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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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focused on people and community for 60 years. we promise a relentless pursuit of excellence. this is wral news on fox 50. tonight on wral news, the battle over minimum wage sparks protests and rage in durham. and flames shoot into the air after a pipeline explosion near the and the end of an era. the leader of the local catholic church talks to wral about his new calling in a new city. >. we start with protests and arrests in durham over the minimum wage. ment thank you for joining us i'm gerald owens. >> i'm debra morgan. adam owens is live in durham with more on what the demonstrators were protesting. >> reporter: scores of demonstrators gathered here in
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also a living wage. those protesters chanted and waved signs earlier this evening. this is a photo posted to social media of what happened next. you can see a line of police moving towards the crowd. several demonstrators were arrested. some say they were taken away in at least two buses. dozens ended up downtown here at the jail. we talked with a couple of protesters that were arrested. one of them tells us she's a mother of three trying to survive on minimum wage. the other says we more of these kinds of demonstrations in the future. >> it's hard trying to survive, like i said i have three jobs just to try and make ends meet, and i still don't be able to with having to pay rent, lights water, and cell phone bills and trying to take care of my children. it's hardworking and living on nothing but minimum wage. >> we'll be in the streets more and more and getting arrested more and more to show people
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struggles to worker struggles. >> reporter: william barber, the president of the state chapter of the naacp here, he was also at that protest tonight we are told. several advocacy groups came together to organize the event. >> adam owens live in durham, thank you. we're following breaking news tonight. a federal court has ruled lawmakers must redraw 28 legislative districts by march 15th and hold new elections by the ends of this follows a ruling earlier in the early determining lawmakers relied on race when drawing up the districts. it's already on appeal to the us supreme court, as is the case involving congressional districts. the court will hear the congressional maps case on monday. and tonight the republican leaders of the house and senate redistricting committee issued
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is a gross overreach. and just moments ago the state democratic party issued a statement saying they basically applaud the court's order. we have breaking news tonight in missouri. a pipeline explosion caused a massive fire in kansas city. not injuries reported. the pipeline carries propane gas. officials haven't said what sparked the explosion. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you updates this newscast and in our news at 11:00. a curfew is in place for people in tennessee as firefighters race to contain deadly wildfires. >> and tonight they're watching the wind conditions, preparing for another night of chaos if the winds kick up the flames for a second night, but rain is in the forecast, and should help the situation. today the bodies of three people were found in sevier county. hundreds of homes and
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but they didn't say how it was started. so far an estimated 15,000 acres have been consume. and now breaking news in wake county where a police chase ends in a crash in garner. candace sweat is live on the scene and has more. >> reporter: new information coming in from the garner police department in the last 15 minutes or so. the call came in about 9:30 this evening as a call for garner police pursued that car, the chase started again around 9:30 on pine view road. the suspects then lost control of the car around new rand road where we are now at new rand and garner road. garner pd confirmed three people are in custody, and multiple charges are pending, but no word on the names or identity of the specks, and really no word on exactly how fast they were going, but we
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becomes available. back to you. >> all right, candace sweat live in garner thank you. the investigation into a deadly work place accident continues in fayetteville. a yule tillty worker was -- utility worker was operating a bob cat when it rolled into the lake and it trapped him underneath. this is the first on the job fa faulty for -- fatality for pwc in nearly 40 years. a mother and daughter are missing, and police are concerned about their well being. martin county deputies need your help to finds 14-year-old taylor carol, and her mother 40- year-old dawn ward. they were last seen as you understand at their home on robert at a -- last seen sunday at their home on robert taylor road. a teacher was pulled from the class room and reassigned to central office for using a
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with students. she received a suspension without pay earlier this month. she was an english teacher at pine forest high school. she was talking to students outside class when she referred to another student by a racial slur. a wild life resources officers says a 77-year-old drowned when he and another man were thrown into the inlet when their boat capsized. tonight bishop michael bourbon celebrated his last night as bishop here. >> he's going to be the bishop in arlington, virginia, and we spoke to him tonight. >> reporter: he had a smile on his face, but the bishop admits the last few weeks he's been
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>> sometimes we think we have it all figured out, and then god says well i have something else for you. >> reporter: but then comes surrender. >> and when you surrender, the way that god has created us, that's actually how you find your peace. >> reporter: he says it was by god's design that he's here tonight at his final public mass in raleigh. >> as i prepare to depart the church here i've loved so very much, this mass as is every >> reporter: he'll soon become the bishop in arlington, virginia, but the ten years he spent here have made a mark on the community, evident by those in attendance, and he says leaving down right hurts. >> but i think that's a good sign. it should hurt. if you love, and then you're separates from it, it should hurt a little bit. >> reporter: but he wants to leave the people with this. one, that he's thankful. two, trust god. >> there comes a time you're
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not desire or may not fully understand, but to trust, to trust that god, that the god who asks this of you is the same god that will give you the strengths and grace you need to fulfill it. >> candace sweat reporting. he'll become the bishop in arlington the first week in december. three weeks after the election, and north carolina still doesn't know who the next governor will finalized vote totals. wake county is still working to certify their results. democratic candidate roy cooper has a lead over pat mccrory. democrats say it's time for the governor to concede and let the state move on. republicans say the recount would be a public service.
