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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  October 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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bracing for the worst and hoping for the best. right now on wral news here on fox 50, hurricane matthew is marching toward the carolinas after lashing florida. >> the storm is already blamed for four deaths in florida and hundreds more across the caribbean. with torrential rain and damaging wind, what will the storm bring to our coastline? good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm gerald owens. >> i'm laura leslie. hurricane matthew is a powerful cat 2 storm with winds 102 south carolina are bracing for impact. >> here's the latest from savannah, georgia. >> reporter: it's a little less than a hundred miles south, southeast of savannah, but we're really starting to feel the powerful effects of this hurricane. the wind has really picked up, the rain is really coming down. you can see it cascading down
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if there's any good news here, it's that it's actually been downgraded to a category 2, but that's not to be taken lightly. we can still get winds of up to 110 miles per hour. >> oh wow! >> reporter: hurricane matthew slammed into the east coast bringing high winds and heavy rain. the storm transformed streets into rivers. >> how you guys doing over there? >> reporter: some places could 6 rain. coastal communities in georgia and the carolinas bracing for the brunt of the storm. >> storm force winds effecting the state of georgia and will continue to do so for we're told about the next 24 hours. >> it's getting worse, so we're looking at major storm surges. we're looking at major winds. >> reporter: here's another look at the wind we're dealing with here. i'm actually standing out in
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flying debris, and i feel a little better out here because we had some glass actually fall on us closer next to the building that we're seeking shelter in. now 75 percent of the town because of the dangerous conditions have gotten out, but there are still plenty of people hunkered down, and they're seeing the uprooted trees and power outages, and the power could be out for quite some time. >> boy you see rain and he's having trouble standing up. those are the conditions in savannah, georgia. you could see them in the live report. >> and during tonight's late news coverage we'll keep you updated on the impact. and adam owens is in myrtle beach and ken smith and we're also monitoring conditions in the triangle. >> but first we start with mike
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ago by the national hurricane center. >> yes, we get updates every hour now because it's so close to land, and it's still a category 2 storm, a strong category 2. the live shot from savannah, it's about a hundred miles south, southeast of that location. and you can see the heavy rain bands moving through hilton head, savannah, and the tomorrow is moving north, and there's been the chat room out of charleston that it could make land fall about here later on tonight before tracking to the northeast, so we'll watch to see if that's the case, but the heavy rain is already spreading through the charleston area and back to columbia, in fact the far outer bands moving through fayetteville right now. the storms moving to the north, the rain shield moving north, and here's the wind field contour, the red is the hurricane force winds, and we go through the night. the storm should move to the
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way to myrtle beach in the afternoon hours, the weather will deteriorate significantly across the southeast part of state. wind, rain, and tomorrow night the storm moves out, and improving conditions sunday. no rain, but the winds still brisk sunday. we have a wind advisory through sunday, gusts up to 55, and power outages possible down toward the coast. tropical storm warning with gusts up to 65, and then this little area here is under the hurricane warning wi gusting up to 75. more on what to expect locally in the full weather coming up in minutes. curfews in place tonight for communities up and down the south carolina coast. wral's adam owens continues our coverage live from myrtle beach. adam, what are the conditions like there tonight? >> reporter: gerald, it's clear hurricane matthew is approaching south carolina. of course it will really be felt here some time tomorrow, but already we're starting to see these gusts and the wind
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it seems the time for getting ready is coming to an end. state officials say the time now is to stay put and stay safe. the first gusts started whipping across myrtle beach friday afternoon. mickey doesn't leave near the ocean, and plans to ride the storm out. but he knows matthew could still come for him. >> we get quite a bit of flooding. we get the heavy rains, so i'm sure we'll have flooding. >> reporter: storm surge is a state officials expect it could be five to seven feet high along the coast in the north. six to nine feet in the south. rivers are expected to swell. flooding from rain could cut off and isolate some neighborhoods. some county officials learned that in previous storms. >> we had several major washouts on major thoroughfares within the county too, so we know what to look for and
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yes, sir says the preparation -- haley says the preparation phase and underring. >> while we're bracing ourselves for what's going to happen, law enforce. , national guard, utilities, everyone is already starting to plans on what to do the second we can get back in. >> reporter: and gerald we have been getting report that is water has been washing -- reports that water has been rushing over south carolina and moving close to home. that was a report from a few hours ago, so those conditions could be worsening there. you can see some of the gusts in the leaves and in the trees here behind me. we expect those to get a lot heavier and a lot worse in the coming hours. back to you. >> yes, people with anxious moments overnight in myrtle beach for sure. adam owens live, thank you.
