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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. right now on wral news on fox 50, how an entire community is grieving after the death of a local soldier killed in the line >> plus how an outbreak of violence made for tense moments at a local high school football game. and a deadly encounter, new details about a shooting that killed a new york city police officer and wounded another. a solar with ties to the triangle dies in afghanistan.
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lives in roseville. ken smith is live with how the city is honoring him. >> he was just 30 years old, stationed at fort carson, colorado, and this was his first tour of duty in afghanistan. he was a highly decorated soldier with more than eight years serving his country. >> reporter: the family lives in roseville, and this woman's tears are for all the soldiers' families currently grieving. >> all the soldiers are our family, and they need to be remembered and honored. >> reporter: the town is honoring the captain's memory and military service. the flags at town hall flying at half staff, and at the veterans memorial.
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sizable demographic of veterans, and the military means a lot, and for someone this young to pass away is shocking. >> reporter: his duty station in fort carson, colorado, issued a statement reading in part it's always hashed to lose a part -- hard to lose a part of our military family. our thoughts are with his family and friends during this difficult time. they're sure he served with honor. >> it's an honor, for me and his family and my family, and even the people that don't care. that's what honor is all about. >> the town is encouraging everyone to visit the veterans memorial to pay respects. the other soldier who died is from greenville, pennsylvania. >> the ripple effects from this
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thank you. new york's mayor says the city is in mourning tonight following the shooting that left one officer dead and another wounded. within the past few hours officials released those officers names. we know sergeant paul tuzolo, a four of two was killed. tonight the other sergeant is undergoing treatment for a shot to the leg. they were investigating a home invasion, found the suspect escaping from the when they caught up with him he opened fire. the suspect was also killed in the exchange. a rash of violence prompted extra security at a local high school football game. adam owens shows what measures were put in place to keep players and fans at pine crest high in moore county safe. >> reporter: it's the defensive play before the game starts. >> thank you ma'am. >> thank you. >> reporter: empty your pockets in the bins, walk through the
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if the machine goes off you're checked over again with a wound. >> that's a good thing -- wand. >> that's a good thing. >> reporter: charles was in line to get into the game, and he'd do it again. >> i think it should be all the time. >> reporter: why is that? >> anybody carrying a gun. dangerous. >> reporter: the community around the school has seen quite a bit of violence recently. a shooting last week a 12-year-old girl was killed in a drive by attack. a 3-year-old was also shot, but survived. there have been arrests in the case, but everyone is still uneds, and that's why the -- uneasy, and that's why the players on the field are not the only ones in uniform. people we talked with at the game say they're fans of heightened security, but also say it's a shame in this day and time that it's necessary. >> we want everyone to be safe, and we want to prevent anything from happening, so i think it's
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>> even in a small town like this it's getting bad. >> reporter: adam owens, wral, moore county. >> and police tell wral it is likely there will continue to be increased security at future games. >. investigators are trying to determine if the death of a campbell university student was accidental for intentional. had he fell out of third floor window of his dorm room last night. two or three friends the university is planning a memorial service for him some time next week. no charges will be filed in a crash that killed a 3-year- old girl. the highway patrol says the girl ran into the southbound lane of old us 1 in new hill last night and was hit by a jeep and died at the scene. investigators say speed was not a factor. late today a federal judge
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canceled voter registrations. they purged thousands from the roles because of the so called individual challenge law. the naacp said it violated the national voter registration act, and they say it largely targeted black voters. candidates are leaving nothing to chance, and with north carolina a key state in continue to try and secure unsure voters. this afternoon president obama spoke to the crowd inside the arena at fayetteville state university. he claim to the historically -- came to the historically back university to encourage them to get out the vote. and he tried to calm down the crowd of clinton protesters who
