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tv   Today  NBC  July 30, 2009 7:00am-9:39am EDT

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good morning, breaking news. nbc news has learned a deal has been reached for custody of michael jackson's two oldest children. this morning, the details of the agreement. and a "today" exclusive, for the first time, someone who was inside jackson's home on the day he died speaks out. we have a live interview with the pop star's personalchef. she's alive. massachusetts police find a baby girl cut from her mother's womb and arrest two people in connection with that woman's murder. this morning, overnight details on the horrific case. and wild ride. the police chase caught on
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camera. the suspect evading officers, blowing through stop signs. and look who was behind the wheel. yeah, a 7-year-old boy who didn't want to go to church. police aren't filing charges, but we're guessin he is grounded "today," thursday, july 30th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on a thursday morning, i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. this morning we have new information on the plan that is in place, apparently, for custody of michael jackson's children. >> the deal will be announced later today. but overnight nbc news learned of the details. and the key part centers on debbie rowe, the birth mother of the two oldest children, prince and paris. the deal will allow her to build a relationship with them. we're going to have much more in
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a moment. plus our exclusive interview with jackson's personal chef. she will reveal for the first time what went on in that home the day that michael jackson died. >> also ahead, today is the day that henry louis gates jr., sergeant james crowley and president obama will sit down at the white house and have a couple of beers. they're going to discuss gates' arrest and controversy that has followed that. we're going to have much more on that story coming up. and this morning, more of "today takes a vacation." this morning we are in las vegas, baby. amy and nat, there they are at caesar's palace on the las vegas strip. >> you guys have not gone to bed yet, is that true? >> actually a little bit. >> two hours. >> we got stuck on the one-way yesterday. >> oh, gosh. looks like a lot of fun. you guys are being pampered appropriately. we're going to check in with them in just a little while. >> but let's begin with that exclusive information on the custody deal reached in the michael jackson case. nbc's jeff rossen has the details. jeff, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: hi, meredith. good morning to you. let's get right to it. here are the highlights. under this new custody deal, michael jackson's kids will live with their grandmother katherine, and debbie rowe will get visitation. but she won't ask for custody. michael jackson's kids were his life. since his death they've been in limbo. no permanent plan until now. in a new custody deal not yet announced, nbc news has learned michael's 79-year-old mother katherine will get the children. 12-year-old prince, 11-year-old paris, and 7-year-old blanket. under the agreement, debbie rowe, biological mother to the two oldest, will retain her parental rights. but she agrees not to make a claim for custody. rowe will get visitation, but no extra money beyond the spousal agreement already in place. our sources believe prince and paris now know debbie re is their biological mother.
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in fact, as a central part of the agreement, thell begin to have a relationship with her, now that their father is dead. a child psychologist will supervise the process, and sources say rowe believes she can develop a meaningful bond with her kids. >> i think it's interesting that she is going to try to establish a relationship wh the children. that's somewhat surprising that after all of this time, reports have been that she didn't have a lationship. and the fact that she wants to start one up now, is a bit surprising. >> reporter: sources close to the deal tell nbc news rowe did the right thing and decided the children are best off with katherine and the jackson family. the family they've always known. >> i think this puts to rest a lengthy and protracted piece of litigation. and i think the children are going to benefit from that. obviously. it orders their lives immediately and lets them get on with the business of being children. >> reporter: and this morning we're getting a rare look at those children, and michael jackson, the dad. happily playing with his kids on
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home video at neverland. here, jackson is celebrating his daughter's birthday. it was 2002. paris was turning 4. >> i love my daddy so much. you're the best daddy in the whole world. >> reporter: now, we're learning more about the man at the center of the criminal investigation, dr. conrad murray. according to court papers obtained by nbc news, murray has deep money troubles. even before jackson's death. >> the resident of dr. conrad murray's -- >> reporter: he was about to lose his luxury home. the very home authorities searched on tuesday. dr. murray hasn't paid his $15,000 a month mortgage since january 2009. this month, as police targeted him in a manslaughter investigation, the bank wrote a declaration of default and demand for sale. foreclosure. nbc news has obtained separate court papers showing dr. murray was also a deadbeat dad. he owes back child support totalling almost $11,000.
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dr. murray was sentenced to 25 days in jail in 2007, and then sentenced to another ten days in jail just mont ago, in april. doctor murray never served the sentence, allowed more time to provide proof of income. in may, dr. murray took the job as michael jackson's personal physician, reportedly making $150,000 a month. >> prosecutors who are making decisions as to what charges to file right now will automatically be thinking about what a jury and how a jury is going to be able to react. they are going to look at the financial e6d as being very powerful evidence to help explain why dr. murray may have administered propofol and greed, financial dire straits and money are great rationale and great explanations that play great in front of a jury and great in terms of an investigation. >> reporter: late last night, dr. murray's lawyer conceded his client is facing foreclosure. and issued this statement. dr. murray has lost the ability to make a living as a result of thisinvestigation. his hope is he can forestall
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foreclosure until he can once again begin working as a doctor. he wouldt comment on the child support problems, and has said his client did nothing wrong in connection with jackson's death. the l.a. county coroner confirms to nbc news jackson's toxicology results are in, but won't release them until next week, pending further tests. we're, of course, all waiting for those results. but to recap a major overnight development, nbc news has learned there is a deal between katherine jackson and debbie rowe. katherine will get custody of the kids. the agreement still has to be submitted to superior court for approval here in los angeles. that will happen first thing on monday morning. meredith? >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. it is 7:07. now here's matt. meredith, thanks very much. we want to warn you about this next story. it is extremely disturbing. a young woman, eight months pregnant, found murdered on monday. 23-year-old darlene haynes was discovered in the closet of her worcester, massachusetts apartment. her fetus had been taken from
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her womb. last night as neighbors and friends mourned outside her home, police reported the missing baby had been found alive, 130 miles away in new hampshire. an acquaintance of haynes, 35-year-old julie corey was arrested and charged as a fugitive with probable cause of kidnapping. sergeant kerry hazelhurst is with the worcester police department. sergeant, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> let me go back to monday when darlene haynes body was discovered in the closet of her apartment. did your detectives immediately realize that perhaps the cause of death was related to the fact that a baby had actually been taken away from her, taken from her womb? >> matt, no, because upon the arrival on the scene, the woman was found in a closet wrapped in a blanket. and it was apparent that the victim had died several dies prior to our arrival. and usually in a circumstance like that, we'll leave the immediate scene untouched when
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the m.e.'s office was called on the scene, and they retrieved the body, they took the body and the contents, while she was still wrapped in the blanket, to the m.e.'s office for forensic examination. so, it wasn't until then, when they were able to examine the body that it was determined that the -- that the baby was missing. >> and then how did you get tipped off to this couple up in new hampshire that was in possession of a newborn? how did you come to be connected with them? >> wel during the course of the investigation, information was obtained with assistance of acquaintances of the -- of the victim, acquaintances of the suspect. we checked this story out with the media outlets as soon as we possibly could, without compromising the investigation. and it was with some help with the media outlets that we were able to get the information out
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there that we had a 23-year-old victim, who was pregnant, that was murdered, and that the fetus was missing. and the acquaintances of the suspect were able to piece together a lot of the odd circumstances that led up to their friend, who happened to just have a baby around the same time. apparently the woman stated to a friend that she had e child late thursday evening, or early friday morning. but then several hours later, in the day on friday, she arrived at the home with the child, which made it suspicious to a lot of her friends and family members that she had this infant home so early after delivering it. >> and so the baby is in what condition right now, sergeant? it's a little girl. doing well? >> yes. we just got off the phone with the officials up in new hampshire and the baby is in good condition. >> i mentioned that this 35-year-old suspect, julie corey, arrested, charged as a fugitive with probable cause of kidnapping. what about murder charges? will those be filed, as well?
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>> well, the investigation is still ongoing. there's still a lot of work that our investigators have to do on this. we're working closely with the district attorney's office right now, and, you know, we hope to get a conclusion on the rest of the investigation. >> let me just ask you -- >> clearly it's still -- >> but specifically do you think this young -- this woman julie corey and her male companion are the people who actually took the baby out of darlene haynes' womb? >> well, at this point, matt, i can't really get into the specifics of that because this investigation is still very much ongoing, and we're only talking about a couple days into the investigation. so there's still a lot of work to be had here. but clearly it was key that we found this infant. it was a great thing that we're able to find the infant in good health, in a medical facility right now, where she belongs, and you know, we have a lot of work still to do on this. >> all right, sergeant, thank you very much for your time.
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i really appreciate it. sandy granmaison is darlene haynes' great-aunt. miss granmaison, our condolences to you, good morning. >> thank you. >> what was your reaction when you heard this little baby was found alive? >> i would have had liked to have heard it a little bit from the police department and not off the tv. >> do you think that information -- >> not from the police department. i got a phone call telling me to put my television on, that there was a possibility the people that took the baby was captured. >> darlene was 23 years old, the mother of three children. i know she was trying to get her life on track. why do you think she was the target of this crime? >> there's a lot of reasons. darlene lived a rough here with
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her boyfriend. finally, i think he misunderstd my message that she had to be helped. i told her to go to the court, get restraining orders, and -- >> let me just stop you for a second. do you think the boyfriend -- do you think the boyfriend had anything to do with this? i know he had been questioned by police. >> i cannot say or prove at this time that he had anything to do with it. i can only go with the fact of what i know. >> you say that darlene had a heart of gold. what should we know about her? >> darlene did have a heart of gold. one, she loved her children. she never forgot tir birthdays, their christmas. she could be down to her last
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dollar or dime in her pocket, and if you needed it, she gave it to you. she would give you whatever she had and go without. she wouldn't think twice about letting you sleep in her house, on her sofa, or her bed, while she slept on the floor. >> well, again, sandy granmaison, our condolences on the loss of your great-niece. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> and now here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. and now to the white house, where it is far from politics as usual today. while the president is pressing his case for health care, his poll numbers are sagging. but it's today's beer fest that is getting all the attention. chuck todd is nbc's chief white house correspondent. chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. as you know the last week has been a distraction for the president over the gates thing. but, the last month or two, as he's been trying to push health care, has been very, very unkind to the president.
