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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  November 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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right now and fox 50, trump works to build -- study about investing in early childhood education in our state. the claims being made in a lawsuit that was filed against a local county sheriff. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i am bill leslie. >> we need some good weather. >> more pretty weather in the forecast all the way up through midday saturday.
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few clouds to reflect the pretty colors and none of that is completely clear but still a nice pink glow behind the skyline. upper 30s, 39 durham, 38 carry and wait for us, -- wake forest. 50 in fayetteville. we're seeing a wide range and temperatures, upper 40s from goldsboro so it is cooler than norm down south. depending on where depend on how big your coat needs to be. we really will see temperatures warming up rapidly this morning. 65 at lunch and a high of 70 this afternoon. it may sound fantastic and warm but wait till you see the forecast for tomorrow. it won't last long. cold air by sunday. the front in between. brian here -- brand is here talking about the roads. so far so good overall.
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looking downtown there is the d map at the american tobacco campus. it looks good through downtown. trips from i-40 to ming and street is taking seven maintenance -- minutes. for the moment at least you are delay free as you leave chapel hill on 40 eastbound. looking good in durham and chapel hill 540 westbound all clear from capital to i-40. if you are leaving west raleigh heading to the park the trip from wade to 542 is six minutes. delays from an earlier incident on 440 westbound around six forks road. an accident on the shoulder which has cleared. backups begin around the by pass through new bern avenue and capital boulevard adding to backups on the eastern side of the beltline.
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beyond that looking good to wait avenue. busy from johnson county on 40 westbound, in life look from clayton bypass. 18 minutes now for that trip up to 442 garter. no trouble to the works on, 13 minutes from 442 wade. thank you. top advisor it says it may be after thanksgiving or mid- december before donald trump announces his cabinet choices. >> names under consideration.>> reporter: new names are emerging as possible for president-elect trump's cabinet. mike flynn is national security advisor. missouri's jim talent is defense secretary. ted cruz is attorney general. >> i am eager to help anyway i can. >> governor nikki haley is reportedly being considered as
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she publicly opposed to trump.>> there is an immense amount of talent. >> we discussed of the transition. >> how did it go? >> it went really well. giuliani and john bolton, enough democrats and republicans to block both. >> i don't think you want your chief diplomat to be an advocate for war. governor mike pence is in charge of the transition but today he is back in washington meeting with top leaders from both parties the next supreme court justice. even with a republican majority confirmation may not be easy.>> to say the least they have another -- the better think twice. >> hillary clinton made her first public appearance urging democrats not to give up. >> please don't lose heart. do not give up on the values we
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>> tracy potts, nbc news. the top democrat on the house oversight committee is asking for all security clearance request from the transition team. president-elect donald trump said he has clearance for his children and son-in-law. protest filed in 11 additional counties challenging what could be fraudulent absentee ballots. governor mccrory's office says they were cast for democratic gubernatorial candidate roy cooper. it includes franklin, guilford, halifax, hampton and robinson and bands and wake county. the protest was filed on tuesday before cooper 5000 votes. counties across the state are reviewing absentee ballots before tomorrow's deadline to finalize votes. today a board will begin approving nearly 7000 provisional ballots. yesterday they spent hours examining more than 3100 male and absentee ballots. a girl voter calling for the recount of ballots will have the chance to stay the case.
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of elections voted to allow him tomorrow on why he says there should be a recount and claims the results of an estimated 94,000 ballots are an issue because they were within a technical problem. investment in early child care and education program. >> that is what duke univ in raleigh. the results were just released.>> reporter: good morning bill and lena, researchers focused on two programs, smartstart and in say pre-k. both our state-funded programs. smartstart provides funding to counties for childcare, health screenings and other services for all children from birth to age 5. pre-k is a program for
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how did the study were? researchers looked at more than 1 million north carolina public school students and they asked whether the programs provided long-lasting benefits or a previously seen positive results could diminish by the end of elementary school. take a look at what they found. research shows north carolina's investment in early child care and education programs resulted in higher test scores. they found that both programs reduced the probability of students being held back. finally the research programs lowered the cost of children or lower the odds of children needing special education. researchers say the findings indicate that these programs need more governmental financial support and they will take a look at middle school students to see if these benefits continue. mikaya thurmond. a driver is arrested accused in the deadly crash involving a pedestrian on perdue drive in fayetteville before midnight.
