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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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look at this right here! >> good morning. mounting men. snowboarder seth wescott does it again, moving from fourth all the way up to first to win his second straight gold in snowboard cross. while in the downhill, bode miller races to bronze to become the most decorated american olympic skier in history. two fantastic finishes, two big interviews for us today, tuesday, february 16th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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♪ and welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> and i'm matt lauer. and if we're beaming a little bit more than normal this morning, it's because of two words -- seth wescott. man, we hitched our wagon to this guy's star a long time ago, and he has never disappointed us. last night he won his second straight gold medal in snowboard cross, and we are awfully proud of him. >> it was a spectacular race, just like he did in torino four years ago. seth actually trailed for much of the race, but then on one of the final turns, he whipped around the lead rac and cruised to victory. and this morning, he is here for an exclusive, live interview. >> and you know, we're going to run the race. we're just going to run the race. >> the whole thing. >> because it really didn't seem as if he could possibly win it. and we're going to take a look at that.
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plus, an exclusive interview with bode miller about that bronze medal that made him the winningest skier in u.s. history. and get this -- he was within 0.09 of a second of winning gold. that's how close that race was. he still has four more events here in vancouver, including today's super combined. let's look at the medal count. bode's bronze and seth's gold extend america's lead. the u.s. now in front with eight medals, two gold, two silver and four bronze. germany's in second with five. france and canada remain tied for third. >> and let's not forget the ladies. today it is the women's turn in snowboard cross. lindsey jacobellis will be gunning for gold. of course, everyone remembers what happened to her four years ago. she was leading when she pulled a celebratory trick and crashed. she opened up about that moment to jenna bush hager, who has made her way to grouse to share that story. and that's coming up. >> that's right. but all we can say is vancouver is never going to be the same, and that's because meredith grabbed natalie morales and kristi yamaguchi, and they went
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out for a night on the town. and, well, let's just say what happens in vancouver -- >> will not stay -- >> -- will not stay in vancouver. >> no, exactly. first of all, you used the term "grabbed" them, like they were very willing to go. very willing. >> you're a bad influence. >> oh, come on! >> all right, let's get to ann first. she has more on monday's incredibly close races featuring seth wescott and bode miller. ann, good morning to you. >> good morning to all of you. at the olympics, as you know here, tenths, even hundreds of a second can mean the difference between winning a gold medal and missing the podium altogether. you have to look no further than monday's men's downhill and snowboard cross races. >> this is for the medals. >> reporter: it's not how you start. it's how you finish. and as the race began, the defending olympic champion, seth wescott, was in fourth place. >> oh! nate holland goes down! >> reporter: but after a spill by hiseammate halfway down the hill, wescott began to make his
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move. >> wescott hanging on. this is for the gold! >> reporter: in the end, the american had just enough to win his second consecutive olympic gold medal. on the ice, despite a few mistakes, a chinese pair won their country's first gold medal in figure skating. >> first place. >> i guarantee you that shen and zhao will go home with great joy about having done this, but they will also never forget the fact that those little mistakes that they made. >> reporter: meanwhile, a man who made some mistakes four years ago is back in the olympic spotlight. >> i feel like i'm in a good state of mind right now. i'm ready to push. >> reporter: on the downhill course, bode miller pushed hard. >> bode miller takes the lead. >> reporter: after his run, the 32-year-old seemed pleased with his performance. >> i expect a lot out of myself and i know i'm going to push the limits. >> reporter: missing gold by
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0.09 seconds, miller took the bronze, his third olympic medal in alpine skiing, the most ever by any american. for the women, lindsey vonn posted the fastest time in practice on the downhill but said her shin is still hurting. >> the course was so much more bumpy than i think anyone expected, and that kind of threw me for a loop. >> reporter: and, while lindsey vonn says she could use another day of rest, she feels ready to ski. her pain pales in comparison to those mourning the tragic death of a georgian luger. they gathered on monday for a private memorial. the 21-year-old's body is on its way back to his hometown in georgia. even amid the tragedy, as the games go on, the olympic spirit was on full display at the medals ceremony for the first canadian gold medal won on home soil. bode miller has another good chance at that medal today in
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the men's super combined, and a change to that event could work in his favor. here in vancouver, skiers take part in one downhill, and for the first time, just one slalom race instead of two. matt? >> all right, ann, thank you very much. we'll hear exclusively from bode in a moment, but right now, let's welcome in two-time -- let me say that again -- two-time gold medalist seth wescott. seth, good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> congratulations. >> how are you? >> it's been about 12 hours. how do you feel? >> i feel great. you know, i honestly -- it probably won't even settle in until i'm on the medals podium tonight and actually get it, so you can hold it. but the racing was so much fun yesterday. it was an absolute blast. >> did it feel different to cross the finish line and win the gold this time than it did four years ago in torino? >> it did. it was a little more surreal, but the actual moments where i was passing mike and getting the passes done with tony ramoin from france, i got into the moment where all was quiet. i couldn't even hear the crowd at the bottom of the hill it
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with a magical moment. >> we split the race up into thirds, seth. and talk to me about this. and in particular, take note of where we freeze this race and where you were, all right? >> okay. >> what's going through your mind now? >> now, you know, i had a bad time trial, so i knew i was going to be coming from behind all day. it was tough, you know, tough working out of those outside start gates. so, in that early section, just trying to hang with it. you know, there was too major passing zones, the two straightaways, the straightaway between turns 4 and 5 and between 6 and 7. so, at this point, you're just trying to stay in the hunt and carry momentum to get down to that lower part. >> all right, i'm a novice here, not an expert. at this time, you're lost. you are not winning this race. >> i'm way out the back right now, yeah. >> okay. you were in last place there and we're all thinking -- >> it's called patience. >> -- you know, it was fun when he won the first time and we'll congratulate him anyway. look at this freeze. >> yeah. >> that's where you are after the top third of the race. >> yeah. >> okay, let's pick it up now. at this point, do you think you still had a chance to win?
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>> yeah. you know, i was hanging in there. i knew i had some really good sections lower down. >> what happened to nate holland there? he spun out? >> he got a little front-footed there. we would call that being an east coaster. front-footers, learning to be on ice, you're always pressuring the first. and nate being from idaho shouldn't have been doing an east coaster there. >> now there you make a pass. now you're in second. >> yep. so, now getting over this double-double is the trick here and then setting up this turn 6 here is the whole key to slinshotting yourself through the last straightaway. >> you're still pretty far behind, demand snowboard cross, that's a big lead right there. >> that's a huge lead by robertson at that point. >> let's pick it up. after one jump, he starts the jump way behind, he lands the jump right next. >> yeah. this is basically linking four transitions better than robertson. >> there. now you've got him. >> yep. >> and now you're just hanging on for dear life? >> now i'm hanging on for dear life, almost going down right there, and you look --
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>> look how close this is at the end. >> i look back right there. he was completely in my blind spot. i had no idea he was still with me. >> guess what, he was still with you. >> he was still with me. >> and you hug some people at the bottom, and shortly after this, you drape yourself in an american flag. it's not just any flag. you have it here. tell me about that. >> i have it here. my grandfather was a trainer in the service in the army. he was a -- he trained the troops before going over to world war ii and this is his service flag from world war ii. i had it with me in torino. it sat in my house the entire four years in between. i unpacked it monday and brought it over here with me, and it's got all the meaning in the world to me. i mean, this is my dad's side of the family, you know? it means the world to me, and to -- yesterday, when we were headed up on the bus yesterday morning, lindsey zine, our press agency, it was still packed in the triangle formation of being in the case. and i was like, hey, sit on the bus with me. i've got something i need you to hold for me. so, she sat down and was like,
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what do you need? i'm going to be on the finish line all day. so, i handed it to her and she knew about it, knew the story behind it. and you could kind of see the look in her eyes, i think, when i gavet tohe i was like, i'm going to need this in four runs, so you have to have this at the finish line for me. >> you certainly did. hey, seth wescott, congratulations. i want a hug. >> right on. >> you deserve it, man. you really do. we're awfully proud of you. we'll talk to you more later on. let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories. amy robach's back in new york. amy, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news, a big victory in the battle against the taliban. one of its top commanders is in custody. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, amy. he's not exactly a household name, but this is a big deal. he's mullah abdul baradar, the top taliban military commander, and as number two in the taliban, essentially ran all
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their operations. baradar was captured in karachi last week in a joint operation with pakistani intelligence and the cia. and the pakistanis and cia continue to intensely interrogate baradar today in an effort to try to find out if he can lead them to other taliban commanders. and the timing couldn't be better. he was grabbed just as the united states and afghan forces launched a major offensive against the taliban in southern afghanistan, and his capture could deal a crippling blow to the taliban's ality to fight. it's also encouraging in that this shows a renewed level of cooperation between pakistan and the united states in going after the taliban and other insurgents inside pakistan. amy. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. thank you so much, mik. today, rescuers in washington state hope to reach a climber who fell into the crar of mount st. helens when a mass of snow he was knanding on collapsed, plunging him 1,500
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feet into the crater. high winds forced them to suspend the rescue effort on monday. investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly plane crash monday in new jersey. all five people on the plane were killed when it broke apart as the pilot was trying to land. well, police in richmond, california, say they do have leads as they look for three suspects who opened fire in church on sunday and disturbing video has surfaced showing the church choir ducking for cover when the shooting began. two teenage brothers were wounded and treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. yesterday in a story about vice president biden and former vice president cheney's appearances on the sunday news programs, nbc news included mr. biden's statement "we're pursuing that war with a vigor like it's never been seen before" in a way that suggested he was talking about iraq. he was actually referring to the war against al qaeda and we apologize for any confusion. well, people in parts of the midwest are digging out from up to a foot of snow that fell monday. it snarled traffic and caused dozens of accidents.
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and a massive landslide in southern italy monday forced residents to run for their lives. the landslide, caught on tape. it's believed heavy rains were to blame. and as bad as it looked, amazingly, there were no reports of serious injuries. it is coming up on 7:13. let's head now back to meredith, matt and ann and al, all in vancouver. hi, guys. >> first we had that massive wave yesterday and today that mud slide? >> earth's moving. it's crazy stuff. >> yeah. >> all right, amy, thank you very much. >> thank you, amy. let's throw it over to al for the weather. that's right. seth wescott still here signing autographs, flags, tickets for the crowd. pretty exciting moment. let's check your weather. and again, we've got some snow in the northeast, gting out of here. vancouver's forecast, we'll get to that in a little bit, but look at that snow all pin-wheeling around low pressure moving out. and as it does, we're talking about decent amounts of snow. we've got winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings as well. snowfall amounts around new england, boston, just to the north, we're talking about anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of
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snow. new england looking at generally about six to 9 inches of snow. back to new york, you may pick up one to two inches, maybe three at the most. then in the appalachia, we're and meredith, i just found out it's nova scotia day here at the olympics, so, there you go. meredith? >> where those colors with
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pride, al. all right, thank you, al. much more on the winter games in a moment, but now to a surprise announcement from indiana democratic senator evan bayh. on monday, he said he does not love congress and will not seek re-election. nbc's chief white house correspondent and political director chuck todd has the latest. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, meredith. look, evan bayh said he will not run for re-election, not because he was going to lose, thoh he would have had to work harder than he's used to, but because he doesn't have the stomach for how congress operates, echoing a theme we're hearing more this year and spelling possible troubles for democrats in november. >> i do not love congress. >> reporter: shocking words from a two-term senator who had been considered twice as a possible vice presidential candidate and who was practically raised in the institution, the son of former indiana senator birch bayh. >> after all of these years, my passion for service to our fellow citizens is undiminished, but my desire to do so by
7:16 am
serving in congress has waned. >> reporter: his reasons? something heard more and more about washington these days. >> there is much too much partisanship and not enough progress, too much narrow ideology and not enough practical problem-solving. >> reporter: bayh had become increasingly vocal, airing his frustration about washington gridlock at a recent meeting with the president. >> and are we willing to make some of the tough decisions to actually head this country in a better direction? >> reporter: the president has also frequently bemoaned the lack of bipartisanship in the nation's capital this year, addressing it with house republicans. >> this is part of what's happening in our politics, where we demonize the other side s much that when it comes to actually getting things done, it becomes tough to do. >> reporter: members of both parties are frustrated. like bayh, retiring republican senator george voinovich of ohio complained bitterly about the senate's failure to establish a bipartisan commission to reduce the deficit. >> on too many occasions, congress has been unwilling to experience short-term pain to
7:17 am
achieve long-term gain. >> one man, one woman, they can't so much make a difference anymore because the institution is dysfunctional. >> reporter: this year, five democratic and six republican senators are retiring, but for democrats, the bayh retirement is especially damaging because it could flip as many as eight democratic seats to the republican side, leaving the gop just two seats short of the majority. >> this is an election that's about democrats, and right now, people are throwing up their hands with democrats just as they did four years ago with republicans. >> reporter: now, bayh left democrats in indiana in a bit of a lurch. it's just three days to go before the state's filing deadline. republicans have their pick, former senator dan coates is their likely nominee. at this point, the party is hoping nobody files so they can name their nominee in a special rty vote in washington. quite a few senate democrats are upset and one senate democrat read bayh's statement and lamented to me "boy, when the
7:18 am
going got tough, bayh just left." medith? >> chuck dd, thank you very much. now once again, here's matt. >> meredith, thank you. now back to the winter games and monday's historic bronze medal for skier bode miller in the men's downhill, his third olympic medal overall and the first since the 2002 games in salt lake city. nbc's peter alexander caught up with bode exclusively late last night. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you from what this morning is a very snowy whistler. last night we spoke to bode miller. he did win a bronze medal, and the performance there made him the most decorated american alpine skier in u.s. history. but the question this morning remains, can he win back the hearts of american fans or does he even care? >> down to the final jump for bode miller to the finish line. crowd coming alive here. that's a look of satisfaction on the face of bode miller. >> reporter: that look of satisfaction was one olympic fans had been hoping for. bode miller back on the olympic medals stand after an eight-year absence, winning bronze in the
7:19 am
men's downhill. today you became the winningest american skier in u.s. history. what does it mean to you to make history? >> today is about more of a feeling medal for me it was good for the team. it was good for the country. and for me personally, i was excited about the way i skied, but i could have been fourth just as easy and i think i would have felt just as good. >> reporter: feeling good and clearly showing no interest in reliving his disastrous performance four years ago in torino, miller nearly retired last summer. one medal here, four races to go. is this why you came back? >> i mean, certainly not for the medals. i mean, i've won medals before, and you know, the reason i felt good about the medals i had won is because of the fashion in which i won them. >> reporter: something else he's won,riticism about his hard-partying ways. at the end of his medalless 2006 games, miller notoriously said at least he was able to achieve olympic-level partying. how do you celebrate this? >> you don't, really. i mean, you do 97,000 interviews and then do a press conference, an awards ceremony and eat some
7:20 am
dinner and pass out. >> reporter: do it all again tomorrow. >> because we have to race tomorrow. but normally, the celebration's where you get in trouble. everyone thinks you're supposed to go out there and do it for them and they're supposed to get to celebrate. you know, i can guarantee you a bunch of my friends are going to be out partying getting drunk tonight and having a good time, and if i do it, i'm a bad kid. so, i've seen that side of the coin plenty of times. >> reporter: how would you define success at these olympics? >> i think success is different, you know, in each venue, but at the olympics, i think success is providing performances that give people something to think about, some inspiration, give people the chills, you know, that make people stand up and cheer, whether you're from their country or not. i think that's the important stuff at the olympics. >> reporter: at the age of 32, a lot of people around here are saying that bode miller may finally have grown up, but when asked if he plans to sample the nightlife in whistler during these games, he said "the olympics have just started. give me time." he doesn't have a lot of time to
7:21 am
play with. his next event is today, the men's super combined. >> peter alexander up at whistler this morning. you can say a lot of things about bode miller, but he is his own person. >> very mu so, yeah. >> no question. he's not politically correct and doesn't say what he's perhaps supposed to say in interviews, but he's always interesting. >> always interesting. >> no question. all right, we've got a lot ahead, including meredith hitting the ice, and we do not mean it literally this time, with figure skater evan lysacek, as he gets set to begin his quest for gold tonight. and a lot more coming up here from grouse mountain. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, can snowboarder lindsey jacobellis rebound from the mistake that cost her gold in torino? jenna bush hager catches up with her. plus, ladies hit the town in vancouver. i'm not going to tell you what happened, but a lot went down.
