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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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protest break out in major cities across the country against president-elect trump. he begins to make the transition to the white house. where they are counting votes today because of an election day glitch. cooler and inquired her today. -- and quieter air today. thanks for joining us this thursday morning. i am lena tillet. >> i am bill leslie. glorious sunshine and the
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>> if you are looking for a reason to smile, look up today. >> gorgeous out there. we look at what's going on. you can see clear skies across the area and we're looking at sunshine for today. a cold front will move through tomorrow and ahead of the front we will see warmer temperatures and temperatures take a plunge and to the weekend. highs into the weekend on saturday. coming up in a few minutes. let's look at what's going on with traffic. >> it is 7:01 am. i-40 around clayton bypass. it is backed up. in the distance on the right shoulder we have flashing lights. police act dividend this morning. overall not really creating an unusual backup. the drive from 42 to the beltline split is taking 15
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the travel times increase over the next little while. downtown raleigh looking fine. major approaches inside the beltline are looking pretty good. maybe slow on the inbound side of capital boulevard. wayne avenue and glenn avenue looking fine so far. weight avenue trip smooth towards i-40. beltline is getting busier on the westbound side between new bern avenue and capital boulevard with 540 looking fine. minutes so far this morning. let's go to durham and look at conditions. 85 is clear in both directions so far if you are leaving chapel hill towards the eastbound park, all the way out towards the germ-free way, and beyond, looking good. there are some sun glare delays. north germ-free way looking good , seven minutes. breaking news at a pennsylvania where the mayor of canonsburg near
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they were shot while responding to a domestic situation. according to the affiliate it happened three hours ago and no word on their conditions but we do know they were taken to the hospital and one in pittsburgh and one in canonsburg. the search for the suspect continues and we will follow the story and have updates throughout the morning. president gets his first look at his future home today. he's headed to the white house for a briefing from president obama. tracy potts has a look ahead at what this might entail. >> reporter: i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> that begins today with the extraordinary image many thought would never happen. billionaire now president-elect
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melania side-by-side with the obama's at the white house this morning. for private meetings the president says the transition teams have been preparing for this for the last year.>> successful in uniting and leaving the country. >> there's a lot of work to do. mister trump has 10 weeks to select the cabinet and hundreds of senior members of his administration. then work begins on his promise agenda with the republican congress replacing obama care and building the wall and renegotiating trade deals, tax reform, filling the last vacancy on the supreme court. >> this is very exciting. >> not for everyone.>> protests have broken out around the country. president-elect trump promising unity. >> now it is time for america to bring themselves together. >> a deeply divided nation.
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asian shares have rallied extending a global recovery. president-elect donald trump's conciliatory speech helped soothe world financial markets scooped by his unexpected victory. the rebound in asia took its lead from wall street. the us wavered yesterday before advancing strongly. benchmarks all finished more than 1% higher with the dow jones near a record high close. some believe the a role in state races too close to call. in polls leading up to the election, many participants said they did not approve of the legislation and also said hb2 would influence their vote for government. pratt mcquarrie -- north carolina governor pat mccrory is a supporter. >> governor mccrory was the spokesperson for hb2.
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>> david mclennan, a political science professor, said the race for attorney general, is also affected by house bill 2. senator buck newton is a bill supporter and his race against josh stein is too close to call. durham county election workers will spend a second day today counting ballots that weren't tallied on election day. >> some tight races li gubernatorial race. they could make a difference. renie chu has more. >> county board of elections kay costner said she's not sure how many ballots this includes or how or if they may impact races. she is confident they will make things right and all votes will be counted. this hiccup comes after other issues as voting sites
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it meant all sides countywide switched to a manual paper check process early in the day. some polling sites ran out of the necessary paper voter authorization forms and had to close for the day. the state board of elections voted to extend hours at those sites to make up for it. durham county is calling and extra people to help today and we have learned that there are 1700 provisional ballots left to count. several disaster recovery centers for hurricane matthew storm victims are closing at the end of the week include the harnett county common area in lillington, the rehberg civic center and the health department in beaufort county. all close at 6 pm tomorrow. nash schools announce their plans. three out of the five days missed will be forgiven and make of days for the other two are december 19 and december 20.