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military suit and holding a trump sign. >> hold up. we live in a country that allows free speech, second he looks like he spent time in the military, and we need to respect that. third of all he was elderly, and we need to respect our elders. and fourth of all don't boo. >> president obama also encouraged them to vote for hillary clinton so she could continue the work he started eight years ago. mike pence spoke to a crowd of supporters in greenville today. the crowd was small, about 300 people, but he said the message was important. he said the trump movement is coming together in the final days, and he's seeing more enthusiasm as the election gets closer. >> this race is on. we are coming out of the 4th turn. it's wheel to wheel and we're going to sprint all the way to the checkered flag here in
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country. >> pence also told the crowd that friends don't let friends vote alone, and encouraged attendees to go straight to the nearest poll and cast a ballot. donald trump will be back in north carolina at least twice before election day. he has events scheduled for wilmington tomorrow and raleigh on monday. chelsea clinton will make three stops in our state tomorrow, and bon jovi will have a concert monday night in charlotte in support of hillary clinton. >> wral is where you want to be on election perspective you won't find anywhere else. 20 wral journalists will be in the field with candidates as they learn the outcomes of the racest. we'll have the fastest election returns of anyone in the area. our coverage starts at 7:00 and will continue well into the night, and it includes a special one-hour edition of our 11:00 news. david crabtree and laura leslie will be on wral 2 focusing on the local and state offices.
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on channel 5.2, and on time warner channel 1255, and all coverage will be available on our website, the wral app, and our social media.s. new tonight, we learned fema added seven new counties designated to disaster assistance. they'll join 38 other counties with the and heroes homecoming was the group behind a candle light tribute tonight for veterans day. fort bragg's command sergeant addressed the group. heroes homecoming will hold other events in the area leading up to veterans day. wral salutes our veterans with coverage of the fayetteville veterans day parade. we'll have a broadcast as the parade marchs through historic
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parade honors world war ii veterans, the greatest generation. it begins at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, and you can watch it live on wral and use the hashtag wralvetparade and share pictures of parade or write a short tribute to honor the veterans you know. we may use or tweet during the broadcast. raleigh's veterans day parade is also this weekend. this is video from last year. it starts at 9:00 a.m., and it includes a special ceremony at >> the pride will be thick tomorrow. >> it will be. another lit cat headquarters in -- political headquarters in north carolina vandalized. >> surveillance video police hope will lead to the people who did this. >> and why the south carolina property where a woman was found chained up may be covering up something before sinister. >> and a pair of nypd officers share what it was like the moment a bomb went off right in front of them, and the pandemonium they had to get under control. >> and the cold front that came through the area last night
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look at the numbers out there right now. definitive need for jackets in many locations. roxboro at 43. 49 at rdu, 53 at fayetteville. what was the weather like for the weekend and -- what's the weather like for this weekend and next week? we'll check it out in the forecast coming upgo and tomorrow is your last -- up. and tomorrow is your last day to vote before election
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washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. but we're only beginning to learn how little work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70% of his armed services committee hearings... even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party before country." senate majority pac is responsible
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wral news on fox 50 with laura leslie, gerald owens, and meteorologist mike maze. the man accused of chaining up a woman in a storage container made his first court appearance on the charges today. that's when it was revealed a search of his south carolina property yielded a shallow grave. in search. the woman who was discovered, kala brown disappeared in august with her boyfriend. the boyfriend has not been located. classes at a wilson county school were interrupted by a bomb threat. student and staff were forced to evacuate while officials investigated. similar threats were made at other county high schools this week. the superintendent offered a reward for information leading to an arrest in all of these cases. so far two teenagers have been charged, they're still looking
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released at that time about the person -- about the person struck and killed by a tractor trailer along i-95. it broke on our 11:00 news last night. troopers say gray was hit after he got out of his car because of a flat tire. investigators say the tractor trailer driver was not at fault. a beloved hope mills middle schoolteacher has died. the highway burke was involved in a crash. christopher hamilton failed to yield, and crashed into burke motorcycle. a reward is before offered after a local gop headquarters was vandalized. this all happened overnight.
