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tv   Late Night With Jimmy Fallon  NBC  July 9, 2009 12:35am-1:35am EDT

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[ laughter ] [ laughter ] [ laughter ] and he comes in bed with me and [ laughter ] [ laughter ]
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and then i've got to wake up at all right, thank you very much, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- tonight's guests are -- and also featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac --
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very nice! welcome. welcome, everybody. welcome to "late night with jimmy fallon." welcome. one guy was doing this. yeah! [ laughter ] happy monday. happy monday, everybody. let's get right to it. this is all over the web. bret micels of poison -- [ light laughter ] he fell on stage duri the opening production number of the tony awards last night. did you see that? apparently, he lost his balance when he looked out in the audience and realized he was at the tonys. [ laughter ] he was like, "what am i doing here?" [ laughter ] it was a great show. a great show. the big winner of the night was "billy elliot," which took home ten tonys, four kevins and a gerard. [ laughter ] big news in saudi arabia. for the first time in 30 years,
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saudis are allowed to go to the movies this weekend. it's really good. yeah. give it up. [ applause ] there's a few movies to choose from. you can see "turban cowboy," "the taking of hostages 1,2,3." [ laughter ] e's just not that into you driving." [ laughter ] or tyler perry's "madea goes to jail for showing her ankles." which was very funny. tyler plays all the characters. [ applause ] that's why it's funny. hey, you guys, two doctors in tennessee have invented a device that improves your posture by giving you small electric zaps every time you slouch. the device is called "your mother with a taser." [ laughter ] all right. figure skater michelle kwan graduated from the university of denver on saturday with a degree in international studies. she finished with a gpa of 4.0, 4.0, 3.9, 4.0, and from the russian judge, 2.6. [ laughter ] happy birthday to joan rivers, everyone. she turns 76 today. i love joan rivers. [ cheers and applause ] she's awesome. amazing. happy birthday. and happy 10th birthday to joan's eyelids. [ laughter ]
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also, happy birthday to kanye west, who turned 32 today. here's just a little something for you, kanye. [ auto-tuned voice ] ♪ happy birthday [ laughter ] happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ i hope your birthday is harder, faster better, stronger ♪ [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight! [ auto-tuned voice ] give it up for the roots. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right. welcome, welcome, welcome to the show. tony awards were great last night. did you watch it, higgins? >> steve: uh, no. >> jimmy: didn't see it? [ light laughter ] i love the tony awards. >> steve: i love them too. >> jimmy: what were you watching, basketball? >> steve: no, i was -- yes. i was watching sporting events. >> jimmy: i miss -- i like the tony awards. i love them because you have to perform what you are nominated for. weird award show. it's like, you wouldn't see the oscars, the academy awards, "hey, sean penn, do a little 'milk' for us. [ light laughter ] do a little bit for us." it's nerve-racking. it's such a good show. i love it. it's a good time. speaking of awards shows, tonight we're going to awards show after this show.
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we're -- we won two webbies. we're going to the webbies tonight. it's very exciting. [ cheers and applause ] so let's talk about that. the internet has been very good to us. yeah, we won two awards. you have to -- when you accept your award for this, you're only allowed to say five words. i was racking my brain on what to say. i wanted to say something that was meaningful. yet, kind of funny. >> steve: right. >> jimmy: so i think my speech is -- i'm going to debut it right now. my speech was, "thank god conan got promoted." [ cheers and applause ] well, thank god he did. i love conan. we've got a fantastic show tonight. the lovely kelly ripa is here, everybody! [ cheers and applause ]
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love kelly ripa. she is awesome. she's in great shape, too. i'm jealous of -- she has good muscles. >> steve: good guns. >> jimmy: guns, yeah. i got to -- >> steve: she has to have a license for those things. >> jimmy: she must do perfect pull-ups, perfect push-ups. she's perfect, kelly ripa. [ light laughter ] and we'll have a performance from amadou and mariam, everybody. i love those guys. [ cheers and applause ] that's good. they are going to be really, really good. i love those guys. also, as you know, we've been trying to do a "saved by the bell" reunion on our show. so far, mr. belding, lisa and slater have all agreed. but it'been sloing ove s thonpa mstovh.t but hopefully that will all change tonight because mark-paul gosselaar, who played the one and only zach morris, is coming on e show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] there he is, yeah. there he is. look. there he is. look at those frosted tips. pretty good. [ light laughter ] that's going to be exciting talking to him. i can't wait. it was a big day today. apple announced its new iphone. you guys hear about that? they announced a new iphone today. and somehow i got talked into being the opening act. you know, i do some stand-up. a corporate gig.