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officer's home during a recent break and that has officers concerned about your safety.
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it is 10 after 7. a warning after someone stole apartment uniforms from an officer's home. investigators say the theft was discovered during a break and call.
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which was all term officers carry. if you have any information about this break and call police. authorities are looking for clues that can help them find a north carolina man who disappeared nine years ago. kyle fleishman vanished in 2007. elon graduate went to a standup comedy act at the bobcats arena and then to the buckhead saloon in charlotte where he was last seen. video shows him leaving the bar around 2:20 am and detective say fleshman left his bank there. in another video, five minutes later, he is buying pizza. he made his last cell phone call at 3 am and he hasn't been seen or heard from since. police and firefighters investigating an explosion that could be related to a meth lab. they discovered a man with burns on east club boulevard in durham yesterday. the man told police he was injured when a meth lab exploded. he was not however able to point out the location. investigators say they never
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to investigate. we get an update on flu related deaths. the season is early but so far two people have already died. this is the cbc report. sporadically activity in north carolina which is the case for the rest of the country. duke energy last coal fire plant in eastern north carolina is gone. crews brought down the last remain plant in wilmington. utility demolished six coal plants and two more retired and in demolition. more about the investigation and embattled joint maker. >> who is investigating the makers of the epipen and their plans for a cheaper alternative. walmart reveals plans for
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billy joel wrote that for kristi brinkley. and then he married her. but not anymore. [ laughter ]. >> fun facts i did not know about. [ laughter ]. >> i am left out of the guessing game. >> she was in the music video back in the days.>> i think that is where they got together.>> they have a daughter and all of that. >> billy joel likes to come to raleigh to eat pork belly soup. >> we both had it.
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here and he called back. [ laughter ]. >> our celebrity story. [ laughter ]. >> it is good weather for a hearty soup today. >> you need to make some for the weekend. high temperature saturday in the low 50s and the first hard freeze of the season is saturday night. it's not feeling too bad this morning. what is coming our way, and cooler than yesterday. back to normal in terms of what it should el yesterday's temperature was above normal. back to nice bright skies after a cloudy day yesterday and of course we are in for that cold weekend. first hard freeze potentially on saturday night. here's the wilson skycam. bright sunshine behind the wilson county courthouse. and across the entire area, clouds yesterday. up to 37 at the airport. typically we see the coldest temperature right before or right at sunrise because if you think about it the sun goes
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cooling all night because there is nothing heating up the earth until the sun gets high enough to heated back up again. it takes a while. it takes a while before he can heat up the earth again. this is the coolest temperature of the morning and we will see temperatures warming up from here on out. dew point is 35 temperatures. 37 henderson, 38 south hill, 34 roxborough. patchy frost possible around boxborough. same temperatures tomorrow morning as well. 39 smithville. 46 phoenix. temperatures take a tumble over the weekend. we've had a cold front moves through opening the door for the cool air to arrive from up north so expect equal day today with highs in the low 60s. tomorrow briefly back into a southerly flow. the cold front comes through and knocks temperatures back down again. up and down in the next 72 hours. through lunchtime, plenty of
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today. sunshine all through the weekend until we get to monday and tuesday. partly cloudy tomorrow and we had the cut -- front coming through. 62 is a high temperature today and close to normal. the normal high is in the mid- 60s. if you are headed to the game at unc versus duke, 7:30 pm, 50 degrees. it will be a pleasantly cool evening and a nice mild day on friday. 68. it is ve lot of the parades were last weekend but there will be ceremonies on friday. 10 am, 57, and it 5:00, 62 degrees. the sunshine will help on saturday but it's going to be chilly. looking for something to do inside?, con is in durham. the high of 53 and it 7:00 46. we had that 28 for sunday morning and likely to be the first hard freeze of the
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with winter cold weather. let's look at roads this morning. it has been quiet. yesterday was a mass. right now we're looking good. no accidents on the life commute map. we are looking at our typical delays and congestion delays building in. also starting to build in the works on. let's get an update on the drive time. sensors but the slowdown is around the bypass and it starts to slow down again as you head towards the jones road interchange. sauseda probably through the fireworks on, looking good towards the us lake wheeler road area from there to us one. now 14 minutes from 442 wade avenue. beyond that heading to the airport no delays. we're watching delays build on for 40 westbound between the bypass towards roxboro road. interim, no trouble.