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tonight at the white house, the president sits down with harvard professor henry gates and cambridge police sarge ernt james crowley for what may be the most anticipated beer ever. some are calling it the picnic table summit because the three men will be drinking their beer at the same table where the president has huddled with secretary of state clinton. >> stupidly -- >> reporter: mr. obama is hoping the meeting will put this issue behind him after a week of coverage has sidetracked his push for health care. >> michelle's probably e-mailing me about grabbing some milk on the way home. >> reporter: wednesday the president wasn't talking about beer. he went to a kroger's supermarket in bristol, virginia. the first town he visited during the 2008 general election campaign. this time, to campaign for health care reform. >> this is where change began. and that's why i've come back. >> reporter: it was just hours after some conservative democrats on capitol hill, known as the blue dogs agreed to a compromise that would cut the cost of the reform bill in the house. but is congress closer to getting something passed in september?
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>> i'm not thinking about the politics of this thing right now. >> reporter: republicans predictably argued the american people would not be impressed with the new compromise. >> millions will lose their current health insurance, and many americans will lose their job as a result of the higher taxes on businesses. >> reporter: the president mixed in an economic message by referring to the current cover of "newsweek," featuring the headlines "the recession is over." >> i'll bet you found this news a little startling. i know i did. >> reporter: he said the economic free-fall has stopped, but that doesn't mean the tough times are over. >> we may be seeing the beginning of the end of the recession. >> reporter: but according to the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll, more than half said the economy has not hit bottom. the combination of the sluggish economy, and the debate on health care, has been taking a toll on the president's popularity. for the third straight month the president's approval rating has fallen from 61% in april to 56% in june, to 53% now. and as uneasy as respondents
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were about the president, they why downright negative about congress. 63% disapprove of the job lawmakers have done. only 24% approve. now, meredith, a couple of points about the poll. one, everybody's got their jerseys back on, the blue team and the red team. we're back to sort of where campaign 2008 was. almost very much the polarized political environment. the other thing, sarah palin. more republicans told us they would not like to see her as president some day than told us they would. th is republicans. >> since her decision to leave office. and finally beer fest. you think it will be the end of this discussion? >> well, we'll see. notice they're only going to get cameras in at the beginning of the discussion. apparently they don't want to let them comment after they've had a couple of beers. >> smart. because otherwise that would be stupid. >> teachable moment. there you go. let's get a check of the rest of the top stories. ann's over at the news desk with that. good morning, ann. >> good morning, matt and meredith. in the news this morning, the list -- just who would get the swine flu vaccine has been made
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public. a government panel of experts made recommendations on wednesday, anticipating a vaccine may become available by the fall. nbc's chief science correspondent robert bazell is covering the story. he's got the details for us. hey, bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ann. swine flu continues to spread in the united states, and throughout the world. mostly it strikes young people. but there are the occasional hospitalizations and deaths. big outbreaks in the southern hemisphere warn of what could happen here when our flu season returns. in argentina there have been shortages o icu beds and ventilators. a vaccine would be the answer, but it's not yet an option. there are serious production problems. as homeland security secretary napolitano warned. tailable before the school year teitof tr:hat's why a committee of experts met at the cdc to decide who should get the vaccine when it is available. the priority? pregnant women, because of the risk of complications. household contacts and
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caregivers for children younger than 6 months, because infants can die from flu. health care and emergency medical workers. people age 6 months through 24 years, because the virus strikes mostly young people. adults 24 through 64, with underlying health conditions problems, heart disease and diabetes. >> we've never really had to sort of make those almost rationing type decisions. because, while the hope is that eventually there's enough vaccine for everybody, some of those 120 million, 200 million doses of it may not come until the main brunt of the pandemic is over. >> reporter: officials here at the cdc expect that when school is open, in some places as you know in a few weeks, there's going to be big outbreaks, maybe more school closings, and a lot of more of that advice about hand washing and covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze. but it's going to be a bad, bad flu season starting very soon. >> all right, bob.
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thanks so much for the warning. bob bazell this morning. tensions are higher this morning between north and south korea, after north korea seized a fishing boat from the south that has strayed into its waters. south korea's demanding that the records on wednesday in parts of the northwest, where the temperature hit 103 degrees in seattle, and 106 in parts of oregon. severe weather ripped through parts of the northeast on wednesday, downing trees and power lines. this funnel cloud in northern new jersey was caught on cell phone video. overseas markets are higher this morning, so are gas prices, now $2.52 a gallon for regular according to aaa. erin burnett is at the new york stock exchange with more. what's the focus there? >> ann, it's interesting you mention gasoline prices. oil plunged yesterday. eventually that will feed through to the pump. we're going to have a little bit of a rebound today. hope for markets as well as oil prices, hope that the recession is over. the latest survey of economic growth in this country came out midday yesterday, and showed the economy is not shrinking as
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quickly as it was. that's not growth. but it is an improvement, and second, this morning, the ceo of credit card company visa came out and said, quote, things are getting somewhat better. not somewhat worse. you may say those are rather lukewarm endorsements, but at least they're endorsements in any way at all. 50 more companies to comb through those comments today. a day after he lost his first major event in four years, olympic gold medalist michael phelps returned to his winning ways on wednesday, setting a worl record in the 200 meter butterfly. was his 34th career world record, surpassing the number held by mark spitz. and as meredith mentioned earlier, there was an unusual police chase last sunday in utah, where police followed a car that was weaving back and forth, driving through stop signs, and when the car finally stopped the driver turned out to be a 7-year-old boy, who could barely reach the pedals. he ran off, as you just saw. he apparently said that he took the family's car because he didn't want to go to church.
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it is now 7:21. let's go to meredith, matt and al. >> he was was still running. >> that could have been bad. really, really bad. >> it's not a joke at all. >> if somebody had been hit with that. lu tilofity urned outit okay. we did have somed ea wil wther w f r oroixainches if ofnai in upstebi colum olcounty. reports of tornadoes. d right now, down in the southwest, they're under the gun. dallas-ft. worth, heavy thunderstorms. they've had tornado warnings, tornado watches. flood watches, as well. rainfall amounts from little rock into northern alabama. we're talking about five to seven inches of rain. flood watches still up for/a?a?a >> a good thursday morning to you. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we have a fairly clear sky. sunshine getting through. temperatures are in the low to mid 70s now around town. 73 in washington, 73 in prince george's county, 71 in fairfax, and loudoun counties, in northern virginia. 70 degrees on the nose in
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montgomery county, maryland. here's our forecast today. hazy sunshine, hot and humid today. highs upper 80s to low 90s. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. and just ahead, the last day of michael jackson's life. for the first time, someone who was inside his home tt day speaks out. a live exclusive interview with his personal chef. but first this is "today" on nbc. x;eñ?
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still ahead, viva las vegas. natalie and amy take on sin city. .
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good morning. welcome. i'm barbara harrison. it's thursday, july 30, 2009. the time right now 7:26. in the news at this hour, firefighters were hampered by water pressure problems while trying to fight a massive house fire. the flames broke out on chain bridge road around 9:00 last night not far from american university. the home belongs to former school board president peggy cooper cafritz. redskins players start the long trek. jim zorn opens training camp.
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live coverage starting at 4:00 p.m. weather and traffic is next.
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od morning everyone. i'm chuck bell. temperaturesre right around the 70-degree mark in town as the sunshine is coming down on the roof of the jefferson memorial. our forecasted highs near 92 degrees with hazy, hot and humid conditions all day long. the next chance for thunderstorms is tomorrow. >> all right, chuck. in from the west hazy sunshine keeping things at bay from fair oaks to the capital beltway. we have an accident inbound
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south capital on the douglas bridge. police on the scene. northeast corridors looking pretty good at this hour. >> thanks, jerry. tonight at 5:00 liz crenshaw finds out who gives you the best lunch deals
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it's 7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 30th day of july, 2009. hard to believe, august just around the corner. actually, we're not finished with our july fun just yet, because the kings of leon will be here tomorrow, on the plaza, to wrap up the month with a live summer concert. if you're in the area, come check it out. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira. and coming up in this half hour, one of the few people inside michael jackson's home on the morning the pop star died. >> her name is kai chase.
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she was jackson's personal chef. and for the first time she will talk about everything that happened on that tragic morning. what and who she saw, the chaos of it all, that's in our exclusive interview in just a moment. >> also ahead, it is the fourth and final day of "today takes a vacation." natalie and amy are living it up in las vegas with the juggling bartenders. the night club at caesar's palace. we're going to check in with them in just a little bit. but first let's begin with new information in the michael jackson case. nbc news has learned that a custody deal has been reached. nbc's jeff rossen is in los angeles. he has the latest on the agreement. jeff, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, matt. here's what we know at this point. under this new agreement, michael's mother katherine jackson gets custody of the kids. debbie rowe will get visitation. have and build a meaningful that she is the biological mother to, thas prince and paris. we're told they now know she is
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their biological mother. important to note here, rowe gets no extra money in this deal, and retains her parental rights. sources say it was debbie rowe, in fact, who decided the kids are better off staying with katherine and the jackson family, where they have been. both sides will submit this deal to a judge on monday morning for approval, matt, and at this point, they believe it's a formality. >> let's talk about the criminal investigation that's also under way, jeff. any developments in that? >> reporter: yeah, we're actually learning more this morning about the man at the center of that criminal investigation. the manslaughter investigation. dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's personal physician. turns out he was in deep financial trouble, even before jackson's death. nbc nbc news has obtained court documents showing he was about to go into foreclosure on his luxury home in las vegas. dr. murray hasn't paid his $15,000 a month mortgage since january. we've also obtained court documents showing his failure to pay child support, as well. at one point, he owed nearly $11,000, and was actually
7:33 am
sentenced to jail. important to note, though, he never served any time. he was given more time to show proof of income. it was around there, in may, he took the job as michael jacks jackson's personal doctor. if prosecutors file charges, experts say they most likely would wait until the full toxicology report is released. that, wee told, will happen next week. a big week next week, and of course this week, as well, with the custody deal. >> jeff, sthangs very much. jeff rossen in los angeles for us this morning. 33 after the hour. with more on the story, here's meredith. >> matt, thank you. kai chase was michael jackson's personal chef, and was in the kitchen of the pop star's rented home on the morning that he died and she's with us exclusively. kai, good morning to up. >> good morning, meredith. >> i'd love to start with this custody agreement. katherine jackson will maintain custody of the children. you got to know them very well in the time that you were at their home. you've actually seen them since their dad's death. do you think this is the right decision for these two kids? >> i believe so. oh, definitely. i got a chance to see the children a couple weeks ago, and
7:34 am
just being in the home with the grandmother katherine was a beautiful experience. they had cousinsand, you know, they're having a great time. they were wonderful, they're happy and i think it's a great decision. >> and that's their grandma. >> yes, that's their grandmother. >> the birth mom of prince michael and paris, debbie rowe, has asked for, and will get, children, so that they can get to know her. did they ever bring up her name in the time that you were with them? >> you know, we never discussed with anyone else what was going on in the home. you know, food, break time games, but i never heard the name. >> you never heard them mention debbie rowe at all? >> no. >> how do y think they will handle that situation? >> i think it will be great for them. you know, they should know their biological mother. you know, i think that would be great. it will be wonderful for paris, growing up as a young girl. you know, and for the boys, you
7:35 am
know. it's good to have a mother figure around. you know, she'll know. >> i want to take you back to june 25th, a truly horrible day. you were at the jackson home. for you, you came in every morning around 8:00, 8:30? >> right, exactly. >> when did you realize that something wasn't quite right or when did you sense that this was not a normal day? >> well, you know, i get the breakfast ready for the children in the morning around 8:30, like that, nine o'clock. and they're having breakfast, and time goes by, and putting everything together for them, and around 10:00, 10:30, and normally dr. murray, he would come down and -- >> dr. conrad murray? >> right, would come down and retrieve maybe something for mr. jackson to start his day off with. maybe one of the organic juices that i've made, granola with almond, something to start his day with. but this day, i didn't see that.
