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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  May 5, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a new policy after the attempted car bombing in new york's times square. the stepped-up efforts in place aimed at preventing suspected terrorists from taking flight. good afternoon, everybody. welcome to "news4 at 4:00." i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. from now on airlines will have to check the no-fly list more often. they will have to look at those lists within two hours of being notified that they have been updated. >> this surrounds the fallout after the man accused of taking a bomb to times square over the weekend was able to board a plane for dubai hours after being added to the list. working our big story live this afternoon from capitol hill, news4's steve handelsman. >> reporter: it sounds like a no-brainer. i mean, who thought that the u.s. government could rush a specific name to the no-fly list and the airlines weren't even required to look at the list more than once every 24 hours. that's been changed now. the hope is that that might help
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a little bit. meanwhile, investigators here in washington and the new york say that so far they have been unable in their quest of faisal shahzad to identify any particular terrorist training camp or group that he attended. if they could find the name might help them answer a key question. was he september to attack times square or was it his idea? faisal shahzad has admitted to investigators that he got bomb-making training last sumner a part of pakistan run by the taliban. but shahzad's attack was amateurish and the white house took credit saying terrorist leadership has been under increasing u.s. attack. >> that has led them to smaller, less sophisticate d -- using les capability. >> reporter: faisal shahzad in the u.s. since the '90s a recent convert or a sleeper agent? like accused ft. hood gunman
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hasan, born in the u.s., shahzad was an american citizen as of last year. a budget analyst. middle class. that made it easy for him to allegedly buy what he needed to fit in and attack. terror analysts are worried. >> americans going out for training and coming back to attack america are national security infrastructure is not in place to deal with that threat as to primary threat. >> reporter: what about the near failure of the no-fly list in place for years? shahzad was arrested on an emirates airliner ten hours after his name was listed. emirates had not checked. airlines only had to every 24 hours. >> this is a flaw in the current configuration of the no-fly list. which is in the process of being corrected. >> reporter: the new role as of today requires airlines to check every two hours. that's the easiest fix, jim. lot of experts here say that much tougher will be finding and detecting american citizens who
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decide to become terrorists. back to you. >> steve handelsman live on capitol hill. steve, thank you. president obama continues his search today for the next supreme court justice and we could know his pick in the coming days. earlier this week, the president interviewed federal judge diane wood at the oval office. wood is at least the fourth finalist for the seat being vacated by justice john paul stevens. he announced last month his plans to retire this summer. you may remember wood interviewed with the president last year for the supreme court seat. sonia s sonia sonia sotomayor holds. a soccer coach has been arrested accused of sexually assaulting one child. 47-year-old luis hoyle reportedly assaulted the child several times between 1999 and 2001. he's now being held on bond at the arlington county detention center. police say hay coached soccer for the crystal city soccer club between 9 ' 9 -- '98 and 2003.
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there could be more victims. >> students at the university of virginia are plan a memorial on campus tonight in charlottesville in honor of a popular lacrosse player who was murdered. yeardley love was dead in her apartment monday. her former boyfriend, george huguely, is charged with the crime. kimberly suiters reports. police are investigating alleges of a violent history between the suspect and victim. >> there's no way that george huguely would do something like that. >> reporter: those are the very first thoughts in michael preston's head. the moment he heard his childhood friend, george huguely, was accused of murder. >> it is devastating. i mean, i can't imagine what his family is going through and even worse, what the -- miss love's familiar sly going through. >> reporter: details of the crime and court records devastating to both families. huguely admitted he was involved in the altercation with love, that he shook her and her head
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repeatedly hit a wall and kicked his foot through the bedroom door. police found love beaten, bloodied and bruised. some of yeardley love's friends he threatened her in text messages but preston never knew his friend that way. the last time the would were home together preston saw huguely in georgetown and life seemed perfect. >> he seemed happy. he was playing lacrosse for the university of virginia, doing well. a senior. about to graduate. anthropology major. he's -- seemingly living the dream. >> reporter: yeardley love's dream to play lacrosse at uva. she wore number 1 there as she did in her old high school where every player is wearing her number to honor her. love was the quintessential cavalier. >> absolutely the epitome of the university of virginia student. tomorrow jefferson would be proud to have such a young woman at his university studying. she just was lovely in every single way. >> reporter: love will gruate
