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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  May 23, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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68 degrees is the number. cloudy skies out there. winds out of the east at 10, and, yes, about the .69 that we quickly pick up. all right. let's show you where the rain drops are. southern maryland, into the bay. and up to the north. very spotty showers in frederick county up towards haegerstown. as for the weather forecast. 68 in sterling and the district. today, 70 to 75. showers around winds out of the east. i'll extend the forecast to the next seven when i see you in a few minutes. traffic alert. roads closed as thousands of cyclists hitting the streets today. plus, crews working on a major project that could affect your drive as well. news 4's derrick ward live on the key bridge with what you need to know to avoid all of the possibility delays out there this morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning, aaron this is a great day to be a biker in d.c., but not necessarily such a good day to
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be a motorist. lot of road closures with this bike d.c. event. along the g.w. parkway and here at the key bridge. bike d.c., organizers of this event, say this is -- they are touting it as a 20-mile ride of car-free biking. on pennsylvania avenue, the pedalpalooza event for those who are not up to the ride. the event wraps up in crystal city. it includes some street closings. we want to show you those street closings. participant in the event and other cyclists coming by to watch it say this has definitely been a good year for bikers. a change in gear with the way cyclists treated in our area and this is a way to take it all in. >> oh, yeah, without closing the lanes, we probably wouldn't be out here too much. the bike lanes you saw this morning on pennsylvania avenue, that's nice that the administration is taking us into account and letting us get around the city and see the city on two wheels, rather than four.
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>> reporter: now, if you take a look down key bridge, down at the end, toward the middle. cones coming up. looks like this will reopen momentarily and what they are doing, following the course. as the course goes by or the riders go by, streets being opened up behind them. be aware that crystal city and pennsylvania avenue, there are events there, so there will be closures associated with that. and, of course, getting around today is a little more complicated with the closings down there, construction going on at cambridge as well. be aware, plan ahead and leave yourself some time. getting and on four wheels or two, have fun. we're live in georgetown. back to you. >> all right, derrick ward. thank you. well, we do have some good news for drivers, the capital beltway back open this morning. take a live look. traffic moving quite nicely. very little traffic. and vdot warned that 495 would be a parking lot all weekend because crews repairing an
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overpass. the crews finished at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. more than 36 hours ahead of schedule. a big relief, since delays up to two hours long before that. university of virginia's commencement ceremony will begin in less than an hour. graduates, faculty and family are pinning 25,000 white ribbons in honor of yeardley love at graduation. she was found dead at her apartment three weeks ago. her ex-boyfriend, george huguely, charged with her murder. the university is handing out the white ribbons to raise awareness about domestic abuse and violence. the symbolic fabric will also memorialize morgan harrington, who was murdered after a concert at uva. mexican police cannot find a tv producer wanted in the questioning of the death of his wife. bruce beresford redmond produce every for the show "survivor."
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his wife's body was found in a sewer in cancun back in april, two days after he reported her miss. investigators describe him as a suspect. his passport was confiscated and police ordered him not to leave mexico. the victim's family released a statement, saying their greatest fears were realized. they are begging mexican authorities to accept assistance offered by the fbi. the mothers of three americans detained in iran say they are not giving up hope. they returned to new york yesterday, after spending two days with their children. sarah shord, shane bower and josh fatal have been detained since last july. they were arrested after hiking near the iran border. iran's government accuses them of being spies. they did allow their mothers to visit on had yumanitarian groun. >> our greatest hope to bring our children home with us, where they belong. we will hope and pray that the
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iranian authorities will now find it in their hearts to resolve our children's case and release them without further delay. >> the mothers say they weren't given a chance to milwaukeemake face-to-face appeal for their chin's release. a local veteran finally has the recognition he deserves. dan kees was honored with an air medal for his part in a come bags mission over iraq in 1991. he was a door gunner in a helicopter in operation desert storm. one of his best friends began working last yore to get him recognition. specialist kees brought to tears during the ceremony. >> this is an incredible unit that i served in with guys that i've been friends with for 20 years and to have an honor like this is just too much for me.
