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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 28, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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women. few days after being arrest order drunk driving charge the police chief in alexandria, virginia, today announced that he is retiring. good evening and i'm jim vance. >> wendy rieger. doreen has the night off. david baker was arrested after he was involved in a car accident in arlington over the weekend. court records show his blood alcohol level was more twice the legal limit. julie carry has more on this story from next yeah. >> reporter: chooe daik dave baker stunned the alexandria community. despite his dwi charge, many came to his defense. tonight city officials say the chief's decision now to retire enable it is city to move forward without continuing controversy. alexandria city officials say they accept chief dave baker's retirement with sadness but acknowledge that it enables the city to move forward. >> we hope that this unfortunate incident will not eclipse the stellar service and commitment he has shown to the city of alexandria during his years of service. this is a wise decision allow
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the police department and city to moveforward. >> reporter: deputy chief earl cook will continue as acting chief. >> with a heavy heart i take over as acting chief of police. i want to reassure the residents of alexandria that this is only a change in leadership and not direction. >> reporter: baker's attorney delivered his letter of resignation mid afternoon and after the chief first september a message to the more than 400 officers and civilian members of the department he headed since 2006. and worked for for almost two de i addressed to my friends, it reads -- >> dave agonized over his decision and he concluded that he could either do what's perhaps in his best interest and try to regain his job or do what's in the best interest of the city and step aside and he chose the latter which is pretty
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much what you expect from dave if you know him. >> reporter: a popular chief credited with bringing major innovations to the alexandria police department and baker's career began to unravel saturday night. he was involved in an accident in arlington in a city-owned vehicle and arrested for dwi. his blood alcohol level was .19. he legal al tli limit. the chief also failed four field sobriety tests. baker was immediately put on paid administrative leave. now baker leaves the department with full retirement nefits. the police union president says that the rank and file are saddened but support the chief's decision. >> i have spoken with him and i know it wasn't easy for him. i know -- at the end of the day it is what he and his family decided what was best for them and i know that the chief wanted, what was best for the police department. >> reporter: dave baker still faces the drunk driving charges pending in arlington. a hearing originally scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to mid august. reporting live from election yeah, julie carey, back to you.
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>> thank you, julie. judge sotomayor is now a step closer to becoming the first latina on the u.s. supreme court. today she was approved by the senate judiciary committee. one republican supports sotomayor. tracie potts has more on the story. >> reporter: it is no surprise that the yishy committee approved her with interesting today is who voted for her and didn't who didn't. >> the nominee has been approved by the committee. >> reporter: every democrat voted for judge sotomayor and so did one republican, south carolina's lindsey graham. >> i would not have chosen her but i understand why president obama did. >> reporter: president obama said he wanted some one with empathy, graham said he judged her records. >> empathy idea makes us all kind of doppler fields. >> reporter: sotomayor brings more experience as a federal judge than anyone currently on the court and the court's first
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latina. >> i will vote for her with the enormous pride. >> someone that's remarkable's life sry and varied experience will add diversity perspective which the court sorely needs. >> reporter: it is that perspective the wise latina comb worries orrin hatch and never voted against a nominee until today. >> left too many unresolved controversy and too many conflicts with fundamental principles in the judiciary in which i believed. >> reporter: john cornyn of texas also voted no. >> the stakes are simply too high to vote to confirm someone who could redefine the law of the land from the bench. >> reporter: iowa's chuck grassley couldn't get past this. >> court of appeals is where policy is made. >> that's my job to make law because you can vote me out of office if you don't like the law i make. but judges should be restricted. >> reporter: this one is expected 20b confied likely next week by the democrats and n the senate and possibly as many
