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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  April 24, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sobering new details about a mass shooting in d.c. the original target for the violence was a funeral service. good morning, everyone. i am aaron gilchrest. >> and i am kimberly suiters. first let's get a check on the forecast. chuck bell here in the beautiful new study. >> we have had so much craziness going on people thought i was ignoring you on the weekend. we had to remake every weather
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graphic. >> and they look good. >> so far so good. we like it. if only the pretty new graphics could keep the weekend drier. a beautiful sunrise coming up in a few minutes, but rain will be a big part of the forecast this weekend. generally in the mid-50s around town. 51 in prince georges county. and martinburg, west virginia, 49 degrees this morning. and the radar, there is a ribbon of rain showers this week, but the industrial strength is arriving late this afternoon and evening and much through the day tomorrow. and there is a forecast today, a mix of sunshine and clouds early. temperatures in the low 60s, and a high temperature, a 70% chance of rain today and a 60% chance of more rain tomorrow and then again on monday and lingering on tuesday. we needed to catch up where half of the average rainfall is what
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we have, so we will get caught up. >> thank you, chuck. >> you are welcome. new today, a man is in in the hospital after being stabbed. it happened in wheaton. the man was conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. he is currently in stable condition. police are still looking for his attacker. they think he might have gotten away in a blue vehicle. court papers show a suspect in the d.c. mass shooting is cooperating with authorities. court papers outline the time line behind the killings. it begins when jordon howe was killed over a stolen bracelet. the next day the brother of the bracelet's owner was shot and wounded. according to papers, carter vowed to shoot up the funeral for revenge. on the night of march 30th, carter ordered his men to steal his gun, and instead they shot him.
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when police saw the van speed away, a chaotic chase began. boss and williams were caught on thursday and charged yesterday. >> had they not did what they did, we would have nobody in custody. prosecutors dropped charges against a 14-year-old originally charged in the attack. a child pornography investigation under way in prince william county led police to an unusual young suspect. they believe a 16-year-old boy has been downloading and distributing child porn on his computer. >> reporter: these were the search warrant documents that detailed the investigation conducted by a ma nas us police
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officer. they tracked a suspect using the e-mail address boyspantshalfoff. and they discovered the suspect was a 16-year-old boy that lives in triangle. the police entered the home and seized a computer and thumb drive. police cannot talk about the case or whether charges with been child. they cannot discuss specific cases, but they say calls to the cyber tip line are on the rise. >> the problem with child pornography on the internet, it has exploded and it's found on web sites and pier to pier environments, and people are trading it via e-mail and so forth. we have well-trained investigator across the country making cases every day because there is no shortage of cases to be made.
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>> reporter: she says investigators are seeing more cases involving adolescence. >> what we see here with the child pornography investigations occurring across the country and around the world, there is no stereotypical person being arrested. >> parents need to be vigilant in what their teens are accessing online to make sure they don't become a source of the call to the cyber tip line. >> and julie reports the man that answered the door at the triangle home said he had nothing to say about the police investigation. the boy scouts of america have to pay more than $18 million to a sex victim. jurors in portland, oregon, ordered the scouts to pay jerry lewis for the abuse he suffered as a child at the hands of a scout master. the abuse happened in the 1980s.
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>> i have not had closure, but i have a long road ahead of me, but it's a huge jumping point for me. >> last week the juror awarded lewis, and they noticed the men never apologized to lewis. and then men appeared wearing handcuffs and prison clothes as they were taken to a courthouse in norfolk, virginia, yesterday. the u.s. flew the suspected somali pirates from east africa where they were held on american ships. if convicted they face a mandatory lifetime sentence. and bret michaels rushed to the hospital. and how a man got his head stuck in the train doors. chuck will tell us if the weekend
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bret michaels is in critical condition this morning after suffering a brain hemorrhage. he was rushed to intensive care on thursday with a severe headache. doctors discovered bleeding at
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the base of his brain. michael had an emergency appearen tea last week, and he is currently a contestant on "the celebrity apprentice." students at virginia tech will have to pay an additional $800. virginia tech's president says the tuition hikes are not due to declines in state funding. crossing guards could be next in maryland. the sheriff's job is considering eliminating those jobs because of the budget cuts. and parents are not the only ones concerned about the proposal.
