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tv   Today  NBC  February 19, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EST

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today show" live from vancouver is seconds away. hope to see you on monday morning. see you then. >> bye. good morning. evan almighty. >> evan lysacek with the skate of his life! lysacek wins the gold! >> on the biggest night of his skating life, evan lysacek out-duels reigning olympic champ evgeny plushenko to win gold in men's figure skating, america's first in that event in 22 years. and after dazzling the world last night, he's charming the crowd here on grouse mountain today, friday, february 19th, 2010.
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captions paid for by nbc-universal television and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, as we take a beautiful look down at the city of vancouver from high atop grouse mountain. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm meredith vieira. and i was at the finals last night to see evan win the gold medal, and may i just say for the record, yes! it's so great! it was so great! >> you're giddy, even if you didn't get any sleep. >> i got two hours. evan's here. he got no sleep. he's a little bit dazed. he's saying hi to the crowd. we'll talk to him in a minute. you know, there was so much talk about the quad and that you needed a quad in order to get the gold. he didn't need the quad. he never performed one and won
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without it. he wowed the judges with an artistic routine that brought the crowd to its feet. evgeny plushenko landed one quad, but it wasn't enough to overtake lysacek's style and grace. just over one point separated gold and silver. we'll talk to evan about the competition and what is next for him in a moment. >> we're looking forward to that. we're also joined by ann curry and al roker out here by our fire pit. it was also a big day on thursday for u.s. skier julia mancuso. her silver in the super combined tied her with bode miller as the most decorated u.s. skier in olympic history. we'll check in with her. checking the medal count, team usa has 18. six of those are gold, five silver, seven bronze. germany in second with 11. norway is in third with eight. >> okay. also ahead, there's other news besides the olympics. this morning we finally are going to hear from tiger woods. he is scheduled to speak publicly for the first time about the sex scandal that led him to sex rehab.
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that's going to take place at 11:00 this morning eastern time. we will have special, live coverage when he talks. and just ahead, we'll tell you why a lot of people are upset about the way this whole event is being handled. all right, but let's get caught up on the latest olympic news. ann has the recap. and evan lysacek, story at the top. >> that's right. as you pointed out, especially you, meredith, all eyes were on figure skating last night, and american evan lysacek delivered a performance of his career, becoming the first american man since brian boitano to win gold. that's in 1988. >> beautiful combination to open his routine. >> reporter: evan's heaven. lysacek towered over his competition and struck gold in vancouver. while he has said his style is modern and simple, on thursday night he was simply the best. >> evan lysacek with the skate of his life! >> i'll always remember that skate. this is the greatest night of my life. i'll never forget it.
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>> reporter: the american beat russian evgeny plushenko, who looked terse on the stand after skating with few flaws to finish in second. daisuke takahashi of japan took the bronze. >> costume problem. >> reporter: in an interesting moment, japan's nobunari oda broke a lace on his skate. >> a skater has three minutes' time to address the problem. >> reporter: he came back to complete his performance and placed fourth. at the olympics, anything can happen, and after winning gold in the downhill, lindsey vonn did not finish in the combined. >> whoa! >> and that was a hooked tip. >> reporter: but it was another strong showing for american julia mancuso, who took home the silver. >> that will give her another medal, her second of these games. >> reporter: at the halfpipe, hannah teter also won silver and kelly clark captured the bronze for team usa. they shared an embrace with gold
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medal-winning australian torah bright during their flower ceremony. also last night, shaun white received his gold medal. doing his best jimi hendrix, white stood next to his teammate, scotty lago, who accepted the bronze. a similar scene when shani davis was awarded his medal, gold in speed skating. >> save! >> reporter: still with high hopes for another gold, the host country breathed a sigh of relief after a dramatic win in hockey, beating switzerland in a shoot-out. now for today's athletes to watch. we've got tanith belbin and ben agosto. they begin their quest for ice dancing gold. we've got alpine skiers bode miller and ted ligety competing in the men's super-g and american noel pikus-pace is in fifth after two runs of women's skeleton, and the final two heats are today. and now, here's meredith.
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>> ann, thank you very much. and here he is, the first u.s. man to win figure skating gold in 22 years, not since brian boitano, evan lysacek. evan, congratulations to you. >> thank you so much. >> has it sunk in, olympic champion? >> oh, it hasn't even started to, but you know, what i'm really excited about was the performance. that's what i came here to do, was do my job and have, hopefully, my best skate in the most important moment of my life. and i'll never forget it, and hopefully, this medal will start to sink in. but right now i'm just ecstac about the whole night. >> i remember when we talked about a month ago back in new york city and we talked about torino, where you came in fourth. and you said you realized at that point it wasn't enough to just come back to an olympics. you need to get on that podium. >> yeah, i think i have to thank the guys from torino who medaled, because watching them climb up on the podium and receive their medals was more inspiration than i ever had, and it drove me and was definitely a driving force in my le over the course of the last four years. to not just be up there to be standing on top and seeing my
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flag go up and hear my national anthem, it felt like a split second. it was went so quickly. and i think now i'll just go back and watch that video -- >> yeah, over and over. it will be in a loop in your house. >> totally just relive it. >> let's talk about the performance, because you were the first to go in the final group, the first to skate. that's a nerve-racking position to be in, really. and a lot of people say it's the hardest position to go first. were you nervous? >> first is tough and last is really tough, too, and evgeny went last and did an awesome job. but for me, i was, you know, i was nervous until about an hour before, and then my coach like had just the right words to tell me to calm me down and -- >> what did he say to you? frank carroll, as we all know. >> yeah. he's a great psychologist and he kept reminding me that, like, you can't worry about the outcome, because your best, it might be good enough for silver, it might be good enough for bronze. it might be good enough to win, but you know, all i could do is my job, and if i got wrapped up in that other stuff, it's not a healthy thought process. so, once i just got the focus back to what my job was and tried to do what i do in
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training every day, then i got calm and i knew i could do it. >> you know, there was so much talk, we mentioned before, about doing a quad, not doing a quad. your chief competitor, plushenko, did do one in both the short program and the long program. you made it clear early on you were not going t do one. did you ever question that decision? did you ever think, geez, i really should? >> well, i spent so much time perfecting every step between that starting pose and that ending pose, and it's a 4 minute and 40-second program and you're really gaining with every single step. so, for me, i spent, you know, countless hours working on some of the most mundaneoves in skating, but i knew that the base of my program was really strong, and with the jumps and spins added and combine that total, i would be okay. and so, you know, i felt confident. of course, i questioned it at times and thought maybe i should go for it. it's the olympics. but at the same time, i still had a really difficult program and i was happy with the way i performed it. >> well, i was a nervous reck. i was like your mother in the stands. i was a nervous wreck, and you
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were brilliant, but the moment was at the end when you suddenly pumped your fists in the air and you went "yes, yes, yes!" what's going through your mind at that point? >> i couldn't even control it. i don't even know. my body was doing its own thing. but you almost can't believe it, when you've done it a thousand times in practice or hundreds of thousands of times and that time that it really counts that you've pulled it off, it's a great feeling. i was really emotional for the short, because that was sort of like my first step at this olympics. but this whole event has just been a dream, and the audience has been incredible. >> woo! >> i love the ice. yes, canadians. >> the thing -- you had to wait and five other skaters went after you. did you watch them skate, particularly plushenko? >> yeah. you know, it's not often -- because usually, it goes in reverse order of the short. >> right. >> so, i actually had the opportunity to pull up a seat and become a spectator in the event and watch these other guys. >> you wanted to watch them? >> yeah. no, i've competed against these guys for years and they're
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friends of mine, i admire them. they're incredible, incredible competitors and great talents. and you know, just to sort of take a seat and cheer them on was a really cool, cool experience for me and it made me feel like i was more part of the olympics. >> and when plushenko came out on the ice and performed, did you know at the end of that that you had it won, or did you -- we all -- there was a hush over the audience, because we didn't know who was going to get the gold. >> you know what, i didn't know, and i turned back to frank, my coach, and i said i don't care, if it's gold or silver. it was a winning performance for me. >> you really didn't care? >> it was a personal victory. in that moment, i didn't care. >> how about in the moment when you found out it was you? >> and then i didn't want to go back. then i didn't. no, it's unbelievable. it's so special, and t join names like brian boitano, scott hamilton, kristi yamaguchi, just like some of my idols in the sport and people that have given me so much inspiration, you know, it's an honor. >> and for your coach, frank
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carroll as well, he has coached many great, great skaters, but you're his first olympic gold medal winner. what do you want to say to him? >> you know, that was actually my first thought was my coach, who's been working for this olympic gold longer than i've been alive. so, to be able to give it to him, and n the u.s. rewards coaches with a medal as well, and for him to have such a great olympic games this time around, you know, it's like a dream come true. >> i want to remind the folks here that you got your first pair of skates at 8 years old? >> i was 8. >> your grandmother gave them to you? >> yeah, that's correct. >> and you were a lousy skater, right? really bad. >> yeah, you had me beat by a mile. >> yeah, back then. what does your family mean to you in terms of their support over the years to get to this point? >> you know, i just kept thinking here i want to make my family proud, and it's funny that, you know, with the olympics, the crowds and the media and everything else that's going on that really, that is just my first driving factor, making my family and friends and coaches proud, the people that
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have been behind me. and i know what i've sacrificed and they've sacrificed and worked and given, you know, just as mu. so, this gold medal belongs to them. it belongs to my coaches, and you know, my family, for sure. >> you know, the last time we talked in new york, we talked about one of your skating heroes. i want to show you a little bit of that tape. >> okay. >> you're tall for a skater. how tall are you? 6'1"? >> i'm just under 6'2". for a long time, i didn't feel comfortable with that and i just wanted to look like the other guys and be short. >> you wanted to be like scott hamilton? >> i wanted to be just like scott, and i still do. >> well, scott's here, by the way. >> is he here? >> he's coming in. he has something he wants to say to you, something to present to you. hey, scott. >> you have an exhibition coming up. i thought you might need this. >> oh, my god. >> tell everybody, scott -- >> thank you. >> i'm so proud of you. >> thanks. >> that was awesome. >> wow. >> what does it mean to you to
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watch him skate? >> you know, i'm supposed to be impartial and i am, you know, somewhat. i just wanted the best skater to win of the night. that's all i cared about, you know? they talk about the new system, they talk about this. as long as the best skater of the night wins, that's all that matters, and the best skater of the night won. >> sure did. >> it was an amazing thing. and evan and i have been friends for years and i think of all the times -- and we had lunch together about seven years ago, and all i could think about today -- i might get a little emotional -- is helen and what this would have meant to her. and it was someone who helped us both. she was like a mother to me. >> who's helen? >> she's a lady that loved figure skating and would help people without financial means to stay in it. i wouldn't have been able to skate without her and i know she helped you a great deal as well and she's been in my heart and my mind and thinking about you and how far you've comeextraord. no one works harder, no one put the time in more and no one deserves this more than evan lysacek. >> and i want to explain, what is this outfit?
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this is what you wore when? >> this is my first outfit, my first -- it's got shoulder pads. >> oh, padding! the lightning bolt, huh? >> my lucky lightning bolt, yeah. >> you've grown up a lot since then, right? when you were wearing -- >> it fit me! >> yeah? when you were wearing that back then as a kid, do you think one day, one day i'll be standing here with this? >> no, i didn't. >> no. okay, that blew that right -- >> i mean, i wanted it, but you know, it takes so much hard work to really believe it, and to have the confidence to go out there and do it in the heat of the moment, it was just -- you know, i'll never forget it. that's what made this so special. scott -- i mean, everyone's been talking this last year about the curse of the world champion and how going into the olympics as the world champion is the curse and no one ever wins, and scott is the one person saying but every american has done it. >> every american has done it. >> they've done it over and over again and i thought those words
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in my head today before i went out. i really, really did. >> wow. >> well, you did it. congratulations, evan. scott, thank you so much. scott, you'll be back next half hour to break down the performances for us. >> absolutely. >> and i know your mom and dad are going to be with us as well, along with the rest of your family. >> all right. >> so, evan lysacek, congratulations. >> olympic champion. >> there he is, folks. now i'll toss it over to matt. >> all right, meredith, thank you very much. another athlete's going to be in the spotlight today for a much different reason. later this morning, tiger woods will make his first public statement on camera about those affairs that were revealed following that infamous thanksgiving night crash. but not everyone is happy with how the statement will be made. nbc's kerry sanders is at tpc saw grass in ponte vedra beach, florida, where tiger will talk. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, matt. tiger speaks today, and we have a little insight as to why he's talking now. he's been in sex therapy, and apparently, one of the steps to recovery is to apologize to those he's wronged. i spent a little time up at the
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tpc clubhouse to see where he's going to speak. there's lots of security. the room he's going to be in is sealed off. joining him will be some friends, at least three reporters, possibly his family. while they will see him face to face, the one thing he has said, he is not going to answer questions. 34-year-old tiger woods will go on camera at 11:00 a.m. eastern, and whatever he says will be broadcast worldwide. perhaps the most famous athlete in the world since muhammad ali. it's not only what tiger says, but attention is focused on the visual, who is or is not standing by his side, specifically, wife elin nordgren, married to tiger for more than five years. witnesses tell nbc new she's still not wearing her wedding ring. golf fans have differing expectations today. >> i think i would like to see her there. i would like -- >> reporter: you want to see her standing next to him? >> yes, and i would like to hear a heartfelt apology from tiger.