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good morning, here'sor forecast. it will be windy and cold today, with highs in the mid and upper 30s, a little bit of sunshine in and out and maybe a passing snowshower or a few flurries, then the winds diminish tonight. blustery and cold again tomorrow. and mostly sunny on thursday and friday, milder, into the low
7:29 am
40s. tomorrow morning on news "today," dangerous diets, people try all kinds of things to lose pounds, but
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7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 16th day of february 2010. as we hear from some of our new friends inside our chalet here at grouse mountain, our home away from home for the vancouver winter games. now we're inside again, because if you take a look outside, you will notice that it is pouring out there. >> it's going to get heavier. >> it's going to get heavy, really, before? oh, yeah, that's the stadium there. they say it should clear up later today, though. >> but the fire pit's not do too well. >> this is not the fire pit's
7:31 am
favorite day, no question about it. so, we're staying inside. i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira, al roker and ann curry. i guess if it weren't raining so hard, we would be at the skating rink. >> we would be, because the chinese won silver and gold in e pairs event. and this morning, singles gets under way. evan lysacek is the world champ and he wants to bring home america's first gold in 22 years. i caught up with him for a skate and to talk about how he's feeling, and we're going to hear from him in a moment. also ahead, remember four ars ago, lindsey jacobellis was seconds away from winning a gold medal when her own mistake cost her the snowboard cross final. well, does she have any regrets as she prepares to race again here today? our contributing correspondent jenna bush hager caught up with her, and jenna has made her way to vancouver to share her story, just ahead. plus, all work and no play? not our motto around here, right? >> no. >> not us at all. coming up, the cameras rolled as i hit the town with natalie and kristi yamaguchi, the hoochie, and against my better judgment,
7:32 am
i'll tell you what happened -- i've got to tell it like it is, baby. i am here. i am an honest journalist -- >> you're throwing your teammates under the bus? >> no, kristi was the one who planned this whole thing. >> see what we deal with, kristi, every day. >> kristi was the one who planned this evening out. that's all i'm saying. >> the hoochie! >> i didn't say she was the only hoochie. i said she was -- >> you're the only one who called her out. >> anyway, i'm moving on, moving on. let's begin with my spin on the ice with american figure skater and reigning world champ, evan lysacek. figure skaters need to be athletic. >> double axle! >> reporter: and artistic. >> the passion in his skating sequence down the center of the ice. this crowd is going to erupt. >> reporter: evan lysacek has mastered both. so, when he offered to me me for a spin on the ice at chelsea piers, i was in. evan will skate his short program to extra vein ski's "fire bird." he told me before the skating
7:33 am
begins, he's got an agenda. >> once you get in your pose, you want to find one spot and just give them a stare. >> it's almost intimidating, yeah. >> all right, give the camera a stare-down. >> do i intimidate you on the ice? >> a little bit, yeah. >> all right, let me go. all right, give me. >> maybe you would be like a better ice dancer and then we can start together and i can just hold you up. >> i like this. i'm very secure this way. when evan's music starts, very elegant bird takes flight. he makes it look so effortless. >> you have to also get your bird wings like ready -- >> okay. >> because they're going to have to flap. >> reporter: it's fascinating to hear evan describe the story behind his music. >> the firebird has these powers, and there's like some evil rcerer, and the prince says he's going to protect the firebird and give her her
7:34 am
freedom if she gives him the secret to break the sorcerer's spell. try to just embody the character of that magic and the power. >> reporter: watching him perform to it in person took my breath away. >> and now it's a celebration and all the spells have been broken and everyone's roicing and the bird is flying. >> reporter: i'm not sure the feeling was mutual. >> she's embracing the character. >> i am. i'm a bird. >> reporter: for evan, a strong ending is key. >> i like to end with something triumphant and happy. >> but you can't like at the end go yes! >> we always end like this. ♪ >> reporter: even evan's ending pose has great significance. >> victorious, because the sorcerer, like, puts spells on all these people and they turn into gargoyles, and then when
7:35 am
the spell's broken, they break out of their thing and they'r-- >> oh. >> reporter: fans used to shower skaters with flowers,ut that's not allowed anymore. >> they've eliminated flowers and now they allow stuffed animals to be thrown. >> oh. >> so, it's like when they throw them at you, it's kind of what it feels like. you have to dog them little bit. oh, it's one of the mascots. did we win? then we have to bow and show our respect for the judges. >> evan lysacek. >> and the crowd. >> so, we pick these guys up some. >> the flower girls will get them. >> that was obviously payback for what i said about kristi, so -- no, no, no, no. don't humor me. do not humor me. stop. stop. this is about evan lysacek. can he win gold? kristi yamaguchi, our special correspondent for the vancouver games won the gold in 1992.
7:36 am
that was the same year that paul wylie took the silver, now an nbc universal sports analyst. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> men's competition starts tonight. everybody is very, very excited. short program starts tonight and finishes up on thursday. does he have a strong chance, lysacek, to take this gold? he is the world champ right now. >> absolutely. in the practices, he has really been skating well. he's the one who's gone through everything in his programs, doing the triple axle each time. a lot of energy, terrific poise here at the games already, and he can really deliver the jumps in the short, for sure. >> but you can't rule out jeremy abbott from the usa, can you? >> oh, absolutely not. obviously, jeremy's coming in as the u.s. national champion, and he's had a strong season. he's been building up to these olympic games, and you know, i think he's under the radar, but people have got to take notice, because he absolutely has potential. >> and then there is the very outspoken johnny weir, but he is a master on the ice. >> yeah, so far, he's walked through a lot of his elements in
7:37 am
the practices. so, the big question mark. he did try a quad yesterday in practice. we won't see it in the short program, but you know, great style from him, and he'll be doing a triple axle and triple -- >> why has he walked through that in the practice? is he going to save himself? >> i think so. i thought he would have been running through his short at least a couple days ago, but he's chosen to just lethe music play. he wants to leave the impression of great footwork and spins in the judges' minds who are watching. >> meanwhile, he's back! evgeni plu sche evgeni plushenko. he decided to come out of retirement. >> and he's made a splash in the skating world. his jumps are as solid and consistent as ever. he's stronger. his coach says he's really matured and is a different skater than he was back in 2006. so, i guess we have to wait and see. >> let's talk for a second about patrick chan, 19 years old, canada's hometown hero. world's silver medalist, but is
7:38 am
he tough enough to win the gold? >> well, he has a great triple axle -- >> this lady goes, "yes!" >> there's a lot riding on his shoulders here. he is great in the component mark, the spins, the footwork is amazing that he does, but he doesn't have the quad in the long program, and so, that could be a weakness. all these guy have weaknesses and all of them have strengths, and chan is just amazing the way that he covers the ice and interprets the music. >> let's talk for a minute about the pairs competition, finished up last night. gold and silver went to the chinese. >> oh, i mean, this is a changing of the guard. it's the first time in 12 olympics that a russian or soviet hasn't been on the top of the podium for the pairs. but fantastic performance. a little bit of a slip-up on the lift. that was really their own -- >> this is shen and zhao right now. >> shen and zhao, the eventual winners of the gold medal. but every other element in the program, fantastic. she is just enjoying herself on the ice. you can tell that the audience really connected with her performance.
7:39 am
>> and this was the one medal that they wanted, the one medal that had eluded them forever, right? >> four olympics, and just an incredible story, 17 years together and married, and so, it's just a great story how they came back from all that. but pang and tong delivered a solid performance as well, and it was just good to see them do that. they had really been striving for many years, living in the shadow of shen and zhao, and they just skated a clean program and really grabbed the silver medal and won the free skate last night. so, they hadn't h t deficit in the short program, they would have won it all. >> and of course, the germans came up third and won the bronze medal. we didn't do so bad, the americans as well. >> the americans did great. amanda evora and mark ladwig skated a fantastic program, as well as they could skate and end add up in tenth place, and -- >> hopefully people to watch in the future. >> absolutely to watch in the future. >> kristi and paul, thank you
7:40 am
very much. and we'll throw it over to al. >> thanks a lot, meredith. as we show you what's happening temperaturewise across the country, wow, things awfully on the chilly side in the southeast. look at these temperatures, 15 to 20 degrees below normal for miami, atlanta, parts of the panhandle of florida. out west, temperatures three to nine degrees above normal. 80s and 70s in the southwest, teens and 20s in the plains, 30s in the pacific -- i should say, in new england. 50s in the pacific northwest with a lot of rain in the pacific good morning, on radar we do see a few snow flurries now, where you see the blue on radar, west virginia, northern vend waugh valley. which is all heading off to the north and east there. this is a picre of some flurries heading to the south and east. we'll have temperatures hovering in the 20s here throughout the day. the rest of the mid morning hours. by noon time we should get above freezing and into the mid and upper 30s with a blustery northwest wind. perhaps an additional snowshower or flurry this morning into
7:41 am
early afternoon. and that's your latest weather. if you want to keep tabs on your weather all day long, check out the weather channel on cable or online. meredith? al, thank you. and up next, the lasting legacy of the "miracle on ice." why it means just as much today as it did 30 years ago. ♪ so good inside ♪ oh, and when i double up on my lovin' ♪ ♪ you're gonna be satisfied now you can double your extracare rewards. for a limited time, you can earn double bucks
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7:44 am
we told you it's pouring here at grouse mountain in vancouver. we've got some hardy souls out on the skating rink this morning, having fun no matter what. speaking o skating, the u.s. men's hockey team begins play today against switzerland. of course, you can rarely mention team usa without talking about 1980 and the "miracle on ice." nbc's tom brokaw is here to talk more about that. tom, good morning to you. >> matt, u actui actually kayak the mountain this morning. of course, one of the men who put american hockey in the history books, tragically, won't be here. herb brooks, who was the "miracle on ice" coach, was killed in a car accident about a year after the salt lake city games. however, his legacy does live on through his family and a hockey
7:45 am
foundation in minneapolis. >> he shoots, he scores! and the united states -- >> he scores! >> reporter: it wasn't just a great hockey game. america's triumph over the seemingly unbeatable soviets came to symbolize so much more. >> five seconds left and the game's over. >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> unbelievable. >> reporter: 30 years later, it remains a thrilling moment. >> no words necessary, just pictures. >> reporter: a squad of young hockey players and their inspirational coach lifted america's spirits at just the right time. >> things weren't going very well, obviously. hostages held in iran, crime rate was near 20%. people were burning flags, and then all of a sudden they're waving flags. >> reporter: the architect of the "miracle on ice" was coach herb brooks. he'll always be identified with the 1980's "miracle on ice." is that the most special time in
7:46 am
your life in hockey? >> for me, thaewd be probably the measuring moment in my life, yeah. >> reporter: dan brooks was 12 years old when his dad led the u.s. team to victory in lake placid. how did your life change after "miracle on ice"? you're now forever linked to one of the great olympic heroes in all american history. >> yeah, yeah. it definitely -- our life turned upside down after 1980, and you know, to this day, first thing people say is "i remember exactly where i was when that took place." i don't think there's too many events in our american history that people can say that. >> reporter: yeah, it's the kennedy assassination, for example, the martin luther king assassination -- >> 9/11. >> 9/11 and "miracle on ice." >> this is not a sporting event. this is really a piece of american history. >> boys, they just put the best goaltender in the world on the bench. >> reporter: the story was introduced to a whole new generation in 2004 with the popular film "miracle." with the original victory and
7:47 am
now the film, coach herb brooks achieved a kind of sports imrtality in american lure. >> you were meant to be here. this moment is yours. >> reporter: mike eruzkione, who scored the winning goal that day, says herb brooks knew how to get the best out of every play. >> the analogy i like to use, he was like your dad. you love your dad, but sometimes you hate your dad because he makes you do things you don't want to do. that was herb. >> reporter: in 2003, brooks died in a one-car accident returning from a charityevent. his family created the herb brooks foundation in blaine, minnesota, to preserve his legacy and cultivate world-class hockey players. teams train at the facilities, players push the limits, inner city kids are bussed each week to hockey camp. but perhaps brooks' greatest legacy, his five grandkids, all on ice skates, all in love with
7:48 am
hockey. this is a whole new generation coming up. >> that's right. >> reporter: there will be a unbroken string of hockey players in the family. how many days a week do you skate? every day? >> one or two -- >> we skate quite a bit. >> reporter: and they took no mercy on the clumsy, old guy in the net. off my skates. you're too good for me. blocked one, lost three. i think they're going to retire me. >> reporter: the brooks legend is passed to a new generation, where it seems secure for a long, long time. herb brooks would not live to see the 30th anniversary of team usa's victory, but his triumph will never die. >> i challenge anybody who was alive at that time, when they hear al michaels say that, "do you believe in miracles?" -- >> do you believe in miracles? yes! >> if they don't get chills hearing that 30 years later, i don't know, they're not alive inside.
7:49 am
>> there are a pair of identical twin grandsons of herb brooks, 8 years old who were out on the ice with me. they have herb brooks as one grandfather, another grandfather who played for the pittsburgh penguins and another great grandfather who played for the new york rangers, and i think they were drafted since the day that they were born to play in the nhl. >> where were you, by the way, when the u.s. team beat the soevts? >> well, i was watching and i didn't know about herb brooks or hockey. i later discovered, part of the reason i was eager to go do this, was that he was married to a high school classmate of mine, and it's been kind of a family affair ever since. so, it's been great. >> i was in my living room in charleston, west virginia. >> you'll never forget it, right? >> never, ever. >> well, we're happy to get you out of charleston, west virginia. >> it was a nice place. >> oh, a great place. >> write your letters to tom brokaw. still ahead, lindsey jacobellis teaches jenna bush hager how to snowboard. we'll show you how that went. yeah, i got to go. ♪
7:50 am
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>> announcer: "today's olympic moment" is brought to you by coca-cola. this morning on "today's olympic moment," you can probably guess it, the comeback kid, seth wescott. defending olympic snowboard cross gold medalist seth wescott came into vancouver not racing well and all banged up. six weeks ago, he couldt even walk. somehow, wescott made it to the finals here, and in the race, he found himself at the back of the pack. >> seth wescott in fourth place position right now, currently out of the medals. >> reporter: with time running out, wescott was so far behind, all hope seemed lost, but then he made his move. >> look who is gaining ground. >> reporter: amazingly, he took the lead. >> look at this right here! wescott in black making an air pass around robertson in red! >> reporter: at the end, a dash for the finish line. >> wescott hanging on. this is for the gold.