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>> reporter: yes, around 7:30 tonight the photographer and i experienced a downpour, but since then we've just experienced the intermittent showers. you can see the winds are rather minimal, but the deep concern here is the threat of widespread flooding. to that end many visitors and vacationers were required to leave the beaches, and residents are taking advantage of the three shelters that opened this morning. threatening brunswick county, residents in low lying areas are seeking shipmenters from the storm. >> -- shelter from the storm. >> it's not the hilton, but it's a safe place out of weather. >> reporter: the shelter at the high school are not just people friendly, but also pet friendly. bob and his friends decided they were safer here. he and his wife actually just got back from new york.
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three weeks and i couldn't wait to get home so i could sleep, but now we're facing a storm. >> reporter: and vacationists were also forced to cut their vacations short. this was a get away for this woman and her family. >> you don't want to get stuck here, not at all. we've been away from my husband for a week, and we're ready to get to him. we don't want to get stuck here, definitely not in a hurricane. they're probably almost home in kentucky tonight. they had a nine-hour drive ahead of them, and she's right about getting stuck here at the beach because as the winds pick up tomorrow the plan is to close the bridge. we did some checking and practically everything here in the beach and county will be closed tomorrow. again, the big concern here is the threat of flooding, depending on how much rain
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>> just a matter of time. ken smith, thank you. and new hanover county also under a threat, the bigger concern of course is flooding. amanda lamb is live, and you notice that people are heeding the warnings and getting off the streets? >> reporter: gerald, it's pretty quiet here tonight, and the wind has kicked up. we've had a little bit of rain off and on, but it's not too bad yet, but the county emer little while ago that they are very concerned because now they understand there's a possibility of 14 to 17 inches of rain, and even 20 in some areas. they're very concerned about flooding, and tonight business owners are trying to protect their businesses from flooding. business owners in downtown wrightsville beach spent the day and evening trying to stay
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>> we've had three feet of water in the storm in instances. >> reporter: to try and prevent a repeat performance they're pulling out sandbags and moving their stock. >> it doesn't look as bad as some of the others, but you never know with these, so if you don't prepare then you get slammed, and usually if you prepare well you can withstand it, so we're helping for the best -- hoping for the best, that's all i can stay. >> reporter: they also boarded up windows an outside that could get damage. >> we're just taking the awning down, and we'll probably sandbag a little. we're ready. >> reporter: but many businesses remain open and say they'll see what saturday brings. >> we're probably going to stay open. it doesn't look like the storm is going to come in very hard, and honestly we've made it through worse. >> reporter: now the big concern for the businesses is not really the ocean, but it's bank's channel which is behind
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that's a voluntary evacuation for this area tonight, for wrightsville beach, but town leaders are stressing that people need to be on their guard and look out, especially in the next 24 hours for the possibility of flash flooding. gerald? >> amanda lamb, thank you. and we're watching conditions from the sand hills to the triangle. after the break we'll check in. >> and the national hurricane center on the 11:00 news on wral. our meteorologists and producers will be working overnight to follow every development. look for the latest information on the moshing news starting at 6:00 a.m. >> and newly leaked video
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. mccry got ousands in campaign contributions from dand what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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matthew as the storm makes its way up the coast. right now it's bringing rain and wind to folly beach in south carolina. we expect things to get much worse in the next 24 hours. we'll continue to watch conditions and update you during the coverage. >. hurricane matthew will most likely dump more unwanted rain on counties still trying to dry out after last week's flooding. we're monitoring the situation across the sand hills, and here's more live from
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gilbert, how is it looking there? >> reporter: we're starting to have just a few of the outer bands effect us here in cumberland county. light wind and rain, nothing too dangerous right now. the cumberland county did declare a state of emergency at 11:00 this morning. at 6:00 they opened three shelters. one in spring lake, one at the recreation center, and one at south view high school that opened at 6:00 as well. not many people have taken advantage of it. denise castle and her 21-year- old son were take advantage of this shelter here at south view high school. the red cross is providing cots and other basic supplies. she said she lives in a mobile home surrounded by trees, and she was afraid the trees could come falling down on top of her. >> well, there's so much saturation that we don't want to take chances because i know the bridges are out, and i don't put anybody at risk, so i'd rather be where i need to
