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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now protesters are taking their protest to the streets. >> good evening.
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elect this is the scene in new york's union square. >> check out this. columbus circle and some people are saying "black lives matter, and, not my president" now in chicago. they marched to the trump hotel and tower along the chicago river. it was built as an emergency pro test. one manner said unite to fight war, racism an trump. thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown portland, oregon. the phrase "love trump's hate" was written on a sidewalk. that is in response to the victory. dozens of protesters gathered to voice their disappointment. demonstrators held signs and others sang. the protest remains peaceful with many holding candles. >> tonight's protest comes with trump meeting with president barack obama at the white house to begin his transition period
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>> he beat clinton when it comes to electoral votes. 9 more than what is needed to win. the votes are still coming in. as of right now he is losing the popular vote. president barack obama says he is committed to a smooth transing eugz of power and hopes trump can unite the country after the 2016 campaign. andy rose reports on reaction around the world after the announcement of the new commander and chief. >> as the dust continues to setel and the last of the confetti is keeped up, all around the country are coming -- confetti is picked up, people all around the country are coming in. now, trump is named in the scene of the protest. protests continuing through wednesday. in his victory speech trump promised to heal a divided america and work with everyone. >> for those that chosen not to
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reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> reporter: many of those with major concerns in in trump, even in his own party, contkpwrat lated him. >> he - - >> this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in highlife time. >> reporter: reaction is mixed around the world. russian president says he looks forward to restoring relations with the u.s. while the former president of mexico had these harsh words. >> what we have to do is deal with him now. and deal with the trading issue and the wall issue.
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pay for that. [beep] wall. >> reporter: i'm andy rose reporting. >> many are protesting the race. unc chapel hill a group held what they called a campus walk- out. they are concerned about a trump precedency and republican- legislature. here in north carolina the race for governor is too close to officially call. less than 5,000 votes separate the two. mccory is calling for all declaring a winner. there are 27,000 of those that we know of so far. roadway cooper's campaign is calling the race a done deal. he gave a speech this morning among the supporters. today, the campaign sent out a news release saying he won with a strong lead of 4,980 votes but mccory said the race is in overtime. his strategist said it is irresponse and i believe
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outcome. he urged people to be patient. mail in, absentee ballots will be accepted. each county will certify them on november 18th. if the difference is less than 10,000 votes the runner-up can demand a recount. did the bill play a role in how people voted at the poll? adam owens joins us live outside of the si with more. adam? interesting question. >> yes. linda, when you look at the polls leading up on the election and you look at the races that are now too close to call, some say it does appear there was an hb2 impact. >> that mechanic income ... >> reporter: attorney general brought house bill 2 into his campaign for governor. >> not only is this for mechanic income families but it hurts our economy as well. >> cooper says it writes
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community into the law. in his ads mccory said the legislation provides safety in rest rooms. >> are we really talking about this? does the desire to be politically correct outweigh our children's privacy. >> reporter: they believe house bill 2 played a role in the close race for governor. >> the governor was the spokes person for hb2. he want on the national shows and the ads were about hb2. >> reporter: in a wral poll released in october, more than 50% of participants did not approve. nearly 80% said a candidate's position on hb2 would strongly or somewhat influence their vote. that was last month. a poll released last week 60% said house bill two strongly influences their vote for governor. he says the race for attorney general was also likely
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hb2 supporter and his race against stein is also tight. >> that is the second race where it had the most impact. >> reporter: for the most part, those two races they said -- >> they did very well. >> reporter: and he is as this house bill 2 debate spoked to multiple groups in the electric. not only those with the civil rights aspect but those that are concerned with the impact hb2 might have on this state. >> adam owens, thank you. this just in, with the past 30 minutes state school superintendent atkinson posted on twitter she conceded the race. that makes for republican mark johnson the next superintendent of public instruction. he received 50.6% of the vote before the state finished l tallies. tonight she wrote friends i am saddened about not winning this
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for such wonderful supporters, thanks to all. elections is looking at a mistake after election workers said they forget to count ballots. they count from early voting and election voting and they are counting absentee ballots. they could not finish the process today. they are calling in extra people totally votes tomorrow. despite the issue election officials say they are pleased overall, with how went. as for provisional ballots, officials believe 1700 still need to be counted and they are not sure if or how it will impact any races. smithville police released new information about a father charged with killing his infant daughter. candace sweat joins us with more. >> reporter: the police say they have charged the father of the baby. they arrested him and charged him with involuntary manslaughter and negligent child abuse.