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pictures of vandal. if you know who it is or have information about the case, call the sheriff's office. just this week the orange county gop opened its headquarters after a fire bomb destroyed it. friday night means football. switch over to wral at 11:35 for football friday. jeff gravley will have all the highlights from tonight's big games. now as a reminder as we head into the weekend, daylight savings time ends sunday morning, time to fall back. you do it saturday ni about it and sleep it doesn't matter, you're right back where you should be. here's how to make the most of the hour. use the extra hour in the morning, instead of sleeping longer. when you wake up immediately get moving, and when it comes to your night time routine go to bed when you feel tired because interrupting your body's natural sleep cycle can make you more tired. >> >. that's happened before too, you get up at a normal
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and it's like oh, i got so much done. >> and you can't make yourself go back to sleep. >> well, it's going to be lighter in the morning. >> like that part, but not the darker in the evening. >> i like it darker in the morning because the dog sleeps longer, if he hears me move he's like let's go. >> it's like having a baby. >> yeah, but for a long time [ laughter ] >> sunrise on sunday so let's take a look at what's ahead. we have a high pressure weekend. not about stress though, it's a good thing. high pressure will keep it sunny and comfortable. low humidity. and as we mentioned it's a fall back weekend. the clocks go back an hour. check the batteries in the smoke detectors and other detectors as well. and we have another dry stretch. we had about a quarter of an inch of rain last night in rocky mount, but the next
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beautiful, but rather chilly. you know the fans in the football stadiums are rather chilly on the bleachers this evening with the 49 right now. 44 the dewpoint. the winds calm. temperatures close to home. everyone in the 40s except for holly springs. 49 at durham, and broader view 40s and 50s. 43 the cool spot, and 53 right now in clinton. weather was beautiful today, a started with clouds and a bit of rain this morning, but it quickly moved out. the cold front is well to the together moving into north florida, and high pressure is building in. high pressure weekend, high pressure with us both saturday and sunday. right now it continues to build in bringing in the cooler, drier air, and it's making it down to the gulf coast. now it was slow to arrive there. they had highs in the 80s today in montgomery, and atlanta, and birmingham, but tonight is cooler with lows in the 4s and
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out there now, atlanta at 67, 67 in were montgomery. fact to the north, closer to the center of high pressure, 43 in cincinnati, 53 in washington dc. temperatures through the night, we'll bottom out in the 30s to low 40s. 38 at south hill at 7:00 a.m., 43 at fayetteville. at lunchtime we warm up. plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the upper 50s to maybe 60. perhaps 58 in fayetteville, 57 in goldsboro. now futurecast tends to be a temperatures, we're going mid- 60s here in the triangle. futurecast is going low 60s. you get the idea, it will be in the 60s like it was for the most part today, and overnight tomorrow night into sunday morning we should cool back down into the 40s and 30s up toward southern virginia. the model steps at immediate nit -- stops at midnight tomorrow night. so our forecast overnight, upper 30s to low 40s. 40 in the triangle.
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fix that, i north. i brighter spot -- forgot. a brighter spot in the morning. 50s to 60s, sunny and cool, and tomorrow afternoon mid and upper 60s. 66 in the triangle. 69 at fayetteville, so we had 69 today in raleigh at the airport, and we'll be a few degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon. there's the seven-day forecast. 40 in the morning, 66 in the afternoon. but my school is coming to town tomorrow to take on nc state. we'll see who wins. 55 for the kickoff, the finish is 47, very cool on the bleachers tomorrow night at the stadium. sunday 70, monday 67. election day is looking good. mostly sunny and morning low of 40. so when you head out to the polls, if you'll be there 6:30 in the morning it will be cold, and by the evening upper 60s. we'll be all over it on wral, so much information to share.