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>> kees appreciates the honor, but did not get in the army for the awards. the attitude of so many people who join the armed forces, but they deserve it. >> they do. nice to get the recognition after all these years. 9:06 right now, and it's a little cool outside. all eyes on the gulf coast as crews prepare to cap a well leaking thousands of gallons of oil. why the fix runs the risk of causing bigger problems. and check out space without leaving earth. we'll show you where in today's kids post. and a nats player throws a fit in the outfield. some are calling him a bad
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snnd snend anger and disaster, both growing in the gulf this morning. oil has been flowing into the water for more than a month now. but bp is still day as way from its latest effort to try and cap the well. >> people along the gulf are frustrated, not only with the oil company, but with the government too. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: later this morning,
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the lead administrators from the epa will be back in south louisiana with a closer look at the cleanup effort, a day after t bp says it will continue to use the dispersant it is use to clean up the slick. crews are trying to get some of the crude out of the marsh and wetlands. >> every habitat, different types of marshes shell beaches, sand beaches, each is treated different. >> reporter: oil is washing up on grand isle. beaches closed for the weekend because of thick clumps of oil on the sand and sheen on the surf. this may be the first wave. >> starting to come on shore and will continue to do that over the next month, until we can stop the spill. >> reporter: bp hopes to begin the process as early as next tuesday, using a killshot,
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pumping mud into the leak to jam it and sealing the riser with cement. >> it's frustrating they haven't capped it off yet. i know they are trying to. >> reporter: derek followed his dad into the shrimp business, with oil creeping into the marsh and wetlands, he is worried he will be the last generation to make their living off the water. >> this could be years down the line. you don't know. you don't know how bad it is or how bad it will get or how bad it will be. >> reporter: but most agree, it will only keep getting worse until someone finds a way to shut off the flow of oil. jay gray, nbc news, new orleans. there's a problem too with this topkill plan. scientists say if it goes wrong it could cause an even bigger leak. if the heavy mud hits a weak spot, the rig could spew untold gallons of oil. i thought it was already spewing untold gallons of oil. i hope they can find a solution. 9:11. time to get a quick tease from
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kim. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> tease us, kim. how about this. go grab yourself a nice cup of coffee. sit back, a little chilly outside for may standard. we have rain drops. i'll get to the bottom of business and tell you about your sunday and all of next week too. 9:11. we will be right back.
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welcome back. meteorologist kim martucci in for chuck bell. we saw in derrick ward's live shot, not raining in georgetown. little pockets doing okay. >> yes. let's go outside and enjoy it while you can. today wouldn't won't be a washout. enough showers on your toes. stop by our website and check out the radar, not a bad idea before you head out. i'm here to help. my name is kim. let's take a look around outside. cloudy skies across the viewing area, and once again, our beautiful washington monument has dipped into the cloud deck. we can see the bottom half of it. 68, and the dew point is 64. humidity high at 87%, and the winds are blowing out of the east, right around 10 miles an hour. so that's the direction of choice. not just for today, but the next several days. as we take a look at the radar, found a batch of showersing pulling up to southern frederick
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county, right about to push into market street downtown. out and about shopping today and we look off to the west, a few scattered showers between martinsburg and haegerstown on i-81. here's what's in store for us. a soggy sunday. not a washout, but damp. two-thirds of average of rain last night. cool today through monday and by tuesday, that's the day we're going to be high and dry. yes, we'll get the sunshine back and be flirting with the 80-degree mark. i like the sound of that. haegerstown, 70. 6 manassas right now. here is the batch of rain, all around the mid-atlantic states. up to pennsylvania. and this is what's keeping us soggy for today. and even part of tomorrow. but we have some promising news. the temperature of the water, 67 on the bay. air temperature, 64 to 69.