7:53 am
can he do it? and wescott does it! back to back. he digs deep and grabs double gold. >> reporter: the american flag wescott waved into the air was given to his family in honor of his late grandfather, a world war ii veteran. a stirring reminder of his love for family and country. >> wow. >> we couldn't be happier. >> seth's going to be back in the next half hour, i guess, along with -- >> nate holland, exactly right. >> nate holland, who did not do -- he finished fourth. >> butate holland is the x games champ. ♪ whoa. okay, that's good. [ female announcer ] at the end of the day, a bowl of rice krispies... what do you hear? i hear..."pop." i think it's saying, "night night." [ female announcer ] ...sounds pretty good. all done. good job. mustache. ♪ [ female announcer ] childhood is calling.
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7:55 is your time now, a live look outside. get ready for a rough commute, good morning, i'm eun yang. this tuesday, february 16th, 2010. breaking news in fairfax county, a roof has partially collapsed at an apartment complex, a breezeway in the 2500 block of lovedale lane in reston, virginia. the roof collapsed because of the weight of all the snow. no one was hurt, but a number of apartments had to be vaugted. aaa says today could be one of the worst traffic days today in washington. a check o
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning, partly sunny, windy and cold with highs in the mid and upper 30s, a few flurries or a passing snowshower, blustery and cold again tomorrow.
7:59 am
how's the traffic, jerry? >> chopper 4 over the scene of the accident from earlier this morning. outer loop of the beltway, ramp to northbound i-95 in maryland. overturned tractor-trailer with a fuel spill. the ramp remains closed. so use the bw parkway or you can go route 29, take that to 198. take route 198 over to the i-95 corridor. but again, this is going to be with us for sometime to come. if you're headed in that direction, again, bw parkway. let's go to northern virginia, a live look, things pretty loaded up, 66 to roosevelt bridge, crews attempting to get the left lane reopened as you make the trip in this morning. that's very slow coming off the roosevelt bridge to 23rd. and constitution. elsewhere, if you're making the trip downtown, heads up, you lose the far right lane along pennsylvania avenue and the intersection at 14th street northbound 14th street, only two lanes getting by right now. if you're headed into the district, just be aware that and a lot of pedestrians walking in
8:00 am
the roadway. eun? . coming up, the airport feats of the fufrt that may save lives. 8:00 now on this tuesday morning, the 16th of february 2010. you're looking at vancouver, and we're going to show you the olympic flame. there it is, burning brightly outside the internationalernati broadcast center in downtown vancouver. day five of the xxi olympic winter games. we have another bright and cheery crowd with us here at grouse mountain. i'm meredith vieira along with matt, al and ann. who here watched alex bilodeau's medals ceremony last night? anybody watch? did you guys watch it? >> i missed it, no. >> i happened to see it on tv.
8:01 am
very emotional moment all across canada as the moguls skier received the first gold medal ever won by a canadian on home soil. we'll have more that in a moment it was very, very emotional. plus, we're going to ask an important question, which is, can lindsey jacobellis win gold today in the women's snowboard cross? you know, she took silver, as you all probably remember, four years ago, after she famously wiped out after showboating near the finish line. well, has she gotten over that crash? and better yet, can she teach jenna bush hager how to snowboard like an olympian? we're going to find out in just a moment. >> and here's another very important question -- will the city of vancouver ever recover after meredith, natalie and kristi yamaguchi did a little celebrating in vancouver? >> no! >> oh, yeah, bust a move. they had a lot of fun, and some of it we can't show you, but -- >> oh, look it -- >> like that. >> fun. woo! >> oh! yamaguchi showing her wheels! >> yeah! >> all right. but first, my partner in crime,
8:02 am
natalie has a roundup of all the olympic action. good morning, natalie. >> good morning, meredith. well, this week got off to an exciting start with china making history on the ice and american skier bode miller making history on the snow, but this morning everyone is talking about seth wescott's amazing come-from-behind victory in the snowboard cross. >> wescott way out back. >> reporter: how do you go from fourth -- >> look who is gaining ground! >> reporter: -- to first in less than two minutes? >> this is for the gold can he do it? and wescott does it! >> reporter: just ask american seth wescott, who took the gold in men's snowboard cross on monday, defending the title he claimed four years ago in torino. >> the good thing about this course, you had two straightaways kind of in the later two-thirds of the course that gave me passing opportunities. >> tim, i think bode has come into this season with a different resolve. >> reporter: elsewhere on the slopes, american bode miller turned the disappointment of torino into a surprising bronze medal win in the men's downhill. >> that's a look of satisfaction
8:03 am
on the face of bode miller. feels good about that run. >> you know, once i started going, i felt pretty good. i felt solid and i skied really well on the top. >> reporter: and on the ice, the night belonged to the chinese. pang and tong delivering an impressive performance that pushed them from fourth place to the medals stand, where they ok the silver. the leaders going into the free skate, shen and zhao, despite a few errors, still managed to win the gold. the first figure skating olympic gold medal ever won by the chinese with a silver to go along with it. and still reveling in the historic win for himself and his count country, canadian moguls skiing alexandre bilodeau especially accepted the gold medal as the home crowd sang their national anthem for the first time at an olympics on home soil.
8:04 am
australia's dale begg-smith did his country proud as well, accepting the silver, while bryon wilson was seeing red, white and blue with his bronze medal win for team usa. and headlining today's competition, the men's figure skating short program, featuring evan lysacek and johnny weir, and the women's snowboard cross with medal hopeful lindsey jacobellis. but meredith, we should point out, conditions are going to be pretty tough out there at cypress today, because they're experiencing the rain like we are. >> yeah, it's a mess right now. natalie, thank you very much. >> hopefully, it will clear out soon. let's get a check of the morning's top stories. let's go back to new york for that and amy robach standing by at the news desk. good morning, again. >> good morning, everyone. u.s. officials confirm the capte of the taliban's top military commander in pakistan. they say mullah baradar was arrested in karachi about ten days ago. he's said to be talking with interrogators. and one day after he stunned fellow democrats by saying he will not seek another term,
8:05 am
indiana senator evan bayh says he can do more for the nation and his state by trying to create jobs in the private sector. this morning he told meredith right now congress is stuck and is not getting enough done for the american people. >> we've got a lot of good people in congress trapped in a dysfunctional system. we need to start changing the rules here that will bring out the best in people rather than the worst. we've got some ideologues, you know. the public needs to vote them out. we've got some people who pursue narrow political interests at the detriment of the country. they need to be voted out. but the large majority are good people who are working under rules that don't allow them to go forward. that needs to change. >> as for any future political plans, bayh said he'll never say never, but he said he's looking forward to being a private citizen. well, the husband of a university of alabama huntsville professor accused of fatally shooting three colleagues says he saw nothing unusual in amy bishop's behavior, even though they had recently gone to a shooting range and he did not know where she got that gun.
8:06 am
bishop remains jailed pending a court date next month. and another storm could bring up to nine more inches of snow to new england today, up to a foot of snow mday in the midwest tied up traffic and caused dozens of accidents that did result in some minor injuries. it is now coming on 8:06. back to matt, meredith, ann and al in vancouver. too bad you all can't getny of that snow. >> maybe in our future. >> rub it in. >> amy, thank you very much. what is our future weatherwise? >> well, let's go to the radar right now. we've got the vancouver radar to show you, and it doesn't look that good. >> oh! >> goodnight, everybody! drive safely. don't forget -- oh, people are booing. wait a minute. i'm just showing you the radar! i didn't make it! wow! >> is that rain or is that some sort of psychedelic thing? >> no, that's rain. >> no. >> the crowd has become a mob! anyway, we've got the forecast for you. whistler olympic park. they've got snow.
8:07 am
that's the good news. temperatures in the 30s and 20s. grouse mountain, though, periods of heavy rain, 39. more of that tonight. and again, for cypress, they're going to be looking at more rain as well, unfortunately. again, not my fault. we've got a lot of snow in the northeast as a low pressure system pulls out. you can see the snow showers,s amy mentioned, up to nine inches in parts of new england. gulf coast looks pretty good, but temperatures fairly chilly throughout the southeast. >> mention florida. maybe you'll get a cheer for that. >> yeah, only in the 50s in florida. >> there you go. >> not much. >> nothing. >> that was bad. >> thanks for that help. good morning, blustery and cold this morning, temperatures around the region in the 20s now and on radar, getting a few snowshowers and flurries, northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of western have a and northeastern maryland, eastern shore, it's a cold morning, mid and upper 20s, it will climb to the mid to upper 30s later. winds increasing to 30 miles per hour out of the northwest.
8:08 am
could have a passing snowshower or flurry. tonight, winds will diminish, still blustery and chilly toorm and a bit warmer on thursday and friday. hey, arizona looks good. all right! strong. >> always get a cheer. >> we're halfway through the 50 states. way to go. up next, snowboarder lindsey jacobellis hits the slopes with jenna bush hager. show you what happened right after this. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats?
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8:12 am
>> announcer: "today's athlete to watch" is brought to you by p&g, proud sponsor of moms. this morning in "today's athlete to watch" is lindsey jacobellis, one of the biggest stories of the torino games was her crash in the snowboard cross final. and she is here in vancouver to redeem herself. "today" contributing correspondent jenna bush hager recently met up with her. jenna, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith. i'm a little jealous you didn't take me on the girls night, but lindsey jacobellis was kind enough to take me out on the slopes. she looked stronger than ever and hopes today she can win the gold that eluded her four years ago. lindsey jacobellis is the snowboarder to beat once again. >> the world champ, 20-year-old american lindsey jacobellis.
8:13 am
>> reporter: this time around, the 24-year-old arrives in vancouver with more world cup and winter x games victories than any other competitor. but for all her success, one piece of hardware remains missing. >> look at the lead that jacobellis has now. an unbelievable commanding lead, lindsey jacobellis pulling away. >> reporter: it was a heartbreaking, split-second decision that crushed lindsey's chance for gold. >> run with it -- >> exactly. >> and now -- oh! jacobellis goes down! jacobellis goes down! >> reporter: lindsey jacobellis took home the silver medal in torino. what followed was four long years of the same questions. do you have any regrets about torino? >> i have no regrets. i've grown up a lot since then d i had a lot of fun when i was there. so, i'm just really looking forward to going back and representing the united states, and i would like to come out with a medal this time, and hopefully, it's gold. >> does that irritate you at all
8:14 am
that you got a silver medal and they're already calling this a quest for redemption? >> i don't think it really irritates me. i went to the olympics and all of a sudden, i was like, i'm on the ground. oh, wait, i messed up and i still got a medal. i guess that's pretty good. i guess it could have gotten a lot worse. >> reporter: then it was time for america's superstar shredder to show me how it's done. what does it take to be an olympic snowboarder? >> definitely perseverance. we definitely get knocked down a lot. >> reporter: if you could describe it for somebody that's never snowboarded before? >> it's, i think, pretty similar to surfing, but on snow. does that feel good? >> reporter: feels good! all right. here goes nothing! >> a little me speed. bend your knees a little. chest up. there you go. good job. hillside stop. there you go. i want to see you do a toe side turn. this is a good pitch right here.
8:15 am
>> how do i do it without you? >> without me? he here. off your toe. okay, there you go. >> woo! i needed you all along! >> there you go. use that momeum. it's going to be a weird feeling, but you just have to commit. go to your toe. go to your toes! yeah, you're doing great. >> reporter: well, i thought i was doing great, but i, too, learned just how challenging staying vertical can be. ooh! >> woo! >> reporter: caught an edge. >> get back on to that toe! >> reporter: i'm scared of the toe! >> oh, don't be scared. you got it. that was great! >> thank you. >> reporter: all in all, thanks to a champion instructor, i left teluride with some serious skills it was amazing, thank you! >>hank you so much. you did so well. >> reporter: though i'm not quite medal-worthy, one of us is. >> in gold medal position! >> reporter: lindsey jacobellis refuses to let a mistake define
8:16 am
her. she's looking to make her second chance her moment to shine. if you bring home the medal, where are you going to put it? >> over right next to my other one. >> reporter: it needs a friend. >> it does. >> reporter: it's desperate. >> definitely needs some color hue change. >> reporter: something in gold, i think. >> yeah. just to really just to have everything, have all the precious medals. >> meredith, lindsey competes today, and i texted with her last night. she's feeling good. so, i think it's her year. >> is she going to try anything like what she did four years ago? hopefully not. >> i think she just wants to have fun. she's an amazing snowboarder and a really great girl. >> you, by the way, were really good at snowboarding. >> i don't know. >> it's not your first time, obviously. >> i think i need more lessons from an olympian. >> if she's available. jena, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and tonight's snowboard cross will be part of our olympic coverage right here on nbc. now here's matt. >> meredith, thank you very much, and jenna, thank you. if you want to see a
8:17 am
nation's pride on display, bc place was the place to be in vancouver last night. that's where canadian mogul skier alex bilodeau was awarded his gold medal, first one by a canadian on home soil. here's nbc's kevin tibbles. ♪ o, canada, our home and native land ♪ >> reporter: and you thought canadians were modest, quiet people. ♪ >> reporter: but today, this nation is standing tall. ♪ in all thy sun commence >> reporter: no apologies. regular folks belting out their national anthem with pride like never before. ♪ with glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free ♪ >> rorter: after hosting the games twice and coming up empty, some might have wondered if they were ever going to hear "o, canada." this young manrom montreal has changed all that. ♪
8:18 am
moguls magician alexandre bilodeau has given the true north something to sing about, gold and much more. >> he said he is doing this for frederick. >> reporter: bilodeau and his older brother, frederick, have captured the hearts of a nation. frederick has cerebral palsy and was told he would lose the ability to walk by age 10. >> if his limit was at 10 and he's 28 and he's still walking, nobody's going to tell me my limit is there. >> reporter: frederick's drive and spirit inspire alex each time he skis. >> he's got a wicked love of determination, like, it's impressive to grow up with someone like that. >> reporter: inseparable off the mountain, always together on it, frederick was there when alex won gold. now, two new homegrown role models, and that's something for schoolchildren from coast to coast to sing about. ♪
8:19 am
♪ glorious and free >> reporter: in the past in canada, perhaps because of french and english versions of the song -- ♪ -- many canadians have been accused of not even knowing the words to "o, canada" -- ♪ not here. not anymore. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, vancouver, british columbia. >> good for him. good for all of them. coming up next, meredith, natalie and kristi hit vancouver at night, right after this. i do remember sitting down with my boys, and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." and brian looked at me at eight years old and said, "promise me you'll quit." i had to quit. ♪ my doctor gave me a prescription for chantix, a medication i could take and still smoke,
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8:23 am
plaid is huge this year. lean cuisine. keep life delicious. you know, guys, we have been keeping some very early hours, obviously, here in vancouver, but that didn't stop kristi, natalie and i from going out late at night to paint the town. i just want to say, it was all kristi's idea. take a look. ♪ >> reporter: oh, yes, it's ladies night in vancouver. first up, george, one of this city's hippest lounges. >> hey, ladies. do you have any i.d. on you? >> i.d.? >> whoa! >> yes! >> welcome to george. >> what are you doing here? >> oh, my god! >> are there any -- >> there are no ground rules. >> you can get up on the tabletop -- >> oh, no, show me. >> come on! >> no, no, no.
