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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 10, 2009 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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take a knee. and it's going to be game over. one of the great players in steelers history with a huge mistake here. >> al: griffin and fuller right together there. ward, getting inside the 10, exasperated as he comes to the bench. 50 secon now. stephen tulloch winds up recovering thera >> cris: boy, now, if you're the tennessee titans you just want to get out of here. >> al: jacob ford is hurt on the play. roethlisberger has time. finds ward wide open. >> cris: this four-man pass rush is just not working. they just can't do it. when you have zone defense, it gets stretched. the launch you hold the ball as a quarterbac instead of conferring 40 yards of field,
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you're covering exiting yards of field. those holes are gaping in there. when you talk about a ay that we may look back on the season between these two great football teams could be monumental. now, they have to get this clock run out. >> al: griffin went to the pro bowl last year. first and ten. now, the ball is at the 4 yard line. and this is johnson. tennessee will take -- pittsburgh wants to use their time-outs they have to. and they will spend the first of ose right here. >> cris: i think they're going to get the clock to run out here. i think they can do that. remember, just in case, if the titans had to punt it. remember that weird rule, that they can fair catch the kick and then get the free kick for a game-winning field goal. that i thinkhe way this clock sets up right now, they should
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be able to run it out. >> al: right, there's only one time-out remaining. and that will take you to a third down situation. and then you can let the clock run out. >> cris:ne of the toughest, most physical players. certainly, ever to play the wide receiver position. and makes a big play. and just pure competitiveness, makes and tries to score. if he just takes a knee, it's bakley game over. but he just doesn't have that in him. >> al: right. second and eight. and you've gaul a false start here. >> referee: false start, number 76, offense. half the distance of the goal. second down. >> al: david stert, ght tackle. >> cris: if you're jeff fisher, i've got to thk that he will take overtime in a heartbeat. you come in here against the world champions. a tough environment.
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if he can get this thing to overtime and give himself a chance. >> al: one thing that tennessee wants to do here, they want to take four seconds off the clock on this play. and take it up to the four. and they take three seconds off. >> cris:ow, you're making great points. that's a bad call. >> al: well, except right now, what they have to do is just run a play. d by the time they have to run the next play, the clock could run out. but it was very, very close. and you're right, because if they're forced to punt and you fa catch the punt, you then get, even with to time left, a free kick. in effect, a field goal with nobody rushing to win the game. >> cris: but essentially, assuming that this next play will at least take two seconds, they should be okay here. so i'm sure jeff fisher is counting on his fingers and those over there to make sure
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that he can get this clock run out. it's been me game, hasn't it? it's been a great opener. >> al: it was, low scoring but a lot of excitement. very intesting stuff. a lot of great strateg a lot of hard hitting. and collins now will take the ball up to the 4 yard line. so just barely will this clock expire. and that will take us to overtime. >> cris: as it should be between these two teams. boy, it's been a strange back and forth moment. and for hines ward, he knows he had the game-winner in his hands and let it slip through his fingers. and he can't believe it. and now, like santonio holmes, all he can hope for is one more chance. >>l: and that will be the end
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of regulation right there. with the score tied at 10-10. >> cris: here we go with the old coin toss and both teams may not get an opportunity, i don't know about you, but i like the nfl's sudden death rules. i like the fact that on any play, once you get to overtime, it could end on that play. i know there a people who have opposing views on that. i like the system. >> al: yeah, i'm fine with it, too. i understand both sideof the argument here, but i think it works pretty well. the argument, of course, being if you lose the coin toss, you may not see the ball. so be it. it's up to the defense to do the job. >> cris: with these two defenses, it may be to an advantage. >> referee: we're going to play up to a -minute overtime period. the first team thascores will win the game.
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if nther team score, the game will be recorded as a tie. fourth quarter timing is neck. all replays will be initiated by the replay booth. you're the visitor, you'll make the call. 5 says tals. it's heads. pittsburgh got the bal pittsburgh will receive. good luck, gen. >> al: so the strip and the fumble recovery sends us to overtime. ♪ for the sunshine sky ♪ ♪ there's a reason why i'm feeling so high ♪ ♪ must be the season... ♪ announcer: you get more power and more space, the world gets fewer smog-forming emissions. the 3rd generation prius. it's harmony between man nature and machine. coach ditka, it's hot up here... and wee out of cold coors light.