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>> it doesn't maer. i want to hear when he's coming back to golf so i can watch him play golf. >> reporter: you want him to say? >> that he's sorry for what he's done to her as well as the golf community. >> reporter: thanksgiving weekend tiger crashed his car into a fire hydrant and tree outside his home, the night his wife allegedly found text messages on his phone from another woman. the accident unraveled the secret life, when more than a dozen women came forward claiming they had had affairs with tiger. and while he's never named the women he was with, he knowledged his infidelity in early december with a message posted on his website that read, "i have let my family down and i regret those transgressions with all my heart." today, in the same way tiger controls the ball on the golf course, he will control his appearance. he's invited a half dozen reporters and some friends, but all have been told no questions. the pga comssioner says tiger's decision to talk now is part of his treatment for sex addiction. tiger checked out of a mississippi treatment center just four days ago. what's unclear is how much
7:18 am
tiger's lawyers and agent will let him say. >> whether this is truly heartfelt or not may not be as important as whether it feels heartfelt. >> reporter: laura bloom wrote the book "the art of the apology." >> i wish he had done this three months ago, but certainly, he still can apologize. we can still forgive him, but he's going to have to persuade america that he's genuinely sorry. >> reporter: a source tells nbc news that when elin went to bed last night, she had decided she was not going to come. i'm told this morning that tiger continues to ask her to change her mind. matt? >> all right, kerry sanders in florida this morning. thank you, kerry. let's bring in mike lupikus, sports columnist with the "daily news," back in our new york studio. mike, good morning to you. >> hey, matt. >> hey, i want to read you a portion of that statement that tiger woods released back on the 2nd of december of last year. sunday he said no matter how intense curiosity about public
7:19 am
figures can be, there's an important principle at stake, which is the measure of personal privacy. personal sin should not mean press releases or public confessions." that was in december. what has changed? >> well, i mean that was about ten girlfriends ago. listen, matt, i think he's got one job today, above all the others, because this is a different form of rehappen before he gets on to the rehab of winning golf tournaments. he's got to convince everybody that he feels remorse for something other than getting caught. and once he gets past that, then you know, i've got a friend who when he shows up to play golf says where's the first team, what's the course record? his real rehab of his image and his brand, he thinks, is that it's going to be when he starts winning golf tournaments again. >> what about the fact that he will not accept or take questions today? how's that going to sit with members of the media and the general public out there? >> i think if you're going to do this, you've got to sit there and answer questions the way
7:20 am
mcguire did, the way alex rodriguez did. by the way, i'm not one of the people who feels he owes us an apology, but if you're going to put yourself in this setting, then you've got to take questions. because he and his agent, mark steynberg, apparently still think they're in control here, that they can establish some sort of high ground and you've got to ask them, what movie have you been watching? >> this apology, mike, is obviously a step along the road to getting back on the golf course, which you just talked about. the first major tournament of the year is the masters. that's coming up about seven weeks from now. is it likely we'll see him at augusta? >> you know, just from a golf point of view, matt, you know this. i mean, this was supposed to be a dream year for him in regards to the majors. he's got the masters, which he's won multiple times. the open's going to be at pebble beach, which he won by 9,000 strokes. then he goes to st. andrews for the british open. so, this was setting up his pursuit of jack nicklaus
7:21 am
beautifully, and until we find out that he had been leading this dumb, reckless, ft boy life. and today, whatever he says, he's got to convince people that he genuinely feels that he's hurt somebody other than himself, because as you've watched this thing play out, he feels real bad mostly about what happened to him. >> well, real quickly, though, if he does make his first stop back on the tour or first tournament back, the masters at augusta, it would make sense, wouldn't it? because the galleries at augusta are considered not only the most knowledgeable in golf, but probably the most polite in golf. so, he might not face cat calls or heckling that he could face elsewhere. >> yeah. matt, he's going to be in one kind of cocoon today by doing this at the pga tour, you know, their headquarters. and then, i think he'll probably come back and play arnold palmer's tournament to get ready for the masters, because you know, then he gets a big hug
7:22 am
from the king and then he goes into what would be a dream setting. you know, it's funny, i really wonder sometimes how much the masters wants his big return to be there, because i don't know if they want the circus to come to town. >> may be a good point. mike lupica. mike, thanks for your time this morning. i appreciate it. >> okay, matt. >> all right, and you can see tiger's statement live coming up at 11:00 a.m. eastern time right here on nbc. let's get a check of the weather now from al. all right, thanks a lot, matt. as we take a look, show you what's happening, vancouver weather's going to be perfect over the next few days. we've got sunny skies, temperatures in the low 30s in whistler, mid-40s in cypress mountain. and we've got some more wet weather coming into southern california low pressure bringing on in the good morning, air temperatures in the mid 30s, but we have road temperatures below freezing, so watch out for patchy ice early this morning. later on today we'll climb into
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the 40s. and a northwest wind gusting to around 30 miles an hour. then on saturday, in the afternoon into the mid 40s. mid 40s on sunday after some ice again on the morning and monday morning it's looking less like a wintry mix, mostly rain, could have a little bit of ice in the morning. and that's your latest weather. meredith? >> all right, anks, al. evan, one last question -- will you be in sochi in four years for the olympics, yes or no? >> i don't know if i'm welcome in russia for a little while. >> oh, because you beat the russian? >> i'm kidding. i'd love to be >> we'd love to have you there. thank you, ev
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imagine if your kid just won the gold medal. we're going to talk to evan lysacek's parents, coming up. also, look out below.
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meredith, al, ann and i risk our lives eight stories above the streets of vancouver. richard? smucker. (announcer) when your name is smucker everyone knows you'll grow up to make the world's best jam. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. 7:26 is your time now on this friday february 19, 2010. in the news this morning, it has been a week of terrible commutes but soon our long regional commute could be over. yesterday we asked the mayor about the snow problems. they were out in wisconsin and massachusetts. you may see some improvement just in time for the morning rush hour. beale have
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good morning, it is mostly cloudy now, temperatures are in the mid and upper 30s, but temperatures are below freezing. now 38 in washington, it's in the mid 30s else wrchlt that's the air temperatures, but the road temperatures below freezing. we'll have the wind increasing a bit and highs in the mid 40s. mostly rain on monday. jerry, how's the traffic. >> 395 northbound is still jammed. springfield and the 14th street bridge, there's one car left in this long standg accidents, they're waiting on tow truck, i don't know why they can't get it out of there. elsewhere, looks pretty good both ways to the wilson bridge.
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>> coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, it's love story friday. the group's mother says they were set up
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♪ 7:30 now on this friday morning, the 19th of february 2010. hard to believe that we have been here at vancouver's grouse mountain for an entire week. i'm meredith vieira along with matt, al and ann. and just ahead, team usa picked up two medals in last night's women's halfpipe competition, the silver and the bronze, but an australian won the gold. we'll talk to the u.s. ladies of the halfpipe in just a minute. thursday was a very nice day for julia mancuso, also, the u.s. alpine skier. she got a silver in the super combined. that's her third overall medal,
7:31 am
and it ties her with bode miller as the most decorated u.s. alpine skier. we're going to find out more about her great run when we talk julia. >> and i know, meredith, you were there to see it live, but now coming up, we're going to have a closer look at this thrilling battle on the ice between evan lysacek and russian evgeny plushenko. that's right. and we always like to do smingz together when we go on trips likes these. well, this time it was a little bit of a nail-biter. we were eight stories up -- >> a nightmare. >> -- over beautiful downtown vancouver zip-lining. would anybody chicken out? did we all survive? well, obviously, we did. but we'll show you the details, coming up. all right, but first, let's bring in the silver and bronze medalist from the women's halfpipe, hannah teter and kelly clark. ladies, congratulations. >> h kelly, good to see you. >> great job! nice going. hannah, two-time olympic snowboard medalist, gold in torino, silver here. how does it feel?
7:32 am
>> amazing! >> yeah. >> it's so much fun. such a blast. the pipe was epic. >> it was epic! >> kelly, your turn. two-time olympic medalist as well, gold in salt lake city and a bronze here. does it feel different this time? >> you know, it's great having placed just outside of the medals in torino to come back years later and come back on the podium again. i think sometimes when you work hard for something you appreciate it more, so this is real special to me. >> it's pretty amazing. and you guys have an amazing comrader isn't that right, between you guys? >> we're pals. we're close. >> so, you're rooting for each other as you're going. >> yes. it's a unique sport. we're all friends out there, wanting to do our best, but there's a unique tension. >> how did the conditions change in the halfpipe from the beginning of the week to yesterday? >> they got way better. we showed up and we were like, we can work with this, then it got good. and today was fun and sunny and warm. >> how do you handle the pressure, second run in particular, when usually everything is on the line and you're dropping into the
7:33 am
halfpipe knowing that? how do you each deal with pressure? kelly? >> you know, i kind of stick to the plan, regardless of what's going on around me. i try to stay focused on what i'm doing and not so much what's going on around me, and that usually helps me out. you know, falling my first run yesterday was not the plan, but i was able to come back -- >> you sure did. >> -- and have a great run and i was really happy. >> hannah, how about you? >> i get in the zone. >> you do? >> i visualize a lot and see it perfectly in my mind and then try to imitate what i see. >> now, are you guys going to stick around in the village wearing your medals and see some of the other competition some. >> yeah. we're excited to get our medals, tonight, i guess. >> yeah. >> you guess? come on! >> don't miss that. >> we haven't really slept yet, so the days kind of blur together, but yeah, we're going to stay around and catch some events and it's going to be a really fun time. >> well, enjoy tonight. >> congratulations. thanks for staying up late. we really appreciate it. >> usa! >> let's go back to new york now. amy robach is standing by at the
7:34 am
news desk with the headlines of the morning. how are you doing? >> doing great. good morning, everyone. two bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of an irs building in texas after a man with a grudge crashed his plane into the building thursday. nbc's tom costello joins us with more on the story. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, amy, good morning. the bodies appear to be those of the pilot and an irs worker who was missing. investigators believe andrew joseph stack set out to attack that local irs office, and we have that live video, the live picture of that office right now. he left behind a suicide note that rages against the government. the earliest home video shows the echelon office building in austin engulfed in flames as hundreds of people rush to get out. >> we heard the explosion and we looked out over here and the siding of this building had fallen down. >> reporter: investigators believe 53-year-old andrew joseph stack first intentionally set his own house on fire. his wife and daughter escaped. he then got into his piper
7:35 am
cherokee plane, taking off from nearby georgetown municipal airport and flying it 25 miles south, straight into the office building housing the local irs offices. pilot jerry cullen watched it happen. >> it was a really speedy dive, and it whacked in right between the first and second floor of echelon three. >> reporter: why did stack do it? he apparently left behind a 3,000-word internet rant against the government, detailing a 30-year battle with the irs. he titled it "well, mr. big brother irs man, take my pound of flesh." he also raged against the gm bailout and the failure to reform health care. the question for investigators, was his plane loaded with anything other than fuel to help the fire spread? >> i can't believe that 40 gallons of aviation fuel would create that kind of fireball over that large area. >> reporter: stack claimed that he had lost all of his retirement money twice and he was fed up. also, facebook says it took down some statements that went up
7:36 am
immediately after this manifesto became public. some people on facebook were endorsing stack's views. others endorsed his actions. amy? >> tom costello in washington. thanks, tom. well, a change of heart from the president of toyota. today he said he will testify, after all, before congress next week, when u.s. lawmakers look into toyota's recent recalls. and an emotional homecoming last night as three of the eight american missionaries released in haiti returned to idaho. four others arrived in kansas city and two are still being held in haiti. and a runaway circus zebra brought traffic to a near standstill thursday in atlanta. police and the animal's trainer were finally able to corral it along a busy highway. it is 7:36 time now for the weather and al. >> announcer: "today's weather" is brought to you by all. new and improved all is packed with powerful stain-lifters. it's all good.
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here we go. so, runaway zebra. obviously, the plot of "madagascar 3." anyway, let's check your weather and see what's happening. we'll show you for today -- there's the zebra again. and the weather looks great in atlanta to capture a zebra. we've got low pressure working its way -- i don't know. working its way through texas. and ahead of it, we've got rain, some heavy thunderstorms to the north of it. we've got snow in this upper level system, basically about three to six inches. some areas picking up locally nine, but not a big problem. sunshine in the pacific northwest, rain in southern and central california, sunny skies good morning, mostly cloudy now across northern virginia, the districtnd maryland and we have a blustery northwest wind as well and air temperatures are above freezing but the road temperatures are at or above freezing. and that sun should get those road temperatures above freezing in the next couple of hours as we get the increasing sunshine
7:38 am
today. we should make it into the upper 40s. could have some more patchy ice on sunday morning. mostly rain monday. and that's your latest >> all right, mr. roker. thanks very much. when we come back, more on evan lysacek's brilliant gold medal winning performance from last night. but first, these messages. in. all you want without any dyes or perfumes. all you expect from the number-one free clear detergent. that's because all free clear is the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists and the number-one choice of moms. plus, like regular strength all, it has its own powerful stainlifters that fight tough dirt and stains. for sensitive skin, it's all good.
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[ engine revving ] ♪ he said he was a professional student. no. of life. [ laughing ] i'm so sorry. single lane ahead. i'll be in that lane. [ male announcer ] the chevy malibu. a consumer's digest best buy with a 100,000-mile powertrain warranty. you can depend on it so people can depend on you. it whitens and i bet your breath will still feel fresh after the movie. [ female announcer ] new crest extra white plus scope outlast. for a fresh breath feeling that lasts up to 5 times longer. still fresh? yip. i want to be mad but it's tough with that smile. [ female announcer ] crest extra white plus scope outlast. we are back in vancouver with more of the exciting battle for men's figure skating gold. american evan lysacek and russian evgeny plushenko head to head, and evan was the one who skated away with the gold.
7:42 am
>> beautifully landed triple axel. >> and he does a triple toe! >> he delivered the goods. >> he's going to light up the scoreboard with that performance. >> reporter: with one of the most talented groups of men's figure skaters in olympic history, the night got off to a rocky start. but all eyes were focused on the battle brewing between reigning olympic champion, russian evgeny plushenko, and american upstart evan lysacek. the two were separated by less than a point heading into thursday night's free skate program, a both were ready to bring it on. taking to the ice first, the 24-year-old world champion, lysacek. without the highly valued quad jump in his program, lysacek knew he needed to be flawless if he wanted a shot at the gold. >> he needs to hit this beautif beautifully. >> ha! >> ande did. >> he did. >> reporter: confident. >> ah! >> reporter: energized. >> ha!
7:43 am
>> reporter: near perfection. >> evan lysacek with the skate of his life! >> evan was just as sharp as can be. he couldn't have skated any better. >> reporter: skating in the final slot of the night, reigning olympic champion evgeny plushenko, who came out of a three-year retirement, putting it all on the line for one more shot. >> oh, that was a little scary. this guy's a cat! >> the small, little details that were the mistakes, the minute ones in his program, really cost him. >> reporter: in the end, plushenko came up short with the judges, giving the gold to lysacek. >> he deserved it! he earned it! ♪ >> reporter: and as the american flag flew high above the ice, emotions ran high. anguished for the defeated russian, pure joy for the winning american. scott hamilton knows what it is like to win the gold. he did it back in 1984, is now a figure skating analyst for nbc sports. scott, good morning to you once
7:44 am
again. >> what a night. what a night! >> the russian versus the american. both of them skated beautifully. what made the difference between the two in the end? >> the quality of the elements. it was, you know, evgeny's such a talent. this guy is so great. i mean, there's hardly any words to describe just how phenomenal. he's lost now three competitions in the lastike eight or ten years. >> he came out of retirement for this one. >> and he came out of retirement for this. and it's hard. you know, i always compare it to like you're on a treadmill. you're on a treadmill and you step back on the treadmill, now you step back on, you'd better be going full speed to be competitive with these guys. and he skated really well. he skated really well. there was just a couple scary jumps where he was able to save it. you know, the quad triple combination off the top was just -- i call it sick and twisted. i mean, it's just, what this guy brings. and he ain't scared of nothing. >> not at all. >> olympic pressure, i'm going to go out there and do my job, but a couple landings were just a little off. they tied in component scores, which is not what we expected.