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responders at risk. >> reporter: she's brought some fun things to do like coloring books and word search games, but most importantly her medicine and essential items her and her son will need the next couple of days. you're also encouraged to bring pillows and blankets and other essentials so get through the stay okay, and for the first time ever you'll be allowed to bring your pets to all three of the shelters. more on that tonight at 11:00. >> that could encourage more pe and be safe. thank you. so we have another 24 to 36 hours to go with this thing. >> yes, and we've been through a lot of emotions. at first we thought it was going to cross right over south carolina, and then we were okay, but last night it shifted back north, so it's been up and down. let's take a look at what's happening on the radar view.
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circulation about 90 miles southeast of savannah, but the heaviest rains are still offshore. you can see the rain bands moving through charleston, getting over toward hilton head, all rotating around the area of low pressure and the rain coming down really heavy. now the storm is moving north about 12 hers, and at some -- 12 miles per hour, and at some point during the night it will tunnels, if not it will -- turn northeast, and if make land fall around hilton head. we'll continue to watch that. and here's some of the reports, this is a buoy report near tybee island, you head up the coast and the winds will lighter, but we'll watch the numbers go up through the night and especially during the day tomorrow. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, the storm should be around myrtle beach, and in the afternoon hours make its way closer to cape fear, so it will be interesting to see how the
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radar few. light rain and mists here throughout the afternoon, but gilbert mentioned they're starting to see the first outer bands of matthew, some of the rainmaking it through cumberland county, and fayetteville, and it's moving to the north and west, and we can see far more as we pan to the south, and this is where the heavier rain is where you see the oranges and reds, and this should be here by 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. in the morning. you'll see that on other things come into play here. we have a boundary across north carolina interacting with the moisture from matthew to help develop the rain today, but as the front moves to the north and the cold front comes in, the both will interact. the tropical moisture will interact with the front, and so we're expecting a lot of rain across the eastern part of state, but also behind the front here comes fall. so once this front moves in and pushing matthew out tomorrow night, sunday we'll get a taste of fall waking up to the 50s on sunday morning.
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in fayetteville now, and by daybreak, there's the rain, and it continues to unrelentingly move to the north and east, so through the afternoon and evening along and east of i-95 should see the main brunt of the rain fall, and you see the very dark reds, not all that often we see the red shading on futurecast, so you can bet the rain is coming down at a heavy clip, along with strong winds which we'll look at on an hour by hour basis, so stick around for that. is confined to the central and coastal plain. the winds still on going in the raleigh area, but not quite as heavy, and by this time tomorrow night the rain should die down. here's some of the rain fall potential through sunday if it stays on the current track, and there's a tight gradient to the north and west, so if matthew tends to be a little fact offshore, the heavier rain fall totals could shift south and east, but right now fayetteville about 7 to 10
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cause significant flooding, and we have a flash flood watch for much of the viewer area until sunday. 15 inches possible in the wilmington area. also the chance of tornadoes, but not for us us. along -- for us. along the south carolina coast, and perhaps the wilmington area. upper 60s to low 70s overnight, so very warm and muggy. 71 at lunchtime tomorrow with heavy rain, winds from the northeast 20 to 25, and tomorrow afternoon upper 60s to mid-70s. it will be very northwest steady wind 25 to 35, and you can see the winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. there's the seven-day forecast sunday. we see improvement at 57, and then the walk for home, it will be dry, just windy and cool. 60 at 10:00 a.m., and 64 at lunchtime, and next week dry, chilly at the beginning, but by the time the state fair opens thursday, all looking good, and this will be behind us. probably still cleaning up, but
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>> and getting deep fried goodness. >> oh yeah. >> thank you mike. next in sports the carolina hurricanes are in line for their second straight exhibition win, but jeff gravley and steve logan talk about a busy week of football. >> and weary airline passengers from florida make their way here to north carolina.
