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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  May 22, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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well, we're learning more about the teenager that died gled a bizarre accident on a seclude bike path. tonight, police are trying to figure out what caused driver to veer so far off the road. good saturday, everyone. i'm craig melvin. riding his bike not far from his fairfax county house when an suv swerved across several lanes of traffic, drove on to a bike path and hit him. the teenager biker and the suv driver both died instantly. news4's darcy spencer just talked to the father and she joins us live from fairfax. darcy? >> reporter: you can only imagine what the family is going through.
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as you said i talked to his father. he buried his son today and said the family's strong faith is what is getting them through at this time. abdul shadally was just 17 year old and he was killed by an out of control suv while riding his bike here in fairfax about a mile from his home. he and the driver of the dodge durango, gary thorn, were both pronounced dead at the scene. the driver crossed several lanes of lee highway and then a tree. shadally was a senior at fairfax county high school set to graduate in one week and a member of the wrestling team. his father spoke to me today on behalf of the entire family. obviously, everyone here is extremely upset. abdul was the oldest of four sons. >> he's a good kid. he goes -- everybody knows him
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around. his coaches and the fathers of the parents, they come to visit because they loved him so much. we have a strong faith. when it happened, it happened -- >> reporter: and the father tells me he had done to the school to pick up his son early from school yesterday because he had a migraine headache and his son had come home and was laying down for a while. the father also was taking a nap because he worked is evening shift and he said the next thing he knows a son brings the phone to him and someone on the other end of the line breaks the news about this tragic accident. police continue the investigation. at this point they're not sure what caused accident and they're trying to figure out if the driver humid a medical emergency or something else. they're hoping an autopsy will shed some light on this investigation. reporting live from fairfax, darcy spencer, news4. >> all right, darcy, thank you.
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let's turn to the weather. in case you haven't looked outside in a while the skies are dark and gray and it looks like rain is coming in on this saturday night. chuck, what's the word? >> yes, indeed. good saturday afternoon. the clouds are lowering and as you see here on doppler radar, moderate rain showers pushing into much of the immediate d.c. metro area. certainly no heavy rain but low-to-moderate showers with one or two rumbles of thunder across southern pennsylvania but we've had a few rumbles down toward fredericksburg as well. the steadiest of the showers is not having in on dulles but more light showers coming in toward downtown washington as well. a complete check open your seven-day forecast coming up. >> craig? it was supposed to be a traffic, nightmare all weekend long but repairs to an overpass on the beltway actually went much more quickly than expected. all lanes are back opened right now and here's a live look at --
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495 just west of telegraph road in alexandria. you can see that all day traffic was reduced to one lane while workers repaired aging concrete. at times, traffic was backed up to 210 and prince george's county. many people passing through simply didn't know what to expect. signs were posted to warn drivers who were passing through to take another route. >> only folks coming in from maryland across the woodrow wilson bridge into virginia and the maryland state highway group has signs, the mobile signs all the way up in the beltway and on to 95 to warn travellers. >> the lane closures were supposed to last until monday but transportation officials say that the concrete damage was not as significant as they thought. a jet carrying 166 people crashed in southern end kwa today. killing nearly -- india. killing everybody on board and the pilot overshot a hill and
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plunged over a cliff. only eight people survived. some were able to jump from the plane moments before it burst into flames. the airport is on a platemr pla they say it's a tricky spot. the main military base in afghanistan has several international service members wounded. no one claimed responsibility but the kandahar base is in an area known to be a taliban strong hold and also the launching pad for thousands of u.s. forces pouring in for a surge in that country. today's attack was the third on nato an afghanistan this week alone. you might remember wednesday an american contractor was killed during an attack on the u.s. base there. oil, it's been pouring into the gulf of mexico for more than a month now. and bp says it is still days away from trying to cap the well. this, as more oil washes up on the louisiana's coastline and marshes.
