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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  September 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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right now, protesters take to the streets of charlotte for a third night in a row. wral is in the queen city live coverage. after 2 nights of violent protests, tonight, a different feel as demonstrators remain peaceful voicing their frustingerations and anger. thank you for joining us i'm debra morgan. -- frustrations and anger. thank you for joining us i'm debra morgan. >> i'm gerald owens. there is a curfew that will go to effect tonight at midnight.
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>> last night we saw protesters going down the street in charlotte. one of the many areas where they gathered to voice their outrage over tuesday's deadly police involved shooting. they chanted "we want the tapes" so far they are not releasing the sro. >> the national guard joined the police in the streets on uptown charlotte. this is sro of the guard members at the hotel at the epicenter where last night's shooting took ken smith is covering these protests now for the past 2 nights. joins us live in charlotte. >> debra, i can tell you it is a much different scenario than last night. i can tell you that uptown charlotte is usual low a bustling area at night but a lot of the businesses, a lot of the restaurants and a lot of the night spots are closed tonight because of the unrest
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our photographer can show us the way. you mentioned the national guard. dispatched all over the city. a couple of them here at the bus depo. right down the intersection of charlotte. a familiar scene tonight. officers in vehicles and on bicycle patrol, patrolling the streets in uptown charlotte. now, let me show you what i mean about the difference tonight. take a look at a group silent demonstrators. they met near the omni hotel where the shooter unfolded last night. then, they walk a mile and a half to the park near the stadium. walking slowly and quietly. you will hear why in just a minute. now, these demonstrators eventually joined up with this peaceful demonstration and rally at the park. several civil rights advocates and community leaders talked about stopping the police violence and then they shared
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enforcement. this is about a little more than 100 people. they had gas masks, some people already are covering their face after what happened last night with the police using tear gas to disburse the crowd. but this is what the streets of charlotte look like tonight, earlier tonight and even right now. national guard troops dispatched throughout the city. mainly in uptown charlotte. also the police in full riot gear were staged in many areas of uptown charlotte. demonstrators confronted the police in rye on the gear with the exchanges remaining verbal. we did not see physical altercations, demonstrators were yelling at the police but the officers remain quiet. now, this confrontation happened after demonstrators took to the streets for a third straight night. marching from the park and made their way to the heart of uptown charlotte. at one point the demonstrators
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trion and trade streets. this was not far from where the unrest happened last night. >> the difference tonight. remaining peaceful. the police, bicycles, and national guard troops looking on. we talk with several dem straighters with various reasons for being in charlotte tonight. >> we just want to change the energy. we want to -- i feel my personal experience, highest ener tpwaoe i ever felt was love. i think everybody responds to love. so, we are wanti that and tap into the trueness of who we are. >> we are in long-term work here to create peace with justice. this movement did not start on tuesday night it began long, long ago. >> the symbolism of the quiet walk. >> it is, i think, it in reaction to all of the fury and frenzy that we have seen.
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really meditating as you are walking. >> reporter: you know, i think she captured what many people here in the queen city are feeling tonight. they just wanted the unrest to stop. and, and that was the main reason for that silent protest and the peaceful demming straeugz in the park. and also peaceful demonstration that made its way through the streets here in uptown charlotte. again, a much mentioned. the mayor just announcing a curfew between 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. national guard troops, state highway patrol, police officers, other law enforcement agencies who came here to the queen city to help will be in in the streets making sure that people adhere to that. >> it looks like people are marching, not staying in one place like last night. is there an end point and then they are going to stop or what
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tonight? >> reporter: that is the million dollar question, really, earlier tonight they started at the park, made their way to uptown charlotte then they made their way through the streets and really there is not an end point for many of the demonstrators. their thing is they just want to keep marching through the streets and getting their message out. many of the chants were no justice, no peace. the usual chants. was release the tapes, release the tapes. that is in reference to the police department not releasing the body camera and dash camera video of the incident that happened on tuesday on. but, really and truly we don't know what the end point is. so, when they move a lot of times we move with them. so, as they are moving we are moving. when they stop, we stop, debra? >> let's just hope that the peace remains. certainly as we get towards
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charlotte. back to you. , thanks. speaking of the videos, earlier this evening family members saw a police video with the video ending with scott dead. his hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backward. that is what happened that he saw -- on that is when with scott was shot. he could not tell if scott had had anything in his hands when the officer fired he said. he said scott's wife watched her husband get shot by the police. a new photo of the sc ground where the shooting happened. you can see a black object at the bottom of the photo. attorneys say that he did not own a gun. an interview with the bbc about the grievances.
