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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 28, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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. focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise an oath of excellence. this is wr al news on fox 50. new details on the knife- wielding rampage on ohio state university's campus. >> plus, a town working to rebuild after hurricane matthew' the options they're considering tonight. >> and the effort to fix broken relationships. how police are working to build trust in a community where an officer killed a man last week. >> tonight we're learning more about the suspect now identified as an 18-year-old student as well as new details about the officer who stopped the attack. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm linda loveland. >> and i'm gerald owens. they say abdul razak ali artan
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he came to pakistan before leaving and living in the united states in 2014. he said his first year there, he was, quote, kind of scared, to pray in public. the officer has been identified as allen rohushko. they want to know if this was a terrorist attack. in all, 11 people were one of them critically. for overnight developments of this investigation, watch our morning news on wral news. a serious crash shut down lanes for several hours tonight. the accident happened in the northbound lanes near star mountain drive around 6:00 tonight. a tractor trailer becoming stuck underneath. there were serious injuries but everyone is expected to survive. officers are still investigating what caused the crash. a local community is considering its options after
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tonight princeville town leaders met with residents to discuss their plans moving forward. adam owens was there and joins us live from edgecombe county. adam? >> reporter: gerald, hurricane matthew was the second devastating flood in the town of princeville in less than two decades. some residents say they do not want to be around in case there is a third. that is why tonight they ask town leaders to allow the federal government to buy them out of their homes. >> i ask god that us -- >> reporter: princeville could use a prayer. >> god, we came through a hard time -- >> reporter: hurricane matthew flooded the historic town earlier this year. many residents lost a lot for the second time. >> have never completely recovered. >> reporter: isabel andrew's home was flooded by hurricane floyd and then again by hurricane matthew. she's a town commissioner who's lived in princeville more than 30 years. >> reporter: do you believe it's time to go? >> i believe it is. >> reporter: like some of the residents, she wants the
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land so she can move out to higher ground. >> we're too old to keep running every time it rains. >> reporter: a choice they were not given after hurricane floyd. >> they didn't give us that option. >> reporter: daniel perkins was the mayor then -- delia perkins was the mayor then -- >> they decided we would not buy out. >> reporter: they strengthened the barriers in town. >> nobody will buy my flood land. >> reporter: bobby jones agrees with the decision made in 1999. he says if residents take a buy out and move out, the historic town built by former slaves will suffer. >> it would not be beneficial for princeville as a whole because i believe our blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers were shed on the ground we're occupying at this time. >> reporter: there is a meeting on thursday to talk more about
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at this time the mayor says there are three options. rebuild homes as they were, rebuild existing homes on an elevated level or course out a buy out option. only some residents have shown interest in the buy out option. tonight's meeting was held in a county building because the town hall in princeville is still recovering. that community. adam owens in edgecombe county, thank you. we could know this week if charges will be filed against the charlotte-mecklenburg police officer who fired the shot that killed keith scott. according to our affiliate, wcnc, the district attorney met with the family wednesday. they believe it's to learn if he will be charged with the crime. vincent shot scott in self
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community members want solutions in a neighborhood who's seen their fair share of violence. the durham police department and housing authority hosted a community conversation tonight at the mcdugle terrace recreation center. this meeting comes after a deadly police-involved shooting at the apartments last week that killed 34-year-old frank clark. tonight's meeting was closed to media. but we were able to catch up with chief c.j. davis and community members before. >> i really want to privacy of the community members that are here and let them know that the department is innocent to what is occurring in the community. we're very concerned and committed to helping them get through this. >> it's interaction. the way the approach. how residents are approached. i feel that once they can get a better relationship and a better way of approaching our residents, i feel we can make a big difference out here. >> the shooting is still under
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officers involved were put on administrative assignments. we have a traffic alert to tell you about in wake forest. parts of south main street are closed because of a water main break. this is near the lodge at wake most. it's not clear what caused the main to rupture. tonight the north carolina central community honored the life of its chancellor. students, faculty, family, and alumni gathered to remember debra saunders-white. she died saturday after a battle with cancer. she chancellor at the school. she was remembered as a principal devoted, always taking time to get to know students one on one. roy cooper appears to be widening his lead over pat mccoy in the governor's race. the cooper campaign declared victory last week. and an town for the campaign said today the few votes outstanding won't change that. the two hears scheduled this week could mean more delays for the final results.