7:45 am
>> let's look at their performances side by side, starting with the opening sequence. talk about that when you see them both side by side, because the russian, he's the one who did the quad. >> he did the quad and that's a ge point-getter. >> plushenko. >> but evan did a clean triple-triple. and when you start putting jumps in the second part of the program, you get a 10% bonus. so all of a sudden, a triple axel goes from 8.2 to 9.4, a quad is 9.8. so it levels the playing field. they want the jumps to be done throughout the program. and evan skated clean. he came out of a lot of his jumps with a lot of speed and posture, and evgeny caught his toe a couple times and was tilted, you know, toward the end, but that quad toe loop at the top, extraordinary. i mean, you've got to give evgeny plushenko his due. the guy's a phenomenal athlete. he's got two silver medals at the olympics and a gold. >> so, for evan to beat him -- >> that's another gold medal. just -- he won the gold on the night, but he deserves another one for beating probably one of the greatest skaters of all time. >> do you think we'll see them going up against each other again in the olympics? >> you know, in the ympics, i
7:46 am
don't know. evgeny will be 31. he's already had four knee surgeries. you know, i never doubt him. if he wants to come back at 45, he'll probably do it. whatever, you know? but there's a lot to skating and there's a lot to be experienced and there's a life after the olympics if they choose to live that life. a lot of people are staying in, but there's something else out there. and you can really, you know, put yourself out in front of a lot of audiences if you want to. >> let's talk about the other skaters last night, beginning with johnny weir. the audience loved him. he finished in sixth place, i believe it is, and the crowd was not happy. a lot of booing. >> i was a little surprised, but you've got to look past the emotion of the performance at the moment. i mean, it was lyrical it was smooth. he delivered the goods. he skated a really nice program. but you know, when you look at the simplicity of a lot of the choreographic elements and skating skills and everything else, that might have brought him down a little bit, and it's still a judged sport. so, maybe sometimes, you know, maybe a sound bite here and a sound bite there can pull people
7:47 am
off maybe a little bit, i don't know. but you know, johnny skated very well. >> jeremy, unfortunately, did not. jeremy abbott had a rough night. >> jeremy started off rough, and i think once he shook the two mistakes, he was great. and i think that after the national championships, he had very little left in the tank. >> yeah. i guess the oddest moment was when the japanese skater, oda, his shoe lace came undone. >> a friend of mine told me once if you do anything long enough, everything will happen to you. he can check that one off his list. >> but he came back out and performed very well. >>ou know, it kind of broke the spell a little bit, you know. and it was a charming performance. i thought at first he was injured, the way he was holding his leg up and everything. but when i saw the lace broke, i thought he'll fix that, but i don't know how he'll do in in three minutes. that's a lot to do, but he rallied and finished nicely. >> it was a great night. >> it was a phenomenal night! it was everything they promised it would be. >> and more. >> and more. >> and there's more skating to come. the first round of ice dancing is tonight at 8:00/7:00 central time on nbc, not to mention the
7:48 am
women skating next week. coming up, we're going to meet evan lysacek's parents and sisters. yes, we do. and we can say 700 miles on a single tank and epa-estimated 41 mpg city and all the words stick because they're true. we speak the most fuel-efficient midsize sedan in america. yes, we speak car, and apparently quite well. fusion is now motor trend's 2010 car of the year. get in...and drive one. ♪
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7:51 am
>> announcer: "today's olympic moment" is brought to you by coca-cola. >> and this morning in "today's olympic moment," the host nation gets a big scare in its most important sport. >> score! >> reporter: hockey is the national sport here. so, imagine the surprise four years ago when the lightly regarded swiss beat the canadians on the ice. one of the biggest upsets in olympic history. >> final score in the game, switzerland 2, canada 0. >> reporter: and on thursday, in a big rematch, history almost repeated itself, as switzerland came from behind to tie the game. >> score! >> reporter: still even at the end of regulation and scoreless in overtime, it all came down to a tie-breaking shoot-out. where nhl star sidney crosby finally put the canadians ahead for good. and when canadian goalie martin brodeur, another all-star, stopped the last swiss shooter -- >> save! canada wins!
7:52 am
>> reporter: -- our neighbors to the north could finally breathe a sigh of relief, but not for long. up next, a sunday showdown with team usa. can you imagine that arena on sunday night? >> oh, man. >> team canada verse team usa. and can you imagine the fire pit when they throw us in here if team usa wins? that again is sunday, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> what are we going to do monday if the u.s. wins? >> we're not going to show up, that's for sure. >> i'm backing away from the pit right now. >> yeah, i know, exactly. also coming up, is it a bi, a plane? no, it is matt and the rest of us zip-lining high above downtown vancouver. did we all do it or did we not? you will see coming up after your local news and weather. and who's the one screaming? hey, aren't you... supposed to be following
7:53 am
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7:55 is your time now, live look at reagan national airport, cold out there, we have had some problems with black ice, be careful on your commute. soon our long regional nightmare could be overnight. overnight an army of trucks were out freeing up travel lanes, they were out on nebraska, wisconsin and massachusetts but you may see some improvements just in time for the rush hour. and we'll learn how the school district will make up the missed days of schools. students in fairfax and stafford county and alexandria could have time added to the school day. teacher workdays will be converted into school days. we'll take a quick break and
7:57 am
have your
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, watch out for patchy ice this morning, the roadway looks wet and it's probably patchy ice. now 38 in washington. highs today should make it into the mid 40s withmore sunshine. an a blustery northwest wind as well. and then tomorrow partly clou, morning lows in the 30s. highs in the mid 40s. then again freezing up on sunday night into monday morning. right now monday looking less of a wintry mix and looking like more of a cold rain. >> the 14th street bridge, one vehicle stayed in the roadway for a long time. finally that guy got up and started the truck and got it out of the way. new york avenue with a broken down vehicle in the roadway as you head on down lateen spur
8:00 am
road. >> it's love notes friday and a local bride and groom have a unique story about how they got together. the groom's mother says they were set up by the pope. it's 8:00 now on a thursday morning. it's the 19th day of february 2010. what a pretty shot that is, looking at the olympic cauldron burning in downtown vancouver, right alongside the water. and i think, if you kind of push beyond that, you get the different shot. >> that's right. >> and you come right to the top of grouse mountain. >> it's amazing how thatworks. >> 4,700 feet above sea level and our home for the first week here and the next six days or so. looking forward to being here and we're looking down at our location here at grouse. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, al roker and ann curry. you know, you've covered the olympics and y stand here for
8:01 am
a week or so, you talk about a lot of high-flying events. >> you do. actually, we did get in on the act of a high-flying event. it's called the zip line. there's a special zip line that's been set up downtown where people reach speeds of 50 miles an hour as they soar eight stories above the plaza below. who among us had the nerve to try it and who do you think didn't do it? who do you think? >> oh, that's not nice. somebody screamed out matt. why would you think that? >> we'll find out if matt was the one. we'll find out in a moment. >> i had just eaten. i didn't want to cramp up. >> speaking of the crowd below. >> exactly. >> oh! >> how would you like to be the family of evan lysacek this morning? >> oh, unbelievable. >> oh, man. >> you're watching your son compete on the biggest stage in sports, and he has the performance of a lifetime. they must be so proud. there is team lysacek right there. we're going to be talking to them about their son's gold medal winning night in a moment. >> that's right. we think we have now turned jenna bush into a snowboard fanatic. i mean, first of all, she hit
8:02 am
the slopes with lindsey jacobellis. then she got to hang out with shaun white's family as he went for the gold. and last night, you guessed it, she was front and center for the women's halfpipe. she's going to tell us all about it, just ahead. all right, but first, ann is here with a recap of thursday's olympic action. >> and we're topping our story with what we've just been talking about. what a win for evan lysacek, taking the gold in men's figure skating, and the last american man to do that was brian boitano in 1988. >> gold medalist and olympic champion, representing the united states of america, evan lysac lysacek! >> reporter: this is the moment american figure skater evan lysacek has been waiting for. beating th defending olympic champion, evgeni plushenko of russia in a close race for the gold. >> beautiful combination. >> reporter: from beginning to end, it was a near perfect performance for lysacek. >> the skate of his life! >> this is the greatest night of my life. i'll never forget it.
8:03 am
>> reporter: in the women's halfpipe competition, two medals for the americans. hannah teter taking silver and kelly clark the bronze. australian torah bright won gold. >> she hooked the tip and she is out of the race, sliding down -- >> reporter: a tough day for american skier lindsey vonn. just one day after taking the gold in the downhill, on thursday she crashed in the slalom portion of the super combined. but good news for another american, julia mancuso, who won her second silver in two days. today, tanith belbin and ben agosto, the silver medalists from torino, take to the ice, starting their quest for gold in ice dancing. and also competing today, we've got bode miller and ted ligety in the men's super-g. >> all right, ann, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories from amy robach, who is back in new york. hey, amy. >> good morning, meredith. good morning, everyone. today, texas officials will be back at the scene of a
8:04 am
suicide plane crash in austin. they have identified the pilot as a 53-year-old software engineer who accused the irs of stealing his life savings. what officials say was his act of revenge thursday cost him and a worker at the irs building their lives. tiger woods breaks his silence today. he is going to make a statement this morning about his infidelity and his future to a hand-picked audience at ponte vedra beach in north florida. woods isn't going to take any questions, and nbc news will have live coverage of his statement at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. toyota's president looking for understanding about his company's safety problems, says he will testify at a congressional hearing next week in washington. he announced the about-face today, saying he will detail what toyota is doing to fix problems with gas pedals and brakes on some of its most popular models. and one-time homeland homeland security nominee bernd kerik was sentenced thursday to four years in prison. the former new york city police commissioner had pleaded guilty
8:05 am
to eight felonies, including tax fraud. and the white house is launching a new race to the top high school commencement challenge. schools can apply at to show how they are making gains in personal responsibility, academic excellence and college readiness. president obama will speak at the commencement at the winning high school. it is 8:05. let's get another check of the weather from al in vancouver. >> all right, thanks a lot, ame. as we show you our pick city of the day, we are looking at beautiful weather out there. it's snow showers for syracuse, new york. they've been loving it all winter long. windy conditions, temperatures 30, nbc 3. rest of the country, sunny skies for the weekend along the west coast. we've got showers, though, working through the gulf coast. sunny skies along the east coast. then sunday, sunday, we're looking at more sunshine in the east, some wet weather down thro
8:06 am
good morning, mostly cloudy across the district and maryland this morning. elsewhere there's sunshine now, and temperatures are above freezing, and low temperatures are below freezing. and later on today lot of sun. overnight tonight may freeze back up again. highs mid 40s. and mostly cloudy sunday highs mid 40s. might have a little icing in freezing rain monday changing to rain. and that's your latest weather. >> all right. >> mr. roker, thank you. when we come back, the four of us throw caution to the wind and we take on a zip line eight stories above the streets of vancouver. how'd we do? you be the judge. f paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means
8:07 am
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they have the 30-day geek squad support, long battery life. they have a two year manufacturer warranty. they're everything you want in a computer. you're going to love our blue label laptops, exclusive to best buy. but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so. does your makeup do that? neutrogena cosmetics. ♪ there are a lot of fun things to do here in vancouver. one of the most popular things is a zip line that's been set up eight stories above the streets of the city by the people at zip trek tours. >> so, naturally, when we heard about it, we decided we had to do it.
8:11 am
♪ >> time to zip. >> oh, yes. >> here we go! >> perched high above the square in downtown vancouver, the launch tower, a menacing 80 feet high, seems daunting, yet dazzling. >> i actually have zipped, and i love it. >> this is my first time zipping over a major metropotan area. >> this is going to be great! >> positive comments all around fueled our excitement for what was to come, until -- >> going in. >> great. it's a pretty day. perfect day to die. >> oh! >> and they never had meredith vieira -- oh, oh -- >> you're not afraid of heights, though, are you? >> yeah, i am. >> wow. i remember doing this -- >> stop. you have to stop. >> good. >> good? i'm like jell-o. >> this is going to be great. men against the women. here we go.
8:12 am
>> confrompetition? >> no, this is not a competition. >> you are going down. literally. you are literally going down -- >> why can't this be a relaxed day in vancouver? >> because it's us! it's the olympics! >> oh, man. >> here we go. >> this is the hardest part. >> that's right. >> where's the elevator? >> oh, my gosh. >> you know what, it's not so high. >> best part, if anything really did happen, you'd probably die from a heart attack before -- >> you know what? >> it's going to go really fast, just seconds. >> we just cruise down this way right towards sears? >> why, are you going to pick something up? >> i need a new washer and dryer. do we slow ourselves down like on another zip line, where you actually use your hands or -- >> no, we'll do that for you. >> oh, great. >> all you have to do is sit back and relax and enjoy. >> awesome! >> are you all right? >> sure. this is nothing. >> nothing! it's going to be fun. >> i'm going to go first. i'm ready. >> all right. >> i'm here for the art of it
8:13 am
and the fun of it, and i have a feeling there's some competitive juices flowing here. >> oh, you think it's coming from us? >> well, it's not coming from the boys. seriously, all for fun. >> fun. >> a good time. >> beat the pants out of them. all right, kid. >> have fun, matt. >> aww. >> what's up, baby. let's go! >> do it, dude! yeah! that's very graceful. >> whoo-hoo hoo! >> yeah. ♪ >> whoa! >> wow. >> that's a braking system. that was fun! that was so cool! >> i'm cinched in places that are not very comfortable. whoo-hoo hoo! woo! >> hey, al, i can see what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> ah! i'm king of the world!
8:14 am
woo! that is exhilarating! man! ♪ >> you're going to want to hang on. >> i'm very anxious, to be honest with you, and i hold on with both hands, okay. one rks two r, two, three, four >> good job, meredith. >> do i just go? >> you got it. >> yeah! >> whoo-hoo! >> yay! bravo! >> hey, meredith, is this what they mean by "the view"? ♪ i want to get away, i wanna fly away ♪ >> she did better than the boys. >> oh! that was great! >> you were stfantastic. >> it was great! >> very nice. >> smooth as could be. i was expecting blood-curling screams. >> i'm so glad i did it.