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from the university of virginia. kimberly suiters, news4. >> tonight's candlelight vigil is set for 8:00 and we will have a live report from charlottesville as students gather this evening. coming up later on "news4 at 5:00." families of children victimized by gun violence are speaking out today against bills introduced in congress to change d.c.'s gun laws. the measures were introduced on capitol hill last week. they would repeal most of d.c.'s gun laws and loosen criminal penalties for d.c. residents found in possession of unregistered firearms. today parents of of the parents between killed in march joined with city leaders to express their concerns about the bill to leaders on capitol hill. >> what do we need ak-47s for in the district of columbia? you can't hunt with it. you can't stop a robber with it. you can't do nothing with it. what's the purpose of a machine
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gun? >> don't understand, they don't understand the violence in our streets and they don't even understand what the law is in the district of columbia. and so i am i am here to say to mr. mccain, i want to meet with you. >> lawmakers say they introduced the bill because the city hasn't done enough to comply with the 2008 supreme court decision ruling on firearms. three people rushed to the hospital after a serious crash here in montgomery county last night. a car ran into a pole at the intersection of gain preserve road and copper road. around 11:00 last night. police are piece together exactly what led to the crash. it has been another gorgeous day. it has been a nice week. >> it has. if you are feeling a bit sluggish blame the pollen. veronica is here with more. the numbers are high. >> the numbers are high. that's going to be my excuse today. you know the commercial where the lady was like pulling herself down the street? that's me today.
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dragging through the day. the pollen count today is up to 356 grains per cubic meter. pine is the biggest pollinator, oak. the great sky across the area. we got a chance to warm up today. 79, folks in montgomery county, silver spring, maryland, 79 with the wind out of the south and southwest. that's the wind that's going to hold temperatures up tonight, too. 83 in sterling. 82 degrees in laplatta. 78 in leonardtown. big area of high pressure right oifrs. another great evening. your good night forecast will get to 69 by 11:00. not that cool at all overnight. last night we dropped to 59. little chilly. >> thanks, veronica. after days of heavy rains and flash floods swept some people through their deaths, the waters covering parts of the south are slowly starting to recede. but it will be weeks still,
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months, before the cleanup is finished from the weekend storms which killed at least 29 people across kentucky, mississippi, and, of course, tennessee. leanne gregg has the latest. >> reporter: as high water begins to recede, the daunting task of rebuilding begins. >> water line here. >> reporter: thousands of residents forced to flee, many like jeff perry and his wife from west nashville are returning to muddy floors. soaked furniture and little left to salvage. for hundreds of miles, signs of the disaster. floodwaters so strong that it forced this home from its foundation. in music city roads filled with debris are resurfacing and opryland hotel complex remains closed and grand old opry moved its performances to another location. the tennessee titans football stadium is drying out. officials report minimal damage, even though its field was under
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water. hundreds of businesses remain closed while the cumberland river which winds through nashville recedes. still above flood stage this morning, but well below its record crest tuesday. the flooding is the result of weekend storms that brought torrential rains and deadly tornadoes to mississippi, kentucky, and tennessee. for marla perry, more than she can bear. she doesn't want to rebuild here after losing so much. now the aftermath from a disaster that's affected thousands. leanne gregg, nbc news. >> president obama has authorized a major disaster declaration for four tennessee counties which will help people there get federal funds to clean up. more counties may be added later. a new ash cloud from that volcano in iceland disrupting flights in the uk. these pictures from iceland show a plume of ash reaching 18,000 feet. similar to the eruptions last month that closed european air
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space for six long days. airports in scotland and ireland had to shut down. winds expected to push this ash cloud out to sea tomorrow. so far no london airports have been affected by this. "news4 at 4:00" is just getting started. disturbing discovery. >> up next, 4:15, we will tell you what was found at a local funeral home prompted an investigation. and that shut the business down. >> at 4:30, newest effort to stop the oil leak that continues to spew hundreds of thousands of gas ons a day into the gulf of mexico. also, 4:45, common mistakes that many women make when it comes to money. >> stay with us. we are live in hd.