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>> al: basic rules of overtime, rst time to score wins. you play up to 15 minutes, otherwise, the game windup as a time. there are reviews from the booth. the last tie there was a tie, the philadelphia/cincinnati game. that tie wound up helping philadelphia get into the playoffs because they wound up 9-6-1. and beat out dallas by a half
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game. logan, two yards in the end zone. brings the ball out to the 22 yard line. and let's go back to the big of the play of the game, as hines ward com out on to the field. >> cris: well, obviously, regardless, the play is to get down here. if you can think of that in this crazy situation at the end of the game. because even if you score a touchdown here, you're sti going to leave the titans with time to come back the other way. so if it had crossed his mind, sometimes, it's something you talk about in the huddle befor the play. you get down, you kick the game-winner. >> al: roethlisberger, red hot in the second half. mewelde moore is the back. ben has thrown for 303 yards. from the 22 yard. the pass is underthrown. the heat was put on the quarterback.
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and thpass at moore's feet. jovan haye with the pressure. >> cris: we haven't seen much pressure out of the fouran rushor a long time. jovan haye finally may going a move from the outside and forcing roethlisberger to hurry that one a bit. >> al: second and ten. again no blitz. four rush. seven back. open right. left side is ward. and hines ward picks up a first down. >> cris: now, you just can't do this, you got to setch this zone in a thousand different directions with that quarterback stance there. and you just can't keep allowing them to do that. i would rather take a chance on getting an interception and making a play. right now, they're just standing there in that four-man rush and
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not getting close. >> al: murliller has seven. roethlisberger, again, a lot of time. he hits miller. miller at the 40 yard line. that's a gain of seven yards. and heath miller has now caught a pass tonight for 63 yards. second and two. >> cris: i guess maybe they're thinking a four-man rush pass strategy. it's not working right n. they need a play, they need some play. a blitz, an interception something. >> al: second and two. the blitz. and moore, does he get the first down is the question? he's very close. meweldmoore on a second and two. >> cris: well, they came with e itz that time. but th blitzed the wrong way. they blitzed to the wide side of the field, and they caught him with the run back to the other way.
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i don't know if besaw that inaudible or got lucky on. >> al: leavy would bring the chain gang to the field. saw it the inaudible, and that would indicate that he has the first down. the steelers tonight, 35 yards rushing on 22 carries. and that's a first dn. so back-to-back firsdowns in the first drive on overtime. >> cris: one thingou do not want to see is an angry hines ward, coming right here. check him out on this play. oh, man, he is devastating i saw him knk ed reed out once, on a bck where ed ed was lookg him right in the eyes, they're standing there.
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and he just lunged him into and knocked him out cold. >> al: that's a big time knockout. moore, stopped just after he crosses the line of scrimmage. jacob ford, number 78, first to hit him. >> cris: well, i'm all for mixing it up occasionally, but if you had to ask me, what's working better, the passing game or the running game. i want that ball in ben's hands right now. second and nine, y open up a lot of possibilities defensively. >> al: ben30 out of 39. second and nine. pass, caught. righside. hines ward. hit by kth bulluck. anthat's going to set up a third and short. third and short, which h been the bane of the steeler's
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existence last season and this, when they try to run the ball. >> cris: i'll tell you, great veteran players making those plays. roethlisberger and hines ward both saw the blitz. now, here we go. >> al: again, third and about a yard and a half. from the shotgun. here come the titans. there goes the pass. santonio holmes makes the catch. big first down. >> cris: there we go. we tked about it earlier. they go three by one again. three receivers to the top of e screen. santonio holmes in the bottom. if you're going to play them one-on-one. they're simply going to throw the football. just man coverage on the outside. got exactly what they wanted. what kind of a statement was that. shotgun on third and one for the pittsburgh steelers. >> al: steelers go no huddle to keep tennessee from
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substituting. holmes. ward out of the slot. roethlisberger in trouble, he gets it away and the pass is incomplete. he's like ironman. yocan't bring him down. >> cris: i'm sure that's what they're thinking, to kyle vanden bosch looked absoluly exhausted. they thought they had him. he can throw and contort his body in such strange positions and still get the thing. i mean, that's a sack, you know, almost every quarterback in the league, when you get two hands on them, that's a sack. and ben gets away again. >>l: second and ten. not in field goal range. from the 37. not in this stadium. over the middle.
