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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right now on wral news on fox 50. new details emerge in the investigation into the tragic school bus crash in tennessee. that now claimed six young lives. a man shot to death by the
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of his infant daughter. thanksgiving travelers take to the skies. new details have been released about the bus investigation. the driver left the designated bus route to drive along a curvy road to drive 37 children on their w h an-hour posted limit when he lost control and slammed into a tree. tonight, 5 children remain in the hospital. >> the ntsb is bringing in a specialist who analyzed video from cameras inside of the bus damaged by the crash. today we learned that walker did not have drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. they are looking if fatigue may of played a role. breaking news in wake county where we learned a high
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arrested. the 29-year-old is accused of having sexual contact with a student back in june. he is held in the wake county jail held on bond. demonstrators took to the streets after a deadly police shooting one day after the police shot and kill aid 34- year-old man, clark. his friends and family are voicing concerns about the shooting. >> reporter: sky 5 was over durham when demonstrators took to the streets chanting and careyinging signs calling for justice. ken smith walked with them tonight and shows us the signs calling for justice. ken smith walked with them tonight and shows us the message behind the march. >> reporter: many of them walked expressing concerns about what they call a broken relationship between durham police officers and the community. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: they took the calls for justice right to the front door of durham police headquarters then took to on the street forminga a circle if in the middle of chapel hill
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circle in the middle of the chapel hill street. >> i want change and the community wants change, too. >> reporter: michael clark is frank clark's brother. he was known to the community as bug grew up in the neighborhood. he wants durham neighborhoods. >> the contact with the community, how they go about it, you know what i am saying, other way for guns. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: this was if in direct response to the shooting death of clark's brother, 34- year-old frank clark in the terrace apartments. many are residents of the community and they don't feel safe with durham police officers. >> it this community deserves safety and community policing has not led to more safety. it led to the death of frank clark. >> reporter: during the demonstration they had a list
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for residents to file police complaints of wrongdoing by police officers working the mcdougal terrace neighbor hood. >> we are trying to push it out to the forefront. >> organizers say they plan to hold more protests here in front of the durham police department because they want their voices heard. ken smith, wral news, durham. dem straighters directed their anger at 1 of officers in particular. protesters accused master officer, barkly, of reportedly har ashing residents there. we did checking and the officer was suspended once in the past but the department will not say why. >> the other officers involved christopher gotht and souther land. souther land was treated for a leg injury. not shot. they were placed on leave pending the outcome. >> clark was the father of four
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the bother of the 7-month-old said she was clark's girlfriend. she was not there at the time of the shooting but says clark did not need to lose his life. >> why did they have to kill him? why didn't they take him to jail? why? he got kids out here. >> reporter: the police chief says a police was found next to his body. update to a story we brought you as breaking news. wayne state police officer who was shot on duty last night has died. officer collin rose was shot in the head while patrolling near the university. investigators say the 29-year- old was investigating thefts from vehicles around the area when he was ambushed. a detroit man was taken into custody last night but no charges have been filed. new tonight, police in
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the hospital. it happened just before 7:00 tonight. there were two vehicles involved. one of the drivers was rushed to cape fear medical senter in critical condition. the police are not releasing the names of either driver involved yet. their investigation is ongoing. a mayor says a promise was broken to repair a road. tonight, the mayor plans to keep pressure on the state-dot until the promise is fulfilled. it is out to residents. eagle says the contractor did little to meet the promised deadline. the state-dot has not come up with another deadline. people are are taking to the skies to see loved ones this thanksgiving. tens of thousands of people traveled today just alone. >> we saw a group of them lined up. adam owens has been there all day and joins us live. any major problem with people
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>> reporter: you would expect to hear that, wouldn't you? we have been hearing good stories from travelers who have been trying to get to where they want to get for this holiday. this thanksgiving holiday. you are right. earlier today a number of long lines around the security area for sure. you can see there are people behind me. the big rush has passed for this evening. they are expecting people to peck back up tomorrow. it is a beautiful thing watching people reconnect. >> reporter: in terminal 2 arms wide open. loved ones, miles a part, could not get close enough. >> my sister, my brother, my mother. yes. >> a lot of catching up to do? >> yes we do. >> reporter: they traveled from miami, the airport and the plane were packed. but she says the trip was still rather smooth. >> as a matter of fact i
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that. but it was fine. >> reporter: people told us the same thing. the parker family arrived friday los angeles. >> 15 minutes early and well worth the journey. >> grandma agrees. they brought 8-month-old slone with them. >> people are arriving early, allowing the time to get through check in lines and,secity and we really appreciate that. >> reporter: -- lines and security and we really appreciate that. >> reporter: the airport will handle more passengers this th to last year. he says the triangle is growing. >> as seats are available, cust meres are flying. >> reporter: this traveler started it in sydney, australia. >> i flu to los angeles, los angeles to miami -- i flew to los angeles, los angeles to miami and miami to raleigh.