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they hate white people because they are successful and they are not. yes, it is, it is a welfare state. we have trillions of dollars on welfare. we put poem in bondage so they can not be all they are capable of being. >> tonight, he issued this apology on twitter quote my answer to bbc does not reflect who i am. i was quoting protesters by people last night. not my intent. my intent lack of economic mobility of african-americans because of failed policies, i apologize to those i offended and hope we can bring peace and calm on charlotte. tonight, the north carolina democratic party issued a statement condemning the comments. >> we will bring you updates on the situation in charlotte throughout the hour ahead. ken smith will join us again for another live up date. also, jeff will have reaction
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players ahead in sports. >> another police involved shooting we are talking about. a family of an oklahoma man killed by a police officer are pleased a prosecutor now filed charges. he is the twin sister of crutcher who was shot last week. charges will not bring the family back but they hope it will never happen again. charged with manslaughter. she told the investigators she feared for her life and throughout that he was going to kill her but he was not armed. prosecutors said she escalated the situation. someone may be plotting to harm one of its officers this weekend. a tip from a concerned saturday has the police on edge officers want to remind the community to be vigilant. they are urging everyone to talk with family members about the incidents in charlotte and beyond. if there are concerns they say it is open on community dialogue. a man accused of killing
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mechanic income now to face those charges. now, fenner was captured last week in rhode island. fighting extradition. now, the 23-year-old waiverred papers today. he can be picked up by north carolina authorities but not known when it will happen. >> what was tropical storm julia is lingering, not leaving but leaving her mark along the north carolina coast. today, the governor issued a state counties from halifax to dare. >> reporter: the governor used the word "overwhelmed" to talk about how the communities are foaling right now. dozens of water rescues for people stranded in their homes and their cars throughout these counties and we actually have one of the dramatic rescue videos caught on camera. >> viewer andrew b are rabel
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camera. a family stranded in high fast- moving water. >> why did you do that? why did do you that? it happened 3 adults, 1 child and a dog scramble to the top of their truck as it was swept up by the current. swift water rescue teams were deployed to get them out safely. >> hard time getting to them. they are in the trees. >> reporter: they were rescued and brought out of the water. >> any injuries >> no. >> no injuries. >> reporter: but they are just a fraction of some 65 people rescued from homes and cars. the governor says there were actually several dozen water rescues if in our forth eastern counties. it this video from sky 5 highlights the severity of the situation. the governor released a statement saying this part of the state has not seen flooding to this extent since hurricane floyd in 1999. the national weather service
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carolina received anywhere from 5-9 inches of rainfall. windsor as much as 12 inches within 72 hours. now, the state is ready to have movement of resources when needed related to the storm. >> transportation secretary toured that part of the state and says several roads still remain impassable. he and the governor are urging caution in that area. >> the video is the national weather service has confirmed a tornado in weber county, utah, the storm caused a lot of damage. homes were topelled, trees, power lines, knocked down. one point, thousands of people were in the dark. so far, though, no reports of injuries. >> it is now the third night in a row and people gathered in the streets of charlotte. so far peaceful night there. when we come back we willa take you back live to the protests. >> the high school teacher who stepped on an american flag in
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how that meeting skpw-pbt if meet -- meeting and does he have regrets. >> we think in 24-hours this will be moving away and that will set us up for a descent weekend.