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going north when raffaella rosado hit him with his car. he died at the hospital and rosado faces charges including felony death by motor vehicle and driving while impaired and driving with no insurance. members of the harding county sheriff's office are facing a lawsuit including six residents including a family member representing a man who was shot and killed by a harnett county deputy. renee chou joins us with >> reporter: the case of 33- year-old john livingston is at the center of the lawsuit filed in district court. the 33-year-old was shot on the front porch of his home in november 2015. deputies arrived at the house on everett to investigate a reported assault. livingston refused to allow deputies to search his home around 3 am. deputies say livingston became combative and he was shot. a grand jury decided not to
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of wayne post and other deputies are named in the lawsuit. the plaintiffs allege the harnett county sheriff's office has a history of excessive force. numerous instances including use of pepper spray and other intimidating tactics. the plaintiffs in the lawsuit say supervisors new other deputies misconduct and did nothing. they are seeking punitive and other damages. if you would like to read the lawsuit in full it is on our webs responding to a student run twitter accounts racist post. what they're saying next.
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a student run twitter account behind a racist tweet has been taken down. harnett county high school is working with law enforcement to find out who posted it. we rep it call for students to wear white in support of white supremacy. hash tag trump 2016. students we spoke with called the tweet offensive and say it does not represent their school. when it comes to this, it is controversial. we work our hardest and except pretty much everybody in our school. >> a spokeswoman said the school system is working with law enforcement to find out who
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they are known for giving scholarships and helping wounded warriors and now a group of soldiers needs your help. almost every building of the special forces association compound in fayetteville were flooded during hurricane matthew. the organization salvage what it could a lot of structural repairs are needed. so far they set up a flood recovery fund for their website. fema and state disaster recovery center in edged and county closed today. this is to the center in rocky mount follow -- hurricane have decreased. they will relocate resources to other counties. more about a possible cause of a deadly train crash in new jersey. spurr -- what the attorneys are telling investigators. firefighters had west to help battle the wildfires in
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[ music ]. sing it. >> the best christmas song of all time. i will put it against every song. hathaway. >> it is good. >> i like john lennon's song.>> i have two christmas albums. [ laughter ]. >> the greatest christmas songs of all-night. >> of a shopping center in wilson, i will be singing one.
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christmas tree. it has become a tradition and i go down there. i just wrote her. it is sometime tonight. 6:00 or something. we will see. >> that is so fun. >> do that appear. i can go to wilson.>> singh is one, one morning. >> i will have highlights tomorrow. >> highlights of weather lately have been the warm temperatures. let's look out at what is happening in downtown raleigh as we're taking a look at the beautiful conditions. there is the wilson sky camera and we will see raleigh as well. in wilson you can see the blue sky there and it looks absolutely beautiful in downtown wilson. i know we can do it. in downtown wilson. there we go. asking and you shall receive. 39 is the current temperature so it is chilly out there.
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hill, 41, 38 henderson, 30 and south hill, 41, 38 henderson, 32 roxboro. most of us in the upper 30s to low and mid 40s. exceptions when you go south. a warm-up down south at 50 right now. at stanford, 33. 46 clton. huge range in temperatures today. a big area of high pressure that will keep everything dry today. it will be another pretty day and expect the flow that will warm us up dramatically. it will be warm today but even warmer tomorrow. near a record high. what is developing back to the west is a huge snowstorm so we have snow falling in wyoming and parts of montana and that will be shifting north and eastward across parts of the dakotas and upper midwest. the green and orange colors right here are blizzard watches and warnings and elsewhere the purples and pinks our winter storm watches and warnings.