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appearance or had his first court appearance, rather, today and received a $15,000 secure bond. the police say they were called to this home at 2003 brightway boulevard this response to an intpapbt having difficulty breathing. the officers found the infant unresponsive and adminsterred cpr on the scene. she was transported to johnston medical center where she died. the police tell us an autopsy was perf to the da's office where the decision was made to charge her father with her death. we did encounter the family tonight out at the scene and the mother of the woman or the child's mother, rather, the child's grandmother tells us her daughter told her this was all just a terrible accident. debra? >> candace sweat in our news room, thank you. parents are underway to a
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a 66-year-old driver of an suv says she was pulling into a parking space when she hit the gas instead of the brake. she crashed into the cv s. the building has damage but no one was hurt. the driver was charged with failure to reduce speed. the police and firefighters are investigating an explosion that could be related to a meth lab. the police say they discovered a man suffering from severe burns along east club boulevard in durham this afternoon. the man told the police he was injured when a meth lab exploded. heas officers to the location, though. the investigators tell us they never found a meth lab but say the investigation is ongoing. tomorrow night we introduce you to elle nora. a girl sterilized by the state when she was 16 years old. >> the state admitted to it and promised to pay her to make things right. she has waited 50 years for justice. we asked state officials why
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compensation. watch the story tomorrow night at 6:00 on wral. it has been 9 years since a north carolina college gradute vanished and still, no chews of what happened to him. >> coming up, the last surveill apse images that show where the 24-year-old man was last seen. charges against the driver of a london tram that derailed earlier today killing 7 people. also ahead, developments on a child abuse allegation involving brad pitt. some of us saw showers and take a look at the radar. time last in the last couple of hours. moving their way into the eastern counties. now, cooler air settling in. how much cooler we will be heading out tomorrow morning. when to expect the first freeze
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forget the free tv app. switch to get ultra-fast internet with secure home wifi to connect all your devices. call now. for $89.99 a month you'll get free hd channels, 100 meg internet and unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. investigators in south carolina identified two bodies found on the property of an accused killer. the victim's killed are husband and wife, johnny and megan. initial reports say the couple died from gunshot wounds. they release it from the shipping container where they were found kidnapping brown, chained and screaming for help.
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buried at the same property of the accused murder. the investigators say he may be linked to 7 deaths. >> it has been 9 years since the disappearance of a young north carolina man. 24-year-old kyle vanished without a trace in 2007. the authorities say the graduate went to a stand up comedy act at the bobcats arena and then to buck head saloon where he was last seen. he was leaving the bar at 2:20 a.m. he left later he is buying pizza at fuel pizza. he made his last cell phone call at 3:00 a.m. and has not been seen or heard from since. a woman shot outside of a night club has died. she died at the hospital. the 40-year-old from boston was outside jumpers night life on south raleigh road about 10:30 last night. a man with her was not hurt. there were no arrests. a warning tonight from
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durham police say you should request id if there is any question about an officer's identity. the investigators say the theft was discovered during the break- in. no department issued badges or id stolen which all durham officers carry. if you have any information about the break in caller the police. the county sheriff will announces his retirement tomorrow. butler served 23 years. he went through a bunch of changes. he told wral what he will time in office is his shopping with his sheriff program. >> the children. and, you know t is always a blessing. no matter how rough it was that year, go out there with those children and their families and watch them walk up and down them aisles and be able to shop and have a christmas when without it they would not have one. >> what a great program. the sheriff says his last day