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and it did not go well. let's take a look.h. [ applause ] >> jimmy: hey, guys. thank you so much. thank you. welcome. i guess -- hey, big news. the new iphone is out. wow, big news. get -- by the way, get the new iphone before the next one comes out -- tomorrow. [ light laughter ] or next week, at the absolute latest. you ever notice how women shop at the apps store? they're always like, "i've got to go to the --" men are like, "oh, honey." [ laughter ] hey, have you seen these people that carry an iphone and a blackberry? it's like -- how is that working for you? is anybody, um -- anybody have an app that can get me some laughs in here? [ laughter ] you got a laugh app?
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paging the research and development department. [ laughter ] hey, i wonder if the new iphones are going to be black, silver or white. i think we're pretty safe with that bet. how is that working for you? [ light laughter ] hey, how do you keep an iphone from cracking? easy. don't drop it. how is that working for you? [ light laughter ] [ cell phone vibrate sounds ] oh, sorry, i was on vibrate. [ laughter ] hey, guys, lighten up. want to know how? you go to system preferences, go to the brightness function, then you press thbutton for your desired level of brightness. then push the bottom button to get back to your own screen. [ applause ] am i right? hey, you know, you have all these apps. there are certain apps that don't need to be around. they don't have any use. you guys know what i'm talking
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about? like, the weather app, who uses the weather app? i have a weather app. it's called the window. [ light laughter ] you guys heard of that shazam app? apparently, you use it to identify music that you don't know. i have a music identification app. it's called ask someone who knows the name of the song now. you know the name of that song? sure. it's "don't mean nothing" by oison. shazam. ♪ yeah ♪ welcome to the new world [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: actually wasn't so bad. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: wasn't that bad. we'll be right back with another episode of "seventh floor west," everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ - mmm! - ( telephone rings ) this is kevin. hello. hello.
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"need for speed" i like "need for speed". i make calls, that's it. show him the "gpsgolf" thing. oh, yeah, this is really sweet. see, i'd never use that stuff. do not set that down, i will take it. verizon introduces the app-friendly env touch and env 3. only from america's largest 3g network. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. now, you guys know by now that i'm a huge reality tv fan so -- [ light laughter ] i thought i was -- thought i was passing out for a second there. [ laughter ] nice, nice -- it was very nice.
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i didn't pass out, right? [ laughter ] did i just have a stroke? weird. now, you guys know by now i'm a huge reality tv fan. you can imagine how sad i am that the latest season of "the hills" is over. i'm in total withdrawal. but the good news is it's monday, which means it's time for the next installment of our very own late night reality series "seventh floor west," everybody. [ cheers and applause ] i'm so excited. love this. now, if you remember last week, i am still not getting along with my writer, miles. there's a big pizza party coming up that has got everybody freaking out. we should probably see what's going on up there. join me, won't you, for episode five of "seventh floor west." >> jimmy: previously on "seventh floor west" -- miles and i were still frenemies. i thought we were friends? >> no. >> jimmy: and the situation was getting worse instead of better.