8:24 am
natalie, natalie! >> who's standing up on the tabletop? stay tuned. do you miss "dancing with the stars"? does that mean you're going to teach us how to dance, too? she's very good at the tango. ♪ >> apolo has a thing for me. let's just leave it at that. all right, girls, cheers to a great evening in vancouver. >> cheers! >> reporter: stop number two, the molson canadian hockey house, a tented party filled with fans and music. tonight, front row at the bare naked ladies concert. >> yeah! get up on the stage! >> no! ♪ >> we're surrounded by olympians! >> bare naked ladies, ladies and gentlemen! >> going backstage at the bare
8:25 am
naked ladies! you guys were great. >> good to see you. thank you. meredith vieira will rock with us in the near future. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: backstage, past and present olympians, nancy kerrigan and jeret "speedy" peterson. >> how are you doing? >> hey, jeret "speedy" peterson! >> medal hopeful! >> yeah. >> speedy! >> heard something aboutdanci dancing. ♪ oh, living on a prayer >> yamaguchi! is a yama-hoochie! >> reporter: we still had one more thing to do, in style. and we took speedy with us. >> all right! are you ready, girls, and boys? >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh! >> take it away. >> i think we're getting the best view of the olympics right now, i tell you. >> reporter: and then a toast. >> cheers to the olympics.
8:26 am
>> and to all the athletes. >> yeah. good luck, speedy. we're rooting for you. we did a lot of drinking, didn't 8:26 is our time, 29 degrees, beautiful sunshine this morning. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. in the "news4 today," plan plenty of extra time today trying to get to work or school. aaa says this morning's commute could be the third-worst in washington history. while many area roads are plowed, some have lanes still covered with snow and ice. many schools are also reopening today. so local officials are asking drivers to keep an eye out for kids and school buses. we'll take a break now and come back and look at our weather forecast and the traffic.
8:27 am
8:28 am
temperatures in the 20s, a little sunshine, maybe a passing flur later today and the wind will increase, gusting to 30 miles per hour out of the northwest. and tomorrow winds will diminish, but still blustery and cold, hos the traffic? >> chopper 4 over scene of an overturned truck earlier. the outer loop of the ramp. the big mounds of snow along new york avenue headed on down to
8:29 am
and beyond the third street tunnel, be careful and stay alert. >> coming up tonight, the airline feats of the future that may save lives, tonight
8:30 am
♪ it's day 30 now on a tuesday morning. it's the 16th day of february now, 2010. we've got some snow now here at grouse mountain. we had some overnight. the weather has warmed up a bit and as you can see from the skating rink out there, it's turned to rain. it's poung right now, but we want to thank these people
8:31 am
inside the chalet for sticking around. thanks to them. we asked kristi yamaguchi to stick around as well, because we were showing you meredith's night on the town with kristi and natalie, and meredith kept hinting it was kristi's idea. calling her yamahootchie, and as we went to break, kristi said something we missed. >> i was a good girl. you were a pain in my back. >> okay, i have a comeback for my name. miss vancougar! >> whoa! >> strong! >> kristi, what did you mean by that? >> we were just having a good time. >> do the whole thing so we can see your whole body when you do it. oh, there we go. see, this is why you won the gold and i won nothing, because that was the perfect comeback. >> well, you got something saturday night. >> first of all, richard, my husband, is at home. i got nothing. nothing.
8:32 am
you, contact my lawyer. maybe the divorce lawyer, i have no idea. anyway, matt. just ahead, surprises from last winter games, u.s. skier ted ligany. you want to take my part now? >> the utah native won gold in the super combined. today he'll try to defend his title andow he'll tell us the mantra he lives by. i couldn't pronounce his last night, ligety. >> s throw me under the bus! >> i wasn't here the last games. >> usually it's the fourth or fifth day before the wheels come off. >> all righty. >> i saw them rolling by about a half hour ago. and it takes some amazing ar to go hurdling down a mountain at about 100 miles per hour. coming up, the remarkable technology being used by team usa here in vancouver. plus, we'll look at the most memorable moments of the vancouver games so far. that's always fun. but first, seth wescott --
8:33 am
seth wescott was kind enough to stick around and talk about his gold medal in the snowboard cross, joined by his teammate nate holland who came in fourth in monday's event. >> nice to have you. >> seth, thanks for sticking around. >> good to see you guys. >> i want to talk first about the fact that you guys are buddies, all right? and yet, this is an individual sport. so, what's it like to sort of friendship on the line when you go out there and compete against each other? >> well, i don't know if anyone caught it yesterday, but nate and i -- the whole year going after torino, nate and i actually shared seven podiums in a row on the world stage together, and we were taking after will ferrell that year with the shake n' bake deal. so once we were together it was the shake n' bake deal and try to get to the finals and win for the usa. >> but number four seems to take a place in your life.
8:34 am
you finished fourth here, yet you won gold in the x games four times, there once again the number four. and you -- >> five times. >> fiveimes now. oh, geez, forget this -- >> the number five tends to play a big role in his life, too. >> uh, anyway. never mind, i've got nothing to say. >> you guys are really close together. >> no, no, no. >> you also share karaoke. >> oh. >> a love of karaoke. >> we do share karaoke. >> a love of karaoke. take a listen here. >> oh, boy. >> here we go. ♪ on a steel horse i ride, i'm wanted, wanted, dead or alive ♪ ♪ >> do they give medals for that? >> no. i think i explain a little bit into this segment how karaoke is 10% voice, 90% stage presence.
8:35 am
>> you've got that. >> you've got to have the stage presence to -- with a voice like mine. >> all stage presence. >> nate and i had a couple-week trip in asia, where we were in south korea for a week and japan for a week, and we pretty much got on the karaoke trip. our landing in seoul, our bus, we had about an eight-hour bus ride and we drove every other nation on the bus absolutely insane by singing karaoke the entire time on the bus. >> i think i opened it up with a little elton john "rocket man" at 5:00 a.m. >> oh! >> good one. >> that will get the blood moving. hey, nate, it's great to have you here. and congratulations on five gold medals. and seth, congratulations on gold here at the olympics. >> really great. we're pr
8:36 am
we have a few showers tour west. western shenandoah valley. and it's cold, 29 in washington. highs should make it into the 30s and the winds will be blustery out of the northwest gusting to 30 miles per hour. and tomorrow the winds will diminish a little bit. partly sunny, highs upper 30s, sunny thursday and friday and a bit warmer. and if you want to keep tabs on your weather all day long, turn to the weather channel on cable or check out now, i wonder what the winter games would have looked like 1,000 years ago. olympic-sponsored dreamworks animation furnished this with their animation with characters from "how to train your dragon." >> let's look back at the origin of snowboarding. everything we know and love about this sport was inventing on this fateful day. first came the halfpipe. >> yeah! >> then the rail drag, followed
8:37 am
by the abiding snow bunnies. >> yes! ugh! >> and last but not least, the wipeout. brought to you by dreamworks "how to train your dragon." >> we're back in a moment. but this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
four years ago, u.s. skier ted ligety stunned the world by winning gold in the men's super combined. can he repeat this time around? natalie's here with his story. hey, nat. >> meredith, when ted steps into the starting gate later this morning, i can tell you, he is not going to be sneaking up on anyone. and if you can believe it, he actually says a win in vancouver would be even more meaningful. >> watch this incredible performance! >> this is an unbelievable second run! >> and t gold medal goes to
8:40 am
ted ligety! >> reporter: four years ago, ted ligety, the blond-haired, blue-eyed 21-year-old all-american from park city, utah, surprised everyone by winning gold in his first olympic games in torino. >> such maturity for a 21-year-old. >> reporter: you were the youngest american male to win gold in any alpine event. what was it like f you standing on the podium in torino? >> it was surreal. just when i got the medal and i was hearing the national anthem, i was just shaking my head in aww. i couldn't believe it. i could see my parents in the crowd, and i just didn't know what was really going on, you know? even to this day, i mean, looking at the medal, did i really win that thing? >> reporter: now, ted has the opportunity to make history once again. he's a contender in four events in vancouver, an ambitious program after a season plagued by injury. but ted insists he feels 100% and is ready to face any challenge. is there a lot of pressure now
8:41 am
that people know who you are, they have a lot of expectations from you, or are you kind of just going in there with the mindset that, you know, i've been here before, i know what i'm doing this time around? >> there's definitely more pressure this time around and a lot more hoopla coming into the games, a lot more press stuff and a lot more people expecting things out of me, which is good. >> reporter: hitting 100 miles per hour, the key to ted's success is his incredible sense of control. >> skiing is totally different than most sports out there. it's on the track, it's outside and weather has a big toll on it and there's a milon different variables that go into it. so, if you're the favorite, you're far from guaranteed of winning a medal. >> and if you make a wrong turn don't make a turn and you're going almost 100 miles per hour, that could be disaster. >> that's the sketchy part about skiing is it's super easy to go out of the course and to fall as well. there's really no margin for error the whole way down. >> whoa! >> oh, no! >> and down goes ligety! >> reporter: usually when you
8:42 am
see the falls, it's not just a little slip. you're falling and you're still falling. >> yeah, we put nfl hits to shame, for sure. >> reporter: a thrill-seeker since he was a kid, ted has earned himself a collection of nickname aetz. teddy ballgame a also shred and lickety-split are nicknames? >> exactly. ligety-split i've had forever. i think my dad even had that nickname. and i got ted shred as i kid because i was a bald little guy going straight down the moguls, would wreck myself and was get right back up and go again. >> reporter: that determination has stuck with him, giving ted the competitive edge he needs to perform on the world stage. describe for me the feeling that you get when you're going out of the start gate and you're looking straight down. what is that moment like? >> up until the start, i'm actually trying not to think about going down the course as much as possible. i actually try to clear my mind. i try not to think about anything. we started off with argyle design -- >> reporter: the ultimate achiever, ted has also started his own business, one that naturally caters to the best of skiers. you started your own company,
8:43 am
shred optic. tell me about that side of you. >> i didn't think there was any cool companies out there, especially in the ski racing world. we're now making goggles and sunglasses and helmets, so, it's really a funky, youthful style. >> reporter: your motto or your mantra is to encourage everyone to try something that totally takes you out of your element. >> for sure. that's -- i feel like for skiing that's kind of what it does for me is i can just keep pushing the limits and going faster and faster and harder and harder and i'm always just past that comfort zone. i think it's important for everybody to try to find that in something they do. >> ligety or ligety-split was supposed to compete in the men's super combined this morning. the event now has been postponed because of heavy snow up on whistler mountain. so, the weather again posing some problems. >> real problems. >> absolutely. >> natalie, thank you very much. up next, the high-tech edge u.s. athletes have here in vancouver. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
it takes amazing athletic ability to win an olympicmpic m, but let's face it, having the best equipment doesn't hurt your chances. here with the high-tech gear helping the americans succeed in vancouver is paul hoffman. welcome back. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about what makes this equipment so special, starting with the giant slalom ski. this is lindsey vonn's ski -- >> i'd be shocked if it really were her ski -- >> this is the same one she uses. >> correct. it's got a ceramic chip in it that's magical. it's actually used in the tail piece of fighter jets to take vibration and reduce it. >> and this is the chip right here in the ski. >> exactly. it actually turns it into electrical energy and stiffens the tail of the ski so it catapults her into the next turn. >> the next is a slalom ski, the kind ted ligety uses.
8:47 am
>> ted ligety's ski. same deal, much different construction, designed for very sht turns, it's up front. it's a rossigl. how different can hockey skates be? >> the difference is very, unless i'm on them. but this is a total one supreme. the great thing is, first of all, this is the first time anybody'ever seen this. it will be on the ice with the americans. the best news for them is the new blade called the fusion. it's actually a very, very fast steel. >> supposed to give them an explosive start. >> which is everything in hockey because nobody has any more room anymore. >> let's look at some steel blades. this is a luge blade. what makes it different? >> first of all, this is about $20,000. >> what's it made of? >> it's top secret. the guys at u.s. steel and scientists there have got a pet project. he moved to this country recently, became an american citizen, decided he wanted to help the u.s. luge team. this is a steel called transformation-induced
8:48 am
plasticity. it changes its molecular structure on the way down the run and gets faster. >> all right. this is a bobsled blade or runner. >> yep. >> why is this different? >> this one's different because it cuts into the ice and depends on a very complicated suspension. the news is basically you're looking at a car going down the ice, a race car, not a sled. it's a very sophisticated device. >> show me the contraption on the speed skate. >> people don't notice this, it's a clap skate. it was invented years ago, but it allows the blade to stay on the ice longer on the stride, so they get more power. >> in other words, if they didn't have that, they'd be on the toe of the blade. >> exactly. >> and here they get more blade on the ice. >> imagine doing a push-up on your knuckles versus your whole hand. and that's designed by the man who does 80% of all speed skaters' skates. >> let's look at this aerialist ski. you're looking at men and women who do flips in the air. so the ski has to be extremely light for the maneuver. >> you bet. if there's heavy swing at the tail, they won't rotate quickly
8:49 am
and get the turn they want. this is from vokl. this has to be strong and hold together. it's a great balance to strike and they manage to do it. >> anybody who has never done cross-country skiing will be surprised to see how thin those skis are. >> they don't call them skinny skis for nothing, and johnny spillane and billy demong both use these. spillane just won a silver medal. these are close to alpine skis. they're stiff, light, strong and actually, every little bit counts, as you can tell. >> but when we're talking about this technology, basically, any olympian can get a hold of this technology except for what's in here? >> that's right, unless they have deep pockets, that's correct, any olympian. >> all right. these are basically exclusive to the americans? >> and you won't see it anywhere else. >> paul hochman, paul, great information. thank you so much. >> great to see you. when we come back, much more
8:50 am
8:51 am
back now at 8:51, and let's switch gears for a moment. a new book is pulling the curtain back on one of our nation ooze biggest political scandals, the bill clinton/monica lewinski affair. the author reveals never before heard details in "the death of american virtue." ken, good morning to you. >> good morning, meredith.
8:52 am
i'm enjoyinghe snow here in new york. >> oh, gosh, another one rubbing it in. we've got rain here. ken, i want to talk about some of the revelations in your book, but first, just the process of writing this book. it took you ten years, and yet, many of the key players, including president clinton, ken starr, monica lewinski, linda trip, they all sat down with you and talked with you. were you surprised, a, that they did that, and b, how much they revealed? >> well, i always say that a project like this is sort of like deep sea fishing. you have to cast a wide net and reel it in slowly. so, it took many, many years, meredith, to get the key players to have trust in me, and that's ultimately what you have to work on. i pent a lot of time in arkansas, spent time with fries and family members of president clinton going back many years, spent time with his lawyers to gain that trust. i spent a lot of time with ken starr and his family and was able to get some of his documents and records from that time. so, it's a long-term process.
8:53 am
you have to be very patient with a book like this. >> yeah, let's talk about both clinton and starr. what was the one thing each one of them most wanted to set the record straight about, beginning with bill clinton? >> well, president clinton, i think, felt strongly tt this had been politically inspired, that you know, folks had been out to get him from the start, really from the moment he took office in the white house and that, yes, he may have made some mistakes, but this was really a kind of setup and that he did not -- the punishment did not fit the crime, and i think that was the principle point that he made. i think ken starr wanted to convey that he felt it wasn't a pleasant job, it wasn't something he had even sought to be appointed special prosecutor in this case. it was especially difficult and seenly when it turned into, you know, the investigation involving monica lewinski, but he had a job to do.