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protesters are marching through the queen city right now. we were commenting it looks as though more people were involved in this demonstration tonight than what we have seen over the past 2 nights. the crowds and the live picture appear to keep growing. marching through the street. not stopping. unlike the past 2 nights the protests remain peaceful at this hour. enforcement. it has been verbal. no physical contact. also new tonight. people living in charlotte can check in as safe on facebook. and we are talking about what the mayor signed tonight goes into effect in less than 2 hours tonight. goes into effect at midnight tonight. >> we will continue to follow this.
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after stepping on the flag. the teacher and the union had a meeting. they have not reached a decision on what faction if any to take against the teacher. a photo of the demonstration went viral on social media. he has been suspended with pay. when asked if he had any regrets francis says he by his actions. >> all of the students u nderstood the less. >> some people threatened him. the superintendent declined to make a statement about today's meeting. >> three people were killed including the suspected gun man after a shooting it this afternoon at a stole plant in tennessee. the investigators say that the suspected gunman was an employee who opened fire at the front office area and then just
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of the factory. the officials have not released a motive or the names of those killed. lawyers for chandler cane, keep working to get key evidence out of his trial. newing motions, the defense attorneys claim the blood alcohol content was obtained illegally. he was in no shape to consent to have his the defense is trying to keep out information. the search warrant for the phone was illegally served but a judge disagreed. a judge is set to hear the motions of friday. the trial starts next month. if the aa basketball tournament pulls out of charlotte it could cost fayetteville state $1 million. now, they are weighing the options because of the hb2 controversy and calling for a charlotte boycott over the
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moved it out of the state. the chancellor, anderson, told trustees the conference might lose $6 million in scholarships if the tournament leaves in protest. after 13 years a flour has started to bloom at mc state. now, a graduate student is growing this corpse flour. the rare plant usually takes just 7 years on to bloom. stay open for a day or two and then collapse. it will let off the horrible smell. >> i don't know if i will sign up for that. >> yes. >> the corpse flower.
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coughing. >> oh. [ laughter ] >> just a thought. >> yes. among other things. >>s yes. [ laughter ] >> all right. now, it is still raining out there in spots. not in a lot of spots but still there. let's go to the radar and show you what things look like at the current time. a lot of stuff had met middle is not all precipitation. a lot of those are what we call clear air returns. heavier showers in that. areas of yellow moving along while everything else is sitting around stationary. its what is role and what is not. the showers coming out of nash county and franklin county. it is ready to go. looking off towards the south and west. we see more activity down there in the county. it actually is moving west-
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it looks that way. then, other showers. still, they are moving. so, there is no danger of flooding going on in the showers because they are not sitting over the same place or they are not training. in other words, it is moving on other than the permanent weather map. the remnants and the upper level low. things are quiet across the eastern part of the country. it looks like finally we will see the system begin to move away later tom here is future cast starting at 11:00. again, showing a few scattered showers around the area. but notice tomorrow afternoon. the clouds begin to thin a little bit prosecute raleigh all north and west. most if not all of the showers are beginning to get surpressed south and east by that time. this dry air will continue to make progress southeast ward tomorrow night there may be a low lovely cloud cover on eastern counties on saturday morning. it will burn away. i think the entire region is
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day on saturday. not feeling like fall. then on sunday, a cold front begins to approach. giving us a shower later in the day or during the evening. most of sunday will be rain free as well. certainly a pwroeuter brighter and warmer weekend coming up. 73, northeast wind, the dew point temperature, behind it at 71. it feels muggy out there. northern part of the viewing area, 69 at henderson. everyone else, 70 or higher. then, looking farther south, uniform here. 72, 73. so, for the rest of the overnight period. cloudy, muggy 69 for the overnight low. still a few showers out there. there could be a randomly scattered shower in the morning. i don't think there will be major problems for the rush hour. >> then we can get breaks heading through the midday and afternoon hours. with the heating is the chance of showers because the
