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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. paralyzing storm. a massive weather system moving up the east coast, and by the time it ends, some areas could see as much as two feet of snow. sell-off. the dow suffers its worst day since last april, dropping briefly below the 10,000 mark for the first time in three months. will new unemployment numbers out this morning only make things worse? and how did it happen? new details on the kiteboarder attacked and killed by a swarm of sharks off the coast of florida. an exclusive live interview with the lifeguard who tried to save him today, friday, februaryth, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. > and this morning it is raining and a little icy in blowing rock, north carolina. that is about 90 miles north of charlotte. and that weather you're looking at there will be moving up the east coast today. >> as it moves little bit to the north, all that's going to turn into snow and lots of snow. places like washington, d.c., philadelphia, over a foot of snow expected in those cities. we're going to get al's forecast for today and the weekend coming up in just a couple minutes. also ahead, a new twist in the murder of aspiring model paula sladewski. earlier this week, police released a sketch of this man she was seen leaving a miami nightclub with on the night she died. paula's boyfriend, kevin klym, had been thrown out of that nightclub earlier that night. this morning he is with us for an exclusive live interview. also ahead, we're going to
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introduce u to a 15-year-old girl who suffers from a rare disorder that causes her to fall asleep sometes for days at a time. there is no known cause or cure. her remarkable story is coming up. but we are going to begin with that powerful winter storm that is making its way up the east coast. al roker is upstairs with the very latest on what we can expect. good morning, al. >> good morning, meredith. good morning, matt. we are talking about 30 million people affected by this storm. we've got winter storm warnings, wintertorm watches, and even blizzard warnings. as we look at this system, the winter storm warnings stretch from indiana all the way to the east coast, blizzard warnings along the new jersey shoreline. here's what's happening. this low pressure getting itself together. you can see heavy rain down in atlanta, but snow's starting to fall in parts of the carolinas, making its way to the north. track of this system brings it up and along the coast later tonight and that snow spreads into washington, d.c., west virginia, maryland, parts of new jersey, south of new york, then moves offshore.
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now, here's what we look for accumulationswise by saturday evening, anywhere from 9 to 12 inches of snow from central indiana on into ohio, but the bull's eye of the big storm accumulations, we're talking anywhere from 12 to 18 inches of snow from west virginia to southern new jersey, up to 2 feet or more in the mountains of west virginia and parts of the carolinas. and we are looking at this snow stretching up into central new jersey. again, the big problem -- in fact, we're going to have winds of over 40 miles per hour, blizzard conditions in parts of that area in the mid-atlantic. so, this is going tbe a crippling storm. they have already -- amtrak's canceled trains south of washington. airports in the tri-state area have also canceled flights. so, this is going to be a big, big storm. we'll continue to track it for you. meredith? >> quite a mess. al, thank you very much. now to the economy and the new worries on wall street that led to the market's worst disaster day since last april. new unemployment numbers that come out later this mning not likely to ease the minds of
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investors. jim cramer is the host of "mad money" on cnbc. jim, good morning you. >> good morning, meredith. >> dow dipped below the 10,000 mark yesterday. what happened? >> well, we are in a chain-reaction mode. other countries, much smaller than ours -- greece, portugal, spain -- doing terribly. people worried they will default, and that selling has en imported here. >> so, it's what's happening overseas -- >> yes. >> -- that's causing what's happening here in the market? >> i don't think things are that bad. i've been known to say not to sell. i'm not saying that. there are figures coming out that could be up import to our market. >> which numbers are you tack talking about? >> the unemployment number. >> due out today. >> yes, people are antsy. we've got to see progress on this number. >> we're hearing it will be worse, from 10% to 10.1%, a tick up. >> let's not panic, because there is a lot of stimulus coming. a lot of the companies are doing so well that it's just a matter of time before they have to start bringing people on. >> well, you know, the democrats in the senate are set to roll
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out this $81 billion jobs package next week. >> right. >> how closely will wall street be looking at those numbers? >> every inch now, because if we don't start seeing employment turn, we're either going to have to raise taxes more -- you know, you need to grow your way out of a recession. right now, that is not happening. any uptick in jobs is going to take the pressure off politicians. >> there is buzz on wall street now that we may be headed toward a serious correction in the stock market. is it possible the market has been overvalued to this point? >> let's remember, we had gigantic gains from a year ago, 30%, 40%. it would be perfectly realistic to see a 7% to 10% correction, maybe revisit the lows of october, no more than that. this is not a time to sell. it's a time to think, not sell. >> so, i want to go back to unemployment for a second. how long do you think it will continue to rise? >> i think that we are going to be in very good shape in the second half of this year. we have a big -- 1 million people added to be taking census. we have many companies at the limit of how much they can continue to make without bringing on new employees. i am optimistic about the second
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half of this year. >> and if you're an investor in wall street, how do you read the tea leaves? >> i think you accept the fact that you may have to take another 3%, 4% punishment. not more than that. >> jim cramer, thank you very much. and "mad money" airs week nights at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. eastern time on cnbc. matt? >> meredith, thank you very much. toyota is now investigating possible brake problems on lexus hybrids after thursday's admission that there were problems on its 2010 prius models. this as toyota's chief executive addresses the media for the first time. cnbc's pl lebeau covers the car industry and has ctainly been covering this story for us. phil, good morning, again. >> reporter: good morning, matt. and as we speak right now, okio toyota, the chairman and ceo of toyota, is holding a press conference in japan, talking about the recalls that are taking place, this on a morning when an official with the japanese government says toyota has a mistaken view of the prius brake problem. he says the company does not see it as a major issue, even as toyota says repeatedly it is
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moving quickly to deal with prius brakes that are slow to work. toyota's latest problem, the prius, its best-selling gas-electric hybrid. the prius is considered toyota's gold standard and a badge of conspicuous conservation for its proud owners. >> there's a lot of consumers out there that are really nervous about driving their toyota products. >> reporr:ast november, less than a month after buying her 2010 prius, "today" west coast contributor maria menounos told poce her brakes failed after an accident. >> i just felt like the brakes didn't work. >> reporter: federal investigators are looking into more than 100 consumer complaints about the brakes in the 2010 prius. >> it's going to really hurt toyota, definitely in the short term. >> reporter: toyota says it's looking into what may cause the brakes to pause before slowing down, adding, "we're making every effort to address this situation for our customers as quickly as possible." yet another setback for the world's number one automaker,
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already under the microscope for two massive recalls to address unintended acceleration. but as dealers around the country began the monumental task of fixing potentially faulty gas pedals -- >> basically is this area right here. >> reporter: -- they're also faced with repairing relationships with millions of loyal customers. >> i just want it fixed. i want to go on driving my car and be happy and safe. >> reporter: as toyota looks into the issue of what's wrong with prius brakes, the big fix begins at dealerships across the country. toyota dealers are going to have to take weeks to fix millions of sticky gas pedals. remember, there's 2.3 million vehicles that have been recalled. matt? >> all right, phil lebeau on this story for us in illinois this morning. phil, thanks very much. and now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. ann curry back at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. ten american missionaries remain behind bars this morning in haiti, now facing serious child abduction charges.
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nbc's michelle kosinski is in port-au-prince this morning with more on this story. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good moing, ann. these missionaries were so ho hopeful, their attorney so confident they would be let go that they had a chartered plane waiting, but instead, a court hearing ended them right back here in jail, now going on their seventh day behind bars. the americans could barely move anywhere for the brief time they were out of their cell. police tried to cover their faces with jackets, but journalists tore them away. "if it's a haitian, you let them suffer before the strangers? you protect them?" this local woman screamed at officers, and it soon became clear the americans weren't going anywhere. >> bbc, tell me how do you feel? >> what's the outcome? >> i feel good. i'm trusting god. >> reporter: indicted on serious charges -- child abduction and criminal association.
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what they call a rescue of 33 haitian kids the haitian government calls an illegal attempt to move children out of the country. so, it was straight back to jail, time to wait calmly some more while everything grinds around them for the government to conduct an investigation that could take three months. that will determine whether there's enough evidence to go to trial. in the meantime, the missionaries' attorney wants them released. the u.s. ambassador says there have been some talks between u.s. counselor officials here and the haitian government about the possibility, at least, of moving this to the u.s. to take some of the pressure off of this devastated government, ann. >> michelle kosinski, thank you. north korea says it will free an american missionary held there since christmas. robert park was arrested after crossing into north korea from china. north korea says it's releasing him after he showed what it called sincere repentance.
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for the third time in a week, a bombing today in iraq targeted shiite pilgrims, killing at least 27 near karbala. and a bombing in pakistan killed at least 12 people today. it is the first full day on the job for the newest senator from massachusetts. scott brown was sworn in on thursday. some fellow republicans have nicknamed him 41, since they now have 41 votes, enough to end the democrats' supermajority. and a tricky rescue thursday in oregon after a driver lost control of his car, went down an embankment and came to rest vertically lodged against some trees. rescuers were able to get the man out. his injuries are said to be not life-threatening. lucky guy. it is now 7:11. let's now turn back to matt, meredith and al this morning. >> al, who's the busiest man in the room today because you've got this huge storm. by the way, we should mention we're all wearing red and ann is wearing red as well because it is the heart association's national wear red day. and we're happy to be part of it. >> absolutely. that's right. let's take a look and see, not
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only are we talking about a big storm here on the eastern seaboard, but on the west they've got another big storm coming in. in fact, we have flood watches from los angeles down to san diego, as in the mountains they're going to be looking at the foothills anywhere from two to four inches of rain and elsewhere about one to two inches of rain, causing some possible flooding around. we've also got some freezing fog working its way from northern texas on into parts of oklahoma, sunshine through southern texas, heavy rain in southern good morning, radar at this hour is showing light precipitation an a little sleet and snow in southern maryland. don't have any reports yet as well as the shenandoah valley. later on in the afternoon it will pick up in intensity. winds will be gusting up to 40 miles an hour. and by the time it all ends saturday afternoon, 18 to 24 inches around the region.
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and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you. and now to new developments in the michael jackson case. a spokesperson for the singer's doctor, conrad murray, says he will surrender to police at a los angeles courthouse this afternoon. that is morehan seven months after the pop star's tragic death. nbc's josh mack wits is in l.a. with the latest. josh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. is today the day? no one seems able to say for sure. it's been more than seven months since michael jackson died. after a lengthy investigation by the lapd, prosecutors are poised to charge his personal physical, dr. conrad murray, with involuntary manslaughter, and murray's attorneys say they're ready to hand him over. >> firearamedic 33. what is your address for your emergency? >> yes, sir, i need an ambulance as soon as possible, sir. >> reporter: june 25th, 2009. michael jackson lay dead or dying in his l.a. mansion.
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>> didnybody see him? >> yes, we have a personal doctor here with him, sir. >> reporter: his name, conrad murray, a well-regarded cardiologist from las vegas. two days after jackson died, police sources say murray supplied a timeline of what he did to and for michael jackson that night. according to court documents, murray said that between 1:30 to 7:30 a.m., he gave jackson sedatives and anxiety drugs to help him sleep. and then jackson asked for propofol, a powerful anesthetic normally used only in hospital settings. murray told police he wanted to wean jackson off of propofol, but ultimately gave him 25 milligrams of the drug. but "dateline" has learned the l.a. county coroner's office found concentrations of propofol in jackson's blood that suggests murray gave jackson a lot more propofol than he's admitted. dr. murray's attorney says murray never gave jackson anything that should have killed him and also disputes the timeline investigators
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assembled, calling it police theory. court documents quote murray as saying that after he gave jackson propofol, he briefly stepped away, returning to find jackson not breathing and started cpr. the lapd says that murray's cell phone records show him on and off the phone for 47 minutes while he was supposed to be monitoring his patient. one call was toob russell, who received this message, obtained only by "dateline." >> this is dr. murray for bob. hi, how are you? sorry i missed you. >> reporter: the voice mail was left at the exact time dr. murray says he was trying to save jackson's life. >> just wanted to talk to you about your results of your ecp. you did quite well on the study. >> reporter: that timeline could be a huge issue if this case ever goes to a trial, but at the moment, charges haven't been filed. dr. murray's attorneys are essentially saying we're ready, we're tired of waiting, please arrest our client. both sides suggest they're
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ready, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen today. meredith? >> josh mankiewicz, thank you very much. for more, watch a special "dateline," "the secret life of michael jackson," tonight at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. now here's matt. thank you. we're learning more this morning about the circumstances surrounding g a deadly shark attack on a kiteboarder. the lifeguard who risked his life to try to save that man will share his story in an exclusive live interview in a moment. first, nbc's kristen dahlgren has the details. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this is the first fatal shark attack here in martin county since 1882 and 1 of just 14 on record in florida's history. so, people here know that there are sharks off the coast, but they never expected anything like this, especially for such an experienced sportsman. these are the waters stephen schafer grew up in, surfing and kite boarding. he spent hours on the waves.
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it's where friends say he was always at home. but wednesday afternoon, lifeguard dan lunde spotted him in the water and in trouble. >> normally, they get the kite and get back up and go, but this time he wasn't, and he was laying across the kite itself. >> so, lunde grabbed his surf board and paddled a quarter mile through rough seas to get to schafer, who said he had been bitten by sharks. >> there was a lot of blood in the water. >> reporter: blood and maybe two or three sharks. he knew firsthand the danger they were in. he was attacked by a shark almost 25 years ago. >> what sharks do in my own experience, they tend to bite first, to wound whatever prey they're going after, and then they come back to, you know, continue. >> reporter: so, battling four to six-foot seas, he pulled the surfer to shore, talking to him along the way, but by the time they reached land, schafer had
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lost too much blood, leaving friends to remember the son of a marine artist as a calm, quiet man, raised to love and respect the water. earlier this week, friends say schafer had seen these pictures of hundreds of sharks schooling just off the coast. now shark expert dr. george burgess has been brought in to try to figure out what happened to schafer. >> to where the shark makes a quick grab and let's go and isn't seen again. we call them run attacks. that's the norm for florida. this was not that. this was the real thing. this was a thing where the shark bit at a human being with some intention to do damage and probably a feeding event. >> reporter: burgess will try to determine what type of sharks killed schafer while his friends only know he died doing what he loved. >> steve was just so passionate about being in the outdoors and about being around the water that he couldn't just surf and then put away the surf board when there are no waves.