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lead of 9716 votes. mccrory's vote total is at 2.29 million or 48.40%. the naacp and the move forward group is calling on pat mccrory to end his race. >> it's time to end these games and certify this election! >> reporter: the group organized tonight's special moral monday event to express election challenges across the state. >> a new multimillion dollar baseball stadium was the focus of a public hearing tonight in fayetteville. city leaders already agreed with the management of the houston astros to bring a minor league team to the city. it will be a 30-year deal. the astros would provide the team and management. the city would build and maintain the stadium. they expect the project will create $60 million in economic development in the downtown area. a raleigh area football
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tonight. >> we ready! we ready! we ready! [ chanting ] >> they're heading to the pop warner super bowl at espn's wild world of sports at disney late they are week. they move after a big win over the south charlotte patriots over the weekend. tonight held a selection watch party. >> it's a great opportunity for people at this age to pursue a national championship, go down to orlando to represent not only the city of raleigh but the state of north carolina the entire mid-south region is an incredible honor. and i would a once in a lifetime opportunity for these players to chase a national championship. >> reporter: the group of 12- and 13-year-olds continue to practice for the 18 playoff which starts friday in orlando, florida. >> how exciting! -- yeah, that's so exciting for them! >> wish family luck. [ laughter ] >> i know! what rescuers saved this victim's life from a sinkhole.
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carolina. what could help crews in comes days. >> the donations asked for still ahead. >> and when the much needed rain is heading to the fires out west not just here but tennessee, georgia, alabama, as well. the rain is driving its way through drought-stricken areas
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wral news on fox 50 with linda loveland, gerald owens, and meteorologist mike maze. >> we are following breaking news in fayetteville. firefighters are on the scene of a fire at colbert drive. three firefighters were taken to the hospital but no word on their injuries. we'll bring you any updates in this newscast and a man will get time served as he gets his sentence for second degree murder and other charges. jerry adams pled guilty and received a 21 to 30-year sentence. they say he killed a mom at an ihop. he returned a short time later and started shooting. allen died. two men were injured.
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allen would have been forgiven him and wanted him to turn his life around. >> she would say she forgives you! she would say take this time to better your life! she would say take this time to right some of the wrong that you've made! >> allen's family took up one- half of the courtroom. allen leaves behind a 21-year- old daughter who was too upset to talk. are being evacuated. the fires are being driven by strong wind gusts tonight. some areas of pigeon forge are being evacuated as well. rain will bring some relief to firefighters in western north carolina this week. meanwhile they've already gained the upper hand on two of the largest fires. the horton fire is now 85% contained. fewer people are on the front lines as volunteers were released to go back to their regular jobs.