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>> reporter: how important are the crossing guards to you? >> very important. we trust our children's safety to them. >> reporter: hundreds of kids russh across the busy intersection. and with budget cuts looming, right now the crossing guards are on the chopping block. >> i think it's a terrible idea. i think they find money in the budget for much less important things. and coming around the corner, if you don't know it you don't know there is a cross right here. >> reporter: back if in 2005 the crossing guard program was started and now they cover 15 locations. chuck jenkins wanted to shift the price tag over to the schools. the school board member said the sheriff's department should continue to handle this.
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>> this shift would mean we have to reach out in the neighborhood and perform a function that has previously been done by various police agencies. and philosophically, we are not very comfortable with that. >> reporter: the sheriff department defends it saying it's a transportation issue and not law enforcement. the board of education decided to cut buses for families living less than half a mile from school. parents say they don't know what they will do if these crossing guards are not out here to protect them. >> it's going to take somebody getting hurt before they change it. we will have to drive our kids to school. >> reporter: the future of the crossing guards remains in limbo. >> a vote on the crossing guard situation is scheduled for april 28th. >> i think drivers probably listened to her very well.
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the canadians had other plans. >> unfortunately. here is your "sports minute." >> they wanted to desperately close the series out because they did not want to go back to montreal for game six, and unfortunately, that's exactly what will happen. they gave up two goals and never were able to recover. let's look at what happened at verizon center last night. a rough couple minutes. less than two minutes in the game, 1-0, canadians on top. and this is about five minutes later. behind the net, brian working it. he back hands it pass barley. 2-0, montreal on top. and check out his face. he cannot believe what is going on here. now, one last chance. five seconds to go, and it's 2-1 at this point.
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and nick backstrom centers it, and none can get it past him. 2-1, the final, and bruce says, yeah, we missed a big opportunity. >> we think that we let it slip away. we had game five in our building, and we play like crap for the first ten minutes and the game is over. >> so game six in montreal on monday. nationals also winners at home last night against the dodgers. that's your sports minnesota, and i am dan haily. >> now that we are in a nice, new, studio, we have to use better words. ae bullant. it's an hd word. >> hopefully he will get that way up in canada. all right. not too many people pleased with
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your forecast. >> yeah, and people will want justin back, and now that the old guy is back again the clouds have come back and fortunately, or unfortunately, depending how you view rain on the weekend, we have rain showers coming your way. off to a dry spot in many spots this morning, and i will show you where there are rain drops to be found. what a beautiful start on the saturday morning. current temperature with a beautiful sunrise, and 55 degrees right now. fairly light wind out of the northeast at 6 miles per hour. and we are going to continue to see more clouds as we go through the remainder of the day today. so be ready for it. not an awful lot in the way of sunshine coming your way on your saturday. here is a check of live doppler. you can see no rain around town just yet, but there are showers out to the west of the city. and then right along interstate 81, a light patch of showers.
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these are generally drifting off to the east and into the southeast, so most of those will miss the downtown area, but will graze manassas, there is more rain coming as well. temperatures across the area are in the mid-50s on your saturday morning. so as you make your plans to get outside and enjoy the day today, get it done early if you are going to do that morning bike ride or jog. the temperature is 56 in cincinnati right now, and the big bubble of warm, moist air across the mid south, that's moisture coming our way. there is the first showers, and that will not last for long. eventually all the rain across the ohio valley and into the southeast, that's coming our way. not much of a severe weather risk around here today. maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. and to the west, cincinnati down towards memphis and the state of
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mississippi, high risk across the deep south today, and that risk to severe weather comes our way tomorrow. and high pressure giving way today, and complex area of low pressure moving into the midwest. it will cut off in the main area of the jet stream. thunderstorm chances come our way through the day tomorrow. and the unsettled weather lasts all the way into next week as well. and here is the microcast hd by 8:00 this evening, one or two rain drops moving back in the area. and then 2:00 tomorrow morning, heavy rain showers moving through in the overnight hours tonight, and on average half an inch of rain expected across the area. for today, cloudy, cooler, and rain likely today. have your rain plan ready to go. and clouds and showers, and a risk of a shower or thunderstorm throughout the afternoon tomorrow. and here is the all important extended forecast.