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as five republicans as well. live from capitol hill, tracie potts, news4. police say the accused ringleader of a terror plot hatched in north carolina and as ties to our area. daniel patrick boyd attended t.c. williams high in alexandria 23 years ago. federal authorities arrested him yesterday and raleigh-north carolina along with two of his sons and four other men that are accused of engaging in military-style training while planning to carry out what's described as violent jihad overseas. boyd and his brother helped refugees in pakistan in the early '90s. they came back to the u.s. after being cleared of bank robbery charges in '92. fbi sources tell news4 that since then daniel boyd has been recruiting young men to carry out attacks on u.s. targets and other countries. the authorities say eighth suspect may be in pakistan. relatives of the virginia tech shooting victims are now asking the state to reopen the investigation into that rampage. a student, a gunman, seung-hui
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cho, killed 32 people back in april of 2007 and then killed himself. last week, we learned that cho's missing mental health records have been found in the house of the former director of the university's counseling center. the state commission issued a report four months after the mass shooting and parents and survivors now believe those findings are incomplete. governor kaine says the report is being amended to account for the disappearance of those records. the iestigation of michael jackson's death now includes a search of the las vegas home and office of the doctor who was with jackson when he died. today for the secon tecn id less than a we, investigators descended on dr. conrad murr'say property looking for evidence of a crime. there were also new details about the singer's behavior in e days before his death. jay gray has our report. >> as investigators gathered at his las vegas office, officers also visited dr. conrad murray's home in this gated community near the vegas strip. >> looking for documents. >> reporter: the search, similar
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to one at murray's clinic and storage facility in houston late last week. >> this d.a.'s office in los angeles doesn't want another o.j. moment. they are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that before they even bring the charges, they have all the evidence. because they have gotten burned before. >> reporter: charges that according to court documents could include manslaughter and police sources tell nbc news that murray did administer the powerful sedative propofol the morning jackson died. >> it would indicate diprivan or propofol is a primary drug here involved in the death. it does not say that the drug by and of itself caused the deh. >> reporter: dr. murray's lawyer continues to insist his client has done nothing wrong and issued a statement which said in part we will not be commenting on rumors, innuendo or unnamed sources. things tend to shake out when the facts were made known and i'm sure that will happenere as well. there's apparently now a public
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picture being revealed of jackson's private life in the days before his death. according to published reports the pop star demanded that the temperature in his bedroom remain very hot, stifling, according to some, with gas fireplaces and heating system set to their highest levels. the living quarters were said to be a mess with clothes scattered eve everywhere and dozens of handwritten messages on post-it notes stuck to the walls. all pieces of a confusing puzzle investigators have been working on since his death. of course, the biggest piece of that puzzle is the autopsy reports with toxicology reports which should be released sometime this week. in los angeles, jay gray, news4. jackson's bedroom was reportedly also outfitted with oxygen tanks and iv drip and an official told the associated press the drugs and equipment were used to help jackson sleep. "the wall street journal" is reporting that bank of america's planning to cut 10% of the retail locations. what that means is more than 600
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branches of the bank will be closing. the bank says an increase in online and mobile banking has reduced the need for such a large network of branches. bank of america kur currently operates 6100 locations throughout the country. mixed day on wall street today. the dow jones average fell 11 points while news consumer confidence eroded last month. it is the second straight month that the key index has dropped. it has been rising during the spring but some encouraging news on the housing front. home prices may have finally hit bottom. prices went up half a percentage noynt may but were still down 17% from a year ago. as lawmakers on capitol hill searched for ways to reform the health care system compromised plans emerging. some plans may not make president obama very happy. they eliminate very changes that he campaigned for. steve handelsman has our report. >> on the 44th anniversary of
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medicade psirent obama went to the powerful aarp. now joined him in lobbying for universal coverage. >> with the aarp standing on the side of the american people i'm confident that we can do the right thing once again. pass health insurance reform. >> reporter: on capitol hill, members of key committees are reporting close to eliminating two parts of reform that the president had demanded. killing the pubc option government insurance now private insurance co-ops look more likely. secondly, killing the so-called employer mandate that would enforce the 40% of u.s. companies who don't do it now to insure their employees. >> provide for health insurance on an individual basis. so we don't ruin particularly small business by an employer mandate. it would be a job killer. >> reporter: house republicans hammered the democrats. >> you will probably lose your health insurance and you might just lose your job.
