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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  November 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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obama is responding. a criminal investigation is underway over the primary election in durham county, how it could play a role in the still undecided race for governor. and how the city of raleigh plans to help one town as they ton recover from hurricane matthew. thank you for joining us this tuesday morning. i'm lena tillett. >> and i'm renee chou. before leaving on his final trip overseas, president obama weighed in >> and as tracie potts reports, the president-elect is taking heat for a controversial choice for a top advisor. >> reporter: crimp is pouring in on president-elect donald trump's choice of steve bannon as chief strategist. >> the fact that republicans have been silent on bannon's appointment is a disturbing sign. >> reporter: bannon's swab website is a favorite of white
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man. >> i look forward with having a discussion. >> reporter: president obama declined to weigh in on bannon but is giving the president- elect advice on how to heal a divided nation. >> how he signals his interest for concerns, i think those are the kinds of things that can set a tone report including reports that the campaign finance chair is considered as treasury secretary. >> a lot of hard upstairs. >> reporter: conservative radio host laura ingraham as press secretary. >> i won't be attorney general. >> you won't? >> so good. i don't have to decide that one, thank god. i can escape that one. >> reporter: insiders say that the trump transition ahead of ask. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. students across the country walked out of classrooms on
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results. in los angeles, more than 1000 students from the heavily hispanic east sidewalked out of classes and protests were in denver, silver spring, maryland, and houston. an anti-donald trump protester tackled in ohio. protester timothy adams was giving the union when it happened. he was not seriously injured. the university said that it does not tolerate intimidation or threats to students, faculty, or campus visitors. the fbi is investigating the mishandling of more than 1000 provisional ballots in the march primary elections in durham county and whether crimes were committed. the elections board found some votes may have been counted twice.
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race for governor. 94,000 votes were reported late on election night. mccrory trails roy cooper by fewer than 5000 votes. when it comes to hurricane matthew relief efforts, every little bit helps. the city of raleigh hopes to help out today. mikaya thurmond has more on what city mikaya? >> reporter: renee, communities have been coming together to help the flood- ravaged parts of the state and the raleigh fire department is hoping that the city council will allow them to donate gear to the princeville fire department. now, the town lost much of their gear and investment during hurricane matthew and floods after the storm. law law allows raleigh to donate property that is no longer of use to the city.
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today. what is included in the donation? well, 5 sets of turnout gear, coats and pants; 5 pair of turnout boots; 5 firefighter helmets; and one thermal imaging camera. it would benefit both the princeville fire department and the department donating it. the red cross said that shelters will stay open until families have a plan and a place to go. governor mccrory said that the wildfires could be a problem through march because dry conditions last through winter. bill leslie is in the newsroom with the latest. bill?
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dozens of firefighters are little baying on the front lines. crews from wake and orange county arrived yesterday to relieve fellow firefighterss. some of the firefighters haven't been off the mountain for days. first responders across north carolina and 40 other states are working 15-hour shifts. state air quality experts issued code red and code purple advisories warning that the heavy smoke contained dangerous pollutants. it would place everyone at risk of feeling the effects. code purple means that the area is very, very unhealthy for all. more than 20 wildfires are burning in our state. authority says arson is suspected in many of them and that in itself is very disturbing. back to you. >> definitely a serious situation in the western counties, bill. thank you. >> we could use the rain but doesn't seem like we will get
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dry. a look at the museum skycam. you can see the clear skies there. it was an interesting morning with temperatures cooler to the north and west and warmer south and east and the skies have been clearing with sunshine here in downtown raleigh. 39 in durham and 38 in cary and wake forest, and now that it's after 8:00, the temperatures will warm up from 30 to 32 in roxboro and that's the cold front this 52 in goldsboro, and 50 in clinton, and still hanging on to cloud cover here and some of the warmer air from the system thas on the way out. so a humidity spread in the temperatures this morning. skies will clear and temperatures will become more uniform. looking at the mid to upper 50s at lunchtime, and it will be beautiful today. you can see some more of this at the end of the week. a couple of days, we may top