8:15 am
what a baby. now you gs are going down now! >> i am so excited. i have to tell you. i think this is going to be really fun. it's fun to do this with these guys, you know? ready, set -- ♪ and i'm free >> woo! yay! ♪ free fallin' >> ann, your form is all wrong. >> oh! that was great! >> isn't that great? >> way to go. >> all right! >> way to go! >> and just before we headed for round two, we took a moment to confront our heckler. >> nice helmet. >> oh, you were the heckler. i was wondering who the heckler was. >> yeah. things a little slow at "nightly," huh? >> yeah, so -- >> that's a good look. >> question for you -- >> yeah? >> does this harness make my butt look big? >> i feel really good about the
8:16 am
second time. >> i'm going to try and go upside down. >> is this a competition or is this a love fest? >> is this a love fest or is this a competition? let's go love fest. you want to hold hands? or you just want a high five? >> this is beautiful. it's really beautiful, the two of them together. >> i know. >> i want to remember them just like this. >> i know. >> two, one, go! >> go! >> uh-oh! >> awesome! >> hey, matt, your butt looks big in that harness. >> wow. >> woo! >> oh, my gosh, look at matt go. >> meredith stumped him. wow. meredith was fearless, just off and away. >> i know. i know. >> matt kind of hesitated. she just, boom! >> she's a fast learner. there you go. first-time zip liner. >> all right. tomorrow afternoon i think she's going up in the space shuttle. >> i thought meredith was
8:17 am
amazing. i would give her form a 10, 10 1/2. >> yeah, but you've always got to worry about the east german judges, so i don't know. this is not a competition. >> since when? >> oh, come on. >> let's go! yeah, woo! ♪ i just wanna fly, put your arms around me baby ♪ >> hey, al, thank you for wearing pants! ♪ put your arms around me baby, i just wanna fly ♪ >> way to go, guys! >> whoa! that was so fun! ♪ >> i love this thing. >> you did a great job. >> so fun. how many more times could you do that? >> i think i'm done. >> that was fun. >> and you turned upside down, that was very hard to do. i could not do that. that was great. >> i didn't plan on it. >> there's a grouse mountain zip
8:18 am
line here as well. >> zip line here. >> so, that could be very fun. we may have to try that later in the week. >> want to give it a shot? >> yeah. there's one at whistler, as well. >> you did great. >> you did great. >> thank you, honey. my pants were so wet that. up next, high-flying fun without a harness to save you. what's it like to do that? we'll find out after this. ♪ [ smack! ] [ smack! smack! ] [ smack! smack! ] [ smack! smack! ] [ smack! ]
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stay on budget. put some money in the bank. this will help me... get your act together. ohh! yea. stay on top of bills. have some breathing room. reduce taxes. this is how we can... get ahead of it. [ male announcer ] get started at perfect! ♪ >> announcer: "today's athlete to watch" is brought to you by
8:22 am
p&g, proud sponsor of moms. and this morning on "today's athletes to watch," we're talking about the men and women of freestyle skiing. the aerials event begins tomorrow, and jonny moseley can tell us all about that. he won a gold in the moguls back in 1998. he's an accomplished aerialist as well, and he's covering the freestyle events for us at nbc sports. jonny, good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> let's talk about a guy everybody's talking about, speedy peterson. what are his chances? >> yeah, love talng to speedy. as you know, he just missed the hurricane in '06, the only person who does this jump, five flips. it's impressive, but he has to land it perfectly to beat his competition. >> if he lands it gracely, you expect him to be on the podium? if not, he goes home empty handy. >> it's the podium or nothing for speedy. >> what about this jumper?
8:23 am
>> he's technically sound, an ice man. he lands every time. >> is he working on a secret trick we don't know about? >> well, he has a trick in the bag if speedy lands the hurricane. so, a similar trick with that same difficulty. >> there's a new add to the men's team, scotty bahrke, brother of shannon bahrke, who already medaled here. he got on why? >> okay, so, dylan ferguson had appendicitis. >> a good fend of his, by the way. >> a good friend, teammate. so, he had surgery and isn't able to compete. >> does that put him at a disadvantage, coming on last minute or maybe an advantage, he hasn't had time to think about it? >> i thought an advantage, because anticipation going into the olympics can be the most stressful part. so, he was at the bar partying and next thing he got the call, celebrating his sister's victory. >> now he's at the bar partying anyway! >> exactly. >> let's talk about ryan st. onge. what do we need to know about him? >> well, he's the world champion from last year. he's been struggling this ason particularly with landings, but has the best form in the business. if he puts two jumps together,
8:24 am
you could see him on the podium, for sure. >> let's go to the women's side. we have olivia lieu sila. >> he does a triple backflip, so, she is definitely the one to watch for. >> i was surprised when we talk about emily cook. she's 30. i mean, that's kind of old for this kind of a sport, which really pounds your body. >> yeah. it's not so much the age. it's how many crashes you've taken and she's taken a lot, a lot of injuries. broke both heels before the salt lake games -- >> i heard somebody laugh at how many crashes she's taken. >> it's like dog years. >> it's a tough sport, really is. also on the u.s. team is ashley caldwell, only 16 years old, the other end of the spectrum. >> he's the future she's going to be strong in russia. has a great chance here, but this i really just getting olympic experience. >> and the weather and conditions, how's that going to play into all this? >> you know, the weather has been great so far. conditions have been a little tricky, so the jumping has been going very slowly, which could have a little bit of
8:25 am
effect on some of the competitors, but not the excellent ones. >> can i tell you something? you're as good on tv as you are in the moguls. you're really good at this. >> i appreciate it. >> jonny moseley, good having you here. the women's freestyle competition is tomorrow afternoon right here on nbc. here's al. thanks, matt. olympic-sponsored dreamworks animation is getting ready to release a new movie called "how to train your dragon." well, in the olympic spirit, they furnished us with their version of the winter games 1,000 years ago today. >> bobsledding requires three things -- strength,ourage and a guy named bob. the hours of grueling practice perfect i perfecting control are all worth it for winter game glory. >> hi, honey! >> oh! >> show your chest, bob, show
8:26 am
your medals. >> nobody said winning had to be pretty. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs, and in the news4 today, bwi is a new rank -- bwi, thursday good marshall are in seventh place among 20 medium sized airports. that's above average, but the other airports didn't fare quite so well. reagan came in at 16th place, dulles 18th place. check ins and security. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather and our traffic right af
8:27 am
8:28 am
moechl sunny, a blustery wind, temperatures should climb into the mid 40s. freezing back up, could have more patchy ice on saturday and sunday morning. late sunday night, a little snow and will ail icing for a brief time. >> time to drive in along interstate 66. lanes are reported up there. one more stop we'll head over to the topside of the belt way, looks like we're actually improving. head west to georgia avenue. >> thanks jerry coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, it's
8:29 am
love notes friday, a local bride and groom have a unique story. the groom's mother says ey were set up by the pope.
8:30 am
8:30 now on this friday morning, february 19th, 2010. welcome back to grouse mountain, our home away from home during the 2010 olympic winter games. comi up in this half hour, we're going to show you how our friends north of the border entertain award-winning chef and toronto native trish hagley.
8:31 am
also ahead, we've already shown you we've had fun on the zip line, we've got to take in the opening ceremony. we've seen some events, some heart-pounding, some heartbreaking. coming up, we'll recap our olympic odyssey so far. that's right. also, what is it like? have you ever asked yourself, what would it be like to actually have a gold medal winner in your own family? lucky for us this morning, we'll get to ask a family, because there you are. we're looking at evan lysacek's family and we'll hear from them and ask those questions, after this. >> beaming with pride, i would imagine. >> absolutely. all right, before we go any further, we've got to check with jenna bush hager, who is our olympic correspondent and # blrk
8:32 am
they came out thursday ready to bring home the gold, and their families were there to cheer them on. hannah teter, defending her title, having won gold in torino in 2006. >> it's excitement,t's nervousness, it's, you know, we want the best for her. she's an awesome young woman. >> reporter: have you talked to her today? >> a little bit. she's feeling good. she's having a good pipe day. she's just loving all this. so, that's a good thing. >> go, hannah! >> reporter: kelly clark, just 18 when she won her gold medal in 2002 in salt lake city. she failed to medal in italy. is this her night for redemption? yes? when she's going down the pipe, what are you thinking to yourself? >> just get down to the bottom. >> get down there fast and safe and don't pull out. >> reporter: gretchen bleiler, winner of last month's x games and torino silver medalist, was
8:33 am
ready to move up to the top spot. >> she's coming off an amazing win at the x games, and we're just all so excited. and we have a little support here. >> reporter: the day started off well for the three amigos. bleiler nailed the crippler seven. >> it was bigger than i've ever done it and it landed perfectly, and i had so much speed. i didn't even know what to do with myself. >> reporter: but later tumbled. >> i got the check, didn't get the medal. >> reporter: clark faltered on her first run and knew she couldn't falter again, singing "you should love me" by misty edwards, and the judges did by awarding her with the bronze medal. >> end one another olympic medal. i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: turning it into a nail-biting finish, up to hannah teter, who had to have the day's best run. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: in the night's second run, australian torah bright soared to the lead with a near perfect run of technical perfection, including a switchback side 720.
8:34 am
teter went last, social conscious pancake-eating 23-year-old knew she had to beat the best. >> you know, i got in the zone and found my positive mind state, so that really was successful for me in landing the run. >> reporter: the ride was clean, but it was noteant to be. the aussie, with her winning smile, won australia's first gold of the games. still, the golden girls didn't walk away empty-handed. how does it feel to have your teammate, kelly, up there with you? >> kelly is just one of the best riders in the world, and she's been winning every contest this year. so, to be on the podium with her is just huge for me. >> it was great! it was so much fun out there. i feel like a true shredder. >> wow! >> look at you. >> they called me a newbie, but i'm going to try to get some straight air on the pipe today. >> get some amplitude? >> i'll probably just break a foot, but it was a lot of fun. the girls are great. hannah teter told me that anything she gets from endorsements she's giving to haiti. so, she's really a wonderful
8:35 am
girl. >> terrific. >> she was here earlier and said her performance and her medal podium there was "epic." >> it was killer. >> killer. >> jenna, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> we appreciate it. >> it's been a lot of fun. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? it's going to be epic. ouch, i think i hurt myself there. as we check out your forecast, here's what we've got for you for today. nshine up and down the eastern seaboard, snow showers in northern new england, snow in the central u.s., afternoon showers in central and southern california. tomorrow, east coast again looking pretty tasty. we
8:36 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right, mr. roker, thanks. when we come back, evan lysacek's proud family will sit down to talk about a magical
8:37 am
8:38 am
welcome back to vancouver. we have been talking about it all morning long, evan lysacek's impressive gold medal win in men's figure skating. he's been very kind, kind enough to stick around, even though he didn't go to bed last night, along with his family, his parents, don and tanya and sisters christina and laura. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> fir of all, guys, how proud are you of this one? >> oh, we're beaming, you can
8:39 am
tell. >> what are you feeling right now, don? >> just joy for him and joy for us, and it was a lot of work for him and a long time coming, but he stuck it out and saw it throug to the end. it was just, it was brilliant in the end. >> what does it mean for you to have your family here? would it make you more nervous when they were watching last night or less to know they were here? >> well, it's interesting. i mean, there's so much going on at the olympic games, but with everything that's going through my head, my number one priority was still to make my family proud and make my friends and my coaches and all those people that really are my support system on a daily basis, make them proud and kind of give them a moment that they'll always be able to remember, too. >> as you're skating, do you think about them? >> occasionally, i do, actually. there are certain steps that i know will make my mom nervous and will make my dad nervous, so
8:40 am
i think, i'd better do this good so they'll relax. >> i know, tanya, you don't like to watch evan live, partly out of ritual and partly out of nerves, right? >> correct. >> so, where were you when he was competing last night? >> proctor & gamble has a very lovely family and friends home, and the were nicenough to give me my own little space. so, i had my own tv with my own space and my own glass of wine. >> oh, your own glass of wine. >> of course. and it was wonderful. >> were you nervous the whole time? >> actually, i wasn't so nervous. >> you weren't? >> this time. i felt pretty relaxed there. it was a real comfortable environment. right before he skated, of course, i was nervous, but as the program went on, i was just getting excited because he was just nailing everything. so, it was terrific. >> and when it was over, did you run over to be with him? >> absolutely. they had a car waiting for me to get me right over there. >> and were you guys all there? were you actually watching there? >> yeah. >> so, what was that like for
8:41 am
you? >> really nerve-racking. >> yeah. >> but it was real exting. we just went every single element with him. we were holding hands and screaming the whole time it was exciting. >> then watching the other skaters -- i talked to evan about this earlier, because there with five that skated after him. and you don't know whether any one of them is going to be better, especially plushenko, because he was ahead of the game coming into the finals. when you watched him skate, tanya, did you say my boy got it, even before you knew? >> no. i thought -- well, i thought it would be really, really, really close, but i thought that there were a lot of elements that evan did with a lot more finesse that were a lot better. but you just never know, because it's a judged sport. so, you don't know what the results are going to be. we just knew it would be close. but obviously, we prevailed. >> y guys are from naperville in illinois. >> yes. >> have you talked to any folks back there since this happened? >> not yet. >> nobody, huh? >> nobody. >> what kind of response do you think you're going to get when you all go back?
8:42 am
>> oh, i think we'll get a very warm response. i think they are still very oud of evan and they keep in contact with him and keep up on what he's doing and where he is, so. >> and i've got to ask you, laura, because evan told me in an interview way before the olympics that the reason he started skating was because you were a skater and he wanted to be better than you. so, you actually are the inspiration behind the medal. how do you feel about that? >> appantly. wow, that's great. >> well, congratulations to all of you. what are you going to do for the rest of the day? >> sleep. >> sleep! very, very good. thank you so much. the entire lysacek family. >> thank you. and up next, entertaining canada style. but first, this is "today" on
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning on "today's olympic kitchen," entertainment
8:45 am
canadian style from seaod to sweets, this nation is rolling out the red carpet. >> that's right. and here with how they put on a spread when the guests arrive is chef trish magwood. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> when we hear the term canadian cuisine, what are we talking about? >> well, cozy comfort food, but raw ingredients. we have so many great products, whether apples, produce, our wonderful ceses and breads or ethnically inspired dishes. >> you're a caterer as well. >> i am. >> so, when people entertain at home, what is a must-have dish that some people will have in one form or another? >> i think it's about getting people involved and connected. so whether it's a comfort soup or a beautiful salad, i think as long as you have variation and bellies are full, then everyone's happy. >> we like that. >> what are some of the more popular canadian dishes? >> i've come up with some dishes that incorporate our ingredients. so, we have a salad here with apple cider and vinaigrette.
8:46 am
so, putting that in first, and then we're putting in some beautiful greens that are local greens. we can mix that together. so, baby mash. >> that's gorgeous. >> and this is -- >> i'll mix it for you. >> you're going to mix? >> sure. >> matt's going to mix here. then we have beautiful smoked trout. >> oh, delicious. >> do you like smoked trout? >> i do. i like anything smoked. >> we have fish from coast to coast, shellfish, seafood, salmons. but this is a small lake trout. >> oh, sorry. i'm reneging on my duties here. >> i'll put the trout on top? >> then the trout can go on top and then apples, like macks and a.m. brochuras -- >> you just threw it on there. >> she did a good job. >> i got it. >> then some local apples. >> fantastic. very simple. >> and this is paired with whistler's back tusk ale. go ahead. >> also, maple syrup everywhere. >> this is my dad's maple syrup
8:47 am
brought from him to you and i'm using this in a sweet potato soup. so, this is great for watching a hockey game or this is great for -- >> serve that hot or cold is this. >> you're going to serve this hot. >> okay. >> so, this is perfect for our chilly ski nights and we can garnish it with toasted almonds. and this is a really fun way to do sort of a tv tray presentation. then some of the maple syrup on top. you can also use a nice blue cheese here. this is a quebec blue cheese. isn't that nice? >> looks very pretty, too. >> there you go. and with a rustic bread bowl. i love this -- this idea here is sort of cozy comfort, entertaining casual style. we have a great artysmal bread. you slice it down the middle. >> what does that mean? >> it's small producers and handcrafted. >> okay. >> so, we've got some good quality olive oil and you're sort of getting in there with your hands. some sea salt. doesn't it smell good some. >> smells great. >> apparently, the canadians also great with local cheeses as well. what are the varieties you brought with you?