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he had to stay out there in one fo or the other. >> reporter: so, while sadly, it does happen, that shark expert says the chances of being bit by a shark are infantecimal, so the beaches remain open. friends hope to some day build a monument for him along the way. they say he would hate for people to stay away. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you so much. we're joined now by the lifeguard who tried to save stephen's life, dan lunde. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i want to talk about -- you're paddling out on your long board. at the moment you got in to head out to stephen schafer, did you have any idea this was shark-related? >> no, i did not. we had noticed he had gone down and he wasn't able to get the kite back up. he was kind of draped over it, and it could have been anything
7:20 am
from equipment malfunction to maybe he had some sort of, you know, injy as far as maybe a leg or arm or something of that nature. it wasn't until i finally got to him that, you know, realized, you know, with the amount of blood in the water, and he told me that he had been, you know, bitten, that this is what's going on, so -- >> i know, dan, that you're under some legal constraints. you can't talk specifically about the nature of his injuries, but would it be fair to say that when you did see him and you did get to him and cradle him on that kite, you understood these were life-threatening injuries? >> yes, sir. i noticed the extent of it and i knew it was a pretty serious situation, yes. >> and then it's hard to imagine the rough seas, he's on the kite, you're on your board. what was it like to try to paddle back to shore? we're talking a quarter of a
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mile. >> well, that day the was a strong northeast wind with a drift that was moving from north to south, so it kind of utilized the wind and the drift and some of the waves to kind of push us along with the kite, him in the kite, and basically, i cradled his head in my arm, and using one arm to paddle. so, i had to use, you know, as much help as we could get to kind of move in, and then as we got near shore to, you know, to use some of the surf itself to try to get us closer and closer to the beach. >> but here you've got a guy who's badly injured. there's a lot of blood in the water, and you yourself saw these sharks swimming underneath. were you worried at all that those sharks could go into a frenzy and attack the two of you? >> yes. that's kind of the reason why i kind of kept him in the kite itself, kind of cradled in the
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kite. it kind of offered at least somewhat protection, because it made us much bigger in the water than if i had tried to just, you know, tried to get him out of the kite. i figured this was the best way to kind of at least offer us some protection. i had the board butted up against the kite and i knew that, yeah, there is a possibility this could turn into a frenzy because of the amount of blood that was in the water. >> and as we mentioned before, you yourself someone who had been bitten by a shark some 20 years or so ago. so, that has to be in your mind at the time. i know, dan, that this did not end the way you had hoped it would end. unfortunately, mr. schafer did pass away from those bites. does it give you any consolation to know that at least in his final minutes he knew he was not alone out there? >> yes. again, every time we, you know, our guys, we go on a rescue, we
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do hope, we do strive to make the best possible outcome, and i was, youknow, i'm just glad i was able to at least be there with him, you know, and just to talk to him. >> i know it's a hard thing for you, but you did an amazing job and we thank you for joining us this morning, dan lund. >> thank you. just ahead, the latest in an unsolved murder of an aspiring mode paula sladewski, as investigators try to track down this man, now wanted for questioning. coming up, sladewski's boyfriend, who was with her the night of the murder, speaks out
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just ahead, a preview of the ads that you're going to see during sunday's super bowl. and a rare disorder that causes this 15-year-old to fall asleep for days.
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7: 26 is your time this morning. good morning, everyone. a winter storm is bearing down on us, you are looking at reagan national airport at thousands of people who are trying to get out before the snow. >> good morning, the snow will begin to reach the ground here in the next couple of hours. it may just now start reach telling ground in the foothills of maryland. by sun set we could have three to five inches on the ground and overnight tonight add another not and then maybe another six inches on top of that on saturday with strong gusty winds
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and below-freezing temperatures. >>let check your traffic up next, stay with us.
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good morning, everyone, let's check the roads this morning, we do have a couple of slow spots, 95 and 395 we do have a couple of back youps n landover, no incidents, but on the inner loop of the belt way at the exit to go on i-95 in maryland, crews are on the scene. >> stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage of the
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approaching storm. another check of the forecast in 20 minutes and the latest school
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♪ 7:30 now on this friday morning, february 5th, 2010. take a look out on the plaza. our crowd is actually going wild for that woman. she looks like a big movie star, but in fact, she's not. she's a great gal, but she's just one of our producers, not the movie star they think they might be seeing. meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer, lure -- >> roker, lure, doesn't matter. >> yesterday i did call you al roker, didn't i? >> yeah, you did. >> i'm overwhelmed by her. >> well, the story about krista is really on the power of image and marketing.
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we'll tell you about that in a couple of minutes. also ahead, the case of a real-life sleeping beauty. this 15-year-old has a rare condition that causes her to sleep on days on end. on one occasion, she slept for 13 days straight. her incredible story, just ahead. got a programming note for you as well. on monday, an exclusive interview with former sports analyst and mets general manager steve phillips. his world, as you might remember, came crashing down last year after an affair with a co-worker came to an end. the jilted lover allegedly showed up at his house and terrified his wife and family. now phillips is fresh out of a treatment center for sex addiction. by the way, it's the same one where tiger woods has reportedly been. we're going to talk to steve phillips exclusively monday right here on "today." but we are going to begin with the latest in the unsolved murder of aspiring model paula sladewski. her boyfriend speaks out for the first time in an exclusive live interview in just a moment, but first, here's nbc's lee cowan. >> reporter: for all the glamour shots paula sladewski had taken
7:32 am
of her throughout her short life, police say there's not a single clear image of her final moments anywhere. iphone video of the aspiring model at a lady gaga concert in miami just days before she was killed is grainy at best. images from a security camera at a club the night she disappeared are even worse. near the dumpster where her body was found, burned beyond recognition last month, her family was hoping for a little better luck, but those cameras weren't rolling either. >> it wasn't recording. >> reporter: so, imagine her family's surprise to see this extremely detailed sketch of a man police want to question in the case. >> this composite's about as close to a photograph as you're probably going to get. >> reporter: police say out of the blue, a new witness has come forward describing in detail a man the witness says was seen leaving the club with paula that
7:33 am
night. >> the thing that really haunts me is that this is who kevin described coming up on the dance floor in club space when he got kicked -- as he was getting kicked out. >> reporter: kevin is paula's boyfriend. they had gone to miami on vacation, but police say kevin was escorted out of the club that night after he and paula got in an argument. he told investigators he went back to the couple's hotel alone and never saw paula again. >> everything that he has relayed to the detectives seems to be checking out. >> reporter: but he's still officially a person of interest, investigators say, the only one so far beyond that mystery man that someone, it seemed, saw very clearly. lee cowan, nbc news, los angeles. >> paula's boyfriend, kevin klym, is with us exclusively along with paula's sister and kevin's attorney. good morning to all of you.
7:34 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. >> kevin and kelly, first of all, our condolences at the loss of paula, but let me ask you, kevin, beginning with you, i'm sure this is even more difficult because of the fact that the police at first considered you a suspect. and although now they believe that you are telling the truth, that your story is truthful, you're still a person of interest. how have you been dealing with all of this? >> i've been fortunate. i have good family and friends that have been supporting me through this whole matter, and kelly has been, you know, on my side the whole time, and you know, she's been speakin out on my behalf, so. >> kelly, let me ask you, why have you stuck by kevin through all of this? >> because i know he didn't kill my sister. >> without a doubt, you're convinced of that? >> yeah, definitely. >> there is a new witness that came forward, kevin, and based on the description that that witness gave the police, they do have this composite picture right now. when you look at that picture,
7:35 am
that is supposedly the last man who was seen wit her at the club, outside the club, does it ring a bell for you? does that face look familiar? >> yes, it does. >> can you tl me who you think that is? >> it looks like one of the bouncers that escorted me out of the club. it looks very, very much like one of the bouncers that escorted me out of the club. >> have you seen or heard any evidence pointed to the bouncers being involved in paula's murder? >> the police have not shared any information with either kelly, myself or the private detective, david. >> but it is a familiar face to you? >> as a matter of fact, when i walked ithe club, this is the gentleman that double i.d.'d paa. we were i.d.'d by one bouncer and this gentleman seemed to be in some position of authority, asked to see her i.d. a second time when we were walking in. i just don't think paula on her best day looked under 21, so i don't know why he would ever do
7:36 am
that, and he was one of the guys that escorted me out of the club, and we had no argument in the club, by the way, meredith. >> talk to me about that. what happened in the club? because the story we had was that you did have an argument, you were brought out and then they went back, supposedly, and said to paula, you know, do you want him back in, and she said no. >> well, basically, you know, there was -- you know, paula was gorgeous. she was a stunner and she attracted a lot of attention. and there were several gentlemen approaching hern the dance floor, and it got to be 7:00 in the morning and it was time to go, and i kind of took her by the waist and was escorting her out of the club, doing the boyfriend shuffle, so to speak, and she said, "wait, i don't want to go," and the bouncers were on me immediately within five seconds and were taking me outside of the club. but we had no words. there was no argument. >> well, from what we heard,
7:37 am
they then went back into the club, after you were outside, and then returned to you and said -- >> well, i tried -- >> go ahead. >> well, i tried to get back in the club. i said i'm not leaving without my girlfriend. >> well, when they came back to you -- >> and they said no. they said -- >> when they came back to you, kevin, and said she doesn't want to come out, did that seem strange to you? >> i mean, i knew she was intoxicated, i knew she was having fun, but i also, before i left, she asked me, because i used to hold a lot of her stuff when we'd go out because she would carry very small purses, and she said, you know, kevin -- when i was leaving, when the bouncers were escorting me out, she said, wait, i need my debit card, and i gave her my debit card, so i felt that maybe she was a little intoxicated, but you know, she was not, you know, incoherent or incapacitated. she knew what she was doing. and you know, i figured she was just, you know, i don't know,
7:38 am
playing games with me and she'd be back at the hotel in a couple hours. >> her brother, thomas, was on this broadcast recently, kevin, and i have to tell you what he said. i'm sure you're aware of this. he said you were guilty of being a coward, that you shouldn't have left her. when you look at that surveillance tape, any part of you feel like i wish that i had stayed? this was a terrible mistake, why did i leave her? >> everyday, every minute, every time i close my eyes. absolutely. but you have to understand, at the time, what i was thinking, it was after 7:00 in the morning, it was broad daylight out, there was people coming and going from the club. there was a line that taxis out front. there were 20 people milling out in front. it didn't feel like i was leaving her in danger. she asked for the debit card before i left, so i knew she had money, had her i.d. but do i regret that decision?
7:39 am
every day of my life, yes. >> i'm sure you do. chris, if kevin has nothing to do with paula's murder, why is he still considered a person of interest? >> well, i think that in any police investigation, it's reasonable, it's common sense that the last person seen with them, especially if they've had some issues in michigan and california, it's only reasonable to start the investigation there. and until there's actually an arrest warrant or an indictment, i don't see kevin being completely cleared. they need to have an arrest before that move is made. >> and we certainly hope that that happens very soon. kevin klym, kelly ferris, chris kokanaucus, thank you very much. >> we have a website, we're asking anybody with tips to come forward. we're looking for donations. we're raising money for a reward. kelly has put up $15,000 of her own money. she stopped working completely, dedicated herself to this, as have i. and anybody who can come forward
7:40 am
and help us or donate to our website, i really appreciate it. >> kevin, thank you for adding that. greatly appreciate it. and thank you all once again. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. and now let's get a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's weather" is brought to you by kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. >> and good morning. latest weather for you. of course, we've been talking about this big storm along the mid-atlant for the weekend. it's still snowing along the mid-atlantic states. rain in much of california into the pacific northwest, snow showers through the plains. on sunday we've got windy cond good morning, radar showing a little rain and sleet trying to reach the ground in southern maryland. there is some light snow reaching the groundn charlottesville and into the panhandle of west virginia. by this evening, winds will increase as well as t snowfall rates end and tapering off
7:41 am
saturday evening. 18 to 24 inches will be common throughout the entire region by the time it ends saturday afternoon. and that's your latest weather. meredith? al, thank you. and up next, a real-life sleeping beauty. the rare condition that makes this girl sleep for almost two weeks at a time. her story, right after this.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
we're back now at 7:44. imagine sleeping through an entire famy vacation or days of work or school. 's actually what happened to a 15-year-old girl who suffers from an extremely rare disorder that causes her to doze off for days on end. here's nbc's stephanie gosk.
7:45 am
>> reporter: teenagers need a lot of sleep, but for 15-year-old louisa ball, sleeping has become a curse. what has been the longest period of time that you've been asleep? >> 13 days. >> reporter: unlike the fairy tale, this sleeping beauty has no prince charming coming to wake her up. she has klein levin syndrome, a rare condition with only 1,000 known cases around the world. >> this kind of state lasts for about one to two weeks, generally, and then it disappears suddenly. so, people feel this is over, but unfortunately, comes back, and in a very unpredictable way. >> reporter: louisa's sleeping episode started just over a year ago. >> we couldn't wake her up, and it was constant, please, will you get up, please have something to eat, and she just couldn't eat and didn't even have the energy to open her eyelids. >> reporter: a pediatrician in ireland made the diagnosis for the young lady, a frightening syndrome with no cure, only a
7:46 am
chance louisa would grow out of it. since then, every four to five weeks, her family and school friends pick up the signs that sleep is setting in. >> i'm vague, i don't talk much. and then louisa's going into an episode. and i'm like, yeah. and then i realize i will need to go home. >> reporter: while asleep, life passes her by. dancing is louisa's passion, but this year she keeps missing recitals. school work and her social life suffer. ♪ i'm dreaming my life away >> just catch up and i'm right back to normal. >> reporter: do you wake up d go, what's the gossip? >> yeah. yeah. like, obviously, everyone just tells me, i'm just bombarded with everything. >> reporter: her parents have a harder time staying upbeat. they almost have to force feed her to keep her alive. you lose your daughter, in a way. >> i do. she doesn't talk to yo >> reporter: and they also have to defend their daughter from the skeptics who say she's just another teenager with an attitude problem. >> this is somebody who's losing a third of their life to sleep,
7:47 am
you know, for no reason of their own. >> reporter: it's a real-life fairy tale that this family hopes will have a happy ending. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, worthing, england. >> dr. emanuel minot is a psychiatry professor and director of the center for narcolepsy at stanford university. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> is this a virus that causes this? is that what a lot of people believe? >> we're not so sure. however, we think that some people are genetically predisposed to having an infection that then doesn't clear up and seems to relax regularly, and that gives the symptoms of sleeping all the time for ten days at a time >> so, if it lasts ten days at a time and then the person wakes up and can function at some normal level, generally speaking, what's the time between episodes >> that's a big problem. we never know. sometimes it can be two weeks, sometimes it can be months.
7:48 am
occasionally, people say that's it, i've grown out of it because i haven't had an episode for a year, then it restarts. >> and even during the episodes, they do wake up for short periods of time, and what are they like during tse periods of times? how do they behave? >> that's the important thing. they are not normal. they are in kind of a dream-like state, sounds are muffled. they don't feel normal. >> confused. >> exactly. >> irrelevantal, slow-thinking. >> yeah. >> and it is that dream-like state. >> exactly. >> and then they dip back into sleep until the end of that 10 or 12-day period. >> yes. >> what's amazing to me here is that they actually, most people do grow out of this. it lasts for about 8 or 12 years and then they grow out. is tt the end of the term where the virus can impact you? does the brain accommodate it? what happens? >> we don't know. that's why we have to do a lot more research in this relatively rare disease. there are only probably a few thousand people with a disorder.