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las, the first reabig snowstorm for parts of the country. here is future cast, snow potential for the next few days. i think there is a bit of snow like a 1 foot and a half. what we will see is the snow developing with the low pressure system low will have a friend that trails off to the south and you can start to see where the front is as we take it out to tomorrow around lunchtime. the front comes to our area late on saturday. here saturday at 7 am. you can see the rain and by two bm the rain is to the and goes by late afternoon. it does not look like it will be wet for the christmas parade. it will be bright and sunny behind that front so it will come to quickly. it is very cold. we may end up with his first
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into west virginia. not likely to be something that sticks and stays around. kind of fun to have snow in the mountains. 69 for the high temperature today. 78 tomorrow. that iwarm for this time of year. that puts us up to the record at 79 in 1942. the normal high temperature is 63 and we will be 10 degrees about that on saturday. even though we had that rain coming through the christmas lots of sunshine at 10 am and the parade starts at 61 degrees and ends at noon with 68 degrees. turning colder on sunday and heading out monday morning, expect temperatures in the upper 20s. this morning you don't want to be on i-40 on the east side of town, yikes. >> typical delays building although they are worse than usual on a thursday morning. 7:20 am. garner and i-40 on the left side of your screen, that is
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interchange. it is flow from 42 through the bypass interchange and towards business 70, 21 minutes right now up to 440. watching traffic build in the fortified works on this morning a tween rock quarry road. it is taking 16 minutes. good news, if ou are headed beyond that from wade avenue to 540 and the airport 40 west down, taking six minutes. no trouble. on 440 westbound and th is due to an earlier incident arnd six forks ro. the delays begin aund the bypass and move through capital boulevard through six forks ad. ra to lay this morningn the westbound side of the knightdale bypass. in the beltline, a crash on the outbound side of wade avenue around dixie trail. delays heading away from overland road towards dixie
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heading out towards 440 this morning. interim, freeways looking good in both directions. 85 and i-40 great. if they can desk convicted sex offender is facing new charges of kidnapping a six- year-o girl and chaining her to a tree. this happened in new hanover county in september. 46-year-old douglas edwards indicted including attempted first-degree murder and statutory rape of a child. edwards spent 16 years in jail for assa old girl back in 1994. one person dead and 11 others hurt after a natural gas explosion in illinois. the explosion rocked the neighborhood in canton. one building reduced to rubble. this video shows how windows of several other businesses were blown out. nearby residents were told to avoid the area. engineer at the deadly w jersey train terminal crash suffered from undiagnosed apnea. the train was going twice the
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december 29. the engineer's lawyer said he was diagnosed after the crash and official brief on this case says the diagnosis is being looked at. the engineer told investigators he had no memory of the crash and remembered waking up. a group gathered for a rally in minnesota in honor of officer gimenez. he was charged with manslaughter in connection with castille staff. deserts gathered outside cool -- school where he died. they marched through downtown chanting. the death sparked a wave of protests over the summer. peggy whitson is on the verge of setting a new record. the woman will be the oldest woman in space when she leaves from posix don for another trip to the eye as as.
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that is one way to celebrate your birthday. [ laughter ]. >> coming up, a warning from durham police. >> an armed robber was wearing this when he targeted a woman. this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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7:26 am. good morning. i and bill leslie. durham board of elections will allow the state republicans a party attorney to discuss the recount. he claims the results of 94,000 ballots are questionable because a technical glitch meant they were manually entered. 33-year-old john livingston and several other residents of hardy county are suing the deputy who shot him last year.
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deputies named in the suit which claims the department has a history of excessive force. it is time to get a check of the forecast. another delightful day. >> beautiful. we continue gorgeous weather. lots of sunshine. in the durham county courthouse, bright skies behind it. temperatures are cold. a huge range. 32 roxborough. 50 fayetteville. temperatures are in the upper 30s to mid s 39 raleigh. 44 irwin and goldsboro. temperature warms up nicely with the sunshine today and a high of 69. at 78 friday and showers late saturday. 7:27 am. we accident on 440 westbound around new bern avenue and it is contributing to delays on the beltline. the backups begin around the
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we see significant ramp delays on the westbound side of the knightdale bypass and new bern avenue. now starting to see inbound capital. getting word of a crash on 440 -- rather i-40 westbound around norman street in the works on. an earlier accident on wade avenue at dixie trail.
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good morning and welcome back. firefighters in durham are the latest in the triangle to help out fighting the bad wildfires and the northwestern part of the state. they are now headed to weatherford county. emmy victor is live in durham. >> reporter: cruise left here around 6:45 am so they should be well on their way to western north carolina. eight firefighters volunteer basis to help combat thwildfires we're seeing in the western part of the state. they started packing up around 6: this morning. they took trucks with them. and they filled them up with everything they would need to help suppo them through these xt couple of days. they will be gone for at least three days and could be gone as long as six days. they will work 12 hour shifts each day.