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most people like to take in a world series game at a bar or party at home, but one man decided this year's historic win was best shared in a graveyard. >> and a fuquay-varina man cheered on his cubs in the graveyard 600 miles, though, away from the triangle. >> such a great story. you'll have to tune in for that one. next in sports, unc and duke playing exhibition hoops, and it's a busy weekend for triangle football. steve logan tes
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first exhibition game of the year for the tar heels. north carolina getting things started with unc penbrook. the tar heels getting in the groove in the first the easy bucket from luke may. nice sequence here. look if he freshman, tony bradley, and kenny williams is running the floor, and heads the reverse lay up. unc look fog run as -- looking to run as usual, and they're doing it so far this season. the alley-oop to hicks, and north carolina scores 124
10:25 pm
duke and augastana playing. jefferson on the stop, and he's feeling good. he had an injury this last year, but takes it coast to coast. and look at the freshman delaurier. outstanding defense by duke. 33-6 at this point. he has the steal and slam. duke goes on to roll in this one 98 to 45. all three triangle teams home steve logan gets you ready for a busy saturday starting with a unc team still in the hunt for a division title. >> what you have to do if you're unc you put your blinders on, i win your next game. i understand we have to peek and see what's going on in the other game, but we have control over us, we don't have control over virginia tech. >> virginia tech goes to duke.
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jones see from bud foster? >> who's going to see a lot of things he hasn't seen before. the main thing he'll see and the receivers will see at duke is bump press man coverage. running a route versus zone is something. running a route against bump press man coverage is something completely different. >> why do you think nc state has a chance against florida state? >> florida state had heart ripped out against clemson in the last play of the game, so nc state, listen to me guys, we stumbled last week, but we have a redemption game in front of us. we have a chance, florida state is going to look over them, say they got beat by boston college? for crying out loud let's get on a plane, beat them, and go home. they'll be sleep walking in
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game losing streak. how invigorating is that for them? >> well you get to breathe for about six and a half games, and there's another game coming up because in a five-game losing streak you don't breathe. >> nc state always plays florida state tough, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow night. >> it will be interesting. >> fun weekend. >> thank you mandy. duke university students have a shiny new facility to learn about cooking and ion find good eats. >> which celebrity she have showed up -- chef ow break it in, plus: >> new york, it's a target, but you don't put your uniform on every day thinking today there might be an explosion. >> a pair of new york police officers share their story
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i'm roy cooper... and when i grew up on this farm in nash county, i learned you have to work together to get things done. but for too long now, that hasn't been happening in raleigh. as governor, i'll put partisan politics aside... so we can turn around our economy and fix our schools. our reputation. we can build a better north carolina...
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they were just two officers tasked with controlling an entire neighborhood full of chaos and panic. >> the near impossible call to action came in september after an explosion in new chelsea neighborhood, and now the officers are sharing their recollections from that night. here's the story. >> we know that new york is a target, but you don't put your uniform on every day thinking that today there might be an explosive. >> sergeant. >> reporter: nypd officers were on routine patrol on a saturday night in september when they saw the explosion that shook new york city's chelsea neighborhood. >> we saw the explosion go off.
10:31 pm
away, and at that point we need we had to do something. >> reporter: so where were you guys when you pulled up? at the scene the first priority was helping the injured. >> i just saw blood on their schools, and they were just hysterical. i tried to calm down them saying help is coming. >> everybody get off the street! >> reporter: 15 minutes later police found another unexploded device several blocks away. it, like the first device filled with shrapnel and built with pressure cookers and cell phones. officials would call the chelsea blast intentional and an act of terror. >> a whom exploding in -- bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism. >> and that was probably the scariest part, not knowing if there's a second bomb. >> reporter: the explosion goes off, and it's your job to go
10:32 pm
>> we know it's our job. >> reporter: to dorchester flew across the street? >> -- dumpster flew across the street. >> yeah, lodged right there. >> reporter: despite the damage, by sunday morning all of the injured were released from the hospital. by monday following a frantic man hunt and shoot out in new jersey, a man was arrested in coec and the two officers were back at work, protecting a city still on edge. why do you put that uniform on every day? >> whatever i can do, if i can help them, that's what i want to do. >> it's in my blood, it's in my heart. i want to be there and help people, and that way i think we helped out a lot. >> the suspect is still in prison, he pleaded not guilty to shooting two new jersey police officers during his
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chelsea neighborhood and new jersey. the men charged in ambush attacks killing two iowa police officers is held on $10 million bond tonight. scott green didn't say anything as he made his first court appearance today. he's charged with killing a des moines sergeant and officer justin martin. if convicted he gets life sentence without the probability of parole. and new concerns after 13 people were infected with a rare fungus not seen in before. it often resists antifungus drug treatments, and spreads in places like hospitals and nursing homes. several cases were reported in maryland, new jersey and new york. a fourth death is attributed to a recall of 29 million pieces of ikea furniture. the death happened in 2011, and involved this set of drawers.