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i'll show you that in the 7-day forecast. brian is has a look at the roads with a fresh accident to talk about? indeed, elizabeth, at 8:07, and 440, we have a crash at new bern avenue at brentwood. slowing things down from the knightdale bypass to brentwood and capital and then just congestion slowdowns out to wade avenue. so a slow ride on 440 westun head westbound. around the rest of the triangle, quiet overall and typical congestion off 98 westbound leaving wake forest to highway 50. we have slow traffic on outbound wade. 40 westbound is slow from the lake wheeler road area through u.s. 1 and clear out to harrison avenue. whenever it's backed up on
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wade. also note we are seeing heavy delays on eastbound i-40 away from 540 back to cary. the south side of durham, a slow trip from chapel hill on 40 website. the backups continue on highway 54 to the 55 interchange. the trip is taking lena? >> thank you, brian. president obama is on his last trip overseas. >> he is in greece and we'll tell what you he plans to visit and what he'll talk about. >> and we'll take you to the
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every year motortrend puts new cars, trucks, and suvs to the test to name the 2017 the pace for car buying trends. joining us from los angeles is the motortrend editor in chief edward lowe. good morning, edward. >> good morning, lena. >> reporter: thank you for joining me. in october, several carmakers, including gm and chrysler, reported sales were down for three straight months. can you attribute this to anything?
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i think as people are looking at maybe the outcome of the election and other things going on out there. maybe people are holding on longer to see what shakes out. we have come out of a long period of growth so there was eventually going to be a point where people were going to trail off a bit. so it's maybe a little unexpected for everybody who wants sales to continue to grow but i think it's natural. >> reporter: so, edward, you have three shiny cars behind reveals to give us. what are the motor trends 2017 car, truck, and suv of the year? >> we're proud to announce that the 2017 car of the year is the chevrolet bolt. and the 2017 truck of the year is the ford f series super duty, and our suv of the year is the 2017 mercedes benz zlt.
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selected? >> right. so for all of the vehicular awards we use the same criteria. we don't compare those them against other vehicles and trucks. we compare them against safety, value, engineering excellence, design, efficiency and a criteria which is basically how well the vehicle does its job and in the case of the chevrolet volt, we all-new electric car with 238 miles of electric driving range. with the federal tax rebate you can get it for just under $30,000, so high efficiency and a great value. when it comes to truck of the year, the ford f series super duties is amazingly capable heavy duty pickup. the diesel has 925 pounds of
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and the mercedes benz, that's a luxury 2-row suv, a beautiful car inside and out and surprisingly efficient with the 4 cylinder turbo charged gas engine and an amazing value. >> reporter: one quick question and if you can keep your answer short. will you have to come up with a new category for the autonomous cars? >> we are looking at it. that's a great question. there is a ton of new technology coming online for new vehicles. so, we are actually working on it. >> reporter: all right. motortrend editor and chief edward loh. thank you for joining us. have fun. >> wouldn't that be something on the road? the best autonomous car is -- compared to other cars -- >> technology is incredible. 8:14 and the campaign to retake mosul from isis militants continues. >> up next, the scope of the refugee crisis in the country.
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etter sleep with sleep number. those clouds are interesting looking. >> they are. they are trying to break up a bit. that's fayetteville which of has been under the clouds for most of the morning but they are trying to break up a bit. >> almost dusty [laughter] >> the camera is making it look
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>> exactly. >> it's like our own filter. like an instagram filter. we'll see skies continuing to clear and everyone will have less sunshine and it will be a pretty day today and we will be dealing with clouds from yesterday. take another look. here's durham. the same thing. the clouds there are, and the sun is trying to breakthrough there and it's having more success in durham. most of the clouds have burned off but it's a thin veil of the temperature at the airport, 39. and it's chilly. but in fayetteville, temperatures are in the 50s. what a huge range in the temperature. the dew point is in the 30s. 38 and the humidity at 96% and as the sun comes up and it starts to burn off the clouds, it will feel wonderful in the afternoon, sunshine and temperatures in the mid to upper 60s.