7:49 am
they are often not diagnosed and there is very little research being done. but i believe that probably the infectious process gets, you know, less active with time, and you outgrow it. >> and real quickly, the major difference between this and narcolepsy, which more people have heard of would be what? >> oh, it's completely different. narcolepsy patients just sleep all the time and they have difficulties staying awake. that's their major problem. and it's a lifelong disorder. once you start narcolepsy, you have it for life. whereas here it's episodic, it's on, off, on, off, and that's what's really dramatic. >> life-altering for the people who have it. >> absolutely. >> dr. mignot, thank you for your input. we appreciate it very much. >> thank you. it's 49 minutes after the hour. just ahead, a sneak peek at the super bowl commercials everybody will be talking about monday morning.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
just ahead, we're going to talk to the man behind these images of marilyn monroe.
7:53 am
7:54 am
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7:56 am
7:456 is your time now, you're looking at pictures of southwest virginia where snow has already fallen and continues to fall. meteorologist tom kiron is tracking all the details. >> on the radar at this hour, we are seeing some precipitation. no reports of it reaches the ground. but a few reports of rain and sleet reaching the ground south of washington. farther west, that green and white area, this snow is going to increase in intensity by later on this afternoon, overnight tonight and into tomorrow, it will finally end tomorrow afternoon with some strong gusty winds. total amounts of 18 to 24 inc
7:57 am
7:58 am
this winter storm will likely have an major effect on the public -- aft that above ground service will be shut down. metro says there is a good possibility that all metro bus and metro access services will be canceled tomorrow and possibly sunday as well. let's get the latest on the
7:59 am
traffic and how it's moving out there. jerry edwards is here. >> good morning, everyone, no weather concerns so far today and that is good news. folks getting out and about. some folks going in to work for a while. 270 southbound, call it moderate traffic all the way on down. let's take a look along 395. pretty loaded up on several stretches between landmark and sirington. >> stay with us all morning for continuing coverage of the continuing storm. the latest school closures
8:00 am
8:00 now on a friday rning. it's the 5th day of february 2010.
8:01 am
8:02 am
8:03 am
it said 28-year-old robert park of tucson, arizona, admitted his wrongdoing and has repented. overseas markets are down sharply this morning after the dow's 268-point drop on thursday. cnbc's melissa francis is at the new york stock exchange with more on this. melissa, today the focus is on jobs. >> that's right, ann. the dow is coming off its worst one-day drop in eight months, and as a result, asian markets getting crushed overnight. hong kong's hang seng down more than 3%. south korea's kospi down 3%, india's sensex down 2.6%. today markets taking their cues from the jobs report, and one thing is for sure, companies have figured out how to do more with less, they're more productive, their profits are higher. that's good news for your 401(k). it's bad news for people looking for work. ann, back to you. >> sounds like today's a day to buckle up. thanks a lot, melissa francis. two american-born pandas
8:04 am
arrived in china this morning, a day after leaving atlanta and washington, d.c., where they had millions of fans. and two members of the coast guard auxiliary walked away unhurt on wednesday after the plane made an emergency landing in florida. the front lding gear wouldn't lock in place and collapsed shortly after touching down. it is now four minutes after the hour. let's get another check of the weather from al. thanks, ann. these young ladies are from baltimore, and you came here -- what's your school? >> prep. >> they're making you stay another day because of the storm? oh, that's too bad! boo-hoo. bet you're having a good time. thanks and hopefully you get home safe. >> thank you. >> moms and dads, they're all okay. let's check your weather, see what's happening. and look, here it comes. this is a big storm. this is why these kids aren't going home. the snow has already started in parts of the virginias, also down through north carolina. they're seeing some icy mix.
8:05 am
a big system. here's the low pressure area getting itself together, pushing its way off the coast. as it does, it's spreading that snow. washington, d.c., southern new jersey, where they've got blizzard warnings already. the snow spreads back into indiana. look at some of these snowfall totals. we are talking about anywhere three to six inches back through the dakotas, but as you get through the ohio river valley, 9 to 12 inches of snow. and then baltimore, washington, philadelphia, atlantic city, anywhere from a foot to two feet of snow in some of the mountains west of washington. and that snow is just now beginning to reach the ground in the shenandoah valley. we're seeing that area of white and gray where it is beginning to reach the ground there. but washington not yet and we don't have any reports of it reaching the ground in that pink and blue zone, the snow will develop as the day progresses
8:06 am
and will become heavy at times by sunset. strong gusty winds as well. it will taper off and end saturday afternoon and then remain below freezing. up to 24 inches around the region. and that's your latest weather.matt? >> all right, mr. roker, thank you very much. when we come back, "the friday whip." it's your survival guide for super bowl suay, everything you need to make a party a hit. . give a book with your voice on every page. and when it seems impossible to love you more... i do. good night, evan. - i love you. - awww, i love you too. a cuddly bear that answers when you talk... or a card with a dvd that celebrates your love story. gifts that will mean something long after the day is done. ♪ i love you only at your hallmark gold crown store.
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>> announcer: "today's friday whip" is brought to you by mcdonald's. back at 8:09 with "today's super bowl whip," everything you need for this weekend's game between the indianapolis colts and the new orleans saints. >> we have lined up everybody to help us out from televisions to snacks. first, football 101. betsy burns is author of "the female fan guide to pro football." betsy, good morning. >> good morning. >> so, there isn't a lot you need to know. you need to know it's super bowl xliv, the names of the teams, the colts and the saints. >> and even if you're just there for the commercials and the halftime show, at least know the colts are blue and white and the saints are black and gold so you can recognize them on the field. >> and when it comes to the players, good to know the quarterbacks. walk us through those two guys. >> okay. peyton manning is the quarterback for the colts.
8:11 am
he's 33 years old. he grew up in new orleans. his father archie used to play for the saints. >> which is an interesting little connection. >> which is an interesting mix, exactly. and drew brees is the quarterback for the saints and this is his first time in a super bowl. >> what about each team's record in the super bowl? that's always a good thing to pull out. >> right. well, the colts won three years ago. they beat the chicago bears, and this is the first time the saints have ever been to the super bowl. it's been 43 years. >> and the colts are predicted to win by five points, is that right? >> that's about right, yes. so, if somebody talks about the point spread, just say, yeah, the colts are expected to win. >> what about football lingo that would make you look good? >> it's good to have something in your back pocket to look impressive. maybe if your team is on offense and you want to see a trick play, say, oh, play action might be good right now. that's just a trick play where the quarterback fakes a running play and actually throws the ball. >> any other lingo? >> what about a blitz? if your team is on defense, you could say, oh, blitz would be great right now. so, there's some fun things that you could throw out. a point spread is good to know,
8:12 am
if you actually can understand it. but the main thing is just to have fun when you're watching the game. >> exactly. betsy, thank you so much. now let's go over to matt. >> thank you. if you're hosting a party, you want your television to score a touchdown with your friends. our tech expert is a professor at columbia journalism school. sri, nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> if you're going out to buy a tv right now for the big game or for anything for that matter, is it all hd? >> it's hd, and the manufacters are presenting their new lineup last month at a big show in vegas, so they need to clear the space in the stores. so you don't need to wait. if you want a new tv, this is the time to go shop around. >> but the prices vary wildly. if you look at a 42-inch screen, prices could differ by hundreds and hundreds of dollars. >> it can, so that's why you have to do your research and go and see what feels good. also depends on the size of your apartment, where you're going to be sitting or house, et cetera. >> right. this is 42 inches. you like this. this is insignia. why do you like this model? >> this is best buy's brand.
8:13 am
a smaller tv than this three years ago that i bought was $3,000. this is $799. this gives you a sense of how much the prices have fallen. it also has a great feature, reduces th volume from going up when the commercials come on. >> we like that. >> a lot of people love that. >> let's go up in size. this is a samsung, 46 inches. why do you like this? >> several things. the first is that it's incredibly thin. so, i'm just going to show you, if we can right here, look at how thin that is. >> that's unbelievable. that really is. it's right against the wall. >> right. >> what's a price on something like this? >> so, this can range from $1,600 to $2,000, but the oer part of this is it's 40% more energy-efficient because it uses part of the -- >> in the 15 seconds left, this is a bigger one. this is 54 inches. and why do you like this? >> and this is a panasonic plasma, available at j&r. what is nice about this, it's a bigger screen, also you can see from a wider area. so, sometimes with the lcds, that's a problem. and just look at the size of this. >> yeah. that's a good picture.
8:14 am
enjoy the game, sree. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. appreciate the information. let's go upstairs now to al. >> thanks, matt. wouldn't be a super bowl party without the food, and here with the dishes that will definitely win your family and friends over, katie brown, host of "katie brown's workshop" on public tv. nice to see you. >> nice to see you! >> we're starting with snacks, popcorn. >> you think popcorn, super bowl, eat as you watch. >> yes. >> but how about spicing them up a little bit? >> okay. >> this particular one right here has a little bit of cinnamon, a little bit of sugar and a little bit of kayan pepper. this one has a little pepper chopped up, lemon squeezed with butter and then you mix it up. this is one of my favorites, butter, truffle oil, little parmesan cheese and a tad bit of parsley. very good, right? >> ribs! >> this one's always a crowd-pleaser. >> hard to cook ribs outside, so this is indoor. >> first poach them. then you go right to your cupboard. you get out your ketchup, molasses, brown sugar, mustard. the thing that you want to do
8:15 am
that's a secret here is you always think sweet and sour. but how about a little lemon? thank you! i'm putting al to work here. >> and you put them on the thing. how long do you keep them in the oven? >> only a good 15, 20 minutes, because you've already cooked them. >> and look at this. >> look at that. >> off the bone. >> who's the winner? it's a touchdown! no pun intended. >> i'm going to pass it over to ann. >> all right, i caught the ball. thanks, al. beer won't be the only drink on sunday for a go-to beverage. the super bowl ranks among one of the top ten wine consumption events of the year. here with suggestions is gary vaynercek. gary, good morning. >> how are you? >> thanks for telling us it's okay to drink wine on super bowl. listen to that, my husband. how often do people have to drink wine? >> as often as possible, hopefully. >> no, on the super bowl. >> wine haexploded, especially the past five years. wine is actually passing beer in a lot of markets as the top beverage during the super bowl. >> okay. now, when you're having buffalo
8:16 am
wings,hat's a good pairing? what's a good wine pairing? >> white wine from spain, very crisp, goes really well with spicy or plain chicken wings. >> okay. now, moving into pizza, very big during the super bowl. >> huge. >> what will you drink with that? >> i want to go with the tariga nationale. i know that scared everybody. it's norwegian wine and it's only $7. >> $7, there you go! and when the saints win, we are going to want champagne. >> yes. >> and you suggested maybe a b caba. i heard that snare over there. >> you don't have to spend a lot of bones on champagne. $8 to $12. great value. >> all right. gary, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> that's terrific. now, all we have left is the commercials. we'll have a preview of the commercials for the sup but coming up next, how to turn yourself into a celebrity in just two hours and how it could land you your next job. that's coming up.
8:17 am
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back now with more of our special series "build your own brand today: how to stand out in a crowd." on thursday, we showed you how to build a personal brand to hopefully improve your chances of landing a new job. this morning, how with a few smoke and mirrors, we made one of our "today" show producers stand out in the crowd. [ ringing ] >> "today" show, krista? >> reporter: as a "today" show producer, krista brunson is used
8:21 am
to juggling a number of assignments. >> okay, well, how about if we reschedule? >> reporter: but branding and marketing expert brandon lynn strom has come up with what could be her most challenging experiment yet. with help from jill martin. >> we have to create a celebrity in two hours. >> i love this task. all right, but we don't want her to look like lady gaga, right? >> no. you want to go 15% down the track of lady gaga, but not the full. >> we'll just do the lady, leave out the gaga. are you ready for a new krista? >> i'm ready. >> okay, let's go. >> krista's transformation was under way withhair, makeup and wardrobe, just like a real celebrity. meanwhile, with the help of some willing nbc staffers, krista's entourage was assembled -- a manager, stylist, bodyguard, even fake paparazzi, and of course, the requisite blinged-out pooch. this is zach. >> you look unbelievable. ♪ when i grow up, i wanna be
8:22 am
famous, i wanna be a star ♪ >> reporter: in order for this to work, krista had to stay in character the whole time, and boy, did she. >> if we do lunch, i'd like to have a ma moccia and i'd le to bring marguerite, so, can you put it on the schedule? >> krista, look over here! krista, look over here. how are you doing today? >> i'm just doing a little shopping, folks, okay? >> look over here. >> what are you doing for the super bowl, krista? >> please look this way one second. thank you. >> she's had enough, guys. >> reporter: it didn't take long for people to approach krista. >> hi, absolutely! lovely h. >> thank you. >> oh, absolutely. >> thanks. thanks. >> but that doesn't mean they actually knew her. >> she kind of looks like somebody important. >> so why did you approach her? >> well, because this is new york and you always seen fun people on the street and why not? >> she looks really familiar, so i figured if i could get her autograph, i'd be able to read it but i still can't read it. >> you can't read it! >> i heard that her name is
8:23 am
krista, but everybody was asking for an autograph, so i figured i'd get one for my daughter as well. >> who is that? >> you took a photo. >> it looks like jessica simpson. is it her? >> while not everyone was buying it. >> do you know krista? >> no, i don't know krista. >> reporter: others just wanted information. >> could you give me a name? >> krista. >> krista who? >> like madonna, you have krista. >> i'm on a show that hasn't premiered yet, but it's an up and coming. >> what name should i be looking for? >> krista, that's the name. >> reporter: but in the end, she took the photo anyway, just in case. >> three, two, one. >> martin lindstrom is chairman of biology incorporated, a marketing and neuroscience company. his best-selling books "buy-ology" and brand sense." good morning. >> good morning. is this what you try every day when you walk down the street? >> i don't walk around with an entourage. but why were people attracted to
8:24 am
her, bottom line? >> people were not attracted to krista, sorry, krista. they're attracted to the attention around her. it's the same as a pawn in the air. people start to look in the air. >> so, you're basic laegly saying we're lemmings and we're only interested in things other people are interested in. >> we're very insecure. basically, what happens is the more we're under pressure, the more we want a leader, and the leader of the 21st century is celebrities. >> we didn't just do this to have fun. we did this to prove a point. and basically, we created an aura of interest around this person. now, bring that into daily life. why should we think that's important, especially when we're looking for a job? >> you know what, at the end of the day, it comes down to trading attention around you and having a presence in the room. now, if i give you a limp handshake, i'm pretty sure you wod think, who's that person? so, the first impression is really what counts. that's the reason why if you walk into a supermarket aisle, for example, and you talk to a person sitting at the counter and the person is not having a
8:25 am
presence, you would forget her. but suddenly, if she has a strong presence, you will never forget her and she will increase her profile. >> so if you're going in for an inteiew that 50 other people have interviewed for, if you walk in there thinking or exuding that you own the room and you are by far the best qualified person for that job, in some ways, the person interviewing you might buy it. >> absolutely. it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. you become what you actually want to be. >> we can't give everyone an entourage. we can't give everyone a stylist who touches their hair constantly. so, what's the best way, in small ways, for someone to do it in a job search? >> plan your first five or ten seconds of presence when you walk in a room so you feel people are attracted to you. because when you do that, guess what? your presence will be so much stronger that people actually will be attracted to you and believe in you. >> martin, great experiment. the only problem is, krista is still in character. she has not broken that. >> i agree. >> that's going to be tough to live with her. just ahead, some never-before-seen photos of
8:26 am
marilyn monroe. our time right now is 8:26, 35 degrees, these are some pictures from southwestern virginia where the snow is already moving in. looks like the roadways are still pretty open at this hour. but things will be changing before long. there you can see some snow on the roadways and it's moving our way. our time right now is 8:26, 35 degrees. and good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. let's get an update on the latest forecast. here's tom kiron. >> the radar showing some light snow now beginning to reach the ground in the shenandoah valley and that is the zone that could receive the biggest impact from this storm. especially the blue ridge mountain they could get up to
8:27 am
30 inches. in washington the temperatures are right around the low 30s. and the metro area could get 18 to 24 inches of snow. maybe somewhat lighter amounts the lower part of the eastern shore. but strong winds there. that's the way it looks right now, joe. >> thanks very much, tom, we're going to take a break and come back and loo
8:28 am
good morning, everyone, live pictures of the beltway in montgomery county where you can see the trucks are stationed around connecticut avenue.