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only reason to look at things is because the outcome could change. we have a duty to make sure there's confidence in the outcome. >> the only indication that there's been any flaws in the gubernatorial. election have come from the mccrory campaign and from dallas wood house. we've not heard concerns from outside nonpartisan groups finding anything wrong. >> the state board of elections hasn't set a date to results of the first count official. a private dinner meeting between president-elect donald trump, mitt romney and the rnc chairman became a facebook live video. a man monitored what they were doing and how they were acting during the meal. romney is a possible candidate to be the next secretary of state. we also have reports tonight
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steven manuchan to be head of the treasury. ohio state students are trying to stay strong after a campus attack. coming up their community event, the message from the university's president, and the details coming out about the suspect tonight. as ahead, a -- also ahead a pipeline protest deadline is ordered by police. when the crowds have to leave, and why they say they won't. >. and the tribute to the ice bucket challenge. we saw a little rain across the area this afternoon, and still some rain right now, and there's a new growth of rain across the tennessee valley and deep south, beneficial rains coming back, but on the down side there's some severe weather they're dealing with ton. who has the potential to see tornadoes, damaging winds, and
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we just learned a man pulled over by cumberland county deputies has died. they believe he was impaired, and when they tried to stop him he wouldn't pull over. they ordered him out of the vehicle, and then he had some sort of medical complication. they gave him first aid, but he died before getting to the hospital. his body will be taken to chapel hill for autopsy. authorities believe propaganda from isis may have inspired a student's attack at
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despite claims from isis that the suspect was working with isis, law enforcement officials have no evidence he communicated with isis or any other terror group. meanwhile tonight the ohio state community came together for a buckeye strong event on campus. 11 people were injured in the attack yesterday. three are still in the hospital. they're all expected to make complete recoveries. run, hide, fight was the message from ohio state to its the school has a video that trains students on how to respond to active shooter situations. the message comes from the department of homeland security. the idea is run if you can, hide if you must, and fight only when necessary. >> when you're panicking you want something that comes to mind quickly, that does. it's a good idea i think. >> you obviously want to defend yourself if you came in contact with someone like that on your
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thought of the university giving an entire campus permission to go fight someone. that's kind of questionable in my mind. >> unc and nc state have similar training videos, but not all student versus access to them. today a joint committee said they want all students to get the training. >. and protesters against the dakota access pipeline are refusing to leave. police gave them until december more people are coming forward to support the standing rock tribe if north dakota. they argue the projected could impact the land and drinking fly because of the hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil moved every day. they're concerned about possible spills or leaks. here at home, good news for drivers in the roseville wake forest area. the section of rogers road washed out by hurricane matthew will reopen december 9th
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it's been closed since october 8th. duke energy customers will pay less starting with the december bill. rates go down starting december 1st. the average resident will save about $6 a month. duke energy says they can do this because fuel costs have been so low. today is giving tuesday, and all day people are making donations to charities across the nation. the day started in 2012. if you want to participate consider donating to our wral. just next the words coat to 41444 to donate. if you can't do that know that every little bit help it is salvation army keep children in the area warm as the weather gets cold. a record breaking toy drive in the triangle on this giving tuesday. lenove and the veterans core collected the most toys in a 24
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toys and working, smashing the previous world record. the toys will benefit local children and military families. you can drop off donations at the building until 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> those elves working nonstop to gather the toys. >> what a great record and great cause. >> and we could have a record tomorrow in weather. we could tie a record high! >> we could be back to the chill though this were weekend, and we could stay in the 40s for highs, yeah! you don't need jackets tonight or tomorrow, but might need the rain gear. still a little bit of light rain out there. we had crews by earlier this -- cruise by earlier this afternoon that's making it back. let's zoom into the sand hills area, southern lakes, southern pines, all seeing a little rain heading toward lee county, chatham county, and then wake