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>> reporter: republican leaders that held a photo-op with small business owners speak in a sense for roughly 50 conservative democrats who are holding up the votes on health care. president obama signaled he will buy insurance co--ops. >> so that anybody who wants insurance but can't get it on their job right now, they can go to this exchange and they can select a plan that works for them or their families. >> reporter: it is time to make deals. >> everybody has to compromise on every side. >> reporter: even president obama, compromising on changes to the health system, he still feels are essential. steve handelsman, news4. coming up, a study showing how distracting texting while driving can be. >> federal health officials talking about the dangers the swine flu could pose to pregnant women. a report on a fire at a popular knights of columbus place in prince george's county. gunmen kill security guards and get away with millions. >> we have had a hot one today.
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wendy, tomorrow not so hot. i think it will be wetter, though. what do you have? >> coming up in sports, brett favre finally makes a decision on if he will return to the nfl. also, the nationals josh welling h willingham has the night of his life. "news4 at 6:00" continues. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. doctors say pregnant women
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could be among the first to receive the swine flu vaccine this fall. this comes after more than a dozen women expecting children have died from that virus. clinical trials of the h1n1 are scheduled to begin within the next few weeks. kristen dahlgren has our report. >> reporter: young healthy women are is coming to the h1n1 virus, also known as swine flu, apparently because of one factor. they are pregnant. of the more than 300 deaths in the u.s. associated with the swine flu, at least 15 victims were pregnant. like this woman in illinois who passed away in may. >> she couldn't get enough oxygen in her blood. she could not breathe enough. even though she was strong, she was always healthy and strong. >> if a pregnant woman becomes ill with influenza, pregnant women have rates of complications of influenza, hospitalization and pneumonia. even death. >> reporter: expected that pregnant women will be high on the list to get the swine flu vaccine when it becomes
6:16 pm
available. possibly in october. >> there won't be enough for everyone. we will have to prioritize. some people will be asked to go first in line and some will be asked to holdback. >> reporter: the h1n1 virus isn't the only flu strain that will circulate this winter. most doctors recommend pregnant women also get the seasonal flu vaccine. which is in production now. kristen dahlgren, news4. >> an american school -- an american school group is on edge after three students tested positive for swine flu. that group is from oregon and they were quarantined in beijing earlier this month. they are now waiting to see if two other students now in the hospital also have the h1n1 virus. the rest of the kids are still being kept in a hotel in central china. they are all being checked daily for possible symptoms. >> every time they take their temperature, everybody's nerves are on edge now.
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>> all of kids that are sick are said to have mild flu symptoms. it is not clear if thatroup would be able to make their scheduled return flight tohe u.s. at the end of the week.o mane time, three montgomery county slchy de soo hnttubeavseh released from quarantine in china. they came down with the swine flu nearly two weeks ago on their arrival in beijing for an educational tour. one of the students is still under quarantine. all of them are part of a group of students from several schools in the area. we are told some of the kids will return to the states on thursday. others will continue their tour. the defense secretary robert gates is not discussing the possibility of keeping u.s. troops in iraq longer than scheduled. he met with al maliki. a complete u.s. departure is scheduled for 2012. al maliki suggested he might ask for an extension if the security challenges still remain by then. but today secretary gates said that possibility of the subject
6:18 pm
that is left for later. >> we have a number of important milestones to achieve. including fair elections, new national government. drawdown of u.s. forces leading to the 2010. >> gates also said the u.s. is willing to help resolve disputes between iraq and the country's oil-rich kurdish region. that region is awaiting the results of last week's presidential and parliamentary elections. there was more evidence of iraq's security challenges today in. insurgents are suspecting of killing eight guards in bank in central baghdad. the gunmen broke into the bank early this morning and got away with large amount of cash after they killed the guard. the authorities think insurgents stole the money to help finance their operations. coming up tonight, more on the teenaged girl from maryland killed in an accident with the sheriff's deputy. officials in hawaii talking about president obama's birth
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it is not that d of a heat out there. >> it really isn't. it has been worse here. >> yeah. we have not been above 93 degrees. tomorrow not that hot. and nothing like phoenix. phoenix will probably have their hottest month of all time.