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caught, 15 yard line. that's mike wallace. the rookie from mississippi. looked downfld. looked to his checkoff guy. went back to wallace, and now they're in field goaposition. >> cris: i'll tell you what, when ben throws this thing. and let's give the rookie a lot of credit. mike walce, down the field. he saw his quarterback in trouble. he found the open zone. took off down the field. and roethlisberger found him. doesn't look like they're going to fool around at all now. >> al: no. it will be about a 33-yard field goal for jeff reed. and a time-out is takehe. >> cris: and nobody is wishing this one through than hines ward. >> al: so pittsburgh takes the time-out.
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a 33ard field goal attempt to win the gameor reed. >> cris: welcome to the nfl, though, mike wallace. that was a big-time play. big-time play there for a young guy coming in, his first action. and then ben gives him another little pointer. anytime yo quarterback has his arm around you and you have your arm around him, that's a good sign. not for chris johnson, though. >> al: no. >> cri i'll tell you what, the lastne he hit was a low-liner. >> al: yes, it was. sepulveda will put the ball down. greg warren will snap it. 33-yard attempt to win the gaement. game.
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he's got it. >> al: the pittsburgh steelers, very much like last year, defense and roethlisberger. >> cris: another fourth quarter comeback for ben roethlisberger. for jeff reed, this one was dead solid. no doubt. wouldn't be surprised to see these two teams again somewhere down the road. two first-class football teams and they are both good. >> al: neither would i. op opening night, the pittsburgh steelers, the super bowl champions win the seventh straight opener in overtime. 13-10. taxi. ( ding )
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>> announcer: welcome to the wendy's postgame report. here now, al michaels. >> al: until overtime, the pittsburgh steelers win it 13-10, the tennessee titans losing the coin fl. never seeing the ball,en roethlisberger guiding them down the field, and jeff reed with a game winning field goal. andrea kremer down on the field right now with ben roethlisberger and hines ward. andrea? >> andrea: tell me what the emotions are like on a night like this to end the game like th? >> you know what, it means a lot. we had a lot of fight. we came out, we didn't play well early. i'm really proud of the way the guys fought and came back. >> andrea: how did you rebound from the fumble, hines? >> you know what, i'm one of the big guys, i know better than that. i needed to get down and end the game there. we're a resilient bunch. a lot of the guys said don't worry out it, make it up in overtime. fortunately for us, bethrew
11:52 pm
od bls and j. reed bailed us out. >> andrea: with the block on the overtime drive, what was going through your mind? >> just to go ouand redeem myself. just to go out and be a playmaker for the team. today, guys made huge plays. ben stepped up and we went out and won the game. >> andrea: on the night when the running game wasn't there for you, you were off to a sw start, you ended up with 12 strait completions. how were youable to turn it around? >> we we went with the no-huddle package. i didn't think we were going to have a fourth quarter comeback so early t year, but we'll take it. >> andrea: your 18th comeback in regular season. amazing. what enables you to do this, ben? >> it's a whole group of guys. we find a way to get it down. there's a lot of tes plays break down and receivers get open. found hines a couple times
11:53 pm
waving hisands above his hand. give them the balls to make plays. >> andre what's the state made tonight by the defending super bowl champions? >> absolutely nothing. we got to come back anget ready for next week. what happened last year is last year. we got to get ready for chicago xt week. >> al: andrea, next week, we go to chicago, soldier field. roethlisberger, 336 yards passing tonight. ! ha ha! i say "happy," you say "birthday!" happy... birthday! who's hungry? why pay for flair when you can get all the flavor for just $3.99 with wendy's new boneless wings. tender, juicy chicken, hand tossed in our signature buffalo or bbq sauce. it's waaa better than fast food. it's wendy's. ♪ ♪ (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ who's watching? ♪ (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like ♪ the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ somebody's watching me. ♪ >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's postgame report. >> al: the ptsburgh steelers, a little before midnight, knocking off the tennessee titans. troy polamalu injury in the first half. and the rookie, of all this, mike wallace, making a very big
11:55 pm
