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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm EDT

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right now on wral trenton this clinton trump on a complex ac we will show you the heavy hitters that showed up today. the all-american city is sent to state honoring veterans. by the fayetteville for it is resonating so strongly with the military community. a cool crisp night outside. we will come at you with the forecast to soon. the countdown is on three days until election day and with north carolina status as a
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your vote. >> the clinton and trump campaigns held major events today in north carolina. clinton made stops. chelsea made an appeal to younger voters disillusioned with the election. >> i have recently been having conversation asking people would you let someone picked out what classes you are taking next semester, of course you wouldn't? so letting someone else determine the fate of our try >> reporter: donald wesley brought governor. pat mccrory on stage to rally last-minute voters ought to join the trump train . >> he has been below loyal to trump since day one. we need an outsider to clean up washington dc. just like we had an outsider cleanup raleigh north carolina. this is the best of america.
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said that if you thought both campaigns were done with north carolina think again both have more personal visits set up before election day. we're live in raleigh with details of the final election day campus. >> reporter: this is now a sprint for democrats and republicans here in north carolina. we stopped by headquarters in raleigh for both parties and all i can say is all into the each headquarters were not sitting still. republican headquarters are bustling with activity. >> we have a lot of pat mccrory science we are putting together. >> reporter: in just a few blocks away volunteers at the democratic headquarters are hard as work as well. susp insane but uld have it no reporter: now the are focused
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a make it or break it state. >> reporterunty broken with voting in the early cycle . it was up 40,000 from last year numbers. early voting help a common in people for on da. republican and democratic parties know there are people who have yet to cast ballots eafor reaching e people. the state gop lying heavily on >> will be here working all weekend lookinatdata to see who we need tovoted yet. >> reporter: the democratald us phone banks. >> we are having them called those who have not voted and making sure they are voting. >> both parties said they are planning on getting very little sleep this weekend. decrats sa lookcod break county.
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republican say are -- on the ar well. franklin county is important to them as well. >> reporter: i have to ask you about the confidence level of each party.>> reporter: i was there and i observed just for a few minutes and i can say both tell me they are competent but then again you don't necessarily want to tip your hand too much to the competition when you know they are watching so it seem as was evidenced by the fact that the volunteers had their hands and 50 busy the whole time we were there.>> it will be a busy few days. >> more than 3 million people turned out for early voting in north carolina. that is a record. >> without long lines at polling places. at nc state people waited up to four hours in line. volunteers brought pizza and donuts to help pass the time.
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13% higher than it was four years ago. some boaters took too long lines as an opportunity to bond. >> i am young. i can stand. no worries. >> i brought my daughter. it is her birthday. she is 11 years old. she gets to participate. she gets to watch me vote. >> most polls closed at 1 pm. the polls on pm.>> donald trump leads a rally on rally. hillary clinton also in rally monday for a midnight get up. her running mate tim kaine expected in rally monday morning and jon bon jovi headlines a concert in support of hillary clinton. the candidates are trying to hit as many battleground state before tuesday. some dramatic moments tonight
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service. initial reports int to an incidentarted by a protester near the front of the stage. finished her day in out by fice pennsylvania with a get out and vote concert with katy perry. all eyes will be a new york tuesday night. both clinton and trump will hold election night parties manhattan. 20 is where you want to be with perspective you will not find anywhere else. >> we will have the fastest election returns of anyone else in our area. our coverage begins at seven it will continue well into the night including a special one-o and laura leslie will be on wral 2 with focus on elections locally. all of our coverage will also
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and our app and social media accounts as well. moving along new to police are searching for of a man fr behind an apartment helping. officers found the victim enough vacant apartment building on king street in spring lake around 2:30 this afternoon. a -- it appeared the man was moved to where it was killed. police have not named a suspect or a motive in the year-old girl killed in a drive- by shooting last weekend. family, friends and loved ones ofattended a funeral service for joe linda campbell. campbell was a student at southern middle school. of three-year-old was also injured in the shooting. two people are charged with the case. a big announcement by governor. pat mccrory . the state will hold eight 2018 question gave for the triumph international.
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championships it drew more than 500,000 spectators. today the or ed about the significanevent coming to north carolina. >> these games will bring people from all oveworld. in they will bring people from 72 countries. >> the event is held every four years and is a major international championship kicks back thousands of people lined the street of built to honor veterans and pay tribute to those who paid the ulmate our freedom. this year a special honor was paid towards world war ii veterans. a clear blue sky set the scene for a picturesque parade. patriotic music filled the air as more than 100 including active-duty military, veteran organizations and rotc units marched in lockstep. vietnam veteran robert noyce was among the thousands looking on.