8:54 am
he felt he did it to the best of his ability, and it was very hurtful to him, i think, that he was criticized so personally for this. >> you know, you bring up monica lewinski. she spoke with you, and among some of the things she said to you was that she was hurt, angry that president clinton never apologized to her publicly or privately. she felt humiliated, violated wh the details of her relationship with clinton were made public in the starr report. she even tells you that at times she felt suicidal, that she was suicidal following the public revelation about her relationship. and yet, here's a young woman who became emotionally attached to the president, saying that the first time they made eye contact, bill clinton "undressed" her with his eyes. were you surprised by the monica lewinski that you interviewed? >> i was, to tell you the truth. she was probably the most challenging interview. she's an extremely smart, young woman, knew exactly what she wanted to talk about, didn't want to talk about. i came to have a great deal of sympathy for monica lewinski after spending many, many hours
8:55 am
talking to her. i think the key thing is, meredith, that although it is true that anyone who engages in an extramarital affair with a man who also happens to be the president has to understand that if that comes out, their picture may be on the cover of "star" magazine or something, but what you can't ever anticipate is that you're going to be, you know, confronted by fbi agents, by federal prosecutors telling you you're going to go to jail. this was a traumatic, traumatic event for both monica lewinski and her family. anyone who doesn't appreciate that doesn't understand the true story. >> you know, you say you leave the cover of the book and the title somewhat ambiguous, "the death of american virtue." you want the audience, the readers to decide which it is. you obviously did a lot of research. who caused the death of american virtue? you've got ten seconds. was it clinton, starr, a combination? >> well, the country was split down the middle on this, and i tried to write this in a way -- one person said it's like a
8:56 am
well, this is what it looks like right now at 8:56, 29 degrees out there. a lot of nice sunshine. still cold. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. in the news "today," school officials in prince george's county are making a plea to parents, asking help for clearing the snow from sidewalks and bus stops, schools remain closed for another day. many other school systems are reopening. drivers should be on the loout for students and school buses this morning. we'll take a break now and come back and look at weather
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning, partly sunny, blustery and cold now, temperatures in the 20s. and patches of blue on radar are areas of a few flurries, now western virginia, fauquier county and spotsylvania county. 29 in washington, highs today should make it into the 30s. partly sunny, a slight chance of an additional snowshower. but blustery winds, winds gusting to 30 miles per hour out of the northwt. they'll diminish a bit tonight. low 20s tom morning, partly sunny on wednesday, blustery and cold, with highs in the upper 30s. more sun around on thursday and friday, afternoon highs in the low 40s. here's a look at the weekend.
8:59 am
saturday looking mostly sunny, morning lows 20. afternoon highs near 40. might get some light snow on sunday. and now, jerry, how's the traffic? >> we knew it was coming and it is here. 395 is jammed across the 14th street bridge. going into the district to show you part of the reason. on lower 14th street, you lose the far right lane. which means only two through lanes. so folks who want to turn left or right there heading up to c or independence are having a hard time. a quick check elsewhere, if you're headed on out, watch for the snow in the roadway. joe? >> thanks, jerry. coming up tonight news4 at
9:00 am
back now with more of "today" on this tuesday morning, february 16th, 2010. day five of the olympic winter games here in vancouver. weather not so great outside. it's raining, but we have a great crowd inside the chalet. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer, al roker, ann curry and natalie morales. and coming up in a moment, beauty on ice. we'll bring you all the highlights from last night's pairs figure skating finale. also, seth wescott's dramatic come-from-behind victory in snowboard cross. we're going to hear from him and find out what it was like to win gold medal number two.
9:01 am
and understandably, we've been spending a lot of time talking about vancouver's olympic scene, but did you know there's a cutting-edge fashion scene as well? just judging by our outfits, you wouldn't know that -- >> not us. >> but we're going to check out some of canada's hottest looks in a moment. first, we'll talk about monday's highlights from the vancouver games, including two fantastic finishes that led to medals for u.s. snowboarder seth wescott and american alpine skier bode miller. >> this is for the medals. >> reporter: it's not how you start. it's how you finish. and as the race began, the defending olympic champion, seth wescott, was in fourth place. >> oh! nate holland goes down! >> reporter: but after a spill by his teammate halfway down the hill, wescott began to make his move. >> wescott hanging on. this is for the gold! >> reporter: in the end, the american had just enough to win his second consecutive olympic gold medal. on the ice, despite a few mistakes, a chinese pair won
9:02 am
their country's first gold medal in figure skating. >> first place. >> i guarantee you that shen and zhao will go home with great joy about having done this, but they will also never forget the fact that those little mistakes that they made. >> reporter: meanwhile, a man who made some mistakes four years ago is back in the olympic spotlight. >> i feel like i'm in a good state of mind right now. i'm ready to push. >> reporter: on the downhill course, bode miller pushed hard. >> bode miller takes the lead. >> reporter: after his run, the 32-year-old seemed pleased with his performance. >> i expect a lot out of myself and i know i'm going to push the limit. >> reporter: missing gold by 0.09 seconds, miller took the bronze, his third olympic medal in alpine skiing, the most ever by any american. for the women, lindsey vonn posted the fastest time in practice on the downhill but said her shins still hurting. >> the course was so much more
9:03 am
bumpy than i think anyone expected, and that kind of threw me for a loop. >> reporter: and, while lindsey vonn says she could use another day of rest, she feels ready to ski. her pain pales in comparison to those mourning the tragic death of a georgian luger. they gathered on monday for a private memorial. the 21-year-old's body is on its way back to his hometown in georgia. even amid the tragedy, as the games go on, the olympic spirit was on full display at the medals ceremony for the first canadian gold medal won on home soil. and bode miller, by the way, still has four more events to go, including the super combined, which was supposed to happen today, you guys, but it's been canceled -- postponed, actually, postponed because of weather. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. a little earlier this morning, seth wescott joined us here at grouse mountain to talk about that dramatic come-from-behind win in snowboard cross, and i started by asking him how he was
9:04 am
feeling. >> i feel great. you know, i honestly, it probably won't even settle in until i'm on the medals podium tonight and i actually get it, so you can hold it. but e racing would so much fun yesterday it was an absolute blast. >> did it feel different to cross the finish line and win the gold this time than it did four years ago in torino? >> it did. it was a little more surreal, but you know, the actual moments when i was passing mike and getting the passes done on tony ramoin from france, i got into that zone where everything goes quiet. i couldn't even hear the crowd the bottom of the hill and it was kind of one of those magical moments. >> we separated the race. we've split it up into thirds here, seth, and i want you to take a look at this and just talk to me about it. and in particular, i want you to take note of where we freeze this race and where you were, all right? >> okay. >> what's going through your mind now? >> now, you know, i had a bad time trial, so i knew i was going to be coming from behind all day. it was tough, you know, tough working out of those outside start gates. so, in that early section, just trying to hang with it, you know. there is two major passing zones, and those were the two
9:05 am
straightaways, the straightaway between turns 4 and 5 and between 6 and 7. so, at this point, you're just trying to stay in the hunt and carry momentum to get down to that lower part. >> i'm a novice here, not an expert. at this time, you are lost. you are not winning this race. >> i'm way off in the back, yeah. >> you were in last place, and we're all thinking -- >> it's called patience. >> -- it was fun when he won the first time and we'll congratulate him anyway. look at this freeze. that's where you are after the top third of the race. >> yep. >> okay, let's pick it up, okay? at this point, do you still think you had a chance to win? >> um, yeah. i was hanging in there. i knew i had some really good sections. >> what happened to nate holland there, he spun out? >> he got a little front-footed there. we would call that being an east coaster. learning to be on ice, you're always pressuring the front. and nate being from idaho shouldn't have been doing an east coaster there. >> there you make a pass. now you're in second. >> yep. so, now, getting over the double-double is the trick right here, and then setting up this turn 6 right here is the whole
9:06 am
key to sling-shotting yourself through this last straightaway. >> look, you're still pretty far behind, and in snowboard cross, that's a big lead right there. >> it's a huge lead by robertson at that point. >> okay, let's pick it up, and watch what happens here carefully, folks. after one jump, he starts the jump way behind, he ends the jump right next. >> yep. this is basically linking four transitions better than robertson. >> there. now you've got him. >> yep. >> and now you're just hanging on for dear life? >> now i'm hanging on for dear life, almost going down right there. and -- >> look how close this is in the end. >> i look back right there. he was completely in my blind spot. i had no idea he was still with me >> he was still with you. >> he was still with me. >> and you hug some people at the bottom, and shortly after this, you drape yourself in an american flag it's not just any flag. you have it here. tell me about that. >> i have it here. my grandfather was a trainer in the service in the army. he was a -- he trained the troops before going over to world war ii, and this is his
9:07 am
service flag from world war ii. i had it with me in torino. it sat in my house the entire four years in between. i unpacked it monday and brought it over here with me, and it's got all the meaning in the world to me. >> seth wescott. i don't hug guests very often. >> right on. >> but you deserve it, man. you really do. we're awfully proud of you. that was seventh seth wescott a little earlier today. and you know at nic guy. really, really nice guy. by the way, later today, his female counterpart, lindsey jacobellis, goes for gold in the web's snowboard cross. nbc sports's primetime coverage begins at 8:00/7:00 central time here on nbc. >> now let's get a check of the rest of the morning's top stories from amy robach back in new york. good morning, amy. >> good morning, meredith. good morning, everyone. pakistani officials say the taliban top commander is talking to his interrogators. mullah baradar was captured ten days ago in karachi in a joint cia/pakistani operation.
9:08 am
his capture is a significant success as u.s. troops push into marjah, the last taliban stronghold in the heart of the helmand province. explosions are reported in marjah on day four of that defensive. the taliban is stepping up counter attacks, slowing the allied advance. nato forces say at least 15 civilians have been killed in the intensifying fighting. today, president obama tours a job training center in maryland. he is also announcing federal loan guarantees for construction of a nuclear power plant, the first new one in the u.s. in almost three decades. and investigators are trying to find out what caused a deadly plane crash monday in new jersey. all five people on that plane were killed when it broke apart as the pilot was trying to land. and people in parts of the midwest are digging out from up to a foot of snow that fell monday. it snarled traffic and caused dozens of accidents. a storm today is dumping up to nine inches of snow on new england. and a massive landslide in southern italy monday forced residents to run for their
9:09 am
lives. the landslide, caught on tape. it's believed heavy rains were to blame. and amazingly, there were no reports of serious injuries. today is fat tuesday, and the culmination of mardi gras celebrations in new orleans. the beads are flying and the much cooler temperatures are not keeping the crowds away. tens of thousands of people are partying on bourbon street lik there's no tomorrow. it is nine minutes past the hour. back to meredith, matt, ann, natalie and al. kind of look a little bit like meredith and natalie there. >> i know. it was fat tuesday. we can, like, do stuff. >> amy, thank you very much. >> all right, mr. roker, save us from ourselves. too late. let's go to the radar and see what it looks like for vancouver. and the news today, not that great. you can see there is some snow up around the mountains, but we've got a lot of rain moving in here. here's the forecast for today and tomorrow. first off, whistler, the good news for whistler, they're going to be looking at snow. so, not a big problem there.
9:10 am
however, to the south, cypress mountain, they're going to be looking at a lot of rain through today. the rain will continue, p good morning, it's partly sunny now, patches of blue on radar showing areas where we're getting a few flurries now across northern virginia, panhandle of west virginia, northeastern maryland. and it's still cold in the upper 20s now to nr 30 degrees. later today we should make it to the mid to upper 30s, partly sunny. and a wind that will increase, gusting to 30 miles per hour out of the northwest. and maybe an additional flurry or snowshower. and then tomorrow, partly sunny, blustery and cold. more sun for thursday and friday and a bit warmer, highs in the low 40s. the good news is, once we h this rain, we should be in for a clear stretch for at least the next five, six days. >> oh, that's good. give him a hand. awesome, awesome. >> good news. coming up in "today's
9:11 am
olympic kitchen," mussels. we'll show you how to do them up vancouver style. and speaking of vancouver style, we'll check out this reek region's hottest fashions. you take just once a month. it's simponi™, and taken with methotrexate, it helps relieve the pain, stiffness, and swelling of ra with one dose a month. visit to see if you qualify for a full year of cost support. simponi™ can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious and sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, cancer in children and adults, heart failure, nervous system disorders, liver or blood problems, and allergic reactions. before starting simponi™, your doctor should test you for tb and assess your risk of infections, including fungal infections and hepatitis b. ask your doctor if you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, or develop symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start simponi™ if you have an infection.
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though h&r block at home is fast. and it's not just about getting it done easy, though it is easy. , h&r block at home is all about getting your taxes done right. as the next generation of tax cut, h&r block at home uses the knowledge we've gained serving over 500 million customers giving you the confidence you'll need, at the push of a button. h&r block at home. get it right. this morning on "today's olympic style," canadian-made fashion. you may think it's all about the ski jackets and rain boots here, but canada's fashion community has loads of local talent.