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durham and as you leave chapel hill into park, you are delay free for the moment. let's look at life drive times coming in from southern wake county. northbound for one up to the 70 business intersection and garner, 16 minutes. 55 westbound up through holly springs towards apex, 20 minutes. and northbound 50, 42 to 70 and garner is taking 20 slow minutes. regrouping as they continue their operation to retake the city of mosul for misys militants. forces are regrouping in an area that was once occupied by islamic state. a spokesperson said advancing aircraft are the story. 70 tunnels with the hotties had been using these from inside densely populated areas.
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in filling a massive sinkhole in japan. truckloads full of gravel and swell dumped into the hole which devoured a five lane intersection at the center of the city. the sinkhole measured 98 feet long and 49 feet deep. it should take 2000 truckloads of soil to fill it. the whole disrupted traffic at japan's seventh largest city. walmart revealed it black friday -- is black friday plans will give more affordability. customers can shop the majoty website beginning at 12:01 am thanksgiving morning. in stores walmart black friday event will begin at 6:00 thanksgiving night and new this year, walmart is offering black friday deals on mobile apps. epipen makers are the target of federal investigations on the justice department and the secretary. mylan reveals this news. the company is accused of
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and the price of a pair of epipens went from $94 in $2007- $608 this year. it cost less than $10 to produce one of these pens. the company announced a $300 generic version of the epipen in december. tesla is buying a german manufacturing engineering firm to automate its electric car making process. the company is buying roman engineering price. the company hopes the acquisition will improve the speed and quality of production at its california factory. tesla will build the $35,000 model three cars next year. 300,000 people have already reserved a model 3. general motors is cutting 2000 jobs in response to a shift in demand from cars to trucks and suvs. gm says it will suspend the third shift indefinitely at two assembly plants in ohio and michigan starting in january. the plants make the chevrolet cruz, camaro and cadillac and
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million at three factories to prepare for undisclosed new vehicles. twitter operating officer is leaving the company. adam bain joined the company six years ago and he was in charge of twitter's operations worldwide moneymaking efforts. twitter has failed to keep pace with facebook, snapchat and instagram. investors want to see the company sold or revamped. last month it was cutting nine- month of the workforce. video sharing app twitter stockist down 3%. a sweet homecoming for sailors and families in connecticut. new hampshire returned home to new london after spending months at sea. one sailor even got down on one knee once he walked off the ship and proposed to his girlfriend. that is sweet. of course, she said yes. >> she better have. he has been at sea for a long
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cumberland county. >> who will take his place.
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7:26 am. i am bill leslie. durham county election workers will spend the second day counting ballots that weren't tallied on election day. they counted writing votes from early voting and election day and today they will look at absentee ballots by mail. a warning from durham police after someone stole department uniforms from an officer's home.
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about an officer's identity. it was discovered during a break and call. no ids were stolen. elizabeth, nice autumn weather today. >> temperatures in the last hour dropped dramatically in some places. down in the 30s in some spots. beautiful sunshine over the area will warm up the temperatures nicely today. 37 now in raleigh and 34 roxborough and 37 south hill. 44 goldsboro, 42 or you will need a jacket and maybe a coat. it is a borderline morning. 62 for today and 68 friday and 53 for saturday's high. 7:27 am. slow on the northbound side of the durham freeway as we look at that camera. traffic heading away from us is northbound and right now that trip for my 40 on the sensors says eight minutes but i think with the slowdowns that you see there on the next update, the
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that as you leave i-40 up towards downtown durham. for the rest of the triangle, pretty quiet. no accidents at the moment. congestion coming in from wake forest inbound capital boulevard. once you get to 540 the westbound trip to i-40 is delay free. the new information in a baby's murder investigation next on fox 50. what family members tell us
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the time is 7:30 am. after 22 years, cumberland county sheriff's hanging up his badge.>> some call him a legend. cumberland county sheriff earl "moose" butler is retiring at the age of 79. he deserves retirement. how he plans to share the big news today in fayetteville.>> reporter: good morning. after 22 years and anyone who can i am at cumberland county detention center where he will be making that big announcement. butler said he has been considering this for a long time and says that this is definitely something that he wanted to wait until elections were over to share.>> i feel like at this time it is proper for me to make the exit and leave it in the hands of a very capable person who has worked
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>> the next person is -- in line is chief deputy ennis wright, and he will serve out the remaining two years of butler's term. i want to make it clear he is not calling it quits today.'s last day of the job will be december 31. you can stay tuned to wral for more on the retirement announcement. don't push them out the door just yet. holidays. the gubernatorial race is still too close to call in north carolina. fewer than 5000 votes separate democrat lloyd cooper and north carolina governor pat mccrory. coopers campaign is calling the race a done deal and mccurry is calling for all provisional and absentee ballots to be counted before declaring a winner and their more than 27,000 of those that we know about. mail in absentee ballots postmarked on or before election day will be accepted until november 14 and each county will certify results on november 18.