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always remain civil and mild-mannered and never draw undue attention to yourself. ?
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rooted in local sports since hiss days as a -- his days as a hometown athlete. wral sports with jeff gravley. >. as hurricane matthew heads north, the carolina hurricanes wrap up the pre- seasons at home against the capitals. it's a scoreless first period, but in the second stahl finds it, and the ice is broken 1-0. and cam ward, nice save with a minute to go in the cushion. the power play, right there, and it's a 2-0 lead. but washington will score two in the third, and we go into a shoot out. jacob slaven in the shoot out, and that's a winner, for the second game in a row the canes win in a shoot out. the were only bad news -- the only bad news is justin falk is out with a lower body injury.
10:25 pm
talk about carolina's offense against virginia tech's defensive scheme. >> i know for a fact that carolina faced this style of defense, so mitch i suspect will face a lot of pressure this coming week, and i know the coach will prepare them for that, but we're going to see now, are the protection schemes going to hold up, the side adjustments, the double reads, all the technical things, will they hold up. >> we talked so much about mitch, and we can't forget about ryan finley. >> good looking football player. i really like the way this kid plays. he has a rhythm to his game. my eye from just over the years of working with a lot of quarterbacks, i love the way the kid plays football and throw it is football. he doesn't have a big arm, but he has anticipation, the ball is on time, it's a catchable ball.
10:26 pm
>> how difficult will it be for duke to rebound after the loss? >> it's got everything to do with jones rebounding from the hit, and i think he will for a simple reason. there were hundreds of quarterbacks that wouldn't have gotten up off the grass after that hit. he did. i think there's a lot to this young man. >> talk about a tough rebound. east carolina has been consistent, and poor special teams play and poor red zone issues. >> and i haven't improvement, this came out of nowhere. they were a good looking team at the end of nc state game, and then they go to south carolina and out of nowhere they're running up and down the football field, and then the special teams starts acting silly, so they have a million things to get done. >> and only three high school games played in the area tonight. broughton at millbrook, and that's a punt return, a lane
10:27 pm
it in for the touchdown. millbrook over broughton. apex high school inducts its first hall of fame class. con graduations fuquay, nice patience at the line of scrimmage. fuquay over apex 39-21. a light night of high school football. kind of a bummer [ laughter ] >> thanks jeff. we contin t hurricane matthew, and our live team coverage of the storm's track up the eastern seaboard continues. >> we'll have live reports from savannah, myrtle beach, and along our own coast.
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no wonder richard burr's wealth has increased over 500% since he's been in congress. that's making washington work for him. afscme is responsible for the content of this ad. and now you're looking live at wrightsville beach along our coast. >> amanda lamb will have an update there in just a moment, but you can see the wi clearly picking up. a much different story from just 24 hours ago. >> the national hurricane center will release an update within the next 30 minutes. >> and mike maze has an update now. >> yes, i'm hoping the update comes out early. there's a tornado warning just issued near pollly's island just south of myrtle beach near georgetown. we mentioned in the last half hour about the potential of tornadoes along the south carolina coast into the wilmington area as the winds
10:31 pm
friction from the land mass, and the winds slow down creating some rotation, so there's a possibility of isolated tornadoes up and down the coast of south carolina, and again up towards south port and the wilmington area. and there's the center of circulation, hilton head, savannah, and it's moving north about 12 miles per hour, and if it stays on this course and doesn't turn north or east it could make land around hilton head. we'll watch this over the next several hours. here's the stats from top winds are 110 miles per hour, and there's the probability of tropical storm force winds. there's a very high likelihood at least up to cumberland county there could be tropical storm force winds. a lesser chance here in the trying, and a very -- triangle, and a very small chance to the coast. more coming up on the local forecast in minutes. conditions deteriorated along the south carolina coast. >> and adam owens is in myrtle beach where it's raining at a
10:32 pm
last time we talked to you. >> reporter: gerald, linda, yeah, what a difference a few minutes makes! you know, we had some gusts at the top of the hour, but now we're starting to feel them a little stronger, and as you can see between me and the camera there's a good amount of rain coming down at a bit of an angle as well. the rain is one of the things they're really concerned about this in the area. flooding in the coastal area, and of course inland. the beach is not too me, so they're worried about the storm surge flooding. those are two things we'll continue to watch. even though this looks rough, this is far from the roughest we'll see. we'll continue to be here and keep an eye on it. >> adam owens at a soggy myrtle beach. here on our coast people are watching the storm, but not everyone is in a hurry to leave. >> amanda lamb is live at wrightsville beach with updates on conditions now.