9:15 am
roots, lululemon, the names easily roll off the tongues of fashion shoppers, but the vancouver fashion scene is more than laid-back comfort. it's made up of unique local designers who have created a bustling independent fashion community. >> i think people believe we're here designing snow suits. well, we're not. >> reporter: triana peete, creative director for obakki started the label in 2005 for local designers to showcase their work. it's evolved into a contemporary, high-quality brand that still relies on its local roots. >> we do our own design. we have our own patte making and sample sewing. we do our own manufacturing. we use a local woodworker to do the wood pieces in our store, local artists for the chandeliers. >> reporter: across town, glen cora twig, one-third of the founders has filled her store with clothing and accessories
9:16 am
from jewelry from nearly 60 canadian designers. >> besides being the little sister to the big sister down south, we've had to really take care of our own. on the back of the hang tags you will see that it's got the five mandates -- sustainable, local, recycled material, canadian or one of a kind. >> reporte keeping it close to home is not just a vancouver sentiment. >> to be a canadian designer, you really need to maintain the manufacturing in canada. >> reporter: almost 20 years ago, designer vivian shyu turned down a job with calvin klein in favor of returning to her hometown of toronto to launch her own line. >> we are so different in our approach in our fundamental philosophy, and i think that's what makes us unique. >> canadian designers really look at fashion as a reflection of themselves. they are going at it with their heart and soul. >> and bobbie thomas is "today's
9:17 am
style editor," joining us here in vancouver. good morning. >> good morning. >> you've been shopping around. >> i have. >> you have had a lot of fun looking around. what would be your take away in terms of fashion in canada? >> i was so excited to be here because the community really supports local designers, and with everything mass produced today, it's really exciting to shed the spotlight on some of these smaller designers that are really manufacturing everything themselv. and as far as the style aesthetic, the lifestyle really goes hand in hand with the look. the environment plays such a big role. so, this is really the epitome of fashion meets function, but they're still very stylish and have lots of self-expression. >> okay. you have two examples of independent designers, these two on the mannequins here on the right. >> the first dress you're looking at is from alice in wonderland. the name just made me smile. alison smith designed this collection and she's got a quirky, whimsical essence about her. and the mannequin next to it, you'll see this blouse and skirt, and this is from dace,
9:18 am
and it's feminine and classic. she'll add the ruffles or the feminine detail to slacks. i love that they pride themselves on manufacturing everything locally. >> you talk about sustainability. this turtleneck, which i love, is an example of that. a great color, but also feels good. >> it feels good, yeah. you met twig & hoddi's owners in the piece. three friends who came together. love the name of their boutique, but they also decided to create we3, a sustainable line. what's great is they make everything from these perfect turtlenecks -- i tried them on myse myself. they give you some room. >> and they're sustainable because of the materials. >> yes, bamboo, soy, cotton blend, all sustainable fabrics. >> another thing about vancouver, people want comfortable shoes, which is really brilliant because the rest of us suffer. and you get an example of that. and also, quirkiness as well in some of the designs. >> absolutely. you could not escape this name here. everyone you ask about canadian
9:19 am
fashion says john fluevog, you've got to check them out. they're not for the safe, boring. they're fun. has lots of penalties, 40 years in business. and look at this boot right here. this is his original shoe he designed, the classic swirly boot and this is the special anniversary edition. >> the little swirls here on the right. >> go to his website for more, because he's got these really soles that he calls average yes, ma'am -- angel soles and he explains that online. >> they don't look that comfortable, but they look like they make a statement. >> they actually are. >> the fabric, the material -- >> very well made. >> rubbery. >> i'm a huge fan of this design duo, matt and nat. they've launched this lower price line by matt and nat. they're vegan and eco-friendly, so they've recycled water bottles to make their bags. >> so this is not leather. it's vinyl. >> no. and they saved -- 21 water
9:20 am
bottles were saved to make these bags. they're between $100 and $150. so, love it, tons of colors, lots of options, and you can go vegan and eco-friendly. >> who knew water bottles? we thought they would be in a landfill for 50 years. now we can do something with them. this is fantastic. what about these items? this looks very casual. some of the stores have grown a bit and this was a personal boutique i found. you see this look here. a lot of the girls said they feel like they're hippies with a sporty twist. that's kind of their vibe. i love that they have 43 boutiques now in both canada and the u.s., six private labels and i'm wearing an aritzia sweater. >> look at you in that sweater. >> it's casual wear with a little flair. last but not least, they're famous for outer wear and you can't escape the rain here, but i was a big fan of these jackets because they're called packables. they're around $200, but they pack up into this small pouch so you can have your rain jacket anyway. >> bobbie thomas, you have the
9:21 am
best job. >> i know. >> your job is to shop. you can check out more information about bobbie's column, called "the buzz" in "in touch weekly." coming up next, there is no business like show business. how they create snowy scenes even when mother nature refused to cooperate. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? - ( music playing throughout ) - so i mix 16 ounces of sour cream
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and coming up, we're going to head into the kitchen and cook up a local favorite, mussels. >> mm-mmm. >> not mine! the seafood here is phenomenal. >> oh, the beer! >> of course. >> that sounds so amazing because that's a big favorite here in vancouver, and the cook actually is from beium, and that's a big, big favorite there. >> i wonder if he'll make some waffles. >> actually, there are a lot of chefs here from around the world who have come to vancouver because it's such a great place to eat. >> and live. >> and live. >> we've also got remarkable olympic moments coming up. >> first, remarkable moments, as you said, courtesy of getty images. ♪
9:25 am
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come in and pick up a free card today. nine to choose from. only at your hallmark gold crown store. 9:26 is your time now, a lovely look at the nation's capital, after a messy commute, we'll have the forecast after the news, good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang, it's tuesday, february 16th, 2010. and most kids in our area head back to school after having a week or more off because of all the snow. schools are back in session in the district. other area schools are starting two hours late. kids sewhere, including prince george's county have another day off due to all the snow. the other big story today is the commute. aaa said it could be the third-worst morning commute ever in the d.c. area. a lot of drivers probably agree withthat. let's get to jerry edwards to see how the roads are. >> it looks like it will be a mess for a while.
9:27 am
39 5 northbound, delays begin at the beltway to the 14th street bridge. part of the issue, lower 14th street, although the far right lane under ice and snow. let's take a live look, 18th street and i street in the northwest this is what commuters are dealing with in all jurisdictions. reduced lanes, huge mounds of snow, pedestrians walking in the travel portion of the roadway. it's going to a long commute getting in. eun? >> we'll take a quick break and have your forecast w
9:28 am
is here's your four-day forecast. partly sunny with highs in the upper 30s, maybe a passing
9:29 am
flurry or a snowshower and a blustery northwest wind. winds diminish tomorrow. eun? >> coming up tonight on news4 at host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall? nurse: i'm just gonna guesstimate. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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♪ just a little sampling of some exciting action on tap for today at the winter olympic games. big highlights, we've got the women's snowboard cross featuring american lindsey jacobellis and the start of the men's figure skating competition. you can see all the action tonight on nbc. and of course, we'll have highlights and the medal winners tomorrow right here on "today" from grouse mountain. meanwhile, coming up, the business of snow business. >> yes. as we all know, the weather has not exactly beenind to these winter in fact, they've actually flown
9:31 am
in snow. i'm not blaming you, mr. roker. >> i am. >> i'm not. they have flown in snow to the venue, so we'll take a look at how that gets done hollywood-style. >> plus, we're smelling something terrific coming from the kitchen. we don't know what it is, but actually, i know what it is. it's the vancouver's mussels. >> it just came to you. >> the finest mussels in vancouver, and you know what, i'm not talking about al roker's muscles. >> thank you very much. hey, now. and "o, canada," or should i say, "o, canadeh." we'll find out what the "eh" thing is all about. >> first, you've got a check of the weather for us? >> didn't take long for you. >> what did you call me? >> anyway, you can see for today, we've got some snow in new england. we're talking three to nine inches of snow. rain in the pacific northwest, sunshine through the gulf. and then as we move into tomorrow, the good news is the
9:32 am
rain moves out of the pacific northwest. we'll have plenty of sunshine, yes. some frigid conditions in the plains, snow in new good morning, partly sunny now on radar we're seeing a few flurries and snowshowers across northern virginia and loudoun county through prince william into stafford county this morning and northeastern maryland. might have a few of those later on today into the early afternoon. right now the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. it's 29 in washington. highs i the mid to upper 30s later on and the winds will gust up to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. tomorrow, partly sunny, winds diminishing, highs in the upper 30s. sunny thursday and friday and a bit warmer. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> al, thank you very much. as we found out earlier this morning, we have a lot of nicknames around here, so we decided to ask some olympic athletes to share their nicknames with us. >> j-rod, which is kind of what i go by. the other one i tend not to go
9:33 am
by but some people call me is miami ice. >> chu-chu. >> sven. stormin, orm orbit. >> i don't have a nickname. i'm currently looking for a nickname if anyone has one. >> ligety-split has always been a nickname that people have been calling me since i was a little kid. not my favorite one. >> we have some inappropriate nicknames for each othe i cannot share on this broadcast. >> supposed to tell us those names, not that we want to know. >> do you have nicknames? >> oh, yeah. >> well, i'm nat-mo. al-ro. >> matt. >> actually, matthew. >> when you're mad at me. >> annie bananaie, that's always been mine. curry-annie. it's a flip-around. i don't know. you know the weird thing? i don't like anchovies, used to call me chove. more than you want to know. >> why would they call you
9:34 am
chove? >> because i don't like anchovies. on that note -- >> eh, eh. up next, where do you go if you need a blizzard stat? we'll show you after this. ! the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunches of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches. taste the delicious surprise in every spoonful. honey bunches of oats with pecan bunches. beautiful. (chuckling): are you sure? definitely, it's my treat. whatever you want grandpa, as much as you want. grandpa (chuckling): ok. vo: try our new handmade pansottis. pyramid ravioli with chicken in a portobello alfredo sauce. or with grilled sausage in tomato alfredo. starting at $10.95. at olive garden. did you know that, for a limited time, you can earn double extra bucks with your extracare card? for every two prescriptions purchased,
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thaw it. eat it up. we welcome you back to grouse mountain. you know, you can't host the winter games without a lot of snow, but as we've already seen here in vancouver, nature doesn't always cooperate. so, how does hollywood always find snowy scenes? nbc's dawna friesen did a little digging. dawna, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. whether you need a single snowflake or a blizzard, the world leader in artificial snow it make it happen for you. they contributed to the snowy scenes inside the stadium at the opening ceremony of the olympics and you've seen this work in hundreds of films and commercials. it looks so real, you'd never know it was fake. when it comes to creating snowy scenes, hollywood i hard to beat. from apocalyptic arctic land skamz like in "the day after
9:38 am
tomorrow" to foreboding forests in "gladiator," making snow on cue -- >> you have the number for a jason bourne? >> reporter: is a multimillion dollar business. the place to go when you really need snow isn't somewhere up in canada's high arctic, it's right here in the english countryside. this quaint, converted mill is the unlikely headquarters of the world leader in artificial snow and ice, snow business, run by darcy crownshaw, also known as the snowman. >> pleased to meet you. >> reporter: how many films have you been involved in? >> i think about 350. >> reporter: from bond films to the tv series "band of brothers," if there's snow to be seen or slipped on, it's probably crownshaw. >> this is some of the snow. we've got over 20 in total. it's made out of a very, very special paper that's milled in a very special way. >> reporter: and the great thing about it, it's not cold.
9:39 am
>> it's warm snow. >> reporter: so, how exactly do you turn all of this into this? ♪ oh, the weather outside is frightful ♪ >> reporter: you call in the experts who mix the specially milled paper with a fine mist of water, and presto. ♪ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ♪ >> reporter: the stuff is so real, you can make snowballs with it. but it's paper and water, chemical-free and biodegradable, a far cry from the old days when laurel and hardy endured painted cornflakes. yes, that was the sound of cornflakes. dr. zhivago looks like russia in the winter, but it's actually spain in the summer and that's marble dust. crownshaw says they could do better. you started on your kitchen table? >> absolutely. and we still have that table in
9:40 am
the building. >> reporter: 26 years later, going global and never stopped digging up new snow. >> they have we have a snow harvested by the eskimos. it's put into huge piles and flash dried with intense heat. all weave to do is add water, and when you add water to it, it suddenly forms into lots and lots and lots of lovely, soft snow. >> reporter: wow. ♪ i'm out of the cold >> reporter: okay, so, it's not really harvested in the arctic, but it sure beats painted cornflakes. a touch on the tedious side. >> it takes a long time to create a blizzard. >> reporter: in the end, there really is no business like snow business. it is a lot of fun, and the snow looks real, even feels real, but apparently, it's not that great for winter sports. you could ski on it, but i runs about half the speed of real snow, so not much use for the
9:41 am
winner olympics. >> it really looks good, though. that's great. dawna, thank you very much. when we come back, one of vancouver's delicacies. we're tasting mussels. [ male announcer ] mix it. blend it. sprinkle it. sweet! [ male announcer ] grilled. filled. chilled. sweet! [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. more ways than you ever imagined. [ male announcer ] flakes. shakes. cakes. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda® starts with sugar. tastes like sugar. but it's not sugar. it's... [ male announcer ] savory.
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crunchy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. [ female announcer ] splenda®. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? 80 calories! light & fit is so creamy and irresistibly delicious, it's hard to believe it has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leadg brand. do you always eat like that? i love light & fit. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. now save money with our new super saver four packs. four cups at a great low price. ( sneezing ) i didn't take zicam cold remedy... but i did. can you do it by 3:00 ? yes, i can-- how about 2:00 ? hmm... get over your cold faster.
9:43 am
(announcer) which hair color has beauty editors buzzing? perfect 10 from nice'n easy rich color stunning high gloss and flawless gray coverage all in just 10 minutes that's why it won the most awards from beauty editors perfect 10 the color that changes everything [clucking] look for delicious cadbury's,
9:44 am
reese's and hershey's products in the easter candy aisle. 'cause no bunny knows easter better than hershey's. this morning in "today's olympic kitchen," miss yelussel. you can find them on any vancouver menu, and howetter to enjoy them than right out of the pot? mikko is a chef right here from vancouver. welcome. >> nice to see you. hey. >> we're making vancouver mussels. what's the difference between vancouver mussels and the ones we're used to in the states? >> those are gallos. they are bigger, more meat inside. they are only in season now, though. you can't find them all year round -- >> prince edward? >> no, these are gallos. they're from bc. >> we're making two kinds of
9:45 am
mussels, a traditional and the congolese? >> congolese and traditional. these we came up with, so you've got to start with the congolese. we'll start with the onions. so, you can throw the onions in. >> okay. >> a little garlic. leave some heat. we want to get nice for the onions. >> oh. the aroma's amazing. >> all right. >> little salt. very careful with the salt on mussels. mussels are already salty. >> oh, are they? okay. >> so, now -- >> wow, this is very fragrant. >> so, we want a nice color on the onions. >> now, how do you know -- when you get mussels, how do you make sure they're clean? and secondly, if they don't open up, you shouldn't use them, right, once you cook them? >> that's not true. >> it's not true? >> they can open up. it's absolutely no problem to open them up. now, clean them. you should clean them yourself. obviously, in the restaurant,
9:46 am
you can't clean them yourself. now before you cook them, that's when you clean them. once you clean them, you kill them. so you must make sure you get the clean order by order. so, we clean them every couple hours. >> so, as long -- >> so, for you we're going to throw you tomatoes. >> okay. >> whoops, sorry. >> no problem. >> you c keep going. put the mussels in. >> crushed tomatoes. >> that's it. so, we want a lot of heat on this. >> what's this? >> this chipotle, paprika. >> you're cooking this very high, you put the butter in. >> we want it nice and high. >> do you put that? >> a a buttermilk -- >> and you want the wine. delicious wine. >> wonderful. >> nice and dry. >> a lot of wine. >> not too much. a little wine is never -- >> these are drunken mussels. cover now. >> that's it. put the mussels in. stir it a little bit. and you've got to be quite fast
9:47 am
because you want all these ingredients to be nooit nice and hot. >> how long do you cook them, dear? >> until they open. so, we basically keep an eye on it. you don't want to overcook them. you want to cook them just until they open. if they don't open up, that means there's something wrong with the mussels, but you can actually eat them. >> you can eat them. and you serve them with what? >> this is like the belgian fries. these potatoes are from yukon, beautiful potatoes. again, making french fries is not that easy. you need to start the day before, soak your potatoes cut for overnight and then poach them and then cook them again to order. >> wow. >> and we have a little homemade mayonnaise. >> very nice. >> okay. >> so, all this for you now, what we're going to do is add the celery. >> oh, look at that. al, look at this. it's beautiful. >> good. perfect. >> oh, it smells so good. you make it look pretty easy, the traditional one, anyway. you make it look pretty easy. >> it is pretty easy. >> a lot of people go to restaurants and eat these. >> we want to keep them nice and
9:48 am
cooked. we need the steam to really cook the mussels. >> so, once they open, they're done. >> once they open, they're done. >> all right. niko, thank you very much. >> chef niko, thank you so much. >> enjoy. >> and you can get the recipe on our website at we have more of "today" coming up, but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> this is beautiful.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ welcome back to british columbia. and as we get set to wrap things up in vancouver, this morning a question -- why do canadians say "eh?" well, our host willie geist on msnbc did some investigating. what did you find? >> it came over with the british centuries ago, and lik so many things, we americans dropped it and the canadians made it part of their culture. >> good day, i'm bob mckenzie. this is my brother, doug. >> how's it going, eh?