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i am glad to see my brother. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and that is to be expected. she traveled a lot of miles. if you will be traveling here at the airport in the next few days there are a couple things you want to keep in mind. they are telling us to tell you to get here two hours ahead of your flight. check out the airport web site. you will want to check it out and get a look at the parking availability around the area around here that has been changing from time to time with some lots actually filling up. again, it is dying evening but expecting things to pick right back up terror for the first half of the day tomorrow as well. back to you. >> yes, folks keep coming. adam, thank you, adam. >> reporter: president-elect trump made a few appointments today including the head of the department of education, this afternoon the trump transition team announced betsy devos was selected for that post. a top republican donor and school choice activists. she chairs the american federation for children, a group that promotes charter
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foundation for excellence it in education. the president-elect chose u.s. ambassador to theue nighted nations. trump will nominate south carolina governor nikki haley. in october she said she would vote for trump even though she quote not a fan. you probably have family members in from out of town for thanksgiving. holiday is a stressful time for families. it year' complicate that even more. just 2 weeks after the bitter election you could be up close and personal with family and friends who were on the pola aropposite with you on politics. so, how do you survive? we asked raleigh family therapists to brought up the holiday truce during world war i. >> a cease-fire touring the holidays, thanksgiving and the
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we have sharply divided opinions about this election we can come together as a family and reconnect. >> he says concentrate on what binds you, take breaks and walks to relieve the stress and limit your consumption of alcohol. a plot to terrorize time square was stopped, according to the nypd. >> we will share details of a plan that never came together. dash camera video that shows the moments a police officer stopped what could have been another deadly police ambush. lo one of the nation's best. why rolling stones ashton christiansen stands out, next. take a look at the 24-hour temperature change. yes, 16 degrees warmer than it was this time last night in raleigh. 10 degrees warmer in
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new york city police say they stopped a terror plot on time square. the man behind the plan is in jail tonight. the investigators arrested the man in his home in brooklyn earlier this week. the scheme called for someone
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into a crowd of people. the suspect allegedly traveled to yemen to join isis before but returned home. a charlotte teacher is accused of mistreating a 5-year- old student because the boy is muslim. the koupbsil on american and islamic relations made the allegations in a letter -- council on american and islamic is hroplic relations made the allegations in a later. they are investigating. a suspect had stolen items from a store and tried to get away. the suspect also tried to run over an officer in the process. that suspect is in the hospital tonight. that person's name and condition has not been released. retailers it in our state will not be racking up profits this holiday shopping season. many business owners hit hard
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cleaning up from the floods. smithfield makes most of the money from christmas decorations but lost much of its supply during the flood. the owner estimates they already lost about $2.5 million and the losses are still adding up. >> it hurt us more than folks think. it hurt us and our sales reps they are not making money. it hurt our customers they are not making money off of us. >> despite that, they worked out a stay in business. they held out a community sale of items and earned much-needed cash. coats for the community, donate coats or new toys throughout the area. the campaign runs through december 31st. donations can be made on and search coats or
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41114. ashley christiansen owns several restaurants in raleigh she was "rolling stones". >> i have been to one of them. >> yes. >> we don't venture out too much for dinner. >> ready to ditch the jackets? >> that is the potential we are facing by the big shopping day president. let's look at what is ahead. -- shopping day on friday. let's look at what is ahead. daybreak, a bit of rain. only lasting the first part of the day. morning, spotty, light, thanksgiving has the potential to be mild. we had 62 today.