12:50 am
and now, to top it all off, it was time for me to get a new assistant. do you not like me or something? the big pizza party was coming up, and all i wanted to think about was having a good time. but drama kept getting in the way. do you guys think miles is going to come? maybe it was time for a friend who made things better instead of worse. >> there. >> jimmy: on "seventh floor west." ♪ i can do this by myself i can be anything now i'm superhero my life is so not finished ♪ ♪
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>> jimmy: we all know some of these ideas are garbage-y. dog, yeah, that's od. so is cajun chicken. yeah. other pepperoni? other pepperoni. venison? on a pizza? >> yeah. >> okay. you know what? maybe we should just start from scratch. throw away some of these garbage ingredients. >> hey, guys. >> oh, hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: guys, i want to talk to you. i know things have been weird around the office. >> do you like onion and cheese, ke, just a simple pizza? like a vegetarian one, onion and cheese? >> jimmy: sure. >> good. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i know there's been a lot of, like, drama -- >> yeah, like a cheese, like a three-cheese, like a parmesan, like maybe a little fontina and
12:52 am
on top a little barata or mozzarella? >> jimmy: sounds great. >> does that sound good? >> jimmy: sounds fantastic. but, um, i just wanted to let you guys know that i'm so -- >> mushrooms and sausage like old school? >> jimmy: yeah. sit down for just a second. >> yeah, sorry. >> jimmy: the drama is behind us, and now we can concentrate on thipizza party. i'm so excited. i really love all of you guys. >> "really love all you guys." oh, doi, oi. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: as i was saying, i love almost all of you guys. and this is going to be a fun party. i mean, look at all these great ideas. >> knock, knock. oh, i'm so sorry to interrupt. but i was able to track down those books you requested on the history of pizza. >> oh, thank you. >> okay. >> we've got more great ideas for the party. >> you are so welcome. anything i can do to be of assistance. >> well, this is going to help a lot. thank you very -- okay, you guys. so there is a cheese-less pizza. pizza? it's called a pizza bianca. >> jimmy: excuse me. excuse me. hey. >> hi, there. >> jimmy: hi. i was wondering --
12:53 am
you don't know me, but i just -- you have a way about you that -- i mean, you're just very nice. you know, and you don't make fart noises at me when i pass by. and you just have a -- i was just wondering if you would consider -- i don't know if you would want to, maybe be my assistant? >> i'd lo to. >> jimmy: you would? >> yeah. >> mmy: oh, cool. i'm jimmy. >> i'm jenny, jimmy. nice to meet you, jimmy. i'm jenny. >> jimmy: cool, this is gonna be fun. do you like pizza partying? >> i love pizza partying. >> jimmy: we are gonna have eight to ten pizzas. it's going to be so cool. it's gonna be insane. my office is this way. you can -- ♪ yeah, i want you around i want you around got your feet on the ground and you get me ♪ [ light laughter ] ♪ i want you around i want you around ♪
12:54 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: looks like i made a new friend. that's very nice. and if i know reality television, i bet that's going to work out just fine with no complications whatsoever. we're gonna be showing new episodes of "seventh floor west" on mondays throughout the summer. so tune in next week to find out what happens. and in the meantime, stick around. kelly ripa joins us next, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ year, matt went on the bud light port paradise cruise. it was awesome. for four days and three nights, matt soaked it all in. ( whooping, cheering ) i had the ship up to like 100, 100 miles an hour. and matt learned a lot about cruise ship protocol. for obvious reasons, we're protecting matt's identity. i didn't invite my girlfriend. sorry, tracey. you're an idiot. yep. bud light port paradise. it's the most fun you might never want to talk about.
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>> jimmy: yeah. >> oh, my gosh. look at this gorgeous group of people. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] can you believe your house band? >> jimmy: i can't even believe my -- >> wait, do you pinch yourself every day when you wake up and come to work? >> jimmy: almost too much. >> unbelievable. >> jimmy: it's phenomenal. i can't even believe it. it's so weird because i've been going on your show, and now i have a show. >> you've been going on -- right, exactly. >> jimmy: everyone should get their own show. >> everybody -- i really -- >> jimmy: you guys -- you got to get your own show. >> stop with the college and all of that. go get a talk show. it is the best thing. it really is. >> jimmy: i'm having the best time. thank you so much for coming on. >> i'm so happy for you. jimmy: you look gorgeous, a always. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: you're the best. >> i spruced up for you. regis will be very upset because he says that i always try harder for other people's talk shows. he does. he does. and i'm like, does that imply that i'm ugly on our show? and he goes, "no, but you just don't try very hard."