9:51 am
>> welcome to our movie, eh. >> reporter: it doesn't take long to know you're in canada. just listen for the sound. >> how's it going, eh? >> so, i guess i'll see you at the store, eh? >> wasn't that great, eh? >> eh is canadian, eh? >> reporter: that simple, two-letter expression is as much of the canadian tradition as hockey, beer and maple syrup, but to the rest of us, it can be as confusing as the metric system. >> reporter: it was a real pleasure meeting you and your beautiful family, eh? >> uh -- >> reporter: no? >> well, you've got to add a little more hick sound to it. it was a real pleasure meeting you and your family, eh? >> reporter: all right. it was a real pleasure meeting you and your family, eh? >> you would use it if you wanted an agreement. so, you'd say, canadians don't say eh, too much, do they, eh? >> are you going to go to the olympics? >> reporter: yes. >> are you going to the olympics, eh? so, i guess we'll see you there. >> reporter: we're in agreement. >> we're in agreement. >> reporter: so, i guess i'll see you there, eh? so, where does it come from and
9:52 am
why are canadians the only ones who use it? >> it's an old term. shakespeare used it. >> reporter: really? shakespeare used eh? i think you're making that up. >> no, i'm not making it up. >> reporter: the appeal lies in its versatility. >> there are some other functions like opinionate, nice day, eh? you solicit an opinion from someone else. it expresses, like, what a game, eh? they played so well. >> reporter: it seems to me that eh is something of an exclamation mark, really punctuatating the end of something you're saying. you'll hear "eh" in every part of canada, from east to west, from big cities to small farms. it binds canadians together. >> i can immediately be anywhere in the world, and if i hear somebody say "eh," i immediately know they're from canada. >> reporter: "eh" is admittedly a more elegant term than the american equivalent, "huh"? so, any way it finds its way into conversations in the states? >> i wouldn't be surprised now that you're here if you take a few useful terms to use down
9:53 am
south. >> reporter: yes, i think so, although i will say, i think you're going to meet some resistance at the border on eh. >> oh, yeah, yeah. i think customs will nab that one. >> reporter: exactly. as a matter of fact, matt, they say in the 1950s they used to use that at the border, customs agents would start a conversation. they knew the person was from canada if they said eh. if they dn't say eh, they sent them right back. >> more men than women say it? is there any gender difference there? >> no, no. it's coast to coast. they say it in farms and n alberta and say it here in the cities and the coast. it's a national term. >> and are there ever times where it's really wrong to say it, like butt looks a little big in those screejeans, eh? >> well, there's nothing wrong with eh. >> that's not specific to canada, matt. >> making sure i understood it. are you going to do more for us these couple weeks? >> absolutely. i'll be out. thank youery much. good to see you guys. >> and you can get the men's figure skating short program tonight on nbc. we'll have all the highlights tomorrow on "today."
9:54 am
plus, michael buble takes me on a tour of his vancouver. we will see you then. kathie lee and hoda are coming up next, eh? first, your local news and weather. >> that was a good one. -- captions by vitac -- >> i was a good girl. these two. >> i have a comeback, miss vancougar. >> oh! >> up front! westcott hanging on! this is for the gold! can he do it? and wescott does it! back to back. he digs deep and grabs double gold! >> i don't hug guests very often. >> right on.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
our time right now is 9:56, 29 degrees out there, some sunshine, beautiful picture of the nation's capital on this february 16th, 2010, good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. in the news4 today, many area children are heading back to school today, but not in prince george's county, schools there closed for another day because of all the snow. county school officials are asking parents to help clear the snow from sidewalks and bus stops. now let's get a check of the forecast, here's meteorologist tom kierein. good morning, here's your four-day forecast. we'll have a partly sunny sky today, maybe a few passing flurries from time to time. and the winds increase as well. gusting to around 30 miles per hour. highs in the upper 30s. the winds should diminish a bit tonight, we'll bottom out in the low 20s in the morning. partly sunny and cold tomorrow, with highs in the upper 30s. more sunshine arounded on thursday and friday. morning lows in the mid 20s. afternoon highs climbing into the low 40s.
9:58 am
jer jer jerry, how's the traffic? >> 395, delays begin at the beltway to the 14th street bridge. lower 14th street, you lose a lane under ice and snow this morning. that's the case in many jurisdictions. let's continue and check things out, this is new york avenue at 4th street, as you head to and beyond the third street tunnel. the far right lane taken away, we're seeing it on parts of connecticut avenue, also some of the interstates, too, so be very careful as you head on out for your midday today. >> it's the crawl to work right now. coming up on news4ed a 5:00, the airport seats of the future that may save lives, tonight on news4 at 5:00. join us for "news4 mi
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody. it is tuesday. it is february 16th. >> uh-huh. >> tuesday around here is known as. >> booze day. >> and it's also fat booze day. >> yeah. >> the bustling crowd outside our studios at 1a. they came in the snow. >> i know it. >> we came in the snow. we thought yesterday might have been because it was president's day. >> no. it's because they like us.
10:01 am
we're asking them to please continue to come to the plaza. it is lonely. >> we are. >> and we need people to make us feel good. >> it is very quiet here at rockefeller center. everybody, including sara haines, is at the olympics. >> but we're here. and we have booze. >> it's my half birthday. >> what? >> i hate this day. it means i'm halfway -- >> to what? >> -- through 26 plus 30. anyway. >> you're what, something and a half? >> that's okay, i'll find baby jesus in the king cake. >> they have been partying -- pre-super bowl. >> since the championship game. >> my friends were telling me, this is lundi gras, which was yesterday. people were stopping after the super bowl in the middle of the street, people got out of their cars and started doing the bus stop dance in lines in the street. people got out of cars and did that. >> let the good times roll.
10:02 am
>> we've got all our goodies here, our king cake from marna's. oh, with the baby jesus. >> hey, what did baby jesus ever do for you? >> these are hurricanes. and if you guys have ever been to new orleans, you know what these are. theory usually a little bit more red. these aren't the color. look at her tearing that cake up. >> i want to find baby jesus. >> the point is whoever finds it has to buy the next cake. >> to prove to you that's the whole point of it. it's called a king cake because of king's day when the three kings came and gave baby jesus gift. >> again with the baby jesus. >> i'm trying to explain to people. >> most people in new orleans don't know it's about baby jesus. >> they need to be educated about their own stuff. >> this is sacrilege what you're doing. >> no, it isn't. i'm looking for baby jesus. >> no, it is. >> baby moses. does that make you happier? >> i can't believe you're destroying a cake with your own
10:03 am
hands. would anyone like some? i didn't think so. >> tomorrow is ash wednesday, official beginning of lent. >> tonight they'll party till the cows come home and tomorrow -- >> we'll see a tape later of meredith and natalie partying a little bit. >> people talk about us partying and having fun. >> the real secret of the "today" show is natalie. >> they're with kristi yamaguchi. >> thank you. >> and some guy named bing bong or somebody. >> he was a famous olympian be. >> i'm sorry. i don't remember his name. >> well, he was there. meredith can really -- natalie, we know, can put them away and i think meredith can as well. i didn't know kristi yamaguchi could. >> who knew? it's always the little ones. >> there was a really touching moment today, seth wescott had this amazing come-from-behind victory. >> he won the gold in torino, right? >> yes. >> he was defending his
10:04 am
championship. >> here he was in fourth place. it didn't look like he was going to do it. somehow the gods were behind him. >> baby jesus. >> and pushed him forward. this is the touching part. matt was interviewing him afterwards and there was a special flag that seth had that belonged to his dad during world war ii. >> his grandfather. >> grandfather, i'm sorry. >> uh-huh. >> let's listen to matt's interview with him. >> shortly after this, you drape yourself in an american flag. it's not just any flag. you have it here. tell me about that. >> i have it here. my grandfather was a trainer in the service, in the army. he was -- he trained the troops before going over to world war ii, and this is his service flag from world war ii. i had it with me in torino. it sat in my house the entire four years in between. i unpack ed it monday to bring t here with me. it has all the meaning in the world to me. >> matt went on not just to shake his hand, he went in for the big one. >> that stuff gets tough old matt. >> that is the sweetest thing. so sweet. >> yeah. >> we'll talk more about the olympics, coming up.
10:05 am
i'm a little astonished about something. >> the amount of people watching the olympics. >> that, too. the football. kathie lee and i each have a football we're auctioning off. my football has tons of signatures on it. >> i know. >> from emmitt smith, who was just in the hall of fame, the kardashian girls, demi moore, ashton kucher. kathie lee's has two signatures, very big names. frank and regis. i was ahead yesterday with the bids on my football. i think i had 400 and she had 100. today, somehow, kathie lee has $2,001 and i have $1,500. and i have something i would like to say. the fix is in. someone has been on that -- i believe -- >> that's the most insulting thing in the world. >> i think the fix is in. >> i'm finding baby jesus. >> i want you to tell me right now you didn't bid $2,001. >> i promise i didn't. >> i want christine to promise -- >> no. we talked about it and frank
10:06 am
offered. he said it will all go to charity. >> wait. how come i only have $1,500 on my football? >> nobody cares. >> go to ebay or bid on -- >> mine. >> -- my football. >> bid on either one. they go to great charities. mine goes salvation army. they had 700 people in place in haiti before. and yours goes to -- >> habitat. >> habitat for humanity for the work after katrina. we've got great new, everybody. >> yes, we do. >> little samantha blake baron was born to our producer, jamie baron and her husband, born february 10th at 4:20, 20 inches long, 8.4 pounds. >> jamie was in labor for 20 plus hours. >> 21 hours, yeah. >> it was exhausting. >> and ultimately had to have the c-section. you don't care. you just say bring it on.
10:07 am
we're so happy for her. >> congrats to jamie. >> she produces our "everybody has a story" settings. >> yeah, she does. >> we love you, jamie. i'm sure she doesn't care about coming home. coming back to us, i mean. >> she doesn't care. kevin smith -- >> speaking of fat tuesday. it's all about that. i'm sorry. i thought that when i read it this morning. >> an oversized producer. >> he calls himself fat. >> whatever. that's him blowing his own cheeks up. >> he calls himself fat, not me. >> to ride a plane he has to buy two seats. he realized he could get on an earlier flight and went stand by. there was just one seat. so, he took the one. he got in the seat. he buckled in and -- >> he passed the arm rest test. >> they both went down. now, he had to get off the plane becae they said he was too big for the -- >> it's a safety issue and it's up to the pilot's discretion. if he feel that is somebody is a
10:08 am
hazard to himself or the safety of the other passengers. i read the entire, very, very, be very long -- not disclaimer but explanation that southwest put out. and this is something that's been in for like 27 years. >> 25 years, yeah. >> it's a long time. >> here is the thing. those seats for regular people are too small. >> they're very -- >> they're too small. >> not just on their airline but in general. >> no, i like southwest. too small. i understand -- to me, is the safety hazard you n't get out of your seat? because either way you still have to get into that little aisle and try to get off the plane in case of an emergency. >> i don't know, but that is their -- here is the thing. any time you buy a ticket -- we'll read this. mr. smith, we would like to echo our tweets -- can we roll this, please? echo our tweets, yeah. >> uh-huh, and again offer our heartfelt apologies to you. we are sincerely sorry for your experience on southwest airlines. >> they gave him $100. >> they gave him money. >> most people wouldn't get $100
10:09 am
and an apology. they just get kicked off the plane. >> no, that's southwest's policy to do that. >> to give $100? >> that's what i read in their explanation. >> they did give an apology. >> because he tweeted and it became a big thing. please, don't e-mail me or anything. >> e-mail her. >> it was just a little joke. >> do it. do it. and bid on her football. >> it was just ironic. that's all. let's go to our friend, adam, who is taking sara haines' spot while she's over in vancouver. >> and she's not happy about it. >> that's okay. we have olympic fever and we asked our fans for their favorite olympic highlights. regina says we love apolo ohno and my daughter, 7, asks every day if speed skating is on. i think she has a little crush. >> adam cleaned up today. >> his a game. >> he has his sweater on. i saw them darning -- there was a little hole. guys in wardrobe were sewing it up. >> are you talking about this? >> yes. >> it is embarrassing over here.
10:10 am
>> adam, we love you. you're doing a great job. >> are you still on the grave night shift? >> a little bit. >> we like you with us. we're going to vancouver. >> yes, we are. who got the gold at the olympic games. >> sara haines is there with our full wrap-up of the games. >> and inside where it's not raining. >> it's raining like crazy.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
we're back with "today's" olympic highlights from snowboard to pairs skating. >> we've got it covered. sara haines is in vancouver with a look at last night's exciting moments. hey, sara. >> hi, guys. >> you weren't out partying with meredith and natalie last night? >> i haven't slept in day. >> you're young. can you do it. >> seth wescott, what a finish. >> my new olympic crush. did he snag the gold. that is the clip of the day. if you're going to watch one thing, we were all in the office and all you heard was screaming. i saw colleagues jump in ways i never thought i needed to or wanted to. matt greenfield was going crazy. >> look how fast they're going. can anybody know, let us know how fast those guys are going? >> i'll check on that. >> he really came from behind. at one point you wonder if you're in fourth do you ever think you're going to wind up in first place? >> yeah, and he was defending gold medalist. he could barely walk six weeks
10:14 am
ago, due to an injury. so this gold means more than just catching up on one race. it means he was able to get up there and race at all. >> bode miller is another one, sara. it was a huge disappointment in torino and now it's can bode come back. >> andredeem himself. >> and he did. he was able to get the bronze. closest top three people in the history of the spt. they were within -- he was within .0900s. >> lindsey vonn, her first event is scheduled for thursday. is that event still going to happen? >> yes. she had a practice run yesterday and still had the fastest time but is milking all the time in between until her race. i hope she's not watching this coverage. i'm nervous for her, with this injury. can you imagine laying back,
10:15 am
trying to rest with everyone saying i wonder how she'll do. >> we have advice for lindsey. no more practice runs. she's so good. >> she's so good. >> just lay back and wait for the event and go for it. the duo. >> we did very well, but no medals, right? >> yeah, we actually came in tenth, but they continued to set personal bests, which i'm one of those people that as long as you can improve, you're kind of doing well. the interesting thing is that the two u.s. couples, they're actually -- the male in one couple is dating the female in the other. can you imagine the competition? >> that is totally weird. that is very bizarre. >> and kind of cool. >> in the world of figure skating, it's amazing what goes on in the world of figure skating. >> is there a lot -- there's a lot still coming up. what are the big events today, sara? >> the big events will be the women's snowboarding. lindsay jacobellis, she had a clear lead, no one can catch her and she tried to showboat on one of her last jumps and actually
10:16 am
got the silver which ain't bad if you're judging in my book but is hoping for the gold. >> i think there won't be any showboating this time around. >> i think she learned her lessons. men's figure skating, evan lysacek, and we were expecting to see bode miller but that event was canceled due to snow. >> who is that other figure skater? >> johnny weir? >> johnny weir. >> he's the one to watch, right? >> evan is the one to watch in hopes of the medal, but i'm hoping to go to that event and i really want to see figure skating. >> he puts on such a show. >> he's fun to watch. >> what time do you have to wake up in the morning? >> 2:30. >> okay. we're just checking. >> i became a morning person. >> surprise. >> i'm post menopausal, i'm always up at 2:30. just give me a call. we'll hang. >> good to know. >> thank you, sara. >> miss you, sweetheart. >> miss you. >> miss you, too, honey.