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it is a terrible story. someone shot and killed a local dog playing in his own backyard. this is bear. a 4-year-old lab mix. it happened at a home in southeast washington. the family called the humane society and the animal was taken to a hospital. the vets tried to save bear but he died. there is a reward out for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever fired that deadly shot. the owner of a funeral home in prince george's county is speaking out today after a disturbing discovery. state inspect tore went into the chambers funeral home and
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crematorium on a surprise visit. once inside, the inspector found 44 bodies in bags on the floor of the garage. the state has given the home until the end of the week to cremate the bodies. the owner said the bodies were part of a contractual agreement with georgetown medical school. >> we have completed the agreement that we entered with the medical school. and we made a slight error in judgment within that performance. we are trying rectify this through our attorneys. and try to get back into business and continue on like we have been since 1914. >> the funeral owner says he's working to get his license back by the end of the month. if you are in a hurry on and on the road, this is not the day to cheat by using the hov lanes. if you don't have enough passengers in your car, it is the first ever capital area hov awareness day. police in maryland and virginia
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are crack down. news4's megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: westbound 50, west of church, through maryland. >> reporter: drive in the hov plans and you better from the right number of people with you. law enforcement officers around the region are cracking down as part of hov awareness day. >> driver's license and registration. >> reporter: this driver was lucky. he got a warning but many others are facing fines and points. the police say many violators know what they are doing and have ramped up ticket after ticket. others are not familiar with the rules. a big part of the effort is to educate them. >> some people really just genuinely are not aware of the law, you are not allowed to be in the hov lane under two people. we use our discretion. you get multiple offenders where they were already issued a warning, in our computer database they were issued a warning, and the offer or troop goers there from there and acts
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accordingly. >> reporter: on this stretch in prince george's county, the hov two lanes are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. in virginia, the restrictions depend on the time of day. fines start at $90 in maryland. $125 for the first offense in virginia. repeat offenders of the old dominion can face fines as high as a thousand dollars and three points. megan mcgrath, news4. >> different jurisdictions have different hov rules. police say ignorance of the law is not an execution and that's up to the driver to educate him or herself. metro's red line is the busiest and most congested line in the rail system. the agency says that relief is on the way. starting in july, metro will run more eight car trains during rush hour and means that you will have to wait a minimum or two longer for trains to arrive but metro says that they won't be as congested. several things are being blamed on overcrowding including growing ridership, opening of a
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new york avenue station, and the switch to running trains manually which slows things down a bit. metro also plans to bring in consultants to look at the ongoing problem of broken escalators and elevators. still ahead on "news4 at 4:00" -- a former first lady speaks. >> once famously private first lady, laura bush, reveals details on the remarkable life she said from her upbringing in texas to her years in the white house. an american father finds himself in the middle of an emotional custody battle for his son and daughter. the big event taking place tonight at the white house. coming back with details. [ male announcer ] let's take the garden into our own hands.
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taking a live look at the white house where tonight the president and first lady will be celebrating cinco de mayo. over the years, restaurants and bars in the u.s. joined in on the festivities. the reception tonight at the white house begins at 6:00. must have missed that invite. but things will be rocking there. >> we all did.
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hint, hint. if anybody is listen. >> got lost in the mail, i'm sure. >> you have your red colors on today. festive. >> bright, sunny day. great day to be outdoors. >> absolutely. poll yen count, again, that's the things that is so high today. that continues to climb. the temperatures, too, up around 80-some degrees today. it has been comfortable. let's take a look outside where we have a pretty blue sky. we had a nice wind today out of the south and it is going to be out of the southwest during the overnight period. so right now, our temperature is at 82 degree with the dew point temperature at 50 degrees. your relative humidity at 33% and wind out of the south currently at 8 miles per hour. other temperatures across the area now, darnestown, 83 degrees. fairfax, 83 degrees. 83 in burke. 82 towards clinton and upper marlboro. temperatures across the area not too bad. off to the west, no high heat.