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northeast winds by the bay, kicking in at ten knots. here is what is going to save us from a really big storm that will blast north carolina. keep an eye on the timeline. what's going to be happening as we think about tuesday of coming week this moisture continues to back in, and the low pressure system down here might want to flirt with becoming something tropical. we'll have a high from the north that protects us. it will throw its shoulder into the low and keep us dry as we head through the middle of this coming week. that is good news. today, plenty of clouds. lots of showers around. 70 to 75. coming up tomorrow morning, a damp start, drizzle on the drive around the beltway. 58 to 63. and as we forecast for tomorrow afternoon, a little more sunshine than today, but not completely dry. 70 to 75. here is that forecast, we're all focused on tuesday. keep your eye on the prize. back to around the 80s by then and later this week, my pick is
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friday. highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s, don't forget, for your latest weather information. >> looking good, kim. summertime safety tips and amazing photos from space. here is this week's kids post with eun yang. >> joining us is tracy grant of "washington post" kids post. >> good to be on. >> a way to stay safe this summertime. >> it is getting into the high heat of the sun, and kids should be able to protect themselves a little bit from the sun. and so in tuesday's kids post, we do a full page telling kids things they can do. for example, wear a brimmed hat. something simple keeps the sun off you. make sure that you cover yourself with sunscreen. kids can do this thoemss.
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their face, their arms, their chest, get i brother or buddy or mom and dad to do your back. wear longer shorts, provide and instead of sandals try tennis shoes, because the tops of your feet can get sun burned, and that is no fun. >> very good reminders, let's talk about some of america's treasures. >> in the summer, time to check out national parks. and the national park trust has a new program with a new character, the incredibly adorable buddy bison. they are encouraging kids to take buddy bison to a park, it can be a national park, a state parking a neighborhood park. just encouraging kids to get out, explore nature, explore the parks with this adorable buddy bison. we tell kids about that in wednesday's kids post. >> and finally, incredible pictures from space.
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>> the air and space museum is a wonderful place for families any time, but starting wednesday, 50 of these amazing photographs will be on display. a real opportunity for parents and kids to sort of be awe struck, and also, a new mars corner in exploring planets, a great opportunity for kids. so go see these wonderful images and then go check out mars corner. another reason to go to the air and space museum. >> like we need anymore. thank you very much, tracy. and for some fun, family activities, visit or washington and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. >> more news about kids. these kids in arlington building houses over the weekend. tiny houses. 75 students participated in the building block blitz to raise money for big homes for families in northern virginia. each had one hour and 300 lego
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blocks to build colorful and crazy homes. students collected money in advance to play. and all proceeds went to habitat for humanity. >> legoser in go out of style. >> can you imagine a kid knocking on your door, so i can go play with legos? in sports, a costly tantrum for the nats. >> and d.c. united not getting any better. niger morgan, a team-first guy. and he loves joking around in the clubhouse. he started the play of the game tradition, you know, handing out an elvis wig to one lucky teammate after each game. what he did in center field was no joke. what he did was inexcusable. flow throwing his glove down and a lot of people have thrown him under the bus for this, and it is warranted. jim riggleman and his ballpark trying to get even after losing
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friday night. starting the third inning, josh willingham up with a man on, crushes it to left. a two-run homer. good piece of hitting by willingham. game tied at 2-2, just like that. it would unravel in the fourth. tied at 2-2. adam jones at the plate with a runner on, facing craig stampsents, and niger morgan tracking it. he can't make the play. he gets so mad, throws his glove to the ground. josh willingham races to get it. and adam jones, insooidide-the- home run for jones. and morgan said my emotions got to me because i knew i should had the ball. apparently he thought it went over the fence. tough break for the nationals. they would rally. bases loaded for adam dunn. and alberto gonzalez and cristian guzman come in to score. part of a four-run inning. nationals take a 7-6 lead. in the ninth, matt capps on to
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close it out. he's a workhorse. soft bouncer to third. solid, throws to first to end the game. matt capps 16 for 16 in saves, leaves the big leagues. here is jim riggleman on niger morgan. >> my first instinct was to take him out of the ball game and then i realized, you know what? he thinks the ball went over the fence. he thought he knocked it over the fence. and it's -- you know, u.s. a home run, so ice showing frustration. that doesn't excuse it, and i don't want it to be perceived as an excuse. it explains it he made a human error. he didn't not hustle. he didn't not do something. it was a horrible thing. made a terrible mistake. >> this is one of the bigger wins this season because of the way the game transpired. we had a lot of things that didn't go our way, and the play with niger and to be able to come back and get a win on a day like this is great.