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and we are low in south hill with less than a .25 of a mile and .75 of a mile in southern pines and nobody is looking at real dangerous fog. things are improving. 32 in roxboro and 39 in raleigh and jump across the i-95 corridor and 52 in goldsboro and 49 in erwin. what's going on out there? we had a lot of cloud cover in the eastern part of the viewing area that milder air from yesterday, and then skies have cleared here which allows the temperatures to cool faster and cooler air is coming in behind yesterday's system. 3 that's a huge range in the temperatures. 20degrees between roxboro and goldsboro, and that's unusual. we have lingering clouds, and mainly along and east of i-95, a front has shifted offshore
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the east the bring rain there. and the mountains would love to see the rain but watch what happens. the front will shift eastward during the day and get closer to the mountains and falls apart. it does not have enough moisture or energy. 8:00 this evening, we stay dry and sunny. that's going to be the case again to saturday. high pressure is building in here and the front saturday, way up here to the north and west and will bring a chance of showers. we have the christmas parade on saturday and if looks like the rain will be after the parade. between now and saturday, looking good, and temperatures really climb, too. look at 73 on friday and 70 on saturday. 75 today and 67 tomorrow. so feeling nice and cool in the morning but no real hard freeze in the next 7 days.
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year. the coldest high for tomorrow is 41. it could be chilly but we are not seeing that. and take it over to saturday and here's a look at the forecast. the chance for rain really doesn't go up until much later in the day. between 4:00 and 6:00, a chance of scattered showers and for the christmas trade, nice and dry and pleasant, starting in the mid-50s. we'll talk about the specific parade forecast in a bit. lena? >> thank you, eli obama has landed in athens greece. this is his final tour overseas. the president plans to reassure allies of the u.s. that his successor, donald trump, supports nato. president obama will travel to germany and peru in his week- long trip abroad. the mayor of flint, michigan will talk about her
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emergency. the drinking water was switched from the detroit system to the flint river in 2014 but was not properly treated and results in the corrosion of lead pipes. dakota pipeline protesters are calling on demonstrators to converge on the army corps of engineer offices that finance the project. theysay that threatens drinking water in cultural sites. on monday, the army corps of engineers said it finished a review of the pipeline but wants more studies and input. the battle to retake mosul has displaced 54,000 people. meanwhile, the islamic state
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bombing attacks in fallujah crews are rescuing hundreds of tourists and residents who remain stranded in new zealand after a powerful quake cut off vehicle access from the town. a navy ship left from auckland to arrive tomorrow morning. the 7.2 quake on monday left two people dead small tsunami. two cows and a cat on an island that were stranded are now safe. the quake's quality line runs beneath the farm. the farmer dug a transcribing to get them and bring them out and said that the cows were desperate for water. the 10 million cattle easily out number the 4.7 million people.
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widespread floods and damage. >> the goal as the newly formed hurricane recovery group meets with people. and concerns for residents in hey! is this enough? grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy.
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and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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it's 8:26. i'm renee chou with our top stories. a bowe bergdahl hearing will continue today. bergdahl's trial date is set for may 15th. and the school leaders in wake county will get their
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elementary could change schools multiple times in the next few years. we're starting out with a wide range of temperatures and we will all get sunshine, elizabeth? we are, finally. cloud cover is lingering this morning with patchy fog but that is starting to lift a bit. we are looking from the eastern part of wake county westward to here. this cluster of buildings is downtown raleigh. lingering fog and cloud co it will burn off and temperatures will warm up nicely. 52 in goldsboro and 51 in fayetteville all because of the clear skies to the northest and boundary cloud cover to the south and east. and mid to upper 60s wednesday and thursday. brian? 8:27, elizabeth, and we still have the accident on 440 westbound at new bern avenue blocking two right lanes
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allow extra time from the i-40 polite to the knightdale bypass and new bern. by the time you get around the accident, traffic is moving along pretty well. look out for lingering outbound delays on wade avenue between 440 and i-40 and lingering congestion on 40 eastbound.