play. >> cris: it really was happening throughout the second half of this ball game. mike wallace is going wn the field right next to hines rd there. you'll see him come back, see that ben's in trouble. scrambled for an open part of the field. that endedp being the game-winner. nice play for a rookie. >> al: mike wallace, tick, tick, tick. couldn't resist. the pittsburgh steelers win heading to chicago. roethlisberger, 43 out of 43. but the pittsburgh steelers have to think about a ground game that has been nonexistent. >> cris: yeah, they looked an awful lot li a season bag. trouble in the short yardage situation. trouble running the football. tonight, the tennessee titans just got exhausted in the second half. that no huddle forced the defensive linemen tole stay on the field. i'm not sure ben roethlisberger the rest ohis career is going to have more time to throw the football than what he did tonight. let's give credit to the
11:56 pm
offensive line. much maligned offensive line. not great job with the run blocking but the pass blocking was perfect. >> al: tennessee, a ten-day break. that's the good thing about playing the opener. they'll take on the houston texans who have to face the jets this sunday. >>ris: well, and jeff fish said that this would be good for his football team, regardless of what happened. coming up on the road, playing the world champions. >> al: off to green bay, buddy. tonight, 13-10 is the fina score. sunday night, bob costas hosting "football night in america." coming up next, except for the west coast, your local news followed by "the tonht show." for andrea kremer and cris collinsworth, and the entire nbc crew, saying good night from hines field in pittsburgh. -- captions by vitac --
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tonight, rabid bats on the rise in and around washington. the busiest engine in the country where emergency care is turning to primary care. barely surviving an explosion at a gas station. we begin on the eve of the eighth anniversary of 9/11. a day that won't be forgotten by americans. so on this night, as on september 10 for the past seven years, final preparations are being made for a somber service in arlington. michael has the report. >> reporter: the annual service at the pentagon gets underway in a matter of hours now. people visiting the 9/11 memorial tell me all this time later, the annersary still brings up painful memories. on the eve of the anniversary, people came to the 9/11 memorial to reflect on the innocent lives
12:00 am
lost eight years ago. each bench represents a life lost. >> you feel the love given to the ones passed. >> it's a painful thing and a tragic thing that happened here. >> reporter: well into the night, work continued for the service friday. it coincides with the exact time flight 77 slammed into the pentagon. 125 pentagon workers were killed along with the 59 people on board. >> we saw people running down the hallway yelling, we've been hit. we've been hit. >> reporter: she was working inside the pentagon eight years ago. she brought a co-worker for the visit. it's only her second time she's been here since the memorial opened one year ago. >> it's a scary day.
12:01 am
>> reporter: the service gets urpdway here at 9:30 a.m. it's for the family members of victims killed on 9/11. at the pentagon michael flynn, news 4. people plan to show up at d.c. tomorrow to answer president obama's call for community service. isabel lived in the same house for more than 50 years. two of her sons died serving in vietnam. she's excited about the work being done to fix up her place. >> i haven't stopped crying yet. as old as i am i never thought no one, but the lord, would help me get my house like this. tears come up in my eyes. >> volunteers say giving back is a great way to remember and honor those lives lost on
12:02 am
september 11. a man charged with bringing a shotgun on the hill. joshua bowman was arrested as he try edied to drive-through a check point. authorities searched his vehicle. he's charged with an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition. the president continued his push for health care rerm. there's a continued buzz about the outburst that interrupted the speech last night. >> lie! >> oh! >> south carolina congressman, joe wilson has become more well known for the two words, you lie. wilson complied with demands from republican colleagues for
12:03 am
an immediate apology. >> they indicated they appreciated the call. we needed to have a civil discussion. >> he apologized quickly. i am appreciative of that. >> it was a responseo how the health care reform proposal for illegal immigrants. the u.s. remains on track to withdrawal all combat forces next august. christopher hill says he's committed to the president's timetable despite a rise in violence. lawmakers are skeptical iraqi forces will be able to take control. they are requiring all american troops including noncombat forces to be out of iraq by 2011.
12:04 am
a metro worker killed by a tr ai n earlier. th e 13-year vins in mathhoinsree in the hospital withal i injuries that it h it 10:30 this morning on the yellow and blue lines. rescue workers had to use on emergency escape hatch to get the worker free. the track was shut down for most of the day that caused big delays on the blue and yellow lines. at this point, the agency has not said what led to the accident. health officials have a warning about bats. the number of rabid bats soared. >> reporter: from time to time they get company when they are walking. >> they come out about this


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