10:33 pm
as you can see we're having some rain showers on and off. not too bad right now, and there are still a lot of people here in wrightsville beach. they have a voluntary evacuation meaning they don't have to live. now in curry beach and carolina beach it's a mandatory evacuation for non-residents because the wind gusts we're experiencing here, when they're up to 45 miles per hour, they have to close the bridge that goes over to pleasure island. big concern tonight is flash flooding. here they've upped the total, believing they could get as much as 20 inches of rain in low lying areas, and that will cause major flooding. people are very concerned, and they're telling everyone to please be on our guard. they have two shelters open, so if you don't feel safe, definitely get out and go to a shelter. back to you. >> you have to take this seriously. >> yes. >> and you have to take it seriously now. amanda lamb live, thank you. air travelers have faced
10:34 pm
>> amy victor continues live coverage at rdu international where she's seeing the weary travelers. >> reporter: that's right, a number of people have showed up to rdu today to get on flights, but not every person that came here was able to take off due to hurricane matthew. a number of flights were canceled here today. three alone actually in the past couple of hours. most of the those were going or leaving from orlando or miami. leaving from tampa and fort lauderdale, they had a different experience. one person just got off a fort lauderdale flight just two hours ago, and he was pretty excited to be back in raleigh. >> i was supposed to leave yesterday. i think my flight was scheduled at 5:30 yesterday. they rescheduled me this morning for 5:30 today.
10:35 pm
their website, and say anyone who's going to florida, south carolina or florida should check frequently to make sure changes are not made to the flights. >> >. thank you. our coverage of hurricane matthew continues in just a few minutes. we'll go live toll savannah, georgia where mandatory evacuations were ordered. breaking news in the race for the white house, a bombshell one month before the election. democrats and republicans are criticizing donald trump for lewd and disparaging comments about women. he made the comments 11 years ago, but it was made public tonight and it's causing problems. here's one excerpt from donald trump's comments made back in 2005. >> i'll give her some mints in case i start kissing her. i'm automatically attracted to
10:36 pm
let you do it. >> now that's one of the few parts of recording we can actually put on tv. the video was released by the washington post, and in it donald trump admits to behavior generally considered sexual assault and boasts about trying to woo a married woman. he offered his apologies. wikileaks uncovered highly paid private speeches made after she was secretary of state. they claimed she had a private and public position. clinton refused to release transcripts of the speeches despite repeated calls to do so by sanford. in two days -- sanders. in two days the second debate will take place at washington university in st.
10:37 pm
from voters. you can watch the debate on fox 50 right here this sunday at 9:00 p.m., and it should be interesting. >> yes, it will be. we'll continue our coverage of hurricane matthew just ahead. we have a firsthand account from savannah, georgia. and we're awaiting the latest update from the national hurric a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. ??