8:29 am
they will be needed throughout the day. >> stay with us all morning longer for continuing coverage çóçóçóçñçñçóaching storm.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, february 5th, 2010. this time next week we will be in vancouver for the opening ceremony of the olympic games. these folks are getting their waves in on the plaza while they can, unless they're going to come with us to vancouver. of course, this weekend's big sporting event is the super bowl. >> yes. >> on sunday. >> that's right, sunday night, colts versus the saints.
8:31 am
100 million people expected to tune in in this country. you know, about half of those people don't care who wins the game, they just want to see the commercials. >> yes. >> a lot of people tune in for those commercials. so, coming up in this half hour, we're going to have a sneak peek at some of the ones that you will be talking about on monday morning. >> that's something i really noticed during the super bowl, it's hard to take aathroom break. >> you want to watch the commercials. >> exactly. also ahead this half hour, never-before-seen photographs of the legendary marilyn monroe that were taken eight months before she died. we'll show you more and also talk to the photographer who took them in a moment. also coming up this morning, take a look at these beautiful dogs. they're called pyrenees, right? and they're on a quest with their owner to walk 2,000 miles across the country. we'll tell you why, coming up. >> wow. first, we want to remind you about our wizarding world of harry potter at universal orlando resort contest. it opens this spring, and we're
8:32 am
giving classrooms across the country a chance to be there for the opening. we just need to know why your class is extraordinary. logon to our website,, and we'll give you all the details. >> when is that, do you know? >> april. >> april, a couple months from now. >> do you have a check of the weather? absolutely. let's show you what's going on. you know about the storm for the eastern seaboard. well, saturday, southern new jersey looking for one to two feet of snow in parts of the mid-atlantic. rain in california. then sunday, rain showers in new england, snow through the northern plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest, showers in s good morning, radar showing snow now reaching the ground in the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge mountains of virginia and here near washington, it's still cloudy, that pink and blue zone may be a little bit of rain and sleet trying to reach the ground there. the snow will begin to pile up, three to five inches on the ground by sunset, we'll fall out
8:33 am
of the 30s by tonight. winds increasing to 30 to 40 miles an hour by tomorrow. we could have an additional 15 inches on the ground by tomorrow afternoon. and that's latest weather. don't forget, any time of the day or night, weather channel on cable, online. >> all right. if you're watching the game on sunday, it always helps to watch with a football in your hand. >> yeah! >> sit there and pretend during the game. >> that's what i do. >> we want to thank the folks at wilson. every year they do something nice for us. first of all, they make all the footballs, at their factory in ohio, they make all the game balls, and every year for us they make us a ball with our signature on it. >> that's really cool. >> it's really nice. a great keepsake. >> you know how many balls a year? 700,000. >> that's a lot of balls. >> that's a lot of balls. >> it really is. >> now, you know, it's best if we not get involved in this. >> in fact, i'm going to walk away. >> hey, mark, catch!
8:34 am
>> she can't stop! >> and'm going to -- let's see. >> all right! >> all right, okay. >> that's so nice. >> we're going to be back with much more ahead on a friday morning. but first, this is "today" on nbc. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: did the waltons take way too long to say goodnight? mom: g'night john boy. g'night mary ellen.
8:35 am
mary ellen: g'night mama. g'night erin. elizabeth: g'night john boy. jim bob: g'night grandpa. elizabeth: g'night ben. jim bob: elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% more.
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back at 8:36. 50 yearsago, marilyn monroe was the reigning queen of hollywood, and to this day, she is considered one of the greatest female stars of all time. but back in december of 1961, an unexpected meeting between monroe and the accomplished photographer len stekler led to some remarkable photographs that are just being revealed for the first time. len steckler, good morning.
8:37 am
this is an amazing story. take us back to 1961. you're visited by your good friend nicole sandberg. >> who is sitting in my place, and carl, we were talking, and carl casually says to me, len, i'm expecting somebody over in a little while, and i keep talking. it was like him. >> doesn't say anything about who it is. >> nothing. four hours later, the doorbell rings, i go to the door, i open the door, i'm face to face with marilyn monroe, and she looked -- she reall really look gorgeous. she says to me immediately, "i'm sorry i'm late, but i was having my hair done to match carl's," and it looked amazing. so, she's in the back, carl is inside. she sees carl and she runs toward him and embraces him, and they kiss and they start to talk and they're talking and
8:38 am
involved. i'm watching this, i grab my nikon. >> you know there's a moment here that needs to be captured. >> well, it's like an instinct, and i've done it all my life. so, i grab it and i start to move toward them gently, like a cat. you're like a mouse and a cat. and i'm going and i'm closer and i'm starting to shoot and i'm noticing that they don't even know that i'm there. >> they're so engrossed in each other. >> they're oblivious to the camera. but that -- i was feeling amazed, and i put my camera, i focused on marilyn's face and she was wearing sunglasses, but i saw her eyes and i focused on her eyes and there wasn't a bad angle on her, literally. i had done a lot of beautiful wome but -- and then i panned down and there was carl's gnarled hand, his old hand in her hand, and i thought to myself, carl was 83 and marilyn was 35.
8:39 am
>> right. >> that's pretty -- >> that's pretty good, actually. >> yes. >> now, you say that there was little bit of flirtation between the two of them. did you suspect something was going on, or -- >> well, well, i can't make that -- she -- i think she liked older men. i think she was very vulnerable and she liked older men, and as such, carl really fit that bill because he was very parental. i would say more of that than the other. >> and you sort of squirreled these photographs away. you never really thought about them, right? your son discovered them. >> very true. very true. actually, all of that -- i went back -- my assistant brought me the contacts and i looked at the contacts, i said they're beautiful. i said file them away as "the visit," which i called it. but here's a point, meredith,
8:40 am
marilyn monroe, as i remember, died eight months later. >> that's exactly right. >> and i thought to myself at that moment how empathetic i felt photographing those two icons when they were in their moment and i was there with my camera, and i went on doing what i was doing, and as you do. i had all my assignments and things that i did. and i put joe namath in pantyhose and i did all of that. and then, that's 50 years later, 50 years later, which was about three months ago, i was having my work appraised, and my son morgan was there, you know, leafing through my files and found an envelope, and it said "the visit" on it. he looked on them and said, "dad, these are wonderful." >> well, i'm glad he came upon them, because now the public will get a chance to purchase them. len, they're fantastic.
8:41 am
>> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> and for sharing them with t rest of the world. >> thank you, meredith. thank you. up next, a sneak
8:42 am
8:43 am
back now now at 8:43 with a preview of this year's super bowl, not the matchup between the colts and the saints, but the commercials. here with a sneak peek is matt miller, president and c of the association of independent commercial producers. hey, matt, welcome back. >> hey. >> good to see you. >> you, too. >> it's that time of year again. $2.5 million is what advertisers are paying for a mute during the super bowl. are they getting a good bang for their buck? >> in many ways they are. it has been a vehicle to not only show the health of your company, but tell wall street you're vibrant but also speak your brand in a different way,
8:44 am
in a fun way and reallto connect. but you know, prices have held. prices truly have held. they thought it would dip a little bit this year, but it was strong and it came ght back. >> that's a lot of jack. let's t to some of the commercials you think people will be talking about. this one is for snickers, and this is kind of a humorous one. let's take a look, okay? >> we love betty white. it's always great to take someone and place them outside their normal environment. >> and it's great, and the super bowl does that well and creatively year in and year out. you know, any time -- you know, the super bowl's about a good laugh. you're watching in a big crowd. you want a good laugh, something memorable. put betty white with young guys playing football and there's a little surprise in there with
8:45 am
abe via goedgodavigoda. >>dockers, first time in the super bowl, i believe. we can't play this whole thing, but this is weird. >> yeah, it's kind of fun. this is a great sound check here, and the idea, you know, both dockers and dove. it's a little bit about growing up and it's a little bit about that "hangover" mentality from the films and all that, men coming of age. it's time to grow up and wear pants. and it's a little bit mon python-esque, and what's interesting here is it's all a sound check and it's kind of a funny song. and they co-branded this thing with sam, so you can download the song and do these things online. >> and there's a good thing that comes at the end of that. dove did real well with the real woman campaign and now they're kind of taking that and moving it over to men. >> they are, demand a humorous way. they've thrown out some statistics like, you know, over the years the number of man grooming products have grown 25%.
8:46 am
so, this is another way of saying men grow up. you know, it's put on pants here and start grooming yourself. >> by the way, for car enthusiasts, we're not going to show any commercials, but there are five foreign car companies that have purchased ads in the super bowl. only one american car company. that's pretty telling. >> that is pretty telling. it's telling of what's going on. i actually think some of the ways that the foreign car companies are connecting are in very humorous ways and very interesting ways. vw, especially, is doing some really interesting things. >> career builder and budweiser have both done these things where they've allowed viewers prior to the game to in some ways determine what they'll see during the game. is that a good strategy? >> well, it's huge. i think right now it's part of the strategy. last year, i think 90% of the advertisers played their spots either prior to or afterwards on some sort of other platform, and in fact, while you have 100 million viewers, you also have about 100 million hits within the days after the super bowl to give it another life. and those two actually allowed
8:47 am
the consumers to help pick the ads that were going to be in the super bowl, engage them beforehand. >> we often talk about the go daddy commercials for good reason. they've got danica patrick. let's take a look and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> every tim i search for a domain name at, a girl talks to me. >> a girl? >> watch. >> oh. that's danica patrick! >> so, do you little maniacs want another domain name? >> yes, please. how about >> see what happens next at >> i don't know what to say about that. so, let's just run it again. >> it's "flash dance" meets "weird science," a little nostalgia and just out there and it will make you go look at it again. they always have the strategy of putting things out that they know will be rejected to get the buzz going. >> they've had one banned. >> every year they have one
8:48 am
banned. >> coca-cola, big year for coca-cola, why? >> well, pepsi hasn't been in now. this is the first time in 23 years pepsi's not there. they vacated it and left the door open for coke to own it, so, here you have it. they've been battling it out for a couple of years, both of them in the game, and now co's there with three spots this year and they're going to own it. >> and controversy, i think if there is some, you can talk about this focus on families organizations, pro-life ad that features tim tebow, the football star. and it's created a lot of talk. i think if the idea is to message in front of a lot of eye balls, they've done it in a big way. >> it is, and it is a gut move. i think the thing that's out there politically is that in the past, cbs specifically and other networks have rejected advocacy ads. they've rejected ads that are more liberal in their stance, and this year this is on the conservative side so the liberals are up in arms. they did reject a gay dating
8:49 am
site ad. so, you have a little political undercurrent going on here. >> but we're talking about it, and that's half the battle of these organizations. >> that's right. >> matt miller, as always, thanks very much. >> great to be here, matt. >> and which do you like better, the commercials or the game? weigh in at our website, up next, one man and his dogs' remarkab
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "today's pets," an incredible journey to raise awareness for a deadly disease. our resident animal lover jill rappaport is here with the heartwarming story. hey, jill, good morning. >> hi, meredith. it's a true, wonderful walk for life, and this is a man on a mission with his dogs by his side. and they are hoping with every step they take it will get them closer to an answer for animal cancer. when luke robinson adopted his great pyrenees malcolm in 1999, he really understood the true meaning of the phrase man's best friend. >> he changed everything in my life. very quickly, i goed, so he became my caddie. he would ride shotgun in my golf cart. he would go everywhere with me. >> reporter: tragedy, at the age of 6, malcolm was diagnosed with bone cancer, sadly losing his fight after a grueling two-year battle. >> it torpedoed my world.
8:52 am
he was so much a part of my life that i wanted to know why he got cancer. >> reporter: so, in 2008, luke went looking for an answer. he sold his truck, put his belongings in storage and hit the open road with his two other great pyrenees pooches, murphy and hudson. his goal -- two dogs 2,000 miles, walking from austin to boston to raise awareness about canine cancer. the journey in itself for a human is daunting. yet, you're taking these beautiful dogs on this trip with you. the first thing that comes to my mind is the risks for them. >> if something does happen, i mean, these are my boys, i'm responsible. i had to get over that emotional hurdle and realize that, you know, i can plan and prepare and do everything i could and just have faith that we'll get from point a to point b safely, and we have. we've had angels walking with us. >> reporter: since they began their journey almost two years ago, the threesome averaged 10 to 12 miles a day, and that's the easy part. so, here you've got almost 100
8:53 am
pounds of weight on your back, and yet, you can completely survive for almost a week at a time with what you're carrying on you? >> that's right. enough dog food, treats -- >> reporter: water. >> -- emergency supplies, water, exactly. >> where are you staying? where do you stop over? >> we've stayed at churches, pitched a tent in people's lawns. we do sleep on the side of the road about 50% of the time. >> reporter: obviously, we're not doing a big trek today, but normally, you would ha boots on all their paws. >> that's right. it's imperative to protect their pads in cold weather, hot weather, walking through the city, thers so many hazards. >> reporter: now the physical challenges of their endeavor are obvious, and the focus of this mission is clear. are we getting any closer to answers for this horrific cancer? >> the bad news is, we have a lot more questions than we do answers, but the good news is, is that there are a lot of wonderful people out there that are devoting their lives to the very same thing. when malcolm was diagnosed, i knew right then and there that the rest of my life was going to be committed to cancer. didn't know how, didn't know what capacity. i still have that commitment.