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tipped over trapping a 2-year- old underneath. consumers are urged to take it back to the store for a refund or store credit. you have offenses though, you can order a free anchoring kit and secure it yourself or have someone from the store remove or anchor the items for you. the closest store to the triangle is in charlotte. duke university is breaking into the newly renovated west unc with a celebrity -- union with a mario batalli was there, and he used locally sourced ingredients for his dishes. you can dream it you can cook it right there on campus. >> we built a fire pit that combines fire cooking with giant pens, a fly wheel grill where the grid goes up and down where steaks and large meats are cooked, and at the opposite
10:35 pm
spins. >> >. look at that. it's very cool. it's a dining and teaching facility within the west union. >> good food made in there. >> yeah! a fresh face is coming to saturday night live, sort of. >> find out when comedian dave chappell will host for the first time.
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sting will perform the first concert at the bataclan since the paris terror attacks last year. proceeds from the concert goes to groups for survivors and the country music association is pushing back against allegations it deleted social media posts about beyonce's performance at the cma awards. tmz claimed they removed the posts after receiving racist comments in response. in a statement to cnn a spokesperson for the cma refuted that report. comedian dave chappell will
10:39 pm
election november 12th. the musical guest is a tribe called quest. >> even for saturday night live he can be off the hook, so i'm anxious to see where he is. >> that's going to be interesting. >> yeah, you have to wonder what the show is going to be like after the election. >> oh, yeah, the shows just write themselves [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah, it's the best ratings they've had in years. so time for what's trending. >> first of all we start with a touching moment between a patient and her nurse who happens to be a man. the girl is waking up in post- op after having her broken arm repaired, and she told her nurse they were going to get married. >> i don't think i like the chapel too much. >> why not? >> i'm just kidding you. >> look at her!
10:40 pm
married! [ laughter ] >> clearly she's not of sound mind right now. >> i love you! [ laughter ] >> they really do say crazy things when they're coming out of that stuff. >> she's completely out of it. >> and he's taking it all in stride. he's so cool about it. >> he really is. >> oh to be a nurse and see that every day. >> they always have stories [ laughter ] >> all right, this is true ingenuity. the amazon echo was combined with a big mouth billy bass. this is what the inventor came up with. ?[ music ] ?? >> the video i wanted to see was, he actually has the weather forecast, because you know the echo will tell you the
10:41 pm
sound to the fish. >> oh! >> so the head would spin out and start talking and tell you what the weather was. >> oh, that's a neat idea. >> it's cool. >> yeah, alexa is the echo. >> that's smart! >> it's clever and a little freaky. >> he could make money off that one. that's funny though [ laughter ] >> i posted these on my facebook page if you want to take a look. >> >. sounds good and it seems a celebration in chicago will never end as fans two days after the team broke the winning the world series. >> also today fans packed downtown chicago for a victory parade. meanwhile a local fan celebration was a little more solitary. we'll introduce you to the local man who drove 600-miles to an indiana cemetery to listen to the game with his late father. mike? >> well, we've had a temperature transforation. yesterday warm in the 80s, today in the 60s, and temperatures tumbling. a lot of folks having cooler weather as you can see by the
10:44 pm
a chicago cubs fan in fuquay-varina spent some of the afternoon watching his team's victory parade on tv, calling it fantastic. >> but that wasn't as meaningful as listening to the game itself with his father. bryan mims spoke with him today about a long time promise
10:45 pm
