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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 22, 2010 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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remainder of your weekend. have your rain backup plans ready to go. certainly not going to be a washout, though. most of the studier showers are well out to the west, but one or two lonely rain drops will be found up in the panhandle of west virginia. increasing chances of rain by later today. certainly more dry hours to come, so anything that you need to do i think you will be able to squeak it in, and get everything put in boxes and on the truck and under way, but better chances for rain tomorrow. we are following a developing story out of india where 160 people are feared dead after a plane crash. a plane bursts into flames after it over shot the runway. the india express airplane was
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coming from dubai. 166 people onboard. at least eight people did survive the crash. one survivor said the plane's initial touchdown did appear smooth and trouble started seconds later. officials also say premonsoon rains caused low visibility in that area. this crash is the deadliest in india since 1996 when two planes crashed midair killing 349 people. it's a major traffic lurt for you this morning. avoid the inner loop near the wilson bridge. just west of telegraph road in alexandria is being reduced to one lane for road repairs. officials are expecting 10 to 15-mile backups. delays are already building up,
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right, derek? >> reporter: yes, in the time that we have been here, they have gotten more heavy than when we first arrived. this traffic is coming away from the wilson bridge and moving towards springfield. you know, it's not uncommon to see weekend delays in our area, but this work that needs to be done is actually going to amount to a major weekend inconvenience. they are making emergency repairs to the overpass that takes the beltway and i-95 over cameron run. it was built in 1961 and they have done a lot of patching to it since then but nothing major, but to facilitate the work the lanes squeeze down from one to three. and ramps from telegraph road to the inner loop are also closed. you will have to work around that now. as we here planners say this is a necessary evil. >> what we have been doing for months now is patching,
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patching, patching, and it just doesn't hold. as soon as they get put down they pop off. it has been a hassle for motorists. >> reporter: you can expect delays of up to 90 minutes and some stretching back to the wilson bridge. planners say 40% of the usual traffic that comes through the area stays away, and you will still get the delays. if you do get caught up in the backup, suppose this was happening during the week? it would be a lot worse. >> a good weekend to bypass the beltway. thank you, derek. >> reporter: indeed. we are talking about travel headaches. going to be a tough weekend if you use the chain bridge. that entire span shut down all weekend long. the closure started at 8:00 last night. crews have been working to restore that bridge for about a year now. this weekend they will remove the concrete barriers and repave the bridge and restripe the
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lanes, and once it re-opens on monday morning you should have all three lanes again. and remember not to drink and drive. the coordinated effort will target drivers under the influence of alcohol and drugs. the move coincides with the click it or ticket campaign. this morning a teenager is dead after a bizarre car accident on a bike path. this happened close to the government's fairfax center. the driver of the suv also died and that's making the investigation a tricky one. jackie bensen reports. >> reporter: it happened so fast, a 17-year-old boy riding a bicycle on a bike path well protected by the road was struck and killed by the suv, whose driver also died. it happened at 4:00 p.m. next to the fairfax county government center. witnesses told police the dodge
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hopped the media and began towards the bike path. >> it came in contact with what we believed a juvenile on the male. tragic klee, the teenage cyclist was deceased at the scene. >> and witnesses say the suv also brushed against a 14-year-old girl. >> somehow or other the suv missed her and struck the male bicyclists. >> reporter: two men who own a business across the street heard the crash. >> that's very upset day today for us. especially, i have been business nine years here, and i never see such an act like this today. >> reporter: police cordoned off the area for hours to try and
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determine what caused the crash. the driver, a 31-year-old manassas man, wondering if a health issue caused this accident. police would like to see anything in the moments before the crash. we know what forced an emergency landing at the airport. a cockpit fire forced the pilot to land the boeing 757 in virginia. federal safety investigators say the fire was concentrated in a piece of window heating equipment that was the subject of a safety warning three years ago. two fire extinguishers were required to put out the flames. nobody was injured. now, a controversial change
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to textbooks in texas. why this curriculum could soon be used around the country. plus, the tiger woods divorce drama. how much his wife reportedly wants for their split. a face only a mother could love -- okay, not even that. where this mysterious creature suddenly turned up in the water, supposedly. and chuck says we could be in for more rain. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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the american dream just got a bit brighter for more than two dozen children. they are now waking up as new americans. the u.s. citizenship and immigration services held a children's citizenship festival yesterday in chantilly. they come from 14 different countries. this is the second year officials organized a children's ceremony. it has been the subject of intensity bait, how schoolchildren in texas will learn history. conservative members of the school board say they are trying to correct a liberal bias. last night the struggle came to a head as the state school board voted on a new curriculum.