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the time is 8:30. welcome back. governor mccrory heads to robeson county, attending a meeting of the hurricane matthew recovery committee. emmy victor is live in lumberton with more on what the governor hopes to accomplish. emmy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, renee and lena. robeson county was the first of many stops that the gove the recovery meetings are a way to help the communities rebuild after the impact and they will talk about the relief effort and ways to recover. the committee was formed last month, just one day after the governor requested more than $1 billion if federal disaster aid. most of the money will be used to make repaired for housing
8:31 am
agriculture. the meeting will happen at robeson community college and starts at 1:00 and should last until 3:00. the public is welcome to voice their concerns and comment. and the governor is encouraging people to donate. back to you. >> emmy victor, live in robeson county, thank a disaster recovery center is open in halifax county. they will provide information on recovery. it will stay open until 6:00 tomorrow night. there is an event in cumberland. churches and non-profit groups were invited to a meeting. the coalition's goal is to keep helping people until after
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insurance and loans were exhausted. the meeting is at 5:30. new details on the autopsy relate on keith scott, shot and killed by a police officer in september, spark nationwide protests. scott was shot 3 times, once in the back, once in the stomach and once in the arm. scott was on sedatives and anti- convulsive drugs but no alcohol or cocaine in his wife said she believes he was shot because of his race and he was unarmed but police say he was armed. mike peterson will stand trial for the murder of his wife. peterson's attorneys say that his rights were violated because evidence in the case was not preserved. kathleen peterson was found dead in their home in 2001.
8:33 am
judge ordered a new trial finding that one of the state's key witnesses lied. a new trial is set for may. a judge will hear arguments in the bowe bergdahl case today. one, whether injuries to soldiers on a search mission should be allowed as evidence that bergdahl endangered comrades. bergdahl is charged misbehavior and desertion. we're learning more about a murder/suicide involving a granville county sheriffs deputy and his wife. jeremy pearce filed a protective order against his wife, and later dropped the claim. the two were involved in a bitter custody battle. policesay that jeremy pearce forced his way into becky
8:34 am
couple's children were found safe in the home. the sheriff said that pearce was placed on a 30-day suspension but he did not say why. a local teacher isor paid leave following a wral investigation into months of text messages support to an 8th grade student. as of yesterday, latoya snead is on leave from union mills school in sampson county. she resigned from roads county elementary last year after sending hundreds of text messages containing talk of love and relationships. the advisory committee did not take action against her teaching license. 5 on your side investigated and found out johnston county schools never turned over the texts in question and the investigative committee never asked for them. after we showed her the text messages, the state super
8:35 am
some residents in the 5 points neighborhood are expressing concern about a 5- story storage facility in their area in a light industrial area. residentssay they don't want to see a large building from the backyard. the developers say that they understand the neighbor's concerns and wants to work with them and will ask the city to consider adding speed bumps and no through truck signs to ease the traffic and add landscaping to the federal government will be asked to make highway 264 a high priority. two rachets sent a letter to the u.s. department of transportation. the state d.o.t. will complete the interstate
8:36 am
there. it is. looking at the durham skycam, a lot of sunshine and the farther south and east, the more clouds we're seeing, but everywhere, this heading into the next hour and even 2 with the skies clearing nicely. 39 in henderson and 44 in holly springs. and 49 in wilson but we had a big spread in the temperatures this morning, 30 in roxboro to, say, 52, 53 it's a good spread even for our viewing area. we'll even it out as the sun comes up and dissipates the cloud cover. lunchtime, 61 and highs at 5:00, 59. and sunshine for today. if you are getting ready to head out the door and walk the doing or hit the morning run, you will run into a mixed bag. some places, sun and others, cloud cover and temperatures ranging from the low 30ss 30s
8:37 am
everything will be more uniform tomorrow morning. back to you. thank you, elizabeth. hoping to raise awareness about breast cancer. >> battling a common enemy brought the two sisters closer than ever.