12:59 am
>> jimmy: oh, come on. what are you talking about? >> that's what he said. >> jimmy: last time i was there, i went on your show, this was when we were first starting, and regis gave me a dozen roses. >> yes, that's right. oh, my gosh, wait. how long ago was that? >> jimmy: well, this is our 60th show tonight. >> 60 shows? >> jimmy: yeah, we've done -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i've got to break it down to you. how long has "grey's anatomy" been on the air? like, a few years? how many years? >> jimmy: four or five years? >> five, six years, something like that. they've just, like, had their 100th show. right? and they had like a big cake and a party. it was on "access hollywood." and i was watching that, and i was like, we've done, like, 10 trillion shows. 10 trillion shows. >> jimmy: you don't get a cake. >> we don't get a cake or toilet paper. >> jimmy: you don't get anything at all? you don't get toilet paper? >> jimmy: i love that last time i was there you gave me good advice. i'm still learning how to do the whole talk show thing. what are your hours? >> oh, our hours -- i mean, first of all, let me just say this -- our hours are -- i get to work at 8:00 a.m. and i go live at 9:00 a.m. and ieave work at 10:00 a.m. okay?
1:00 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? it's insane. >> no, this is crazy. regis gets to work at 8:45 a.m. goes live at 9:00 a.m. walks out the door at, like, 9:59 a.m. while the show is technically still on the air. >> jimmy: the credits are rolling. >> the credits are rolling, but he's like, "you don't need me here for this, do you?" go say good-bye to the audience and shake their hands. "it's flu season. i don't want to shake any hands." >> jimmy: the best. >> it's the best. and so when you were on the air and you were telling us -- what time do you get to work? >> jimmy: i get in around 9:00. >> in the morning? >> jimmy: yeah. >> which is crazy to us. >> jimmy: because we tape at 5:30 and then -- >> i know, but what do you do for all those hours in between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30? what did you do? >> jimmy: i'm pinching myself. [ laughter ] for hours. for hours and hours. no, i'm just like doing a bunch of stuff. like, you know, we write the monologue and the pre-tapes, stuff like that >> like, production. like, you have production value.
1:01 am
>> jimmy: yeah. >> see, we do our show -- because it's live, we do our show with the assumption that we could be preempted because the president has to make a news brief. and that's how we do our show. >> jimmy: just get in and get out. >> we just assume that most people won't see it anyway. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we kind of do that, too, as well. [ laughter ] we sort of do the same thing. >> it's like a dream job. >> jimmy:ut i mean, i know you always take care of me when i'm there. >> we try. >> jimmy: you really do. >> i got a very beautiful t-shirt, by the way. >> jimmy: you did? >> i did, and i love it. >> jimmy: you like it? >> yeah, but i'm not sure what it means, though. >> jimmy: we have a thing on our show called "lick it for ten." >> yeah? >> jimmy: it's a game show. >> okay. >> jimmy: and people, what they do is -- >> are we going to play it tonight? >> jimmy: no, we -- [ cheers and applause ] >> you should play it tonight. >> jimmy: we can do it. >> i want to see somebody lick something for ten. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we can make that happen. we can work on that when we come back. we can do that. so, basically, what these shirts -- you are getting a
1:02 am
shirt before they are released. >> oh, my gosh, okay. >> jimmy: they aren't like dirty things or gross things. just, like, mundane, everyday things like you'd see on "the price is right." like, "it's a new pool table." you know? and then they lick it, and we give them ten bucks. >> that's so funny. did -- pat o'brien took over hosting "the price is right." >> jimmy: all my impressions now pat o'brien. yeah. >> you do a good regis, though. which is very hard to do. [ imitates regis philbin ] >> jimmy: sometimes i do, yeah. i do -- regis, i can't believe kelly ripa. come on. i'm getting out of here at 10:02. >> right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: 9:59, my car is leaving. >> once in a while we'll have to do, like, a promotion, like a promo for a network. like "watch 'live' at 10:00 a.m. on channel 6," you know. and regis -- and that takes about two minutes. and he becomes enraged. he's like -- [ imitates regis philbin ] "busting my hump for what? for the love of these people?" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> 10:07, and he's busting his hump. >> jimmy: does his voice stick in your head at night? >> his voice is in my head. >> jimmy: and nightmare? [ imitates regis philbin ] "you're having a nightmare! this is me talking to you!" [ light laughter ]
1:03 am