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little moderate rain near seven lakes. spring lake, fort bragg, a little rain. activity making it toward dunn and benson, so be aware of that, and the final stop is towards is coastal plains, and through the next several hours we have the chance for rain. unseasonably warm is our lead headline, flirting with a record high tomorrow. the old record is in 2006. we'll have wednesday night rain, so this time tomorrow night rain in the area, perhaps a thunderstorm, and then the chill returns friday and the coming weekend, the cooler numbers in the seven-day coming up. rdu, all is quiet. 62, southwest wind at 8. forecasting 64 for the low. you'll see the number coming up, so it's possible by midnight the temperature could go up a couple of degrees, that's what we're hoping so
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63 roxboro, the bottom line is warm overnight, and warm to start your wednesday. there's the rain that rolls by this afternoon. there's the rain returning to the area coming from south carolina moving up to the north and east. more off totals, and unfortunately -- to the west, and unfortunately it's coming with severe weather. severe weather across mississippi, louisiana, alabama, tennessee. on going warnings, beneficial rain, but unfortunately coming with the severe weather aspect. we have a warm front stretching throughout the deep south, and there's the and blowing it all out tomorrow, but this is moving into the drought prone areas, and here tomorrow night. risk for severe weather overnight. damaging winds, large hail, few tornadoes, moderate risk across parts of mississippi and alabama, enhanced, elevated, and there's the green, lowest end of the scale. we have that here, and it could come tomorrow with the storms moving by. tornadoes will be confined to
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time tomorrow night. a few showers coming by. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 a.m. in the area. dry weather in the morning, plenty of clouds. tune into elizabeth starting at 4:30. she'll show you the radar and let you know where the remaining rain could be. tomorrow afternoon pretty much dry, but here comes the rain. 6:00 in the evening, embedded thunderstorms with strong damaging winds a possibility, and then by 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. all gone, and looking forward to at a quiet thursday for the tower lighting. overnight most the 60s. 60s for the fitness forecast in the morning. breezy and warm. plenty of clouds, lunchtime low # 0s. most likely -- 70s. most likely dry, windy and warm, and there's the 77, potential for 80 at fayetteville with a mostly cloudy the sky and very strong wind. cooler thursday, but not cold. morning lows in the 30s saturday, and sunday a potential for rain, and could stay in the 40s. another shot of rain next tuesday.
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on thursday. gerald will be there. >> yes, good timing. thank you mike. when firefighters are on the front lines every second could wants. >> >. and researches at nc state know that, how they're working to give extra protection. >> the significant of coaching
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>. rooted in local sports since his days as a hometown athlete. wral sports with jeff gravley. well the hurricanes good at home posting a six and three record, on the road they're three, four and five with the bulk of the record in the first six games of year. tonight the canes are at madison square garden, a place they 0, 7, and 3. stahl is out with a concussion. stahlberg is there though, he used to play for the rangers, so he's comfortable at the garden. 2-2 in the 3rd. the canes called for a late penalty, and jimmy makes them play on the power play. 3-2 the final. >> it's the first full night of
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challenge. nc state playing three home games and three neutral side games. tonight is their first road test facing former wolf pack assistant gross. transfer from charlotte. off the steal, the bucket, nc state, dennis smiths, this is how you shake, rattle, and finger roll. nc state is trailing illinois at this poin hit jump shots like this, he'll be tough to defend, and capita turning into a solid player. nc state trailing illinois in the second. >> they're only three games in, surprise, surprise, michigan state at duke is not one of them. it does bring together two of the most successful coaches and
10:26 pm
grayson allen injured his toe. duke started one for eight. jackson on a 7-2 run. the left-handerring knocks into the jumper. at half time at square at 35 apiece. >> north carolina and indiana is one of the trio of challenge games with two ranked teams. this will be a significant game fo he may not be counting, but many know tomorrow's game will be his 1,000th in his career. he has the third most wins among coaches. tomorrow game number 1,000. >> i've been very important, for the most part i've had good healths, because i started at 38, fairly late. but i loved what i was doing,
10:27 pm
or it would have happened before, but i made pretty good choices too. >> i mean, i really don't know what to say because that's a lot of games, especially in college, but like i said he's a great coach, and i mean i still think he has a lot more games under his belt. >> williams has won 709 of the 999. college football rankings, the top two don't change, alabama clemson third, michigan is five, and behind michigan wisconsin and penn state. the two teams actually playing in the big 10 championship. >> >. controversy over that. >> could we see two teams in the final four? >> oh, yeah, even a nonconference championship. >> three big ten teams?