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shopping day if we see enough sunshine, perhaps again ditching the jackets. we have the potential to get into the 70s and then a cool bright weekend is ahead with highs had in the 50s, plenty of sunshine. looking at wetter weather by next week. the best chance of rain we have seen since october. mild thanksgiving hour by hour, 49 by 8:00 a.m. 56 at 10:00. near 60 at lunchtime. we are anticipating 65. that is if we have enough sunshine. we tend to see more it could go up to 67 and 69. had then cooling back 60 by 6:00 in the evening. small chance of rain in the morning. 49 right now at rdu. last hour, 47. we are going up. clouds increasing, the do you wants in the 20s, no 20s tonight, 28 this morning, upper 20s monday morning and tuesday morning. that will be the case tomorrow morning, numbers cloes clo-- close to home. holly springs, 49, we have 49
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in rocky mount and southhill. milder, ashboro. now, satellite radar picture, we are seeing the clouds increase upon the area ahead of our cold front as we expand the view. high pressure it is moving out. our cold front is moving in. off to the west, moving through illinois, stretching through western tennessee, making its way into mississippi and we see a shield of spotty broken rain. that will move in overnight and tomorrow morning that is what we will be greeted with early as 4:00 a.m. there could be spotty rain. sprinkles in the area. in is not going to be a big rain producer for us. we are if dry conditions. if in fact, the drought status came out today. we are in dry conditions here in the triangle. we will take a closer look at that for weather desk top. 6:00 a.m., spotty areas of rain. when you join elizabeth tomorrow morning, rain on the radar in a spotty fashion, 8:00
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all goes well, we could be looking at the skies, the clouds breaking up, partly cloudy in the afternoon. highs in the middle 60s to 70s in fayetteville. partly cloudy sky. front coming through. friday, bringing a sprinkle. overnight, towards daybreak we look for a chance of rain. upper 30s and 40s. if fitness forecast to start the day, plenty of clouds, sprinkles, light rain shower, 49 by 9:00 a.m. lunchte, upper 50s at noon. lower 70s with a chance of rain, dry in the afternoon. 65 here in the triangle. now, friday, 72, that is the potential. there is a big ball game. nc state taking on unc. it looks like a mild afternoon. tailgating is great if you are going to the best store to do your black friday shopping. 50 in the morning, not all that cold. 72 in the afternoon.
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shopping -- doing christmas shopping over the week end it will feel like the season and put you in a jolly mood. >> i am if a jolly mood right now. an explosion at grand central station had no effect on train traffic. >> a camera recorded the incident. the video really compelling. find out why a small group of men still found the situation quite terrifying. look at that. yikes. north carolina is playing for a title
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ism duke has not played at home since november 12th. since then the blue devils lost to k freshman went from suits to the bench it to warming up in pregame. making a little progress. after trailing 11-6 duke goes on a run. scoring, passing, great dish here, inside. and the post and the perimeter. over to allen who knocks in 12 of his points.
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>> right now we are confident with what we have. i mean we are not playing a waiting game, waiting for guy get back. going full speed. >> i think we are in a good spot. you know, we definitely have not hit our ceiling yet. a that is really good. we are not the team that we want to be. we are forming an identity. forming an identity over here. >> and, you know, way to do it. >> duke will hope appalachian state on saturday at noon. the last 3 times north carolina won the maui invitation they gone to the final 4. that is 2000, 2005, 2009. tar heels taking the court against weus with weus with a chance to -- against wisconsin to go for the invitational. next, hicks, doing about the
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jumper. those two guys certainly improved their game. having a post play. wisconsin only had had one bucket in the first 8 minutes and carolina is out to an early lead. 11-3. stat us this weekend is uncertain. status for freshman guard smith jr continues to improve. it is always a process to adjust to the 42% in the 3-jam. seeing emprovement in more than his scoring. >> he kind of closes the game out the other day. he made 5 shots, controlled the tempo. controlled the positions for a young player that is a lot to ask and he did a great job of that. expectations for himself are so high. and he wants to be dominant every game and every minute of every game and there is a process.