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10,000 votes of the runner-up can demand a recount. durham police investigating it accident involving a pedestrian that happened last night. the scene was on west morgan street near the carolina theater. a woman with a cane was crossing the street when she was struck by a car. she died at the scene. her name has not been released. police in smithville released information about a father charged with killing his infant daughter. resendez negligent child abuse. they were called to a home on brightly boulevard saturday tonight in response to an infant in distress. vivian sue resendez was unresponsive and pronounced dead at the hospital. autopsy results led to the arrest. the baby's grandmother tells
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veterans day is tomorrow and ahead of that unc holds the third annual tar heel tribute ceremony. the invitation event honors those who are serving or have served in the military. it starts at 11:30 am at the carolina club. students got a chance to learn more about the meaning behind veterans day. yesterday fifth-graders placed american flags on grades at the veterans field of honor at raleigh open ceremony. volunteers will clean the monuments today and tomorrow the cemetery will retire damaged american flags. you saw the we had a good little wind yesterday. >> my grasses looking pretty right now. >> it has been awfully dry. we had a front come through yesterday. no rain. there were sprinkles but it was not enough to help out the grass. we only put grass seed in a few months ago. it will be a struggle. beautiful day.
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that is played out all across the viewing area now. 37 durham and cary 37. 42 erwin. winter coat weather or heavy jacket weather this morning. it is 41 in roanoke. temperatures will warm-up. pretty soon it will be a cool day. lunchtime, mid-50s. low 60s this afternoon and by evening back to the mid-50s. not a terribly warm day today. close to normal. at close to 40. 62 for the trip home with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow we warm up a little bit with temperatures crashing for the weekend. what that looks like coming up. here are the cars and the roads. >> reporter: the roads are not doing very much.
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where is your mountain dew this morning. stat. nurse. from garner we are looking at 20 minutes on 40 westbound with typical congestion on 440. once you're on the south side of raleigh in the works on, it starts to slowdown. this is 40 at rock quarry towards hammond and lake wheeler road. little congested, 20 minutes to make the overall trip towards way avid -- wade avenue. the right is taking six minutes. we're just getting word of an accident near the 40 wade avenue interchange. we will pinpoint a location on that and have an update in just a few minutes. and apex, a crash this morning with injuries on williams street on highway 55 at salem street. seems heavy traffic heading to that area as you had to downtown apex towards a 64 on 55 westbound.
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we showed you, slowing on the northbound durham freeway around tw alexander drive. the drive is taking 10 minutes from i-40 to downtown durham. seeing sun glare delays on 440 eastbound around 55. those likely will grow and before too long we will look at those delays from 501 and 54 all the way out towards the 55 interchange. plan on that. starbucks will begin rolling out their new red holiday cups today with a creati they are designs created by customers. the 13 designs were picked from 1200 instagram post from last december. they focus on traditional holiday themes like snowflakes, candy canes and santa claus and reindeer. after last year's sub dude design customers accused starbucks of being part of the so-called war on christmas. a homegrown singer is using her newfound star power to help hurricane matthew victims. we will talk with the boys
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[ music and voted for her on the voice. she got herself on team blake and barely missed making it to the top 10. she is hoping you will join her team as she hosts a benefit concert for hurricane matthew
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being here. >> thank you for being here. i heard your cover. it had chills. your voice is gorgeous. what are you up to now? connect i am staying busy. traveling all over trying to get in front of more people. 50% time here at 50% time in nashville and i am excited to be able to give back to the comm good to me.>> talk about this effort you are doing to help plugs affected by hurricane matthew. obviously you are from here. it affected you. >> my father grew up in north carolina so it was important to pour back into the community. they have given us so much. >> we were so excited to be a
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people were coming to me saying i want to donate but i don't know where to go and how to fix that. so i started working and through a different thing i was volunteering in to partner with a company called durham shea. they come together and help other people. we definitely tried our best to get together and get durham on board so on friday we are hosting a benefit. >> this is a benefit concert. performing. which is an extra treat. you are also collecting items. >> we are. there will be a truck on site. they're so generous to donate a truck for us. we will be shoving it with all the relief items we can. go to durham everything from winter coats to water to undergarments for people and for all kinds of things. anything you would think of that you forgot when you were running around.