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31st. so he can do one more christmas shopping program. his long time chief deputy will serve out the remaining 2 years of the term. >> several disaster recovery centers for storm victims are closing at the end of the week. they include the government common area. the civic center in hope county and the health department. all three centers close at 6:00 p.m. on friday. rocky mount apschool announced their plans for making up days lost during hurricane matthews. 3 out of the 5 days forgiven are december 19th and the 20th. it seems like it was so long ago. it was not, a month ago. people are still dealing with the damage. unbelievable. >> they will be for so long afterwards, too. >> and some of the eastern counties seeing rain this afternoon. in the evening, maybe thunder. now, lightning, as you came on by. showing you the radar view. all of the rain is gone. now, 2-4 inches. 2/10th to 4/10th of an inch of
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let's take a look at what is ahead. we expect a cooler night. high pressure is building in. it will be clearing out and daybreak greeted by sunshine. not that gray look from this morning. another cold front on the way. the front that has come in this afternoon brought in a air mass. the one coming in now that one will be colder. setting us up for the coldest weekend this season and the first breeze is coming sunday temperatures in the upper 20s to 30 degrees. it will be cold out here. >> now, the camera. now, a beautiful look. 52, still mostly cloudy at the airport with a west wind at 5 clock. the wind at 9. the temperatures close to home. now, 52 at durham and raleigh. now, wral. some 40s showing up, so, the
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this afternoon. right after now, low pressure. and the air it is cold, it was cold enough to support a lot of instability and even small hail fell. we got a picture, the hail there. all of the rain coming out of the area. we expand the view, the front is off shore. i don't know if you can see it. there is a little up in west virginia. now, snow has been coming down pretty good. it the west. and, again, it will be a cooler might with the lows falling in the upper 30s and 40s. tomorrow, a cooler afternoon. starting friday morning, we will look up to the forth and watch for the next cold front. that will move down the east coast and pass by friday night. not bringing rain. it will bring the shot of colder air.
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now, 62 at jacksonville. we will go through the night and wake up tomorrow morning with the temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s. upper 50s at lunchtime. coming with sunshine. tomorrow, wall-to-wall sunshine. not likely clouds above. tomorrow afternoon, topping out in the lower 60s tomorrow evening falling quickly down in the lower 50s. i think by this time tomorrow night we will be in the 40s and around 40 as we start friday morning. so, overnight, the clouds are clearing out. the winds will die down. upper 30s and 40s. 42 at fayettevle the fitness forecast in the morning, a brighter start and a cooler start. 40 by 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, lots of sunshine. perhaps, breezy. 57. then, tomorrow afternoon we will aim for lower to middle 60s instead of the upper 60s this afternoon. 62 in raleigh, 65 in fayiel have the. only 6 feet in rocky mount -- fayetteville. only 6 feet in rocky mount. if you are heading out to the
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kick off, 46, so, make sure you are dressed so you are not cool on the bleachers, speaking of cool. 53 is the forecasted high on saturday. normal, 65. the record is 80. now, the coldest high on the day, 44 and 1895. the coldest over the next seven- days will be sunday morning. so, heading out early. this is on sunday. youville to wear the warmer clothes. >> i got my coat out of the -- you will have to wear the warmer clothes. >> impressive. >> yes. running to the car. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> thank you. tonight "empire" fans have been waiting for new episodes. coming up, a closer look at the wardrobe and outrageous outfits warp by characters of the hit show. we are going to reconnect with marvin williams playing for his second team in the state.
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rooted in local sports since his days of hometown athlete. wral sports with jeff bradley. college football has three weeks to go in the regular season. the nhl and the nba just got started. ready or not here is college basketball. duke hosting the red foxes.
10:25 pm
friday night, 7:00. duke will not have 3 talented freshman, but they will have available talent to take care of them regardless of the opponent the coach expects this them to play at their level not the level of competition. >> everybody is going to give us their best game. so, i think that is part of the reason why we go so hard here and practices are so intense and, you know, we are competitive every day. and, you know, that is just the part of the environment here at duke. nc state started tr-dz night at home against georgia southern. freshman, smith, has been very impressive in a pair of exhibition games -- nc state gets things started tomorrow night at home against georgia southern. freshman smith, has been impressive in a pair of expweugz games.