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towns in the path of the party rock fire. one of the largest fires out west and not even 25% contained. party rock ione of the 20 fires right now burning through the western part ofrt carolina. we are told that the state has already spent $15 million trying to combat this. emmy victor live in durham i am -- on the wildfires. a warning for investigators with the durham county sriff's office say a woman was held atnpoint and had personal items stolen when she stopd for someone who appeared to be a police officer. the victim was headed rth near guess road when she was stopped by a dark suv witha sing blue lit. deputies have not identified the driver or located the vehicle. if you have concerns about being appr by an unmarked vehicle you cacall 1. a personn custody following a shooting osi a
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in the parking lot ofthat jangle the victim has serious injuries and they he not said what the motive was. wake coun school system is morning this morning because zora feltonas died. the news was unexpected. she was a career educator and retired from the classroom in 13 and won a seat on the school board. she was at week to a second term. she was 65. daycare worker rested after caught on surveillanceandling a be in court today. tracy stallis faces a count of misdemeanor child abuse. she was arrested last month after appletree dayce fired her. the mother says the de showed stallin throwing one years old son into a bookcase. she says the teacher was initially allowed back in the class after the video was discovered and the other parents were never notified.
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abandoning her children in hetage park neighborhood. the woman n aftea man and left the children unattended on thsidewalk. the rls are two and three years old. when she returnedo get the chdren, police caught up with her. secret mclean was arreed and faces two cots of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. the next courtappearanceis december 12. if you e a spaghetti level test lover you llnjoy this rt of the largest spaghetti nner was held at the saint constantine greek orthodox church on oak ridge avenue in fayetteville. the is a mountain of spaghetti and an ocean of meat sauce. the highlight is the greek pastry. very popular baklava. this is the ch's largest fundraiser of the year.>> we always help the red cross in the hospital.
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plates. mmy. >> we eat pretty heavy because we have to wake up so early. pretty much our lunch time right now. >> spaghetti time arnd here. i am totally there any time. bring the aghetti on. at what's going on out there right now. nice and quiet and beauful mo this is a roxborough skycam. you can see the bright sshine over downtown. temperatures are chilly and we're seeing temperatures at 32 for the last two hours. the sun is comi up. temperature will jump out quickly. 31 henderson, 42 four -- 44 wellington. low 30s and roxborough and temperature closer to 50 in
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60s midafternoon and by 5:00 51 degrees. it will be beautiful. at the busstop, kids will need the coats but it will be mild trip home with the low and mid 40s now was 70this afternoon. tomorrow you may want to send them with their shorts and t- shirts. wait until you see the high temperature tomorrow. that is coming up. brian is here with a look at road conditions. 40 westbound is a ssme through garner and into south raleigh. 7:35 am. oak road. traffic coming in around the clayton bypass. it is congested through their as usual. then we have congestion in the fortified works on. us 1 interchange, a crash that has been moved to the shoulder and the right shoulder and also into the median on 40 westbound before us 1 and could create delays as you had between gorman street and us 1 on 40 westbound. 22 minutes now through garner
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the stretch from 442 wade avenue is looking at a 20 minute ride. that could start to creep up as they get the accident cleared up. to get beyond all of that and from wade avenue to 540, seven minute trip leaving west raleigh heading to the airport. just getting word of an accident from a twitter follower. on 540 westbound an accident moved over to the left shoulder of 540 we between six force -- forks. a building delay through there. the traffic backups begin around lewisburg road towards six forks. again that could get worse. it looks good after that at creed more and linwood avenue. zooming into raleigh, we have a report of a crash on 440 westbound around new bern
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camera but you could run into some backups through there. an earlier accident still causing proble on wade avenue around dixie trail the outbound traffic is slow from overland towards the 440 interchange. tonight's story for every mother, daughter, sister and grandmother. breast cancer struck these women. they chose a double mastectomy. not just a story about the reconstructive surgery but a story of women surviving and thriving. the help team has the story tonight 7:37 am. online retailers are gearing up for the biggest shopping ri of the year. the predictions for cyber monday shopping and liday shopping. the leigh star of something pretty amazing. it will be on one of the biggest parades of the year
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy.
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and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving fr publix.