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that's bn for 18 years has been dismissed. derek allen spent 18 years in prison for the sexual assault and murder of his girlfriend's daughter, but the court of appeals overturned the ruling and ordered a new trial, new the durham district attorney's office says some of the witnesses in the case can't be find, and others won't cooperate. allen has been arrested including one charge of assaulting a female. a western north carolina man will spend the rest of his life in prison for plotting a terror attack. he admitted he tried to commit a mass murder in connection to isis and had communications with an isis murder in syria. he also faces murder charges for the murder of his 74-year- old neighbor in 2014.
10:32 pm
north charleston police officer talked today about the day he shot and killed an unarmed man. slager took the stand and testified he pulled over walter scott for a broken taillight. he said the incident escalated, that scott tried to wrestle the tazer away and he fired as scott ran away. >> did it result in his death? >> yes. >> filled with ill will for a depraved heart of malice? >> no, i was not. >> slager held back tears several times, especially talking about the impact on his family and scott's family. late today the defense rested its case. if convicted he could get 30 years to life in prison. a tulsa police officer that
10:33 pm
this year will stand trial for second-degree murder. shelby claims she feared for her life when she shot crutcher. prosecutors say the actions were unreasonable because he wasn't armed or combative. >. a nationwide effort is underway to keep cell phones out of prisons, including here in north carolina. since 2005 thousands of phones have been in a letter directors of prisons all over the country are asking the fcc to bend regulations allowing them to jam or block cell signals around a prison. investigators believe an electrical problem was to blame for a deadly dorm fire in turkey. of the 12 that died, 11 were teenaged students.
10:34 pm
half staff in honor of those that died in a plane crash in colombia. the charter plane was carrying members of a brazilian soccer team. only 6 of the 77 on board survived. earlier today the two flight recorders were found in perfect condition, and could help determine the cause of the plane crash. a woman who jumped from an airplane that was taxiing on a runway will not face charges. right after the flight landed at airport, the woman opened the emergency hatch and jumped 14 feet to the ground and started running. authorities chased her and took her into custody. they don't know why she jumped. she's undergoing psychological test. >. visitors at a theme park in japan noticed a ferris wheel on fire. the video shows flames coming from a single car. no one was in the car at the
10:35 pm
fortunately no one was hurt. if people try to stay warm this year using generators and gas heaters, doctors are seeing more cases of carbon monoxide poisoning. doctors say the patients last week were overcome by the gas from a generator, and flown to duke hospital because it's the only one in north carolina with a hyperbaric chamber over 24 hours a day. >> people move the generators house or where there's a barbecue and someone brings the barbecue into the house because it's raining we see often several patients from the same event >> doctors say everyone should have a carbon monoxide detector at home. >. he may not have finished in the fastest time, but a seattle man finished, and some said it was impossible.
10:36 pm
the 62-year-old didn't let it stop him from completing the challenge along with his wife and oxygen tank in tow. wilson called it a personal and emotional victory. military families enjoyed quality time at the white house today and got a sneak peek at the christmas decorations. the tree is decorated with gold ornaments honoring soldiers who lost their lives serving our nation. this is the obama's last christmas at the white house. from the annual wral tower lighting. we'll be holding a special celebration as we flip the switch here on western boulevard on thursday. some very talented local musicians will be here to perform, and we'll have a special guest to light the tower. a work place pool finally paid off for some employees in tennessee. >> the newest millionaires in america, and how much they spent to driving is a skill.