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st. louis is at 82. dallas sunday the 90-degree mark. here is the reason that -- pattern we don't have any big ridge of high pressure so -- no really big bubble of heat across that nation's midsection. but this jet stream is powering afront and helpinging to aid in some pretty strong winds coming through into areas of michigan and northern illinois right now. we will talk about that front in just a moment. here is a look at where the high severe weather reports have been. wind damage through new england and back across wisconsin and northeastern iowa. with that secondary front. that's what we are going to seaver the next two days. we are going have two fronts in two days. second one is going to be the stronger of the two coming through on friday night. and this one will give us clouds. thursday and maybe an isolated shower. so we are drawing into doppler hd as it scans through the area next 48 hours. we will have clear skies during the overnight period and mostly clear to start things off tomorrow. so ample sunshine. so the next two days will start with sunshine. look at the clouds in the
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afternoon. weak weather fronts come through. and again, the stronger of the front is coming through late friday. i think friday night. should be out of here by saturday morning. we could get, again, some -- powerful storms with it. right now severe storms has us in a severe weather risk for pennsylvania and down into areas of northern maryland and northern west virginia to ohio. we will watch that front. as it comes in at the end of the week. clear and comfortable. temperature dropping from 78 to 70 degrees. then by morning, not chilly to start. 65 to 69 degrees. that's because of the southwesterly wind. tomorrow we will pick up a few clouds. the high right above 80 degrees. next four days, you can see some showers late friday and then a dry weekend right now. we go from 75, high on saturday, 66, mother's day. sunshine and it will be dry. but it is going to be cool as we start out in the 40s and get up to 66 degrees. remember, you can always check your forecast by going to the weather channel on cable.
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>> all right. thanks a lot. let's check the rush hour now and ashley linder is in the news4 traffic network. >> mentioned the hov crackdown in effect for the ride home. >> right now we are in relatively good shape. if you travel 95, here is the pace. hov is doing great. center of your screen, you can see there. nobody is utilizing that. main line, look at that, heavy as you leave springfield and beltway. headed towards newington. after that it takes a turn for the better and at speed through woodbridge. around the capital beltway look at that. that's the pace and you travel on the inner loop out of tysons, 270 already pretty jammed up. you continue around, the pace continues to be slow. this is the pace by connecticut avenue. college park, have you a new accident out of college park. on the left side. >> thanks, ash. street cars are making a comeback in the district. >> sounds exciting. tom sherwood joins us now in the newsroom with a preview of what he is working on for "news4 at
4:26 pm
5:00." >> hi, pat. jim and pat, this is a back-to-the future moment. street cars are making a big comeback in the city. they are going to reshape city transportation. we will show you what it is all about coming up on "news4 at 5:00." >> they look so cool, too. we will see you then. thank you, tom. >> that's neat looking. "news4 at 4:00" is on facebook and twitter. we post up-to-the minute breaking news, weather, traffic. you can findous both sites by searching "news4 at 4:00." >> the cleanup continues today. >> we are live with what's now being done to prevent that growing environmental disaster along the gulf coast. >> why investigators are still trying to re-enter the west virginia coal mine that exploded last month. >> and the anti-government riots in one country that turned deadly today. [ sneezes ]
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♪ music plays ♪ [ sneezing ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what are you gonna miss when you have an allergy attack? benadryl® is more effective than claritin® at relieving your worst symptoms -- runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes -- and works when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's some of the top stories we are following right now. former arlington soccer coach has been arrested, accused of sexually you a salting at least one child. 47-year-old luis hoya reportedly assaulted the child several times between 1999 and 2001. police say he coached soccer for crystal city soccer club between 1998 and 2003. he's now being held on bond at the arlington county detention
4:30 pm
center. there is a memorial service planned for this evening for yeardley love. the university of virginia student found murdered in her shore lotsville apartment monday. a former boyfriend, george huguely, chevy chase, is charged with the murder. both were seniors and lacrosse players at uva. a warning to drivers all over the metro area. no cheatners the hov lanes. it is the first ever capital area hov awareness day. the police will be pulling violators over during rush hour. it is an evident to educate the drivers that don't know the hov rules and efforts to crack down on repeat off enders. metro is promising some relief on the usually crowded red line. starting in july, metro plans to run more eight-car trains during rush hour. it means you have to wait few minutes longer for the trains to arrive but metro says that those trains won't be as congested. disheartening developing in the battle against the oil spill