8:54 am
i still am going to devote the rest of my days to try to figure out what took him from me. >> answers we hope he gets, having lost my own beloved dog jack to the same deadly disease. >> and this is murphy right here, and hudson on the couch along with luke. luke, almost two years you've been on this journey. the response you get from people along the road? >> well, i have some people that just absolutely can't believe that i'm walking across the country because i lost a dog to cancer. and then i get people who drive five hours just to shake my hand and just to let us know that they're with us all the way. you know, people have been so gracious and generous and giving. they invite us into their homes. i mean, we've had people that we just -- complete stranger and they just see me and the boys out there on th road walking and they just pull over and say i've got a spare bedroom. come stay with us tonight. >> and as you mentioned, jill, the dogs sometimes have booties on to protect their feet. what else do you do to ensure their safety? because it's dangerous out on
8:55 am
the road. >> well, it is. there is a lot of truth to happy, healthy, well-behaved dog is a well-exercised dog. so, you know, we encounter a lot of risk, but these guys get the best food, best treats. we have a lot of products that we use to help protect them from some of the risks. and then just, my day really is all about planning and anticipating. and this is probably one of the most risk-averse adventures, because these are my boys and i don't want anything to happen to them. >> but the first day when you told them you were going for a walk, you didn't realize two years later -- do you get any attitude from either one of them, like excuse me -- >> well, be careful, because i hope they're not listening. there have been some times, i think, that they look at me and just say, you know, poppy, i think we'll just meet you in boston. have a good walk. enjoy yourself. >> so you'll end up in boston and then what? >> boston really is the next thing. we're going to have a big celebration, do a full weekend worth of events, and then after that, we're launching phase two of this, which is 2 million dogs.
8:56 am
8:56 is our time right now, we're taking a live look at our roadways in southwest virginia. there is already snow on the ground. 35 degrees here in the nation's capital. let's look at our for right now. >> good morning, joe, our radar has been showing precipitation all morning along but most of it has been remaining aloft and not reaching the ground. it is beginning to reach the ground in the white and gray zone. it is starting just now in very tiny flakes here and in the shenandoah valley there. may be a few sprinkles of rain or a little bit of sleet. heavy snow late afternoon and early evening and then very heavy snow overnight tonight,
8:57 am
tapering off tomorrow, 18 to 24 inches by the time it's all over, joe. >> we're going to take a break and come back a
8:58 am
good morning, everyone, live pictures near connecticut avenue, you can see the crews, salt trucks, sand trucks, full to the brim ready to do their thing as soon as the weather
8:59 am
starts moving. crews are pretreating the roadways at this hour. 66 headed for the beltway and continuing in through rosiland toward the roosevelt bridge, folks getting their errands and things they have to do. we're going to see a little bit of a rush hour early, so keep that in in mind. >> we'll have another check of our forecast in about 25 minutes and after the "today" show begins at 9:00 we'll have the closures and delays
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a friday morning. it's the 5th of february 2010. these people probably getting a little sightseeing in before they head off for a nice weekend and settle down to watch the big game on sunday between the colts and the saints. and by the way, we should be talking about the weather that's moving in. we have a big storm heading into the northeast coming up the atlantic coast and we've got places like virginia, west virginia, washington, d.c.. >> right. amtrak already canceled all trains -- >> oh, dear. >> -- from washington south except for one. southwest airlines canceling flights tomorrow into sunday. i mean, this is a big one. >> what about air canada
9:01 am
tomorrow? a couple of us are headed to vancouver. >> personal interest here. >> you and our director joe michaels. >> exactly. >> okay, you can stay, he can go. >> i don't know what that's going to mean for us. okay. >> anyway, watch the weather in your local community. also, we should mention it is the national heart association's national wear red day, and that's a way to draw attention to heart disease in this country, the number one killer of women, by the way. >> that's right, absolutely. >> and so, we are all happy to do our part. mine is under here, red tie. all of us doing our part. nancy snyderman will be along to talk about things you can do to lower your risk of heart disease. d talking about being healthy, super bowl sunday is not the ideal time to start watching your weight or reining the calories, right? wings and maybe a beer to go along with it. but we are going to show you probably a good time to, though, think about the calories that you are taking in. you don't have to necessarily give up the beer, the guacamole. you just have to follow some simple tips to hopefully keep your waistline in check. >> all righty. and then, as we know, it's been
9:02 am
a tough few weeks for not only toyota, but toyota customers as well. well, with the gas pedal problems, now brake problems on the popular prius, this morning the head of toyota said he's personally getting involved. we're going to tell you what the company plans to do to help consumers. and it's that time of the week. we love it, we love her. barbara corcoran will be along to take us on a house tour across the country. >> that's a nice one. >> yeah. from a texas mansion to a waterfront home, we have homes for every budget starting at around $200,000. >> very good. >> okay, a lot to get to this hour. let's go inside right now. ann's standing by with all the headlines. >> tnks a lot, matt. we have got breaking news this morning. new figures out this morning show that the nation's unemployment rate dropped last month to 9.7%, a five-month low and a drop of 0.3% from a month before. despite the increase, however, the economy did lose 20,000 jobs. today, an apology, as we just heard from al, from toyota. the company executive apologized for toyota's safety problems following recalls for gas pedals and concerns about brakes on
9:03 am
some cars. he also set up a committee to improve qualitcontrol. we get more on this now from nbc's -- cnbc's phil lebeau. >> reporter: toyota's latest problem, the prius, its best-selling gas-electric hybrid. the prius is considered toyota's gold standard and a badge of conspicuous conservation for its proud owners. >> there's a lot of consumers out there that are really nervous about driving their toyota products. >> reporter: last nomber, less than a month after bing her 2010 prius, "today" west coast contributor maria necessamenoun police her brakes failed after an accident. >> i just felt like the brakes didn't work. >> reporter: federal investigators are looking into complaints about the brakes in the 2010 prius. >> it's going to really hurt toyota, definitely in the short term. >> reporter: toyota says it's looking into what may cause the brakes to pause before slowing down, adding, "we're making every effort to address this situation for our customers as quickly as possible." yet another setback for the
9:04 am
world's number one automaker, already under the microscope for two massive recalls to address unintended acceleration. but as dealers around the country began the monumental task of fixing potentially faulty gas pedals -- >> basically is this area right here. >> reporter: -- they're also fad with repairing relationships with millions of loyal customers. >> i just want it fixed. i want to go on driving my car and be happy and safe. >> reporter: as toyota looks into the prius brake issue, at dealerships around the country, the big fix has begun. dealers will start fixing sticky gas pedals on 2.3 million vehicles. it is a repair job that is likely to take months. phil lebeau, nbc news, park ridge, illinois. for the third time in a week, a bombing today in iraq targeted shiite pilgrims, killing at least 27 near karbala. and bombings in pakistan killed at least 22 people. ten american missionaries indicted in haiti on thursday are beginning their second week in jail. a haitian judge charged them with child abduction for trying to take 33 children out of the
9:05 am
country. their attorney said it could take months of further investigation before officials determine the next step in this case. severe flooding in central mexico killed at least seven people on thursday, including five children. the heavy rain also triggered power outages in mexico city. and former south african president nelson mandela on thursday marked the 20th anniversary of his release from prison. he was honored by colleagues who called the 91-year-old mandela an inspiration and said the sacrifices he made would never be forgotten. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and natalie. >> all right. thank you, ann. >> let's get this all-important weather forecast -- >> yes. >> -- for super bowl weekend from the man behind us over there. >> al? >> got a cute little man over here. what's his name? >> jack. >> we can't quite see you, jack. he's turning around. there he is! all right. there you go. that's a face worth waiting for. let's check your weather. and again, as matt alluded to, we have winter storm warnings,
9:06 am
winter weather advisories, blizzard warnings stretching from the dakotas all the way to the eastern seaboard. in fact, you can see maryland and delaware on into new jersey, we've got blizzard warnings. here's the system. heavy rain in the south, snow developing in the north, and it's starting to work its way into washington now. the storm system comes across the southeastern atlantic out into the ocean waters, bringing with it a lot of snow by saturday evening. here's what we're looking for totalwise. anywhere from three to six inches of snow back from into the dakotas, but the bull's eye is right along the mid-atlantic coast -- washington, d.c., baltimore, philly, atlantic city. anywhere from 12 to 24 inches of snow. the mountains to the west up to two feet or more. so, this is going to be a crippling snowstorm, but the good morning, getting reports now that the snowflakes are beginning to reach the grouped now, radar has been showing it aloft during the last couple of hours, but it is
9:07 am
beginning to reach the ground here in culpepper and the shenandoah valley and the panhandle of west virginia. maybe a few sprinkles and a little bit of sleet south and east of washington. by the time it ends saturday afternoon, could get up to 24 inches on the east side of the blue ridge by time it ends saturday afternoon. that's your latest weather. ann? >> announcer: "heart by the numbers" today is brought to you by campbell's healthy request soup. february is american heart month, and this month, we've got "heart by the numbers today." more than 450,000 women die each year from heart disease, but how much do you know about the risk factors and prevention? we have nbc's chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman, here with a pop quiz on some of the
9:08 am
most important heart health facts, and some of them might surprise you. >> this is my pop quiz for you. >> all right. i've got the questions. first of all, let's talk about this idea. i mean, it's the number one killer of women in the world. >> it is. look, we talk about ovarian cancer, we talk about breast cancer, but the reality is, heart disease will kill us. and especially in our culture, in this western culture, diet, cigarettes, sedentary life. it's sort of the triple threat for women and we, because we nurture everyone else, a lot of times those warning signs that we could be in trouble, we don't pay attention to them. >> so, there's a real push now to make women and everyone really more aware. >> that's right. >> and that's why everyone's wearing red today. >> that's why. >> and also why we have this short quiz on the broadcast on our heart health knowledge. the first question is, coronary heart disease is something that develops very quickly in a person. true or false? >> what do you think? >> i think false, because i think it takes a long time because it's got to be related to diet. >> that's exactly right. and so, we know -- and there's another question that sort of relates to this in this quiz, but we know that the cholesterol build-up and the inflammation
9:09 am
and all those things that lead to heart disease later is a gradual process, which is why you can in your 40s, 50s or 60s reverse heart disease and stop it. great research has been done in men, but there's no reason to think women can't reverse heart disease also, and that's by going back to the basics -- exercise, watching your diet, knowing your numbers like your triglycerides and your cholesterol, and, although i take aspirin every day, you should talk to your doctor about whether aspirin makes sense for you. >> okay. we've heard a lot about weight and how it relates to heart disease. here's another question. at what age can an overweight female start to show risk factors for cardiovascular disease? is it presool years, tween and teen years, 20s and 30s or p perimenopause? >> what do you think? >> i think this is sort of a trick question, but i would think the 20s and 30s. >> you know what? interestingly, earlier, toddler years. and we know from doing autopsies on children who have died in car crashes and from other causes, and you can start to see the fatty streaking i the heart
9:10 am
vessels in toddlers who are on high-fat diets. so, the idea that this sort of is a continuation of our first question -- the heart disease we deal with, by the time we are in our perimenopausal years, has its root in our childhoods. >> oh, my goodness. on the flip side, being overweight in your twilight years may add to your life? true or false? >> what do you think? >> well, i've heard this both ways. i guess i'm going to say false because it seems counterintuitive, but i've heard a lot of people say it's true. >> and a new study says that it is true. this is the cautionary thing. this is an australian study that showed for women over their 60, 70 years of age, if they were a little overweight, they, in fact, didn't die as much from heart disease. but here's the caveat. we know that the fatter you are, the more diabetes you have, the higher your risk of heart disease. so, being a little overweight is good for your bones and good for your heart. being a lot overweight is not. and in this regard, i think women still need to know their
9:11 am
waist circumferences. for a women, it can't be more than 38 inches around. >> what's a little overweight, like five pounds? >> like me. >> you're not overweight. >> but five or ten pounds. >> and the other one affects everybody, lack of sleep. along with the rest of your body, your heart needs a deep sleep to rest. i would say true. >> yeah. you know it is. because during your sleep, that's when you regenerate and nurture your body. so,f your spouse or your mate says that you snore or you stop breathing at night or you sleep poorly, you should see someone, because if you're not getting deep sleep, then, in fact, you're probably not resting your heart and lungs. and one of the best little tricks is ask yourself if you dream. if you don't dream, you might not be getting to the deep levels of sleep, and a simple sleep study will tell you. >> okay. lastly, which of the following is the most important thing a woman can do to reduce her risk of heart attack? a, limit salt intake. b, quit smoking.
9:12 am
c, reduce stress. d, exercise. >> you know this one. >> the most important thing. well, i would say quit smoking. >> trumps everything else up there. for most people, you don't have to worry about your salt. of course, we know stress and exercise play a role. the number one, number one factor that will put you in a grave early is cigarettes. the only product that when used as directed will kill you. >> all right. you said it here, anyone who's smoking, pay attention. >> throw them away now. >> we want you to live a long life. and dr. nancy snyderman, working so hard to make sure we all do. thank you very much. >> you bet, annie. coming up, we're going to help you stay healthy by making the right food and drink choices for the big game this sunday. that's possible. but coming up next, a real estate reality check. how far can your dollar go in this market? we've got an open house tour with none other than barbara corcan, coming up right after this. you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit
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9:16 am
real estate," what can you get for $200,000 plus? we'll tell you, from a spacious four-bedroom near the mountains to a spacious backyard, we have homes to suit any taste and price range. "today" real estate expert, barbara corcoran, our brick house, is here to show them all. today is go red for women day. you don't have any red, so -- >> yeah, yeah. thank you. i'll take that. hey, you dolled me up here. >> trying to help you out. now, let's get started. we're going to kennesaw, georgia, starting off with a bang. this is just under $400,000. that looks good on you. >> thank you very much. i know i look good with it. this is a pretty little house and right where kennesaw is, it's at the foot of the appalachian mountains and surrounded by lakes. you can almost feel the lakes just looking at the front side of this house. it feels like it's just got beautiful surround, and that's the backyard there with the big, big deck. it's totally private. you don't see your neighbors. that's your own private walkway through your backyard. >> nice. >> it's almost like having your own paradise. this is an extra long deck, by the way, that you just saw. the living room is huge. it's got those vaulted ceilings
9:17 am
with french doors and trim throughout. they have a master bedroom upstai that's as big as the living room. that kitchen there is in meticulous kitchen. >> that is gorgeous. >> it's very bright. it's been totally renovated. the floors are beautifully stained, beautifully varnished, high gloss on them. and those windows are throughout the entire house. it's a light and sunny house, and yet, it's charming just as well. >> you talked about that deck. does that add value to the house? >> well, at any house, you put a deck on the house, you add immediately 10% value and probably more with this house because the deck is situated so beautifully in the backyard. >> lonestar state, corpus christi, texas, a bargain at $215,000. >> you get a lot of house in corpus christi for $215,000. it's a waterfro city by the gulf of mexico, and this particular house is on the good side of town, the rapidly growing south side of the city. it's a hopping place. it's not a place you're going to go to be peaceful and quiet. you've got everything surrounding you. that is what qualifies as a mcmansion. it's 2,500 square feet big, a
9:18 am
big backyard, totally at. great for a goat. goats graze perfectly on that. no, it's a dream. look at the inside of the house, the beautiful staircase. very open, very spacious. you feel like you have yards and yards of house. >> let's bring a llama in. >> why not? that's more fashionable. there's the master bedroom there. and this entire house is in, as you can see, mint condition. >> mm-hmm, okay. let' head into the northeast. chelsea, massachusetts. this one's a town house. >> a very different style of house. and a lot of people don't enjoy living in town houses. when you see the front side of this particular house, you see that it's a rather plain-looking townhouse. it's desperately in need of good landscaping, i feel, but the unit we're going to look at is the one right on the corner there. and when you see the views from this unit -- >> ooh. >> -- it more than makes up from it. it's just a few minutes from downtown boston, so you could be to work within ten minutes. there's the inside of the townhouse. it's nice, broad, wide rooms. if it was in brooklyn, it would be selling for $2.5 million.