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lifetime is remaking a movie classic. this week the network released its first trailer of the small screen reboot of beaches. idina menzel and nia long play
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break records. the broadway musical general rated 3.3 million dollars in just eight shows last week, setting a new sales record. wicked held the old record. >> wicked is still my favorite. at this point nobody is really able to get tickets to see hamilton. and le mis. >> love phantom. >> that's a good one too. >> what's trending tonight? >> all right, we star year-old boy who loves to sing with his dad. this kid already has an old soul, missing teeth and all [ singing ] [ laughter ] [ singing ] >> he knows all the words to
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>> don't you remember singing with your parents? >> nope. >> i remember singing with my kids now, but growing up never. >> oh my gosh. johnny mathis i could sing almost every song. the eight track tapes on vacation. >> that's pretty cool. >> oh, yeah, and barry manilow. my dad hated him, and my mom loved him. >> they always played didn't like. >> that's what parents do. >> growing up in a house with serve kids you don't go on too many trips. >> that's true. how do you fit in the car? >> especially with your long legs [ laughter ] >> all right, thanksgiving is over, but did you have mishaps in the kitchen? check out this lego stop motion film capturing the true meaning of thanksgiving. >> that's a lego turkey.
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family is watching the thanksgiving day parade, but neighbors come to the rescue, and everyone eats together. >> wow! that is so cool. >> what? >> yeah, i mean, how to you make a burned turkey with legos? it's cool. >> very creative. they're posted on my facebook page, and let me know if there's a what's trending. >> thanks gerald. the wildfires were burning to our west, but here at home researchers who, whoing to keep firefighters -- are working to keep firefighters safe. that's coming up. and there is drought relief in the south. unfortunately it's coming with severe weather. tennessee, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, all seeing severe weather right now. we'll see who's getting the worst of it.
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we have breaking news out of the durham. durham police just released their five-day report on the officer involved shooter that left a man dead. master officers were patrolling around wabash streets where two officers began talking with clark.
10:46 pm
clark reached for his waistband and astrologiable ensued. then officers heard a shot, and one officers fired his weapon. another officer immediately got on the radio and called for help. then two other officers arrived and started cpr. a loaded gun was found lying on the ground next to clark. the report say it is gun was reported stolen in january in durham. the report also says a white rock like substance wr a plastic bag fell out of clark's pants that. substance along with the involved hand guns were handed over to the fbi who's workening their own independent investigation. we're still going through the report, and look for more on our 11:00 news on wral. >. dolly parton issued a statement today supporting the people in tennessee effected bid the devastating wildfires saying quote i'm heart broken, and praying for the families effected by the fire and the firefighters working so hard to
10:47 pm
the flames came close to dollywood theme park, but she says it was spared. fighting the wildfires can be especially dangerous for crews on the front lines. we visited researches at nc state working to make firefighters' jobs safe. >> it's so hot. >> reporter: the wildfires burning throughout the south right now can reach blistering temperatures of more than a thousand degree. that heat is being replicated in a fire chamber on the >> they're measuring it as they're surrounded be i flames. >> reporter: the last two years researchers are working to make the fire shelters more heat and flame resistant. firefighters carry the portable tent-like shelter, and consider them the last line of defense. so what we have to do is find materials that are light enough to be carried but also provide
10:48 pm
very intense thermal exposure. >> we're measuring where the firefighter is two inches from the ground, because in the shelter he's got his face as close to the grounds as possible to breathe to new air. >> reporter: they test new materials and combinations of materials almost daily. their tests like this one don't always work. >> you're about to see the inner layer come apart and catch fire. >> reporter: but they're determined not to give up. >> when you think about what and the situations we place them in, that's even more impressive. we're here to help them come up with a better way to survive. >> julia sims reporting. once they're done testing the shelters in the lab they move them outside for testing and controlled burns. that could happen some time next year. in the end the improved shelter will likely only add about 30 seconds to a minuteof
10:49 pm