10:26 pm
-- exhibition games. >> yes. >> now, friday night begins with a 9:00. now, charlotte hornets now carolina marvin williams, hard to believe that it is his 12th season. signing a deal with the hornets this had summer. mandy mitchell has the story. >> reporter: once you are passed the decade it is okay to call yourself a veteran. williams is now a veteran. he is in his third season in charlotte after spending time with the hawks and the jazz. >> coming back to this state. to play in front of a tar heels fans. it means a great deal on me. i feel like it is more personal to me. a lot of my family is here and a lot of my friends are here. so, north carolina is really great to me. i am thankful for that.
10:27 pm
chapel hill. productive one. naming them national championship. he thinks about the lessons he has learned prosecute roy williams. >> i can never tell you how thankful i am. i feel like i am chasing a dream by giving me a scholarship. it took off from here. >> his former coachy reminding him of his current coach. >> he is the most genuine person that i have met. similar. very similar. telling you the truth. but they are looking out for your best interest. not only a player but a person. >> williams was able to win that title. now he is hoping to do the same with the hornets. >> we are going to work hard to get back to that position we were in. hopefully a better outcome this year. always a process. >> mitchell, wral sports,
10:28 pm
impact there. 3 years hornets and making an impact there. >> it is. >> all right, thank you. >> still to come. 2 deputies refuse to leave a burping home. >> how they went above and beyond to save the lives of people trapped inside. >> talk of who trump will choose for key i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle,
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, so here are two cans this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. right now, thousands of people are taking to the
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holding demonstrations at the outcome of the election. this is a live look right now. people gathered in philadelphia for the most part, protests have been peaceful. you can see the police blocking off roadways right now as the pro testers can not get on to a major freeway here. and, scenes like this everywhere. now, a look at oakland, california. had is really the only city where we have seen some major them on fire. broke windows, spray graffiti. now, plenty of people are excited about what the next 4 years will bring as well. some supporters out on the streets as well. we are getting word of 5 people shot in seattle. there have been protests there as well but the shootings are not believed, at this time, to be connected to the protests there. we are going to continue to
10:32 pm
as our 11:00 news on wral and look for overnight developments on our morning news. okay, a live picture right now of some of the protests going on in seattle. as we were just saying we have reports of five people shot, two critically in the seattle area the shootings happened in an area where we believe the protests were are going on. not very however, the police right now are investigating whether or not the shootings are protesting. you can see people are filling the streets of seattle. happening in 7 cities across the country right now where we are seeing the protests. again, we will continue monitoring them. president e-lect trump's -- trump's transition to the white house is beginning.
10:33 pm
president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. >> the gold rush for white house jobs is on. the top prospector might be rice. >> reporter: chairman of the republican national committee for months he worked to keep the parties base in line and the candidate on message. he is close to speaker of the house, paul ryan and contender for chief of staff who already sounds like one. >> he is not calling for mas deportation, only people who all of it is taken care of will we look the at what we are doing next. >> reporter: secretary of state? former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. >> a former new york mayor and prosecutor, rudy giuliani is a trump supporter.
10:34 pm
clinton violated then you are too stupid to be president. >> we need a first class president and we are going to have it in donald trump. >> other matches, billionaire businessman carl icon for treasure secretary. retired army general, for national security advisory and alabama senator jeff sessions, another early defender for secretary of defense. >> are you actively vetting people as we speak right now for positions? >> yes. >> we are going to win. we have to get ready to form a government. >> even before the election the trump team is considering places for strat guests and aids. conway, spicer, picks and tough- talking campaign chief executive steve banner. >> what we need to do is. [beep] the republican party and get those guys, you know,
10:35 pm
>> now, some experts say trump's stands on issues could make people hesitant to join his team. 7 people died and more than 50 issued when a tram derailed. the train rounded a tight curve and tipped on its side. they worked for hours to free two people trapped in the wreckage. the police arrested the 42-year- old tram driver on manslaughter. it appears he wasp ped kaeud centers a tpoupbsed funding will -- medicare are spending money on helping pregnant women. now, twitter faces many challenges, the ceo is stepping down.