7:36 am
so the hours kept going, so i prepared lunch. lunch should be ready by 12:30, something, so mr. jackson can have lunch with his children. >> which was normal? >> which was his normal routine, you know. before he goes to the rehearsal. and so around 12:00 i look at my cell phone, and okay, let me get ready for the lunch, and start preparing this lunch. and i wrap his plate for him, mr. jackson in saran wrap, because he likes to be treated as if he were in a hotel. served, you know, very special. and around 12:00, 12:10, dr. murray comes running down the stairs into the kitchen stairwell, into the kitchen, he comes into the kitchen screaming, hurry, go get prince go get security. >> so he's frantic? >> he's frantic, yeah. and so i drop erything at that point, and run to the den, which is not too far away from the kitchen, and get prince. prince hurry, come with me,
7:37 am
dr. murray is screaming something may be wrong with your dad. prince goes and sees what dr. murray is asking at the stairs, and dr. murray runs back upstairs. >> and was prince following him? >> no, prince was downstairs. >> so he didn't take prince to the room? >> no, no. >> we had heard stories about that. >> i d not see that, no. that did not happen. and so, you know, a matter of minutes, minutes, you know, i see paramedics running up the stairs, and security skipping stairs, running up the stairs, you know, this is, you know, at that point you could feel the energy change. >> what do you mean? >> you know, it was a happy home. you know, there's music playing throughout the house all -- his fireplace is roaring and beautiful laught. and this wasn't that. it felt still. it just felt like it just didn't feel right. you know what i mean? so, i, you know, we're all
7:38 am
panicking and wondering what's going on, you know. paris is screaming and crying, daddy, daddy, daddy. you know, the kids want to know what's going on with their father. >> they were being kept downstairs with you and the housekeeper and the nanny i believe? >> and the nanny. >> what are you all doing? >> so we're -- we're -- we're wondering what's going on. we come together and we stand in a circle, we start holding hands and we start praying. you know, we're praying, dear god, please l mr. jackson be okay, you know. and you know, we're sitting downstairs wondering, an hour goes by. and security comes to us and asks us, you know, at this point, we're asking you to leave the house, leave the premises and we asked is mr. jackson going to be okay? we're taking him to the hospital. >> so at this point you don't know anything? >> no. they still didn't know. we are in my car and i hear that mr. jackson's dead. >> what went through your mind when you heard that? >> i had to pull over.
7:39 am
i had to pull over on the side of the road, because it just -- it -- why? who knew? i mean, i panicked. and i was crying. you know, this is a lovely man. you know, this man was sensational, you know. a love to everyone. you know, everyone appreciated the man's, you know, generosity, and his, you know, it's just fabulous father to his children. >> i want to ask you about that, and we'll go back to the days leading up to his death. you first joined the family in march of this year. you had a phone call that there was a client who needed somebody who could prepare healthy meals. you get the job, and then you find out it's michael jackson? >> right. i couldn't believe it. i thought -- i couldn't believe it. i still feel that right now, you know, even though i -- i -- i told him, you know, the person who interviewed me. i thought the person
7:40 am
interviewing me was the client. but it wasn't. oh, sure, no problem. my client's going to love you when can you start is what he said to me? i said, you're not the client? he said, no, no, no, this is who you'll be working for and they gave me his business card. i said you're kidding, no way. am i being punked? am i on candid camera? >> no, this is true, he wants you toome work for him. >> so you go to michael jackson's home, that he was renting, and the person who interviewed you there first, not michael jackson, his children? >> no. >> his children? >> it's the children. and you know, i get to the house, and first person into the house and the people i'm greeted by are these adorable kids, you know, that i had heard were anticipating my arvaarrival. can't wait to meet her. >> what do they ask you? what kind of questions? >> they were asking questions like, well, we like healthy food. so smart. so adorable. we like healthy food, can you cook healthy? what do you like to eat? we talked about everything from food to video games to animals,
7:41 am
and we just created a instant bond right there. you know, so ice cream, candies, daddy allows us to have sweets when we ask. >> it was healthy living in that home. >> yeah. >> a few days later you met michael. impression of him, and him with his children? we are seeing video today of him th his kids taken back at neverland. i'm wondering what your impression of them was? >> you know, at the dinner table, i would prepare the meals, and he would always make a great ambience in the dining room. turn the lights down, twinkling lights, turn up the music, 101 or rocki 'n' roll while they're ning. or in the daytime he would have maybe some of the art he enjoyed that he collected. and he'd have it around the dining room. so the kids had an impression
7:42 am
they were eating in a museum. >> what did he say to you about what he felt your mission should be there? why was it important for him to have you there? i know he was building up to this tour. >> yeah. you know, i started in march. and i was let go in may. i was let go in may, only to return back in the beginning of june. and the third day there mr. jackson said, can he speak with you? i meet with him in the hallway. and he says, i know you know what you're doing. you know, i know you're good at what you do. i need you to keep me healthy. >> i'm going to stop right there because we're going to take a break. but you left again, you left in may for three weeks because of a disagreement with i guess a contract problem. >> yes. >> but you did come back and when you came back in june, you saw a slightly different michael jackson, even though it was just three weeks between the last time you had seen him. we're going to pick up there when we come back in our next half hour.
7:43 am
kai chase, thank you so much. for now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> thanks a lot, meredith. we've got a happy birthday. barbara, happy birthday. >> thank you. >> you look fantastic. good for you. and we've got a happy 16th. who is sweet 16? happy birthday. what's your name? >> brittany. >> nice toee you. happy birthday. let's check your weather, see what's happening. the heat continues out west. all-time record highs for bellingham washington, seattle, olym, portland, salem, and record highs today. not quite as high, temperatures upper 90s to 100 degrees. the rest of thecountry, the heat continues. the southwest down through texas, gulf coast, into the southeast. cooler?k?g?g?k?g?k?g?g?g good thursday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. off to a humid start, temperatures in the low 70s around town. a few 60s left in the high spots up toward martinsburg and winchester. a warm and hazy day today.
7:44 am
high in washington 92 degrees, 50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and night. saturday looking dry. a chance for a shower to late on sunday. that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. up next kerry sanders takes a look toe very real problems plaguing one state. pie thobs everywhere. right after this.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
we're back now at 7:47. of course, tourism is very big in florida. but there are some unwanted visitors who have apparently overstayed their welcome. nbc's kerry sanders has more on that. kerry, good morning to you. >> well, good morning. i'm in the loxahatchee national wildlife refuge. quite literally. which is part of the everglades here. and i have some protection off camera and you'll understand why here in a moment. the problem begins in urban
7:48 am
florida. at pet stores. people buy what some people figure are cute little pets. they are pythons, burmese pythons. but the problem is they go from here to here, and before you know it they're six, eight feet long. and the owners can't fathom the idea of killing their pet because it's too big. they come the to the everglades, they clear a little area and they'll let it go loose. that snake lays upwards of 100 eggs. and so nowhe hunt is on, because it's estimated there are more than 150,000 wild burmese pythons on the loose. it may have been a bit of luck, but on the first day hunters hit the everglades, they wrestled an immense snake lurking under a board walk. >> he was on the move. he'd seen us out here. >> reporter: it's not just that the snakes are big. >> seven, eight. >> when i grabbed him he came around and just nicked me with a tooth.
7:49 am
>> reporter: biologists say they're rapidly upsetting the balance of nature. alligators were once the top of the food chain here. but in this series of photos, the battle is revealed, the most vivid example, the python that tried to swallow a gator. the snake exploded and then died. just this month, a pet albino python slithered into a child's bedroom and killed the 2-year-old. >> this is what we have been saying was going to happen. >> reporter: florida senator bill nelson said it's only a matter of time before there's another attack. >> sooner or later, for an unsuspecting tourist in the everglades national park, there will be an encounter with a human. >> reporter: attempts to rid florida of these exotics have included beacons and planted and captured snakes to trap them back to their nests. dogs like python pete, trained to sniff out the serpents.
7:50 am
>> there it is. good boy. >> reporter: and classes. >> that's the way to do it. get yourself where you can lunge at the head. don't miss. >> reporter: where increasingly pythons are showing up. the battle is so serious, there are federal plans to take it high tech. >> there's a possibility of using remote controlled airplanes with thermal sensors to detect pythons. >> reporter: experts warn unchecked the pythons will spread beyond florida. but, they say, even killing every snake they can find may be a case of too little, too late. >> this is just one tool that's going to be in the tool box. i mean, this is not going to be the silver bullet. >> reporter: how did the government let this happen? well, the state of florida three years ago complained to the federal department of interior and said we see a crisis coming. please stop the legal importation of pythons. the department of interior said let's study the problem. they've been studying it for three years and in the statistics available, in the last ten-year period, 99,000
7:51 am
pythons have been imported to the united states. so clearly, the government let something get out of hand now, and now the hunt is on, matt. >> kerry, it's an amazing story. meredith was just wondering if you cod wade a little deeper in the water. >> kerry, i was not. there's only one snake at this desk, kerry. >> reporter: the snake is going to protect me from the gator? >> get out of there. just get out of the water. that's all we want you to do. >> you know, there's a lot of sharks in new york, too. >> oh, yes. >> still to come we're going to have much more ahead with michael jackson's personal chef. but first, on a thursday morning, these messages.
