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tv   WRAL 8am News on Fox 50  FOX  December 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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crabtree valley mall. a suspect shot by raleigh police remains in critical condition this morning. but an officer who was also injured is now out of the hospital. what we have now learned about the shooting and the suspect. a mother is dead and her son injured after a car hit them on the way to the bus stop. when investigators are saying about this incident. thanks for joining us. am lena tillett. >> and am renee chou. a shooting at a hotel in the crabtree valley mall this happened at americas best value inn on arrow drive. emmy victor is gathering information. >> reporter: this is all new information gathering this morning just before 5:00 raleigh police came to this area on reports of gunshots when they found two people dead. we are here at americas best value inn.
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information received so far if they were inside or outside the hotel. this is an ongoing investigation. the ccbi is here looking into the incident. the area remains blocked off into the investigation as police are still working to gather information about what happened. there are guests inside of the hotel. i did see a couple of them looking through the windows train to figure out what is going on with a couple people moved on. there are two neighboring hotels and i spoke with the general manager of the hilton and the hampton hotel who says he will be taking a closer look to see what he may find as well. there are a lot of people looking into this situation. once we can gather more information, we will give it to you. a suspect shot and wounded by raleigh police remains in critical condition at wakemed.
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year-old medukay who was forced out of the condos in october for not paying rent. last august he served 30 days in jail for stabbing his brother with a steak knife. he got into a struggle with officer chandler on wednesday. he was armed with a knife. another police officer opened fire hitting both men. officer chandler officer chandler and two others are unpaid leave pending the outcome. in mother is dead and her 8- year-old son is in the hospital after they were hit by a car walking to the bus stop. 34-year-old maria aguilar suarez and her son juan almanza were hit. the driver 49-year-old my
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rosario perez was driving without a license. police need your help identifying a woman hit and killed in fayetteville. it happened on morgantown road at bonanza drive. the victim is an asian woman and she was wearing jeans and blue and white shoes. please call fayetteville police if you know who she is. they are also investigating a shooting that sent one man to the hospit serious condition. it is on call call the road. a man was hit and his name was not released. two homes were damaged with so far no arrests. the death toll in tennessee has risen up to 11. more than 1400 wildfires have burned across tennessee this year. officials suspect half of them
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accused of setting bonfires in our state. heat man -- heath mann admitted to 15 acres burned. he is also accused of setting a second on jones creek road. mann has a hearing set for monday. two more fighters are contained -- fires are contained gatlinburg. three more fires in western north carolina are not yet contained. north carolina central university will hold a chip it for chandler deborah saunders white today. her funeral is set for tomorrow. she was the first permit female chancellor at the school. the jury which will be held at 2:00 at the mcdougall la quinta inn arena. a big night at wral
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with the help of cinderella and her fairy godmother. >> is this thing really magical? >> i've been told that it is. >> it works, cinderella [ laughter ] >> we saw david crabtree magically lighting our 300 foot tower decorated with lights and magic was all around the wral studios bringing us snow to help celebrate the season. the tower will be lit each night through the holidays. fort bragg kicked off the holiday season with soldiers and their families attending the annual christmas tree lighting. wral's gilbert baez was the mc. structuring estimate for the american tobacco durham campus
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gerald owens will emcee with a number of performances. this event concludes around 7 pm with the tower lighting. at least it will be chilly enough so that it feels like christmas. >> it will be perfect weather for that. it will be nice and clear and crisp with this morning the same thing. the christmas decorations in south hill, virginia beautiful this morning. we head up to the north in waxahachie and south hill with 40. 36 in southern pines with temperatures warming up just a little bit. at lunchtime we expect a high of just 56 so it stays pretty chilly and by 8 pm temperatures are back into the mid-40s. you are going to be happy to
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you. our overnight lows get close to freezing over the next several mornings. after that we have rain that roles in and we will talk about when to expect that but right now brian has a look at your roads. it is 8:07 right now and look at for a crash just beyond the alston avenue interchange and really just beyond that pedestrian bridge that spans the durham freeway. the left lane is open with traffic getting by. the ride, mangum street to i-40 is taking seven minutes. you can see those delays begin all the way back toward 85 so it is a slow crawl into town. you might consider using 70 or main street to parallel the southbound side of the freeway
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if you are trying to get to the rtp area, 55 eastbound might be a good option for you and then head on out toward the freeway. we are seeing some delays on the northbound side as well. those backups begin along the cornwallis road area and continue right toward alston. we have a couple of crashes still causing delays with residual backups along the interchange. we also have a minor incident blocking the center lane westbound around south saunders street. traffic is flowing freely with some residual delays toward south saunders street. we are still seeing some lingering delays on the outbound side of wade avenue out for the i-40 merge. president-elect donald trump
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the defense department. >> white approval could be a challenge and the new contenders for secretary of state. a missing north carolina mother and her 14-year-old daughter found dead.