6:22 pm
the average, the average temperature for july in phoenix, is 98 degrees. the average. the average low temperature in phoenix, 87 degrees. i know folks are -- makes you feel around rock creek park. pretty day outside today. summery day. our high temperature here, we made it 92. 92. that was the low temperature in phoenix this morning. humidity. 92 is still 92. our record here, 100 degrees. average now is on the way down. outside it is a pleasant evening. nice evening for a little boat ride. why mott? our temperature in washington, 89 degrees. humidity, up to 70. that's noticeable and you can see it in the effects in the heat index. look at the temperatures. right now around the -- lot of aets. not many 90s. out in texas. brownsville, 91 degrees. they are suffering under terrible, terrible drought. continuing in parts of south texas. just will not go away. one of the hottest spots along with the new orleans is right
6:23 pm
here in washington. and we finally got the big area of high pressure, so-called bermuda high off the coast. oceans cooler as we get into this summer pattern. that's the reason high pressure tends to build out in the ocean and with it, southwesterly winds and with it the humidity we have in on us. and here and there, there have been today, a couple of pop-up variety showers. thundershowers and that one was up i-95 and around you folks in columbia now. south of baltimore and may graze the eastern shore. another one trying to pop up out into the blue ridge. out around rappahannock county. there has been more wet weather out in the blue ridge than around here. but the real wet weather, here it is. again today, through parts of tennessee and memphis now had over six inches of rain for the month. and jackson, mississippi, well over five inches of rain. another line out of mississippi heading in a alabama. look at chat nag a. today over two -- over two
6:24 pm
inches of rain, greenwood, mississippi, five inches of rain. so some of that rain, i think, will be coming our way principally for you folks towards the blue ridge again tomorrow. and into west virginia. mane while, ocean city today none of the rains of yesterday. you have friends out there on vacation. today was a nice day out of ocean city. there are a couple of little things spinning around out in the atlantic. look at how much of the atlantic, even into the gulf and caribbean, essentially cloud-free. no sign of tropical systems forming yet. what's the latest time we have our first named appropriate cal system? i will tell you tomorrow. that will be our wednesday weather quiz. in the meantime, overnight tonight, i think skies will clear enough to see the international space station in the shuttle. one following the other. a i will tell you later 8:40 towards the west. a diagram. little area of low pressure. some of the leftover rain from mississippi, tennessee, and moves to our west and with it, i think we will be seeing some rain. perhaps as much as a half inch of rain. principally to the west.
6:25 pm
there is a risk of severe thunderstorms but just to the north and northeast of washington, nonetheless, tomorrow temperatures in the 80s. this evening, partly cloudy, warm, humid conditions. next few hours, temperatures only dipping into the mid to high 80s. i think we will be able to see the space station and space shuttle. later tonight the clouds, humidity around us, really come in. so when you get up and head out tomorrow, temperatures will be near 70, 73 degrees. that's all. then tomorrow, after we get through afternoon, i think that is 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, look for the increasing risk of thunderstorms. temperatures tomorrow because of the clou, only in the low to mid 80s. and then that little area of moisture moves by and we get back into westerly winds. thursday, we could see 93 or maybe even higher here with the westerly wind. and risk of afternoon thundershowers on friday. right now, the weekend looks good. can't rule out completely there won't be an afternoon thunderstorm but looks good with
6:26 pm
temperatures in the 80s as we head into august. >> all right. summer is clicking by. coming up tonight, new study showing what impact texting can have on a driver's concentration. we will tell you about a fire that broke out at a popular prince george's county knights of columbus. emergency official responded to the report of an explosion at union station today. that's not what it was, though. we will have the details of the upcoming meeting between president obama, harvard professor, henry gates, the police officer who arrested him. coming up in sports, a decision made by fret favre. will he or won't he play for the vikings? joe gibbs weighs in on his thoughts on michael vick. shaquille o'neal gets in at verizoer.