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burned more than 1400 acres. the party rock fire near larynx ore is 60% contained. this -- near lake lore is 60% contained. this map was shown to -- made the show the growth of the fire and when firefighters got the upper hand of the fire to stop its progress. a man is recovering tonight after injuries spending several hours trapped in a durham sinkhole. the man fell into the 12 saturday night or early sunday morning. he was there for hours screaming for help until finally a man who was fishing nearby heard him and called 911. >> he would obviously will be very cold for a long period of time. just shaking uncontrollably and, you know, couldn't really verbal other than he kept saying he was okay and wasn't hurt. >> the victim was taken to the hospital. the fisherman told the 911 dispatcher he remembered seeing
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investigators are still questioning the victim. attendants dropped at the recent high point furniture mark. attendance was down 2 1/2% near laziness last fall. many boycotted the -- near numbers last fall. many boycotted the event. raleigh handbag designer holly aiken spent the filling online orders, offering a big count online and free shipping to online shoppers. moon and low la personalizing in -- lola personalizing in gifts offering their biggest discount to date. several businesses are also offering free shipping. we're just three days away from the annual wral tower lighting. >> three, two, one, merry
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of cheer during the holidays. we'll be holding a celebration as we flip the switch december 1st, thursday. some very talented local musicians will be here to perform and we'll have a special guest to join us to light the tower at 6:15. >> it's so beautiful to see! i love this time of year! >> uh-huh. >> yep! >> my tree hopefully won't come down anytime soon. >> have to keep that cat out of there! >> oh, yeah, definitely. >> real tree? >> artificial. >> we'll know where it's at. >> you have artificial ones, too -- >> well, it's because they're in the kids' rooms and we can't trust them. [ laughter ] >> we like the season! >> i just called you out. >> well, you had -- on a serious note, you mentioned the fires have been burning down? >> oh, yeah! >> the radar out of knoxville, you can see the smoke plumes showing up and the rain is coming down just in time. you see the circle there.
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are. there's gatlinburg, pigeon forge is in there as well. since there's a strong southerly wind, this storm is pushing up north. there's three here. there's pigeon forge and then one to the west. i'll time lapse the radar and you can see the motion of the rain that's coming in from the west running into the flames. now, i've been following this on twitter. apparently they're evacuating the city of gatlinburg and many areas. the city of gatlinburg has tweeted out there have been numerous power lines blown out because of the strong winds this evening and they have started fires as well. so reports of people trapped. these are coming from reputable news outlets. so the rain is coming just in time. so hopefully the rain moving in will help out the situation and broaden out the view so you can see what's going on here, southwestern north carolina. this is the knoxville radar. you can see the rain is moving in.
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but pretty bad, scary situation in the gatlinburg area. a lot of folks have been there and visited. but hopefully the flames will be smoldered coming in. it will be warmer and windy tomorrow. 70s for highs. part two comes in trend night. i they that's -- wednesday night. i think then we'll have better chances of rain. and then the cooler weather comes in friday, coming weekend. and even more that's coming up. cloudy, 56. cameras shaking a bit. the winds have definitely picked up! as the winds blow overnight, we have more moisture coming in from our south. the temperatures will rise and toward daybreak we'll be in the low 60s. it'll be very warm as you start the day. temperatures out there right now range from 50 at roxboro, 58 to fayetteville. 48 in south hill. but far warmer when we start the day tomorrow. we've already seen a lot of clouds. there's our system. now, the energy to sustain this
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so we won't see this rain here tomorrow. it will be more spotty and light. but they are seeing very heavy rain across alabama. they've seen heavy rain in mississippi. and it's welcomed there. there's some areas that haven't seen a substantial rain in four months! extreme, exceptional drought. we have the same situation going on in our mountains. this will really help. this is part one. it'll move on by. and then once this passes, we'll see new rain on wednesday. and that will move in here wednesday night. so a two-part system. we'll outline this better on weather desktop the next half hour. for us overnight, a few spotty areas of rain after 2:00, 3:00 a.m. there's 4:00 a.m. by daybreak, could be some spotty rain in the area. you can join easy elizabeth starting at 4:30 and she'll show if there's rain. the rain won't be that widespread. it really falls apart on futurecast. we believe this will be the case. and then tomorrow evening at 6:00, mostly cloudy skies. and, again, we'll look for a better chance of rain late
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in fact, it'll probably continue to rise from where we are now. so we may not even see 53 for a low. fitness forecast for the morning, warm, windy, maybe a morning shower. showers cannot be ruled out. but on a spotty basis and light basis. upper 60s with a strong southerly wind. and then tomorrow's afternoon highs, far different than today. no jackets needed tomorrow. no jackets needed on wednesday. wednesday, our rain may not come until very late in the evening and it may even come with a few thunderstorms. notice the majority of the day and this time wednesday night, that's when we'll probably be seeing the showers and thunderstorms roll on by. by thursday we cool down a bit. tower lining temperatures should be in the 50s. it'll be dry. >> uh-huh. >> next opportunity for rain on sunday. so i really can't underplay how much mountains really need that rain! >> oh, my gosh! >> and they'll get it. they're getting it now. >> long overdue. >> that front is like the cavalry coming to save the day. >> seriously! >> thank you. an organization that helps
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>> how hurricane matthew is still causing problems for the salvation army in our area. mandy? >> a key player for the canes will miss some time with a concussion.