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does nothing else i can do but remember them.>> federman few apprenticed spent eight years as a jump master in fort bragg. today he drove nearly 300 miles from georgia to see his buddies walk in the parade . he wants to see better treatment of veterans.>> i would like to see the guys coming back now get much better treatment, medical, whoever is in charge of the country at should really get out there and help the veterans.>> one veteran bedding from that kind of help is can't fight it would like his second service dog. his first dog iris alerted him in the middle of the seizure. he says she saved his life. >> i got my license back, i got my life back. i get to go out and start working with other veterans. >> krauss also lined the street
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truth and veterans as well. this annual veterans day parade took place in downtown raleigh. the parade started at salisbury street and then went through fayetteville street. margin band -- marching bands took the street to help honor the veterans along with them. >> we talked to eric kramer he opened up about his battle with depression and his suicide attempt and his new outlook on life . you can watch his ultimate comeback star in two parts at 5 pm and 6 pm on wral news monday night . >> somebody knows who killed a 13-year-old girl and could be trying to protect that suspect. durham county investigators
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the fema disaster recovery system closed today. it opened early this week to assist with recovering from hurricane matthew. there were still several other relief centers open industry including willington, smith still, and fayetteville . you can sign assistance also on . type matthew in the search bar to find recovery information . everything from replacing important documents that you will find a entire list of resources there. last tuesday would have been her 50th birthday but
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age 13. a young life was snuffed out three decades ago and her killer has appointed justice ever since. spoke september september 1980, a baseball field and durham county where an innocent game was overshadowed by the desperate search for a 13-year- old girl. >> i just hope nobody has abused her.>> reporter: investigators say when darling tillie left she took a shortcut to the woods and never made it home. hunters found her remains two month later 8 miles from her home.>> she had been there a while. took darlene had been stabbed and beaten to death.>> she walked this way by herself.>> yes she did . that was not uncommon in a rural area at the
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was not on the case back then but later he took it over. we interviewed him three years ago. >> her body was found in an area known as the flats it runs off the highway about 60 feet across the highway. hardin said someone came forward in 2008 with valuable information which help them establish a positive interest. a person with ties to the local church community once had an altercation. >> we had a person come forward to describe what actions he had performed with her as a 13-year- old and that he may have approached several very young girls in a sexually inappropriate manner. >> reporter: martin believes the tip that will cause this case will come from the person who has protected the killers identities all these years. samet to protect the reputation of the community is not a reason to protect a murderer --
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church is not a reason to protect a murderer. especially one who may commit that crime numerous times. if you have any information about the unsolved murder of 13- year-old darling tillie call 86643 win ped 866 866-439-2683. or go to and search for report a tip.>> hooting and hollering you do not want to miss coming up. also the standup place that locked up the w. >> low temperatures dropping tonight as daylight saving time
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washington has made richard burr wealthy. we know that. burr voted himself 5 pay raises and his personal net worth increased 500%. but we're only beginning to learn how little work burr actually does. richard burr missed nearly 70%
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even skipping one hearing to hold a dc fundraiser with lobbyists. it's why the observer says, "burr shows himself to be a consummate washington insider who routinely puts party before country." senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. a decades-old tradition came back to life with a lot of hooting and hollering.>> [ laughter ] wow. you are listening to competitors at the first worldwide hollering festival. the crowd was also able to enjoy live music, food and
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tonight we learned the winner of the junior division it david herod from fayetteville. >> congratulations. i think in the adult division joe groff steel won first place. cement my kids would be great. [ laughter ] >> nice evening though. yes but it is: off very quickly. it will be temperatures dipping into the 30s. take a look at where we could see frost. frost advisory in effect for parts of the piedmont and into the mountains of north carolina as well. we are not under the advisory but some areas of patchy frost are certainly not out of the question. forecast flows for tonight low to mid upper 30s depending on
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38 degrees in raleigh, 39 for the low temperature in fayetteville so it will be chilly overnight tonight. already down into the 30s and henderson where it is 38 degrees. 44 in raleigh right now. it is chilly in smithfield 43 degrees and 48 in fayetteville. we have a quiet night tonight. we don't have any clouds around. clear skies which will help to get the temperature dropping over tonight. wind is currently calm at the airport. dutiful weather lots of clear sky and sunshine. it was gorgeous. we have an area of high pressure to the north and west of us. wind flowing clockwise ringing in a light northerly breeze. it will be colder tonight with this northerly flow as pressure gets closer to us. temperatures will drop overnight tonight. here is a look at one model in