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a look at tore stees making headlines tonight. >> alexandria's police chief, david baker, is stepping down. his resignation comes day afc he was involved in a car accident in arlington and arrest order drunk driving charges. court records show his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. baker's lawyer said his client thinks resign sing what's best for the city. judge sotomayor is a step closer to being a supreme court justice. the senate judiciary committee approved her nomination wh only one of the committee's republicans voting for her. a full senate vote is scheduled for next week. police and fbi agents descend order the las vegas home and medical office of michael jackson's personal doctor. dr. conrad mur write. they say they are looking for evidence that he may have
6:30 pm
committed manslaughter. this is the second time in less than a week authorities targeted the doctor's profit. a new study drawing attention to the dangers of texting while you are driving. the study suggests that in some cases, texting while driving makes a driver 23 times more likely to get in an accident. jane watrel has our report. >> reporter: it is a temptation while behind the wheel of a car. texting while driving is fast becoming a hazard on area roads. and motorists are alarmed. >> almost sideswiped by people by people texting or talking on the cell phone. >> i'm mazed at how many people i look going down the road texting and i get nervous being around them. >> reporter: with good reason. sending text messages on cell phones while driving greatly increases a chance of crashes because these activities take drivers' eyes off the road. according to a new study by the virginia tech transportation institute. the virginia tech study used
6:31 pm
cameras to follow a variety of motorists some 6 million miles. it found, among other things, heavy truck operators who texted while driving were 23 times more likely to get in a crash. this texas bus driver was texting away. right before the crash. no one was hurt. unlike the california train disaster in which the driver had been texting. 25 people died. 14 states in the district of columbia banned teching while driving. in virginia, it is a misdemeanor. something local law enforcement nts to change. >> we need to make something like this a primary offense so we don't have to have another reason to stop a driver. it is dangerous in and of itself. we would like to see it become a primary offense with a much more substantial penalty. >> reporter: until then drivers say they will be watching out for texters. and keeping their hands on the steering wheel. >> there's no need to have the phone plugged into your ear or
6:32 pm
texting, texting somebody. >> reporter: aaa says people know the dangers that they hold in their hands. and realize that that irresistible cell could be as potent as alcohol on your driving. potentially as deadly. jane watrel, news4. the same aaa study also found that while drivers believe texting is dangerous, more than one-fifth dot anyway. funeral services will be held tomorrow for a teenage girl who was killed in a violent crash with the sheriff's deputy responding to a 911 call. 18-year-old rachel campbell was killed in that crash last friday. it happened in done kirk, maryland. investigators say that rachel was making a left-hand turn on a steep hill when the deputy came over the hill and broadsided campbell's car. her car caught fire. the sheriff's car flipped over. those who knew the girl described her as a mice person who wanted to be a police officer. >> part of our string orchestra for three years and was a why volleyball player for two years.
6:33 pm
she was in a criminal justice program. >> she went to try out for state trooper and was telling me all about it. >> she dies in a crash involving one of the sheriff's deputies. >> i know. that's the most ironic thing about the whole thing. sa >> reporter: >> the deputy, involved in the crash, has been releas ho e althitsp. the hospital. state and local police are investigating that accident. some folks in montgomery county are quite upset that they have been ticketed by speed cameras and they say it is not fair. the cameras have been set up inside school zones and are taking pictures and issuing tickets. but school is not in session. the county responded saying it is going to change those cameras. but not until the first of october. the cameras only will ticket between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. but you can still be ticketed on nonschool days. the speed camera ticket is $40 and no points. popular prince george's county clu was destroyed by a fire last night.