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>> the voting acts of 1964 -- >> reporter: in texas public schools the curriculum is headed for a major re-write. there have been heated discuss about how geography and social studies and history have been taught. >> i feel i have let down the students in our state. >> reporter: every ten years the powerful state board of education votes to a new curriculum, and this time the strong conservative block is pushing to change what it sees is a liberal violence. >> we have not swung it to the right, we swung it to the middle. >> reporter: but critics say the board is whitewashing history. >> history is history. >> reporter: text books must now include mention of the conservative resurgence of the '80s and '90s, and include the idea that our founding fathers may not have intended a separation ofture sxch state,
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and even vocabulary will change. the word imperialism will be replaced with expansionism in describing land acquisitions. and some critics see another change to deny the move of slavery. >> a radical group wants your kids to learn what they want to they will them and not what actually happened and that should be a concern to all of us regardless of party. >> reporter: traditionally, the board's influence has extended far beyond the state because their books are often sold nationwide at an attractive price. >> the standards will stand regardless of how many text books include the standards and will stand as a dangerous precedent for other states and other school districts to follow. >> reporter: the texas state board of education approved the new curriculum.
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rehema ellis, new york. >> you would think history is history. >> there are many sides, aren't there. as journalists, we definitely know that. if you are about to head outside, what can you expect? >> clouds first thing on your saturday morning. the big question is when does the rain show up? i will give you a complete check of the forecast coming right up. ♪
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9:15 right now. even though there is cloud cover outside and in the 60s, it's kind of nice. >> blue sky behind you. look! >> that's not live right now. no. >> sometimes we put the live pictures and sometimes we don't. just depends. >> those people have been boating for weeks now. >> yeah, the marathon of paddle boats, no doubt about it. clouds out there for your saturday, everybody. hopefully the weekend is off to a great start. there is a live picture outside and a hint of blue out there and one or two beams of sunshine making it through the clouds. a fresh load of people come into the airport for an on time arrival hopefully. it has been a dry year so far. for the month of may we are more than an inch and a half behind
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rainfall. and since january the 1st, almost 4.5 inches behind in rainful. probably the rain this weekend and next week, maybe half an inch. 66 now in frederick, and 66 in sterling, manassas, 64. and waldorf, the upper 60s. 65 in annapolis. and one or two lonely sprinkles here. western parts of howard county. cannot rule out an isolated rain drop or two through the city. and here is a look at the wider view. you can see the bigger push of rain in the panhandle here in the next two hours or so. many more dry hours here in the washington, d.c. area before rain pushes in. i don't think steady rains are likely until late tonight and early tomorrow morning. and satellite pictures show this little low pressure center moving up into the western part
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of the great lakes. it has a cold front trailing behind it. cloudy and cooler than yesterday by ten degrees or so. and then the low pressure weakens as it becomes eastbound in our direction and will bring showers around. this is 6:00 tomorrow morning in the future cast. and then off and on showers quite likely through the course of the day tomorrow. no real organized risk for severe weather. one or two rumbles and that's about it. and primarily later this afternoon and this evening, maybe some showers. and first pitch today is at 4:45 this afternoon, and temperatures about 75 degrees. only a slight chance of the shower through the game. the all-important seven-day forecast is 60% of light rain later today and 70% chance tomorrow. off and on showers likely at any point on your sunday. and then by the time you get to tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, the leadup into memorial
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day weekend, beautiful weather moves back into the weather. a >> can one of your dopplers pinpoint where the belgium waffles are being made? >> i just wanted some so wanted to throw that out there. your sports minute starts with the battle of the belt ways. last night oriole's pitcher david hernandez took a no-hitter into the fifth inning, and the rally comes up short. the o orioles drop the nationals. to basketball, the wizards were watching the nba draft prospects workout. they didn't take part in
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scrimmaging, but all eyes were still watching them. flip saunders watching them. both players should be stars in the nba, and the wizards will have their choice of either one. and the mystics playing the entire season without their best player but are finding ways to win. trying to get off to a 3-0 start, and that's exactly what they did, due in part to lindsay harding. they beat liberty. that's your sports minute. another sports note for you, $750 million, that's the reported amount elin nordegren is demanding for a divorce settlement. she wants full custody of the couple's two children and is also refusing to sign a life-long confidentiality
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agreement. such agreement would bar her from granting interviews and writing a book. forbes says tiger's net worth is $600 million. one veteran producer is speaking out about what is happening to the animals behind the cameras. news4's wendy rieger has this week's going green. chris palmer spent the last 30 years filming for pbs and disney, and his career has brought him close to the creatures on our planet. that's what bugs him. >> i am haunted by the notion that things aren't really the way they same, and audiences are getting deceived. animals are getting harassed,
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and the conservation message in many of the films is not getting through. >> reporter: palmer just came out with a book called "shooting in the wild." he looks at the dark side of nature photography, a business too often concerned with money and not animal welfare. >> we don't have wildlife film making, but wildlife porn. >> reporter: he takes some to task for staging the dramatic animal shots, when she says they are often used with tame animals because it's cheaper than waiting in the wild for the real thing. >> it's fairly standard operating procedure. there are game farms that exist to supply individual auguaw vid.