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jay gray from louisiana tonight. >> reporter: cleanup teams are doing what they can to get some of the oil out of the marshland as throng southern edge of louisiana. unfortunately some of ten environment is not -- the environment is not easy to clean up. >> huge amounts of oil is spilling. they have equipment on the sea floor preparing for the top-kill the process they hope to use to stop the flow by pumping mud into the leak to m it and sealing the riser with cement. initially set for sunday engineers say they won't be ready until tuesday at the earliest. another setback for so many along the gulf coast who already have been waiting for more than a month now. >> i sense frustration on the part of everyone around the gulf coast and around the country. what this oil spill brings to everybody. >> no one is more frustrated it seems, than the shrimpers. they see catches and opportunity dwindling along with the way of
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life they've clung to for generations. >> that comes in it's going to be -- we won't be able to do it no more. it's going to end it. >> reporter: it's already coming in on the beach at grand isle and some scientists say this is just the beginning. >> it's going to keep coming. it's just going to be a wave after wave of this liquid oil washing up and it will be cleaned up and the next dayu'll go back and reclean it up. >> reporter: a cycle that won't stop until the flow of oil does. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. a soldier from virginia honored for his service today nearly two decades late. we'll take you to that ceremony. and iphone users? listen up. a key part of your cell phone contract is about to change. and that woman spent time in jail for driving more than 100
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miles an hour but it was her reason for speeding that shocked the cops. coming up in sports, the virginia women's lacrosse team hoping to continue to play and the maryland's men's team goes for a spot in the nationals. nyjer morgan throws a temper tantrum. we'll show you when -sure.s for coming back out.
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this is beyond cable. this is fios. a special motorcade through parts of washington, d.c. to remember the victims of a mass shooting in the southeast. the mother of one of the victims organized the event. the drive-by shootings left four debt and others injured. they followed a route taking them by several crime scenes related to recent killings in the district. a local vet got an honor today that was nearly 20 years in the making. specialist dan keese was given an air medal at the american legion hall in manassas. he earned it in 1991 for his bravery in "operation desert storm." but for some reason he never got the award. he was in a combat mission over iraq. recently his friend started a campaign and worked with senator mark warner and he was able to
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finally get if vet the recognition he deserved. >> it's incredible. something i didn't expect for 19 years. it happened that my best friend what above and beyond what most guys would do in the military to make this happennd it feels great. >> he was brought to tears during today's ceremony but he added that he didn't join the army to get awards. still to come tonight, what was so important that a woman sped down the highway at 100 miles an hour? she'll tell us after this and we're also starting to see some showers on this saturday night. we might be seeing showers for the next day or so.
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a 72-year-old south carolina woman spent 12 hours in jail this week for speeding. sandra powell was not just going 10 miles over the limit. the dash cam shows her passing an officer going 100 miles an hour in a 45 mile-an-hour zone. her excuse for going so fast, this caught the officer offguard. >> i'm on my way to -- i went in the wrong detection and now i'm running late. >> you know you just about caused an accident. >> i just about killed myself. >> do you know how fast you was going? >> yes, i do. >> how fast? >> 100 miles an hour. >> you think that's safe? >> no. >> she was honest. after being released from jail,
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she went to the e.r. and doctors said she had an infection that might have caused her not to realize how fast she was going. she'll appear in court later this month on reckless driving charges. >> and thinking of getten an iphone? you better learn to love it. starting june 1st, at&t is going to raise the penalty for cancelling your iphone contract to $325! the move comes about six months after verizon jacked up its termination fees and the new fee comes week before apple is expected to introduce a new generation of the iphone. it's become a tasty d.c. tradition. the 31st annual chili cookoff going strong right now. 101 top chili chefs from around the region serve up their secret recipes to judges like whoever that guy is, looking -- there's chris cooley. and it's all for a good cause. proceeds go to the national kidney foundation. check it out.
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festivities wrap up at 9:00 tonight. now they may have to contend with rain, hu? they'll just have extra h hotly that way. a great way to spend saturday. rain showers are going to be a part of your saturday evening plan to have your umbrellas and rain jackets ready to go just in case. right now outside with clouds moving on it, light rain moving into the area as well. no heavy rain expected and more importantly, no severe weather. can't rule out a rumble or two of thunder but not expecting any widespread trouble. the dew point continues to climb up to 61 now. we had dew point is in the 50s early this morning. sweerlly breeze at 9 miles an hour. and temperatures, rain cooled and mid-to-upper 60s out to the west of washington. on the radar, you can see a steady progression of low-to-moderate rains. and also into portions of southern maryland and into st.