7:52 am
7:53 am
natalie and amy are in las vegas. ladies, what's coming up? >> well, we've got showgirls, we've got donny and marie osmond. >>nd natalie and i went to stiletto space girl and met our inner bond girl.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
and good morning. it's 7:56 on a thursday morning here in the washington area. as you look live over downtown, there's the jefferson memorial with early morning sunshine on the roof. it is indeed going to be a very warm day today. temperatures are already in the low to mid 70s in many neighborhoods, 73 in washington, 71 degrees in chantilly, virginia, 72 in montgomery village, 72 in kwannic co, virginia. it will be a hot one, the high spots in the blue ridge in the upper 80s and along side the chesapeake bay will also be in the upper 80s. low 90s in town.
7:57 am
barbara, a check of the news. >> thank you very much. the body of a man was found in a in alexandria andic peol hell t deathsuspicious. ll wsuspicious. a woman hnimed him down yesterday evening and directed them to the car where police found a man with trauma to his upper body. the washington redskins are gearing up for the start of training camp. the first practice begins at 8:30. admission and parking are free. dan and lindsay will have live coverage. we'll get back with a look at traffic in a moment. (announcer) it's time to raise the bar
7:58 am
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let's look at our traffic now. >> good morning. top side of the capital beltway police headed for an accident reported on the outer loop between new hampshire avenue and university boulevard. by the looks of the traffic i suspect something is going on we'll see how things are, 95 northbound, an accident at lorton has been cleared to the shoulder. headed north from daily city up to the lorton interchange rubbernecking delays substantial. 66 no hangups, all the travel lanes are open. and south of town, wilson bridge, inner and outer loop between alexandria and oxen hill looking good. good news there. >> sure is. thank you. tonight at 5:00 liz crenshaw finds out who gives you the best lunch deals for $5.
8:00 am
8:00 now on this thursday morning, july 30th, 2009. and this is what we like to see, a packed plaza filled with people waving hello to their family and their friends back home. and if they come back tomorrow, they can wave to these guys, the kings of leon will be here to put on a live concert here on the plaza. should be a lot of fun. >> it should be great fun. >> i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer and al roker. much more with michael jackson's
8:01 am
chef, including the cards and gifts michael jackson gave them. also find out what she knew about jackson's personal dr., conrad murray. we'll talk with her exclusively about all of that. that is a shot, as you know, of dr. murray at his home in las vegas. >> on a much lighter note it is day four of "today takes a vacation." for that we have sent natalie and amy out to las vegas. oh, i've got to see this. those were low kicks. >> you guys can do a little better than that. >> they'll become showgirls. and part of their little quick vacation out there, theyook a couple of classes at something called stiletto spy school. i don't know what that means but i'm sure natalie and amy will fill us in. apparently -- >> oh, weapons. >> yikes. >> all right. >> you can use a stiletto as a weapon. >> there you go. >> uh-oh. anyway, two words for you.
8:02 am
rib showdown. >> oh, love this. >> oh, yeah. we've got the best of the ribs across the country. from north carolina to south carolina to texas and n york. we are talking barbecue. >> whoo! 33 >> you should smell it on the plaza right now. >> oh, it's so good. >> first let's get a check of the top headlines from ann curry at the news desk. >> hey, guys, good morning once again, everybody. in the news, the swine flu priority list released on wednesday is recommending that pregnant women, health care workers and children be among the first to get a vaccine. the list from a government panel of experts anticipates the vaccine to become available as early as september to stem the pandemic. they are especially concerned about the spread of the flu when school starts in the fall, a swine flu is affecting young people disproportionately. the government estimates that about 120 million doses of vaccine will be made available in the fall. in massachusetts, tales of a
8:03 am
terrible crime are emerging. darlene haynes was found dead on monday in her apartment. her fetus taken from her womb. the baby was found alive last night, 130 miles away in new hampshire. and police have arrested an acquaintance of haynes', 35-year-old julie corey. last night, neighbors and friends of haynes lit candles outside her home. tonight, president obama will be sharing a beer or two with harvard professor henry gates jr. and cambridge police officer sergeant james crowley, two weeks after an arrest spurred a national debate on race. the president is hoping to maked incident a teachable moment. meantime the woman who called 911 about the possible break-in at gates' home has come forward and nbc's ron allen is in cambridge with more on this part of the story. hey, ron. >> reporter: good morning to you, an. lucia layen was very emotional and very upset because she had become a villain in all of this. she's been criticized for using what sounds like a racial stereotype to describe what she saw at gates' home that y,wo
8:04 am
black men with pack backs trying to break in. when it was gates and his driver. she said the words were in a police report, and whalen insists she never used them. and she came forward only after the 911 tape essentially proved her right. now she just wants to be lt alone, and interestingly she said if she had to do it all over again, despite what happened she would make that 911 call again because it was the right thing to do. >> ron allen this morning. thanks for reporting on this story, ron. also in the news, four south florida police officers have been taken off the streets and given administrative duties after video allegedly shows them trying to cover up what happened during an accident. our nbc station wtvj has more on this. >> reporter: it started out as a minor traffic accident. >> the cop was right behind me and crashes right into me. >> reporter: 23-year-old alexandra torrence villa was just accelerating at a green light when she had to suddenly stop. >> the cat decided to jump out the window. >> reporter: just after midnight
8:05 am
on february 17th she's arrested for driving under the influence and placed in the back of a patrol car. even though officer joel francisco slammed into her for not keeping a safe distance. that's what the four hollywood officers on scene led by dui investigator tried to manipulate the evidence. >> we're going to try to bend this a little bit. to protect the cops. it doesn't matter. >> to avoid any civil liability on the part of the hollywood police department, the officer who is guiltly of hitting her vehicle, they framed her. >> as far as i'm concerned, i'm gonna put words in his mouth. she went to accelerate, a cat jumps out, literally a cat jumps out the window at which time he thought it could have been a pedestrian. >> reporter: in the audio you can also hear him plotting to fabricate the incident report, covering up the fact alexandra had been in front of the officer's car. >> i'm going to word it that she was in the left-hand lane, that
8:06 am
she -- when the cat jumped out she abruptly cut over to his lane and slammed on the brakes. >> for a sime traffic infraction, they have now placed themselves with the possibility of going to prison. >> that report from wtvj's amber asone. all chaes against the driver were dropped on wednwednesday. now let's get a check of the weather with al. >> thanks a lot, ann. we've got a poster. who are these three beautiful kids? >> my three beautiful kids. >> what are you doing? >> visiting. >> okay. good. i'm re they miss you. and i know you miss them. let's check your weather, see what's happening. hartford, connecticut, nbc 30, partly cloudy and warm. 84 degrees there. and the jet stream ban of air, 20,000 feet above the earth's surface. way up to the north out west, that keeps those record highs there. it dipped down in the mid-plains, so they have cool weather and as we head on into saturday, the storm track just
8:07 am
to the south of the northeast sa good thursday morning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the sun is shining in washington, it's warming up our temperatures quickly. warming up the air. 75 here in town, 74 in fairfax county, 74 also in prince george's county and anne arundel county and low 70s in the panhandle of west virginia. the forecast, it's a hot one for hazy sunshine with temperatures up in the low 90s. near 90 again tomorrow, tomorrow we face a chance for afternoon storm, again late on sunday. our executive producer jim bell examining theup coming rib showdown. how do things look, jim? >> they're looking good. they're smelling good, and soon they'll be tasting good. >> it's interesting. during most segments i don't see you up here. >> i had to come up and see a guy about a thing. >> matt? >> a guy about a horse? >> a thing. >> okay, got it. when we come back we're going to
8:08 am
have much more of our exclusive f.i'n'iew with michael shs iwa hs personal chef. sh was in the house on the day that he died. we're going to hear what she has to say. but first, these messages. imodium multi-symptom relief combines two powerfuledicines for fast relief of your diarrhea symptoms, so you can get back out there. imodium. get back out there.
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plus, toyota is offering factory incentives omany models for even more savings. with toyota being the most dependable and fuel-efficient car company in america, it's no wder 25 models in the toyota family qualify. sourry irtoou y toyota dealer today. we are back at 8:12 with more of our exclusive interview with kai chase, michael jackson's personal chef. she was in his rented home on the day he died. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when we left off, we were talking about the fact that you had left the home for about three weeks in may, came back in june, the beginning of june, and you noticed a change at that point in michael jackson's behavior and his appearance. tell me about that. >> when i was in the home in april, mr. jackson would come downstairs routinely, come downstairs, and before he went on his rehearsal, looking
8:13 am
wonderful. and sharp. in a blazer, aviator glasses, going out, going to the studio, upbeat, chipper, eating. and you know, feeling really good about himself. but when i came back in june, i noticed he was a little thinner. and i was wondering, had he been eating? you know, had he been eating? and then i thought to myself, he's a dancer. you know, he's a dancer. his body is his tool. he's working very hard. >> and he did say to you at one point, they're killing me in reference to the fact that he was working so hard? rehearsing so hard? >> yes, yes. he said i need you to take care of me. i need you to feed me healthy, like you have been. i need you to -- do you have my peaches in your refrigerator? yes, mr. jackson. i have food for you. they're killing me. they're killing me. i'm rehearsing very hard. you know. >> it was also around that time
8:14 am
that dr. conrad murray became a fixture in the home there every day. >> mm-hmm. >> did michael jackson ever say to you why he would need a personal physician on a daily basis? was this something he had seen before? >> you know, mr. jackson and i never spoke about his personal physician. just mainly about the food, and keeping him healthy. getting him ready for the tour. you know. mr. -- >> the doctor? >> dr. murray, i saw him more routinely in june. and he -- he was in the home, and taking -- doing what he was supposed to as his doctor. >> when did he show up? >> i would see him in the morning. i would see him in the mornings when i went up to the house. and around 10:00, or so, 10:30 i would see him when he would come downstairs to retrieve a juice or some type of breakfast. >> and you have said that when he would come downstairs, he would be carrying oxygen tanks? >> i saw sometimes the oxygen tanks that he would carry down
8:15 am
the stairs. >> did you wonder what that was about? >> of course. of course i did. you know, i -- i -- i wasn't sure. i have never seen anything like that before. so, i wondered to myself, i wonder what those are used for. >> but this was something nobody else in the household spoke about? >> no. no. no one spoke about that at all. it's just probably something that he was taking care of mr. jackson with. >> from the time that you knew michael jackson, did you ever see any evidence that he was on any kind of medication? >> no. >> none? >> no, not at all. he ate very well when i was there. and that's what we were promoting. that's what we were encouraging, and that's what h was doing. >> what about reports, kai, that he had an easing disorder? a serious eating disorder? >> i never saw any of that. i would actually see the man eat, you know, and getting healthy. he was excited about this tour. he was very excited about this
8:16 am
tour. his kids were excited. we all were. you know, and he was doing a wonderful job. you know, he was -- would show some of his dance moves in the home to us while he was conversate with us and he was thrilled. >> the story is now circulating that he was on his drug propofol to help him sleep, this very strong sedative. did he ever appear to you to be somebody who had trouble sleeping? did he ever talk about sleeplessness? >> no, no. we never discussed any of that. you know, sometimes i would see mr. jackson come downstairs in the evening when i would be geing ready to leave, after the dinners, and would watch that he would be ready to go, and he'd come downstairs in his pajamas, he was going to bed. we'd have some conversation and -- >> does it seem odd to you that all of this could be going on upstairs where you were never allowed to go? >> right. >> and you're seeing a whole different person downstairs? >>e wasn't that way.