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8:39 am
a family is brought closer as they fight a battle together. >> dr. allen mask has the story of two sisters who teamed up to
8:40 am
served communities as well. >> reporter: five years ago, breast cancer had not affected her immediate family, but shawn worked on send money to community agents to help under served women. >> my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in breast. >> it had spread to a couple of lymph nodes they removed. >> reporter: then 45-year-old kim began a regular routine of aggressive therapy with her driving more than 35 minutes from her home. >> i have to go to town for this and but what about the people who can't? >> reporter: it was a problem that her sister was fighting. >> it bring its home knowing
8:41 am
>> reporter: once cancer free, her sister got involved in race for the cure. >> i had my own team. >> reporter: her sister suggested outreach in kim's church with a program called worship in pink. >> we lit a memory candle for those 2 lost their battle. >> reporter: lunsford stepped up to share her story of the congregation. >> i want to bring awareness. >> reporter: the experience brought the sisters closer together for a common. >> we work together as a team. >> it has made her a stronger woman, and i admire her a lot because of her strength. >> reporter: the two were recognized as heros in pink by the komen foundation. local captures are having a big
8:42 am
finding solution through research. debra morgan will be the emgee and i will be the moderator of the panel discussion with a few more seats left. for more information, simply go to and search health team. and we are looking forward to that tomorrow morning at 11:30 in chapel hill and we'll have survivors there, and we had volunteers a and we are all looking forward to that. you can check our website and if possible, come out and join us. >> the message is you are not alone in this. people will help to support you. dr.mask, thank you. >> my pleasure. how the angus barn stood out on one of the nationwide lists. >> and remember the huge sinkhole on a busy street in japan?
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starship, i love this song.
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>> rock and roll. >> yeah. a lot of cloud cover in the eastern part of the state. and that's in our viewing area, too. sunshine in spots and nice clearing in places, too. let's take a look at what's going on. let's start off in wilson, and you can see the clouds are starting to break up just a bit. the temperatures, 39 officially at the airport, and you can see the sun glowing on the side of the building. some of the clouds are breaking nice clear skies north and west. 38 is the dew point and the humidity, 96% and a good bit of moisture lingering. still fog left in spots. patchy this morning and a big range in temperatures. 34 in roxboro, and roxboro has consistently been our cool spot, dropping down to 30 earlier, and 49 in rocky mount and wilson. what's going on here?