4:31 pm
in the gulf of mexico. satellite images are showing the oil reached the mississippi delta and the islands off the louisiana coast. meaning the crew is close to coming ashore now. there's some progress in efforts to cap the leak. jay gray is monitoring the situation for us and joins us live with the latest. jay? >> reporter: yeah. we are in this marina where, again, for another day most of the shrimp boats have been idle. very frustrating. bp has been able to stop at least one of three leaks on the deep horizon well. good news, you would think, but say it is absolutely done nothing to stop the flow of oil pouring into the gulf right now. an oily fill silver medal beginning to settle over the wetlands that edged south louisiana. threatening the more than 400 species of animals, birds, and marine life that call this estuary home. >> will have extensive damage and already have extensive damage offshore but don't know
4:32 pm
exactly what. >> reporter: secretary of the interior, ken salazar, touring the region today stressed bp must get control of the spill. >> the future, the life of the company, hangs right now in decision because they do not yet have figured out the answer to this problem. >> reporter: crews are making a critical move right now rushing to get a giant dome over the leaking well hoping to control the oil. bp officials, though, aren't certain it will work and environmentalists are skeptical, too. >> building the fire truck after your house is fire. it makes no sense at all. >> reporter: today parish leaders pushed forward with their plan to stop the oil from reaching the shoreline. deploying barges that will provide movable barricades to try to contain the most dangerous areas of the slick. >> needs to be mobile and adaptable. >> reporter: because the slick is apparently on the move as well for the first time flow models show oil could make its way west of the mississippi. >> this would devastate all the
4:33 pm
coast of louisiana. >> reporter: there's also growing concern that the slick could reach currents in the gulf which would carry the oil along florida's west coast and the keys. >> everything that we have here, everything we are, involves that water. water, water, everywhere. we don't want oil. >> reporter: a fear that stretches as far into the gulf waters now. the winds have eased significantly here today. that's great news for teams working on the water around the clock. trying to create some kind of barricade that will stop the oil as it continues. as you talk about, inching closer to the shoreline here. live in buras, louisiana, jay gray. in just a few days, investigators may be able to re-enter the west virginia coal mine that exploded last month. the tests show now that the toxic gases that have kept investigators out of the mine
4:34 pm
are evaporatinevaporating. federal regulators believe highly explosive methane gas, coal dust or a mixture of both are likely the cause. the source of the ignition, however, is still unknown. mining operations have resumed in western kentucky a week two weeks after a roof collapsed there. alliance resource partners released a statement today saying state and federal officials deemed that mine safe and investigation determines the roof collapse was an unpredictable accident based on unpredictable geological conditions. an american father finds himself in the middle of an emotional custody battle for his son and daughter. it is an international fight that seems impossible for him to win. christopher savoy of tennessee went to court for help after his wife threatened to take the children from the country. but a judge refused after she lied in court and said she had no plans to leave.
4:35 pm
she fled to japan last august. there it is tradition that women get the children and 100% custody. savoy went to japan, trying to kidnap his 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter back. he was arrested and spent two weeks in jail. he has not been seen or spoken to his kids since. >> worse than a death. at least with a death there is closure. i'm still left worrying about my children's welfare every day. they are alive. they are out there. i just don't know where. >> most likely that you will never see the children again, until they are adults. >> the outlook for savoy is not good. japan isn't party to an international treaty requiring the done troy return any child abducted by a parent. in fact, japan has never returned an abducted child to the u.s. al sharpton is leading a protest today against arizona's controversial immigration law. the new law requires police in arizona to question people about their immigration status if they
4:36 pm
suspect those people are in the country illegally. sharm ton compared the law to apartheid in south africa and laws here in the south. tonight he led a candlelight vij el or will light a vij nil march with a group of officials, clergy and activists. when we come right back on "news4 at 4:00," in this hectic day and age, so many of us are strapped for cash and strapped for time. >> in today's quick bite, we will show you how to save time. storing up a meal and another 30 minutes for under $30. what you didn't know about certain types of chocolate and how they could help some people with serious medical conditions. and the former first lady is breaking her silence about her life and times in the white house. >> stay with us. we are coming right back live in hd.