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the latter you are learning a new process. he is learning it. >> after playing in chicago on saturday, state takessa part in the acc big 10 challenge at illinois next tuesday. 4-1 wake forest. playing host to carolina. collins climbing the latter and throwing it down. now, more the at wake forest. freshman, glass on three of the 15. now, 30-5. they hold on to win. 86-74. carolina who is hotter? mow one. they go to montreal with a chance to add to that. do not eat too much turkey at lunch, you have a hockey game to play. >> yes. what a turn around. >> yes. >> good grief. >> that is why they call it a season. >> that is true. [ laughter ] still to come, heading to new york city where we are less than 12 hours of the first steps of the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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expect for tomorrow's massive bash you heard about drunk driving what about drug driving. what can put you at danger.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9...
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let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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an officer was nearly ambushed while talking on a driver during a traffic stop someone tried to get out of the trunk. the map was a wanted criminal and carrying a weapon. the officer wrestled the suspect to the ground without a shot being fired. a new york man recovers from burns tonight after an e- cig exploded from his pants. it happened at the store it in the grand central terminal. wow. the explosion did not injury anyone or hamper train service. investigators believe a portable generator made people sick in sa alsbury. four people showed up complaining of sickness of carbon monoxide poisoning. firefighters went to the home that was using the generator for power and heat. they shut it down and aired the house out. a few hours later 11 people went to the hospital. 7 of those people had to be flown to duke medical center for treatment. miami police arrested a man, they say, rode his sick horse
10:32 pm
carolina to miami. officials say he took off from home after an argument with his wife riding his horse to the panhandle all of the way down the coast. -- riding his horse while he panhandled all of the way down the coast. his name is trigger and he should be okay. the owner has been charged with animal cruelty. you heard about drunk driving but about drug driving. it crashes. we have more on how you can spot a drug driver. >> reporter: it is easy to spot someone who is drunk or speeding on a highway. what about someone under the influence of drugs. >> they look like they are falling asleep. their eyes start to go closed and their forehead starts to droop down towards their knees. >> reporter: the sergeant
10:33 pm
>> reporter: drivers who take a narcotic or a pain killer and get behind the wheel. >> a guy driving down the shoulder i pulled up next to him to see what he was doing inside of his car he is nodding, barely keeping his eyes open and his forehead is almost on the steering wheel trying to control his car. >> reporter: there are 7 categories of drugged drivers. each with different driving behaviors. for people heading out this holiday look for subtle driving behavior changes like drivers who can not stay in their berm to berm and also drivers who slowly swerve and almost sideswipe your car. and much like a field sobriety test, they can spot the signs to connect with specific drugs. >> dilated pupils, constricted pupils, they can be on the nod, they have body tremors, slurred
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out of apps while driving. drivers could still make calls but texting, photos and anything not related to driving would be locked out. the goal is to reduce distracted driving crashes. 10% of last year's deadly traffic accidents involved distracted drivers. president barack obama issued his last tatter and tot. this year his nephews helped. usually his daughters are there. the president explained no time explaining l absence. >> of course thanksgiving is a family holiday as much as a national one so are far the past 7 years i established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters with a jokes this year they had a schedules conflict.
10:35 pm
jokes anymore. they were fed up! >> reporter: the birds will retire to a place called gobbler's rest at virginia tech. they will use them for out reach programs promotes poultry services and vet medicine. >> [ laughter ] >> a look at the world of batman appeared in the big apple today. >> still ahead, find out why one ever the main characters from ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ?put a little love in your heart.? ? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now
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reports in china that 22 people are dead following a collapse at a construction site. information on this story and we will bring them to you. elton john says claims he will play at next year's inauguration ceremony is a lie. showing trump's commitment to the gay community. john said trump precedency would make him fear for the world. right now it is not clear if trump's committee even extended
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it quits from her marriage. riviera hopes to keep custody of the couple's 1-year-old son e. photo op in the big apple. ben mckenzie paused it for p- bgds at the observation deck at employ -- for pictures at the observation deck at empire state building. you can catch the sh here on monday nights. that looked windy and cold up there. [ laughter ] now, thanksgiving eve right about now. >> yes. >> let's get a little turkey trot in. >> are they all dressed up? >> you know. yeah. [ laughter ] >> they will be dressed tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> get it. [ laughter ] >> but, boys and girls here. it is more of a waddle. they look like they are good
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>> they are huge. >> ready for the oven. >> that is the color of their neck thing. yes. the neck skin. what is that called? >> it is -- a waddle? >> okay. thank you. >> what is the neck skin called. it is a waddle. it is a waddle. yes. look at him. yes, they are enormous. yes. one more look at them before tomorrow. now, check these guys out. >> oh my gosh. >> yeah. >> when they get all blown up -- you see that one in the front. you know who that is? >> it is a girl. yes. what are you doing, baby. they get all puffed up. look at it. they are chasing her. look to the left. well it is. this time of the year they are supposed to shrink. o had h, no, come on. as a girl we know when you touch a guy's arm what does he do? he flexes. yes, same thing there.