8:17 am
no, no. he was -- he was normal, i think. he was very excited about this tour. he was eating. he was interacting with his children. and game time, play time, and generous with his children and lunch with his children. i never saw anything different until when i came back. >> we're going to have more with yoin the next hour. we so appreciate it. including these are just some of the notes that his ildren wrote to you. my favorite, thanks for getting me the apricots, daddy loves them. signed yachld aya. a nickname for paris. >> and we are back right after a nickname for paris. >> and we are back right after this. um macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos. make one a double. she's fiber focused! i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate, hold the whip, and two espressos, one with a double shot. gonna take more than coffee to stay this focused. stay full and focused through the morning... with a breakfast of kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal; an excellent source of fiber that helps you avoid... the distraction of mid-morning hunger.
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taps. was easy. ♪ there's only one word for this ♪ ♪ it's bliss ♪ only one word describes chocolate this creamy, this rich, this indulgent. bliss. hershey's bliss chocolate. it's not just chocolate. it's iss. "today takes a vacation" is brought to you by >>it is day four of "today takes a vacation." and natalie and amy are taking in the sights on the las vegas strip. ladies, good morning to you and your friends.
8:22 am
>> good morning, you're right. it would not be las vegas if you didn't have your set of elvis impersonators. right? >> whoo! >> whoo! >> and, of course -- >> what a cast of characters. nonstop action with the glittering lights. there is simply no place on earth like las vegas. ♪ i got my money let's live it up ♪ >> reporter: just head down the strip and you understand why las vegas is called the entertainment capital of the world. from cirque du soliel to a-list headliners like cher and bette midler. odds are you'll find something here that suits your test. >> i think the level of service you get in las vegas is equal to or better than the service you get almost anywhere at any of the other resorts all around the world. >> reporter: and in vegas it may feel like you're in another world.
8:23 am
with the fantastically themed hotels. there's paris. venus. rome. rio. and, of course, new york, new york. not immune to the economic downturn, the casinos suffered in 2009. taking in nearly 17% less revenue compared to a year ago. but smaller crowds and more hotel vacancies makes a las vegas vacation an offer you can't refuse. >> this is the best time ever to come to las vegas as a tourist. the hotel rates are at the bare bones for magnificent suites and for wonderful rooms and great swimming pools. there's bargain after bargain. >> reporter: for those who still have money to burn, the barbie suite at the palms casino resort is a good place to do it. >> it's $4,000 a night for the suite. >> reporter: i'll be a brunette barbie for the day. while las vegas isn't known for its family-friendly activities,
8:24 am
there are ways to entertain the kids. from lions and tigers at the mirage. to the sharks at mandalay bay or ride down the coaster on the strip. but for the ultimate rush that kids of all ages can enjoy, bootleg canyon flight lines in boulder city, just 25 minutes away, is your best bet. just strap yourself in, and hang on for the ride of your life. whoo! plenty of fun to work up a good appetite, and for the foodies, as the divine miss m. knows, there's another shortage of celebrity chefs, too. >> the food is fantastic. great chefs are there. >> reporter: in the mood for italian, chef pellegrino at raos. sushi, phenomenal steaks, simon at palm's place is a good way to go. whatever your pleasure, they don't call vegas sin city for nothing.
8:25 am
>> ooh you really got to hang out with that. >> something for everyone here, that's for sure. coming up, charo! your show just starred here four weeks ago. >> i came to thank you very much to the "today" show, because i was in new york promoting the opening of my show. we are the biggest success in my entire career. >> and it's classic guitar? >> what has happened is i produce a show that is a combination of two different type of music. the first part of the program is music to make you dance, all of the hits in the industry. second part of the program, i put on a tuxedo and i play classical and flamenco. >> and you are fantastic. >> thank you very much. >> i was on the "today" show, and then brought this group called the soul of spain. and then flamenco.
8:26 am
>> real quickly we know you as t atwh nou yo. but what's your real name? >> maria de la martina our time now is 8:26, 75 degrees, live look at the white house this morning, see the breeze blowing out there, the flag on top of the white house. looks like we've got sunshine as well. we get the forecast coming up. good morning. i'm joe krebs on this thursday, this 30th day of july. in the news for today, firefighters were hampered by water pressure problems trying to fight a massive house fire in washington. the flames broke out in northwest not far from american university. the home belongs to former d.c. school board president and arts patron peggy cooper cafritz. no word what started the fire. in minutes the skins will officially begin training camp. the first practice begins at
8:27 am
8:30. admission and parking are free at redskins park. dan hellie and lindsay czarniak will have live coverage. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather forecast and check out the thursday traffic.
8:28 am
good morning. i'm chuck bell. it's a hazy and mild start, temperature right now 75 degrees, high today 92. better chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. saturday looks dry and sunday a chance of a shower late in the day. >> chuck, top side of the capital beltway had an accident approaching university boulevard. quick work by authorities, the backup begins close to i-95 headed toward silver spring.
8:29 am
earlier accident at lorton remains on the shoulder, drawing a little attention. delays starting to move up ream on 395 headed for downtown. >> tonight at 5:00 liz crenshaw finds out who gives you the best
8:30 am
8:30 now on a thursday morning. 30th day of july, 2009. i have to say our crowd today with a lot of energy. there's ann saying hi to come people. i hope they come tomorrow and have the same kings kings our sr t oer nccoagstt e. here on the plaza.
8:31 am
in our 8:30 half hour. we'd love to see you down here for a great show. meanwhile, speaking of putting on quite a show, natalie and amy are out in las vegas this morning. day four of "today takes a vacation." >> yes, they are. with two of the biggest stars on the strip, you're looking at them, donny and marie. i'm told the osmonds have a big announcement to share exclusively with us. we're going to get to that, as well as natalie and amy's visit to a sletto spy school in just a moment. >> man, does she look spectacular. >> wow! >> she's always looked good. >> a little bit later on, you might have to loosen your belt after this. that's right we've got a rib cookoff here. three pit masters doing it right. a rib showdown live on the plaza from alabama to texas style ribs to north carolina. we've got them all. there they are. it's a rib summit right there. >> we get to taste them.
8:32 am
i do. >> yeah. >> all ll right. >> that's all i got. >> that's all coming up, but first mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> whatever weather it is, it's always good for me. let's see what's happening. show you for today. we've got the risk of strong storms through texas. record highs continue out in the pacific northwest. morning showers depart new england. rain through the lower gulf coast. tomorrow, rain moves back into the northeast. sunny, but hot in the eastern -- or the west coast, on into the /a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a?a i'm chuck bell. the sun is shining, it's a hazy and humid morning across the area, temperatures in the middle 70s right now. our high temperatures this afternoon will be zooming into the upper 80s for the high spots west of town. low to mid 90s from washington southbound towd fredericksburg and also toward the chesapeake bay. temperatures near 90 degrees today. not much of a rain shower threat today. isolated showers possible.
8:33 am
and that's your latest weather. now let's head down to washington, d.c. and say hello to willie scott! >> hey, baby. listen, great show from las vegas. i have a wonderful souvenir from las vegas. and it's just terrific. thank you very much, assistant. now h o birthday to all of our tst t. coast.esrdrkhawopet-g iinleopno esrdrkwoheing people in herl opd,wo pe. lerlwopr people. all the help in las mary marylkinwis, wilkins, henrico, carolina. active deaconess ot m oererhe hf the mother of her clean living, she eayeacl living, she says, tha stich acleh, acleh, sunland,10 ke bcai iarnli0.10s thi i like this because wovee lur o e. he workedy.rca, oura, our mothe company for years, making tv repair calls.
8:34 am
nat king ster keat le .co at a wthatas day, rca tv. great, great .tyci trixie bulick of fredonia, new york. 101 years old. de mvodrbe temtef ohe eastern star. and f ohe ttesld members ofoo g. j.d. maccallum of lima, ohio. ner thfa wasth w refo fo for john lls inl.geiatrr' how about thatim ayaw?im away?dn mh then he gotemto djinal of dalton of isjiliis, 0 illinois, is 100 years old. worked as a chemical engineer until thendti sll10 andor high en.ts at do they got ety h gim dndihe tet gim h ivimoa eimn i theater? odell untgepletplungeett of bo, alabama. both are 94. attribute their marriage of
8:35 am
longevity to never having children. may be something to that. and thanking god they found each other. that's sweet. meredith, back to you. >> all right, willard, thanks very much. you like ribs? a rib showdown live on our plaza, but first, this is "today" on nbc. the distance from the field to your table just got shorter. because at safeway, there's always... freshly picked produce at great prices. it's 100% guaranteed to be fresh and ripe, every time.
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so hurry in for delicious goodness, all right down the street. that's ingredients for life. that's safeway. right now, get sweet blueberries -- just 99¢ a pint with your club card. safeway just lowered the price of summer.
8:37 am
"today's kitchen" is brought to you by her very's bliss. it's not just chocolate, it's bliss. >> and this morning on "today's kitchen," we've got a rib showdown. we brought three of the best kit masters in the nation here to our plaza for a little friendly competition. let me introduce the competitors. chris willie, author of big bob gibbs' barbecue book. ken callahan the master of blue smoke here in new york city. and ed mitchell is pit master of
8:38 am
the pit in raleigh, north carolina. meredith and ann are down at the judge's table getting ready to eat. al knows our competitors so we are going to take you out of the judging. >> okay. >> let's start with you, chris, talk to me. what's the most outstanding feature of the ribs you're going to make? >> let's make a quick run-through. first of all, a nice dry rub. dry rub on both sides of the rib before we put it on. put that rib on the cooker for about 2 1/2 hours on 250 degrees. >> all right still no sauce. only dry rub at that point? >> only dry rub. then we're going to mix pineapple juice, black cherry juice, little more dry rub, balsamic vinegarnd a little bit of garlic, and then we drizzle this over the rib that has been cooking for 2 1/2 hours. >> okay. this is going to go back on the grill? >> we're going to wrap it tight. about a half a cup of juice in there. put it back on this grill right here. >> for how long this time? for about one hour. >> we take it off this time, what do you do to it before it's ready to be eaten.