10:36 pm
quarter. last month it laid off 350 employees. fox's hit "empire" returned tonight for all new episodes after the conclusion of the world series. tonight we take you inside of the fashion behind the show. [music] >> compelling, unpredictable, exciting. >> reporter: that is how she describes season 3 of the pox series. but the saying could be said about her character's over the top wardrobe. >> oh my gosh. that is hot. >> i happening a lot of actor's job, wardrobe. i don't do the research on what she wears and i don't break it down like a wardrobe designer does. >> reporter: some of the out fits are outrage onous. costume stylist says cookie's look reflects the glamorous life of her character. >> over the top on the show is good. on this show i think that i strive for it to be over the top because it is, you know, makes an impact. every week you got to do
10:37 pm
>> we have, you know, a regular of at least 10 people that are having like 3-4 changes an episode. plus all of the featured people and day players and scenes and background that i oversee like all of that. >> reporter: wardrobe styles and colors are carefully considered for each scene. >> we sort of like play chess with the clothing with the colors and what they are doing and who they are next to. somebody is wearing -- in red, no one is wearing red. [singing] >> reporter: while many are rare some can be found in stores. >> they can buy the piece. they are cloths from the store. some of it i use vintage designer on her. but there are places that i shop that people can shop there, too. >> she is something else. >> yes. >> you can watch empire here wednesday night at 9:00
10:38 pm
>> her clothes are a big part of her character. >> yes. they all fit together perfectly for her. >> i did not realize if she is wearing red nobody else is wearing red. >> the clothes center around here. >> yes. no doubt. developments today in the child abuse case involving brad pitt. >> the latest decision by workers in the case that prompted angelina jolie to file for divorce. the brave actions by two
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investigators found no evidence that actor brad pitt abused his children. the familiar is vices closed the case. the investigators looked into the case that he verbally and abused his 15-year-old boy private jet. days later his wife filed for divorce. she is seeking full custody. donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame will be rerepaired as soon -- will be repaired as soon as possible. james ottis used a sledge hammer to break the concrete
10:42 pm
month. the show predicted a trump precedency 16 years ago into "bart to the future" lisa is living in the white house as the nation's first female president. later she talks to her staff about challenges of dealing with a budget crunch from president trump that left the country broke. >> amazing how we are hearing about this, cubs winning the world series and simpsons preticketing the future as well. >> yes. that is amazing. >> that is trending. >> now, take a look at this marching band. ohio state university. super hero, the avengers, look at that. >> yes. it is great. it is amazing. they are playing michigan some big rivals here. so, this they are transforming. do you see the sledge hammer. >> that is awesome.
10:43 pm
hammer on michigan. >> it is -- the angle is hard to see but that is a bigmm big "m." >> that is great. that goes to show during halftime you can not get up and leave. you have >> you are right. this is a guy traveling the world. he travels a lot any way for his business. >> yes. >> he was eating pizza it got more likes and attention. he started doing the pizza thing. >> seriously? >> he has been all over. everywhere.
10:44 pm
piece of pizza. who keeps editing that picture back in. somebody looped that in. >> we know you did that no. >> that is mike maze. eating pizza. >> that looks pretty good. >> the pizza guy and you look like you have a six pack. >> yes. we all need to eat more pizza. >> that must be the secret. all righty then. that is what is trending. find links on all of that if you would like on my facebook page. if you think something should be in what's message. >> thank you. still to come, deputies stayed by the side of a disabled man as blames moved through a home before more help arrived. mike? take a look at the 24-hour temperature change. folks to the north and west are feeling the cooler air. it will be here later tonight and tomorrow. there is a colder air mass on
10:45 pm
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10:47 pm
protests around the nation. thousands of people marching down the streets in oakland upset about the election last night of donald trump. let's take another look at seattle. you can see the long view from that. so many people on the streets there. turning the corner. again, we have not heard of
10:48 pm
a result of the protests so, far they have been peaceful if you want to call it that. we will stay on top of these demonstrations. they are occurring all across the country. any news we get we will bring it you to here on fox 50 and then at 11:00 on wral. 2 deputies put their own lives at risk to save four people including a paralyzed man from a dangerous house fire. >> jessica holly reports. the officers refused to leave the burning house until they were sure the paralyzed man can get out safely. >> reporter: what started as a small grease fire quickly filled this home with smoke and flames. instead, four people, 3 of them disabled. a caretaker called 911. first to arrive were shelby county deputies, wilson and davis. without he'station they ran in the burning home.