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when it comes to saving money at the supermarket, julianne expert. she is not only a mother but a full-time chef. >> using coconut milk, curry, carrot, yam. today we will use this.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: we challenged her to make that meal under 30 minutes for under $30 million first things first. picking out produce. >> produce that's local, does not have to travel so far. $1.99 a pound here and there adds up. >> one of the best ways to save money is to buy in bulk. there are so many things you can buy in bulk. don't pay for the packaging. >> reporter: red lentils. with less than 15 items on her receipt, julie bought healthy and in bull week only a nickel over her budget. >> what have you got? $30. some of this stuff relabel to use later, too. >> reporter: now it is time to cook. this dish isn't just healthy. >> kale is a super food and delivered oxygen to your blood through the week. give these a rinse. >> reporter: lentils, coconut
4:41 pm
milk, packed with protein. >> grab a bowl of that and throw tonight the microwave and head out. >> reporter: multipurpose meal, great for families on the go. >> all right. there you have it. food is done. dish it up. you can see, that was under 30 minutes for under $30. >> reporter: fast, affordable and family approved. >> looks tasty, too. and, of course, there's lots more about food on our website at by going to >> do you ever use coconut mill in cooking? >> no, but i want to try. >> it is good. you have good picks. >> yes. this is the time of year we take our cameras out. our viewer pics, we put them on. kit out of view enya, virginia, has been taking shots of lovely
4:42 pm
ducks or goose. goose, yeah. mama parks pa bear and a little baby in vienna, virginia. windstone area. if you have pictures and want us to put them on, all you have to do is just send it to and i will get them on for you. 82 is the temperature now. wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour. comfortable evening. drop to 72 by 9:00. by sunrise tomorrow, 68 so not going to be as cool. we started this morning at about 59 degrees. tomorrow, clouds for the afternoon. and maybe an isolated thunderstorm but a better chance comes our way friday. the high is 80. the weekend, again, bit chilly. 75, 66 the high on sunday. >> saturday is looking better. >> it is. >> all right. >> by friday it will be perfect. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead on "news4 at 4:00," some money matters. >> financial tips in the three big money mistakes made by women.
4:43 pm
>> also, why some people will soon be able to stay through
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4:45 pm
there are more and more signs that the economy is slowly getting better. men and women make choices when it comes to how to spend money. but should women invest the same way that men do? that's one question that we look
4:46 pm
at as bob hanson takes a look at the three common money mistakes made by women. >> reporter: bonnie learned finances from her parents. >> my home, it was more about savings. and so we learned to save very young. >> i don't think anyone taught me. may mom taught me how to spend. >> reporter: it was a different lesson in angie's home. do women and men approach money differently? >> men are more systematic and women are more emotional. >> i think men and women use finance as a tool in a different way. >> reporter: money experts say the first mistake women often make counted on someone else machinaging the finance. >> you need an awareness what accounts do you have, what accounts do you hold jointly. >> reporter: martha says women need to take an active role in household finance. >> be aware of what's going on in your own household. >> in the back of my mind i want to be a risk taker. the benefits of it.
4:47 pm
there is -- caution in me. >> reporter: that brings up another money mistake. women don't save or invest enough. business professor tom warshaw agrees. >> men look out for themselves first whereas women look out for their children and their parents first. >> we should have a plan in place for what we are aiming for five years from now. >> reporter: which brings up mistake number three. women don't plan for retirement. >> women for retirement purposes need to save a lot more because they live longer. >> reporter: seven years longer than men on average. that means that more money needed for food, the doctor, and a place to live. but while women may approach money differently than men, that's not to say they need to be the same. >> women have a strong and compassionate and caring side because if you only view the economy you end up being scrooge, you know. or -- the crazy guy from the homer simpson series. so you need compassion and carry
4:48 pm
a sense of balance. >> martha says you can get that by learning from your mistakes and doing your homework. and that, of course, means taking the time to study and to learn about your finances whether from books, magazines, tv, or by taking classes. getting through airport security lines will soon be a breeze again for frequent flyers who are willing to pay. under a subscription program called clear air passengers can choose shorter security lines with the help of identification that uses your fingerprints and iris of your eyes. the owner of the company that runs the program filed for bankruptcy forcing the program to shut down last year. but the new owners of the company plan to revive clear this fall and the new owner will honor clear subscriptions already held by previous members. still ahead on "news4 at 4:00," up close and personal. >> former first lady laura bush sits down with nbc for a candid interview about her private life.