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[ lence ]. $3.5 billion from $3.1 billion last year. for the compteholiday season sales could rise as much as 19% to $ billion. the national retail federation is forecasting holiday sales for the november and december years to rise 3-point 6% to $655.8 billion, better th the 3% growthast year. raleigh-durham international is getting ready foholidays. they hold a news cference today toalk about the airpor readiness for the flood of holiday travelers. they are promising a special announcement from a special guest but they are keing that
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day. last monleaders approved a 25 year maerstlan aimed at helping the airport meet the needs of a growing region. americans are renewing their love affair with suvs. seven automakers are rolling out new suvs at the la auto show iluding first-timers, jaguar and alpha were male americans bought more suvs than four-door cars for the first time last year making up nearly 40% of new vehicle registrations. industry analysts say the momentum is growing because suvs with better fuel economy. 7:41 am. the storyline everyone thought would play out on the silver screen. what carrie fisher is revealing about her off the screen relationship with harrison ford. the latest internet craze that is heating up social media
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[ music ]. singh and bill. >>working on that base part. at great version of rudolph. right here on wr. [ laughter ]. >> bill you used to do radio. >> no, nothing like that. >> we are playing this again because of the parade this weekend. we're not trying to pressure you -- pressure you into scores. i am feeling the pressure though. >> it is almost thanksgiving. >> i'm sweating. >> i don't have anything bought yet.
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christmas. >> it doesn't. tomorrow the temperatures will be almost 80 degrees. it is beautiful right now. let's check out what's happening and roxborough. look at that gorgeous tree. some of that is the angle of the sun but it is a beautiful red color and just a quiet calm morning and roxborough. the flags are not even flying. pretty skies. 39 at the airport but it has been in the lo30s and xborough. 37 is the dew point where it is 39. 32 roxborough and 43 south hill. 44 goldsboro. ayetteville. and southern pines, 39. a wide range of temperatures this morning. high pressure keeping everything nice and bright and dry. high pressure will stay right about their and keeping everything looking great. back to the west low pressure system and cold front that we've been talking about for the weekend really starting to get cranked up. now we see heavy snow falling
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be the first real big storm for parts of the country especially the rockies through the northern plains and the upper midwest. you will see blizzard watches and warnings there. more than a foot of snow in some places. we may actually see our first snow in the mountains of north carolina. e talking about the tropics. a lot of things could happen in november from snowstorms to tropical systems. the tropical season does and at the end of the month so it is under hurricane season ends. area down here, it doesn't look more organized. in the next several days it looks like it will be favorable. hurricane center is givi it an 80% chance of development and if it becomes a tropical system the name will be auto but will will it go. -- where wi it go. is it going to cuba or southwest across to south america or mexico. it's not a terribly stng
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wi watch for fun more than anhing. 69 for temperatures this afternoon. 78 degrees for us tomorrow and that is almost a record high. 79 set in 1942. 63 is normal. saturday above normal as well. raindrops for saturday. everything should be fine in the morning. wral raleigh christmas parade begins at 10 and we will broaasted here. if u can make it down there. parade ute. 61 and it ends at noon was 68. a sweater is fine. it will be a bit breezy on saturday and that makes it feel a little bit cooler. we wrap up the day before sunset with a cool burst of rain. 10th of an inch or less. clearing and co on sunday with 51 and monday morning, 29.
7:48 am
morning. 39 is normal and 17 is the cord set in 1914. back to normal by dnesday. it looks ke travel times are not normal. >> we are seeing heavy traffic from wait for us. this is inbound capital boulevard. here at 48m. from wait foto the trip is 17 minutes. that is partly due to the fact that 540 westbound is slow especially between lewisburg road and six forks road beca ofan accidentreported blocking the medianther forks on 540 westbound. that is taking 19 minutes overl from capital boulevard to i-40. avy drive times om wait for us and gyoive urself ex time. also an update on t40 westbod ive times through still nging around 15 minute mark as you had to garner between 42 d 440. most delays are around clayton
7:49 am
works on most delays this morning between 0 and yoas 1. an accident on 40 westbound around the us 1 interchange but it has moved to the side. just need to slow down as you had to that area. number of minor crashes shing up here on the live commute map. a huge impact commute on major routes. inside the beltline, a crash on wade avenue and dixie trail slowing things down between overland and 440. it is also slow outbound between 44ani-40. macs is giving day parade will have a familiar face. timmy richardsonf leigh got his start at the junior drum major at shaw univsity football games at the a of format his big break came within outer appearance of on little big shots and he will now lead the macy's parade erican marching band in the parade and he ys
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light in the streets of manhattan with millions watchia tv. you can watch the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade live one week from today on wral. starting at 9:00. starr new england patriots quarterback tom brady is having fun with h deflategate van in a new ad. >> is just a question. it starts with questions and they turn into assumptions and those turn into vacations. >> the ad is for footlockers annual thank they call the week of greatness. he served a four-game ban te the nffound be potentially underinfted for balls used in the 2015 nfc championship game. conflict wilprevent bob dylan from accepting his obel prize in rs. dyn told them he wishes he could ceive the prize personally b other commitments make it unfortunately impoible.