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for them. >> katie, thank you so much for being here and for doing something like this. making sure you are giving back to the community we are father is from and helping victims. they will love your performance as well. this event is called from durham with love. a benefit concert and silent auction in conjunction with durham this is on durham this and just -- this isn't just a concert. here great music and eat and drink along with playing in the raffle. katie, thank you. thank you. that was great. local school kids have access to a brand-new special playground. why there is only a few of these around the state. many have claimed to have foreseen the outcome of the election but one of them was written on paper. who predicted donald trump's
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[ music ] that was a unique song. [ laughter ]. there aren't too many groups that sound like that. the arrhythmic's. i never knew who it was but every time you hear it you immediately get into your dance moves. [ laughter ]. do the robot. >> one of those. [ laughter ]. >> it sounds robotic. >> you have to wait until tomorrow for the dance party. >> it's only on friday. it is nice out there.
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weekend but temperatures will be up and down. the museum skycam looking nice. we save you from downtown raleigh. the leaves are changing color but they didn't look fiber in that shot. i think we have a bit of time for pretty color around the region. 37 is the current temperature at the airport. we drop down to the low 40 degrees this morning. dew point 35 and temperatures from here will climb the sun has been up. some of these will be the lows for the day. we did see 34 earlier in roxborough. 38 south hill. 37 raleigh. 46 fayetteville. cool and cooler than yesterday. yesterday at this time we had clouds and a southerly flow and kept overnight temperatures warm. 16 degrees cooler for roxborough and south hill. 12 degrees cooler in raleigh. five degrees cooler in fayetteville. cold front has moved eastward so that is history and behind
7:47 am
it will be noticeably cooler for today and this morning. then tonight and tomorrow we have wind coming out of the south that will bump up temperatures to almost 70. another front comes through will bring some cold temperatures. this is a look at where the wind is coming from in the upper levels. it is following these gray lines. for today, we are looking at the wind coming out of the north. we will warm up on friday with the winds more from the west and then we get cold air coming in to north carolina for the weekend. you can see the color contours and turning to blue on saturday and saturday night. after that that will be the shot of cold and we get back to more moderate temperatures for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. it will be dramatically cold saturday and saturday night. 62 is a high temperature today. 68 tomorrow. tomorrow is veterans day. should be pleasant for that.