8:39 am
>> it comes out of the foil, this is the wrap and then we want to paint it down with the sauce. this sauce right here is really special. it is a reduction of red zinfandel, black cherry juice. it's got jalapenos, cherries, blackberries. >> is this one done? >> it's ready to go, my friend. >> let me give this a try. >> notice the moisture from that rib. the moisture comes from the ceramic cooker. >> that is good. chris, stand by. >> kenny callahan from blue smoke. good to see you. you're doing a texas thing. you're doing beef ribs. >> exactly. >> you start off with a simple dry rub? >> mm-hmm. very simple. i have some black pepper. traditionally a texas thing. we sell a ton of these at the restaurant. a ton of them with catering. start off with a very simple rub. a lot of black pepper. kosher salt. paprika. and a little bit of soft brown
8:40 am
sugar. just want to kind of mix this sugar around. the sugar will plump up aittle bit. >> when people put on the rug, do you have to massage it? >> i like to massage it. i like to get in there, throw it all around, rub it. you've got to rub it like you love it. and then what i'm just doing here, taking them liberally. >> what kind of wood do you use? >> i use hickory traditionally or a little bit of mesquite. >> you put those on the grill? >> i'm going to put those right on here. >> how long? >> these are going to go for about six to seven hours. >> right. >> you can also do it at home and get started with a little bit of smoke and finish it in your oven. >> i can't see! >> can i take a piece? go go ahead. >> i think these are the same ribs that the flintstones did. >> they're brontosaurus ribs. >> oh, meredith's got the small one. >> all right. and what do we have?
8:41 am
>> down south the first thing, we are empowered with farmers who grow our meat freshly daily and we get our ribs cooked any time we need them, all fresh. this is the 4 1/2 pound -- >> you're going to dry rub this? >> same basic thing. we have about five or six different ingredients, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, a little garlic salt, a little cayenne. >> that goes on the grill? >> that goes on the grill first. we rub it the same way, basically. >> okay, no problem. >> how long do you cook before you take it out and do the next test? >> actually what we do, we fire hot. 30 to 35 minutes on each side, take it off and put it in and ready to go in two hours. >> a lot of debate in north carolina, eastern, western, who has the best sauce. you're in the middle of the state. >> i've got to go down the middle because i represent the best state in the country. >> what's in the sauces? >> we got two different kinds, our western stale here, which is the tomato based. and we have our vinegar style here which is the eastern style,
8:42 am
which i cater to that a little more. >> put it back o the grill? >> put it back on the grill. give it a good layer, get a good flavor. then top it off with our vinegar flavor. >> how long does it cook for the second time? >> for the second time, the whole process takes about two hours and you've got the most tender rib. first it's the quality of the meat. >> all right, thank you. come on down here. >> all right. >> all right. >> here we go. >> meredith, ann? >> the judges must confer. >> this is very moist. >> i'm going with number two? >> i'm here. i'm here. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. >> all right. >> it was very close competition. >> yes. >> it wasn't unanimous. >> it was not unanimous. the judges were split, but we are goinwithib number two. down the middle here.
8:43 am
>> all right, kenny. >> good for you. >> that's yours. >> all right. >> congratulations. >> can i say, this sauce is fantastic? >> they're all good. >> and it was really -- >> that is some trophy. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> we will display it proudly at blue smoke. >> all right, there you go. >> ed, chris, kenny, thank you all very much. >> unbelievable. >> we'll be back in a mome. this is "tod" on nbc. ppocgc
8:44 am
8:45 am
"today takes a vacation" is brought to you by this morning on "today takes a vacation," it is all about vegas, baby. but leave it to amy and natalie to go to school on a visit to sin city. honestly, guys? >> okay, not that kind of school, exactly. this is actually stiletto spy school, teaching us how to become the perfect double agent.
8:46 am
>> yes. we now can mix martinis. we can knife fight. we have firearm training. but, men stay home, because this weekend is for women only. ♪ >> welcome to vegas. >> how are you? >> good. >> thank you. hi. >> welcome to stiletto spy school. mission las vegas. >> i went around the world looking for top experts in the field who had incredible knowledge, who could deliver that knowledge in a really fun, but incredibly effective, concise way. so that the girls in a weekend can get incredible take-home value. >> from mixing a martini to
8:47 am
fending off an attacker. this women's-only weekend is intended to bring out the mrs. smith in all of us. your mission is to have a really, really good time here. >> and to kick some booty >> yes, yes. >> are we ready to go, girls? >> yes! >> let's go. >> this way. >> objective one, picking out our secret agent code name. >> imdirty sue. >> i am baby legs. >> so what are your hobbies? >> okay, amy, we don't have all day for you to come up with your spy name, okay? >> you go first. i'll go second. >> i'm just going to be bond girl. >> bond girl. >> bond girl. >> i decided my spy name could wait. it was time for our first mission, burlesque dancing. >> is anybody a trained dancer? >> not. definitely not. >> the bump.
8:48 am
>> i love your giggle. >> our names should be giggle one and giggle two. i'm just saying. >> we can kill people with our laugh. >> next mission, poker skills. >> all right. >> woo-hoo! >> baseball, poker face. >> okay. >> no one knows what i'm thinking right now. >> i'm ready. >> all in. all in. >> natalie morales is out. >> you've got to be in the game to win it. >> beat y with three of a kind. you hear that? >> all right. okay. >> whoo! >> there's no poker face there. >> i feel like after tonight, and my poker face, i made go with lady gaga.
8:49 am
what do you think? >> really, we all know who has a better poker face, right? >> a toast to the first day of spy school and the challenges. >> bond girl. >> bond girl! >> whoo! >> and what's your name? >> lady gaga. >> is that your new name? >> we're working on it. >> next up, knife fighting. so you came all the way from south dakota to las vegas to take stiletto spy school? why? how did that happen? >> i feel like such a soccer mom, and not that there's anything wrong with soccer moms but i want to be something a little bit different than just a soccer mom. >> you want a little edge? >> i want a little edge to the soccer mom thing. >> we just finished knife fighting. i think i've got some moves. >> just have to admit natalie was pretty good with the knife fighting. especially with that move. pretty impressive. but you know what? match out, because firearms are next.
8:50 am
this is a mother/daughter trip. why did you think it was important for rachel to go through stiletto spy school? >> i think it's empowering women and giving them confidence, and the ability to protect themselves. >> it helps at any age to know how to protect yourself in the world. >> draw! >> i still don't have a name yet but by the time this airs, i'm so going to have my name. definitely. >> call her killer robach. >> killer robach. shut up bond girl. >> you look great. >> you look just as good. >> down, down. >> okay. go, go, go! okay. set your guns. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. >> i think we earned a martini, though. >> poolside.
8:51 am
>> stiletto spy school, where you get it shaken, and stirred. >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. >> okay, mario lopez is not included in sletto spy school. >> and we should mention you don't have to come to vegas to go to stiletto spy school, different states, different cities across the country. so if you dare, women, you, too, can become and claim to be a bond girl. >> robach, what is your spy name? did you finally come up with it? >> i've given this a lot of thought. i think my name is going to be steady aim. get it, aim, amy? >> very clever. >> after all that. >> well i actually think that's very clever. i do. steady aim and bond girl. i love it. >> we're going to start calling you that on a regular basis now. >> uh-oh.
8:52 am
>> uh-oh. >> all right, ladies. thank you very much. we'll see you in just a little while. >> bye guys. >> they are having fun. >> we all had fun. >> absolutely. >> so far so good. >> they're a over me. fresh...fresh...fresh. really fresh. come into your local giant today for mouthwatering fruits and vegetables, all at prices you can handle. like northwest cherries, just $1.49 a pound. this week only at giant. you know, it's not the grill that makes a delicious, tender, perfect piece of steak. [ crowd gasps ] it's the steak. enjoy quality selections from the butchers at giant, like top round london broil just $1.79 a pound. this week only at giant. introducing anytime gourmet culinary kits for two. it has everything you need. just prep, cook and share your way into a gourmet meal.
8:53 am
wild salmon dijon in puff pastry with whole-wheat orzo and vegetables. new stouffer's anytime gourmet. make it amazing.
8:54 am
i was just thinking, you know, watching natalie and amy, you know, hopefully people will get an idea that they don't have to go very far from home, and that they can have some time, some fun together. it really is about the relationship. >> but it's about relationships. >> absolutely. >> i think the relationship, they're with two people, probably the biggest stars on the strip right now. a long and enduring relationship. natalie and amy, take it back. >> yeah. >> good morning! >> how about this? >> this wide awake at this hour. >> no, this is what i say. this is the "today" sho but for us it's the yesterday's really, really, really late show. >> you guys didn't sleep, right? >> i haven't been to bed yet. >> and you've got to get used to this, because you guys are actually breaking some news this morning. >> this is breaking news. >> breaking news, everybody. >> breaking news they just extended the contract for another two years. two 2012. >> lots of time. >> i've got to work with her for
8:55 am
another two years. how are we going to do this? >> they wanted us to go to the year 2012 but that would be six months before the end of the world, according to the mayan calendar. >> i heard that. >> what about doing this live show, you're workaholics? >> first of all the show itself is amazing. the costumes, the gowns, the beading, the feathers. and marie's costumes are just as good. >> ba-dum-bump. >> thank you. >> where's the drum roll? >> thank you. >> you know, it is a workout. there's a lot of dancing, a lot of singing. and we enjoy working to the again. >> you know, it's been really nice because vegas has been terrific. they kind of opened up their arms, and we've got -- >> and that's an ego booster right there. >> right there. >> all right. we're going to have much more with donny and marie our time right now is 8:55. 75 degrees out there at ronald
8:56 am
reagan national airport. several airliners are lining up near the end of the runway for a takeoff. good morning. i'm joe krebs on this thursday, this 30th day of july, 2009. in the news today, the d.c. woman cvied o of killing her four daughters. banita jacks was found guilty. her daughters' bodies were found in january 2008 in the jacks home in southeast washington. investigators believe the girls had been dead for seven months. jacks' attorney says he will appeal. metro says it's cracking down on workers who break the rules. the agency is reviewing procedures. this comes as a metro bus driver faces knapping charges after getting into an argument with a passenger. the driver refused to let the passenger off the bus for about a half hour. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather forecast and check out the af
8:57 am
8:58 am
with her son off to college, liz turned to target for great deals. like a twenty dollar comforter for his bed. a fridge for healthy snacks a reading lamp to study by and a cell phone to call home. so liz chose target
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showing off her college smarts about savings target. expect more. pay less. good morning. temperatures are in the middle 70s. we'll have highs in the low 90s, not much of a chance for rain today but better chances friday afternoon and friday night. >> we'll head south, check out the capital beltway at the lane split over van dorn street. slow rolling but three lanes are maintained. elsewhere, top side of the beltway, struggling to recover, accident outer loop at university boulevard is now gone. >> thank you. tonight at 5:00 liz crenshaw finds out who gives the best lunch deal for $5. try the new subway big chipotle cheesesteak. an updated all-time favorite: juicy steak layered with zesty chipotle sauce, melted cheese, piled high with only... the toppings you love on freshly baked bread. only at subway. subway. eat fresh. so it's no surprise that we'rnow serving up...