who knew that was going on right across the street? >> wish them the best of luck in that. as we're dealing with warmer than normal temperatures, up north it's snow, ice, what a mess. we'll get back to the cooler weather, and maybe some day see snow again, but not any time soon. in the north dakota area, let's look at bismark, the winter weather was too much for tractor trailer drivers, about 60 had to stop off i-94 because the road conditions were too and a stretch of the interstate was closed after a number of accidents. boy, what a mess there. but around here nice and warm, and there's some rain out there. let's check out weather desk top. many things to share. the radar first, we'll look at the watches and warnings. the big red warnings, and this is a brand new tornado watch likely through the early morning hours, and all of the individual county, yellows severe thunderstorm warnings, and up here in northern
10:50 pm
going tornado warnings, and you can see several counties are under tornado warning right now in mississippi, alabama, near huntsville and southern tennessee, and some of the radar signatures in mississippi, around columbus, impressive, indicating the potential of strong tornadoes. let's look at the storm reports. at least 10 reports of tornadoes throughout the south. the one not showing up yet is up here in tennessee, but you see some touching down in mississippi, louisiana, the green dots sol significant size, and numerous wind damage reports, and this area across northern alabama and tennessee will fill in because they're having severe weather on going now. let's look at the lightning potential. fast forwarding this to tomorrow afternoon at lunchtime. should be quiet around here. the potential for lightning is increasing to the west. by 6:00 tomorrow evening showers offer to the west,
10:51 pm
this time tomorrow showers with embeddeddable lightning, and strong gusty winds, and by tomorrow night the line to the east, and moving out of the area, and thursday looking to be very, very nice. rain fall potential-wise, we're not the big winners, but we get some rain. this is through sunday, and we have the chance of rain sunday and also during the night tomorrow, but big rain fall totals perhaps across the deep south. there is going to be another system developing saturday that will spread rain all throughout the deep south, even sunday as well, and i think sunday it will eec so there's the potential for more soaking rain after what comes by tonight, so the folks in the deep south will really benefit from the rains coming along, unfortunately it's coming along with the potential of severe weather. let's check out the seven-day forecast. another warm one tomorrow. 77 is old record high, and we have the potential to tie it tomorrow. it was set back in 2006. thursday back to sunshine, less humid, cooler, 62.
10:52 pm
saturday chilly. sunday the potential to be a really cold day, and maybe another chance of rain tuesday, so if you're a big fan of the warmth, enjoy that tomorrow. >> for sure. it was nice not having to wear the jacket today. >> yeah, two sundays in a row with frigid temperatures. >> and many more to come. >> all right, thank you mike. well, a bucket has a home at the smithsonian in washington dc oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money heather saved by switching to geico.
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the world's oldest woman celebrates another year. emma turned 117 today. >> wow. >> the italian native is the last living person known to have been born in the 1800s. she was born four years before the wright brothers took to the air. she's spanned three centuries, two word wars, and more than 90 she credits her long life to repetition and love of eggs. >> i love eggs good! and the newest power ball millionaires went public in tennessee. the group of co-workers purchased the tickets together, and they play twice a week and spend $60 each time. they work for the north american stamping group. it was the 12th largest power ball jackpot in us history.
10:56 pm
houses the largest ginger bread house using 5,000 tiles of baked ginger bread, and it's even got a working fireplace. >> nice! [ laughter ] the ice bucket that started the viral challenge a couple of years ago is now part of history. the smithsonian opened a new in 2014 a couple came up with the idea that lead to the bucket challenge and raised more than $115 million for the als association. >> i did it, you did it, mike did you do it? >> i didn't. >> you participated in grig getting doused. >> i enjoyed that. >> it was a team effort [ laughter ] >> thanks for watching. for weather and traffic every 10 minutes watch the morning
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all i can do is give you my story as a -- >> evan rachel wood summons up the courage to share her truth. why the west world star decided she would no longer hide her secret of not one but two sexual assaults. >> i've had it up to about >> you won't see anyone altered digitally. i said yes like that. >> no retouching no matter the age. a refreshing new spin for an iconic calendar. i'm kit hoover. then -- a case of real life imitating heart for "hair spray live" star. >> when she was bullied, she didn't let it stop her from doing anything and i did. >> i'm the new boss.


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