>> i have gone on airplanes with regis. when you get onto the plane, you step to the front of the plane, and he announces -- [ imitates regis philbin ] "she wants to take off. don't worry. she's not carrying a bomb or anything." [ laughter ] i'm like, "dude, this is a commercial flight. and they will arrest us." >> jimmy: you can't do that. you can't do that. >> i swear. >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. that's hilarious. [ imitates regis philbin ] >> "she wants to take off, and she doesn't mean her shirt. whoa!" [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's cracking jokes? >> on the tarmac. >> jimmy: that's so good. must have been tricky when you first went on. everyone just knows kathie lee. >> right. and then you want -- smooth transition. you were so welcome and, like, we love you now. >> everybody was very -- i mean, everybody was very nice and very supportive. and kathie lee was so nice to me. i mean -- >> jimmy: we love you now. i don't know what we'd do without you. >> aw. >> jimmy: we love you so much. and now you are getting into producing. and i want to talk about all that stuff. >> all right. >> jimmy: gonna be interesting. more with kelly ripa when we come back, everybody. stick around. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i think i want to see if we can do this. >> okay. >> jimmy: would you like to lick it for ten? >> i will lick it for ten. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm honored! let's do it! "lick it for ten," come on. ♪ [ applause ]
1:09 am
>> i had to pull up my dress because sometimes i look too voluptuous. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: i think what we'll do is, kelly, you are our second celebrity to lick it for ten. >> really? what am i licking? >> jimmy: all right, maybe you'll lick damen's ssaphone. no, no, not damen. not damen, no. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> jimmy: damen's sousaphone. is that good? >> isn't this a tuba? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: sousaphone, right? >> sousaphone. >> jimmy: and what is the difference? >> why does it look like a tuba? this is what tuba players -- >> jimmy: no, that's not a tuba. >> actually, this is more manly man right here. a tuba is just upright. you know, so i want to be a manly man, you know, and be able to walk around, like, strong, you know. >> this is a strong man. >> jimmy: you want to wear the sousaphone while you get -- while it's licked, or do you want to put it down? >> yeah, do you want to wear the sousaphone? [ cheers ] >> jimmy: you guys want him to wear it? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here we go.
1:10 am
our second celebrity, kelly ripa, licking it for ten. go for it. [ drum roll ] [ cheers ] yeah! i love it. [ applause ] let's take a look. >> was that good for you? >> jimmy: slo-mo replay. ♪ >> are we gonna show -- >> jimmy: almost. [ cheers ] there you go. sealed the deal. here's your ten bucks. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> jimmy: kelly, i want to talk to you about -- >> i would have licked that for free. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's awesome. now you understand what the t-shirt is. >> okay, thank you. thank you for indulging that, everybody. >> jimmy: i want to know about your show. >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: i'm a big fan of reality shows. >> well, so am i. you know who got me hooked on reality shows is anderson cooper. he is the biggest reality show junkie. >> jimmy: is he really? >> on the planet. >> jimmy: i didn't know this. >> no, i swear, he can tell you everything. he got me hooked on "the real housewives of atlanta." >> jimmy: oh, any "real housewives," i'm in. >> i'm telling you -- >> jimmy: my wife got me addicted. i love it. >> he got me addicted to "i'm a celebrity, get me out of here." >> jimmy: i couldn't do that
1:11 am
one. >> i want -- i think they should combine them. they should combine them and say, "i'm a celebrity, get me out of new jersey." >> jimmy: that's a great -- >> the greatest idea for a show. >> jimmy: i like your idea of your show. >> yeah, thank you. it's called "masters of reception." it's previewing on tlc friday night. and basically mark and i eloped when we got married. we went off to vegas and eloped. it was just the two of us. and we have sort of been fascinated by the wedding process ever since. 'cause people always say, when are you going to renew your vows? when are you going to have a wedding? when are you going to have a real wedding? >> jimmy: yeah. >> and we went to a wedding that was enormous one night. mark went to the bathroom. came back. sat down at the table and realized he went back to the wrong wedding. and realized that there were four other weddings in this place going on at the same time. >> jimmy: like a building that just had a bunch of weddings? >> a building that houses weddings. they're like wedding facilities specific. and they are gorgeous. >> jimmy: how many weddings do they do a week?