10:49 pm
>> the caretaker and two others escaped with help from the deputies but trapped in a back bedroom, a man paralyzed. a man the deputies could not move. >> we and officer davis kept trying and trying to get him out. we were not able to lift with him. we stayed with him until the fire department came. >> despite pleas for that man for the two deputies to leave him behind both stayed inside of the fiery home until the firefighters arrived with the tools to save him. putting their lives on the line to save a save himself. >> i am not -- i am not a hero, just doing my job. i am glad everyone is safe. >> that was jessica holly reporting. no serious injuries. all of the people inside of the house, including the officers, were treated for smoke inhalation. >> so great. therapy dogs brought to capitol hill today to help staffers recover from the long presidential cam pain.
10:50 pm
doodles and a mix. they are therapy animals. they love all of that attention. connecting with pets helps fight stress and can help people sleep. boy do i believe that. >> yes. but that the dogs are taking over the bed. >> yes that is true. >> yes. used to that. >> yes. >> i have a little sliver. >> yes. you make do because you love them. >> that is right. >> i wish we can bring th work. too. >> that would help to destress. >> he would like to sit where you are. he is that big. preparing to get our first taste of the temperatures take a look at bosnia. they are getting big time snow. they are not the only place seeing big snow. now, slick roads causing
10:51 pm
now, they have snow as well and posted video of the snow. it looks like they were in part of it. a lot of folks in europe seeing snow. now, looking off to the eastern counties, pick counties. the rain coming in. going south. now, the next hour or so. getting through the clearing for the night. let's check places. we have the frost advisories. now, parts of kansas and oklahoma and southern missouri and st. louis and southern indiana. a lot of kentucky and tennessee. even the mountains have a freeze warning in effect for around the asheville area. a lot of smoke out there as well. viewer of mine on facebook sent me a picture of the lake. and the whole mountain side on the lake is on fire. it is a nighttime scene. you see the glow of the flames.
10:52 pm
the state. georgia, alabama, tennessee, numerous wildfires going on here. now, they can use the rain. a lot of folks in the asheville area are talking about how bad the smoke has been. the smoke goes down to metro atlanta and it has been hazy here. taking a look at future cast quickly. following the next cold front. going by and brings a cooler air mass for today tomorrow. we will have plenty of sunshine. now, friday morning, there is the next cold front. it has a little bit of rain with it. by the time it gets here friday night it will be dry. lunchtime, moving through the states there is where it should be at 6:00. midnight, making its way farther to the south. side morning it moves to our south. saturday itself will be cool. breezy. the high only in the lower 50s and then through the day on sunday. waking up with the temperatures in the 20s. afternoon highs on sunday will
10:53 pm
53 on saturday. sunday, expecting about 61 with the morning low of weight. taking a look at the stats. normal low, 42. we will be cooler. we should be for that day. 23 is the record, so, the record is in the 20s, and the low is in the 20s but not a record-breaking low. monday, tuesday, clouds, and there could be a little bit of rain in there. we may add raindrops as the day progresses. o adding 8 years to that.
10:54 pm
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a woman who has seen a century come and go says there is no secret to living a long life. >> celebrating her one08th birthday south of philadelphia today. she says everyo the secret of life. they say it is just common sense. it did not drink and did not smoke. >> there she is. >> 108. >> that is impressive. >> yes. very good. >> my good tphaopbs we will leave you tonight with -- my goodness. >> we are leaving you with a look at portland, oregon. they are filling the streets
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say yes to more. call now. i pledge to every citizen of our land -- >> we owe him an open mind. >> what did you all do last night? >> the celebration and the despair. we've got every angle covered. i'm natalie morales. amid arguaby the most divisive election ever we've also got the many who are now us together. >> we've got megan over here in 30 seconds. excuse me. >> the night is full of drama. >> behind the scenes at fox news with every twist and turn. i'm scott evans. plus how in the world did the media get this so wrong? >> here's what we did. >> we're voting. everybody's voting. >> i'm kit hoover joining chelsea handler for every step of her civic duty. >> you thought it was a love letter to your own children. >> plus a very candid nicole


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