4:49 pm
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prince william school board will decide tonight whether or not to extend the school day for the rest of the year. the proposal would extend the day for elementary school students only by ten minutes and the that's because of all of those snow days from the past winter. if the proposal passes the
4:52 pm
extended day would start may 10th. >> melts so fast. seems like years ago. >> i know. scary. as far as the forecast goes here for the overnight period, folks, it will be a clear night. it will be starry night and quite comfortable. 71, your temperature, by 9:00. the moon does not come up until 12:15 thursday morning. again, dark and starry. 5:00 a.m., 70 degrees. the wind out of the southwest will keep the temperatures from dropping. we will stay in the upper 60s to around 70. nice start for tomorrow. the high is 83. up to 80 on friday. showers and slight chance we can get a few in here late. your weekend is breezy with saturday up to 75. and sunday chilly at 66. feeling like early april. >> all right. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead on "news4 at 4:00," protesters take to the street. >> an thank you government riots that turn deadly today.
4:53 pm
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laura bush is now opening up. a new memoir, "spoken from the heart," reveals details on her remarkable life from her upbringing in west texas to her years in the white house. today's show contributing correspondent jenna bush hager sat down with her mother and sister, barbara. >> would you say you were a very
4:56 pm
good child? >> i would say i was a very good child, lot like you and barbara. >> or better. >> no, probably like you and barba barbara. >> were you scared at first? >> she is slightly intimidating. there is no doubt about it. write in the book we didn't really bond until we had been married probably ten years when we all moved to washington to work on his campaign. that was the first time we ever lived in the same town, barbara and i, and gave us a chance to get to know each other. >> then you -- >> i loved her because she loved dad daddy. >> laura bush kicked off her book tour in mclean yesterday and is scheduled to appear in bookstores in arlington tomorrow. a new discovery in dark chocolate. could help some stroke patients. scientists at johns hopkins medical school say dark chocolate can naturally lessen brain damage after a stroke. a compound found in the chocolate works to shield brain cells from damage. researchers say they don't know
4:57 pm
if the effect is a direct cause of the chocolate. they say it can be indirect by jump starting the cells' own protected pathways. after testing, dark chocolate can work up to 3 1/2 hours after a stroke. the anti-government riots in greece today turned deadly. fire investigators in athens say at least three people were killed when protesters set fire to a bank. dawna friesens that latest. >> reporter: there has been expectations of large demonstrations on the streets of athens today. this was a day of nationwide strikes but no one anticipated this level of violence. first there were clashes, tens of thousands of people on the streets. several buildings set on fire, vehicles, fire truck set ablaze. lot of those fires were put out and one of them put out at a bank branch in athens. when the firefighters got inside, they realized there were three bodies there, two women, and a man. apparently staff at the bank who
4:58 pm
believed are trapped inside after the building was firebombed. the anger is, of course, backlash against the government's austerity measures and the greek economy is in freefall. international monetary fund and european countries are bailing out greece with $150 billion in loans. but there are strings attached to that greece has to cut spending and has proposed about $39 billion worth of cuts. none of that is going over well with the greek people. >> everybody knows the response of the eu has been hesitant. and now positively dangerous. not just to greece but to europe as a whole. >> reporter: the german chancellor says today the rescue plan must succeed or other european countries may suffer the same fate. she saider with at a fork in the road and this is about nothing less than the future of europe and the fate of germany in europe. greek parliament is set to vote
4:59 pm
on those austerey measures very controversial. that vote set to go ahead tomorrow. dawna friesen, nbc news, london. >> that's "news4 at 4:00." "news4 at 5:00" starts right now. tonight at 5:00 we are getting a new look at the young man who went from a lacrosse star at the university of virginia to a murder suspect. tonight we are seeing a police mug shot from another incident he was involved in in virginia. and good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. it is our top story. a candlelight vigil set tonight for yeardley love. she was murdered in her apartment at the university of virginia. a former boyfriend, george huguely, of chevy chase is charged in her death. news4's aaron gilchrist joins us live from charlottesville, virginia, with the latest on this


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