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87 for the afternoon high. then, on saturday. tpoeupbly. mostly sunny. the whole day. or at least 90% of the day. maybe early morning clouds, 90 for the high. most of sunday looks fine as well. although a little cooler and then maybe a few showers early next week. but even when we cool off to 80 that is still above normal. not cool. >> yes. no signs of anything. >> yes. looks like lower 80s. yes. it is great. >> who can forget the exorcist. >> if my head would spin around
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narrator: look up the facts on richard burr. the insurance industry gave richard burr's campaigns
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"new profits for private insurers would be as high as sixteen to twenty-six billion." but seniors would pay nine percent more for medicare. richard burr is looking out for himself and the insurance industry... not you. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. for the second day in a row the members of the panthers were asked about what they have witnessed in their community. the feeling, keith scott to the riots last night. olson said we see people on this side or that side. who is making an effort to find
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who find themselves in the middle. the reality is the midsell where the progress is going to happen. the midsell where the change is going to happen. -- middle is where the change is going to happen. that is polar extremes you will fan the fumes of hate and division. >> there is a different way about going about it and getting a message out. there is a different way of letting people know that you are hurting. thank you are fed up, you are tired of what is going on. the right way. that is by coming together. >> strong statements from two important panthers. >> the nfl and the panthers say the game scheduled if in charlotte on sunday is still a go. two rookies out of nc state start tonight for the patriots offensive lineman. now, they scored the first rushing touchdown. his teammates went nuts. he took the game ball and what did he do? he gave to to bill on the sidelines who almost smiled.
10:28 pm
lead in the 3rd quarter. northcarolina defense will face one of the toughest running backs in the country. his toughness is not defined by the 2900 career yards at pittsburgh but how he got back home on the field. we have a story of a familiar faux. >> now, pitt running back, conner. >> you can you want the best for him. competing against him. yes. high school, my senior year a great player. a better person and his story is inspiring. norehabbing. now, it cost him his 2015 season. the then 20-year-old conner was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. his tale transended rivalries.
10:29 pm
more heartfelt than those of ryan switzer who penned a special message on his footwear during a two touchdown performance in the acc championship game. >> reporter: even if you do not put anything in the power of prayer, there is little denying power of perseverance. he beat it in 6-months back on the field. >> it puts everying in perspective. we should never take for granted what we are able to do. play the game that we love. looking at his story, you should never complain about the situation you are in, it could always be harder and tougher. >> wral sports, chapel hill. it will be extra motivation for north carolina to show conner, giving him a few welcome back licks, you know what i am say something.
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bad. >> yes. good for him. >> i was thinking the quarterbacks, yes. starting there. >> yes. crazy. yes, 3 of them will start this weekend. >> yes. that is awesome. >> amazing. >> yes. way to go. a lot of people were going to charlotte this weekend for concerts. you want to make sure it is happening. coming up, 2 events that have been rescheduled. we are going to take you back live to charlotte for an update on what is happening in i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me.
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back to live continuing coverage. curfew will start in the queen city in 90 minutes. people are continuing to march in the streets tonight. >> it seems like compared to last night there are more people on the street. although it is peaceful so far. let's go back to ken smith who has been in the city all night long. ken, is that your take? it feels like there are more people. it is peaceful again. >> because it is so peaceful more people feel comfortable about being out here on the street. on describe the mood and the feeling in charlotte tonight i think i just came up with a word cautious. everyone is cautious. they are cautiously optimistic that tonight will remain peaceful. let me show you something here. that is the epi center. that is like a main nighttime spot here in uptown charlotte.