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postseason football. ryan switzer is the only triangle player to make the acc team this season. he had a record-setting year for the heels with more than 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns. his 91 catches ranks second in the acc and 8th overall in the country. two linemen from unc make it, jon heck and lucas c the third team is crowded at mitch trubisky is there. the acc is good when he makes the third team. unc running back elijah hood makes the third. bradley chubb. nazir jones and ben humphreys. and defensive back breon borders. and nc central with 17 players on the all conference team.
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belle. head coach jerry mack is the meac's coach of the year. he led the eagles to their third consecutive conference title and the first ncaa acf's ranking. the eagles will play in the celebration bowl. that's in atlanta next month. lavell moten on the road in missouri. a good night for him. patrick cole, man, absolutely awesome so far this season for nc central. hit it another double double. 17 points and 12 rebounds. he also has a couple assists. here's one here on the fast break to rashad madison. the eagles pretty much in control much of this game. ron traps hit it is three. and nc central gets a big win here, 62-52 over missouri. it's time for the acc big ten challenge this week! duke will host michigan state tomorrow night. nc state travels to illinois
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here's a look at the latest ap top five as we head into a big week. kentucky stays at number one followed by villanova. north carolina at 3. but they did get third place votes. kansas is at 4. and duke at 5. virginia, one of those acc teams in the top ten. they're not pictured there at number 6. jordan stall -- staal will miss some time with a concussion. he with a win over florida. they're headed for a game with the rangers tomorrow night. the canes are coming off an impressive win over florida. they came all the way to win it. bill peters says he came in at intermission, found his players working hard to figure out what was going wrong and what needed to get better. so the canes are off today and they will go to new york tomorrow. here's what bill peters had to say.
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to be honest with you, we've played better on road trip the entire game. that wasn't the level we set the standard at. so they're very aware of that. and they fixed it. good for them. >> definitely good for them! they've been playing well particularly at home! >> yes. >> we'll see if they can do better on the road now. >> thank, mandy! [ laughter ] >> we're just over two months away from super bowl 51! already! >> what if you could go to that game and every other super bowl still the come, the company who wants that make it happen and how you could make it happen. >> and donald trump's search
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wral news on fox 50. >> the former north charlotte police officer charged with killing expected to take the stand tomorrow. >> michael slager charged with murder in the death of michael scott. the deadly encounter was recorded on a bystander's cellphone. the jury could get the case late they are week. if convicted, slager faces up to 30 years to life in prison. the man charged with killing nine people in a south carolina church will represent himself at his federal trial. although the judge called the
10:31 pm
dylann roof can act as his own attorney. lawyers will be in the court to advise roof during proceedings. jury selection resumed today after the judge's ruling. that's a process that's expected to take weeks. roof could face the death penalty if convicted. >> the white house has not decided if the u.s. will send a representative to a memorial service tomorrow for castro. vice president and president obama will not go regardless. cubans are planning a week of memorial services for the former leader. it gunfire ] cuban soldiers fired or till ray tributes in havana and santiago. the soldiers say they'll defend the idea offense their commander and cuban revolution at any cost. elsewhere in havana, tens
10:32 pm
at the plaza of the revolution. they filed through three rooms in the memorial to national hero jose marti where pictures of castro as a young guerrilla lay amongst foliage and memorials. david patreas was talked to ab >> it'll be a busy week. get ready. >> reporter: mike pence arriving at trump tower this morning as the public battle over who will be the next secretary of state continues. general david patreas in the running for the possession, also -- position, also meeting with donald trump today. >> my meeting went very well. was with him about an hour. he basically walked us around the world. showed a great grasp of the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities
10:33 pm
so very good conversation and we'll see where it goes from here. >> reporter: former governor mitt romney also considered will meet with mr. trump again tomorrow. and today just as michigan certifies mr. trump as the winner of its 16 electoral votes, jill stein still trying to launch a recount in that state along with pennsylvania and wisconsin. republican strategists say the recount effort is just furthering the divide. >> the fact that we're now process while barack obama and donald trump have worked together towards this peaceful transition, very constructively by the way way, and then having this with jill stein? >> donald trump alleging on twitter this weekend he would've won the popular vote if not for millions of people voting illegally. the white house pushing back on that claim. >> there's been no evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that.