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at wral news on fox 50 ix back with bill leslie and lena tillett. >> and expected announcement from donald trump after a spokesman says there'll be no more cabinet announcements
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tracie potts tells us why his confirmation could be tougher than the rest. >> we are going to appoint medlock matus as our secretary of defense. [ applause ] [ cheering ] but we are not announcing it until monday, so don't tell >> reporter: a surprise announcement during the evening rally in ohio. return marine general james mattis faces an uphill battle for confirmation. he needs a special civilian waiver because he has only been retired three years. this morning mr. trump is back in new york after announcing a manufacturing job not moving to mexico. >> companies are not going to
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without consequences. it is not going to happen. >> reporter: but 1300 carrier jobs are headed south of the border. >> we feel like we have been forgotten from the very beginning. >> reporter: after the rally last night it is back to work on the transition. the secretary of state nominee still unannounced. sources tell >> reporter: -- joe scarborough they are looking at new candidates with the current and former ceos of exxon mobil. tracie potts, nbc washington. parts of georgia are cleaning up after a tornado came down. more after the break. and why the durham board elections is holding an emergency meeting would you say no to a lot more money? [excited scream] you just won a million dollars! no thanks. nice balloons, though! or no to more vacation days? janet, i'm giving you an extra week's vacation! oh, ah... nooo. what? no way.
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? merry christmas, happy holidays. merry christmas. merry christmas, happy holidays. ? >> it is beautiful out there. it is gorgeous in wilmington this morning, isn't it? >> chipotle, though. -- chilly, though. and that is okay. supposed to be. [ laughter ] this time february complaints to elizabeth. when it does spring start again? winter officially did start yesterday with a tragically. -- meteorological he. we tied with a high of 77 those warm temperatures are out of here
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for the next seven days temperatures will be either at or below normal. christmas tree on the plaza right in front of the wilson county courthouse. our temperatures of course are chilly right now looking at 37 at the airport. we did drop in the low 30s this morning. typically this time of year we start to see those temperatures climbing just a touch. our dew points is nice and low in the 30s this morning in erwin with 32 in roxboro. 40 degrees in fayetteville and goldsboro still running below par we were this time yesterday with 25 degrees cooler and tomorrow not quite the same. it will be about 10 degrees cooler than it was later today. high pressure is keeping things nice and dry today as well as cool but we are tracking next system starting to develop in
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because it is developing down south, it will grab moisture and spread it up across the southeast. so many places desperately do need the rain. this is how much rain we may see. maybe it will be nice to see a little more than yesterday but a good chunk of the south will get much-needed rain. here is futurecast this morning and you may need a jacket to saturday we start off with increasing clouds in the afternoon. you can see the rain pushing into the deep south with the potential. a coastal low develops and starts to spread the rain back in across an area.
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one of the great options with family as american tobacco campus tower lighting kicks off at 6 pm with music and food and a ton of fun. saturday downtown raleigh winterfest and then not as great of a day to spend time outside. temperatures will be in the with the majority of 49. monday a better chance for rain and that chance continues on tuesday. of the three days we will get rain tuesday may bring the heaviest amount. south carolina and georgia is 3 inches with the mountains down south and much of our area will see up to 2 inches and the
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thursday with a fairly unsettled week. we could use all of the rain we could get. the national weather service confirmed a tornado did touch down in charlotte. it was an ef-1 tornado and the storm moved through wednesday afternoon knocking down trees and damaging homes. one person was hurt but should be okay. this recorded video powerful wind sweeping through wednesday. this is incredible with at least one tree toppling on camera. the national weather service confirmed an ef-1 tornado hit the area on wednesday in the count -- striking the county. >> when mike peterson goes back to court attorney david rudolf said he will represent peterson as the case moves forward.