10:34 pm
restaurants, bars, you name it. just shutdown. well, come walk with me here. i will take you to the intersection where the unrest really unfolded last night. this is the intersection of trade and college. and as you mentioned a lot of people milling about the streets. basically what we are seeing tonight and -- this is another thing that you are seeing tonight. just mainly pockets of demonstrators just walking their signs, quietly moving from street to street. the national guard troops are stationed all over uptown charlotte tonight. basically this is what is happening here for the most part in uptown charlotte. there are people milling about, talking, what we also saw tonight were a number of people, a number of clergy just
10:35 pm
with people. making sure everybody stays calm. and i think that the fruits of their labor really are what you are seeing tonight. people feeling comfortable walking the streets. even though there is nothing open. usually many would be here at a sports bar, a restaurant. that is what they would be doing. a lot if not all of the restaurants in uptown charlotte, many of them i should say, are closed. there is a usually opened until 2:00 a.m. and it closed at 5:00. that is the situation for many businesses, night spots and other places. even though it is peaceful because of what happened the last couple of nights a lot of businesses closed early. as you can see, people are out here because it feels so peaceful. the hope is that it will remain that way for the rest of the night. >> yes, let's hope this trend
10:36 pm
ken smith reporting live for us, thank you. now, we want to go to pictures that were just getting in from our affiliate wbtv in charlotte. you can see there, there are protesters who have started spilling out on to the interstate. the police stopped the cars and the protesters are now gathering it in the median. this is just outside of downtown charlotte where the protesters are now making their way trying to block the traffic it in the median there now. so we will continue to follow this part of the story as well and bring you updates as soon the situation warrants. because of this situation, several events have been postponed. that includes the ben rector concert for tomorrow night at the metro credit union amphitheater. it will be held now at the fillmore on october 17th. tickets punched for that show
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on as planned. also "i love the '90s convert" moved to december 4th. today on the campaign trail, donald trump promised to crack down on violence if elected. >> clinton spent time preparing for monday's debate. her in battleground states. >> reporter: the voy length protests like this in charlotte would not be tolerated, trump says f he is elected president. >> we honor and recognize the right of all americans to peacefully assemble, protest, demonstrate. but there is no right to engauge in violent disruption. >> speaking it in pittsburgh he
10:38 pm
his stance. actions must be taken. >> any wrongdoing is always and it will be by them, addressed. [music] >> reporter: hillary clinton's runningmate, tim kaine said clinton wants to invest in more training for community policing to head off problems before they start. >> there is a need to build enforcement and the communitys they serve. >> reporter: the only appearance clinton made today is on a taped comedy show. >> as secretary how many words a minute did you type and how did president barack obama like his coffee. >> you know, those are out-of- date questions, you need to on get out more.
10:39 pm
debate. back to you. attending a fundraiser on chapel hill. that was supposed to be held a couple days ago but the candidate had to reschedule. about to embark on a new
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ken smith went to hollywood to talk about bringing the classic horror film to the small screen. >> "the exorcist." i slept with the light on when i saw the premiere. [music] >> you are accomplished actors, actresses. what drew you to this. >> you are being manipulated by forces that you can not under stand. >> the "exorcist" is classic but to try to expand on that
10:43 pm
-- it is -- i just thought it was a really fun idea and a fun character to play. >> it is a demon. >> a demon? >> it is trying to take my daughter. >> how much did you explore before the "exorcist"" or did you just you? >> i have done a few little things but this is obviously a -- you know, a first-rate project with great people, great writing and just could not ask for a better introduction into the word of horror. [music] . >> when the audience sees that premiere episode. what do you want them to feel, to think, to imagine? >> what is great about all of
10:44 pm
that when we watch it we fill in the blanks. it is your imagination about whatever scares the hell out of you. you will add it into the experience of watching that show. [music] . >> you are a tpraeud? >> yeah, -- you are afraid? >> yeah, you should be, too. >> if it is like the it is tomorrow night here on fox 50. if you want to see the entire interview go to and look for mr. smith goes to hollywood. >> is it over yet? can i look now? >> it is okay. that seems so scary. a raleigh woman is on "hel's kitchen" two chefs submitted her name without telling her. she was chosen and had not seen the show before. i talked with jessica yesterday
10:45 pm
kitchen right here. >> what is your specialty? i know you have to have a specialty. >> i have a signature dish. my signature dish was a vegetable risoto with bacon- wrapped chicken. >> it sounds yummy. >> i know you can not tell us a lot about the show. what is it like? >> intense, e specially in the kitchen. that is exactly who he is. >> not made up for tv. that is who that man is. [ laughter ] >> were you scar yelled at? >> no. absolutely not. not about being yelled out i was more scared that i was going to. [beep] more than anything. [ laughter ] >> okay. nice, he was nice. he is a very nice man. kind. he will -- he is still, though, he is still firm and tell you what he is thinking but he is not that dramatic. [ laughter ] >> i know you can not tell us specifics but how do you think the season will go overall if
10:46 pm
episode y'all will be like my goodness and after that you will have to watch and see how it plays out. intense, it will be intphaoepbs we wish you the best of luck. thank you. >> thank you, thank you. [ laughter ] >> a lot of bleeping on that show. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> yes. she is ready for that. [ laughter ] >> so excited for this. a great show. watch the premiere tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox 50 and then the "exorcist" after that. >> okay. >> get ready for that. >> okay. who he is off camera that he is on camera, greg. >> you are so kind, maybe. >> maybe. [ laughter ] depends how you interpret that. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> any ways, we will take a look back at the system that has been plaguing the east coast all weeklong.