7:51 am
75-year-old americaninger- songwriter is awarded e ize in october 13 for having created poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. it is t clear if anyone will attend on his belf. i d offer my time. >> he didn'sod very excited. >> princess leia and han solo were an teon and off the big screen. th she and harrison ford had an affa wle shoing star ws in the 70s she called it intense and said it lasted three months. fisher was 19 at the me and ford was 33 and married when they hooked up. she said the romance ended when the movie wrapped and fisher wrote this book based on old journals she kept 40 years ago. she says she gave rron ford
7:52 am
renee ou is here. >> the mannequin challenge two weeks ago. it is now the big chalnge. at the center is a 20-year-old sermon from gospel artist pastor shirley esar who pastors at the mount calvary word of facechurch in raleigh. her sermon got the remix treatment and has gone viral. we asked grandma what are you i have potatoes and totoes. beaneegrns tomatoes.
7:53 am
to getou tt of your head now. her legendary gospel sermon hold my meal has endited to revolve around her chant of beans and greens a potatoes. musians such as chris brown and rock help to get attention. not everybody is putting out their own versions. to this addictive thing. it is hypnotic. >> you have been all about it bill. bi's newestobsession. [ laughter ]. >> she s basically. she isa legend. >> now truced to a new generation. in the shirley caesar power. listen to her gospel music and now do that. you name it. [ laughter ]. >> hit that high no. >> shop until you op. a week away from bla friday
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the me is 7:56 am. les get to brian with issues >> the center lane blocked in westbound side of 264 or the knightdale bypass beyond new hope road heading to the 440. you are seeing significant delays coming in between 540 and 440. the right from 64 business to 440 is taking 18 minutes westbound. then once you are on the belt, 440 westbod is a slow ride. 34 minutes from i-40 to the weight i-40 merge.
7:57 am
heavy traffic on the northbound durham freeway and also slow on 40 east between 54 and durham freeway. eight members of e durham fire department are on their w to westn north carolina to fight wildfires there. the left at 6:30m and will in otr crews including firefighters from wake county d they will work to the party rock fire. international officials hold a news conference today to talk about the airports readiness for holiday travelers. their promising a special announcement with a special guest. last month are do you leers approved the master plan fo adapting to regional growth. elizabeth, a warm day. mperatures warming up in the up60s this afternoon. that is not where it stop temperatures in the upper 70s for tomorrow. tibeauful this morning. lots of sunshine over downtown
7:58 am
a cool spot. 54 fayetteville. most of us see temperatures in the low to mid 40s. 69 today and 78 tomorrow. that is almost a record high. warm on saturday, sunshine in the morng and late in the ternoon a flip of rain turning colder for sunday. a deadly crash involving a destrian is under investigation in fayetteville.
7:59 am
on fox 50, the speculation continues as esprident elected trump works to build his
8:00 am
the resus of a newly released study about investing in early childhood educatn in the state. the claims made in a wsuit that was just filed against a local county sheriff's fi. thank you for joining us. i am lena to let. i am renee chou. >> a trump advisor saidit may be mid december before dold trump announces his cabinet choices. >>his morning we are hearing new names under consideration. >> reer: new names emging as possible choices for president elected trump's cabinet. mike fnn's nationasecurity advisor. jim talent is defense seetary. senator ted cruz is attorney general. >> i am eager to help anyway i can. >> governor governor nikki hale is beinconsidered as secretary of state even though she publicly opposed to trump.


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