8:48 am
>> absolutely. we have a cheese board here. quebec and ontario as well as bc, really well known for our cheeses. we've got -- david wood has a goat cheese from salt spring island. we have a smoked gouda, a cheese from quebec, an aged cheddar from quebec and a blue cheese from the benedictan monks in quebec as well and paired with crackers, do a cheese board and this is -- >> who is this? >> this is a caterer in cuba, a great spread with it. and we're good. >> we're learning more about the climate here and there are parts of this country that are perfect for growing wine. >> world-class ice wine. whether it's an ice wine or whatever, this is done on baked fruit. not necessarily in season. >> this is my dish. >> this is your dish. and this too. you can pour away. >> he's in my ear saying more, more. >> and pour it out with homemade ice cream and you've got
8:49 am
canadian cuisine fairly covered. >> you've done a really good job. >> you have everything here in this region, everything you could ask for. >> we do. we're sort of going coast to coast a bit. we have our smoked trout from ontario, but certainly, you could alter that with a salmon from bc. we have our earthy vegetables and fruits from ontario or bc. we've got our maple syrup, which i think we're probably most known for as well as our cheeses. so, i think we're covering the country here. >> trish, great job. >> thank you so much, trish. >> enjoy. >> we will. trish magwood. up next, the week that was here in vancouver.
8:50 am
8:51 am
we are back here, day eight of the vancouver olympic games. >> can't believe that. >> open your hand there, ann. what's in your hand there? >> i had a bunch of food dumped on the plate -- >> that's great. >> no, it looked so good over there. >> it's nice. >> she came with sweet potatoes or something in her hand. >> a bowl of sweet potatoes -- >> from trish. i love it. >> we do have plates here. >> can you believe it's been eight days? >> i know. >> it's gone by so fast. >> so quickly. and we have another week. if you're looking ahead -- first of all, we've had a lot of fun in the past. we'll tell you about that in a second. but looking ahead, the big event in the next 48 hours is on sunday night, canada versus the u.s. in hockey. this place is going to be rockin'. >> usa!
8:52 am
>> go usa, that's right. we already told you that if usa wins this game, we're not going to have much of arowd monday morning. they're not going to let us -- >> or it might be a mob. >> exactly. >> apolo ohno is skating again for a medal. so that's great. and women's skating begins next week. so still a lot to look forward to. it's great to have evan here. we've had some incredible athletes come through all week. >> absolutely. >> what a sweet family, too. it reallyays something about the importance of a family. >> i think almost all of the skaters say the same thing about that, how it takes a village to create an olympic athlete -- >> all these athletes. >> absolutely. >> not that medal count is the most important thing -- clearly, it's not, and it really isn't, but team usa does lead in the medal count. a lot of those medal winners have stopped by grouse mountain. we're thankful for that, and hopefully more to come next week. most importantly, though, over the last eight days we've had a chance to experience an awful lot of vancouver. we love this city and we've had an awful lot of fun. >> that's for sure.
8:53 am
♪ ♪ you read the news, turns you inside out ♪ >> nodar kumaritashvili. ♪ and everybody feels the same as you, uncertain times, uncertain rules apply ♪ ♪ caught in the blind spot ♪ ♪ how does it feel, feel like you were, can you feel that, the way i feel ♪ >> alexandre bilodeau has won gold! ♪ ♪ >> wescott does it! double gold!
8:54 am
♪ >> big jump. oh! he went too big! >> and it is going to be -- no! korea wipes out! unbelievable! >> oh, down she goes. ♪ >> silver medal, and oh, she's completely out of control! in the air over that final jump. >> shani davis pushing it until the end! and he's got another gold medal! >> i like them. >> two thumbs up. ♪ >> lindsey vonn! >> yes! >> how long have you been dreaming of this moment? >> for my whole life. >> your chocolate -- >> yes, chocolate! that's good. >> olympic gold medal. ♪
8:55 am
>> oh! >> yeah! >> woo! >> ah! ♪ >> way to go, guys! >> whoa! ♪ >> evan lysacek with the skate of his life! ♪
8:56 am
our time right now is 8:56 on this friday, february 18 -- 19-2010. in maryland the state board of education will dece if the snow days will have to be made up at all. in virginia students in fairfax and alexandria city could have time added to tend of their school days and early dismissal will go away and teacher workdays will turn into instructal days. we'll come b
8:57 am
8:58 am
temperatures in the mid and upper 30s and we have sunshine and a blustery wind at this hour gusting to arod 30 miles an hour that will be with us the rest of the day as highs reach the mid 40s. and tomorrow morning, we may have some more patchy ice around. and mostly cloudy sunday into the mid 40s, and maybe a brief wintry mix early monday morning, and mostly rain after that, and it looks like it may rain off and on into monday night and tuesday as well, ending by
8:59 am
tuesday afternoon. and maybe a little light snow by the end of next week. jerry's how's the traffic. >> 66 loaded up across the roosevelt bridge, good news, all travel lanes are available, unlike the last several days. elsewhere we'll head over to the american legion bridge. right now it looks like traffic is settling down and moving along very nicely, a little good news for a change. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, it is love notes friday, a local bride androom have the unique story about how they got together. the groom's mother says they were actually set up by the pope. we'll share a
9:00 am
we're back now with more of "today" on a friday morning, the 19th day of february 2010. a nice look at grouse mountain high above the city of vancouver, british columbia. the start of the eighth day of competition here at the xxi winter olympics. i'm matt lauer along with meredith vieira, ann curry and al roker. and this morning, tiger woods is speaking out about the scandal he's involved in and the state of his marriage. we're going to have more on that in a live report in a couple of minutes. also ahead, team usa built their lead in the medal count on thursday, led by evan lysacek's gold medal in the men's figure
9:01 am
skating. first time an american man has won the gold since 1988 when brian boitano did it. we're going to have more with him, with evan, in just a bit. >> yeah, and his was not even the only great performance by a u.s. person in this olympics, because julia mancuso won silver to tie bode miller as our country's most decorated olympic skier. >> we're going to hear from her, just ahead. but first, let's go to new york where amy robach has got the headlines of the morning, filling in while ann is with us here in vancouver. amy, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. today in florida, from tiger woods, a public statement and an apology. nbc's kerry sanders is in ponte vedra beach, florida. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. at 11:00 a.m. eastern, tiger woods will walk out into a room at the tpc clubhouse. he'll walk up to a lectern. in the first row there may be some family members. there are some friends that are gatherg and there are at least three wire service reporters in the room. tiger woods will make a statement. this is one that he's been planning for a while. he's spoken to his lawyers, his
9:02 am
agents. so, it will be interesting to see how heartfelt it can be as he balances what he wants to say and what they will allow him to say. but this is apparently allart of his treatment for sex addiction, making an apology to those he has harmed. so, he will walk into the room. there are no questions, even though our reporters are going to be in the room. he may speak somewhere from five to seven minutes, and then afterwards will walk out. all of this comes, of course, on the heels of the scandal that broke after that thanksgiving day accident. the thanksgiving evening, he left his house because of text messages that his wife had spotted on his phone. a fight ensued. he drove his car away, first hit a fire hydrant, then a tree, and then, well, all the details started to spill out about women that he had had affairs with. he has apologized, he said, for his infidelity, but thas only been in a statement on the website. so, today we will hear from him for the first time. it is still unclear whether his
9:03 am
wife, elin nordgren, will be standing by his side, but our sources say she will not be there. amy? >> kerry sanders in florida. thank you. texas officials are trying to determine if a suicidal man loaded a small plane with extra fuel to do maximum damage before flying it into an irs building in austin. 53-year-old joe stack, a software engineer, blamed the irs for robbingim of his life savings and ruining his career while allowing corrupt executives to walk away with millions. stack's long and bitr feud ended thursday when he crashed his plane, killing himself and an irs worker. nato says six coalition troops were killed thursday in afghanistan, the deadliest day yet in the current offensive in marjah. one military official says it could take another 30 days to win control of the area. there was an emotional homecoming last night as three of the eight american missionaries released in haiti returned to idaho. others arrived in kansas. and this morning they spoke with
9:04 am
ann and expressed concern that their being jailed may have taken attention away from the real problems in haiti. >> because we've been in jail for the last three weeks, it's hard for me to imagine that we have intentionally or at any level taken away attention from the need in haiti. the need is incredible. and unless you're really there on the ground to see the kind of destruction and disaster that's ther there. you know, we're four guy -- well, we're a group of ten people that are convinced that it's better to get up off the couch and go and help people than to just sit on the couch and do nothing. >> two other americans remain jailed in haiti. and an about-face from the president of toyota. today he said he will testify after all before congress next week when u.s. lawmakers look into toyota's recent recalls. it is four minutes past the hour now. let's head back to matt,
9:05 am
meredith, ann and al. >> amy, before we let you go, we've been telling people at home all week long now that the hottest souvenir item here in vancouver, these canadian mittens -- >> yes. >> they're cool. well, you have been doing such a fantastic job -- >> great job. >> -- that we have scoured the country, and with the help of the people at the hudson bay company, we have scored you a pair of those said canadian mittens. >> whoo-hoo! >> they're right here. bringing them home to you. >> styling in manhattan. thank you! >> you don't sound very -- >> a little more enthusiasm. >> i've always wanted a pair of red mittens. thank you! >> i don't think she gets how important this is. >> no. we may getou a hockey jersey if you're really nice. >> i'm nice. >> all right, amy, thanks. >> yeah, you are nice, amy. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? she didn't like our mittens. >> i think she did. >> she was embarrassed -- >> she's embarrassed. >> she's in the newsroom. >> she's doing the news. >> right. >> you know what's nice? we give people a gift and then
9:06 am
we give them a raft of -- anyway, let's take a look and show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. and we've got some gulf coast moisture moving through. another storm system coming into the south through southern california. we've got an upper level low in the midsection of the country causing rain and snow. we've got lots of windy conditions and some snow showers in northern new england. beautiful in the pacific northwest. look for a mix of snow and rain and ice in the breezy and chilly on this friday morning, good morning, we have some sunshine as well. temperatures aund the region are in the mid and upper 30s and the road temperatures are just getting above freezing. and later on today, we should make it into the mid 40s with that blustery northwest wind. and then during the afternoon saturday and sunday, should make it into the mid 40s again. now predawn on monday might have a wintr
9:07 am
and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. gold medalist evan lysacek was nice enough to spend a good deal of this morning with us, talking about his win last night, and i began by asking him if it had sunk in yet that he is the first u.s. male to win gold in figure skating in 22 years. >> it hasn't even started to, but you know, what i'm really excited about was the performance. that's what i came here to do, was do my job and have, hopefully, my best skate in the most important moment of my life. and i'll never forget it. and hopefully, this medal will start to sink in, but right now i'm just ecstatic about the whole night. >> i remember when we talked about a month ago in new york city and we talked about torino, where you came in fourth. and you said you realized at that point it wasn't enough just to come back to an olympics. you need to get on that podium. >> yeah. i think i have to thank the guys from torino tt medaled, because watching them climb up on the podium and receive their medals was more inspiration than i've ever had, and it drove me
9:08 am
and it was definitely a driving force in my life over the course of the last four years. and to not just be up there, to be standing on top and see my flag go up and hear my national anthem, it felt like a split second. it went so quickly. and i think now i'll just go back and watch that video -- >> over and over. it's going to be on a loop in your house. >> yeah, totally. >> let's talk about your performance, because you were the first to go in the final group. were you nervous? >> first is tough and last is really tough, too, and evgeni went last and did an awesome job. but for me, you know, i was nervous until about an hour before, and then my coach like had just the right words to tell me to calm me down and then -- >> what did he say to you? your coach is frank carroll, as we all know. >> yeah. he's a great psychologist and he kept reminding me that, like, you can't worry about the outcome, because your best, you know, it might be good enough for silver, it might be good enough for bronze, it might be good enough to win. but you know, all i could do was my job, and if i got wrapped up in that other stuff, it's not a healthy thought process. so, once i just got the focus
9:09 am
back to what my job was and tried to do what i do in training every day, then i got calm and i knew i could do it. >> you know, there was so much talk, we mentioned before, about doing a quad, not doing a quad. your chief competitor, plushenko, did one in the short and the long programs. you decided early on not to do one. did you ever question that decision? did you ever think,ie geez, i really should? >> well, i spent so much time perfecting every step between the starting pose and the ending pose and it's a 4-minute program and you're gaining with every step. so for me, i spent countless hours working on some of the most mundane moves in skating, but i knew that the base of my program was really strong, and with the jumps and spins added and combine that total, i would be okay. >> i was a nervous reck. i was like your mother in the stands, a nervous reck, and you were brilliant, but my favorite moment was at the end when you suddenly pumped your fists up in the air and went "yes, yes, yes!" what's going through your mind
9:10 am
at that point? >> oh, man, i couldn't control it. i don't even know. my body was doing its own thing. you almost can't believe it when you've done it a thousand times in practice or, you know, hundreds of thousands of times, that time that it really counts that you've pulled it off, it's a great feeling. >> you had to wait and five other skaters went after you. did you watch them skate? >> you know, it's not often, because usually it goes in reverse order of the short. >> right. >> so, i actually had the opportunity to pull up a seat and become a spectator in the event and watch these other guys. >> you wanted to watch them? >> yeah. no, i've competed against these guys for years and they're friends of mine, i admire them. they're incredible, incredibl competitors and great talents. and you know, just to sort of take a seat and cheer them on was a really cool, cool experience for me and it made me feel like i was more a port of the olympics. >> and when plushenko came out on to the ice and performed, did you know at the end of that that you had had it won? we were all -- there was a hush over the audience, because we didn't know who was going to get the gold. >> you know what, i didn't know,
9:11 am
and i turned back to frank, my coach, and i said i don't care if it's gold or silver. it was a winning performance for me. >> you really didn't care? >> it was really a personal victory. in that moment, i didn't care. >> how about in the moment that you found out it was you? >> then i didn't want to go back. then i didn't. >> yeah. >> no, it's unbelievable. it's so special. >> and for your coach, frank carroll as well, he has coached many great, great skaters, but you're his first olympic gold medal winner. what do you want to say to him? >> that was actually my first thought was my coach who's been working for this olympic gold longer than i've been alive. so, to be able to give it to him and now the u.s. has seen rewards, for the coach to have a medal as well and for the u.s. to have such a great olympic games this time around, it's like a dream come true. >> what does your family mean to you now in terms of the support through the years to get to this point? >> you know, i just kept thinking here, i want to make my family proud. and it's funny that, you know, with the olympics and the crowds
9:12 am
and the media and everything else that's going on that really, that is just my first driving factor, is making my family and friends and coaches proud, the people that have been behind me. and i know what i've sacrificed and they've sacrificed and worked and given, you know, just as much. so, this gold medal belongs to them. it belongs to my coaches, and you know, my family, for sure. >> gold medal winner evan lysacek. and coming up next, the most decorated female olympic skier in u.s. history, julia mancuso, right after this. in the middle , why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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9:16 am
coming up huge during these games. two silvers in two tries and a gold from torino, making her the most decorated female alpine skier in u.s. history. >> down to the finish line. wow! >> reporter: at the end of today's race, there was this great moment with you kicking your feet into the air. what was going through your head at that moment? >> i think i was just so excited and i just fell over and i was just like a little kid, just jumping with joy. >> reporter: when julia mancuso skied into the record books thursday with her third career medal, the 25-year-old was finally able to forget about an old back injury and recent struggles and enjoy another olympic success. >> i haven't skied that good at slalom in a long time. i kind of felt like i was going for it. made a little mistake in the middle there, got low, but i really just carried my speed all the way across the finish. i just put all of my energy and all of my focus into these races, and it really paid off. >> reporter: mancuso had a
9:17 am
front-row seat minutes later when longtime rival lindsey vonn clipped a gate and crashed in her effort to secure a second gold. >> it's always a bummer to see your teammate crash, but that's kind of what slalom's all about. it's the event where anything can happen. >> reporter: tell me about the tights. >> well, you know, just trying to have some fun. >> reporter: this free spirit from squaw valley, california, is having plenty of fun these days, with two more chances to return to the podium and don her favorite accessory. will we see the tiara again tonight? >> always. i ll rock the tiara forever. >> julia mancuso! >> this year represents to me just believing in yourself and everyone's a princess. i think everyone should go out there and rock a teaiartiara. >> reporter: her next race, the women's super-g, is scheduled for saturday. you finally get a chance to stop and breathe. how will you spend your day friday? >> i'm going to go skiing and enjoy it and then finally get a chance to clean my room. that's probably the most important thing. i have stuff everywhere. >> reporter: including a medal or two. >> yeah, including a couple of
9:18 am
medals by the end of tonight. >> reporter: don't lose that in the dirty laundry. >> yeah. >> reporter: so, that answers that question, no dirty laundry duty. you don't get out of that when you win two silver medals. she's still responsible for cleaning her own room today. by the way, she and her family celebrated with a champagne toast last night. she has a chance to defend her gold medal in the giant slalom one week from today. >> oh, my god. all right, thanks so much, peter alexander. and still ahead this morning, chasing an olympic dream to make her daughter proud. we're going to meet the team usa skeleton star. that's coming up after this. but i didn't know why. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. and then he recommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. so now, i'm learning what a day is like with less pain. lyrica is not for everyone. tell your doctor about any serious allergic reaction
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9:22 am
i'm trying to keep up with my friends at the "today" show who are covering the winter olympics up in vancouver. meanwhile, on "shutter island," the location of today's movie, every inch of that island is a hospital for the criminally insane. about to check in to check out this alcatraz-like island are two federal marshals, leonardo dicaprio and his partner mark rupe low. their job, follow the baffling escape of a homicidal patient from her locked down iron-barred room. how'd she do it? >> you are hereby required to surrender your firearms. >> we are federal marshals. >> but during your stay you will obey protocol. >> feelings of foreboding are inescapable as the master director martin scorsese draws the feds into a maze, a maze inside an enigma with variations. >> try to heal. try to kill. >> dicaprio cannot penetrate the composure of the
9:23 am
straight-talking head doctor head doctor, ben kingsley, who does not couch his opinions in psychobabble. dicaprio's own questions are relentless. he can corner and pen a patient into a frenzy. >> stop that! please stop! >> scorsese injects the mystery with shocks. it's a jigsaw puzzle of crazy-shaped pieces, and they're all blank. then, when he snaps in the last piece, we're stunned by the picture of -- no, no, no, no. it's imperative not to know how it comes out. any reviewers who give away this story should be committed to shut up island. this brainy thriller is called "shutter island." i call it "shutter island." and that's the "critic's corner" shuttering up for today and shutting up, too. >> all right. >> gene likes it.