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iced tea that's fresh-brewed. thirst-quenching fuze fresh-brewed iced tea. the newest fresh idea at subway. ♪ ♪ i found my way out of the darkness with my faith ♪ ♪ the river was deep i didn't falter ♪ >> we're back now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it's the 30th day of july, 2009. donny and marie out there in las vegas. they are absolute headliners, and icons of the entertainment world. spending some time with a couple of other icons, natalie and amy this morning. who are out on the vegas strip, after an all-nighter, from what we understand. ladies, how you holding up? >> just about, yeah. >> only because we got stuck on
9:01 am
a runway yesterday with the bad storms. >> but matt, we should point out las vegas really is a great place to come for entertainment of all kinds. and actually last year, as you know, the economic downturn, vegas really suffered about 17% of their revenues in casinos were down. so, now, actually, is a good time to find deals here in vegas. you can find beautiful hotels, which amy and i did last time we were out here for vegas. i believe it was $118 for the night. we had an incredible suite. we did not have to share. >> and if you don't like gambling, which is kind of hard to believe, there's so much entertainment here, as well. you've got big shows like the lion sing, cirque du soliel and some top talent like cher. >> and we should mention behind us, too, celebrating 28 years, jubilee at bali's. they don't look a day over 26. they've been doing it for 28 years. >> exactly. it's painful to stand here next to them. >> absolutely. >> let's not forget also the
9:02 am
great food that you can find here in vegas, too. amy and i have had the pleasure of sampling some of that, too. it's been a really enjoyable trip. albeit a quick one. >> looks like fun. ladies we'll check with you in just a little while. speaking of food, in my effort to be a fair judge for the rib segment i spilled rib juice all over my leg. but you know what? worth it. it was worth it every drip of it. what do you have coming up? >> we've got more coming up with michael jackson's personal chef. kai chase, of course, was with him and his family. in fact, she was with him on the day he passed. he's going -- she's going to be here, kai is going to be here to show us the kind of foods, the healthy foods that michael jackson was taking and how you might want to partake in those, as well. >> first let's go inside. ann is standing by at the news desk with a look at this morning's headlines. >> okay, thanks a lot, matt and everybody. good morning. today at the white house, what's being called the beer summit. the president is hosting harvard
9:03 am
professor henry gates jr. and the cambridge massachusetts police sergeant who arrested him for what they hope will be a bury the hatchet beer. the president who first said cambridge police acted stupidly hopes the incident can become what he calls a teachable moment. new recommendations are out on who should get the swine flu vaccine first. a government panel says that pregnant women, health care and child care workers, children older than 6 months, and adults of certain chronic conditions should be the first to get the vaccine. about 120 million doses of vaccine are expected by october. confrontation today at a cemetery in iran. according to ir's state-run media, police used tear gas to break up a memorial rally by around 1,000 government opponents at the grave of neda, a woman killed in post-election unrest. heat warnings remain in effect today across the pacific northwest. seattle hit an all-time record on wednesday with 103 degrees. and in oregon, it was even hotter at 106.
9:04 am
thousands of people are still without power this morning in new york, and new jersey, after powerful storms on wednesday. cell phone video captured a funnel cloud in northern new jersey. nbc has learned that a custody deal has been reached in the michael jackson case, his three children will now live with their grandmother katherine jackson and debbie rowe, the biological mother of the two eldest children will get visitation and no custody. and a spectacular scene overnight in the netherlands when fire scored the prince william, a 17th century trading vessel. the tall ship was a popular tourist attraction. the original sank 350 years ago. it is now four minutes past the hour. les geat check of the weather a from al this morning. n.ri tharirisnk vysch mu, mu an as we check out what's going on, severe weather going on right now, down through texas. already moved through dallas, headingown towards houston and san antonio. we're looking at strong storms. re fywmhr to tringin
9:05 am
five inches of rain. also in the finortheast, that b storm now moving away. we're keeping an eye out for flood?a?a?a?a?a ing. ew nmsmorning. i'm news 4 meteorologist chuck bell. dim sunshine out there with clouds moving through but on the whole it's going to be a fairly nice day, very warm indeed, temperatures moving into the middle and upper 70s around town. we're 77 downtown. 77 in springfield and quantico, 77 at andrews air force base. in the mid 70s in much of the suburban maryland. highs low 90s. the next chance of thunderstorms is tomorrow. again late sunday. and that's your latest weather. now to more of our exclusive interview with kai chase. the personal develop to michael jackson and his family. she was in his rented home on the day he died. kai, good morning and thanks for being here. >> good morning, al. >> you lef in march for three weeks. you came back, and when you returned, what did you notice
9:06 am
different about michael jackson's appearance? >> well, i left in may. >> i'm sorry. >> i left in may and came back in june, and i noticed that he, you know, appeared to be not as vibrant as heas when i was there. >> and did you attribute that to anything in particular? >> well, you know, i just -- i figured he wasn't eating or getting the nourishment that i had been giving to him. and it just seemed to me that he was -- was very like just not with it, you know, kind of slowing down. >> we heard all this were the drugs and the prescriptions and you look at the rehearsal video and you watch this and think, how could a guy do this and perform this way, even in just rehearsal, and have been doing all these other things? do you think about that? >> oh, of course. you know, you know, he's a fabulous entertainer. you know, and he's a dancer. his body uses -- he used his
9:07 am
body as a tool. and i just knew, you know, michael jackson, when that switch goes on, that music comes on, he's on. >> right. >> you know. and he needed, you know, food and nourishment, and fresh, organic vegetables. >> do you feel if maybe you had been there during that period of time, at least nutritionally he might have been a little bit better off? >> i think so, absolutely. i really do. >> what was it like? you were there the last day. i'm sure you have played this over and over and over again in your mind. what was that day like? >> that day was very, very sad. very sad, very devastating. you know, it's just -- it's just, everyone was so happy and excited about this hour, you know. and ready to -- for this to happen. just, it was devastating. >> what was he like the last time you saw him? and when was that? >> i saw him the day before. the day before, i fed he and his
9:08 am
children lunch. he had lunchith his children. and he was movg kind of slow. he was moving kind of slow and i figured, you know, he's dancing, he's rehearsing so much, he's tired. >> yeah. >> you know. and he just seemed a little not with it. >> you have very fond memories not only of michael jackson but of his children, as well. you had a relationship with them. >> yeah. >> tel us. there's some lovely things on this tape. tell us about them. >> the children are beautiful. you know, the food, the favorite foods that i would create with them. the children loved grilled cheese sandwiches. so we would do a veganese mayo and apricots, whole fruits, organic fruits. paris sent me a letter, you know, i'd walk in the kitchen in the morning, these letters posted, kai, thanks for the apric apricots, daddy loves them. daddy's eating apricots, daddy is eating organic. >> what about this box of
9:09 am
happiness? >> that was so special to me, this box of happiness. when i came back june 2nd, i walked into the maid's quarters and put on my uniform and there it was sitting. paris had made this for me. and it had just beautiful gifts in there. and just like a welcome. welcome home. >> an ipod? >> mr. jackson gave me an ipod touch. the children told him that i still had a walkman. he said we can't have that here. >> welcome to it the 21st century. do you hope that you can maintain a presence in the kid's lives? >> oh, i'd love to. those children are adorable. you know, they are very intelligent. they're fun. and i would love to. >> you know, we've got se set up here in the kitchen, because we'd like to talk to you about some of the things that you would prepare for michael jackson. and how we can incorporate, because he did eat healthy, you said. >> yes. >> he liked organics, he liked fresh juices, things like that. >> yes, yes. >> tell us about what you've got
9:10 am
right here. >> this is one of the juices that i would prepare for mr. jackson in the morning. and all throughout the day. it is beet juice. >> right. >> which is good for iron, high in antioxidants. so the ingredients that i used were fresh, organic beets, raw, skin on and fresh organic carrots, raw, skin on, celery and red apple. >> when you do things like this and you're expending obviously the kind of energy he would expend on i would see on that rehearsal video. what else would he exist on. these are great, i'm sure, for a quick burst of energy, and to kind of maintain you. but when you're working that hard, what kind of foods and what kind of calorie intake do you have to have? >> as far as the juice as well? lean protein. lean proteins, organic vegetables, and things of that nature. he loves fish. you know, monk fish on a bed of arugula. you know, those were very good for him as a dancer. you know, he wanted to eat very
9:11 am
healthy, so he wouldn't, you know, no cramping. dancers have to eat, you know, like any activity, like sports. >> found an example of the juice. why don't you take a look at the salads here. >> okay, good, okay. >> what is this? this looks very intriguing. >> this is one of the salads that he enjoyed the most, mr. jackson enjoyed the most that i did. this is a seared ahi tuna salad with herbs deprovence on top. and the dried herbs, and sear them very quickly in a hot pan. in actuality these are some of the things that he, you know, that he loved to eat. >> and in a sense it's kind of a little bit of an aswami. you've got green beans, you've got tomato, you've got almonds, and you've got egg. so there's a decent amount of protein. >> right. >> and while you're putting that on, what do you do for the dressing? >> oh, good you're going to help
9:12 am
me. >> yes. >> so we've got anchovies, put the anchovies in first. and the dijon mustard. >> right. >> and shall lotts there and dried basil. you want to add the red wine vinegar so we can emulsify that just a little bit. and then you want to add in your evo. your extra virgin olive oil. and you can emulsify that. together that looks good. >> well, i spent a little time in the kitchen. >> i know you did. i know that. >> sometimes a little too much time. >> and then you put that on top of the sal 5d with these here. >> very nice. >> so this is one of his favorites. this was one of the things he ate when he would go to rehearsal. >> you're hoping to hopefully maybe cook for katherine jackson and the kids? >> yeah. i was -- they asked me, you know, they asked me if i'd come
9:13 am
and assist with the children. mr. jackson encouraged me very much to write a cookbook. write a cookbook. we were going to maybe put it out after the tour. >> if you do do it, will you come back? >> i will. >> kai chase. thank you very much. >> all ghty, thank you. >> and a little bit wild, she's a little bit country, he's a little bit rock 'n' roll. together probably the most famous brother and sister act. we are going to hear from donny and marie. up next, natalie sits down, the one, the only missrn divine mis m. right after these messages. there's no fiber in this. it tastes too good. there is fiber. (chuckle) no. i can't taste the fiber. just chocolate. they have 35% of your daily value. hmm. oh samples. hmm. autobahn. wackenschdol. fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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9:17 am
back here in las vegas, and one of the most-sees, of course, is headliner bette midler, the divine miss m. with her show "the showgirl must go on." she's been hard at work at caesar's palace at the colosseum since february wowgin audiences with her trademark hits, feathers and over-the-top production numbers. and i caught up with bette midler when she was back in new york. ♪ for over 40 years, bette midler has been one of the reigning queens of show biz, wowing audiences with her hit songs, memorable movie roles, and knockout stage shows. why las vegas? >> they made me an offer i couldn't refuse. and i actually also wanted to get off the road. i'd been on the road for years. i was getting a little nervous about the amount of gasoline that i was, you know, using, and contributing to global warming. i thought oh, well i'll just sit in las vegas.