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cloudy and rainy chances for us all through the course of the day today. thunderstorm chances come in for tomorrow, and might have a rumble of thunderstorm tomorrow as well. and tuesday, the rain showers are tapering to an end. partly cloudy and dry for wednesday, and then beautiful weather comes back as we head into thursday and friday of next week. we will have the latest forecast online at >> just in time for my days off. >> that's right. and we need to wash the pollen out of the air because my eyes are evidence of that. and then meeting in the district this weekend, they simulated a tug of war over a giant penny after a small march yesterday. several streets around the world bank buildings are closed and the streets will remain blocked until 5:30 sunday afternoon. and there are parking restrictions that last until
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monday morning. be prepared of metro delays because of track work this weekend. you can expect 40 minute delays on the red, blue and orange lines. and crews will replace old tracks with new ones. you may want to give yourself extra time if you are going to the nationals games today and tomorrow. if you ride the metro, you probably played the game with the doors, and you try not to get caught. one guy says the doors closed on his neck friday morning. and other passengers screamed his head was outside and body was still outside. >> the door just shut on my neck, and i am in shock, and i am wondering if this is actually happening. >> reporter: oscar says he was getting off the train when the doors suddenly closed around his neck, trapping him inside. >> and i said help, somebody help me. i dropped what i had in my
6:23 am
hands, and i tried to open the doors, which you can't. i could feel other people behind me trying to help out. >> reporter: he said the doors closed so fast he did not have time to get out of the way. he feared the train would take off with his head stuck in the doors. >> it felt like a long time, but i cannot tell you if it was 20 seconds, 30 seconds. >> reporter: that's the alert that sounded before the doors closed, but he says he does not recall hearing that warning. >> i feel they closed prematurely. i was thinking, five, six, seven seconds. >> reporter: he says he had red marks on his neck where the doors squeezed him and got a headache, but otherwise was unharmed. he lost his glasses in the mishap. he thinks the train should be equipped with panic butteons lie
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this. >> maybe there should be an emergency button to open the doors. >> reporter: metro officials say they are investigating the incident and do plan to interview the train operator as part of the investigation. they want to figure out if this was caused by a door malfunction or something else. in northeast, darcy spencer, news4 today. if you have been drinking, you might not want to hop on your bicycle. the no drinking and driving law applies to the bike as well. >> yeah, there was a conviction upheld of a man who rode his bike and almost hit a kid. he appealed and was ruled against. and racking up hundreds of dollars in unpaid parking fines. a d.c. auditor's report says mayor fenty has $800 in fines.
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the auditor's office found 685 unpaid finds from various d.c. agencies totally nearly $72,000. some of those fines date back to 2002. 24 after the 6:00 hour. another metro derailment where a train jumped the tracks overnight. the immigration debate intensefies. a new law president obama calls misguided. and a police officer saves a baby from a burning house.
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new revelations this morning about the mass shooting in d.c. one suspect is apparently cooperating with police, and he says the original plan was to shoot up a funeral. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i am kimberly suiters. and i am aaron gilchrest. we will take a look at the news headlines in a second, but first a check on the forecast. and chuck bell joins us in the studio now, and welcome back, chuck. >> good to be back, and settled down in the new home and all the new weather graphics done, and now life can resume whatever normal is. >> the new normal. >> a high definition normal,
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where good and bad -- like right there, that tie looks terrible with that outfit, and especially in hd, and you are like, oh, no. and then enjoy the little break of sunshine, everybody, because it's not going to last for long. temperatures in the low to mid-50s around town. and martinsburg, west virginia, 49, and here is the reason for my sunshine pessimism as we go through the rest of the day. there is a live look at doppler. and warnenton, showers coming down to the southeast. as a result it will be a very cloudy day today with rain showers off and on this afternoon, and steadier rain showers tomorrow. >> thank you, chuck. new today, a man is in the hospital after being stabbed multiple times.