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week. however, recounts in michigan and pennsylvania have not been approved as of this evening. in washington, lorr -- lauren branchard, fox news. donald trump and president obama spoke on the phone about 45 minutes over the weekend. it's one of a handful of talks they've had since election day. josh earnest wouldn't comment on the topic of this weekend's conversation. a texas woman is the first woman to contract the zika virus from a mosquito within the mexican border. she didn't travel outside the country and has no other risk factors for zika. the durham rescue mission is in need of stories this holiday season. the organization needs 10,000 new toys for needy children for its annual christmas dinner and toy giveaway. this is video from last year's event. the toys should be new and unwrapped.
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carolina for saturday night's powerball game is worth $2 million. it was. purchased at the minute man food mart in brunswick county. no one has come forward yet to win their prize. all you have to do to get super bowl ticket tickets for life is to find a golden bud light can and post it with these hashtags. there are about 37,000 golden country leading up to the super bowl. six winners will be selected per week. they'll get a pair of season tickets to their family team. the big winner will be selected during the week of january 16th. super bowl 21 is february 5th and airs right here on fox 50. he's not 16 but that didn't stop an 11-year-old boy from taking his parent's car for a joyride! coming up, what he told police inspired his impromptu trip on
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actress sandra he ashes rd
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her donation promises. her attorney says the paperwork needs to be signed and that should happen this week. then the money could be contributed. a celebration of prince's life will be held in minnesota next year. the four-day event will begin april 20th during the anniversary of prince's death. the revolution is set to perform. general admission tickets can be purchased online. another fox crossover is in the works. "rosewood" and "bones" have teamed up for the event. you can watch the crossover show this thursday on fox 50 starting at 8:00 p.m. time now for a look at what's trending. linda, what you got? >> i want to say i'm glad this happens to people younger than me.
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[ laughter ] >> but check out this boy -- >> i need my goggles! >> where are they? >> i don't know! >> he is looking everywhere! mom tries to help. listen -- >> oh, there they are! >> open your hand and feel that. [ laughter ] >> where are they? >> oh, my! >> he's been touching them! >> you can't fake that now! >> i thought you had them! >> oh!!! [ laughter ] >> my goggles! i need my goggles! om. >> bless his little heart. [ laughter ] >> you know -- i've done that. looked for a watch or keys that were in my pocket. didn't have my hand on them and figure out i didn't have them. but then again i'm not three. >> and even had my hands on my keys and your mind is elsewhere.