>> reporter: just as we start talking it hits him, that he hasn't stopped talking about his dad. >> i've been talking about this now for two days, and this is the first time i've lost it a little bit. >> reporter: wayne williams jr. can see his old man now, as a young man in a painting wearing a cubs uniform. >> that's my dad. >> reporter: not really dad, but a spitting image. he can see wayne sr. uniform listening to the cubs. >> reporter: you made a promise to your father? >> we always agreed we would watch the cubs when they were in the world series, we'd watch the cubs together, no matter what. >> reporter: dad died in 1980, never in his 53 years would he see his cubs rise to victory in the fall classic, and the years kept clicking by. >> i thought it was going to happen in 84, i thought it was
10:46 pm
believing. >> reporter: along came 2016. by now wayne jr. had retired to fuquay-varina, close to his daughter, but 11 hours from where dad rests at a cemetery in greenwood, indiana. >> i said after game five, i said to my wife, if they win tomorrow game six i have to head out. >> reporter: wednesday morning, 8:30, he was indy bound, at his father's grave site he pulled out his phone an it was like yes, he did it! and i packed it up and went home. >> reporter: we did it, he told dad. that's all he had to say. are you sad your father couldn't see it? >> oh, yeah, yeah, he'd have been over the moon. of course he'd still be drinking right now [ laughter ] >> reporter: at his front door, the w flag waves. w for win. it's a cubs thing.
10:47 pm
for christmas last year. how prophetic. wayne jr. and wayne sr. knew the w would come, and knew they'd spend the day together. he can see his dad now through tears of joy. bryan mims, wral news, fuquay- varina. >> you know, that's kind of what baseball is all about. >> yes. >> when it started back in the day, you watch the games on saturday afternoons with your brother or dad. >> and then just listeng it on the radio too, how it used to be called. just a difference from watching it on tv. >> the cemetery is a new twist, but good job wayne, that's awesome. >> fantastic. so this weekend, tomorrow morning, of course with the veterans day parade. >> it will be chilly, yes, fayetteville is setting up, it will be sunny and cool. temperatures in the 50s, and unlike last year here in raleigh there won't be any rain, so if you're going out find a sunny spot to sit in, and bundle up. switching gears, we'll look at
10:48 pm
arizona. dust storms in parts of arizona. it started with a thunderstorm, including heavy rain and hail. you can see the storm forming, and it formed near an indian reservation. the national weather service issued a blowing dust advisory, and the dust got so thick visibility was reduced on some of the highways out there. and now to weather desk top. in fact, that region right now looking at the jet stream still has an area of lo and it's been raining all day. we put the upper level low on, and you see the spin here and the upper level flow in that general vicinity, and then the other part of jet stream. earlier in the week there was a little trough over the plains, and during the day it was digging deep over the southeast, and the cooler ridge of high pressure upon us earlier this week that brute the 80s -- brought the 80s retreated into the gulf of
10:49 pm
of the ridge and the upper level low, this area will get quite a bit of rain in the coming days. here's the rain fall potential now. out west you see the colors showing up in new mexico, texas, oklahoma, even along the gulf coast for parts of louisiana, and even into mississippi perhaps a good deal of rain. we'll put the numbers on the map. maybe three, two inches of rain in west texas. parts of new mexico. then an inch across parts of oklahoma and then lesser amounts, and you can't help but notice north c and maybe next saturday and sunday we have the next opportunity for rain. it's just the way the jet extreme is set up to keep the northwest air aloft, and keep us dry and rain off to the west, so we don't anticipate rain over the next several days. here's the seven-day forecast. 66 for the high tomorrow. a low around 40 degrees, we'll check out the veterans day parade for fayetteville kicking
10:50 pm
about 51, at finish 57. so make sure you have warm clothes, and if you can find a sunny spot in downtown fayetteville that would help out. on sunday we fall back. daylight savings time ends before you go to bed saturday night. turn the clocks back an hour so you'll be on time, and that means it's lighter in the morning and darger in the evening -- darker in the evening. by monday the sunset will be around 5:13, so it will be dark about 6:40 it will be completely dark. >> what a change. >> take advantage of the extra hour of sleep though. it's that time of year when the leighs fall from the -- leaves fall from the trees, and pumpkin spice makes it into all our food.