10:17 am
some advice if you want to get back out there after a divorce. i don't know anybody like that. but first, these messages.
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
trying to get back into the saddle after a divorce, end of a marriage can be stressful and so can the thought of finding someone new. can i just point out the people out there? we love it. there's mardi gras in new york city. >> how and when should you try your luck in the dating game? author of "he's got potential," and jared matthew weiss is lifestylist and contributing editor of "shape" magazine. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having us back. >> should you wait six months,
10:21 am
three months or is everybody different? >> you should wait. >> how long? >> everybody is different. you should make sure post divorce bitterness, you've gotten rid of it so you don't feel like you're dating the enemy again. >> sometimes people get divorced because there's already somebody else in it. >> that's a very good point. >> let's b honest. it's a big, big contributor. >> outside infidelity when you're talking about getting back into dating after getting divorced that you have to relearn how to become an individual. i think simple things like breakfast, lunch and dinner, learning how to be on your own by yourself as a whole person. >> that's important. >> it's really important before you jump back into dating and then you're coupled up once again. >> i think the mistake people make, when they do start dating once again, they bring up their past relationship immediately. that's forefront in your mind. you try not to, but sometimes that sort of information comes out and puts a whole damper on your date. >> what if the person you're out with asks you. >> keep it short. they really don't want to know that many details about the other you broke up with. answer their question, keep it short and go on to what we're
10:22 am
doing today and what we're doing tomorrow. >> divorce doesn't have the stigma it once had. it was a death sentence at one time, especially for women. >> in terms of your divorce and stigma, it's really important to not be a negative nelly. >> you love to say negative nelly. >> i love negative nelly zbleps been waiting all morning. i think regardless of what your experience was, if you can boil it down to a learning experience and sometimes that'sive years, sometimes it's 30, but ultimately if you can sit there and say i walked away from this and i'm ready to move forward, you don't want to bring that negative energy into your next experience. >> okay, you're divorced. i want to meet someone. really? how? where? where are they? people say online. that's creepy sometimes. people say let your friends set you up. what's the right thing to do? >> charity events. volunteer work and charity events. you can multitask, doing something good and looking for a significant other at the same
10:23 am
time. if you leave the event and you haven't found someone, you've done some good charity work. >> that's a good point. you ultimately need to find someone who shares your values. >> in terms of sharing things, absolutely. but i think the other thing that's really great to do is learn something new. in my business a lot of my clients, they start taking salsa lessons, cooking lerchs, all sorts of things and you meet some guy that can tango. >> let's say you're at a charity event or one of these things. if someone does not approach you, is it okay to go up and say, hey -- >> absolutely. >> but how do you do it? what's the right way to do it? that's important. >> you have to find a sentence that they can get away if they want to. so, leave it open-ended. >> like what? >> whether you comment on something they're wearing or comment on the cause that you're at or the place that you're at. make sure they can answer and they can walk away. don't corner them. >> you're so hot. >> sexy always works. >> they love that. >> i think the truth always
10:24 am
works. i mean, i have no problem going up to a woman and saying hi, i think you're pretty miechlt name is jared. >> really? >> really? >> yeah. i like women that do the same. i dated a woman that did that to me for a year. >> she said you're pretty? >> no. >> what did she say? >> she said i think you're very handsome. >> well, she's right. >> oh, thanks. >> yes. >> what about -- some people end up gravitating back to their ex just for a little roll in the hay, even though they shouldn't. sometimes that happens. is that a terrible, terrible thing to do? >> terrible thing to do. >> disconnected. >> terrible thing to do. you connect again with someone that you've been intimate with. you go back for a little bit more and all of a sudden -- >> we've got to run. >> bye-bye. love you guys. coming up, the top ten hottest toys after this.
10:25 am
10:26 am
coming up today at midday. >> here we go again, people are heading back to work and school and many are having a hard time. traffic backups are long and frequent. and also coming up, walking to school and work isn't much easier. sidewalks around the area remain a slippery mess. "news4 midday" has complete coverage of the commute begiing at 11:00 a.m., join us.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back on this fat tuesday. look, even the snowflakes are fat today. with some of the coolest new toys of 2010. you'll have all the kids clamoring. >> yes, they will. if your child has already handed you a christmas list, you'll want to see this. elizabeth warner, who we love, has picked the ten best toys of the year, all reasonably priced. we love when you come visit us. >> great to be here. >> toy fair just finished or still going on? >> it's still in the process. >> wow! >> 23,000 people are here from different countries wandering around. >> some of these toys aren't out yet. >> that's right. >> we're seeing them first.
10:31 am
>> exactly, yes. toy story 3 is coming out. this is toy story mania, plugs directly into the tv. you don't need a separate c console. they'll be able to experience the exact ride from the disney theme parks at home in 3-d. >> lovthat. >> very fun. >> someone is rocking out here. >> paper jams are a brand new technology with circuit embedded paper. what does that mean? it's light, it's low price and they can rock out to their favorite songs or create their own music with real chords. >> she has the guitar. >> she's really playing the guitar. >> you're playing, what, the drums? >> the drums, yes. and the music is jamming out. >> do you know this song? what is it? >> how old are you? >> "born to be wild." >> that song is 50 years old and she's like 3. >> so fun. that's by wowee. >> "avatar" is so hot. >> both kids and adults are looking for these characters and vehicles and collecting. the cool par is this new
10:32 am
technology. you take a web cam, point it to this. your character comes alive on your computer. >> what? >> in 3-d, crawling around, moving. >> that's insane. >> totally amazing. >> thank you, ladies. moving along. legos, they're coming out with ten different games where you actually get to build the board and play the game yourself. my kids and i have been playing this while blizzarded in in maryland. have you heard of "diary of a wimpy kid"? >> yes. >> award-winning book that tells us what it's like to be a middle schooler from a middle schooler's perspective. this is a game and the movie comes out in march. everybody is excited about that. >> that's smart. >> this is for young, young kids. >> this is for the little ones. i want you to squeeze their bellies, please. now, they make cute little sounds. their mouths open up. oh, wait.
10:33 am
look. that is hilarious. >> their little mouths are adorable. >> they harmonize. >> they harmonize? >> they harmonize together. >> what are these called? >> sing-a-majigs. >> what age are these for? >> i need this guy to help me with my high notes the other night. >> these are genius. 3 and up. >> under $13 and the first four will be coming out in may. >> i love it. >> so cute. now, spy net for our older kids, spy net has a brand new collection of spy toys. this is a watch. they'll be able to videotape anything in the room. they can watch that videotape back on the screen on the watch and even upload it on to a very cool, secured site online. >> how did i get through life with my barbie doll? >> this will be just about $50. they have a whole line. >> we only have 30 -- we have to get down here. wait, what is this? >> tonka garage ricochet.
10:34 am
>> these kids are unbelievable. >> air hogs vectron wave. it flies in the air. >> oh, look at that. taking out some light. >> no remote control. it works with the wave of your hand. i think the frequencies are a little crazy. the boys were digging the new zhu-zhu pets, battling zhu-zhu pets for boys. >> excellent job, guys. >> thank you, guys. >> thanks to all the kids. >> thank you, guys. meredith goes for a spin with the world's best men's figure skater right after this. >> very cool. those are crazy, those.
10:35 am
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
all right. men's figure skating comtition gets under way tonight. she is still looking for baby jesus in the cake. >> that's right. oh, one of those men, reigning world champion evan lysacek was gracious enough to give meredith vieira a lesson on the ice. >> figure skaters need to be athletic. >> double axle. >> and artistic. >> the passion in his skating, footwork on the center of the ice, this crowd is going to erupt. >> evan lysacek has mastered both. so, when he offered to take me for a spin on the ice at chelsea piers, i was in. he will skate to "firebird."
10:39 am
before the music even begins, he has an agenda. >> once you get in your pose, you want to find one spot and just give them a stare. >> it's almost ip intimidating. >> give the camera a stare now. >> do i intimidate you on the ice? >> a little bit, yeah. >> let me go. all right, get me. >> maybe you would be a better ice dancer and we can start together and i'll hold you up. >> i like this. i'm very sece this way. when evan's music starts a very elegant bird takes flight. he makes it look so effortless. >> you have to also get your bird wings like ready. >> okay. >> because they're going to have to flap. >> it's fascinating to hear evan describe the story behind his music. >> the firebird has these powers and there's like some evil sorcerer and the prince is going
10:40 am
to protect the firebird and give her her freedom if she gives him the secret to break the sorcerer's spell. try to embody the character of that magic and the power of the spell. >> watching him perform to it in person took my breath away. >> and now it's a celebration and all the spells have been broken and everyone is rejoicing and the bird is flying. >> i'm not sure the feeling was mutual. >> she's embracing the character. >> i am. i'm a bird. >> for evan, a strong ending is key. >> i like to end with something trium triumphant and happy. >> you can, at the end go like, yes! >> going to end like -- >> even evan's ending pose has great significance. >> victorious, because the sorcerer puts spells on all
10:41 am
these people and they turn into gargoyles and when the spell is broken, they break out of their thing and -- >> oh. fans used to shower skaters with flowers but that's not allowed anymore. >> they eliminated flowers and now they allow stuffed animals to be thrown. >> oh, no! >> like you said, they throw them at you. that's kind of what it feels like you have to dodge them a little t. oh, it's one of the mascots. did we win? then we have to bow and show our respect for the judges. and the crowd. >> don't we pick these guys up? >> the flour giwer girls will g them. >> just -- just now! baby jesus. it took demolishing the king cake but there it is. i have to buy another one? >> baby jesus is green? >> he has been in there a long time. >> yes, you do.
10:42 am
meredith had a great time. >> yes, she did. >> she's a great skater. >> she lost so much weight. she looks amazing. >> she does. >> up next, what? >> we are going to fatten you up because today is fat tuesday. we're cooking jumbalaya upstai.
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
in "today's" kitchen, we're gettin' saucy with mardi gras favorites. it's fat tuesday and this year the crescent city has more reason than ever to celebrate. >> yes. >> after the big super bowl win of the saints. >> the party never ends and if jambalaya, king cake and the saints don't scream new orleans. >> nothing does. >> who-dat nation. i'm going to give you a little bit of this to start.
10:47 am
>> thank you, sweetheart. >> talking about street food. we don't even call it street food. this is parade route stf. jambalaya, classic in new orleans, as you know. and in louisiana. different sausages. we can do turkey sausage, chicken sausage, if you want the nice, smoky heat. you can also do a nice regular, mild italian. we've already browned all our meat right here. we'll start by putting a little oil back in the pan. notice these brown specs in there. >> what is that? >> flavor. add these green things. >> celery, parsley. >> green onions and scallions. >> garlic. >> go ahead and add the garlic. give it a stir, stir. this is very quick, very easy. see all that wonderful flavor going on? at this point we'll add our -- give it a couple of minutes to be translucent. >> uncooked rice. >> uncooked rice, nice long grain, mahatma is preferable.
10:48 am
>> we love mahatma. >> we'll add it back to the container here. >> chicken and sausages. >> you have to know your own sausage. if you have a sausage that has a lot of heat to it, you go a little less -- >> can't beat a good sausage. >> add our stock. >> chicken stock or beef? >> chicken stock. >> okay. >> it's all about the chicken today. chicken. >> slow cooking? >> slow cooking. >> how long will that take? >> we've got this right here. one here. >> nothing beats a good bowl of jambalaya. >> come over here. >> come on. >> we won't talk about what that smells like. chicken andausage jambalaya, great for the parade route. substance, we need rice to soak up all that wonderful punches. >> alcohol. >> and stuff we have in our system. >> i love new orleans, they sell this on the parade route not hot dogs. >> nutri ground and all the
10:49 am
parade routes, you'll see these big, black cast iron skillets and they're actually making this on the street. >> look what we have here, another king cake. >> i removed that because i didn't want you to have to claw any more. >> what do the colors signify? >> gold is power, purple is justice and green is faith. so, that's a great question. real quick i'm going to show you, this is so easy to color our sugar. take a ziploc bag, drops of green. >> that's it? >> seal this up. >> stop it. >> we got -- oh, hey, hey. >> you're so good at that, you broke it. >> too good. >> look at that. >> it takes a couple of shakes and we have green sugar. >> what's the drink? >> brandi mpunch. >> of course it is. >> little whole milk, some vanilla. >> you're not doing "dateline" later, are you? >> no. >> coming up -- >> again, it's cold in new orleans, as you know. >> it is cold today. >> we have to heat our bellies up. fire in the belly.
10:50 am
we also have a caramel popcorn, which is great and easy for kids in the parade route. >> speaking of kids, we've got two adorable ones. are they yours? >> they are. >> we've got to get a shot of these two right here. they're so cute. >> can you do the mamba. >> do you know the dance? >> they know all the songs. >> but not today. >> we are so glad you're here. >> are these hurricane drinks? >> you bet. this is fresh juice. >> oh, is that why it wasn't red red? >> vitamin c, you won't feel as much tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> happy mardi gras. the ladies let loose in vancouver, up next. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
don't let them kid you. it's not all work and no play in vancouver. >> yes. the city may be winter white but meredith vieira, natalie morales and kristi yamaguchi sure know
10:54 am
how to paint the town red. ♪ it's ladies' night and the feel's right ♪ >> oh, yes, it's ladies' night out in vancouver. first up, george. one of the city's hippest lounges. >> you ladies have any i.d. on you? >> i.d.? yes! >> welcome to george. >> how are you doing? >> hi. >> are there any rules about tonight? >> there are no ground rules. you can get up on the tabletop. >> oh, no. >> meredith! >> no, no. natalie, natalie, natalie! >> who is going to dance on the tabletop? stay tuned. since you've been "dancing with the stars" does that mean you're going to teach us how to dance, too? she's very good at the tango. >> apolo has a thing for me. let's just leave it at that. all right, girls. to a great evening in vancouver.
10:55 am
stop number two, molsenanadian house, filled with fans and music. tonight, front row at the barry naked ladies' concert. get up on the stage. >> no! >> come on. ♪ got these chains hanging round ♪ >> we're surrounded by olympians. >> bare naked ladies, ladies and gentlemen! >> backstage. whoo! you guys were great. >> thank you. meredith vieira will rock with us. >> oh, yeah. >> in the near future. >> backstage, past and present olympians, nancy kerrigan and jeret "speedy" peterson. >> medal hopeful, speedy. >> something about dancing. ♪ whoa livin' on a prayer ♪ one more time
10:56 am
>> we still had one more thing to do, in style. >> where is meredith now? >> we took speedy with us. >> are you ready girls, and boys? >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. take it away, captain bob. >> the best view of the olympics right now. >> and then a toast. to the olympics. >> and all the athletes. >> we're rooting for you. >> so, they're havin some fun but not as much fun as we are having right here in new york. >> no, it is mardi gras here, g guys. happy mardi gras. >> are you going to teach us the mambo thing? >> can you sing it? ♪ mambo, mambo >> we need the real song. all right, kids. you're so cute. >> good for you. >> we're going to test your
10:57 am
olympic trivia. >> actress and model andy macdowell will be here. i'll have her sign my football, up to $2,026. >> bid on my football. >> so sad. >> nice booze day.
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