9:19 am
there's the beautiful back deck. you have beautiful downtown views from the back deck, a working fireplace. the kitchen is totally renovated. it's really a picture-perfect townhouse, except for the outside, which is a little bit plain. >> and it's an end unit. does that add value? >> you know, end units in a townhouse parlance is like having status. you don't say i live in unit two or three. you say i live in the end unit, which means you're better than the neighbors. it always trades for about 10% more. >> that's right, and then put a goat in the backyard. >> forget about the goat! i'm sorry i said it. >> let's go to sarasota, florida, an adult community, $324,900 for this one. >> yep, and this adult community has a nice gated entrance, a clubhouse, which you can't see here, a fitness center and a pool. there's the front of the house. look at that waterway. that's not the community pool. that's your pool. >> so you'veot a pool and a community pool. >> yeah. you can swim privately here or go to the community pool if you want, which is a block away. there is the living room. meticulous condition, again,
9:20 am
beautiful open floors. you see the open kitchen in the back. the blue color is not a good idea. but forgive the blue and look at really the bones of this house. >> blue's not a good color for kitchens? >> no, it's not. it doesn't put people in the mood for cooking or eating. it's just the wrong color. there's the master bedroom bath. >> and now to skokie. for $700,000, this is one of your favorites. >> it's a beautiful house because it's so simple in its structure. this is a suburb of chicago. this is where the gangster babyface nelson was shot down and buried right in this town. >> wow! that's a selling point! >> that's a little thing. >> and now a goat grazes over his grave. >> no, no, no, come on. have a look at this house. a big backyard. >> wow. >> too bad you didn't pause on that frontpicture. this is a very pretty house. >> it is. >> very balanced. this is called a arts and crafts style house. there weren't many built in the turn of the century. this is a new arts and crafts style house and people always pay extra. why? look at the trim on the windows, the simplicity, the balance of the room. people eat this stuff up.
9:21 am
it's a beautiful house, light throughout. and remember, again, this is our high-priced house. >> that's right. >> it's $700,000, but worth every penny. >> and balance it out, des moines, iowa, $329,900. >> it's a clackboard home with a quick front. all the bells and whistles you like in a house. a half-acre backyard and nice and flat, beautiful trees. at's all your land. the master bedroom has a walk-in closet, dining room and that's the end! >> beautiful. and it's got a three-sheep garage. barbara corcoran, thanks so much. >> all right. coming up later on "today," if you plan on staying home for valentine's day, we'll tell you how to set your mood in the house with tips from style gurie colin cowie. daughter needed ac! so i took the activia challenge... wow. it works. now she has a spring in her step. i'm loving it. every morning. help get your system back on track. activia with bifidus regularis helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. would you recommend activia? i already have. it works or it's free.
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coming up, eating healthy for super bowl sunday. >> mm-mmm, that will be easy. plus, style expert colin cowie has decorating ideas if you're planning on staying home for valentine's day. - ( rope snaps ) - ( piano clangs ) - ( crashes ) - glad forceflex trash bags are so strong, one bag is all you need to pick up the pieces from even your biggest disasters. - ( doorbell rings ) - where do you want the piano? for stretchable strength get glad forceflex. under. what kind of question is that? next question. [ pen scratches ] ergonomically over is seventy to eighty percent more efficient. [ male announcer ] tell us how you roll at i love hosting the holidays... but after all the rich, heavy food, i was irregular, so my friend recommended the activia challenge. and it worked.
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i don't know what i like better-- how it makes me feel... or the great taste. ♪ activia! our time right now is 9:26, in just a few minutes, a snow emergency officially takes effect in the district, that means that all vehicles must be moved from any snow emergency route. if your car is parked in a snow emergency route after 9:30, it will be ticketed and towed. >> we have a lot of moisture, we can see there are tremendous amounts of rain in that area of green and yellow, that is rain, up to three inches of it and then it comes into the cold air and turns into snow across virginia. it's pushing into prince william and into the shenandoah valley.
9:27 am
it will increase in intensity this afternoon and overnight tonight, fall heavily at times. joe? >> we're going to take a break
9:28 am
good morning, everyone, taking a live look at the capital belt way in maryland. traffic moving along well, you can see crews are stationed there at the ready for what is on the way. let's head over and see what we're doing else. southbound and northbound along 95, travel lanes are open, you can see a mini rush hour here
9:29 am
within the next couple of hours. >> stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage of this approaching storm. we'll get another check of the
9:30 am
♪ man, i want to see this. just a quick preview of the 2010 olympic winter games kicking off one week from today in vancouver. we're going to have reports beginning all next week. and of course, we're all there starting friday, february 12th, the day of the opening ceremony. we cannot wait. meanwhile, coming up in this half hour, natalie, i know you've got tips on how not to stuff your face during another big winter event, the super bowl. >> the super bowl! >> that's right. while you're sitting on the couch, perhaps, or you're saddled up to the bar, it's easy to keep munching your way through four quarters of the action, so we'll try to help you keep the calories in check with
9:31 am
simple eating tips. >> are the tips not to eat the food in front of you? >> depends on the kind of food. you don't have to give everything up necessarily. >> and then getting ready for the next event, which of course is valentine's day. whether you're cebrating with your family or sweetheart, we have style expert colin cowie here to show us how to set the right mood for that special day. and as you may have noticed, we have amy robach and jenna wolfe joining us to tell us what's coming up this weekend on "today." hey, guys. >> hello. >> hey. lester will be live in vancouver to start the olympic preview. so, we'll have all of that. and then we're going to meet a man who got carried away literally. mark malkof was carried through new york city by 155 complete strangers from tip to tip. why did he do it and why did they do it, more importantly? we'll let you know. he'll be here to tell us about that. >> kindness of strangers. and then you know those commercials claiming to grow your eyelashes, making them stronger, thicker and darker? well, we've tried out a few of them and we'll tell you if they
9:32 am
actually work when we see you this weekend on "today." i know some of us inhe makeup room have exchanged tips on trying that out. >> what were you saying about that, al? >> it works. you can see what it's done for my eyes. >> your brows, too. >> some of our eyes will be misty this weekend because we have a big event coming up. >> yes, we do. >> amy robach getting married. >> to andrew schu. >> just in time for the nor'easter. i hope our guests can make it. >> we have a toast, a little champagne for you. that's right, here comes our new relaxed stage hand, jay, fresh from his massage. >> amy -- >> to a wonderful life together. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> cheers. >> and a great beginning on saturday. >> natalie actually set us up, so i have natalie to thank for the whole thing. thank you. if it doesn't work out, it's your fault, natalie! >> oh, no! >> it will be great. >> there's a positive thought on the even of your nuptials. >> thankyou. >> why don't i continue the mood and bring you the forecast? >> how's the wedding forecast, too? >> let's take a drink really
9:33 am
quick. >> drink. drink up. let's show you what's going on. it's going to be a heck of a wedding. i can tell you that. during the weekend, the mid-atlantic snowstorm just in time for amy's wedding. so, half the guests aren't going to be there, so they'll be drinking heavily. >> don't say that! >> sunny up and down the coast, rainy through the gulf. sunday we've got snow in new england, rain through the southwest, rain als good morning, the radar now scanning our skies, picking up snow where you see the white and gray and that is just beginning to reach the ground in prince william and we will see the snow continuing to advance to the north and eventually into the metro area in another hour or so. and then total amounts by the time it all tapers off and ends by later on saturday afternoon, 18 to 24 inches around the region. up to 30 inches around the blue ridge.
9:34 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up next -- we're still drinking our champagne for amy and also talking about a super bowl survival guide. tips for healthy eating, coming up after this. ♪ ladies, raise your spoons. now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. with 50% less fat than the leading granola... and 5 grams of fiber per serving,
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9:37 am
this valentine's day, wouldn't your valentine... like to know how you feel? give them a refreshingly real card from hallmark. this morning on "eat smart today," making your super bowl snacking healthy. really? well, with so much temptation, those hot wings, pizza, and of course, all that beer, you need a graeme plan to make it through. liz vaccariello is with "prevention" magazine and author of "the flat belly diet for men," here with a game plan for us this morning. liz, good morning. >> good morning. >> super bowl sunday seems like an awful time to really scale it back, but is it really all about giving up everything you love? >> no, it's not. i mean, this is often the first time since our new year's resolutions that we have a special occasion, and it's okay to indulge if you want to, but keep in mind, americans are going to eat 156 billion
9:38 am
calories on sunday. so, it's really easy to get out of control. >> oh, my god. that sounds pretty bad. so, you have a game plan for us so that we don't end up feeling like a linebacker at the end of the game. you say first thing is start by just using small plates, right? portion control. >> this is all about strategic splurging. >> right. >> if you're hosting the party, buy the salad plate instead of the dinner plate, okay? at the university of pennsylvania, they did a study and found that the eye thinks that it's a small amount of food, it sends a signal from the brain to your stomach that you're not going to be satisfied. so, food looks bigger on a small plate. same with serving bowls. we take more out of the larger bowl. >> okay. then you also say another good thing is bring a healthy dish if you're going to a party or something. >> right. >> or if you're at home, make a healthy dish. >> exactly. offer to bring something. if you're in charge of the dip or chips, you can make sure that the ingredients are a little healthier that the chips are whole grain, for example. >> maybe have some salad on the side, too. and of course, very important not to come hungry, right?
9:39 am
>> that's right. have a snack before the guests arrive or before you go. it's sort of counterintuitive. you think i want to save up my calories. but first of all, you don't want to show up famished. you'll let all your inhibitions go. >> and you're going to splurge. >> you're going to splurge. and first of all, if you have an apple and string cheese at home, that's about 150 calories. again, you've controlled what you've put in your body and taken the edge off. >> what about when you get there and see all the things you love -- the buffalo wings, the chips, sliders, pizza, beer, oh, my! what do you do then? i'm hungry right now! >> i want you to do recon and ask yourself this question, are any of my absolute favorites on this table? then, if there is, i want you to have exactly that. because if you don't, what you'll do is have what you don't want. a few cocktails later, you have what you do want and end up eating too much. >> the thing is controlling the cocktails, too, because once you have more than a couple of drinks, you lose all -- i mean, everything goes out the window, right? >> the inhibitions go out the
9:40 am
window. >> exactly. >> but also the beverages. people don't think about the calories in beverages. >> right. >> one beer is 150 calories. light beer about 100 calories. a soda, 100 calories. but now i'm going to say something that might surprise people. a diet soda is often not the best choice because they've done studies that show people eat more if they have a diet soda. they think to themselves, i can justify these calories -- >> i've saved the calories here, i'm going to splurng on something else. >> exactly. ha the water or the soda you want. >> if you're at the snack table, what is the best option for you? >> i want you to find that guacamole. >> mm, my favorite. >> i know. >> okay, good. >> it's made from avocado, which is one of the "flat belly diet" favorite foods. it's the heart-healthy mono unsaturated fatty acids, it's going to fill you up, vitamins b, c and d. >> so with the game, it's hard not to eat the whole time. how do you avoid doing that? >> first, pace yourself. if you eat slowly for the first ten minutes of any experience, you're going to eat less
9:41 am
overall. because after ten minutes, the appetite center in your brain turns off. second of all, pay attention. go into the kitchen and have what you want to eat there, away from conversation, away from the tv. don't mindlessly munch. >> yeah. so, stop eating when you're full. >> that's right, and sit strategical strategically. >> yes. >> so, if you're at the coffee table, sit at the opposite side of your favorite snack. that way you don't want to reach in front of everybody and block their view of the tv. >> sit right in front of the food. >> that way you may be embarrassed to keep reaching. >> liz vaccariello, thank you very much. happy super bowl sunday. >> enjoy the commercials. coming up next, setting the table and the mood in your home for that other occasion coming up soon, valentine's day. there's a full servingof ven every manwich. besides, you're a grain anyway. - but i'm corn! - yeah, corn's a grain. ( crowd applauds ) announcer: surprise. every manwich has a full serving of wholesome vegetables. manwich. meat your vegetables.
9:42 am
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sunntaste. sunny spirit. sunny d. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. after her young son survived a serious illness, author dannie shapiro found herself asking questions about the nature of god, prayer and what relevance her orthodox jewish upbringing had in her life now. she embarksed on a spiritual journey, which she writes about in "devotion, a memoir." dani shapiro, good morning. >> good morning. >> there you were like the rest of us, rushing head long into life. you had a family, a career. what made you stop and consider
9:45 am
your spiritual life? >> it was really a tremendous need to understand where i was at this point in my life and how to move forward. i grew up in a very religious home, but i had abandoned all that. i hadn't replaced it with anything. it was really an all or nothing way to be. and i had replaced it with nothing. and so, for a whole lot of years, that was okay with me, but then suddenly, when my young son, jacob, started asking me questions about what i believed and whether i believed in god, i realized that i had so completely opted out of thinking about those things and i really wanted to be able to supply him with responses from a mother who had thought deeply about all this, and i also felt a tremendous sense of anxiety personally that was waking me up in the middle of the night every night, and i knew that it had to
9:46 am
do with somehow a lack of greater meaning or greater spiritual inquiry in my life. >> so, the girl who was raised in a family with a father who was an ordthodox jew became a girl who started seeking, and you say it actually was all around the corner of your home. you met a rabbi, a yogi and a buddhist. how did that happen, dani? >> yes. i think what i did was i opened myself up to the possibilities that there were wisdoms and other traditions that weren't what i had been raised with but that might be reallyelevant to me. and i began to read and think, and one day i ordered a book on the internet that was by a writer named steven cope, and i was reading this book that was absolutely extraordinary. the guy is a yogi, and about a week later, i was at a charity
9:47 am
event as a author. i had a novel out and i was at a charity event that i hadn't eve really wanted to go to. and i was sitting at this table grumbling to myself that i was even at this thing it was a hot summ summer day. and the author next to me reached his hand out and said, "hi, i'm steven cope." it was the yogi. and it was like the student was here and the teacher appeared. >> and a lot of what you learned is elusive, but what you also learned is that ritual is important. >> yes. >> and "time" magazine says that, you know, your willingness to explore the elusiveness of uncertainty is really to be lauded and that that comes through in your book. what do you say to women who wish they could have this time, that don't feel like they have permission to go and explore their spirituality? >> oh, that's a great question, because i didn't feel like i had permission either, and i really,
9:48 am
really believe that if i could do this,ny woman can do this, because i think we all feel this pressure to be caregivers, this pressure to keep our whole family afloat, and there's endless to-do listsll the time. but what happens if we're not actually taking care of our most deepest inner lives? i was just thinking yesterday of this great metaphor of, you know how on airplanes, when the oxygen mask comes down, they say you need to put your oxygen mask on before you put on your child's. and i think the embarking on a journey to understand some of this really has to do with giving it to yourself so that then you can give something to your children. >> well, in many ways, maybe this is -- this book is your mitzfa. dani shapiro. the book is called "devotion" and you can discover more of what she discovered in her journey in that book. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, you don't
9:49 am
have to go out for valentine's day, because we've got style expert colin cowie tel
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's home," staying in for valentine's day. whether you're celebrating with your honey, having an intimate dinner with friends or brunch for the kids, lifestyle expert colin cowie has some tabletop tips to spice up your home. colin, good morning. >> good morning, natalie. how are you? >> i'm doing great. so, we don't have to spend a lot of money and it really is more intimate, more personal if you do something at home, right? >> instead of going to a restaurant, this is a great way to entertain at home. instead of sitting at the dinner table, think out of the box. so, i found these great tv trays. >> these are great. >> it's kind of fun to relax in front of the sofa, in front of the fireplace to keep it hot -- >> sort of like a tv dinner, but romantic. this is dinner and a movie for the couples. >> absolutely.