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a jury convicted him of murder but a judge ordered a new trial in 2011 after finding a key when the slide. rudolf replaces the court appointed attorney who lost the bid last month. a hope mills man is in the hospital. timothy lehman broke into a home just before 3:00 yesterday morning. investigators say the home owner shot lehman twice before taking off. police plan to charge him with first-degree burglary. autopsies will be performed to figure out how a mother and daughter died. dawnn elizabeth ward and her daughter taylor lynn carroll disappeared sunday. their bodies were found yesterday afternoon. it took hours to recover the
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they already have evidence to open a homicide case but no arrests have been made. >> hundreds gather to honor the fallen police officer in washington state. jake gutierrez was shot and killed responding to a domestic call wednesday. it was after a 12 hour standoff when people honored and remembered gutierrez outside the tacoma police substation with music, speeches, and prayer. a protest 200,000 people overnight. this is the second major protest against the minority christian governor who is being prosecuted for a budget plus a me. they were calling for protesters to leave when a video circulated online at the governor criticizing detractors . former astronaut buzz aldrin
8:23 am
after had an emergency medical situation. he was visiting antarctica with a private tour group when he felt ill. he had fluid in his lungs but he is responding to antibiotics. aldrin was part of the apollo mission and became the second person to walk on the moon. the cargo craft lifted off from cows most of the debris came as it entered over uninhabited section of february. locals reported seeing a flash of light and hearing a loud thud. it was carrying food, water, food and other supplies. a major construction project is hitting a milestone. >> coming up, when another
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fayetteville drivers. we continue to follow breaking news in raleigh where investigators are looking into a double homicide.
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it i am renee chou. here are your top stories. 28-year-old madukay was addicted from the lake park condos. police say madukay got into a struggle with officer chandler on sunday. another raleigh police officer opened fire. a mother is dead and her 8- year-old son is in the hospital
8:27 am
34-year-old maria aguilar suarez and her son juan almanza were hit in a mobile heart -- park near benson. it was ma del rosario perez driving without a license. temperatures were in the 50s yesterday and we are nowhere close to that this morning with temperatures in the 30s. but it is beautiful. lo raleigh is 37 with 32 in roxboro. these temperatures are starting to warm up with upper 20s and mid-30s in most >> earlier this morning. a chilly start tomorrow with 35 and a high of 53. sunday is cloudy with a slight chance of rain with highs only in the 40s. some good news on the southbound side of the durham
8:28 am
blocking the lane near alston avenue has now cleared. right now the ride between mangum street and i-40 is 10 minutes. get into mangum street is a problem with the trip downtown taking 23 minutes. consider using 70. back to you. coming up, wral's news on
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focused on people and community for 60 years, we promise a relentless pursuit of
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>> we have breaking news and raleigh with two dead following a shooting at a hotel near crabtree valley mall. >> this happened at the americas best value inn on arrow drive. wral's emmy victor has been on the scene gathering information. tells what you have learned, emmy . >> reporter: they were discovered by police just before 5:00 this morning. here is police presence here. authorities say they have been gathering information. i have seen people going inside and outside the inn train to train to figure out how this occurred. we are still unclear on whether this incident happened inside or outside and we are also still waiting to learn how many people were involved and how many shots were fired.
8:31 am
looking outside from this hotel as they continue to see the investigation happening. until we get more information, we will break it. >> emmy victor near crabtree valley mall. thank you. the durham board elections is holding a close emergency session this morning. durham county was ordered to recount emergency ballots. the votes come from a computer glitch witea the durham board of elections is being held at 8:30 this morning. tomorrow the interim director will appear. that meeting will be in raleigh. the state board of elections will hold a public meeting tomorrow concerning the governor mccrory protest of county results. this is because of voter fraud allegations. it is alleged a few people may
8:32 am
ballots. the unc board of governors will meet in chapel hill. one of the things they will talk about is the establishment of laboratory schools. this is something state lawmakers called for this summer. they are essentially charter schools. they will train new teachers. board members will also talk about the cost of tuition. annual increases from exceeding expectations. a final meeting held today in one of the hardest hit cities in the state. the committee will hear from residents of a community college in kinston. last night the people of princeville learned more about options at hurricane matthew
8:33 am
the migrans to elevate or buy out flooded homes. town leaders will decide what options will be made available. most of the roads around the gas leak in raleigh are now back open. whitaker mill road has not reopened. a third-party work crew hit the lines on whitaker mill road near five points yesterday afternoon. it took workers several hours to repair. >> the next section in fayetteville open today. it runs between bragg boulevard and the all-american freeway. it continues to cliffdale and is already under construction and should open in october 2018. the d.o.t. says the entire outer loop project is on track. yesterday evening thanks to cinderella's magical wand we had snow at the station.