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>> so despite niger's mistake, the nationals find a way to win. pudge rodriguez left yesterday's game with lower back pain and put left handed pitcher scott olsen on the 15-day disabled list because of left shoulder tightness. after the death of virginia senior yeardley love, julie meyers says the best therapy for her team is to keep playing. meyers and virginia in north carolina, hoping continue their run in the ncaa tournament. taking on the tar heels in the quarterfinals, playing for yardley love, murdered earlier this month. virginia, down 2-0, until charlie finnegan scores, all tar heels after that. the tar heels win 17-7, ending virginia's run in the n krncaa tourname tournament. a tough way to end the season for the cavaliers. plenty of emotion and the head coach proud of her team after all they've dealt with. >> i think the end to this
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season, given all we've been through, have you been with us for so much, makes it especially hard. i am completely impressed and proud of my team. i'm so proud of their families, i'm so grateful for who comes to virginia to play for us and tend of the game, one of our fifth-year senior says there is not a question in anyone's mind we all love each other and to know that is a pretty special and amazing feeling. >> graduation day today in charlottesville, where yeardley love will be honored with a degree. and they will pass out 235,000 white ribbons to raise awareness. more lacrosse, and the men defeated penn 15-10. they will play syracuse next friday. the maryland men not so unfortunate. in soccer, d.c. united 1-7 record the worst start in club history and not getting any better. d.c. united shut out for the seventh time this season. in houston, texas, check out this dude rocking the some br i.
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pass to cruz, and cruz rips it past troy perkins. first mls goal. feeling good. houston on top, 1-0. then in the second half. houston again, and odero scores on the one timer. houston shuts out d.c. united. 2-0 is the final. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. time is 9:26. and it's pretty comfortable outside. >> doesn't feel too bad. want to -- let me try that again. you may want to layoff the gas pedal a little bit. big brother is watching. where new speed cameras are up and running. >> and we'll try and take the cotom balls out of our mouth. if you had a choice between the bed and hard ground, ice cold water or hot water, why would you rough it? some college students did. how it changed their lives.
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we have learned the identities of a high school teenager and a father, killed in a crash. this morning we hear from family and friends as they mourn their deaths. good morning, everybody. welcome to news 4 today, i'm kimberly suiters. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. sunday, may 3, 2010.
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headlines in a moment. first, a quick check of the forecast. we want to welcome kim martucci to the team. helping out on the weekend for chuck. >> i'll be able to get up bright and early with you. you know, no traffic. we got to remember that. there is a perk. good morning, everybody. really nice to see you. it is 9:30. time to take a look outside. despite the low ceiling, planes no trouble flying across our live tower cam, but awfully cloudy. 6 8/our number and there is a rain total. .69 inches with thunder boomers that came throughto town last night. rain pretty much falling across frederick county, maryland, to clarksburg. aside from that, not too busy this morning. just tapered off to springfield. so let's see the temps. haegerstown at 70 along at
9:31 am
quantico. and annapolis, fo good morning. it's 65. we'll watch temperatures stay right around 70 to 75 today. more clouds and sun, and essential a couple of showers a possibility. i'll detail the next seven days when i see you in a few minutes. this morning, two families are mourning the sudden loss of loved ones. a bizarre crash left a teenager and father dead. police trying to figure out what caused the driver of an suv to lose control. >> reporter: 17-year-old abdul chadli was struck and killed while riding his bike friday afternoon. just one week away from graduating fredericksburg high school. >> we have strong faith when it happened it happened.