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this happened overnight at grand view in wheaton. police say the man was conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. he is currently in stable condition. police are still looking for his attacker. they think he might have gotten away in a blue vehicle. >> court papers reveal shocking new details about the planning that went into the mass drive-by shooting in washington. one of the suspects charged appears to be cooperating with police. news4's jacky benson reports. >> reporter: the worse in the city's history. it began eight days earlier when jordon howe was shot and two others were injured. police believe the motive was the suspected robbery of a bracelet later believed to be misplace misplaced. the next day, carter himself was
6:31 am
shot and wounded but fled the hospital and vowed venlg yuns. carter's who gang had two handguns and an ak-47 became focused on obtaining another gun. and prosecutors claim on the night of march 30th, carter ordered his association to kill nelson and, quote, get the gun for orlando carter. now carter drove the men in a rented silver minivan and hit the automatic open button on all the windows. and a witness said the minivan did not move for approximately 20 seconds. he could see the bodies of young people strewn about and heard the screams and cries of those shot but still living. a police car saw the van speed away and a chaotic chase began.
6:32 am
two men were chappered and two more captured wednesday. >> right now today, we would have nobody if they had not done what they did. >> reporter: such was the fear if carter would have gotten away that night they might never have arrested him. a metro train detailed last night in the rail yard in prince georges county. two cars left the tracks about 8:00. there were no passengers on the train which was out of service. none of the employees onboard were injured. metro is investigating. now to the latest on the oil rig explosion off the louisiana coast. the coast guard called off the search for survivors. the rescue turn into the a recovery mission. the announcement was made after three days of searching. the names of the workers have not been released. the coast guard is working
6:33 am
to clean up oil spilled after the rig collapsed. crews skimmed 200 gallens from the gulf of mexico. >> your heart goes out to these people in their time of trouble. >> this accident has some people rethinking president obama's new commitment to open up more u.s. waters to drilling. the plan includes sites off the coast of virginia. ann thompson reports. >> reporter: this is what first responders saw, an inferno on the water. the 11 missing workers in the hopes to be found. today a sheen of oil up to 100 square miles floats over the gulf, while officials say they don't see any crude spilling
6:34 am
from the under water well head, they are taking no chances. a oil front cleanup like this is attacked on three fronts. sometimes miles long, a place on the surface of the water around the spill, they keep the oil and any debris in a confined area. from the airplanes dropped thousands of gallons of chemical dispersemen dispersements, and it rides to the service where they either dilute or pick upped by skimmer boats. despite the disaster the white house said says president obama has no intention of backing away from his plan to expand offshore drilling announced last month. >> we are going to need to harness traditional sources of fuel even as we ramp up home grown energy. >> reporter: the president wants to expand the offshore sites to
6:35 am
the mid-atlantic coast. and as crews work to contain damage, environmentalist worry it could harm things. >> as we make a decision as a nation to expand oil drilling you need to know this is coming to your coast as well. >> that was ann thompson. virginia governor, bob mcdonnell is applauding the off-shore drilling decision. investigators may have to wait another month before they can get inside the upper big branch mine to figure the cause of the deadly explosion. 29 miners died in west virginia this month. high levels of two potentially explosive gases had been detected inside the mine, and a fire could be burning.
6:36 am
officials are interviewing workers as they try to figure out what sparked the explosion. and the governor in arizona just put her signature on the toughest laws in the nation. however, critics, including president obama, are crying foul. >> arizona governor, january brewer, signs the controversial bill. >> i decided to sign senate bill 1070 into law because though many people disagree, i firmly believe it represents what is best for arizona. >> reporter: with her signature arizona is now in direct conflict with the white house. mr. obama used the occasion to criticize arizona's immigration law as misguided. >> the failure to act responsibly at the federal level will open the door to
6:37 am
irresponsibleability by others, and that includes, for example, the recent efforts in arizona. >> reporter: for days, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the building hoping the governor would veto the law. supporters say the law is long overdo, and it's critical to securing arizona's border. >> no longer can we sit on the sidelines and be a spectator to the destruction of the nation. >> reporter: it makes immigration a state crime and requires local police to check the status of anybody that they believe is here illegally. joe arpaio says he has another tool in his crusade to stop border crossings. >> what about the folks that say that is nothing than racial profiling. >> we do not racial profiling. when they can't get you on anything else, they throw up the race card.