9:23 am
>> i feel sorry for these animals. because whether they are trying to mate or hunt to get food, there is a photographer sticking a camera up their nose to get a picture. how many pictures of elephants do we need? palmer admits he is part of the problem. that's why he wrote the book. >> my book is for a plea to use common sense. >> reporter: jane goodall rights the foreword. he emphasizes it takes time and money to do it the right way because nature photography requires endless hours waiting for the scene to unfold and when it does the payoff is priceless. we are truly amazed and awed. why would we want it any other
9:24 am
way. wendy rieger, news4 today. disney's "planet earth" series is the gold series of real documentaries. palmer's book is "shooting inside the wild." you will find links to the book and where to buy it on just search "going green." you may want to keep an eye out for a pretty strange creature. >> this is no loch ness monster. a dog walker said one of his dogs pulled the feature out of the creek near the bay. it seems to have a receding hairline and a warthog like set of teeth. somebody said it was a rare animal that is said to feed on beavers. unfortunately the identity of
9:25 am
the animal will remain a mystery, because it apparently washed away not too long after the picture was taken. that's a horrible looking thing. thank god it washed away. we have a warning about some other creatures, this time in our area. whether has be
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there's a movement afoot in this country. a student-led revolution. a rallying cry for change in an otherwise unchanged educational system. people like me have something to say. people like me demand to be heard. people like me think it's time higher education was held to a higher standard. because it's time all people with talent were recognized. it's time technology transformed the way universities teach. and tradition no longer stood in the way of getting an education. people like me want a choice. people like me want to make a difference.
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people like me demand a different kind of university. one that puts my talent first. one that learns how i learn. to challenge me... to support me... a mind... on campus... on my terms. it's time a university recognized people like me. people like me. people like me.
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♪ pride or prejudice? a hometown rock star pulls out of a performance, and organizers are claiming homeophobia. it's saturday, may 22nd, 2010, and first let's get a check on the forecast. >> i wish i had a camp of people. >> yeah. >> chuck bell's camp says it was going to be cloudy today. >> if you made $18,000 for 45
9:29 am
minutes, you might have a camp. >> yeah. not a lot of rain just yet. 68, downtown temperature. 66 in arlington this morning. 64 in manassas. and 66 in quantico and stafford. there are showers across parts of the west virginia moving into maryland. those have an eye on the metro area. the rain chances do start to sneak up just a bit, but nonetheless still plenty of dry hours to get in. the blues festival today and tomorrow. and temperatures in the 70s, both days today likely to be the drier of the two days this weekend. a complete check of the seven-day coming up. this is the time of year when you don't want rain because there are so many outdoor events. thanks, chuck. hip-hop artis, wale is at
9:30 am
the center of a controversy involving an event for the black gay community. >> reporter: the artist known as wale, viewed as a rising star in hip-hop and rising star scene, but now he is at the center of a controversy involving washington's gay community. he agreed to perform at the gay pride party, but he pulled out when the gay press started to cover the story. >> headliners are very important to us, so often on the cover of the metro weekly, they started pushing his people and he got cold feet and decided he doesn't want to do it. >> reporter: they said wale cancelled because he wanted to spend more time with his family. >> then we were told that we did
9:31 am
not give him the correct information, we misled him, which is definitely not true. >> reporter: organizers say they agreed to pay $18,000 for the 45-minute performance. they said they were able to get the down payment back and book another artist, but they say it's not the point. they say it's an insult to the gay black community. when reached by phone his talent agent said he was not at liberty to discuss the situation. >> i don't know if it hurts him or doesn't but exposes him to a segment of the black population who may not purchase any of his products or go to his concerts. >> we reached out to multiple representatives for wale and nobody wanted to go on camera or issue a statement, but on his
9:32 am
twitter page he said i was told not to respond but that would not be me, anybody that knows me and is familiar with my music, i work for people, all people. he said i did not even know about a show. i have done 48 shows this year and have not booked one personally. we have a major traffic alert for drivers this morning. be prepared for 10-mile backups. >> the beltway is shut down to a single lane west of telegraph road in alexandria for repairs. and we have more on how things look now. good morning, joe. >> reporter: good morning, seeing very heavy delays due to the construction on the inner loop of the beltway at exhibit 176. the left lane is only getting by. the ramps are also closed and that's going on for the rest of the weekend. they will rap it up on monday at 5:00 a.m. you can see heavy delays across the woodrow wilson bridge at