9:32 am
it is something we must go through. >> reporter: chadli a member of the school rescue team and had plans to attend george mason university in the fall. >> a good kid. >> reporter: and chadli was hit by an out of control suv at 4:00 on friday. behind the wheel of the dodge durango was gary thorne who would have turned 32 today. for reasons unknown, thorne crossed the center median and six lanes of traffic before striking chadli on the bike path. bout both pronounced dead on the scene. >> he was a hard worker and did everything for anyone. he was always a great friend to everyone, and he always had a smile on his face. >> reporter: at the scene where chadli and thorne lost their lives, classmates placed flowers, notes, and balloons.
9:33 am
>> he was such a goofball. >> i've been reading reports -- >> reporter: friends point to this youtube video where chadli pretends to be a news video. his facebook page reflects a life touched by many. >> we are all just in the gym after school, and it's so amazing he's gone. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. the suv driver's sister told news 4 that relatives have no idea why thorne may have crashed. police hope an autopsy will shed some light to see if it could have been caused by a medical emergency or something else. a warning for you now, if you tend to have a lead foot, extra reasons to slow down in a school zone in bowie. police have started issuing tickets in the school zone. drivers traveling 1 2 miles or
9:34 am
over the speed limit will be hit with a fine. metro riders, big delays again today because of track work. 30 minutes to your trip on the red, orange, and green linesing during what is a busy weekend on metro. several events around the city. they continue with another nationals home game. new today, a growing death toll in china. more than 50 people are dead in two separate accidents in eastern china, a train derailed after hitting debris on the tracks. 19 people died. and 70 others injured. 2,000 rescuers pulled from the debris. a fiery crash in northeastern china. a truck and bus hit each other head on. 32 people killed. another 24 were injured. this morning, vast gat inve recover the black box in india.
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150 people killed yesterday when the air india flight overshot the runway and went off a cliff. only eight people survived. today, grieving family members began bringing home the bodies of those who died. investigators don't know why the plane crashed. they are hoping the voice recorder and flight data recorder will provide crucial clues. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a nighttime attack on the largest nato base on afghanistan. insurgents tried to take the kandahar air base. several injuries, no deaths. second attack on a large military instalags in a week. president obama -- pardon me. president obama addressed the tough fight in afghanistan when he spoke at west point's class of 2010 graduation on saturday. the president spoke at the u.s. military academy commencement. president obama says the taliban is turning to new tactics in the 9-year-old war and added we must
9:36 am
strengthen the afghan government. al qaeda's threat "will not go away soon." >> we brought hope to the afghan people. now we must see that their country does not fall prey to our common enemies. cadets, there will be difficult days ahead. we will adapt, we will persist, and i have no doubt that together with our afghan and international partners, we will succeed in afghanistan. >> the 2010 west point class is made up of about 1,002 cadets. exactly 1,002 cadets. time is 9:36. about 67 degrees outside our studios. >> could you live on $2 a day? could you share a toothbrush? >> no. >> college students volunteered to do it we'll show you how it changed their lives. a live look outside right now. we get kim's forecast, when we come back.