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the people, experience, and technology keeping you safe for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral weather wral news on fox 50. hurricane matthew not even here yet, but you can see the wind beach. that's a live look, and you can see the conditions are starting to deteriorate there. >> yeah, big difference from this morning. the georgia coastline is under a hurricane warning right now. >> and joel is live in savannah with a look at the situation right now. joel? >> reporter: good evening, the storm, hurricane matthew, about 90 miles to the south of savannah making it past saint
10:41 pm
story tonight is as your meteorologist will tell you is the storm surge. the rain coming down in buckets, and they're predicting a six to nine foot storm surge with the muddy savannah river. earlier today it had a foot or so until it reached the bank, and it will likely overflow the bank with the storm surge, but keep in mind also the storm surge is going to coincide with the height of storm at high tide, and telling me because it's high tide, you essentially have to add an extra seven feet of water to the storm surge, so it's going to be a potentially 16-foot storm surge that must go somewhere, and will be devastating to some of the infrastructure around here, and could in fact be deadly. >> joel, are you seeing any breaks in the weather or is it just solid like that for hours? >> reporter: it's been solid like this for hours.
10:42 pm
video in florida, and it's hard to imagine that you're going to experience this a day later, but since we've been out here about 3:00 it was maybe drizzling, and about an hour into it, about 4:00 p.m., the downpours started. it's been more of a rain maker than a wind maker, but the winds are tightly tethered to the eye of storm, so as the storm approaches, even closer, we're expected to feel the winds increase in magnitude. savannah hasn't had a direct hit since 1989. guys? >> oh, my. >> miserable night there. thank you joel for that live report. >> meteorologist mike maze is keeping us updated on the storm's every move. >> yes, the rain is already making it into the fayetteville area, and now that it's begun it probably won't stop until tomorrow evening, so that's why we have the threat of flooding. it's pummeling savannah right
10:43 pm
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the people, experience, and technology keeping you safe for 60 years. we prompts a releapt estimated -- promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral weather. you're looking live at conditions in myrtle beach, south carolina. heavy rain, wind, and they know have a tornado warning just south of there. mike told us about that
10:46 pm
weather. the potential certainly for it. >> and heading up here some time soon. >> and now we want to head back to ken smith. >> he's live at holden beach, and joinings us live from the conditions there. are you seeing anything like that they're seeing in south carolina? >> reporter: oh, not at all. not a bad night here in the area with holden beach, we've had a downpour about two or three hos just scattered showers. as you can see just a gentle please behind me. every now and -- breeze behind me p. we saw a lot of visitors leaving today because of the mandatory evacuation for them, and it's a voluntary evacuation for residents. we did some checking, and there are three shelters open.
10:47 pm
ago, and more than a hundred people are spread across those three shelters tonight here in the area. but all in all, not a bad night so far, but we know that these conditions will continue to deteriorate into tomorrow, and into tomorrow afternoon, and the plan is to close the bridge that connects holden beach to the mainland, and once the winds reach about 45 miles per hour that will happen. we also did some checking, and we found out that down here in holden beach, and in many parts of the county, including grocery stores, some gas stations, a lot of businesses, so this place will probably be a ghost town as hurricane matthew draws ever so closer. linda, gerald. >> yeah, you don't want to be on that bridge. >> and ken smith live at holden beach. and the time line for when ken will start to see the effects of the storm? >> he should see the heavy rain fall by 6:00 a.m.