10:51 pm
we count on them to show up for us. now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck newton was penalized for missing tax deadlines. the press says, "an attorney general should show more respect for the rule of law." we need to stop this buck here. a congressional district known as "the octopus", another called "the snake",
10:52 pm
erican voters, all upheld by judge bob edmunds. but federal judges rejected edmunds' decision for misusing race for partisan gain. the clear choice for state supreme court? judge mike morgan. he's endorsed by president obama.
10:54 pm
fall means punch kins, and not -- pumpkins and not just for the front doors. >> punch kin waffles -- pumpkin waffles, pancakes, coffee, and butter. our health team explains how to add it to your diet in a healthy way. >> reporter: pumpkin itself is actually really helpful for you, but you what's in them buying from something estimated. a pumpkin spice latte contains about 20 percent of a days worth of calories and fat. this weight loss coach advices against drinking your calories. >> a lot of times you'll have a breakfast on top of your coffee, so there's much more calories coming from mainly sugar, the fat, things like that, where you're getting that in food anyways, but there's
10:55 pm
than just the drink. >> reporter: she recommends making it yourself instead of going out. >> you don't have control over it when you go out, but if you make it at home you can put your own milk in it, your own amount of flavoring, limit the sugars. >> reporter: if you do want to splurge on a pumpkin flavored drink small changes can make a difference. >> you want to watch the blended ones, cut out the milk. a lot of different choices, they have sugar free syrup at some places. >> reporter: but the healthiest way to go is using the real thing. >> anything you can get whole is the best for you instead of artificial flavoring. a single mother of five received a surprise she and her
10:56 pm
[ cheering ] >> listen to that roaring cheer. volunteers with operation blessing international shows kim bush her refurbished home. it was completely gutted and rebuilt after hurricane matthew left more than a foot of water inside. the virginia beach organization did all of this in the past week, and they also decorated for christmas to make sure the family had a happy holiday season, and they gave out gift cards to neighbors t efforts as well. wow. >> she's still crying. i mean, that's amazing. >> great support. >> it's huge, and to get it done that quickly because there's so much that has to be done. wow, nice. all right, so cool, it's cool out there now. >> yeah, we'll need jackets heading out to the cars, but over the weekend a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s in the afternoon. >> thanks mike, and thank you for watching.
10:57 pm
cooper: when we lost the nba all-star game... the ncaas... and the acc championships... it hurt north carolina's economy and our national reputation. but this election for governor is not just about one bad law. it's about them. i'm roy cooper. and this election is about finally stopping the loss of our teachers,
10:58 pm
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>> when i first started, he would say -- >> he offered to advance her career in exchange for sexual favors. the claims meghyn kelly about roger ailes. then he, quote, crossed a new line. for first time we're hearing the stunning specific all the princess and possible princess-to-be. i'm liz hernandez. there's no shortage of love in the air, including new romance confirmation from jennifer lawrence. >> i'm wearing versace. >> underrated as a style star, our very fabulous friday fashion flashback with rachel mcadams. >> the killer version of this. >> i honestly didn't know who i was working with. >> multiple cases of redhead mistaken identity.


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