9:24 am
>> yeah. give me the creeps, though, not gene, the movie. >> be clear about that. >> gene looked really good in the olympic garb. did you see the run he did earlier? >> excellent. >> we've got to talk about that. still ahead, vancouver's best shopping. we'll show you around the posh granville island. we've all been there. it's cool. first, a look at memorable olympic moments courtesy of our friends at getty images. and thehave been capturing the games like no one else. take a look. ♪ ♪
9:25 am
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new danonino from dannon. power packed to help build strong bones. our time right now is 9:26, we have 38 degrees, beautiful blue skies, still a little chilly on this friday, this 19th day of february, 2010. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs, in the news4 today, we'll soon learn how local school districts will make up missed days of school. in maryland, the school district will decide if the missed days of schools have to be made up at all. some school districts could have time added to their school days. d.c. schools will announce their plans next week.
9:27 am
we're going to take a break now and come back and
9:28 am
good morning, we'll have quite a bit of sunshine today and a temperature in the upper 40s, tomorrow we might have some patchy -- a little more ice around on sunday morning during the afternoon into the mid 40s. and then monday morning we may have a brief wintry mix to be followed by rain, looks lake that rain may linger into tuesday and then end by tuesday afternoon and wednesday partly to mostly cloudy, could get a little light snow on thursday. now for the traffic on this friday morning. >>till loaded up, new york avenue inbound hung up with a broken down vehicle as you make your trip on local capitol street. one more stop along interstate 66, it is better, still backed
9:29 am
up to the roosevelt bridge. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. it's love notes friday and a local bride and groom say they
9:30 am
♪ from the artistry of ice dancing to the speed of the super-g featuring both lindsey vonn and bode miller to apolo ohno's quest to be the most decorated olympian in u.s. history, it's a jam-packed weekend of olympic action. you can catch it all right here on nbc. and we are still right here on grouse mountain outside in front of the fire pit, joined now by lester holt. >> wow, look at how -- we need our audiences riveted here. >> no. that's two more fans we've lost. >> wow. >> this is not good.
9:31 am
>> we made them get up so early. >> it's not surprising because this show is so action-packed. >> you might think that's one of our producers. >> that's the best spin you could put on it. that's good. >> no, they said "wake me when it gets good." >> wow, lester holt coming in to score! >> nasty one. >> we're going to see what's coming up over the weekend. >> what are you guys doing over the weekend? >> maybe skiing? >> i want to get to that hockey. >> sunday night. >> you want to know what's coming up on weekend "today"? >> in a second. boy, you're really honing in. >> geez! >> first, we want to tell you about an olympic dream fulfilled. american skeleton racer noelle pikus-pace nearly died on an accident on the track four years ago. today she is a mother and she could win an olympic medal today in vancouver. her story is coming up. >> that's terrific. and not only is there world-class competition here in vancouver, there's also world-class shopping. so, ladies and gentlemen, start
9:32 am
your credit cards. leave it to bobbie thomas to find it all. she is going to show us around vancouver's famed granville market. >> that's right. but now the aforementioned lester holt looking especially dapper, i think, this morning, telling us about what's coming up on the weekend. >> well, we'll have, of course, the latest results and medal winners. you ever wonder what the athletes listen to on their ipod? we find out what some of them listen to during competition. then i go for the ride of my life in the four-man bobsled. >> oh, boy! >> ooh. >> did you wear the outfit, lester? >> no, i didn't wear the outfit. i couldn't get into the tights, but -- >> oh, come on. >> you didn't want to get into the tights. >> it's about 48 seconds of sheer terror. >> how fast are you going? >> about 5.2 gs at one point. >> were you in the front or the back? >> i was number two. they said it was the most comfortable position. >> speaking of number two. wow. >> and good night, folks! >> we can't take him anywhere. we really can't. >> oh, man. >> okay.
9:33 am
>> that's great. >> that's a great introduction -- >> to the weather. >> thank you very much. i've been in that bobsled. i know what i'm talking about! anyway, let's check it out for your weekend, see what's going on. for tomorrow, sunshine up and down the eastern seaboard, beautil in the pacific northwest, showers in the lower mississippi river valley, rain in the mid-mississippi river valley. then sunday, sunday, we're looking at sunny skies mid-atlantic down into florida, good morning, a blustery wind and we have some sunshine, temperatures now in the 30s to near 40 degrees, we should warm up another 5 degrees for highs later on this afternoon and the winds should diminish by tonight. and tomorrow morning could have some more patchy ice. afternoon highs mid 40s. there may be a brief wintry mix on monday morning and then rain afte
9:34 am
and that's your latest weather. we have an update. >> oh. >> oh, they didn't pack away -- >> they're up. >> wait a minute -- >> oh, we lost them! >> oh. oh, well. i think it was that comment you made. anyway, up next, something's going to stand up, or whatever. got to be careful with that. we're going to meet a member of team usa chasing an olympic medal for herself and her olympic daughter. first, these messages. >> here's the line. here's meredith . [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon.
9:35 am
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(woman 2) it happens to me when i go for a jog (woman 3) it actually happens to me when i sneeze (woman 4) it happens to me too (woman 5) sometimes it just happens (announcer) 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage, or... ...lbl poise liners are specifically designed for lbl so they protect better than period only liners learn more at >> announcer: "today's olympic moms" is brought to you by p&g, proud sponsor of moms. this morning on "today's olympic moms," one american athlete's incredible journey after an accident that could have killed her. here's nbc's jim maceda. >> reporter: speed is oxygen for
9:38 am
noelle pikus-pace. she loves the rush of sledding on a virtual cookie sheet at 80 miles an hour. >> what better job can you have than putting a sled down on the ice and printing and diving down onto your stomach head first down a crazy olympic hill? >> reporter: but her olympic journey has been anything but fast track. four years ago in her hot pink suit, noelle was ranked number one in the world, the favorite to win the gold in torino, until a freak accident while training in calgary ended her dream and could have killed her. >> i look over my shoulder and here comes this big, black, four-man bobsled, which weighs over 1,000 pounds, and it's just coming down the track 60, 70 miles an hour, and it was just too late. >> reporter: the bobsled, out of control, sent her flying 15 feet in the air. >> the bones came out right in here. >> reporter: a compound fracture of her right leg 114 days before the games. at that point, noelle could have hung up her sled for good, and few, if any, would have questioned her decision, but
9:39 am
pikus-pace was only beginning the hardest race of her life. pushing her body to the limit and building muscle eight hours a day around a titanium rod from knee to ankle. by sheer grit, she made the team, but only as an alternate. she was devastated. >> i should have been there, and i could have done well. and i guess it didn't mean so much to me until after i knew it was gone. >> reporter: but pikus-pace, a mormon, went on to win the world cup in 2007, denying the odds, she said, with god's help. >> first and foremost, it comes down to faith, and i really couldn't have made it this far or done anything without his help. are you going to help mommy? >> reporter: or the family's. in 2008, she walked away from the sport and into a settled life with husband jansen and their baby daughter, lacy, but something went missing, her olympic dream. >> i want to see my little girl, you know, cheering me on, and i want her to know what it has taken me to get there and i never gave up.
9:40 am
>> go, go, go, go, go! >> reporter: so, noelle came back yet again, and despite new stress fractures, she's one of team usa's big hopes for a medal. after vancouver, pikus-pace says she'll retire for good, become a full-time mom again and seek other adventures. but the hard lesson this champion has learned -- >> it doesn't matter what happens to you. it's all about how you react to it. >> reporter: -- will last a lifetime. >> that was fun. >> reporter: jim maceda, nbc news, vancouver. >> and noelle is now in fifth place, less than a second out of first going into today's final competition. and coming up next, our fabulous finds at vancouver's hottest shopping district. that's coming up right after this. [ male announcer ] mix it.
9:41 am
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plus calcium and vitamin d. new yoplus. the proactive nutrition yogurt. ♪ [ male announcer ] some reminders have a way of disappearing. [ cellphone beeps ] ours don't. [ computer dings ] payment reminders help you stay on top of bills. [ cellphones ringing, vibrating ] [ computer beeps ] get started at bank of america. this morning on "today's olympic style," treasures from granville island. now, if you've never bee to vancouver, it is a must see. a former industrial site that's been transformed into a posh neighborhood of shops and cafes.
9:44 am
well, "today" style editor bob b bobbie thomas ok it upon herself to check it all out. ♪ >> i've heard so much about granville island here in vancouver. i'm so excited. i have my map, my umbrella. let's go check it out. come on. i've been told to come in here and check out all the special stitching. >> this is our embroidery. that's the canadian wine hurst. >> this is perfect for me. "i will cook for shoes." i'm so excited about this, but i also remembered my family. i have some great stuff. i'm finding all the cute boys today. you want to go first? >> ladies first. >> ladies first? look it. i'm doing well. i'm doing well with the guys. ♪
9:45 am
>> i don't know if this is working. this is a serious hat. i love how just one small accessory like a hat can immediately take you back in time. >> oh, absolutely. >> and give you a new look. mm. sorry, cameraman has to eat, too. this is so good. mm, that's amazing! this is really good. want to try? >> this is malted barley. have a taste of it. >> yeah. >> not bad. these are the hocks and they look a little bit like pine cones. >> i like that. well, granville island is definitely one of vancouver's gems. i had a great time and i can't wait to come back. >> all right, bobbie thomas, good morning! >> good morning. >> this looks fantastic. i haven't gotten there yet. i've got to get over there. >> it is such a special place. i loved it. and i'm so excited, because even if you're not in vancouver, you can still get your hands on a
9:46 am
souvenir because of the internet. all this is available online. >> let's get started here. there's stuff you can do yourself. >> i stopped into the silk weaving studio and they have five working looms and you can see a silk worm spinning or fattening up a leaf. and what's great is with the accessories you have ready to go, you can pick up for your daughter a dyi kit to do at home. and they'll give you a design to offer. >> very cool. >> and i loved dream, a boutique that featured canadian designers. and the owner told me she had developed a giant scrunchie. >> wow! >> this is not for your hair, ladies. >> i was going to say. >> this is just something extra she was creating to add, whether you wear it as a vest or i choke al. >> i feel like uncle fester. >> this is actually just a cool, versatile piece. and i loved that the girl behind the register was so sweet. she was even selling her jewelry there.
9:47 am
bianca barr has great whimsical pieces like the biotie necklace and her jewelry. >> tell us about the slippers and stuff. >> they stuck out in another place called the circle craft, which was a co-op of designers. and these are padrog slippers. adults that wore them as children seek them out for their children. they come from newborn to adult sizes. so great. also, leather workers, really fantastic, from the area. rudy diesvel created these. anything from $16 to $165 for the more elaborate journals. >> terrific. and everybody loves playing with puppets. >> everybody loves puppets. i was looking for something unique artwise and you and i can put on a cute puppet show. >> hello, buddy, good to see you! hi, hi. >> wow. okay. well, these are from susan kane, an artist from hornby island that's known for their artisans. >> tell me about this great stuff, embroidered special. >> you can go to just in stitches.