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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welcome back, everybody. let's go back about, well, a week here. almost a week any ways. maybe one day more than a week. take a look at how the pattern evolved. as we put the in motion here. of course, heading into the weekend we had julia. the moisture from that approaching from the southeastern part of the united states. you can see that sitting down
10:50 pm
started to develop a trough. it started to detach itself. event low we saw the formation of what we call a cut off low that was centered to our south. developing it off shore. now in virginia, wrap it all of the way back of the circulation down in the piedmont of north and south carolina. the thing just sat there and spun its wheels for several days. now we head up to the current time, still sitting here as of this afternoon over upstate north carolina. finally we think there is a system coming along here in the flow that is going to pick this up and drag it off to the north and east beginning tomorrow afternoon. that is when we should start to
10:51 pm
trying trend heading into saturday and for most of the up coming weekend. still looking at showers down here. probably the greatest coverage in our southern counties. even well it is scattered. no danger of any flooding with any of that. the rest of the night. temperatures barely getting below 70, with more on and off showers o. a scattered basis. tomorrow, no problem. with the h spark more showers. high temperature of 87. then, near 90 with mostly sunny skies and no rain anywhere on saturday. most of sunday, maybe a shower or a thundershower late sunday and sunday evening with a cold front that will be moving through the area. but, other than that it is -- it is going to be a descent weekend just do not do much in the heat. >> i will be in fayetteville for the international festival. >> okay, looks good. >> okay. thank you, greg.
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>> the story behind a sfx: door shatters she'll call nine one one. average response time? eleven minutes. too late. she keeps a firearm in this safe for protection. but hillary clinton could take away her right to self defense. and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary leave you protected
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a match up featuring
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forever country was put together by the country music association. country road i will love you and the awards are in november. items belonging to marilyn monroe are going on the auction block. that includes the famous dress she sung "happy birthday" in. it has 25 $12,000. it was so tight she had to be sewn into it the day of the party. $3 million now. the auction is in l.a. on november 17th. >> you know, one of the best parts of the pair, of course, is the food. >> after the event it is all over. the yumminess is gone. a texas restaurant is trying to change that. >> september 30th we will introduce the cookie fries at our locations in tebs tex and
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them here at the restaurant. >> i -- texas and then you will be able to get them here at the restaurant. snow am so ready to try all of it. [ laughter ] >> oh she is ready. state fair treats opens its door, it opened its doors yesterday. it is located in a walmart. open for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. >> she is ready. >> yes. before we leave you we want to go back to the covera here is a live picture now. just moments ago we saw the crews deploying tear gas to clear the protesters off of the interstate. traffic is flowing again. and curfew is expected to start in an hour. >> the post says north carolina troopers have been fellowship and prayer before being
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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lights, camera, access. what do we know about what happened on this private plane wednesday night? did brad pitt abuse one of their children? point by point we'll take you through every troubling new allegation. i'm natalie morales. as we look back at a role brad was once hesitant to take. >> playing the >> hit me. come on, son. >> he's afraid of you. >> let go of her. >> a frightening encounter for gigi hadid, what we know about the man who grabbed her. >> about to scare the heck out of ma. >> look, it's probably the best beauty secret that i know. >> we're all ears, christie. we're on the set for "how to get


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