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i stand before you today... to apologize. the system has failed you. i have failed you. i have failed to help you share your talent with the world when the world needs talent more than ever. yet, it's being wasted every day... by an educational system steeped in tradition and old ideas. well, it's time for a new tradition. it's time to realize talent isn't just in schools
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like this one, it's everywhere. it's time to use technology to rewrite the rules of education, to learn how you learn so we can teach you better. it's time the university adapted to you, rather than you adapting to it. it's time--time--time for a different--different kind of university. it's your time. you know, i have favored "wednesday's child" is the one where is we get to show you happy endings for our kids. >> ten years ago, barba harrison introduced us to a little bitty
9:40 am
5-year-old named michael. she shows us what life has been like for michael, now a grownup teenager. >> it was like a ride back through time as we prepared to meet michael who we first introduced you to as a wednesday's child ten years ago. he was five years old when we went to see the animals that day. and while he still is fascinated by wild life, he's not quite as little. you have grown so much. >> we caught up with her mom at the zoo where he had come to work on a merit badge. we would meet the zoo's own animal photography to help with a badge that he hopes to earn for tracking wild life. his photographs he plans to be part of his presentation. >> right there. >> one of the main things to remember about animals, you have to be patient. >> reporter: that's the key to
9:41 am
capturing a wonderful moment. michael listened and said he learned a lot from megan's suggestions. >> that's a good one. >> a good one for her is what gwen brown thought the first time she saw michael on wednesday's child. >> i contacted child protective services, and in two weeks, i met michael and he sat in my lap and said he wanted a mommy. >> reporter: can you believe he sat in your lap at one time? >> it's hard to believe, but he's still my baby. >> reporter: michael says patience is something important for kids like him, who start their lives the way he did. >> i just want them to be patient. because i know there is someone out there who wants them. just like i knew there was someone out there that wanted me. >> reporter: photographer megan murphy rewarded michael with a copy of her favorite picture, one she caught of the lion in the snow and echoing michael's
9:42 am
feelings, she says the best moments are always worth the wait. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. >> nothing like the big hug for mom. if you have room in your home for any of the children on "'s wednesday's child" call the number on the screen or logon to michael wanted us to share that he is currently working on the rank of eagle scout with a project to collect gift cards for the families of hospice patients. giving back. >> i would say nothing like a big hug from your son. he went from thiso wow. >> huge. >> three michaels. wonderful story. gosh. 9:42 right now. we'll be right back with your weather.
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9:45 right now. i see we inched up one degree. >> we did. >> probably because of the cloud cover we had, sort of keeping a little bit of warmth in there. >> it does. that cloud cover is our atmospheric blanket. a blanket on the bed last night, so to speak, and if that wasn't snugly warm enough for you, the thunder boomers were probably waking you up. a few of those as well. we picked up two-thirds of an inch of rain last night. >> i believe it. >> soaking rain is what we needed. exactly what we got.
9:46 am
not done. probably another 24, 36 hours worth of showers before we shake them free. i'm kim march tucci. chuck will be along later tonight to get the latest forecast. 9:46. let's take a look outside. 70 degrees. humidity, 83%. winds busy at the moment out of the east at 14 miles an hour and that will be the direction they blow for the next 24 hours. we'll have an easterly component to our winds and that is right off the atlantic ocean, which, you know, it's still early. in the warm season, so that cooler air will be backing in on top of us, underneath the cloud deck and occasional showers, speaking of showers, here is where they are. spotty, not too heavy, but we have them. going strong across upper montgomery county. closer on digital doppler. damascus, mount ayr, showers are at there at this time. not everybody getting wet. sunday will not be a washout.
9:47 am
but it is going to be a you in sans ra nuicance rainshower. lots of clouds around. maybe a peek of sunshine. not likely, and certainly a couple of showers. we also have the nats playing baltimore at home. 1:30 is the first pitch. on the lookout for a shower. around 71 probably around 1:30. here is our satellite and radar loop with the showers that go all the way up to pennsylvania too. and this is what's keeping our sunday dreary, but watch what happens on futurecast. as we take you into the future. you'll watch our trough, stays near us tomorrow. okay? there is the time tomorrow. right around tomorrow morning, 6:00 in the morning. a few showers around. then on tuesday, high pressure is going to win this battle from the north and suppress the big storm that's going to back into the southeast. going to keep the rain away from us until the middle of next
9:48 am
week. that looks good if this were to change, we'd have to talk about gusty winds here with a shot of rain, but i think it's going to stay out of reach. let's put it in writing. dreary, cloudy skies. showers around. 70 to 75. tonight and into tomorrow morning, it will be damp with recent rain, maybe drizzle when you get up. looking ahead to tomorrow afternoon, peaks of sunshine, showers too. around the middle 70s, we'll break free of this pattern by tuesday. upper 70s again and drying out. and as we extend the forecast, thursday, friday, and saturday, 80s with lows in the 60s. you can always join us online at nbc check out the weather channel if you need weather on the spot when we're not on tv. that's my scoop. >> all right. >> thanks, kim. time now 9:48. >> living on a $2 a day budget can be pretty tough. but it's also challenging. tough and challenging.