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is it not? [ laughter ] >> that is their version. >> i get it. >> they are magnificent. peacocks do the same thing. they like follow them around. yes. showing off. >> yes. ignoring them. >> yes. not giving them the time of day. >> what social creatures. >> interesting to watch. maybe we can learn something from them. i have them linked to my facebook page. >> all right, thank you. wral is your home for the 90th annual we will head to new york where the finishing touches are add before the balloons go up. >> we are still watching the tropics. take a look at what was tropical storm otto now a hurricane again. closing in on costa rica. we will talk more about
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millions get their thanksgiving holiday started with the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we are excited you will be able on watch it on wral. >> there are many reasons you want to watch it. they are putting on the finishing touches for the event. jay gray is in new york with what to expect tomorrow morning. >> reporter: crews are creating magic in manhattan tonight. the inflation party on the eve
10:45 pm
thanksgiving parade. holiday tradition that will bring more than 3 million out on the streets of new york tomorrow morning with more than 50 million around the world watching on tv. and what they will see are 16 giant balloons including the return of charlie brown and the debut of the troll's multicharacter balloon. the celebration will feature 27 smaller balloons. 1,000 clowns, floats, marching bands from acros be here at the parade but to watch my daughter dance in it, that is extra special. >> reporter: this year there will be stepped up security. after an online article from isis suggesting the parade would be an excellent target. a former federal agent says the post is troubling but something they dealt with before past parades. >> the nypd and the atf are second to none to address things like this.
10:46 pm
you know, i understand we have threats but we have protection. so, we are okay. [music] >> that is beautiful. the triangle will be represented. cary high school band will be there and dance 5 will be there. junior drum major at football games at the will lead the macy's great american marching band. >> he is adorable. you can watch again the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow morning at 9:00. i love watching the parade. so found have it on while you are cooking and you see what is going on. >> i love the performances it this front of the macy's. it makes it fun to watch. >> new york at christmas time it really is -- if you have not
10:47 pm
it, it is a bucket list thing. >> yes. snow in new york. >> yes, away from us. >> potential for rain but not in new york city so i think the parade will be dry. let's talk snow since they mentioned it. ski resorts in northern michigan are opening up because of the snowfalling there. crews shoveled off the chairlifts in no.s knobs hoping for a long line when they open up. snow cats grooming fresh powder than fell for a good part the morning. i saw on-line that tokyo, japan had the earliest snowfall. folks are seeing snow not only here in the u.s. and europe and asia. many things to get through. we will take a lock at the satellite picture first. here is the front that is making the way in the area tomorrow. little moisture if in association with it. one quick on its heels here moving in during the day on friday. maybe just a sprinkle and once that one passes that is when we
10:48 pm
and drier and brighter weekend. now, it is typically out on thursday. tomorrow say holiday they release it a day early. we don't like to see this abnorm alley abnormal -- abnormally dry conditions in the triangle. we don't like that. if we don't get rain soon we will it continue to see this go to the east despite the rain that we had in september and october. it is dry. the out west. exceptional severe and moderate and abnorm alley dry conditions. what is the potential for rain? little around here. this is the 5 they potential. the greatest to our west. this is one tent of an inch. men parts of south carolina and georgia may remain dry over the next 5 days. so, let's check out the tropics. this is interesting.