9:48 am
this is a tuque, a knit cap. you can get these embroidered. matt has a special one. >> a very special one for matt. >> a special one for matt that has the no deer zone -- >> it's got no deer on it. >> no deer. and of course, i couldn't come back without having you try some of the beer, the chocolate stout and the winter ale and lemon nuts and raspberry nuts we found in the market. >> and this is beer brewed with chocolate? >> yes. itas chocolate mixed into the barley. taste that. what a combination. chocolate beer and the lemon nuts. >> like drinking your hershey bar. bobbie thomas, thanks so much. >> thank you so much. >> by the way, you can check out bobbie's column "the buzz" in "in touch weekly" magazine.
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> announcer: "today's northern exposure" is brought to you by bank of america. bank of opportunity. this morning on our "today's
9:51 am
northern exposure," our mike leonard found that even though canada's known for its cold temperatures, the people here are known for their warmth. ♪ >> reporter: to be where the action is in canada these days is to be out west in vancouver and not 3,900 miles in the opposite direction amid the quiet inlets, coves and bays on the other canadian coast, the rocky shoreline of nova scotia, where the clock is four hours ahead of vancouver time, but the pace of life, well, as nova scotia writer and inn owner ron mcginnis reserves, the pace of life here lags a bit. >> sometimes it's said that we're so far behind, we're ahead. >> reporter: and they like it that way in this maritime province where nature, not the clock, dictates when sea faring people like terry saunders go to work. >> you go to watch the skies. -of-got to do all the things the ancient mariner did. there is still the 65-year-d fisherman that's going to look at the sky this morning and say i'm not going out there today.
9:52 am
>> reporter: the skies change, the waters change, the seasons change, but many of the small fishing villages dotting the coastline don't, and why should they? >> ah, the beauty that's around us. >> reporter: ann chism a her husband arch run the bay hammocks company in the town of sea bright, and in true nova scotia form, they make their hammocks and swings the old-fashioned way, their 80-year-old machines twirling and spinning out rope that ties a product built for relaxation to a long line of hardy souls whose lives were anything but relaxing. >> most of the knots in a hammock were probably invented by a sailor. >> the weaving, the repairing of the nets. rope is part of the maritime. >> reporter: binding, securing, holding together the tools of their trade that puts food on their table, food to be shared free of charge with a total stranger who just wandered in. this came from the waters nearby? >> yes. yep. this came from the bay.
9:53 am
>> reporter: a hospitable gesture not uncommon to the area. >> i think the expression that comes to mind is that you could go and knock on a door and you might stay for the week or even stay for the winter. >> reporter: which brings up another nova scotian expression. >> giver. giver. just as something we would say in the bar, you know, as a toast, you know, giver, you know. let's do our best. let's put our best foot forward and make the best situation we possibly can. >> reporter: a canadian trait experienced firsthand from province to province and from coast to coast. ♪ farewell to nova scotia, the sea down coast ♪ >> reporter: for "today," mike leonard, nbc news, peggys cove, nova scotia. >> we love canada. how can you not love canada? >> it's so diverse from east to west. it's amazing the changes you can see culturally and physically. who's your friend? oh, that's the bobbie thomas bear? >> bobbie thomas bear and the arf you got and your hat.
9:54 am
>> my no deer hat, which is nice. so, we have a very, very big weekend coming up if you're a sports fan. we have got canada taking on the united states in hockey on sunday night. >> woo! >> and you can watch that game on nbc. it's going to be a big one. >> and coming up, kathie lee and hoda with their unique take on the olympics. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye, everybody! >> we've got a full week of shows next week. >> bye! >> bye! >> that will give her another medal, her second of these games in two events. >> and it is official, hannah teter is the silver medalist, kelly clark the bronze. >> how does it feel? >> amazing! >> it's so much fun. such a blast. the pipe was epic. ♪ ♪ fly like an eagle >> and i was at the finals last night to see evan win the gold medal, and may i just say for the record, yes! it'so great! favorite moment, i think, was at the end when you suddenly pumped
9:55 am
your fists up in the air and you went, "yes, yes!" .
9:56 am
9:57 am
our time r50ik9 now is 9:56, 38 degrees, a lot of nice sunshine on in friday, the 19th day of february, good morning, i'm joe krebs, and in the news for today, metro riders are waiting longer for trains, the new figures show that ontime performance is down considerably. between july and december, trains showed up on time 89 percent of the time. but between a year earlier, on time arrivals were up to 93%. >> now let's get a check on our forecast, let's go to meteorologist tom kiron. >> more melting today, breezy and chilly, temperatures now around 40 degrees, should make it into the mid 40s this afternoon with a blistery northwest wind and quite a bit of sunshine and mostly clear tonight and some refreezing tonight so watch out for patchy
9:58 am
ice this morn. now we may have a brief period of a wintry mix perhaps predawn on monday and rain after that that may linger into tuesday. how's the traffic, jerry? >> looking pretty good both directions to and from the american region bridge with lanes open and one more stop, the drive along 395 still packed in pretty tightly. we haven't had any accidents reported. >> coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. it's love notes friday and a local bride and groom have a unique story about how they got together.
9:59 am
10:00 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television we're still not in vancouver. >> no. we're trying to fool you. >> it's us. remember us. >> hey. >> it's friday, which we affectionately call bye-bye day. >> bye-bye. >> you are going to go see your precious hannah. >> yes. i think we have a quick picture. she turned 3 yesterday. look at the anticipation of about -- look at that. about to blow out the candle on the cupcake.
10:01 am
>> you're going to go have a big party for her. >> yes, we are. >> i have a present i want you to take with you. and i have a very special person to deliver it. yesterday, what did we give her? >> the original kathy and janet best pals rag dolls and we want to give that to hannah. >> thank you. >> named isabelle after our mom. >> we were at the skating rink. when people knew it was you -- it's so funny. >> they get so excited. >> they go crazy. >> because for a ctain age of us, it represents -- i played with her paper doll. >> even jojo starbuck, a two-time olympian looked over at you and said are you kidding me? >> look at the lennon sisters. >> there's a beautiful whole gift line. >> happy birthday for hannah.
10:02 am
>> best, best pals. >> and favorite cd for chiren for her. >> thank you. >> she's going to my house for lunch today. >> oh, yeah. before we start, let's again look at the new york-city based crowd. they think they have a crowd in vancouver but we have packed them. >> this guy is back two days in a row. >> this girl over here, look at her, she's 40, allegedly. do you see her? >> i still had energy then, too. >> i don't think so. >> that was a long time ago. >> please come out again next week. it's lonely. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> we need you to come. so many people were envious of tiger woods because he had everything but i don't think there's a man on the planet who wishes he was tiger today. >> at 11:00, he is going to speak. he put on these rules, one camera, three services, ap, bloomberg and a couple of reporters. >> hand picked. >> friends and family.
10:03 am
and one guy from the golf network. >> yes. >> refused to come. >> golf news writers. which i sort of like. >> not just him, the whole group. >> i sort of like how they said if you're not going to take questions from us and you're going to have a prepared statement in a room with a camera, why go? >> i get their point and respect it. i wonder if he is so mindful of what he is going to say that if he says anything off course or off script, he could be in legal troubles. i imagine there are a lot of women waiting to see what he has to say. >> and gloria allreds waiting to see what he says. what could he say? he said i'm sorry in a prepared statement before. if he says -- if he explains a little bit about -- they say he's going back to rehab immediately following the news conference, sex rehab. >> i don't know. i just -- what came to my mind is something -- a scripture that says what does it profit a man
10:04 am
if he gains the whole world but loses his very soul? i'm t saying he lost his soul but somewhere along the line he got off moral compass. he won't work at anything so hard, forget golf, as he has to work on his marriage. >> if he has to focus with so much stuff going on. >> he is legendary for his incredible focus. >> we'll see. >> in the past he had a gallery that worshipped and adored him. people who are used to being worshipped and adored aren't e used to it when people don't worship and adore anymore. >> have you seen pictures? >> why do you wantme to say it? >> he looks a little bigger.
10:05 am
>> that's roarin' tiger. >> if you're not working out -- >> there's tubby tiger. he is a handsome man. >> yes, he is. >> he can lose that weight. the one thing he won't be able to do is lose the public's interest, the stain on his reputation from this. >> sure. >> but he could fly to haiti and do a whole bunch of good, too, and start -- stop being so self absorbed. when you're that kind of an athlete, it's such a self absorbed world. >> i think it was a bad news to say i'm going to have a news conference. i'm not going to take a question. >> it looks like more of the same. >> it feels like it. today is the day up until 3:00 this afternoon you can bid on our footballs. my money from my football is going to go to the salvation army for their work in haiti. >> i'm just over it. >> no. you can never be weary in well doing. >> mine's going to habitat. >> habitat for humanity. >> let me explain. i have 8 million signatures. she has two. she gets all the bids. i get like a few. i checked it, because i'm czy,
10:06 am
last night before i went to bed. someone -- your bid was like $2,026. >> 26. >> someone bid me up to $2,025. why would someone do that? it's like a dollar below -- >> because people are cruel. >> did you do that? did you do that? >> no. nope. >> now i hear there are morbids because she called on her friends from florida to back up the money truck. so, adam, tell me -- we're going to ask adam to reveal what the price of these footballs -- >> this whole football auction thing, hoda, you know i love you, about that whole $1 i was a little suspicious. >> who did it? >> do you know who did it? >> i don't, but kathie lee is at $2,550, hoda is at $2,500. so, $50. >> that's all from ocean reef? i am stunned and frankly a little embarrassed. >> i know. i thought the goldsteins had your back on this one. >> there is still hope. from 3:00 today, bid on either
10:07 am
of these footballs that you want, okay? mine has archie manning and it has emmitt smith, kim kardashian and meany from the real housewives and nene. >> and dr. ruth. >> she's not, is she? bob schieffer is on mine. >> that goes until 3:00. it's been a lot of fun. the olympics has been a lot of fun. last night was one of those nights where -- >> a real upset. >> yes. it was unexpected. the russian guy was supposed to win. >> plushenko. >> he was supposed to win the figure skating and, lo and behold -- >> life happened. >> lysacek came up and just nailed it. it was amazing. >> it was superb. didn't make any mistakes and plushenko tried his quad and landed it, but was a little sloppy. >> right, right. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> compared to us out on the ice yesterday -- >> that was sad. >> i think we have a picture. >> it's pathetic.
10:08 am
>> we're going to show you the whole thing next week with jojo starbuck. >> that's not greeting. she's teaching me how to skate. >> that's hoda, who rarely left that spot. >> what are you doing in this picture? >> pushing you. >> allegedly. >> little booty control. >> that was the before picture, thank god. i get really afraid -- i picture my -- this is pathetic. it's just a sad, sad thing. >> it really is pathetic. wait till you see on tuesday. >> you're out. we're going to pick our favorite moment. >> we need to say also why this -- >> why would we ever explain why there's alcohol on the set? >> appently beer is good for you, good for your bones so you won't get osteoporosis. >> it's a study. there is a real study out there. >> solid, lid scientific research behind this. >> there's silicone in it. >> there's silicone in a lot of things. anyway --
10:09 am
>> we're going to pick our favorite olympic moments. what is yours? >> when shaun white did his victory lap on the halfpipe because he didn't have to. he was so thrilled, having already won, he had nothing to lose. look at that. and he did that out of sheer exhaltation and joy of the sport and love, i think, for his fans. and everybody went crazy. >> that was a great moment. >> sometimes we have to remember it's about the joy of the sport. we get so involved with the endorsements and the money. but he started out doing that as a little kid because he loves it. >> he exudes it. i don't know if you saw, there is a 5-month pregnant curler on the canadian curling team. >> can curling get any funnier? >> you can be five months pregnant and curl. she is one of women who have ever competed pregnant. >> your footballs have gone up
10:10 am
in, what, the past two minutes? >> be careful. >> kathie lee is ahead at $2,750, hoda you're at $2,225. >> mine went up? >> yes. >> hello! thank you. coming up, more on the performance of a lifetime by evan lysacek, who upset defending champion. >> plushenko. love to say that. plus we'll check in with an sara haines live from vancouver.
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
now on to "today's" olympic highlights. if you watched last night you were probably on the edge of your seat for many of the events. >> yes, you were, from evan lysacek's gold to lindseyvonn's tumble, we've got it all covered with miss sara haines in vancouver. hi, sara. >> reporter: good morning. >> hope you're drinking beer there in vancouver.
10:14 am
it's good for your bones. >> reporter: they don't deliver drinks to me. you guys are kind of a big deal. >> that's not nice. talk about lysacek last night. that was special. >> reporter: he just left here. he was out signing autographs. such a nice guy. i'm going to e-mail pictures of him sleeping in the green room, our little secret. in this long freeskate, the thing is in the second half of your routine, you earn bonus points for doing your jumps. plushenko had a front-heavy routine and he's not known for that stamina whereas evan packed the end of his programo make sure he could outscore plushenko even with his quad. >> do you know whapercentage he beat him by? >> reporter: i don't know off the top of my head. >> gold is gold. >> reporter: yeah. >> lindsey vonn.
10:15 am
>> she just put so much pressure on her shin the day before in the downhill. that was sad when she took the tumble. >> reporter: that was so sad. that is knotted a mistake that is associated with that injury. i don'know if you can completely separate the two, considering she did lose some training time, trying to stay off her feet. >> yeah. what about mancuso? she'soing so well. we are hearing more and more about her. >> two silver nous. >> she wear that is tiara. what is up with the tiara? >> mine is missing, by the way. >> reporter: she said she feels everyone should be a princess and it's about empowering yourself to believe in what you can do. i think she's like such -- she's the coolest person. people are so busy watching lindsey vonn that they're forgetting that julia mancuso is nail iing it with skirchsy and s more chances to win. she's up again this weekend. >> is there a lot of buzz about about her out there? >> reporter: yes and more -- with that second silver. it was already buzzing and now everyone is talking about it. >> she's cute. >> reporter: yeah, she's so cute
10:16 am
and that princess thing, i love a girl that says you're a princess every day. some of us act like one every day. >> some of us can't skate or ski. >> exactly, as we know. how about the u.s. hockey team? how are they doing? >> reporter: they did a great job last night. i went to the canada game. >> why, sara? >> reporter: they were able to beat -- well, i thought winning canada, right? that is a sight to be seen. you're in a sea of red and up and down the streets of canada, people hover outside the glass to yell out what's the score or to see the game through a window. people warned me about it. i had no idea how big this was. >> hockey is to canadians what football is to americans. >> absolutely. >> their national sport, boy. >> is it tough to get tickets to things out there, sara? >> reporter: it is very tough. that's one thing people don't -- once you're out here, they assume you get a go. it's so impossible to get tickets. i'm luy to have a little access to sneak into a very back row. yesterday i was able to get
10:17 am
tickets through a friend. that's why i had to go to the game. i missed the u.s. one. >> what's next? we always like to know what's coming up. what's up tonight? >> skating. >> ice dancing with tanith belbin and on sunday, u.s.a. and canada face off on the ice with hockey. so, that will be big. >> that will be huge, yeah. >> are you going to try to go to that one? >> reporter: i was a one-timer. i'm a u.s.a. fan. >> sarah, great. stay well, honey. love you. bye-bye. >> reporter: thank you. up next, he has appeared in more than 50 films and is set to star in the great white way, matthew dean in "the miracle worker" on broadway.