6:38 am
>> they will not look for canadian immigrants, just one color. >> brewer says she knows the nation is watching to see how arizona will enforce the law. >> racial profiling is illegal. it will not be tolerated in america, and it certainly will not be tolerated in arizona. >> reporter: tensions were high outside the capital, at least one protester was arrested. they say the law is unconstitutional, setting the stage for a day in court. >> you may remember a similar debate took place in northern virginia. they approved a tough policy in 2007, and it initially allowed police to check residency status as long as police had probable cause to believe the person was undocumented. they can now check immigration after the suspect has been
6:39 am
arrested on another charge. 6:38. great expectations at the national zoo. why a 24-hour panda watch is under way. the big milestone for youtube. and be prepared for rain this weekend. chuck will tell us how long you need to carry that umbrella around.
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a 24-hour panda pregnant watch is under way at the national zoo. let's take a look on the panda cam. a live picture right now. is that live or taped? you can look at it live online. 38 cameras on trained on her as every move will be skrcrutinize to see if she is preparing to give birth. >> i don't think that i would want a camera trained. what are they looking for? >> a lot of licking. let's just put it that way. >> let's move on. the "today" show is next on nbc 4. let's find out what they are working on. >> amy robach joining us live from new york. good morning. coming up on "today," angry
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protest ignited throughout arizona as the governor signs the toughest law against immigrants. and sarah palin had an unusual day in court testifying about the damage done by a computer hacker that got a hold of her family's personal information. and the never-seen-before photographs of the queen as a small girl. we will get a sneak peek. and a german shepherd leads a trooper to the state home as it is engulfed in flames. kimberly, aaron, back to you. >> the wonder dog. got to love that. thank you, amy. five years is nearly a lifetime in internet years, and one of the most popular sites is celebrating an anniversary. we take a closer look at
6:44 am
youtube. >> reporter: it all started here, at 8:27 p.m. on saturday, april 23rd, 2005, this clip was posted on a new website called youtube. few people had heard about it that day. things have changed a bit since then. today is it one of the most popular web sites on the internet, and it's believed 20 hours of new video are up loaded to the site every minute. there are 120 million videos on the site, and it would take you 600 years to watch them all. youtube's slogan is broadcast yourself. anybody can cast video. anybody can become an instant celebrity. 15 minutes of fame can come from a 15-second clip. >> it's jibberish. i cannot understand her. >> reporter: as popular as it has been, it is just now starting to earn money.
6:45 am
google bought it last year and it's not clear when it will start to make a profit. what is clear is that with 100 million videos shown a day, youtube will out last obama girl and chocolate rain man and every other ordinary person turn into the a celebrity with just a few clicks of the mouse. >> that was neat to see the first video. >> i never knew that was what it was. looks good. >> n let's check in with a look ahe of weather. optimism around town, but you need to have cloudy plans ready to go. a live picture ready this morning. the details are next.
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it was all caught on video from a police car dash cam. not a crime, but the historic actions of a nebraska police officer. >> that officer arrived at a house on fire only to hear a mother screaming that her baby was still inside. with flames pouring from the front of the house, the officer rushes to the back and entered the home and emerged with a girl before the roof collapsed. the girl and mother have been
6:49 am
taken to a nearby hospital and have been released, and the fire started with a cigarette. >> smoking, you know, among all the other things that it's bad for, setting house on fire at the list. >> people falling asleep with cigarettes. that's happening a lot. >> you are right. >> talk to us about the unfortunate weather. >> into life a little rain must fall. we are behind average in rainfall for the month of april, so time to catch up across the area. and only half of the rainfall for the month of april, but rain showers in the forecast for not only today but into tomorrow with a risk of a thunderstorm, and the rain chances don't start to taper off until we get into the tuesday timeframe. there is a look outside on a beautiful saturday morning. another plane load of folks getting ready to come down into
6:50 am
the washington national airport. beautiful day to be outside so far. that will change as we go through the remainder of the day. current temperature stands at a pleasant 55 degrees. and here is a check of live doppler. no rain downtown just yet. as you can see, there are rain showers on the radar. southern parts of prince william county hear from springfield, and maybe a rain drop or two there along interstate 66, as you head out towards winchester rain showers not too far away. this ribbon of showers coming through first thing this morning, and then dry hours late this morning and early this afternoon before more rain showers come back our way. look at the rain now across parts of kentucky, and tennessee, and down into the great state of georgia. all the rain will be lifting in our direction. current temperatures are in the mid-50s at this point in time. mild air just down to our south and west. 56 in cincinnati, and 63 in