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mary's county and towards chesapeake beach in shady side. zoom in a little bit and that's the heaviest of the rain showers passing almost directly on top of the radar on dulles airport. these showers moving into upper montgomery county and more on i-95 and to the south. a broader view shows a break in the action so we have these showers for about the next two or three hours and then a break for the overnight. but more rain in the forecast for tomorrow so don't think you're going to get away with a dry weekend. very unstable air to the west so as the weather front dies out and hang out across the area it will be a trigger during the course of the day tomorrow for more showers, maybe a rumble or two of thunder. that will be just about it. by monday morning at 8:00, still plenty of clouds around and that little push of convergence and by monday afternoon things will dry out. better weather returns for tuesday and wednesday and beautiful weather as we lead to memorial day weekend. the rest of the evening, cloudy and low-to-moderate showers. maybe a rumble or two of thunder
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but no severe weather. for the wake-up time, cloudy, scattered showers happening about and temperatures 57 to 63. and then tomorrow during the day, have your rain plan ready for tomorrow. another chance for a rumble or two of thunder. highs tomorrow, cooler than today in the if upper 60s and low to mid 70s. aall-important seven-day forecast calls for our best chance of rain to be tomorrow but rain chance also link near monday as well. tuesday, start to dry out. wednesday looks great, thursday, friday, saturday, that is leading straight to the teeth of memorial day weekend. and highs in the low to mid 80s and generally dry weather. when we're not on the air, you can check out your forecast on or the weather channel at coming up next in sports, the battle of the beltway continues in the virginia women's lacrosse team. tries to fight on with their fallen teammate on their mind.
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the battle of the beltway. we're trying to make this a rivalry but it's not yet. >> the oilers are the worse team in major leasing but they have their hands full. we start with injury news. scott olson will miss his next start because of inflammation in his pitching shoulder. he left early last night with tightness in his shoulder but
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the mri showed no structural damage. this injury not connected to his shoulder problems that he had last year that forced him to undergo season-ending surgery. on the field this afternoon, that nats get down early but josh willingham is a hero. a good piece of hitting. a man on and crushing one to the left. a two-run homer for the hammer. game tied at two and the third inning. we move to the top of the fourth, still 2-2. adam jones is at the plate with a runner on. it drives the pitch deep to center. check out nyjer morgan. he can't make the catch and then he throws his glove to the ground. one run scores and he forgets about the play and willingham comes over to help out while adam gets around the base so it was an inside-the-park home run for jones. let's go back to the play. what do you think about this,
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craig? >> he's lost his mind. >> that's a temper tantrum. >> kids, don't do that at home. >> do not do that. >> down 6-5, a two-run score and the nats take a 7-6 lead. we all know the month of march is famous for madness that ensues during the ncaa basketball tournament. how about the month of may in the ncaa lacrosse tournament? madness fort the maryland men's team upset by unseeded notre dame in the quarterfinals. they rank third in tournament wins all-time had never lost to the fighting irish until today. the coach, if lastinal four appearance was in 2006. in the second quarter, maryland trails 4-1. and grant double-teams here by two irish players. michael creighton picks it up and passes it to his bud dinnick
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loss beady and he beats brian fipps but they don't quit on a play. fell that to nigel morgan. john doing the work and he goes to the net and scores. maryland cuts the lead to 5-3. third quarter, same score, notre dame is starting to pull away. grant kmt rebbs, he shoots and scores. unseeded knower t teer th teere. and here we go. the women's team taking on the tar heels and the cavs playing in honor of their teammate. charlie cuts to the net and scores but unfortunately, for virginia, it was all tar heels after that. north carolina scored 11 goals in the first half including this one. north carolina goes on to win it
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17-7, ending virginia's run in the ncaa tournament. certainly a tough way to end the season for them. plenty of emotion among the players and coaches. the cavs head coach, julie myers was proud of her team after all they've been through. >> i think the end to this season being all we've been through, makes it especially hard. i am completely impressed and proud of my team. i'm so proud of their families and grateful for who comes to virginia to play for us and at the end of the game, one of our fifth year seniors said, there's not a question in anyone's mind we all love each other and to know that is a pretty special and amazing feeling. >> we've always had her in our hearts. she wouldn't have wanted us to sit around and be sad. she was such a positive person. and i think we're trying to be positive and think of the good things that we can do from now on for her. >> graduation day is tomorrow at
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virginia where yardley love will be honored with a degree. the stanley cup playoff this is afternoon. and remember, this guy, you remember him? he'll be coming soon. he played well against the cavs. second period, no score. he skates by two canadiens and he beats him. the top-shelf flyers take a 1-0 lead. later in the second, for montreal, gets knocked off the puck at the blue line. chris corals it and check out this sweet pass. fires a tape to tape pass and streaking down the other side of the ice and he has a one-on-one and he smokes it in there. nice, the flyers take the 3-1 seriously lead. game five in philly on monday.
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all right. we'll have reaction from the nigel morgan thing. >> that's disappointing with him. >> he's a cool guy but you can't do that. >> season finale tomorrow night. we host three shows on food network. he recently stopped by a northern virginia diner. guy and i talk about his food adventures and we talk about what makes his game show "minute to win it" so
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