6:34 pm
it broke out at the knights of columbus hall in oxon hill. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. darcy spencer has our report. >> reporter: when sean long looks at the gutted social hall he is heartbroken. >> in the neighborhood for everybody. they catered to the young, to the old, to the citizens, to everybody. >> reporter: it was an oxon hill landmark and associate aefls for many years. the knights of columbus manor hall is gone, destroyed by an early morning fire. sean long says he has thrown and attended a lot of parties here over the years. >> this is a sad case because this used to be the major, major part in washington, d.c., maryland and virginia. >> reporter: fire officials said they got the call around 2:00 a.m. but by then the brick building was already heavily damaged. >> units arrived. the building was consumed with fire. the fire was visible. the first floor. and through the roof of this
6:35 pm
structure. >> reporter: it has been a big party spot over the years. recently the center of legal rangeling. officials say it was sold at auction at foreclosure proceedings. the validity of the sale was being challenged in court. >> looking at it now is -- a shock. i can't believe that, you know, that it is -- actually gone like that. >> reporter: during the investigation, two vehicles were towed away from the grounds and have been reported stolen. and investigators are still searching for a cause of the fire. >> fire investigators have not leaned one way or the other as far as accidental suspicion. straight down the middle of the line. under investigation. >> reporter: they are hoping the hall hasn't seen its last party. >> i hope somebody, whoever owned the place, will put it back together. the area needs it. they really need it. >> reporter: officials say the utilities to the building had previously been cut off. the last event was actually held here onaturday and the fire caused a million dollars in
6:36 pm
damage. in oxon hill, maryland, darcy spencer, news4. a scare at union station at noon today. the d.c. fire and ems units responded to the calls about a large explosion and a plume of black smoke outside the station. it all turned out to be a false alarm after a search firefighters were able to trace the explosion to work being conduct order backup generator. at another building on north capitol street. digital tv became a way of life across the country one month ago when it replaced analog television. on capitol hill today, national leaders and broadcast sxhg lawmakers celebrated the transition to digital. they showcased some of the new products and programming that will soon become available. the demonstration provided a peek at what's coming later this year here in the d.c. region. that's when mobile dtv will become available to consumers. nbc 4 is one of the television
6:37 pm
stations that will provide programming over mobile devices. still ahead in our broadcast, we are going to have new information about the white house meeting between the president and the police officer and the professor. we will hear what the state officials are saying about president barack obama's birth certificate after some groups insist that he wasn't born in this country. retail stores hoping for a back-to-school boost. hi everyone. my name is lisa,
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good evening. bob rye arranges storm center 4. cluster showers, thundershowers, moved through northern parts of anne arundel county. for most of it, just partly cloudy skies. i think clouds may clear up, may clear up enough to see the space station and the space shuttle very close together. here is where to look. look towards the west-northwest. 8:40, you will be able to see and it it will be halfway up in the sky. 8:43. looking towards the west and then it will move off towards the southeast. and then move out at 8:46. several minutes to see it. they will be bright and real bright, international space station. dimmer one following it close behind. and space shuttle. showers and thundershowers tomorrow. i think by the afternoon, then a hot day thursday. back to you. >> thanks, bob. crew members on shuttle "endeavour" today said good-bye to their colleagues on the space station. the "endeavour" astronauts
6:41 pm
delivered and installed parts of a japanese laboratory on the international space station. the 13 members said their farewe this morning before sealing the hatch owes the shut and space station. "endeavour" will remain in orbit for a few more days before the schedule return to earth on friday in florida. president obama is scheduled to have a beer with harvard professor gates and james crolly. this thursday at the white house. the three are expected to discuss the fallout between professor gates and sergeant crowley. crowley arrested gets a earlier this month after a woman called in what thee shout was a break-in at gates home and the arrest spark ad national debate on racial profiling. president obama injected himself into that debate calling the cambridge -- saying the cambridge police acted s this incident and whiteouse spokesman robert gibbs says the president hope it is meeting can help calm everything down. state officials in hawaii
6:42 pm
are yet again shutting down challenges to the validity of president obama's citizenship. several groups recently claimed the president was not born in the united states and, therefore can not legally hold office. yesterday hawaii state health director said she had personally looked at the president's original birth certificate which shows he was, in fact, born in the state of hawaii. she made the same assertion last year and in response to questions about the president's birth record. it is illegal for hawaii to release birth certificates to unauthorized parties. coming up in our broadcast, the soccer game erupted into chaos. when players started acting like fools because they didn't like the referee's call. >> what have you got for us. >> the question everybody has been waiting for in the nfl. will he or won't he? brett favre will he play for the vikings? joe gibbs talks about whether a team should sign michael vick.
6:43 pm
nationals finally finding a way to win as "news4 at 6:00"
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i hope he made a decision because, frankly, i'm getting sick to death of whether or not brett favre is going to play or not. i almost don't care. >> i will say this. i think the vikings really did care. i think no matter how long he would have waited they would have rather had the other decision the one he gave today. >> what are you saying? >> brett favre promised a decision by the time the vikings report to training camp thursday. he made one. minnesota vikings coach brad childress says that favre called him and said he's staying retired.