9:33 am
this time. and we have reports from cell phone callers that 395 and 295 are wide open, so if you are looking for a alternative route i suggest 295 and 395 to get yourself around the construction zone. back to you. a heads up for metro riders this weekend. expect big delays because of track work. add 30 minutes to the red, orange and green lines. the nats have home games today and tomorrow and the dc 101 chili cookoff is today. and secret service agents say they caught john fenly woodland in the act. once d.c. police got to the scene they recognized the man from a similar robbery earlier this month. these pictures were taken by a camera on an atm in the 600
9:34 am
block of massachusetts avenue. police say they are investigating to see if he may be connected to at least ten similar robberies. now to the oil spill in the gulf coast. bp said there have been no snags in preparing to cap the well in the bottom of the sea floor. and they pushed back the method until next week. engineers hope to send heavy drilling mud into equipment on top of the well. >> current forecast for when this operation will take place will be sometime early in the coming week. our best estimate at the moment is probably tuesday, but i would stress that these operations are quite complex. we won't start the job until all of the equipment is staged and everything is in place.
9:35 am
>> new this morning, the white house announced a presidential commission to investigate the spill. fairfax county police are warning residents about an unusually high sighting of copperhead snakes. what makes them so dangerous is they can often be hard to spot. >> reporter: this is the snake to look out for. this copperhead calls the national zoo home, but they could not found all over virginia. >> as it gets warmer and warmer, they will start to disperse. the males will start to trail and court females. that will happen through late spring. >> reporter: in the last few weeks, three copier heads have bitten people and at least one dog in river ben park, and the clifton district. it's a problem peaking way too
9:36 am
early, because partly they blend women with their surroundings. >> if they are in leaf litter, they are hard to spot. >> while the venom is poisonous. >> they might be under logs or rocks. just be very careful. kind of scan the area that you are going to walk in. >> if you are bitten by a copperhead snake, you need to get medical attention right away. to report a copperhead incident contact the number on your screen. a 13-year-old from big bear, california, has become the youngest person to summit mt. everest. he made it to the top of the highest peak today with his father, his father's girlfriend
9:37 am
and three shurpas. romero is almost three years younger than the previous record holder. this is not his first summit, either. he climbed mt. killmanjaro when he was 10 years old. and a facebook loophole exposed. how the website was sharing user's personal information without letting them know it. chuck says wet weather ahead.
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this weekend a sellbrags of d.c.'s history and culture is under way. more than 100 walking and bike tours are available through all of the city's wards. there is something for everybody. we are joined live by the director. i understand there is one walk through the old red light district of downtown washington? >> yeah, absolutely. federal triangle area was where the hooker brigade was placed during the civil war. as you might imagine, the name caught on from the folks that caught on the to visit, the
9:41 am
soldiers while they were down there. interesting an area. >> now, only up standing politicians that work in that area? >> sure. the great thing about it is there is a real opportunity to see all of the city, all eight wards. a lot of neighborhoods, people may have never been to some before. hillcrest which is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city will have a tour. federal triangle and mt. vernon, and two neighbors that people don't go to, it's a great opportunity to get out and see them and the history behind the neighborhoods. >> you do the tours twice a year, and they are free? >> absolutely. >> how do people find out which tour might appeal to them? >> considering the tours start in about 20 minutes -- but they go all day and all day tomorrow. probably the easiest and fastest way now, if they are riding the
9:42 am
circulator, our brochures are on the circulator, and then you can go on the website to wwwcultural somebody is standing there waving a guide book, and can you easily recognize them. the guides are all in the walking town t-shirts. you cannot miss them. it's safe and an easy way to see the city. >> thousands of people participate in the tours, don't they? >> usually, 4,000 people come out over the weekend to do this. it's about 1/3 washington and then 1/3 virginia, and then out-of-towners that pop in as well. and some people have never been in that neighborhood or seen that, you know, little piece or little bit of history in the city before.