9:52 am
>> for your couples affair. now, who actually plans? i mean, i know a lot of times the guys get stuck with planning some elaborate dinner, but we're modern women. we should take charge, too, right? >> i think there should be democracy with romance. >> exactly. >> so, i think you toss a coin. heads you win, tails you lose, and whoever starts this year, the other does it next year. >> and i love this. you printed menus with our names on it. >> yes, we keep it personal. we did a water color -- >> beautiful. >> what we did on the place card itself. instead of using roses, which cost five times the cost -- >> you love carnations. >> i love carnations, particularly to use them on their own. >> and the more, the better, right? because it creates that big bunch. >> black, red and white, simple to do. >> great decor color scheme. now, we're not cooking, which is great. >> these are all foods that you can buy. they're all wonderful. these are the three most popular aphrodisiacs. they kind of get us in the mood. >> okay, colin. >> and straight seafood to the table, no cooking required. oysters in the half shell,
9:53 am
shrimp, wonderful lobster tail. these are things you're going to feed yourself with or feed one another with. >> okay. and what movies are we going to watch? >> three great classics. "casablanca," "the way we were" and "9 1/2 weeks." okay, let's move over to having dinner or cocktails with friends. >> okay, so you have a couple couples here. the design is a wonderful graphic base. here we've used a scarf. >> so, we're making this more fun than romantic. >> more fun, more groovy. this is beautiful. >> you can take your basic china. i found these plates at crate and barrel. they're $6.95 each. a little tint. these are beautiful. >> beautiful, yeah. >> also, you can see how we wrote the names on the little ribbons. >> little ribbons. >> to keep those nice and personalized. >> great. what cocktails do we have here? >> this is a champagne ruby. so, it's lemon juice, lime juice, a little bit of raspberry juice, champagne in the shaker, garnished with some raspberries, and we're good to go.
9:54 am
>> what a wonderful drink. that's wonderful. and the candles on the table. >> and some of this acrylic ice. this adds a little sparkle to the table. and of course, everybody looks glamorous and sexy in candlelight. >> now, let's do valentine's day for families, because it's actually on the weekend. so, maybe you're thinking brunch with the kids. >> this is wonderful brunch with the kids. so, we're going to make wonderful pancakes for them. >> these are adorable. you made heart-shaped pancakes, too. very special. >> lovely plates over here with the heart motif. we found these at pottery barn kids, place mats. >> great. >> all that we need. >> i love this idea of, you know, using some of what you would top your pancakes with -- >> turn it into a pancake -- >> -- as a tray setting. beautiful. >> and we have fruits and lolly pops for a.m. and p.m. >> i'm feeling strangely amorous. >> would you like some oysters? >> i don't think i need them. >> wow. >> kids, you might want to avert
9:55 am
your eyes. >> she's not eating the pancakes. she's having the oysters. >> colin cowie, thank you. coming up, ambush makeovers for some lucky women in our crowd. plus, actress jennie garth and your local news and weather.
9:56 am
9:57 am
our time right now is 9:56. 35 degrees. i'm joe krebs. we are of course following a massive winter storm coming our way. this is the picture live at dulles airport where there is some snow. people are trying to catch a flight before the snow moves in. we're told that southwest airlines has canceled its flights for dulles and bwi and all flights leaving tomorrow. let's find out when the snow is going to get here. tom? >> we're getting some of the latest reports from observers and weather watchers, we're beginning to see the snow reaching the ground around the shenandoah valley and it's going to pick up as we get into the afternoon hours and by overnight tonight and tomorrow afternoon. we could have an additional 48 inches tomorrow. total amount, 18 to 24 inches, could even have higher amounts
9:58 am
around thelue ridge mountains, maybe a mixture of some sleet in the northern neck and the lower part of the chesapeake bay. >> live pictures of the beltway over at the american legion bridge, outside in the outer loop and the inner loop are looking good. it won't be too long before the roads start getting a little slick and do watch out for crews preparing the roadys. >> stay with us all morning for continuing
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody, it is friday. it's bye-bye day. it's february 5th and national wear red day. the last friday before the big, big game. we are ready, people! >> okay. wait a second. i have to tell you, i'm having trouble sleeping because of this game. >> i'm having trouble sleeping for a different reason. >> this is so big to me. the more i talk to my friends, the more nervous -- >> you're a little out of control. >> i can't help it. no, because -- listen. ♪ who-dat team that gonna beat
10:01 am
the saints ♪ >> you have a nasty look on your face. >> hold on. do that other song if you can queue up the good one. >> do that face. >> i have to wait until the music comes on. i can't. i went on itunes and all you have to do is put in who-dat and all of new orleans is musical. >> i'm trying to be fair to the rest of the country. >> who else is in the game? >> another team, the indi indianapolis colt. >> wait. louder, louder. go. this is the song. hold on. >> see tt look. ♪ down yonder in my hometown ♪ who-dat nation gather round ♪ everybody make the who-dat sound ♪ ♪ i don't care what people say
10:02 am
>> okay, hoda, it's only an hour show. >> all right. it's -- usually, it's 90% on this side. >> no, no, no. >> i got 53 -- >> timing. these are official national football league wilson footba s footballs, right? >> uh-huh. >> my signature is already on there. your signature is on yours. here is what we're going to do. i'm going to take this home and everybody that's coming to my little football party, super bowl party, frank gifford, regis philbin will sign it. great people we'll get to sign it. you get kim kardashian. >> reggie bush, drew brees, and what are we going to do with them? >> whoever will give -- let's say $1,000 to go to haiti, to support the people suffering in haiti, okay? that will be mine, to the salvation army. make a donation to the salvation army.
10:03 am
>> we'll pick charities. tammy is freaking out over there. >> are we not allowed to do this? >> we'll check into it. >> can't we do a little good around here? >> we'll get back to you on monday. >> apparently we have a little legal issue with that. >> we'll do it anyway. >> we'll make it available somehow on monday, right, to our fans on faceboovenlth k. no money will have to be transferred. the woman is five months pregnant and the littlest things set her off. >> stop! >> i'm sorry. i'm a little concerned. >> these are our drinks, the saints' drink. it's a margarita. what's yours? >> i don't know. mixologist. >> deep blue -- >> do we want to say that restaurant? hosting the colts. it's the sea level restaurant and ocean bar at the harvard beach marriott in lauderdale,
10:04 am
florida. how is yours? >> down the street, baby. just down the street. >> it's fantastic. remember, there's 700 calories in these things. we've learned that through the years, haven't we? >> yes, we have, because we've had plenty. this all came from -- >> maybe tammy isn't pregnant, maybe it's just margaritas. >> all of this came from the new orleans tourism bureau. thanks to them for sending all this stuff, mardi gras beads. they also sent a king cake over there. >> and baby jesus is somewhere in that king cake. >> that king cake -- >> hoda, for the longest time when we lived down in new orleans eight, ten years, 22? i don't remember. >> six. >> never thought it was baby jesus. why do you think it's called a king cake? >> most people down there didn't know either. they thought it was the baby in the king cake and that meant you had to buy the next king cake. >> that's the joker. that's not baby jesus. and the pizzas, how many of those were sent? 10,000 gino's pizzas are sent to
10:05 am
our troops in iraq in honor of super bowl. fantastic. >> first look at the super bowl program. one is hot off the press the. >> yep. >> here it is. what do you think of it? >> i think it looks a lot like the one last year. >> this year, there's something different about it. >> they always have that trophy -- the two teams that are actually playing in it. >> the saints for the first time in 40 years. >> i'm really happy to everybody down there. i'm just trying to be fair. >> i know you are. >> all right. >> the favorite ads are those e-trade baby ad. >> i understand there's a new baby and i'm very upset. i don't want a new baby. >> babies grow up into children and then they're too big to do the ad. >> they cn still use footage of the old baby. >> no. we have to give other kids a chance. >> i don't like it. >> this is kind of a sneak peek, one of the new commercials airing at the super bowl on sunday. >> i don't like the new baby. >> sorry about last night. >> i just don't understand why you didn't call. >> well i was on e-trade, diversifying my portfolio,
10:06 am
taking a troll like a wolf. >> right. >> what's that? that's volatility in the market, taking care of wolf style. ho, ho, howl. >> i love her face. >> that actually is adorable. >> there's another one, too. >> killing me. >> here's one more. >> hey, kathie lee, i got something to say to you. who-dat, who-dat? >> hoda. >> hey, kathie lee, the saints are gonna win. nice talkin' to you. >>o my gosh. >> this is so cool. >> i love those little babies. >> go to log in. you punch in a phone number. you can voice your own baby thing and send it. i just did that in my dressing room for you. you can do that. hey, kathie lee --
10:07 am
>> the cutest thing in the world. >> isn't that such a smart marketing thing, too? >> i want to meet the person who came up with those ads. they're the most memorable ads i've seen for years and years. >> we have a new super hehero. he was just sworn in as the -- our latest senator from massachusetts. >> scott brown. >> scott brown. and this is casual scottie and this is ready to rock the senate scott. >> i yeah. >> wouldn't you love to be in the men's room when he and al sharpton are both using the facilities? what would that conversation be like? >> do you know what i love? i love that they already have a superhero action figure. the guy just got sworn in yesterday, right? >> i know. it was a week earlier than it was supposed to be. good for them having these babies ready. >> snl did a funny thing with them. >> john hamm can do anything. he can ham it up with me any time. >> hi, sara.
10:08 am
>> are you ready for the big super bowl weekend? >> i am. i'm heading out to your place. don't let me forget about -- you bring it. >> i will. tammy will remind us. hoda is in rare form, who-dat. marianna says she's going to have a super boil party, crawfish and jumbalaya. i thought that was kooucute. >> may the best team win. >> saints. jennie garth is going to be here. >> it's heart day. >> we're all wearing our red stuff. >> that's right. >> we'll talk to jennie after this. look at her modeling for us.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> announcer: "today's" matters of the heart are brough to you by healthy request soups. mm-mm, good for your heart. we're back with "today's"
10:12 am
matters of the heart, hoping to raise awareness on heart disease, the leading killer of women over 25. >> wow! one woman doing her part is actress jennie garth, spokesperson for the american heart association's go for red campaign. >> you look beautiful. >> ladies tend to look beautiful in red. >> it's a power color, isn't it? >> this is very personal for jennie. i know your dad passed away a couple of years ago for heart disease. this is not just something you attached your name to. this is very personal for you. >> no. there's my sweet dad. so hard to see him. i lost my father. he battled with heart disease for over 30 years, so basically all of my growing up, it was something that my family and i lived with. >> on both sides, as well, too, i thought i saw in the note. >> my mom has had high blood pressure. it's a double whammy in my family. it's in my genes. >> your dad was very young when he had his first attack, in his 30s. >> 37 when he had his first heart attack, the same age i am
10:13 am
today. it really rings true for me. >> that made you proactively take charge of your own life. you don't think of heart attacks at 37 or women, do you? >> that's why i got involved with go red for women. i said at 30 i'm going to go see a cardiologist every year, take my own heart healthealth into m hands and by being involved with go red for women, i want to motivate and encourage women to do the same thing for their health. >> what can they do? give us some very obvious things to help us take care of our hearts. >> you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 80% by making small changes in your everyday life, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, choosing heart-healthy snacks over fatty snacks. there's simple -- but definitely just being your own advocate. go in there and find out and ask questions with your doctor. read everything you can. >> and trying to explain to women -- even though it is the number one killer, we don
10:14 am
picture ourselves clutching our heart. >> no. that's the thing. you think of a man. it's known as a man's disease and women don't know that it is the number one killer of women over all the cancers combined and people are walking around that don't know their risk factors. when you reach a certain age, you need to know, do i have this in my family history? do i have high cholesterol? what's my bmi? >> what is a bmi? >> your body mass index. >> that's right. >> there are certain things you need to know. >> when you went in to get your heart checked, what did the doctor tell you? is it genetics or something in your system? >> my father had arterial sclerosis which was not genetic for me. i was shocked to find out i have a leaky valve, which is very common. a lot of people have it and they don't even know it. >> no symptoms? >> no symptoms really. i have a slight fluttering sometimes that i didn't really know why. now i know why. it is not anything that's life threatening just something i can
10:15 am
know about as i get older. >> and they watch? >> uh-huh. >> was it hard taking the story of your dad -- i know it's very personal for you -- and making it public? was that a difficult choice to make? >> it was. i'm a very private person and my family is my sanctuary. talking about that has been hard but if it helps people and acknowledges other women and families that have gone through it, then i'm happy to do it. >> she tears up about her dad still. can't even see a picture or talk about him. we were blessed to have fathers like that. don't show him anymore, guys, please. >> what do you want women to take away from this, jennie? what is the takeaway? >> the takeaway iso take care of yourself. we spend so much time as women taking care of our children and our husbands and our -- >> careers. >> our families and our careers. it's so important to take time every day to appreciate your heart and really consider all the great things that it's doing, keeping you alive. it's such an important organ.
10:16 am
>> taking care of yourself is a gift to the people you love, because you'll be around a lot longer. >> absolutely. >> thank you. you look more beautiful than ever. >> thank you. >> you really do. >> so great to see you. so sorry about your dad. >> jennie is looking for women to share their heart stories 10:00 this morning at herald square at macy's. >> big day. ambush makeovers go red today. we'll show you the results after this.