9:49 am
those don't contrast each other. it's tough and challenging. >> we'll just go wit
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the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card.
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now for a preview of today's political talk. >> what's coming up on "meet the press" and "the chris matthews show." coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show," if we didn't know this was the year to run against washington this week's primary sealed the deal. what that means for president obama.
9:53 am
he's facing big democratic losses this fall. he has to be helpful, without reminding voters of what they don't like about washington. can the change movement of 2008 roll with the change atmosphere this week? we'll take a play out of the clinton playbook. plus, rand paul. he found himself in big trouble explaining his views on civil rights. he's back traked, but has big damage already been done? that's all coming up here at 10:00. a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here is david gregory. >> good morning, kim perly and aaron. the politics of anger and the anti-washington wave. what does it mean for november's mid-term elections? we'll have exclusive debate with john cornyn and robert menendez. what happened to the political
9:54 am
center in this country? without it, can anything in washington get done? political roundtable weighs in. all coming up this morning on "meet the press." >> thank you, david. you paid good moneying thousands of dollars, for your children to get a good university education on a beautiful campus, say at the university of mary washington in fredericksburg, virginia. and instead they tell you they want to live in a tent, share a toothbrush and subsist on $2 a day. i found out how the students did it and why. >> i spent all of my $8 on some rice. >> reporter: 15 students lived on that race beans, and donated food. that splauexplains the pizza bo sample life on $2. >> nearly half the world lives on less than $2. >> reporter: that status is where professor humphries challenge week starts every spring. even though camping out for a
9:55 am
cause is no picnic. >> i don't sleep very well out here and i'm getting better at the caffeine withdrawal. >> shared toothbrushes. >> such a localoric intake, your brain doesn't work as well. >> they were getting one luxury. a video camera to document their long, hot days, and sleepless rainy nights. >> it's a week of self-sacrifice, trying to figure out how the hell you can get around. >> reporter: they put hard and fast rules on themselves. no hot showers, no cold drinking water. >> we had to boil all the water before we could drink it, and it was really hot that week, so it took several hours for the water to cool down. >> reporter: no shelter. except the one they built from trash and rebuilt because of a storm. >> i think we consider it a shelter, and by the end of it, i could have considered it a home. >> reporter: the students built their makeshift shelter, right here in the heart of campus. they endured rain, hot weather,
9:56 am
and dirty conditions. but they say something really special came out of the experience. >> you take a handful of college kids who live lives of luxury and put them on a strict budget and watch a whole economy and community energe. >> reporter: undivided by cell phones, tv, and ipods. united by a mission. >> we want money, not food. >> reporter: what do you want the money for? >> for microloans for people who are actually poor. >> reporter: a life they actually missed when it was gone. >> it drove home how lucky i really am in my daily life. >> reporter: even though you gave up so much -- >> we still had a lot. >> reporter: now, their goal was to raise $1,800 to support two women in third-world countries. they is eshgs seeded that goal, pulling in more than $2,200 for the week. season finale in minute to
9:57 am
win it, guy fiori hosts the show. he hung out with our craig melv melvin. tonight, he talks about what makes that show so addictive at 11:00. and he convinced craig to compete in one of the contests. let's say he didn't do so well. >> i'm impressed that craig even try. that's good video. that's it for thuz 4 today. thank you for joining us, everyone. >> see you back here tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. [ laughs ]
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