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
matthew modine has appeared in more than a dozen films, in
10:21 am
1 1987 memorable role in "full metal jacket" and "any given sunday." >> golden globe winner and nominated for an en -- enema. sorry. kathy lennon's husband keep it down over there, please. he is making his debut in a revival of helen keller's story "miracle worker." >> when you think of all you've done, what do you think when you listen to all your accomplishments? >> it sounds silly. i figure like i've just only figured out how to do my job. >> you've been faking it till now? >> yeah. you get by on charm and looks. >> who you know, who you slept with. >> and if you don't figure out how to hone your craft as you get older and get some snow on the roof, you're in trouble. >> what intrigued you about "the miracle worker"? what was it? >> first and foremost it's a play about communication. the miracle of the play is that you have this girl who was --
10:22 am
became deaf and blind and there's nothing that any of us could do to make her see or hear. you can't. you can't make a blind person see, but it's the idea that you could find a different way of communicating with somebody, you know, by teaching them how to speak through letters, by putting letters in someone's hand. that was the miracle. and i think that in the bigger sense of the world that we all share that if we can find ways of communicating with other people that becomes the solution to so many problems. >> to share the humanity we all have. >> yeah. >> little abigail breslan, grow ing up. now she's 13. >> how is she? >> she's a lovely, lovely little girl. she's been getting her bruises and cuts and stitches coming out of her hand now. she cut her hand last night on a porcelain doll. it's a very physical, very demanding role for her and, you know, she's up to the challenge. it's her broadway debut. you know, i love her mother. her brother.
10:23 am
it's just a good, strong family. >> we met her mother when she was here with her last time. you can tell she's very grounded, absent gail. >> yeah. >> everyone knows the moment when helen keller learns wa-wa and it's surprising that's the end of the play. >> hoda just gave it aw. >> that doesn't give it away. tell us about the wind up. >> i asked her, did you learn your lines yet? we have to learn our lines before we start the play and she kind of panicked, oh, no, you know my lines? i said, yeah, i know your lines. it is funny that the play ends at that point. that's when we puncture the envelope, you know. and she -- and it comes in a flood. and then helen keller became this extraordinary person in america, working for rights of people who couldn't see and couldn't hear. >> she became the voice for them in a strange way. >> if she were around today, she would be obama's greatest
10:24 am
mouthpiece for health care reform. >> yeah. >> interesting. i know you have a lot of other things that you do. among them -- people say they see you all the time on your bike in new york. you are derchtly a new york biker. >> that's my car. great thing about new york city, there's not really any hills in new york, so you can get around. most of the cities in america -- >> you don't have a helmet on. i'm just saying. >> i don't have a helmet, yeah. >> that's not good. >> you doesn't like helmets? >> no, you have to have one. >> helen keller would be upset with you. >> it's a really simple way to get around. >> in all kinds of weather you're out there on that bike? >> all kinds of weather, yeah. somebody asked me if there was something i could do to reduce my carbon footprint, what with would i do? i said ride a bike. >> opening show, we'll come see it.
10:25 am
10:26 am
coming up today at midday. >> we are just about a half hour away now from tiger woods making his public appearance. we're going to have a live report for you coming up. coming up o news4 midday, a welcome surprise for people who drive and walk in the district in morning. an army and trucks and plows spent the night clearing
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
makeover is brought tyou by maybelline new york. maybe she's born with it. maybe it's maybelline. we're back on this friday. it's time for the results of "today's" ambush makeovers on two lovely ladies. >> absolutely. ivillage contributor and stylist to the stars, luis licari is here as well as "today" show and "us weekly" contributor, jill martin. >> and author. >> and author, jill martin. we have to be honest, no one is on the plaza. it's the olympics. it's kind of barren. what did you do? >> they left us alone and went
10:31 am
to vancouver. instead of us finding them, they found us. isn't that right, jill? >> that's right. they've been contacting the show forever and these two lucky ladies got their wish. >> kathy mcevoy from fairfax, virginia, married for 32 years to husband greg, has two kids, after surviving breast cancer in 2004, she founded her own company that makes pink party wear. she spends a lot of time in sweatpants. let's take a listen to what she had to say. >> well, this is really fuy. you came in because you're actually good friends with our ambushee from last week, stephanie, and she told us that you really deserve this because you've gone through so much. >> i'm a breast cancer survivor and nothing like this has ever happened to me and i cannot wait! i'm so excited. >> all right. well, i know there's a hot body waiting under neelth here. are you ready to go? >> absolutely. i cannot wait. let's go! >> enthusiastic. >> none of us can wait. sister, peggy. peggy, don't take off your blind
10:32 am
fold until i telyou, okay? >> okay. >> are you all right? >> yep >> here is kathy before. all right, kathy, let's see the new you. come on out! wow! >> oh, wow! >> all right, sexy. are you ready, peg? take off your blindfold. >> oh, my god! >> are you ready to see yourself all right, kathy, spin around. >> oh, my god! >> wow! >> she likes what she sees. >> beautiful. >> oh, look at peggy. let's talk to sister peggy. >> sobbing her eyes out. >> what do you think of your sister? >> beautiful. >> beautiful. >> that's love. that's love. >> isn't that sweet? >> come over here. i can't even take it. come over. >> it's so dear. >> hug your sister. tell us about the hair. >> first thing we started out with this great haircut. >> luis. >> she has a short haircut but jennifer lawrence gave her this great pixie.
10:33 am
everything about her facial features are beautiful. now we get to see them. the hair was faded, no color color. i made it into a richer, chocolatey brown. >> mascara. oh, shoot. do we have a kleenex? >> tell us about the dress. that's beautiful, jill. >> you have ben and mindy's wedding coming up. look at the body on her hiding under that ski jacket. >> you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> why don't you both head right over there? >> our second lady is jessica levine, 35, from new york. she's been a social worker the past two years and is about to start her dream j in that field in a week and a half. how about that? somebody in this economy finding their dream job. >> unbelievable. >> she never wears makeup. her beauty routine consists of putting on moisturizer. >> i like it. >> let's hear her story. >> well, jessica, this is so cool because you've wanted a makeover since we started this segment. >> since the first time i saw
10:34 am
you doing it. i said that is totally exactly what i need. >> now you really deserve it because you're starting so many new things, right? >> yes. about a year and a half ago, i started the process of losing weight and i've kept 35 pounds off abofor abousix months, plus in about a week i'm starting a new job. so i figure it's a really great time to just get a fresh start. >> well, congratulations. we are going to give you this gift. are you ready to go? >> i'm ready! thank you. >> she's h with her beautiful sister-in-law, lisa. don't take that blind fold off yet. here is the old jessica. and let's bring out the new, brand new jessica levine. >> whoo! >> wow! >> all right, lisa, take it off. >> you look like your mom! >> that's a compliment. >> absolutely. >> huge compliment. >> turn around and see yourself, sweetheart. >> i need my glasses. oh, my god! >> wow! >> you like it? >> oh, my god.
10:35 am
i really do look like my mom. >> we want to see the split screen. go ahead, luis. >> jessica was looking for glamour. one of the sure-fired ways to give glamour is to give hair more fullness and make it look lighter and brighter. we did it with hair color and jennifer gave her this great hair color. whenever you change your hair color change the palette of your makeup. >> she wasn't wearing any. >> she finally put it on. >> i love that dress. >> she lost 35 pounds. you have to have a little black dress. you look fabulous. >> lisa, are you busting? >> busting. look at the waist. you're so hot! look at you. up next, don't you just want to eat them up? >> yes. >> our chef, curtis stone, is back cooking up delicious pasta, doing the second thing he does best. >> what's the first thing? >> i don't know. >> after this.
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
he just could not get enough of us, so he is back in "today's" kitchen. >> saucy chef curtis stone is whipping up delicious fettuccine with butterscotch and dark chocolate mousse for hoda. >> i'm so glad. >> glass of champagne. >> you know us very well. >> in case the food doesn't taste any good. i'm going to make a really simple, very healthy sauce.
10:40 am
butternut squash, all this beautiful stuff here, started with onions, garlic, butternut squash, little bit of white wine. you see it reducing right there. bring it up to boil, let it reduce for a minute and put in some stock. >> chicken stock? >> i'm using chicken stock but you could use veggie stock. this is a vegetarian dish. let it cook until the butternut squash is soft. once it's tender, you turn it off. >> tender. i love the way he says tender. >> i think curtis was out late last night. >> i was. >> i'm standing next to him, and i can kind of tell. i'm just saying. wow! wow! >> and then what you do is you put this into the blender -- >> what's her name? >> you pure it up. her name was juliette. that's actually the name of a nightclub. >> you were -- >> yeah, i don't go very often but last night my best mate just got his girlfriend pregnant, so -- >> breaking news. >> tommy! >> this is nbc news.
10:41 am
this is breaking news. >> just got his girlfriend -- >> does her mother know it? cause now she does. >> oh, my gosh. >> anyhoo, just another life shattered. >> moving on. >> no, no, no, no. >> he should have thought about it before he did. he didn't think things through. >> they're very happy. tommy and sharon, i love you both. >> now by name. it's getting worse. go on. >> okay. they're engaged. >> i would hope. >> so, onion, fennel -- totally lost it right now. anyway, what you do is -- i'm just sauteing some vegetables. >>eah, yeah, cook it. >> pureed that. >> this is puree sauce. >> butternut squash. >> hope that tastes better than it look. >> kathie, look. >> i fed two little kids, it looked like the food they ate when they were little. both ends. sorry.
10:42 am
>> next what you do is you take the fettuccine, add it. >> make a sloppy mess with it, don't you? >> you always put the noodles in the sauce as opposed to -- >> i like lots of sauce. >> me, too. >> you're going to eat the pasta. >> spring onions. >> oh, no. >> those aren't spring onions. those are snap pea. >> whatever you want to call them. spring onions or snap peas? what is wrong with you? >> when did you finally get to bed? >> stop it. you're destroying me. >> snap peas? he called them spring onions. >> snow peas. spring onions. take this back here. come back, kathie. >> leftovers. >> now, you basically just want to combine -- >> see, now that you're close to him, can you -- >> oh, yeah. >> now what i'm going to do is -- what i was planning to do was take the fork and look really special. you stick the fork in and you twist it up. you get this beautiful big spiral of pasta. >> look at this. >> that's how you serve it up.
10:43 am
>> this is the first one. >> this is great, curtis. >> really good. >> should i grate some cheese for you on top? >> please. use a shaver and do it like this or use the grater. >> how do you like it, hon sni. >> whatever you want, kathie lee. this is whole grain fettuccine. >> we've got to run, honey, so let's eat. >> you're going to lift the fork off. >> that's pretty. >> see. >> look what he's done. >> i've done something half decent. take these beautiful spring onions and put them around. >> we've got to run, honey. >> and here's some chocolate mousse. i'm going to try this. >> curtis, we adore you. up next, finding true loves in 90 days with our favorite ladies, diane kerschner.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
10:47 am
we've all been there or at least know someone who has.
10:48 am
you're meeting great guys and maybe not so great guys and you just can't seem to strike gold. >> maybe it's because you're dating the wrong kind of men. >> yeah, hello. >> how do you know whether to love them or lose 'em? diana kirschner joins us. >> great to see you again. >> what's the biggest mistake women make? >> being with the wrong person. >> they choose the wrong person? >> yes, being with the wrong person. that's why i wrote this new chapter in love in 90 days on the 60 dating games men play, so women could decide whether to stay in a relationship or to dump him with kindness and then be able to find a really good partner. >> this is a great segment we're doing. you're going to give us a quiz and ask us whether we should keep him or dump him. >> right. >> this is how people are going to learn something from this segment. >> either dateable or dumpable? >> date him or dump him. >> a lot of times women keep dating the same kind of bad
10:49 am
guys. >> right. it's very easy to miss it. ready to go? guy number e, super romantic, totally on your wavelength, crazy about you from day one. >> date him. >> dump him. >> why? >> because it's a show. >> chances are, he's crazy about you today, crazy about you tomorrow, crazy about the next one. see what i'm saying? >> no, but okay. >> yes. >> don't date the guy who gives you flowers, okay. next. >> the good news is once you dump him, you can find somebody new, a great partner in 90 days. moving on. number two, the coward. he's afraid of honest, straight talk. >> dump him. >> dump him. >> very afraid of conflict and if differences come up, he pulls away. >> dump him. >> total dump. >> wrong. date, date. >> dumpable. >> so many men have some form of this pattern. >> that's probably right. >> because men are flooded by upset or anger. so, they pull away. and all you need to do is learn how to handle that and the way
10:50 am
you handle that is with a self start-up, a loving, warm statement. >> too much work. dump him. >> then say you're concerned. >> too much work >> okay. >> a lot of guys. you can't dump all the guys. >> yes, you can. go ahead. >> guy number three, the grass is greener type. >> dump him. >> everybody knows this guy, he thinks there's a pretty girl tomorrow. >> has his backdoor open. >> dump him. online dating has made this so common. there's a smorgasg of women. he has his antennas up. number four, the slacker, grand plans and dreams that have just been over the horizon for years. >> dump him. >> dump. >> dump. >> exhaust him from this list. >> shoots himself in the foot, doesn't finish things and he's not going to finish his degree, his project, his website and he's not going to come through for you. >> no, his mother used to finish everything for him. >> unless he can use you. number five, the clinger,
10:51 am
super-duper caretaker, tries to feel -- >> i'm going to say dump him because you're going to say date him. >> dump all the bum. >> date him. >> dump him. >> i can't stand those guys. >> listen. this is the nice guy. this is the nice guy that wen let go and then later regret it all their lives because they let him go. >> he's on you all the time. you can't breathe. >> but there are ways to help this guy grow into a terrific partner where you get him and not someone else. >> reporter: first this is "today" on nbc. >> good luck with "love
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
we have the numbers for our football bidding. my football $2,700, your football, $3,150. keep bidding. keep bidding. >> before we go -- bye. have a great weekend. watch these round-up of the olympics right now. >> right now. do it. >> it's curtis' fault.
10:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪
10:56 am
>> no, korea wipes out! unbelievable. >> oh, down she goes. >> in the air over that final jump. ♪ >> shani davis pushing it till the end, and he's got another gold medal! >> two thumbs up. >> lindsey vonn. >> how long have you been dreaming of this moment? >> for my whole life. >> your chocolate -- >> yes, chocolate. that's good. >> -- olympic gold medal.
10:57 am
>> oh! >> whoo! ♪ >> evan lysacek with the skate of his life! ♪
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