8:47 am
east of i-95 and trapped some of the warmth from yesterday, and skies have cleared from raleigh westward and temperatures have dropped really quickly this morning. so that's what happening. 39 in sanford and 43 in southern pines, and down the road in fayetteville, 51, and 50 in goldsboro. the sun will come out and mix everything up and temperatures will become more even again, highs in the mid to upper 60s. you can see a bit of cloud cover along the i-95 corridor. it's hard to see because it's the light gray color and we're dealing for a good bit of that. the low pressure system is pulling up into the northeast. behind it, gradual clearing and behind it is low pressure system, counterclockwise, so a northerly flow with the cooler air into the northern part of north carolina this morning. and back to the west. the front with the rain, and it does not look like any of the
8:48 am
mountains. this is a look at the high resolution satellite image that was taken yesterday from nasa. this is cloud cover. the skies are clear across the mountains. this is all smoke from the wildfires. you can see this east of asheville and another one near the town of franklin. so we e dealwith poor air quality and one of the biggest wildfires in western north long time if not ever. the flow may ease over closer to charlotte because of the wind direction but there is an air quality alert for charlotte and over to the west for winston-salem. but it doesn't look like the wind will blow the smoke in our direction. and we see a westerly and southwesterly flow develop
8:49 am
saturday. the drought is looking official for folks in the mountains, extreme to severe drought. and we are going to see clear skies for today, the skies are clearing and county of sunshine, and that will last until saturday with the next front coming through and that will help to bring us the warm temperatures, too. 73 by friday and the morning lows, close to 40 degrees, and playoffs, 7:00, 63 are, and -- 63, and first parade, it will be 58 to start. renee? thank you, elizabeth. ride service lyft is getting a makeover getting rid
8:50 am
beons that can communicate with people's smart phones using bluetooth technology. your driver's beacon and your phone will light up a specific color. lyft said this will make it easier and safer for drivers and riders to find each other. they will be on the dashboards of drivers after the first of the year. chili's is apologizing after a manager removed a veteran's free meal in texas. he said he showed his discharge paper bus another diner questioned the uniform he was wearing. the manager at the restaurant was removed from the job. walker said that he bought the uniform he was wearing as a
8:51 am
a lone-wolf type attack on the macy's thanksgiving day parade was urged in a message to the nypd. they will be using a multitiered strategy to keep people along the parade route in place. congratulations are in order to the angus barn. it's one of the top grossing restaurants in the count reach the -- country with sales of more than $17.3 million. it was the only north carolina restaurant listed. it's beginning to look a lot like the holidays. the city will be adding more decorations in the coming weeks and the holiday tree will be delivered the monday after thanksgiving from sugar
8:52 am
lot like christmas everywhere i go. in durham. thank you. it will be 70 for the big wral raleigh christmas parade. >> feeling just like christmas. >> but it will be nice and chilly in the morning. >> it will. it will be fun. >> you can put on the gloves in the morning. >> remember the big sinkhole in japan we showed you last week. take a case vu forgotten. a giant sinkhole opened up and threatened to topple nearby buildings. this was november 8, one week ago today. take a look let's live picture from the scene. they fixed it. >> wow. wow. >> no. that's real. that is live. >> in a week? >> in a week.
8:53 am
lights. >> everything the is the same? >> they filled it with 218,000 cubic feet of sand and cement and repaved it and opened it. theysay it's safe for traffic. the mayor is saying that the affected ground is 30 times stronger than before. there is the split screen. >> okay. [laughter] >> that's incredible. >> they point out after the earthquake in 2011 that the roads were repaired in very short order. so incredible engineering and a lot of hard work to get that done. that's our oh, wow for the day. and more oh wow news. oreo is entering the candy bar business. this is a positive thing. they will have oreo candy bars coming out.
8:54 am
cookies with the vanilla cream filling and a crunch bar between two layers of vanilla cream filling. you can enjoy those in january. >> wait. not for christmass? >> no, no, no. just enough to derail your new year's resolution. >> and valentine's day.
8:55 am
8:56 am
time now is 8:56. i'm renee chou. >> and i'm lena tilllet. here's your top stories. governor mccrory's hurricane matthew recovery
8:57 am
fundraising efforts, communities outreach and long- term plans today and also will take public comments at 1:00 at the beson lumberton community college center. and the sunshine is reappearing in most places. a little cloud cover in the eastern part of the viewing area and the museum skycam overlooking downtown raleigh. sunshine and it was cold enough this morning, 39 in raleigh and warm in goldsboro and temperatures in the low 50s, and we'll even things out in the afternoon with highs in the mid-60s. highs in the upper 60s. brian? elizabeth, as we check in the durham freeway, we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane southbound durham freeway at glover. traffic is squeezing by at i-
8:58 am
that cleared up. pretty smooth ride on 440 westbound. look out for delays on i-40 both directions on the suggests -- south side of durham. >> thank you, brian. the state elections board in durham county found some votes may have been counted twice and a major concern in the still too close to call race for governor. we will have a live report the next newscast on wral at
8:59 am
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