9:43 am
so it's a great way to get out and really explore the city. >> we are out of time. but there are also bike tours too, so go to the website to find out about that. >> we appreciate it, as always. >> a little cloud cover is not bad forgetting out and doing walking. >> today is probably one of the better of the touring days, but tomorrow will not be a complete loss. a complete check of your weekend forecast is coming right up.
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the "atlantis" crew will get to kick their feet up at the international space station today. mission control is giving them part of the day off. "atlantis" is scheduled to undock tomorrow. they gave the space station six fresh batteries and an extra antenna and a compartment full of fresh supplies. only two more shuttle launches before the program retires this fall. >> when you kick your feet up in space, which way is up? >> the funny thing is, we will give you the rest of the day off, but they are in a small space, okay, i will just turn like this, then. it's not like you are going anywhere. don't open the window. >> they probably find a way to play in space. >> i am sure.
9:47 am
they update their facebook status orbiting, or whatever they need to do. beautiful weather for a lot of things to go on outside. not near as warm as it was yesterday. not near as sunny, but i am confident it's not going to be a washout. a little optimism is all you need to get through a saturday. and there is still plenty of brightness in the sky, more than enough to cast a few shadows in the area. 68 degrees is the concern the temperature. humidity, fairly high. a light southeasterly wind at 8 miles per hour. and with all the clouds around, they see a little bright spot here and there. that will not last all day long, but nonetheless i will show you on the radar in a brief second most of the rain is hours away to the west. new market, maryland, 72 degrees. charles town, west virginia, 69 degrees. and here is a check of live
9:48 am
doppler. couple sprinkles here. and there is 81 right there. most of the showers heading up to far western maryland and in the western panhandle. and even these showers once they get in will be intermittent in nature, and then the showers across southern west virginia will try to swing up during the evening hours this evening. not the best outdoor activity weekend, but as you can see, there is a lot of dry spots between the rain drops. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 for now. and that area of low pressure gradually heading up towards western new york state. ten degrees cooler than yesterday. but the steadier rain showers i think are probably more likely for the second half of the day tomorrow. here is the future cast model. low pressure sinking our way by
9:49 am
6:00 tomorrow morning light rain in and around the city of washington. and then tomorrow during the course of the day hit and miss showers on and off throughout the good part of the day tomorrow, and then plenty of clouds and this disturbance close to us may have lingering chances into monday. but no severe weather. maybe a rumble or two of thunder is all you will have to worry about today. and then if you are headed out to the ball game, 75 degrees. first pitch at 4:05 this afternoon. the orioles got us last night, but today i am optimistic, and i think it's the national's day. showers more likely off and on through much of the day tomorrow. 60% chance you will need umbrellas before the day is through. a 70% chance that you will need them tomorrow. a 40% chance for rain on monday. i am optimistic we can sneak all the rain drops out of here for tuesday.
9:50 am
and then as we sail into memorial day weekend, in the mid-80s for the highs and lows in the mid-60s. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. hundreds of student information could be at risk after somebody stole a computer drive from a school in prince william county. the principal sent out letters to parents yesterday informing them of the theft. the drive included students's name and phone numbers and bus numbers as well as information used to contact parents in an emergency. the school will hold a meeting for concerned parents on monday night. facebook users get ready for more changes. the website sent out an e-mail announcing it will simplify how users what they share online.
9:51 am
facebook will also fix a loophole to allow advertisers to access user information including name, age and date of birth. >> this is the information that identity thieves love to get and use to steal your identity online with all kinds of bad consequences for the individual. >> facebook says the changes will happen shortly. that social networking sight has nearly 500 million users. after winning three medals, speed skater apollo otto took time off. he decided to train harder than ever. the result? he became the most decorated winter olympic athlete of all-time. >> he found time to chat with our lindsay czarniak in this week's "lunch with lindsay." >> you really have been home one day since you have been back from the olympics?