6:46 pm
he's no longer going to be playing in the nfl. the vikings coach said favre -- for now, jim vance says. favre said he didn't want to put himself through a grind of another season. favre retired from the packers and then unretired and played for the new york jets last season. and he had surgery in may to fix a torn bicep tendon and then had a -- thought long and hard about it. he was going to come back to the nfl. so without brett favre, the vikings quarterback, jackson and rosenfels will fight for the position. it could be the perfect scenario to consider michael vick. many teams, including the redskins maintained they have no interest in signing vick. joe gibbs thinks vick is best fit in a system that's in immediate of a starting quarterback. michael vick is able to immediately practice with any team that would be able to sign hum as well as play in the final two preseason games. he would be eligible to play in games six of the regular season you about don't think vick's time away delegates him to a
6:47 pm
backup. in fact, joe gibbs thinks the team thaends up signing vick is one in need of a starter. >> i think what will happen, you will take so much heat that it will be a pr nightmare. wherever you go. there will be a lot focused on it. and so the team that will take him will bene that says this guy can solve our quarterback problems and he will be a guy that can start for us and give us what it takes to quarterback. i think there is a situation where he paid a big price. now he's -- lost almost everything he had financially. sounds like that way from what i know. two years out of football. and he made a horrific mistake. now you would hope that what would happen he can get back with a team and have -- see a young guy learn from his mistakes and go on and finish out his career and have a great
6:48 pm
career. >> joe gibbs with an interesting perspective on michael vick's return. it is interesting because i bet you a lot of players would much rather see him playing on their team than be back on the field again. >> absolutely. >> considering the athletes he was. ra the redskins locked down another piece what they hope will become an improved pass rush signing jeremy jauron to a four-year contract with a $750,000 signing bonuses. back on feemd p redskins pick pd jeremy jarmon two weeks ago and cost the team a third-round pick in next year's draft. they felt he was too valuable to let another team snatch him up. the defensive end finished third in kentucky history with 17 1/2 sacks but he was ineligible for his senior year because he tested positive for a banned substance. he will join us new teammate tomorrow when they report to camp. we will have live coverage of the first practice on thursday. to baseball. the nationals played the brewers
6:49 pm
again tonight but it's going to be hard to top the show they put on last night. it is one thing to get one grand slam but last night josh willingham had two. he became the 13th major league player to hit two in one became and as the nationals clobbered the brewers 14-6. we are in milwaukee. the bottom of the third inning. brewers were up 2-0. here craig stammon. he pulled one down the left-field line. look at dunn. he was mott letting that one get out of there. slides into the padding and comes up with that catch. see it again. dunn has been taking heat for his defensive plays. he knows that felt good, sort of. fifth inning. josh willingham has been on fire. bases loaded. clears the bases with that grand slam the nationals on that play are able to take a 6-2 lead. you know what, willingham was not even done. very next inning, willingham does gint. the bases are loaded and crushes it to center. that was out of there. his second grand slam of the
6:50 pm
game. just the 13th time time in history. two grand slams in one game. nats win and willingham says that was terrific. >> that was a special night and one that i would never forget. so you don't get the opportunity to do that many times much less come through in both situations. it was -- again, something i will never forget. >> reporter: josh willingham looking to do it again tonight. the terps kick off the season in just over a month against california. and coach ralph friedgen likes the fact that doubters are picking the terps fifth in the acc. they lost weapons like the first wide receiver pick in the draft area bay. but pregeneral thinks his youth can prove people wrong. head coach ralph friedgen says his team had a terrific off-season and lots of freshmen are going to play and very excited about his youth. theffense should still stay strong with a solid running game with scott who made the first team all acc last season. and senior quarterback chris turner will be back to lead the terps and is a two-year starter and played well down the stretch
6:51 pm
last year and coach friedgen said his entire team is ready to prove everyone wrong. >> i think we had a good summer and had a very good winter leading up to spring practice. this is the fourth quarter. and i think our kids are really anxious to get back here and get -- in -- they want to achieve. that's the thing i like about this. i got leaders and i got some guys that are not just yes men. and able on speak their minds and not only speak their mind to me but their other teammates. and that -- that's the positive thing. i'm -- you can see i'm enthusiastic about this team. >> ralph friedgen has a very young team coming in but has all the belief in the world. moving on to wrestling. the wwe came to town last night. vance's favorite topic. it would be even better because shaquille o'neal was involved. take a look at this. vance, you were down there, right? >> yeah, sure. >> here comes shaquille o'neal. walking on in. he was there to be the special enforcer in a tag team match.