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what a cutie. and this little guy! tell me about what you think. trying a pickle for the first time. >> oooo high pressure! >> does he like it? >> -- ooooh! >> does he like it? >> no. >> or doesn't he? [ laughter ] >> keeps going back for more. i kind of get that feeling, too, when i eat pickles. it's kind of a love-hate relationship in a way. some are so tangy! >> watching him eat making my glands swell. >> oh, yeah! same here! >> right in your jaws! oh, he's so cute, though. just going to town. all the fun stuff you get to do with little kids, things they get to try. >> uh-huh! at least once! [ laughter ] >> too cute! . all right, i have all these on my facebook page. if you have something you think should be trending, send me a message. >> thank you, lynda. the need of the salvation army in fayetteville and how hurricane matthew is involved. mike? >> the folks throughout the
10:42 pm
months for relief. they're getting it tonight! look at the rain falling but unfortunately they're seeing severe weather with it as well. who could see severe weather tonight and also take a look at some of the storm reports. there were tornado touchdowns today. we'll show you that on weather
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mike maze and wral weather. the most experienced team of
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you'll hear -- ringing is a sound you'll hear a lot this season. and this year, the salvation army's need is great. that's mostly because of hurricane matthew. in fayetteville, the storm flooded the agency's dorm for the homes and shut down its lunch. >> this organization that helps so many throughout the year needs rain shower help now! >> yellow caution tape still hangs out here outside the salvation army. many sought refuge from hurricane matthew to seek higher ground. >> the creek that's behind the shelter rose and all the water came essentially down alexander street. we sustained roughly 7 inches worth of water throughout the entire facility. >> water destroyed carpets, doors, and personal belongings of those who call the shelter home. >> it breaks our heart right now that our shelter is shut down temporarily because we know what kind of a need this meets in the city of
10:46 pm
if our shelter's not up, it's a struggle. >> reporter: the water came up here about 7 inches here as well. that means about 300 meals a day aren't being provided. [ bells ] >> reporter: so this year the bells and red kettles are not only making doe -- only making donations to help them help others throughout the year but helping them restore their >> we really need the help! putting a little in the kettle goes a long way. it's a way to help us throughout the year. >> reporter: in fayetteville, wral news. >> they hope to have the shelter back up and running by early january. you can help children stay warm this winter by donating to wral's coats for the children campaign. >> this is the 28th year for this effort. you can drop off new or gently used coats and new toys at participating jiffy blue
10:47 pm
donations through december 13th. you can even text "coats" to 4414. >> we really need your help this year! >> we really do! no coats needed the next couple days, though! >> i know! amazing! >> by the time you wake up in the morning, around 60! >> wow! >> and then highs in the 70s. next couple days will be quite warm. and then by next thursday and coming weekend, we're back to reality. this is video from australia. this is a wild cellphone video shows a powerful storm that hit a beach in australia. you can see the wind ripping up the sand there in melbourne. they say the day the beach felt unreal. in all, six people died from what's described as thunderstorm asthma. apparently people were breathing in the sand and the pollen and a week after the storm, five remained in the icu, remaining three in critical condition. a freaky story there! i bet if you googled this
10:48 pm
quite unusual. let's take a look at weather desktop and see what's going on. we had a very heavy rainfall across the deep south this weekend. we'll start with the radar view. a dire situation in gatlinburg right now. apparently the winds are gusting up to 50 miles per hour fanning the flames. you can see here in the smoke plumes before the rain moves in. they're getting rain. there are at least 13 structure fires. the park vista hotel from what we're hearing from tweets and media outlets is on fire. hear more about that. but it's a nasty situation there in gatlinburg. hopefully that rain you'll see will help welch some of the flames. there were lots of warnings earlier. these are the storm reports. even reports of tornadoes touching down in iowa. here in central louisiana. this storm is weakening. as it approaches, it'll break apart. and the next half hour, just some spotty areas of rain. we'll take a look at that on futurecast.