10:49 pm
decreased in intensity today to a tropical storm. back up to hurricane tonight. top winds at 85 miles an hour. the strongest at any point it has been in its life, so to speak, moving to the west at 9. looking at information on the internet today, facebook. the latest hurricane in the caribbean since at least 1969 when martha formed. and if it makes landfall in costa rica it will be the first storm to make landfall since 1841. they hurricane since 1851 when records were starting to be kept. moving to the west here at five miles an hour. we will look at the path and intensity once it moves over land. will weaken. tomorrow, by 7:00 perhaps top winds at 70 miles an hour. continues to move into the pacific ocean as a tropical storm that will move away and nothing to worry about. pacific ocean's concern and likely be just out in the water
10:50 pm
day forecast and what we can expect in the next several days. milder day tomorrow. 62 today. 65 tomorrow with a chance of rain in the morning during the afternoon. should see sunshine. 72 the potential on friday. then, cooler holiday weekend with the high temperatures if in the 50s. if we have that chance of rain it looks like wednesday next week. the best opportunity you see for rain in some time. >> oh, good. >> yes. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> hd-4-k those are just a few terms that you heard if you are looking for a tv. >> we have advice how to get more tv for the money and shed
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella. ? dramatic italian aria ? it's the most dramatic meatball you've ever eaten. for a limited time only.
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tonight, we report on things to keep in mind when buying tvs. >> reporter: the options can be so overwhelming. not just the type of tv but the brand. experts at consumer reports say expect to see major brands like samsung, sony with holiday deals. in the past they mostly included only budget brands such as tcl, and westing house. >> some of the lesser brands have been aggressive both in
10:54 pm
put pricing pressure on the major brands. >> reporter: your money goes further. for $500 you should be able to get a 40 inch 4k ultratv from a top-performing brand. half of what it would of cost a few years ago. >> as the tv industry matures and new features comes in. they get less expensive in mainstream models. >> repte set, $750 should get you a higher teared 50." spend a little more, you can likely get an even bigger screen and more of the latest features including hdr or high dynamic range which offers more rolistic-looking images. -- realistic looking images. >> black friday might not be the best day to find a tv deal. prices usually drop some close terto christ mas and then --
10:55 pm
more before the super bowl. >> makes you wonder? >> yes. it would look good hanging up it your house. >> most of us keep our tvs 7-10 years, it is 24th it to spend the money to get a high quality tv. >> you will have it awhile. apple changed the tune for black friday. the company is teasing 1-day dealing on-line after famously sitting out of that shopping ritual last year. deals will be. but the web site is tauting free two-day shipping and extended hours retail. apple may be trying to off set slowing smart phone sales and draw attention to the newly launched mac book computers. you ever say out loud there is a world record for everything? case in point, a new record for the world's highest basketball shot. the attempt had to be made from the top of one of the highest dams in the world.
10:56 pm
>> yes. bam. >> was that nothing but net? >> tphogting but net. this is an australian. he made the shot in just 3 troys. >> no! >> yes. even with a little curve in the wall, splash. >> what are the odds? how after three trys? he did not want to shag the ball. he wants to walk all of the way down there and bring it up. >> yes. five93 -- 593 feet in the air. >> that is not skill that is luck, right? >> it has to be. to get it in on the third try? >> the wind upon helps. >>s yes. thank goodness they were rolling. >> yes. >> sorry, dude. >> yes. it is amazing. >> yes. something to try next time you are at a dam.
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[blues / country music] [beeping alarms] if it's in your nature to be the first one out there... then don't miss cabela's then don't miss cabela's black friday doorbuster sale. for 5 hours only, get $80 off a nikon prostaff bdc scope 50% off aquantum energy casting reel and $110 off danner pronghorn hunting boots plus, the first 600 in line will receive a free giveaway from over $8,000 in prizes.
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om y26gby yvpy hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking?
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we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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why did you ultimately decide to postpone the wedding? >> maybe it had something to do with it. >> where did it all go wrong for mariah and fiance james packer? i'm liz hernandez. when it comes to the fate of the $10 million engagement ring, mariah answers as only she can. >> i have to ask, though, did you give the jewelry back? >> did this mean more to you than you anticipated or realized? >> laurie and val. >> yes, adorable laurie is dance's new champ. i'm kitt hoover. is there any truth to the talk that she's feuding with julien? >> are you kidding me? >> they're saying temporary psychosis. what does that mean? >> i'm quite skeptical. >> an update on kanye's breakdown.


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