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at 5:00, 62 degrees. saturday, 53. 38 for the morning low. 28 on sunday morning so looking at cold temperatures and that is likely to be the coldest we will see so far. it will put us into the realm of a hard freeze which we have not seen yet. five degrees from the record set in 1977. a little bit below the normal of 42. normal conditions by the middle of next week. monday will be chilly. grab a coat heading out at 34.>> we are starting to see red on the map. some delays and crashes. 7:48 am. let's start on the side of raleigh. a report of a crash not too far from the tv station on western boulevard at vanallen drive on the nc state campus. another accident in the median
7:49 am
avenue. it looks like a minor crash and no police on the scene. traffic is moving along fairly well through there. we're seeing typical congestion slowdowns that we usually see this time of day between wade avenue and harrison avenue. and that accident adding up to a slowdown on outbound wade avenue around oberlin road. this is through 440 towards the i-40 merge. also seeing 440 westbound merging into the slow traffic on wade avenue. apex, downtown, look out for a crash on 55 at salem street. heavy traffic. heading to the us 1 interchange into downtown. times -- another crash on 64 near the 540 interchange on the side of apex. at the moment, no big delays. screwed up towards durham, this
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slow from 54 towards 55. getting fifth-graders ready for middle school is a big and important task. the teacher of the week is more than willing to help. in partnership with the north their -- education lottery gerald owens explains how she does it.>> reporter: how many squares are half of this. >> heather gibson epaulet the elementary doesn't just give >> of a have to split something into four, is there an easy way? >> i need them to generate answers. when they get it themselves they own it. and it means more to them. >> she is preparing fifth- graders for a move to middle school which comes with emotions. >> this time of year they are more excited because they think this is my last year in elementary school. but the closer it gets they get nervous. >> if history is any indication
7:51 am
>> the first few weeks i get emails from students who are going into the sixth grade said they remember the year before. ms. gibson, can you help me with this. i always hear from them at first.>> the answer is always yes. >> i and the teacher and as much as they will keep in touch with me i will keep being there teacher. >> in garner, teacher of the week, gerald owens. to see all teachers of the week, go to and search teacher. led mine always dream playground is now open. it is to help children with severe disabilities play outdoors like the rest of their classmates. students from west melbourne high school got involved and
7:52 am
grin h2 is here to tell us what is trending. >> a little -- a letter about donald trump from president nixon is trending. go back 30 years from december 1987. the nation, 37th president, commented that misses nixon said trump was great on the donahue show and it says as you can imagine she is an expert on politics and she predicts that when every -- whenever you decide to run for office you will be a winner. trump then a young real estate magnet had shared his views on wall street on how to fix the problems on donahue's talkshow. nixon resigned august 1974 as process of impeaching him over the watergate scandal. the 30 years ago issue. isn't it crazy? >> while predictions like in 2028. brian shrader runs for president.>> is awesome. >> you heard it right here. >> i say 2028 not because -- could do it now but we want him
7:53 am
little while longer. that gives us time to build some experience. >> you could be a spokesperson.>> campaign manager.>> i can't keep a job here if i do that.>> true.>> wake county schools hoping to close the achievement gap by giving stools tools. free computers and training on how to use them at hodge road elementary and montel. will be cut down today in upstate new york. a 94 foot tall norway spruce. they will put it on huge cranes on a long trailer truck and make the two-day trip to new york city. the tree will be decorated and lit on november 30. watch it live on wral and the tree will remain lit until 7 january. the red carpet for
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the time is now 7:56 am. here are the top stories. race for governor in 5000 votes separate worry cooper and north carolina governor pat mccrory. each county will certify results november 18 and the differences fewer than 10,000 votes the runner-up can demand a recount. cumberland county sheriff earl "moose" butler will announce his retirement today. he served as sheriff for 22 years and his last day will be december 31. he says his longtime chief friend, enis right, will serve out the remaining two years.
7:57 am
temperatures drop to the upper 30s in some spots. expect a cool start this morning but beautiful. the skycam showing sunshine and a nice bright day. 37 raleigh and boxborough. 38 south hill. expect a high of 62 this afternoon and partly cloudy tomorrow and warmer and nearly 70. a cold saturday with a high of 53 saturday night. 28 is the low. life commute map. a crash some news wrote on 540. another accident at western boulevard and down -- van allen drive. and an earlier accident on 40 westbound around wade avenue. still have that median blocked. no flashing lights but median is blocked. contributing to the delays we see in west raleigh. because of that slowdown and slow on outbound wade avenue as
7:58 am
begin around apex road. heavy westbound delays through downtown. breath -- businesses are preparing to roll out the red carpet for veterans. coming up, the deals being
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out in major cities across the country against president-elect president-elect donald trump. he makes the transition to the white house. where they are still counting votes today. because of an election day glitch. cooler and quiet today but elizabeth says colder air is on the way. when you can expect freezing temperatures. thanks for joining us. didn't know what day it was. i am nina colette.>> i am nina chu. we have learned one of the two police officers who have been shot has died. this happened at 4 am and it started when police responded to a domestic situation. this is an canonsburg, pennsylvania. the officers were ambushed upon arrival and immediately shot. swat teams have been seen near two homes in the borough. there is a search underway for the shooter and we will


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