10:49 pm
to the east by 7:00 a.m. soaking the mountains with much needed rainfall. for us, we'll wake up to cloudy skies. in fact, the winds are picking up to the south about 15 miles per hour. it remains rather breezy overnight. breezy in the morning when you wake up. it'll be warm, humid. just some spotty areas of rain. notice how futurecast shows it broken up. so we're not expecting it much in the way of rain from the first round. there's the second round starting to develop for tomorrow evening. some of these storms could be strong to severe. the potential for gusts, large hail, tornadoes. and then another round of rain into midnight into the mountains where there's wildfires still going on, of course. and that rain will continue to make its way east wednesday morning in the mountains. for us, it would be this time wednesday night we would see showers and perhaps some thunderstorms moving through the area. some of them could be on the strong side. there's midnight, thursday, showing the rain moving on by. and then by thursday morning, by the time we wake up, should cool down. you can't help but notice the bright colors where they need
10:50 pm
there's the exceptional, extreme drought in this area. and of course our mountains are in line to see good rain. this is 3 to as much as 4 inches of rain in southwestern north carolina. and then you get into the colors in new england, up to 2 inches. an inch toward west virginia and western virginia. and for us talking about anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch for central and eastern north carolina. so we won't be the big recipients. it'll be the folks to the west that need the rain a whole lot more than we do! 70s for tomorrow and wednesday. couple of days. by thursday, the rain is gone. cooler. 60 the high. friday, saturday look pretty good. cool with highs in the 50s. another opportunity for rain on sunday. the high temperature in the upper 50s. we'll have more about what's going on in gatlinburg coming up at 11:00. big breaking news story. >> wow! scary situation! >> scary situation. thanks. domino's wants you to get your pizza no matter what the weather. >> but sometimes drivers can't get out on the roads. that's where this reindeer comes in.
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police in toronto say a video game inspired an 11-year- old's joyride. officers spotted an erratic driver over the weekend. when they went to pull him over, the car sped up. when they boxed him in, they realized it was an 11-year-old
10:54 pm
playing grand theft auto when he was home and he wanted to know what it was like to drive a car. 12 turtles arrived at the facility's brand new recovery sente over the weekend. -- center over the weekend. they were each given a "star wars" name. the smallest was named, yep, yoda! they won't be released back into the water until they 100% healthy. well, they are great at helping santa claus delivering gifts. so domino's wanted to see how reindeers will do delivering pizzas. test runt runs are happening right now in the snowy region of japan. video from the company shows the training practices which includes figuring out the best and safest way to get the pizza boxes on the animals. they'll also cover gps devices so customers can track their food on their phone or computer.
10:55 pm
>> oh, well! a dog is going above and beyond the call of duty. he's raising two white tiger cubbed named peach and pearl. that is so -- cubs named peach and pearl. that's so cute. the zookeeper's dog leon adopted the role of surrogate father acting as educator and entertainer. both the zookeeper and leon have raised tiger and lion cubs before. this is not new for them! the next few months! [ laughter ] beginning to feel a lot more like christmas at the nation's capitol. >> it traveled more than 3700- miles from idaho. it will be adorned with ornaments ornaments from people from idaho with reuse and recyclable. the treelighting is december 6th. it's not the movie but baltimore is proud over its own version of "miracle on 34 resident street."
10:56 pm
-- "miracle on 34th street." homes along one city block are all put on display. >> how nice! >> beautiful display. >> we're anxiously awaiting the rain! >> you may not see a whole lot when it gets here. the majority is falling out west. the mountains will see it. small chance of spotty rain in the morning when you venture out and throughout the day. i think our better chance for rain will come this night, wednesday night, as a cold front comes in on the area. showers, maybe even an isolated thun next couple days is a lot of wind and warmth with highs in the 70s. when the front moves by wednesday night, cooler air on thursday with a high around 60. so folks out west will get far more rain than we will. and they definitely need it! maybe 3 or 4 inference! >> oh, significant! >> could be a good soaking. >> thanks, mike. >> uh-huh. and thank you for watching weather and traffic every ten minutes.
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experian?. be better at credit. ? lights, camera, access ? >> i'd be like, where are you with ellen and she'd be like, uh, still hates me. yeah, i'm talking about ellen degeneres. >> the great divide between kathy griffith and ellen degeneres. and she's holding nothing back about her brand-new neighbors. >> i love that you think i'm caregiver. >> so is kim nursing kanye back to health? is britney dating her co-star? i'll separate the fact from the fiction as lady gaga opens up about love lost. >> blake and gwen are not alone in trying to bounce back from the thanksgiving festivities.


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