8:34 am
in the coming days? >> the mountains could see just a little bit but it will probably be up around noon. temperatures this morning are starting to come up about freezing. it is a lot colder than it was this time yesterday with 36 in henderson and bright sunshine all across the viewing area. we have temperatures cooler than normal with highs in the mi at lunchtime it is 54 with a high of 56 around the area at 5:00. if you are out this evening, temperatures will be in the mid- 40s and even coat weather for this evening. saturday looks beautiful with rain on the way. some of that falls on sunday. we will talk about how long it lasts coming up in just a few
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get ready to deck the halls all around the triangle. >> find out were jingle bells will be ringing and hurdles will be singing -- carolers will be singing. when it comes to shopping around the holidays, the new
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wral news on fox 50 is back with bill leslie and lena tillett. >> it is beginning to look a lot like christmas on our calendar. >> we have trees that still need to be that. joining us this morning with a preview of a busy weekend is kathy hanrahan. last night we were with the wral tower and then tonight it will be the
8:38 am
>> this is always so much fun. it will be at 6 pm with local groups performing an the grinch will be out there as well. it is going to be so much fun. i am sure santa will be there as well. if you are one of the first 750 people through the door you can get a special light wand. will light everything about 7 pm. >> there are a number of light teens and parades this weekend. >> lake forest will be doing their tree lighting at 6 pm tonight. the parade is next saturday. in knightdale they are starting the tree lighting at 6 pm and then the parade is tomorrow at 2 pm. cary has stuff and so does garner. cary will be doing the tree
8:39 am
the heart of the holidays tomorrow at 10 a.m. until 7 pm with lots of performances. there is stuff you can do for santa and the official parade is next saturday. >> so the nextel parade i will be there -- knightdale parade i will be there and also the angier parade i will be the grand marshall for that. >> that will be a busy day. >> it is okay. who does not love a parade? tomorrow also at noon the raleigh winterfest takes place. >> you can ice skate and hopefully it will be all set. we have the gingerbread competition and all kinds of stuff going on happen all of
8:40 am
on. >> we have the annual jingle bell run. >> go and burn all of the calories city can eat all of the things later in the day. all of the proceeds will go to that and it will be a big deal. you can wear your santa hat and your health to elf outfit elf outfit and not a good time raising money. >> cinderella at the raleigh theater. >> she showed up to like the tower last night. >> that is a powerful wand. it is just starting. you can see it through the 18th and the cool thing is if you go
8:41 am
children get warm coats. >> wonderful. on sunday the historic boylan heights low more than 100 artists explaining everything from jewelry to arts and crafts and pottery all on the porches. it is just a great opportunity artists. >> there is going to be a food truck rodeo in knightdale with the tree lighting and then sunday we have got the wonderful station park supporting meals on wheels from noon until 4 pm. >> we have a comedian at the
8:42 am
he is definitely worth checking out, patton. >> great that he is here. for more information on these events go to are look under the entertainment tab. continuing with the food is not the holidays without a delicious red velvet cake. >> local dish shows you how to make this classic dessert. an unexpected shopper goes
8:43 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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singing ] ? hurry christmas, hurry fast ? >> [ laughter ] i was thinking about that peter -- beaver. these furry little creatures walking down singing that. >> [ laughter ] it would go perfectly with that video when we show >> i need to request the heat miser and snow miser song. our producer just jumped out of his chair. >> he likes every christmas song [ laughter ] >> all right. it is chilly this morning. we will take a look one last time at rdu.
8:46 am
want to grab your code heading out this morning. -- coat heading out this morning. it is 41 now in south hill and 32 in roxboro with 36 in rocky mount and wilson. heading south it is still 40 in fayetteville and 33 in sanford. that sunshine will warm things up pretty quickly with highs staying just a touch below normal. will keep us and try and call tomorrow it will shift eastward and clouds will take over. we are watching a developing system in south texas collecting a lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico spreading up across the southeast where we desperately need the rain. the big winners will be mississippi, alabama, georgia, and at least we will be on the
8:47 am
morning. temperatures will be close to normal kind of chilly on a sunday. not a great day to be outside with temperatures pretty close to normal. once the precipitation comes our way we will see warm air coming with it with temperatures nowhere close to freezing. there is no threat of wintry precipitation with this. but just after we get some cold air to go southward with a little piece of that by friday, saturday, and sunday we should see even colder temperatures. maybe talking about highs in the 40s or 30s but maybe close. that would be friday, saturday, and sunday of next week. today it is looking really nice with mostly sunny skies and mid- 50s. the american tobacco campus is having his tower lighting this
8:48 am
lots of different musical groups speaking as kathy hanrahan said the first 750 guests get a lot of wand. downtown raleigh has winterfest and skies clearing up late but no precipitation. we could see a high of 53. saturday and sunday will be chilly with temperatures in the mid-30s. we will stay cloudy with a chance of the second half of the day into the evening. tuesday it will likely be the best chance of rain with looking at these totals. there is some sunday, monday, and tuesday with 2 to 3 inches to the southwest and then anywhere from 1 inch up to an half an inch in the virginia line. it is a good soaking we definitely need.