6:51 am
atlanta, georgia. but this little band of rain showers is going to lead to this cluster of rain showers down to the south. showers in the forecast for your saturday, stormy weather coming up for tomorrow, and if you are doing any traveling today, moderate to high risk of severe weather now for the rest of your saturday across mississippi and alabama, and portions of tennessee. the risk for potential for severe weather comes our way as we get into tomorrow and lingers into monday as well. the warm front lifting into our way today, the heaviest and steadiest of showers arriving tomorrow morning. and then by 8:00 this evening, rainfall amounts have been fairly light by then, but at 2:00 tomorrow morning, between half an inch and three quarters of an inch there, and then more rain as we get into the lunchtime hours on sunday. keep your umbrellas handy, and get a good book and get ready to read it. tomorrow, clouds and showers,
6:52 am
and thunderstorms quite likely during the course of the day tomorrow. your all-important extended forecast here. 60s today with the rain showers moving in, and thunderstorms tomorrow, some could be strong to severe, and highs in the 70s for a brief time tomorrow and then another rainy day coming up on monday, again with a risk of rumble or two of thunder. and drier air returns on tuesday and tags into the middle parts of next week. thank you. >> you are welcome. the time is 6:52. coming up, how the caps blew a chance to close out the series. and a
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6:54 am
6:55 am
the caps did not close it out, and the coach is not too pleased. >> good morning, everybody. last night here at verizon center, a chance for the capitals to close out the series with the canadians, and instead they could not get it done. we will have a game six back in montreal on monday. it was a tough row to hoe, they could never recover. bruce said this is exactly how he did not want to start the game. rough start early on. less than two minutes in, that quick shot right there beats the youngsters, and it's 1-0, canadian on top. and still first period, it's
6:56 am
just about five minutes later now. brian gionta behind the net, what a pretty back-handed goal this was. cannot believe it, and wondering what on earth is going on. and second period, finally something going right. there is a crowd in front of the net here. john carlson shoots, and ovi is there, and puts the capitals back in the ball game. it's 2-1 now. and five seconds left, last chance for the capitals. nick backstrom senators. they cannot get it done. 2-1 is the final and we are going to a game six. bruce says the early couple of goals hurt, but that's not the only thing that did them in. >> i agree it's part of the reason. the other reason is that we are not getting 20 guys playing, we are getting 13 and 14 guys every
6:57 am
night rather than everybody coming to play. tonight we had five or six passengers again. >> i think it was our worse start. we can't have a game like this. early on i think in the first period was brutal. >> they have been around the whole series and played the whole series, and you have to give them credit coming in here, you know, probably in real tough circumstances, and sticking to the game plan and winning. so now we go back up there and we look forward to the challenge. >> the capitals lose last night 2-1 last night to the canadians. capitals still lead, and game six will inbound montreal on monday. and redskins introduced their newest player, trent williams, the offensive tackle out of the university of oklahoma yesterday at redskins park, and he said he is very
6:58 am
much looking forward to blocking for donovan mcnabb on his blind side. >> he has proven himself in the league time and time again, so it's going to be, you know, fun. baseball now, the nationals taking on the dodgers. what a night for the 24-year-old making his major league debut, and it could not have gone any better. and then just 21 days after tommy john's surgery in '06. and he gets his only strikeout of the game. and five innings giving up just one run. he got help, too. particularly from this man. bottom six, and nats up 2-1. one on and one gone for dunn. this is a two-run shot for dunn. nationals beat the dodgers by the score of 5-1.
6:59 am
the big story last night, guys, the caps, losers to the montreal canadians. again, there will be a game six on monday in montreal. that will do it from here. everybody have a great weekend. we end on a good story, now. the kind of thing you like to see. a philadelphia marine was able to surprise his family by coming home a month early. >> man, did i miss you. >> the marine colonel hugged his son for the first time since he left for afghanistan five months ago. his pre-k class has been following his whereabouts, and he is only home for 96 hours before he heads off to camp lejeune. that's it for news4 today. we are back in 25 te


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