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
>> announcer: "today's" ambush makeover is brought to you by maybelline new york. maybe she's born with it. maybe it's maybelline. we are back with the results of a special ambush makeover. >> felt in need of a head-to-toe overhaul, we asked that you wear red and come down to the plaza to be chosen for an ambush makeover. >> stylist to the stars, luis licari, and "us weekly" and "today" show contributor. >> and author. >> and author, jill martin. >> you had a sea of red. >> it was an easy pick today. >> two easy pick. >> two easy picks. >> we're going to get right to them. woman number one is eileen dresca, they're here with an organization that supports women
10:20 am
living with heart disease. she has a son, and eileen discovered she was suffering from heart failure a few weeks before her wedding and has been battling it ever since. let's take a listen to her story. >> all right. i am here with the heart sisters, all survivors. i know today is a celebration for you. eileen, you're our first makeover. tell us why you want one. >> i want a new look for my new weight loss. >> how much? >> i lost 21 pounds. >> wow, you look fabulous. i can't wait to see this body underneath it. why do you want this for her? >> well, she's just been through a whole lot and she deserves it. we've all worked hard r the past seven months, losing weight and trying to get more heart healthy. so, we're just happy to be here. >> we are so happy we can give this to you. and you're next. so, get ready, guys. >> oh, my gosh. look at all the heart sisters. they all have on their blindfolds. ladies, keep your blindfolds on
10:21 am
until i give you the green light. here i eileen before. all right, eileen, come on. let's see the new you. wow! >> oh, my gosh. >> wow, wow, wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> ladies, hold on. ready to take off your blindfolds? hold on. take them off. >> wow! >> ready to see yourself? >> am i red dress ready? >> yeah. >> oh! oh, my god! >> wow! what do you think? >> that's me? >> that's you! >> look at my hair. oh, my god. >> luis, tell us about the hair. >> you look amazing. >> we started with the hair, of course. she just had her hair done about week ago. sorry you had to spend the money on the hairdresser. she put in way too many yellow highlights which made her skin color looked yellow. >> sallow. >> yes and we made it a warm brown.
10:22 am
look how beautiful she looks and then this great layered haircut. >> ladies, do you like? >> looks great. >> she looks smashing. >> the outfit is adorable, jill. >> look at those legs. in honor of national red day, we put her in macy's. she looks fabulous. >> beautiful. >> right over there, eileen. >> our next lady is with the same group, renee thornton, married for 16 years, has two children and five grandchildren. she has been an office manager for an environmental health and safety consulting company. over the course of three days, she survived three heart attacks, six bysses and emergency open heart surgery. wow! she has been through the mill. let's see her story. >> okay. rene now it's your turn. i know you're a little nervous but you're so excited, denise, for her to have this. >> i am. she's work soed hard to get where she has. she is heart healthy. she is red dress ready and i can't wait to see her.
10:23 am
>> you're a little excited, right? >> oh, yes. >> you told me your husband is also going to be excited for this new look? >> oh, definitely, he will be. he'll be so glad. >> all right. heart sisters, are you ready? >> we're ready! >> yes! >> they are. they are. let's take one last look at renee before and let's bring out the new gorgeous red dress ready renee. >> don't look, don't look! >> don't look, ladies. >> all right ladies, now you can look. >> oh, my god! >> you look beautiful. >> renee, turn it around, sweetie, and look in the mirror here. >> oh, my gosh! oh, goodness gracious. >> goodness gracious. i hope that means you like it. >> yes, i do. >> you look beautiful. luis, it's cute. i love that short cut on her. >> this is a series of small changes that makes a big difference and made her hair slightly lighter and obviously
10:24 am
put in a little bit of red. it looks beautiful on you with your beautiful eye s. >> look at the split screen. >> she is beautiful now on the outside as she is on the inside. enid put on the light lipstick, which made it all come togethe >> what do you think? >> tell us about the outfit, jill. >> they're going to a red event after this. it accentuates her waist, in honor of national wear red day for macy's. >> applause, ladies. >> congratulations. >> congratulations to both ladies. you look so pretty. >> beautiful. still to come, melissa gilbert, remember her from "little house on the prairie"? >> yes. >> she's all grown up and plays the on the stage version of it.
10:25 am
10:26 am
the snow has started to fall in some areas, this is not far from dulles international airport where we're looking live. tom kiron will have the latest on when the heaviest will arrive. good morning, everyone, and welcome. despite this morning's cold, snowy forecast, people took time for a swim zwrous this morning. we'll tell you where and when at ñq
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
okay. we're back on this friday with more of "today" and a veteran actress who is coming to a theater near you, melissa gilbert is touring in a theater adaptation of "little house on the prairie." >> instead of playing young laura ingalls, melissa has taken on the role of mom. prairie tale, a memoir, has been released in paperback. lots going on, melissa. >> welcome back. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> the hardest working people in the world are in the theater, aren't they? >> absolutely. and to do a musical and be dancing now, i keep -- i get out there and i think if i've done
10:31 am
this at 25 instead of 45 maybe i wouldn't have the herniated disks in my back and the pneumonia and things, but i'm still having the most extraordinary time. to tour the country with this show and to be able to bring it to the people, who love it so much -- >> tell us about the reaction you're getting. this reminds us of a time in our past, most of us. >> talk about -- >> brings back memories. >> it brings back great memories of the books and the television series. the other thing that it does that's extraordinary is at a time when we are going through very difficult economic situations, it reminds us that we started with nothing. and we literally do. and the cast builds the house and the town and everything on stage. what you see us doing right there. >> which is a metaphor for exactly how we built this country. >> right, with community, with love, with each other. and i think it's a reminder that when we have the least, we need to give the most. that's what we do in this show. >> were you nervous about the singing portion of the musical?
10:32 am
a little tiny bit? >> i've been singing unprofession -- nonprofessionally my whole life. i was raised, my father was a singer and my whole family are entertainers but i had never done it -- >> the innate talent was there, but you had to study it and how to project it. >> and how to use it and how to use the instrument and when it works and when it doesn't work. i've been involved in this project for three years now. >> really? >> that's not a long time in theater world. >> no, it isn't. i'm pretty lucky. they brought me in three years ago and here we are. as soon as i leave you guys i'm going to go meet with broadway presenters and talk about the summer. >> where is it now? >> we are in toroo and then we will be in tampa and naples and appleton, wisconsin, raleigh, houston, dallas, ft. worth. >> my goodness. the good news is that you have your son with you. he's in the cast? >> i do. >> he's 14 now? >> the cast is watching.
10:33 am
>> how adorable. >> how adorable is he? >> i have to send a message. >> he looks like such a good combination. >> he does. the message to cast is p. dogs, we rule, prairie dogs and the message to the girl wholays laura is meeps. long story. and i have a very, very tall handsome co-star, who actually begged me to give you a kiss on the lips from him. no offense. >> who is he? where is he? >> he's in toronto. >> no, where is he on the screen? which one is he? point him out. >> that's not him. rival standing back there. >> she loves the -- >> big old kiss on the lips. >> well, we'll wait for the commercial break for that. but we are so happy to see you. we wish you all the best. >> thank you. >> hopefully, we'll see you maybe on broadway one of these days. >> i would hope this summer that that's where we will be. >> good for you, sweetie.
10:34 am
>> thank you so much. up next, the lingerie look guaranteed to heat things up behind closed doors or in the kitchen if that's your thing. >> if that's your thing. right after this.
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10:38 am
>> announcer: "today's" matters of the heart is brought to you by healthy request soups, mm-mm good for your heart. we're back with matters of the heart and the special lingerie show that -- for that special holiday that's coming up soon. >> what holiday is that? >> called valentine's day. >> don't know what to get them? how about a little lingerie? it ain't just for the ladies anymore. but while you're shopping pick up a couple of things for yourself. here with the best looks owner of intimacy boutiques and brian boiet. >> women are always feeling bad about their bodies and thinking they can't look sexy or great. we'll show you looks that are really beautiful for any woman at any age. at intimacy, we believe every woman should feel her best
10:39 am
especially for valentine's day. >> we'll see very sculpted and beautiful people coming out, though, right? >> very attractive. >> little eye candy? >> for sure. >> this is the sophisticated lingerie look. we'll bring out amber and stefan. okay. >> all righty then. >> let's talk about these. >> this is an uplifting chemise from a to f cup so that women can get a really beautiful chemise that is giving them great support and look as elegant as this and just to see groovy red with the black, it's very dramatic. >> very dramatic. >> also available in other colors, ivory with a beautiful blue or green or pink. >> and she's wearing high heels with her lingerie. >> yes, she is. >> looking good. >> what about stefan? >> a pair of knit boxers from nautica, more of a t-shirt fabric, softer than the traditional boxer. it also has a button-fly closure, make it is great for tv
10:40 am
and loungewear as well. >> he has that nice situation thing happening, too. >> yes, he does. definitely. >> we like that situation thing. i don't like him, i just like the abs. anyway -- >> next, we have flirty lingerie and we'll bring ann marie and miguel. >> black and red is the story here. >> it's ken and barbie. >> yes, it is. >> beautiful black bra, sexy bra can be wonderful for valentine's day, just to dramatize and add excitement to the evening. of course, beautiful wrap like this in red lace is fantastic. this bra also goes in a wide range of sizes. for women who don't think they can wear a sexy bra like this, they should come for a bra fitting at intimacy because it goes all the way up to f cup. >> how expensive is this? >> under $100 for the bra. >> really? >> and $20 to $25 range for the panties. and a bra like this can be worn
10:41 am
every day. it's a beautiful lace but under dark clothes it's a t-shirt bra. it's not just for valentine's day. >> what about what our gentleman has on? >> guys can't be quite as flirty with their underwear. he has on tommy hilfiger, traditional cut boxer. >> are those little hearts? >> they are, hearts and darts, actually. >> oh, you stinker. >> little arrows. >> the time of year guys can have a little more fun. >> that's what i was saying. is this a real couple? are you a real couple? yes, they are. how long have you been dating? eight months, long time. >> thank you, ken and barbie. thank you very mh, guys. >> all right. now we have -- >> pink is the new red is our next category. we'll bring out katherine and michael, who are also a couple, and parents of a newborn baby. >> wait a minute. not you. >> you gave birth to a child? i really, really don't like you. >> every woman can wear this
10:42 am
cami set. >> susan. >> i promise you that. what's fun about it is that little cami has a lining underneath it. it can also be worn as a great layering piece with jeans or underneath a jacket. she has her bra on underneath. what a fun little sexy set that they can have. in pink, it's beautiful. but it's also available in a multitude of other colors at intimacy. we're actually working with hanky panky on some chemises. >> i think of hanky panky with a thong is usually what they make. >> the thong is where they got started with the butter lace, which feel soes beautiful on every woman's figure. it's actually invisible under your clothes. >> that's the good part. >> little boy short, they've become very popular. it's a great shape and it goes in small sizes all the way up to queen size. >> you have to give brian a chance to get to the men. >> the great thing about pink is
10:43 am
that it looks good on every skin tone, whether you're fair or dark skinned. woven boxers from calvin klein underwear, cut trimmer than the traditional boxer and pink american apparel t-shirt, something that works good on every skin tone. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you very much. i cannot believe she had a baby. that's amazing. >> we're all jealous. come on out, tara and alex. this is stay at home lingerie. >> if i looked like that, i would stay at home too. >> ladies, you can break apart the pj, take the top off, wear a great pj pant and a wonderful little bra to go with it. >> that's cute. >> this exclusive bra line is available at intimacy it's called passionata. >> brian, tell us about the guys. 30 seconds left. >> pajamas bottoms from polo ralph lauren, black and white check pattern and underwear from jockey with a great eight-way stretch, stay snug all day.
10:44 am
>> let's bring everybody out. >> you look beautiful. thank you very much. >> thanks, brian. >> thanks, susan. >> thank you, both. >> happy val entine's day. >> same to you. coming up next, touchdown, youruper bowl menu if you're thinking of throwing a last-minute party after this.
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in case you haven't noticed, super bowl sunday is just a couple of days away. yes, hoda. >> it is. while it doesn't matter who you're rooting for -- >> really? >> the indianapolis colts or new orleans saints -- go saints, the menu matters. katie brown of katie brown workshop has ideas. >> that's right. you don't have to dress up things you already have in your pantry to put on a great party. a can of beer. make a little sugar and ginger, warm it up in a little frying pan on top of the stove. >> sugar and ginger? >> sugar and gringer, little
10:49 am
cream soda, pineapple juice. >> what? >> squeeze a lime juice in there. it's a beer punch i really would do. would you? not so sure. >> get in there. >> do i have to? >> i swear it is good. coming from the saints, mind you. >> you're adding some calories to it that way, though. >> just a smidge. for the other team, the colts, we need a blue drink. nonalcoholic drink. it is alittle bit of a blue sports drink. boring, right? >> it's so beautiful. >> it's a blue sports drink and we add in a little bit of sprite and blueberries, a little bit of ice and then -- >> fun to give to your teenagers? >> and makes it more festive. >> the food department. looks good. >> when you're first getng started you have to warm up, like there's a warm up for the players, there has to be a warm up for the feast. easy, sour cream, chemo cheese,
10:50 am
cheddar cheese, little bit of frozen corn. dip away. >> i'm not allowed to do this. >> dig in. >> i don't think i'm allowed. >> pop it in the oven so it's nice and warm and toasty. i mean, you can't -- it's all good. right? and i like it because -- okay. >> that's got to be 1,000 calories a bite. it's worth it, though. >> perhaps. it's so yummy. >> more of the cajun. i got frozen -- >> french fries? >> right, thank you. a little bit of salsa, premade salsa. thick and choppy. added a little bit of pepper, extra spice, parsley up on top of there. >> what is it, a dip? >> dip it in or put it on a plate and soon it over the top. you could even serve it on your platter like that.
10:51 am
it's a little bit of a twist on the nachos. instead you're doing potato slices. now, this is where we get to have fun. >> oh, boy. >> i want to talk about this concept first. this is such a neat idea. a lot of people think hamburgers, hot dogs, quick and easy. >> chili. >> chili. first of all, we're talking about heart smart today. instead of the hamburgers and hot dogs do veggie burgers and turkey dogs. at least put them out there. dress up the condiments a little bit. mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup. bag of frozen shrimp, mayonnaise with cayenne, cumin. you build a sandwich. >> a po' boy. >> a cajun po'boy. relish, mix it up. in new orleans they cook with what they call the holy trinity of ingredients, green peppers,
10:52 am
onions and you mix it all together with your relish and you give it a little bit of that cajun twist. >> i like that. we've got to scoot. >> is that it? i didn't even get to my beautiful flowers. >> tell us. >> how about that? little bit of tissue paper, vase inside of it, flowers in there. stick-on numbers. you'll notice we have some of the most famous players' numbers on the vases. >> good job, katie. >> all of this is so good. >> go, saints!
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
that does it for us. miss hoda is getting on a plane. >> yes. >> heading down to the super bowl. >> i can't wait. next week, wehave lady gaga, cyndi lauper. >> together at the same time. >> and our girl, beyonce. root for the saints if you don't have a team. >> come on, let's do it.
10:56 am
>> right here. right here. go saints! have a great weekend, everybody. have a great weekend, everybody. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac --
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