9:52 am
>> yeah, i stayed in a hotel. >> do you love it? >> i love it. i would like to slow down a little bit more. just because so many things i am involved with. doing a lot of entertainment and tv and hosting opportunities and the first read for a film two and a half weeks ago in l.a. >> you are going to be an actor? >> maybe in the future. >> so how did that go? >> it was fun. totally different. i actually -- i was actually playing a greek god, not apollo. >> that's why they called you in, right? >> yeah, i actually was trying out for a part for a greek god, and most likely i will not get the part because i am too busy, and it will not be able to happen. but it was for me to really do it, something i like to do and i want to pursue, and it is, and i love it. >> i know you have foundations,
9:53 am
and you are here to work with century council as well. >> yes, i have been speaking to kids about making activity sigss in their lives, and positive decisions in their live. sports changed my life. luckily i had a great dad to help push me towards the olympic pursuit and support me. he was there to support me even when i did not want support. there were times when i thought my dad had given up on me. i was crazy. >> what do you mean crazy? everybody can say i was crazy from time to time, but what do you mean? >> i was hanging out with much older kids. the access ability to things that we wanted to have access to as a seventh, eighth and ninth grader is not something kids should ever have access to. >> how much of a high was it
9:54 am
win "dancing with the stars." >> it comes down to personality, and have you to show animation, and if it's not organic in nature, people will not read into it. it was a blast. >> the 1500 meter final, you were in fourth place and two korean speed skaters in front of you, got together and you came around and ended up taking silver. what emotions do you think back on that? >> i loved it, every single moment. i would not take back anything. i had the time of my life. maybe i could have made a different move earlier or later, but i loved it. i think that was my best. i had the time of my life.
9:55 am
>> he is a cool guy. he always seems sort of low key and humbled about all that happened to him. >> you would think after being the most decorated medalists that would be the highlight of your career, but it appears he has so much more ahead of him. the time now is 9:55. a traffic nightmare on the beltway. we will tell you where this is and how to get around it. and plus a fiery crash in india. experts say it happened on a dangerous run way. and a teenager dies when a vehicle runs off the road and on
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good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i am aaron gilchrest. >> and i am kimberly suiters. the news is ahead but first we want to check in with meteorologist, chuck bell, who joins us live in the studio with the rain drop forecast. >> not a washout, off to a dry start in many neighborhoods this morning and for folks that live further out to the west will definitely get in on the rain drops sooner than the folks to the east. outside we have plenty of clouds. temperatures on their way up in the mid and high 60s now,
10:00 am
although a few spots made it in the 70s. and leonard town, 69 degrees. i am sitting on the dock of the bay. the chesapeake bay blues festival happening today. temperatures in the mid-70s today. there is a risk of a shower coming up late rur this afternoon, and today will be the better outdoor weather day for you. so if you are trying to decide today or tomorrow as for the preferred day, they are coming our way. we will figure out which bay sitting on the dock of the bay is? >> he was inspired by san francisco. >> the chesapeake bay does have nice docks. >> works for us. thanks, chuck. we are following a developing story from india where nearly 160 people are feared dead in a fiery plane crash. the plane over shot the runway
10:01 am
while trying to land in india. it was coming from dubai with 166 people onboard, and 80 bodies have been recovered so far and eight people survived. aviation experts say the airport has a dangerous table top run way which ends in a valley. there was also low visibility from pre-monsoon rains in that area. a major traffic alert to tell you about this morning. you will want to avoid the inner loop near the wilson bridge. this weekend that particular part of the beltway just west of telegraph road in alexandria is being reduced to one lane for road repairs. officials are predicting 10-15 long mile backups. delays are developing quickly. >> reporter: yes, this is the beltway here in alexandria. as it goes away from the wilson
10:02 am
bridge towards springfield, we are seeing delays. they are only temporary, but could cause weekend inconvenience. crews have a big task ahead of them. to do a major rehab of the overpass here, and it was built back in 1961, and they have to do the work over the weekend without shutting the stretch down completely. they will squeeze traffic down to one lane, but this being a major local and interstate route, that means backups in inevitably. >> we are really advising folks to take the outer loop of the beltway and cross the american legion bridge. for those of you not aware of the distance between i-95 and 95 again around the beltway is almost positively equal, within
10:03 am