10:48 pm
of the storm should be off myrtle beach in the afternoon, and the winds increase in the afternoon, but the heaviest rain should start in the morning. here's the radar view around here. throughout most of day it's been light rain and mist, but we're seeing the rain increasing in the southern counties, so as we talked to gilbert the last half hour, we talked about the first rain bands working in from matthew, and he's correct. there they are spreading down. hope mills becoming heavy, and over the last hour the heavy county, and it's shifting north and west, and will only increase in intensity toward daybreak. panning farther south, and holden beach is right here, and heavier rain is offshore, and rotating up north, and there's the heavier rain with hurricane matthew, and myrtle beach located about here, and the tornado warning is in this area near georgetown expiring at 11:00 tonight, and there are likely to be more tornado
10:49 pm
carolina coast, even oak island and holden beach, and up to the wilmington area, but locally no tornado warnings around here. matthew's impacts for the day tomorrow. 45 to 60 miles per hour. those gusts at 65 to 75, and they should be after lunchtime tomorrow, and the evening hours. rain fall totals 10 to 15 inches wilmington and myrtle beach and inland, but less of a huge impact for the outer banks. maybe 5 to 7 inches of gusts 45 to 50, maybe 60, but closer to home from the triangle area north it's a 20 to 25 miles per hour wind gust, and the 50 wind gusts should be for johnson county, and lesser wind speeds to the north and west. rain, 3 to 6 inches, and farther south, here's the big concern because they could see
10:50 pm
area, rock fish, godwin, many of the dams were breached in the last flooding, and they could wash away and produce life threatening flooding. if you live in a flood prone area, be prepared to leave quickly during the evening tomorrow and afternoon because the rain will be steady, in fact the rain has already started and won't end until tomorrow night, and folks will see gusts to 55 and that corridor. so here's the wind gusts through tomorrow morning. starting to pick up in the southern counties in the morning. by lurch time 40 miles per hour -- lunchtime 40 miles per hour wind gust, 40s for clinton and 40 miles per hour by 3:00, by 5:00, 40s and 50s showing up, and you can tell by the colors. lesser winds north and west,
10:51 pm
the trees may sway and the trees could topping up causing power outages. there's a 54 miles per hour gust in clinton, and by 9:00 tomorrow night the heavier and stronger winds start to move away, but we still have gusty winds throughout the day. 20 to 30 miles per hour, and we should still see gusty winds through the day sunday without the rain. so tomorrow's planner in the 70s, windy, warm, and wet. raining from the beginning of the day to the end of day. sunday is dry, 67. it's cooler. we have that cold front on the way bringing the first taste fall. boy, it's going to feel great if you like it on the chilly side. upper 40s for lows monday and tuesday morning, and by the opening of the state fair on thursday it looks picture perfect with a high in the mid- 70s. >> can't wait for that. >> thanks. when we come back, the issues facing our candidates if elected. >> lon cecil talks about his priorities if he's elected
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
ed me in a parking tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife.. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. the general election is november 8th, and with the state's top office on the ballot, we asked the candidates to let you know where they stand on important issues facing the state. >> and lon cecil shares his top
10:55 pm
>> i am lon cecil, libertarian candidate for governor. people tell me they want funding for education. voters want jobs. economic growth fueled by small businesses can provide services and goods within a few months of start up. we may relax regulations and providing jobs in the first year. voter also are demanding a clean, underground and surface water supplies. >> to see all position statements by the candidates go to and before we leave you we want to take a look at some of the areas on the coast. little south of us here the
10:56 pm
from hurricane matthew. wrightsville beach a little breezy, but they can expect that over the next 12 to 24 hours. >> >. yeah, by 2:00 tomorrow afternoon the eye, the center of circulation will be right offshore. so they have all night and all day tomorrow. >> and it's scary when it happens overnight too. >> yeah, the power going out. >> and let's take a look at the radar view of where matthew is now, moving north about 12 miles per hour. top winds we haven't had the new numbers come down yet. i was hoping to have them before the end of newscast, but greg will have them at the top of the newscast at 11:00. we'll have more live coverage about hurricane matthew and the push toward us. >> and we'll be watching the situation throughout the night, so for the very latest on the storm watch the morning news on wral starting at 6:00 in the
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
where does north carolina go from here? i'm roy cooper, and after years of our state moving backward, these would be my priorities as governor. first, instead of social issues, i'll focus on our schools and keeping good teachers with better pay. we need to end giveaways for companies that send jobs overseas and grow our economy here. and we need to reform our tax system so those at the top
11:00 pm
donald trump, the comments on women you have not heard. welcome to "access hollywood." on the heels of a story that broke earlier this week in which the associated press interviewed more than 20 former apprentice employees, some of the cast and crew described mr. trump's behavior toward women recalling that he, on many occasions, made lewd and inappropriate comments. denial saying these outlandish, unsubstantiated and totally false claims fabricated by pub listy hungry opportunistic disgruntled former employees have no merit whatsoever. in the course of reporting on mr. trump, we have reviewed much of our other footage. in 2005 when mr. trump came to


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