8:49 am
on thursday making for a fairly unsettled week for us. when the drought monitor came out yesterday, we were still in abnormally dry conditions. we could use all of the rain that we could get next week. >> we are hanging out in the 50 land. >> nothing frozen yet. thanks, elizabeth. probably means your weekend is filled with parties or get together. >> if you are popular like that we have some great ideas this week with our local dish. brian and lisa start with a classic. >> christmas is coming, and we will start at making my favorite dessert for christmas which is a red velvet cake. >> cream in crisco and sugar but not while the mixer is
8:50 am
>> i've been hit. i have been hit. >> mixed together cocoa and red food coloring. we are a little careful after the vanilla incident. spy you should be glad i am not coloring the icing green. >> if this doesn't work, we will make sharpies. at in buttermilk and when it is combined we sprinkle baking soda into make it fluffy. then evenly distributed it. >> we will put in the oven for 15 or 20 minutes. >> while it takes we make the icing. cream together butter and sugar and then add cornstarch and water that has been cooked together until it is thick. at some red food coloring and can -- spread it with a classic
8:51 am
>> it is good. merry christmas. >> that is right. so good. >> that's just looks delicious, brian. we have a copy of the recipe on next week brian and lisa have candy for your holidays called peanut butter balls. "harry potter and the cursed child" is the theater event of the year. talk is underway to bring the show to broadway by the spring of 2018 with the circulation to getting the boot to make that happen. it picks up 19 years after the end of "harry potter and the deathly hallows". "hamilton" has a mixed tape featuring some of pop music's biggest stars. it features usher, alicia keys,
8:52 am
manuel miranda's biography as well the first u.s. treasury secretary. even beavers are getting into the holiday spirit. this beaver in maryland got busted at a donor -- dollar general store. the sheriff's office says it just walked through the door on monday and wandered into the christmas section knocking a few items. he did not even bring a wallet. he just thought he would walk in and grab some decorations. it is too good to be true. >> you don't believe that except for the fact that we have pictures. >> especially with the wrapping paper.
8:53 am
>> exactly. [ laughter ] i like this beaver. winning music with it. we cannot just watch it. [ laughter ] >> he is frugal. it all makes sense. [ laughter ] last night had a good time in grant county at take a listen to what we heard. ? jingle bell time is a swell time to go riding in a one horse sleigh ? >> that is the elementary school choir. we let the christmas tree right there in the middle of downtown
8:54 am
view of the parade. a good crowd last night with a great town in coats. we appreciate everybody coming out last night. i loved being there. >> christmas is coming soon. we ?? ??
8:55 am
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it is a >> 56. i am renee chou. >> and i am i am lena tillett.. here are your top stories. we have now learned two people
8:57 am
they were called to a hotel just before 5:00 this morning. it is being investigated now as a homicide. we will have the latest on wral news at noon . it is feeling like the season, elizabeth. >> you step outside this morning and you see the christmas decorations in the beautiful sky in south hill. the temperature in south hills is 41 with 43 in and 40 degrees in goldsboro. mid-50s for the high today and temperatures in the mid-30s saturday it will be nice and bright but sunday it is cloudy with a chance of showers late in the day. we take a look at durham this morning but the earlier crash on the southbound side of the durham freeway around austin avenue. the good news is most of those delays had eased up nicely, but
8:58 am
give yourself a few extra minutes. i think this will clear up by 9:15 or 9:30. for the most part traffic is moving along well with some lingering backups on the outbound side. back to you. the durham county board of elections is holding an emergency meeting this morning. coming up from officials -- durham officials have until monday
8:59 am
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unlimited calling. say yes to more. call now. joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. how are y'all doing? i appreciate it. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harve good one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 41,295 bucks, from nashville, tennessee, it's the champs, it's the campbell family. and remember, folks, today if the campbell family wins today's game, they're gonna be driving out of here in a brand-new stylish ford fusion hybrid right


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