a mile. not a major inconvenience, so go around the other way. >> you said signs are going up in maryland, because the traffic coming from maryland will be more affect the than other traffic? >> yes, folks coming in from maryland into virginia and the maryland state highway group has the mobile signs up in the beltway and on to 95 to warn travelers. >> this is part of the woodrow wilson project, not on the bridge, but that project incampuses a lot of roadway around the bridge, doesn't it? >> yes, from virginia across the bridge into maryland, so it's part of the woodrow wilson bridge project. >> thank you for joining us. this project is slated to be done by 5:00 a.m. monday so should not have any affect on the usual commute. if you get stuck, just think, it could be worse if it was during the week. >> we can see the traffic
10:04 am
slowing behind you, derrick. it's going to be a tough weekend if you use the chain bridge. the entire span will be shut down the whole weekend. the closures started at 8:00 last night. and this weekends they will finally remove the concrete barriers and repave the deck and restripe the lanes, and once the bridge opens on monday morning you should have all three lanes back again. this morning a teenager is dead after a car accident on a secluded bike path. for some reason a blue suv jumped the median and crossed several lanes of traffic and ran on the bike path. the suv barely missed hitting a girl on the bath but did slam into a boy following behind her. the boy was killed and the man
10:05 am
driving an suv was also killed. a shop owner across the street from where the accident happened says he never has seen anything like this. >> it's a sad day today for us. especially, i am business opportunity nine years here, and i never see such an act like this. >> fairfax county police are investigating whether the driver was impaired by alcohol or may have been distracted or had a medical condition. and they are looking for anybody that seen the suv run off the road. and then a d.c. man charged with the murder of his mother. he shared an apartment with his mother on 4th street southeast. she had been stabbed at least ten times. shortly before officers went inside the home, witnesses say martin's mentally challenged brother jumped from a window, and police say he also may have been attacked. this weekend, wearing white ribbons to remember a murdered
10:06 am
classmate. they will be handed out in memory of yeardley love. she was found dead in her apartment three weeks ago. her ex-boyfriend also a student was charged in her death. the white ribbons will also memorialize a student that disappeared after a concert last year and was found dead in january. whatever happened to riddic briddick bowe. plus, how you can wear the look. chuck says rain is in the forecast. he will tell us how much and when coming up.
10:07 am
10:08 am
10:09 am
you got to know by now a plain simple shirt will not do. embellishments are in this season. >> we are focussing on great embellishments. not only is the color great, but the embellishment is the zipper, and the fabric is a distressed wash. it's not your typical button down. one of the designs that we love for handbags rebecka minkoff.
10:10 am
all the bags have so many pockets, so it's so nice that can you tuck things away in it. some of these are definitely more for detail, but you can find a place to put your cell phone and that kind of stuff. >> i changed into the tank. i love the embellishments and they shine and it actually would be separated, so you can wear it by itself or add on the bib, or take your favorite t-shirt and add on it as an accessory. i think i could see this on somebody from "gossip girl." >> for more shopping suggestions visit and search "want this." >> zippers and bibs? >> yeah, i want sunshine. >> agreed. >> do you think we will get much? >> not so much. chuck bell will have all the details, though, when we come
10:11 am
back. -sure.s for coming back out.
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10:13 and time for a check with chuck. >> you could go to the theater because there is a risk of showers around. nothing that will completely ruin your weekend but have backup plans ready to go as you go out and about and enjoy the days off because the clouds moved back in and rain chances are sneaking up a little bit as we go forward through time. better chances for rain, for better for worse tomorrow, between sunup and sundown. you can definitely tell from the city camera view that there is more than enough sunshine getting through to cause some fairly hard shadows across the area. it has been a very dry month, spring and year, all in the minus category now. more than an inch and a half behind in may. so we could use the rain
10:15 am
showers. we just are not going to get a whole lot. as much as we are going to have rain in the forecast today and tomorrow and lingering into tomorrow, total rainfall amounts will be less than an inch in most locations. and 66 in nmanassas. here is a look at live doppler. most of this is false return on the radar. but these are legitimate rain showers now. and eventually, these will work their way towards interstate 81 and the blue ridge and eventually they will graze, especially the northern and western suburbs here in the afternoon hours, but certainly not looking for a washout of a saturday. temperatures will be mild but not as warm as we were yesterday. questioned we made 86 here in washington. tomorrow more in the order of 76, 77 degrees. about a 10-degree drop from yesterday. definitely cloudier and cooler. the rain chances will sneak up
10:16 am