1:12 am
>> they do ten weddings a weekend. >> jimmy: my gosh. in a weekend? >> in a weekend. and they're called the frungillo brothers. we love them very much. the name of the show is "masters of reception." >> jimmy: this friday? >> this friday, this friday. >> jimmy: going to watch it this friday. she's the best. kelly ripa, everybody! >> thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, no. wait, sorry. i forgot to mention. i forgot to mention -- virtual lemonade. >> oh, my gosh. oh, you guys, listen. this is a really great thing. if you go to -- and log on, open a virtual lemonad stand. electrolux is giving money to ovarian cancer research funds. if, they donate a dollar to every person that opens a virtual lemonade stand. and you are entered to win a free beautiful french door refrigerator. >> jimmy: and you can sell virtual lemonade. >> and you can sell virtual lemonade and raise money. >> jimmy: i love it. >> it's a really great thing. >> jimmy: kelly ripa, my favorite! [ cheers and applause ] so cool. when we come back, mark-paul gosselaar, everybody! come back! [ applause ] ♪ protesting is awesome.
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♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much. welcome back. my next guest stars in the hit legal drama "raising the bar" which premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. on tnt. lady and gentlemen, welcome mark-paul gosselaar! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey.
1:18 am
please, sit down. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> well, here i am at the "jimmy fallon" show. [ laughter ] it's been a long, strange trip since my days at bayside, but, hey, i can't complain. no more homework. no more books. no more belding. and now, i'm an actor! and the star of a great show called "raising the bar." and i'm about to be interviewed by jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: who are you talking to? [ laughter ] [ laughter and applause ] who are you looking at? don't get me wrong, this is awesome, but i don't know what's going on here. [ light laughter ] >> what? >> jimmy: i mean in real life,
1:19 am
you are like zack morris? [ laughter ] your character from "saved by the bell" or -- >> i am zack morris. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] >> like i said, i'm zack morris. after school, i became an actor. i had to change my name is mark-paul gosselaar, because there was already a zack morris in s.a.g. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so you chose -- why would you choose the name mark-paul gosselaar? i mean, all right. all right, zack, tell me. if you are zack, are you still ling out in california? >> yeah, i've lived out there about 20 years now. i was raised in indiana. a but moved out west with my two friends and my high school principal. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm sorry. but i don't believe that you are zack morris. i mean, this is as shocking as it may seem. i mean, maybe if i ask some questions only zack would know the answer to? what was the beach resort you worked at that one summer?
1:20 am
>> please, everybody knows that. malibu sands. great summer. [ cheers and applause ] i got to judge the miss liberty pageant. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. here's a good one. what was your score on the s.a.t.s? >> 750 math, 752 verbal, 1502 combined score. stansbury material. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: the harvard of the west. i still don't believe it. if there was only one way that you could prove that you are zack morris. something that only zack could do -- >> time out. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that never gets old. [ laughter ] time in. >> jimmy: whoa! >> did you feel that? >> jimmy: what just happened? did you just time me out? [ laughter all right. all right. i admit that was pretty amazing. so, preppy, why did you decide
1:21 am
to get into acting after school? >> well, ever since my split up with my ex-wife -- >> jimmy: wait, who is your ex-wife? >> oh, i think you know who i'm talking about. >> jimmy: wait, there's no way that you were -- [ laughter ] >> kelly kapowski! loves volleyball -- [ cheers and applause ] loves volleyball, wind surfing and, at one point, me. >> jimmy: come on now. you didn't actually marry kelly kapowsky. i mean, first of all, she's an actress, her name is tiffani thiessen. and that was just a tv movie. it never happened. >> time out. [ laughter ] some people never learn. anyway, like i was saying, things didn't quite work out with kelly. i won't go into the details. but i'll just say one word, jeff. hey, if she wants to go steady with that slimeball from the max, she can have him. [ laughter ]
1:22 am
anyway, things got pretty rough after we split up. kelly moved to a different zip code. [ laughter ] i got pretty depressed to the point where i was hanging out at the attic with johnny dakota every night. not good. [ light laughter ] but hey, i'm back on my feet. kel' and i are friends and i'm the star of a great show called "raising the bar." oh, two more words -- stacey carosi. [ light laughter ] [ scattered applause ] time in. >> jimmy: whoa, what's going on? where was i? >> i think you were just about to show a clip of my new show "raising the bar. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. hey, check out this clip from "raising the bar." >> farnsworth is screwing my client just for the exercise. he needed to learn he can't push me because i'll push him back. i'll escalate him right off this planet. it wasn't just this client, rod. i was protecting all our clients. you know. you know i'm right.