6:52 pm
look, the big show challenged shaquille o'neal. he rips off his shirt. the big show has a significant move that's called the choke hold, right? he was no match for shaq. watch that. shaq even had help there. the big show, would he be stopped? look. shaq, the body check. is that all he can do? that's the only thing i was disappointeded in. shaquille o'neal comes out and victorious. you know. we will see. i don't know. the cavs maybe didn't want him to do much. >> it worked. >> why are you such hater? >> because -- you know, you are out here to do sports. that ain't got nothing to do with authorities. all of a sudden he rips his shirt off which happens to just rip right down the front and not like it is, you know the seam is broken or anything. you and george michael and all the rest of you people who put that crap on the air ought to be ashamed of yourselves. that has nothing to do with sports. that belongs on "e.t."
6:53 pm
>> throwing you. why i ought to. >> we are going to continue now. when we come back, we are going to set the scene. here's something else that's not very funny at all. stay tuned. we are going to show you that. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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- wooo nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. changes in the works for the government's cash for clunkers program that allows drivers to get a $3500 voucher.
6:56 pm
a new car that would buy and gets four to nine miles per gallon, more than the car they traded in. a $4500 voucher, if the difference is ten miles per gallon or better. the gas mileage figures were change order older figures. the changes were made after the agency double-checked its fuel efficiency rating on more than 30,000 vehicles. as a result some may no longer qualify because their combined milage was revived upwards. other vehicles that hadn't qualified for the program are now eligible. for many students and parents it is already time to think about heading back to school. four out of five people in our countrsay that tough economic times will have an impact on their shopping budgets this year. that has stores slashing prices, drawing in more back-to-school shoppers.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: school hasn't even started yet. already there is a test. but this time retailers are cramming for the pass for fail xwrad. back-to-school shopping the the second largest time of the year for retail sales. right behind the holiday period. but the fragile economy could erase any profits. especially for clothing and department stores. >> the economy has rolled over a year, year and a half ago. we have been in a fashion recession so to speak for up to three years. >> reporter: retail sales for clothing and electronics have been off the past few months and unemployment continues to climb. the national retail federation estimates consumers will spend on average $550 on back-to-school items. $50 less than last year. >> just getting what's on the list and nothing else. i'm still shopping at the same places. maybe not buying as much. >> reporter: retailers are taking note of the frugal mindset to compete discount stores and office supply chains are slashing prices and focusing
6:58 pm
ads on the basics. >> save ogs everything for back to school. >> reporter: there is a new concern for retailers selling big ticket items, college students that will be living at home and up 20% in the past two years. the retailers really expecting to be affected by that are the ones selling home furnishings and home decor because when you are living with mom and dad you don't need silverware, extra long sheets. >> reporter: new rules for back-to-school shopping and a crash course on how retail sales could stack up heading into the holiday season. michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> let's get an update from bob. it will be warm this week. >> it is. tomorrow night won't be as hot and warm as it is now. one shower trying to pop up out of warrenton. temperatures overnight tonight into the 70s tomorrow. only into the low 80s because there will be clouds and showers and possibly even strong thunderstorms by late in the
6:59 pm
day, i think. thursday, a real hot one in the 90s after that, part sliny as we he into the weekend. >> thank you, bob. a new report compares tanning beds to tobacco. we will have more on the dangers of the popular practice. mostly found in m&ms and gatorade. it could be key to helping patient was spinal cord injuries. the kid at control of a subway train. riders couldn't believe their eyes. we will tell you where this went on. >> the scer match in china turned into a race to safety and spectacle. it all started when a player from one team was ejected from the game with only 28 minutes remaining. a few minutes later a second player was ejected. and then just minutes after that, a third player got the boot and that's when several players started acting like fools and took off after the referee. eventually the ref was ableo make his way into the tunnel and security guards prevented the players from leaving the stadium and so the chase would not continue out into the parking


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