainly wish you the best of luck. thank you so much >> thank you. thank you both of you. >> thanks for talking with us. all right. a new survey reveals a dramatic turn around among american workers, their attitudes about retirent >> chris klakum explains whether they want to or actually need to work during retirement. >> reporter: a pugh research report in june found nearly half the country's 65 to 75-year-olds still working. maybe only part-time, but putting off full-time retirement. now a survey suggests it numbers may go even higher. >> we found a big spike from our last survey in the number of people who would like to work salons possible for both reasons, both because they like to
8:41 am
>> reporter: bank rate's survey of a thousands american adults found seven in ten plan to keep working during retirement, many because they have to. >> they have longer and longer life expectancies. we have a harder and harder time saving for retirement. many of us don't have pensions. >> reporter: but jill cornfield, bank rate's retirement specialist says the surprising find in the survey was how many brand to keep working only because they want to. >> and it brings more than money and something to do every day; it brings engagement. it keeps your mind sharp. it gives you a social networking. >> reporter: which she says becomes all important for those who live 20 to 30 years after retirement. chris klakum, nbc news. a generation of home buyers is being left behind as the housing market continues
8:42 am
rates have fallen for the past 7 years, the biggest drop continues to be the millennial generation. the home ownership rate among 25 to 30-year-olds is just 39%. it's a rate experts predict will continue to full for the next decade, meaning millennials will be renting for a lot longer. a michigan mom found a very nasty grocery chart -- her six-year- old autistic son randy is fascinated with -- often imitates with noise. after hearing what happened, a security company invited grim to tour their office, and they made him an honorary alarm technician. more than just a gesture for the man who took grandy on the tour. >> my son has autism.
8:43 am
autism feel very isolated, knowing people around them don't know what they're going through. so the smallest gesture of, "hey, we understand. we want to help" goes a long way. >> gran day received his own -- uniform and visit also from the local firearm. >> i hope the person who wrote that note saw that story, realizes exactly what grandy -- at least out of that. >> for sure. members of several football teams took a stand against social injustice at sunday's games. >> the reaction following these silent protests. >> plus there's a little less mystery behind the half-a-billion power ball winner. . a clue where system of that money will go. >> your pick 3 numbers 1 9 3.
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versus 11 17 24, and 30. i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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for me, shopping is a three step one: walk the aisles. two: find the deals. step three:
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there is no step three. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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what they used but pipe in the space shuttle to wake all the astronauts up. >> on their play list. some folks not too far from where their picture is coming from have been woken up by thunder and lightning. we'll take a look at the radar across the region. we'll quickly hear and show you where that is happening. not in our part of the state. really just a little south and east of our viewing area for the most part in duplin county, there are a couple showers and storms near the county line, a little to the south there. mainly over toward jones county and the newburn area. you can see a lot of thunder and lightning going on with this fairly compact storm. it will continue to drift toward the east, and being john rated in part by the frontal boundary that's still stall over southeastern parts of north carolina. behind that front, our area has 71, same thing here at the station in raleigh. holly springs at about 70, as is -- and we've got 71 at the raleigh durham airport as well. there are 60s to the north, 68 for rocksboro, a degree cooler for south hill.
8:48 am
and more muggy. 74 in fayetteville, 75 degrees for goldsboro, and those areas still have dew points in the upper 60s to low 7 0s. so pretty humid down that way. but not so much up toward the virginia line. 60 the dew point in south hill, 61 for rocksboro. looks like a lot of news the northern parts of the viewing area today will be a little bit cooler, little less humid than we were over the weekend. we did have a front move through during the last 24 hours. you can see that band of cloud cover, some shower activity from time to time parts of the state now. that's where we'll center the best chance of some scattered shower and thunderstorm activity off and on through the day. looking at the tropics, we've got a disturbance near the bahamas that's only given about a 10% chance or so to become anything more organized. there's a fairly organized system, though, out in the eastern atlanta, and that one has a decent chance of becoming a tropical storm perhaps later on today. it's given about a 90% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone by the national
8:49 am
confidence that it stays well out to sea and never really becomes a threat to the u.s. we take a look at future cast, and you can see, as we go through the course of the day, we expect here in the afternoon to see a few widely scattered showers or thunderstorms, most of those south and east of about fayetteville to goldsboro. looks like farther north we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. overnight, fair to partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, any showers and storms, few and far between. most of those will be down to the south or perhaps back to the mountains of state. for today, we'll have a mix of sun and clouds, about 80 at lunch time, 86 by 3 or 4:00. during the evening, falling to the upper 7 0s. most any showers or storms well to the south. tomorrow a high of 88. on wednesday, we're getting up to about 90 degrees again. we're not done with some heat across the area. that's about 7 degrees above our marral. still well below the old record of 98 from 1897, and we'll bounce back to about 90 still on thursday with a few showers or storms.