but will not be a steady rain through the remainder of your weekend, and just enough to get you wet and make you mad, but not enough to ruin your weekend. by 6:30 this evening, most of the rain hanging out to the west, but between then and sunrise tomorrow morning, the showers sneak in, and then tomorrow off and on throughout the course of the day chances for intermittent rain showers and that's it. a risk of showers today primarily later today. highs today, mid to upper 70s. if you are going to the ball game, 75 degrees. have your poncho ready to go, but i think they will be able to get the game in, and that is welcome news. and ranier weather is likely throughout the course of the day tomorrow, but again, not a heavy, steady rain, just intermittent showers. mid-70s on monday with the clouds still in place but the sunshine starts to break out to tuesday, and then it will be all into the 80s as we go through
10:17 am
wednesday, thursday and friday. a nice dry stretch to lead us into memorial day weekend. the time is 10:17. he was a boxing superstar making millions, but what happened to riddick bowe
10:18 am
10:19 am
10:20 am
baseball's battle of the belt ways comes to d.c., and heavyweight champion, riddick bowe fights back. the birds came to national's park with the worse record in major league baseball, but still found a way to beat the nationals. so the nats drop below .500 for the first time in a month. didn't help things when the o's pitcher pitched a no-hitter in the fifth. and ev top of the two, one on for adam jones. he gets this one right on the barrel of the bat. that thing is cured. home run insurance needed, and 0-2. and then hernandez kept the nats
10:21 am
in check. here he gets pudge rodriguez looking at the curveball, and struck out three and took a no-hitter into the fifth. and top four, 4-0, baltimore. pudge rodriguez throws over to third and zimmerman running him down, and then tagging him out. that's played perfectly. and then bottom seven, 4-1, baltimore. and willie hammers this one out of the park. the nationals get a two-run shot from willie harris. and it's a one-run ball game. and then has not gwen giiven up this season until now, right up the middle. and then the oe orioles beat th
10:22 am
nationals. >> we played good baseball. we just got beat. we were in a position -- i mean, i am a much better mood tonight after that loss than i was last night. i will tell you that. >> that was their managemanager they will get another chance to play the o's tonight and tomorrow. and then john wall could be the team's number one pick, and he said if you want tickets e-mail me. and the post was soon taken down. hall says it was a case of an over zealous member of the sales staff agecting on his own. evan on the right and turner on the left. the two top prospects in the nba
10:23 am
draft. they did not take part in any scrimmaging. now, wall and turner did play a little one-on-one if you can call it that. they were just kind of messing around. both players should be stars in the nba, and the wizards will have their pick. >> it depends what they are trying to do with arenas, and me and john were joking we need cincinnati to go one-on-one and duke it out there. so that's all thatte matters. >> they already know i can be a basketball player, and they want to know how i can be a leader. i want to make my teammates better and getting their trust. i want to develop as a player and get better. >> they are both athletic. john is an extraordinary
10:24 am
athlete. i think he has tested high. and both phenomenal players. evans, the same way. one, we cannot go wrong who ever we take as far as the number one pick. >> flip loves the point guard, wall. and we are talking specifical specifical specifical specifically riddick bowe. things just spiralled out of control. he got divorced and spend a year and a half in prison and then filed for bankruptcy after leaving boxing with between 50 and $20 million. bowe is now on the comeback trail and an instructor boxing in virginia. he is having fun and students love him, but teaching is new for him and he is improving by the day. bowe says he would like to fight again some day, and if the price
10:25 am
and opponent were right, it could happen. he would like to keep his estate that is currently in foreclosure. it includes a workout facility and a 26-car garage complete with a car wash that used to be packed. now it sits empty. like so many other boxers, bowe has lost almost everything. >> what happens to former champions? you, tyson, holyfield, you all have fallen on hard times. what happened. >> they know you are trying to reach out to get help, and you know. >> the two-part series on riddick bowe could be found on our website, and now finding ways to win. the ladies hosting new york and
10:26 am
get off to a 3-0 start last night. and langhorn revealing her new got milk ad, and her body uses that milk pretty well. a couple pump fakes here. i think it worked well. 12 points and 11 boards. washington takes a one--point lead. and then second half, the steal. lindsay harding in the passing lane. she goes all the way in and won. the cyst mystics win. that's your morning sports. everybody have a great weekend. >> we should end the noewscast that way, shouldn't we? >> yeah, like that. >> we can do better than that. >> of course you can. we will have a chance for showers, but not a washout. since we are going off the air you can always check the
10:27 am
forecast at, or the >> we will be back tomorrow morning. >> doing the happy dance. >> let's bring up a close-up, and you can dance while we go out. >> thanks for volunteering me. >> we will see you back here tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. have a good one.
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