1:23 am
>> at least your courtroom shirt ilst l on the hanger. >> put it on, button up the collar, get to court on time and show some respect. >> how much? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: looks good. that looks good.good. so is that your real hair? >> no. that's a wig! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: huh. all right. now before we go, i got to ask you. we're trying to do a "saved by the bell" reunion on the show. are you in? >> you mean like a class reunion? >> jimmy: that's right. [ laughter ] yeah, a class reunion. >> well, sure. i'd love to see the old gang again. >> jimmy: zack morris is in, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] yes! this is big. this is big right here. [ phone ringing ] >> hold on. [ laughter ] sorry. i got to answer that. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] hello? jessie. [ light laughter ]
1:24 am
>> jimmy: jessie spanow? elizabeth berkeley? ask her if she's in on the reunion. >> hey, jess, jimmy fallon is trying to reunite our class. no, jimmy fallon. you remember that guy from "snl"? yeah, he's the host of a late night show now. no, really. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that hard to -- sorry. >> so, jess, any interest in doing the reunion? she's in! >> jimmy: yes, amazing! [ cheers and applause ] all right. come with me. come with me. all right, here we go. all right. wow, this is big. i'm going to say elizabeth berkeley. >> okay. >> jimmy: jessie spanow is in. and you, zack morris are in. this is amazing! [ cheers and applause ] you guys, we're getting closer and closer! zack and jessie together, just like you were that one time when you did that play and you were
1:25 am
like "sleeping beauty" and had to kiss her. >> oh, right. yeah. >> jimmy: anyway. [ laughter ] what have you been up to besides acting? >> i'm in a band. >> jimmy: you are? >> yeah. well, maybe you've heard of us. we're called zack attack. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: come on, you weren't really in that band. i mean, weren't you all lip-syncing? >> we were? >> jimmy: yeah. i mean, if you weren't, prove it. >> what can i say? [ cheers and applause ] i'm a sucker for a challenge. all right, let's try this. hold on. >> jimmy: gosh. i never thought we'd be able to book you guys. [ laughter ] here they are, zack attack. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ we met some time ago
1:26 am
when we were so young ♪ we've been through thick and thin ♪ ♪ ♪ friends forever with you everywhere friends forever ♪ ♪ always will be there friends forever ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ friends forever >> jimmy: amazing! zack morris, everyone! "raising the bar" airs monday at 10:00 p.m. on tnt. and guys, we're that much closer to a "saved by the bell" reunion! [ cheers and applause ] when we come back, amadou and mariam. ♪ st
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♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: we have a fun show coming up tomorrow. the always funny willerrell will be here. kyra sedgwick is gonna stop by, mos def will be performing. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. but right now, our next guests are an acclaimed band from bamacko. they're here to perform the song "africa" from their latest album "welcome to mali." please welcome amadou and mariam. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> the original west coast, east coast collaboration. ♪
1:31 am
[ singing in french ] ♪ ♪ i want to travel every inch of your cur come on and show me everything that you know ♪ ♪ uh-huh let's go ♪ ♪ [ singing in french ] ♪ i'm going up and down and baby round and round i'm going up and down and baby round and round ♪ ♪ africa africa
1:32 am
africa ♪ ♪ solidarity ♪ africa africa africa ♪ ♪ >> got to represent. ♪ come on. ♪ [ singing in french ] ♪ it's just the jealousy everything for you and me ♪ >> you ready? let's go. ♪ i got my feet i'm jumping high off the wall i know you feel i ain't afraid of the fall ♪ ♪ i got my ear so i hear when you call i got my duffel bag that daddy packed for me ♪ ♪ i don't need eyes
1:33 am
just to see you look good you always did but they misunderstood ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up and down and baby round and round i wanna kiss you in the valley below ♪ ♪ and then i'll kiss you from your head to your toes you take me so high up and then you let me down ♪ ♪ you take me so high up and then you let me down ♪ >> gather 'round. ♪ [ singing in french ] ♪ africa africa africa ♪ ♪ solidarity >> who we doing it for?
1:34 am
♪ africa africa africa ♪ ♪ ♪ >> come on. ♪ [ singing in french ] ♪


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