9:18 am
i always had an inner showgirl. crazy dream that i would be in pink feathers one day, too. >> so how do you stay in shape? >> i run like a fiend, and i dance. i try to dance as much as i possibly can, cause dancing brings you a lot of joy. and part of it is not getting depressed. you know, not letting oh, my god, i've got 200 shows to go. >> the minute you arrive at the airport in las vegas and you see that beautiful billboard with those legs, i mean, you are all legs. >> thank you. >> it's fantastic. >> thank you. small trunk but a lot of legs. >> how do you keep your energy up? to be able to put on 100 performances in a year? >> i take a lot of tamins, i do a lot of exercise. and i have to say the exercise is absolutely key. i take cod liver oil every single day, with apple cider vinegar. >> nutrition tips from bette midler? >> i have to do it. >> and do you draw a lot of your energy, though, from the minute you step on that stage, you see that crowd out there, that audience? >> it really is kind of joyous this little bit of exchange that we have.
9:19 am
i can see where -- how they're feeling, and gauge how it's going, and whether i should go faster or slower, or be louder or faster or funnier and all that. so you know, we do have an exchange. >> what is next for you? >> i used to say i'm not retiring and you can't make me. i don't think i mean that anymore. it's starting to look good. >> and the showgirl must go on is on a brief break right now. but bette midler will be back on august 18th for more top entertainment here. meanwhile, still to come this morning, more with w donnynd a marie osmond, as well as mixing the perfect martini with charo. we'll be back right after this. when it comes to being more like the original,
9:20 am
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see for yourself. has progress taken us to a better place? i'd say it's taken us for a ride. honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here, we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far? we've got more now from natalie and amy on vacation on day four of "today takes a vacation" in las vegas. hey, you guys, what's going on? >> hey, ann. after stiletto spy school we can make a martini. but we really want to respect the art of making a martini. we have ken here with the pure night club to help us make the
9:23 am
perfect peanut butter and jelly martini? >> we've got one of those. but i saw you guys doing the bond tng earlier, so i figured we'd start with a vespa martini. it's made with gin, vodka -- >> gin and vodka? this could be dangerous. >> we're going to start with our mayor oscar goodman's favorite gin. >> okay. >> how much do you put in? >> it's three parts gin. >> okay. >> one part vodka. >> okay. >> or whatever tastes good? >> and a half -- >> or whatever tastes good. >> and this is roulet blanc. it's kind of like -- >> instead of vermouth. >> okay. >> and then, as you know -- >> and we don't need. >> james bond the martinis shaken, not stirred. >> but you're shaking it. >> we're going to shake it, not stirred.
9:24 am
>> i think charo would agree that's the best way to make a martini. >> charo definitely. >> where we at? there we go. okay. >> wow. >> okay. >> are we drinking it like that? >> oh, no. >> i was going to say. >> absolutely not. >> oh, just like has. >> we're going to purr it into a martini glass. >> oh, okay. there you go. >> it's pretty much all liquor. >> oh, you can drink it -- >> olive or no olive? >> no, no, not an olive. he actually made it famous with a lemon twist. >> oh, a lemon twist. >> a little wedge of lemon twist. and rub it around the glass. >> we're running out of time. you want to find out about this famous peanut butter and jelly. >> want to try that. >> is it really peanut butter and jelly? >> oh, that's impressive. >> that looks mh brtetet a>>t'e of day. >> i know. all right. >> a we have some pictures, by the way, that we want to show. if you ever saw the movie, you know how it ends, with the time in vegas.
9:25 am
it explains everything.weeomho in vegas about a month ago. take a look. >> that's really goo >> oh, my gosh, that is good. >> wow. >> fantastic. >> great job by the way. thank you to caesar's colosseum, we'll be right back, right after this. ♪ mmm... hot fudge sundae. ♪ ooh! frosted blueberry?!? ♪ over 25 flavors of kellogg's pop-tarts®. and they're all for fun and fun for all. pop-tarts®. made for fun. and they're all for fun and fun for all. the $100 cream. flabbergasted when we creamed the $700 cream! for under $30 regenerist micro-sculpting cream hydrates better than 32 of the world's most expensive creams. fantastic. phenomenal. regenerist. n byocawaodur
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9:27 am
77 degrees out there, kind of hazy sunshine as we look at the washington monument here in the nation's capital. good morning, i'm joe krebs on this thursday, the 30th day of . lyju in the news today, a d.c. woman has been convicted of killing her four daughters. banita jacks was fnd guilty of four counts of felony murder, home run daughters' bodies were found in january in her home in southeast washington. investigators believe the girls had been dead seven months. her attorney says he will appeal. we're going to come back and look at our weather for this thursday and see what the rush hour looks
9:28 am
good morning. temperatures nosing in on 80 degrees, highs up in the low 90s with filtered hazy sunshine out there. next chance of thunderstorms rolls in tomorrow. jerry, down to you.
9:29 am
>> tonight at 5:00 liz crenshaw finds out who gives youhe best lunch deal for $5.
9:30 am
♪ the faces i can read you know that i need somebody ♪ >> listening to the quartet known as the kings of leon. they're going to bring us their brand of grammy winning rock 'n' roll to the plaza tomorrow here on "today." so if you're around, come on down. they are mighty cool. and we're going to expect a huge crowd. i know my family's all talking about coming down.
9:31 am
and speaking of music. >> that's right. amy and natalie are rounding out the "today takes a vacation" trip. they're surrounded by some of the most a-team acts in vegas. you've got donny and marie and charo. >> what are you like when you're awake? >> charo's saying. >> buenos dias, everybody. >> buenos noechous the way i'm feeling right now. >> welcome to the "today" show. >> have you been to bed yet? i haven't. >> no. >> she was gambling. >> what's your favorite place to go on vacation? >> mississippi. >> what about you, donny and marie? your favorite place -- >> behave. behave. >> where do you go? >> oh, we're -- >> we're on. >> oh. >> there you go. >> now you know how tired he is. >> we can't get a word in edgewise with her. d the way she is with the english language, it's got to be a sharp edge, let me tell you.
9:32 am
>> and squeeze me. >> squeeze me? >> you know what i did? i went to play roulette, and i asked the dealer, and i win. >> you won? what are you like when you're on caffeine? >> if you give me caffeine you've got to go -- >> that wou would be horrible. >> don't even think about it. >> red bull and charo. >> we've got more with charo and donny and marie. >> a lot more with charo. >> all right, natalie and amy. >> okay. we'll catch up with them in just a few moments. >> when charo isn't on camera, she has a british accent. also coming up we've got a new group -- thank you. all new on thursday for an all-new al's kid's club for kids. we all know how important reading is especially in t summer. this morning we're going to talk about a book that takes us back to the stone age and meet its author.
9:33 am
>> okay, cool. but first, we're going to meet two dynamic women who star in a reality show on the cable network humanitarian owes. the show is called the chicos project and for the fourth season yasmin and denise are traveling around the country giving viewers a peek into the lives of their lives. two charismatic latinas through their hilarious adventures. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> we're fantastic. >> it feels so great to be here. thank you so much for having us. >> tell us about your show. tell us about what kind of adventures? >> what can we tell you? >> what can we not tell you? >> well we start. it's a reality tv show like you said. we star ourselves. what you see is what you get. it's just two chicas, very different, the rocker, the more controversial one of the two, if you will. you know, the more hip-hop, and so we go around, this season we're on our fourth season. >> basically we just have
9:34 am
adventure. >> exactly. >> we get to the road. we went to austin, houston, chicago. >> did you go clowning? >> not yet. we went to clown school. this season is different for us from our other seasons because basically everywhere we stop, we talk to like, you know, all the youth about their concerns, opinions. in washington, d.c. we were able to share that with some of the very high up in the hispanic caucus and basically hopefully, she can take it to someone even more influential. >> because there's a message here. you yourselves would have loved when you why younger to have seen people like you on tv. and that's the dilemma here. so you see this as a response not just girls having fun but a message you want to leave. >> exactly. >> take what munos offers which is a uniquely experience for american latinos for us. latinos who immigrated to this country. >> we've got that spice.
9:35 am
>> muy caliente. >> thanks so much. >> we just want to mention to please catch, we're on munos in english. >> august 4th,3:45. >> tune in >> >> the girls literally, the chicas will be clowning around on the new episode of/a?a?a?a?a@ a good thursday morning everybody. it's going to be temperatures up in the upper 70s to near 80 degrees already. high temperatures th afternoon in the upper 80s and low 90s. plenty of filtered sunshine and humidity out there today. chance of thunderstorms in the area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. clearing out again for saturday. another chance for a couple of showers and thundershowers late in the day on sunday. that's your latest weather. and chicas are digging on your
9:36 am
shoes. >> will i'm digging on their shoes, too. >> wow. >> and these are okay. anyway, coming up next, back to vegas and donny and marie, live, right after this. >> are we on? >> you're on now. and check for leaks. if it's not there, we dig up the leech fields 'til we find the problem. average repair cost: six thousand dollars. monthly maintenance with rid-x? about 6 dollars. (announcer) rid-x uses 100% natural bacteria and enzymes to break down waste, even paper. use rid-x monthly to help keep your septic system between pumpings. beeen pumpings. this summer, clean your grill with new easy-off barbeque grill cleaner. some 100-calorie snacks just fall flat. ( thud, ding, applause ) 100 calorie right bites. make the most of every bite.
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