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38 in raleigh, 37 in roxborough and 38 fayetteville. most of models have the entire viewing area dropping down into the 30s with the sunshine it will quickly warm-up. 31 at 8 am so still chilly in the morning. certainly worldly need the jackets heading to services. 70s for the high. after we start off with the cold temperatures we will warm up very nicely in the afternoon. upper 60s in the northern county 70 in the triangle 71 in fayetteville and 71 in goldsbo. beautiful afternoon after a rather chilly start tomorrow morning and a reminder we get another hour of sleep tonight. set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed. sunrise tomorrow will be at 6:42 . a lot earlier 5:14. 67 for the high temperature on monday and then heading out to the polls some of you -- we do have an election day on tuesday and it will be chilly in the
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to 40 wendy polls open. close to 60 when the polls close. 60s and 70s for the highest for the rest of the week. >> piffle weather tomorrow. thank you amy. >> now with sports. tar heels are happy. yes nc state fans also. impressive win for the tar heels. doctors are pensive day and nc state trying to knock off florida
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now buck newton wants to be our top law-enforcement officer, but he failed to show up in the state senate. buck missed nearly one out of five votes, more than any senator but one. 10 times, buck newton was penalized for missing tax deadlines. the press says, "an attorney general should show more respect for the rule of law."
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nc state has lost three straight but they have a chance to jump start the season with the win over florida state. they get off to a good start. ryan finley two brandon jerry and they get on the board first lead 13-10 at the half. good t in the third quarter jalen samuels did not do much at that boston college team. he does things like this. it is 13-10. make that 20-10 and the state -- however they are ranked for a reason base score 14 straight. dalvin cook into the end zone and right now it is 24-20 the second taking off the clock. looks like florida will squeak
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north carolina trying to stay in line for a coastal championship taking a big step with a convincing 28 win over georgia tech.>> reporter: all down here for the heels early but when you talk about rushing downhill is not about thing. it is elijah hood as he goes over 100 yards rushing in two touchdowns in th >> i came in with the mindset of trying to start fast. we did that today. kudos to actually getting it done. >> reporter: the junior not only want to find the end zone. his tagteam partner tj logan does as well. even mitch shows suite lateral movement as he notches the heels fifth and final rushing td. >> coach was asking me why it took me 12 seconds long. he was making fun of my speed.
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a guy. he sat in one spot. it seemed like it took five minutes. >> count them all up and it is 280 rushing yards for carolina. 48-20 final their largest win over georgia tech in 23 years. that that was the goal all week. the coach challenged us. he chose the whole line. >> reporter: the victory is just the start of a very long day. fedora will not get out of here until midnight tonight as he begins game planning. only four days of preparations before their rivals duke. took can help you by beating coastal virginia leader virginia tech. the virginia devils remembering the 1942 rose bowl. the hope keys are still good at special teams.
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there? they are playing beamer ball. they are still doing that. field goal is blocked. alexander returning it for the touchdown 14-7 lead to 21-7 halftime. daniel jones gives the blue devils a chance. two rushing touchdowns makes it 24-21. they cannot make it any closer though.>> you don't want to call it the same thing repeating itself nec different, but the reality is they made if you more plays than we did.>> all momentum in our direction -- we were ready to go. what are two plays made all the difference in the world. >> lake forest and virginia tied up at 20. look at kirk been kirk. he is playing for virginia. he does a good job. you do not
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sky in that is what he does. bates does a great job of hustling his way into the end zone a game winning . six as lake forest wednesday 27-20. tcu and tulsa. tulsa off to a 14-0 lead thanks to a dave aarons touchdown pass. or philip nance -- keeps catching footballs making it 14- 7 in this in the third quarter. big rivalry game sean st. augustine all bears -- downing finding raymond green junior for the touchdown makes it 7-0. downing again this type of talk
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nc central 38-19 win over delaware state. eagles picked the 169 yards of total offense. the gains in nashville 2nd period they are down 1-0 jeff skinner turns around and ties at one. still in the second a couple minutes later matt irwin gives the predators another lead making it 2-one. congratulations to carver winning volleyball championships. kid that plays on those teams you will want to check it out. thanks. we appreciate it. and thank you for joining us tonight. remember to set your clocks back one hour. >> that's right. an extra hour of sleep. we will see you tomorrow night.
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