8:50 am
and that takes us down to 84 for a high -- moving on to brian now who's got some updates on traffic for us. >> we've got a smattering of crashes around primarily the raleigh area, as you can see. we just heard about one in the last few minutes in apex on highway 55. i'll zoom into the area in question here. this is highway 55, loveton road, right near u.s. 1. you can see the red on highway 55 near the -- the sensors are showing sl there is on 55 through apex. trying to get more information on that crash and who's involved and who how it happened. but be myself if you're heading in that direction of some slow downs. and here's a look at some other accidents around the raleigh area, not causing any significant delays there. but take a look at i-540 and falls some noos. things are looking better there than they were a while ago.
8:51 am
looking pretty good coming from johnston county through garner. not much of a slow down from 440 to wade. 16 minutes out to wade avenue. back to you. >> thanks, brian. there were new calls -- social injustice, most notably at a game between the seattle sea hawks and miami dolphins. how members of both teams took a stand in different ways. >> reporter: they stood together as one during "the national anthem." all 53 seattle sea hawk players answerer l show of sold dirty. wide receiver doug baldwin tweeting. >> as a team we have chosen to stand and interlock arms in unity. >> coach pete carol said he was proud. >> reporter: across the field, four miami dolphins took a knee. in kansas city, more silent protests. the chiefs interlocked arms. marcus peters raised his fist. the controversy started preseason when san francisco 49er quarterback collin capper
8:52 am
during the anthem, protest what he called police brutality and racial injustice. the move drew both outrage and admiration. some caper nick jerseys were burned. others became best sellers. nfl commissioner roger goodel. >> i think, when our players speak out and they feel strongly and passionate about something, i think it's a good thing for us. >> reporter: megan rapino, fellow players brandon marshall and jeremy lane, even members of a high school football team in camden, new jersey, all john tortorella is not a fan, saying, quote "if any of my players sit for the national anthem, they will sit there for the rest of the game." fletcher, he says the controversy is striking a nerve. >> now our athletes are bringing real life into our recreation space. and i think that as a community, that makes us uncomfortable. >> reporter: and on this opening sunday, september 11th, players taking a moment to pause
8:53 am
attempting to raise awareness. steve patterson, nbc news, seattle. >> the national anthem controversy was also a topic at the miss america pageant. during the q and a segment, miss washington alicia cooper was asked whether she stood with 49ers quarterback collin capper nick. . she had 20 seconds her response. miss washington did not win the title. the crown went to miss arkansas. >> we'll see who won the $487 million power ball. the new hampshire lottery says attorneys for the winerer planning to come forward today to claim that prize. lottery officials say representatives from several nonprofit organizations will be on hand and that the winners' philanthropic plans will be revealed. vice president biden returns to the tar heel state.
8:54 am
to make appearances. >> and we will get another check on your top
8:55 am
the governor takes aim at a state toxicologist today in another political dustup over coal ash. woman: governor pat mccrory's office is refuting claims he misled the homeowners about the safety of their well water.
8:56 am
cannot work for a department and an administration that deliberately misleads the public. she claims the state never should have told people who live near coal ash ponds their well water was safe. man: they say all they want is the truth. police say vazquez and his
8:57 am
killed jose and maria mendoza in their homes in january 2013. vazquez was just 16 at the time. >> state naacp leader william barber is -- planning a moral day of action today. they are delivering a moral public policy frame work to their respective governors, sands for office. >> joe biden returns to north carolina today. he'll this at central breed month community college this morning. then he'll appear at a democratic governor's asci in raleigh for lloyd cooper. go ahead and check in with mike moss to take a look at the -- >> we'll take a look what we've got out there temperature wise this morning. it's still a little muggy in spots. a bit cooler toward the north and west, a touch less humid there. we have 68 in rocksboro, 70 for rocky mount, 71 in raleigh, about 74 for fayetteville, goldsboro in the 7 0s. a stall front to our southeast, a few showers along the coast, just inland a bit of
8:58 am
or 4:00. falling to the upper 70s as we head into the evening. an update on traffic >> we have a new accident to tell you about on highway 05 near highway 1. just be mindful of this area. lot of traffic build up there on 55 near highway 1. so just be careful if you're headed in that direction. this is u.s. 1 at trion, highway 1 to kerry parkway, and this 1 at walnut street. looking go 1. thank you. >> thank you. we have another update
9:00 am
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how are y'all doing? i appreciate y'all now. thank you very much. i appreciate you now. thank y'all. thank you much now. welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man steve you today, folks. returning for their second day, from munster, indiana, it's the siurek family. and from plant city, florida, it's the houston family. everybody is here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid. yep. let's


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