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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 16, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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also shot and killed his mother who was being treated in the hospital before he took his own lie. aaron gilchrist has been following the story since it broke late this morning. he joins us live from johns hopkins in baltimore with late detas. aaron? >> reporter: we can tell you that the polic scene has just cleared on the perimeter of the hospital grounds. the road is back open. most of the police vehicles have left the area. the suspect initially in this incident, warren davis, 50 years old, we're told, shot himself and his mother inside her hospital room at the hospital. take lo at some video we got a bit earlier at the scene as it developed. about 11:45, the baltimore city police officers converged on johns hopkins university hospil after reports of a doctor having been shot by a man with whom he was discussing the condition of his mother. at that point we're told that policestarted to build their presence outside the hospital. began a tactical situation, bringing in s.w.a.t. team officers, trying to assess the
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situation and ahort time before they were able to make any sort of moves, they were able to tell by looking into the room that the man and his mother o was a patient in the hospital were deceased. take a listen to the police commissioner in baltimore. >> mr. davis was receiving some news about the care and the condition of his mother just outside the doorway to that room when he became emotionally distught, and reacted, and was overwhelmed by the news of his mother's condition. >> reporter: during the course of the conversation with the doctor, mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waist area, waist band area, and fired a single gunshot that
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struck the doctor in the lower chest, upper abdomen. >> reporter: that happenedt about 11:15 this morning. we're told the doctor who was in the operating room with the last update about 30 minutes or so ago, and that his injuries are survivable. that's how that was described to us. at this point, police aren't able to say exactly when mr. davis went into that hospital room and killed his mother and himself. they did not, no witnesses reported hearing any gunshot wounds but police wouldn't say the man mr. davis went into the room immediely and shot his mother and then shot himself. they both did suffer gunshot wounds to the head. at this point police ar investigating, trying to look into mr. davis' background and talk some more to the doctor who was injured as a result of the injury here this morning. back to you. >> of course, that's an enormous mpus up there. any indication yet, or is this part of the investigation how he was able to get that gun inside e hospital? are there metal detectors?
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we know it must have cameras everywhere. >> that is the question that we ask the representativesrom johns hopkins university hospital. they td us that there are some 80 cameras and they do not have metal detects the entrances. that is something they sayill be a part of the review. they haven't ruled out that they may at some point put in metal deckers although theyay it isn't very likely. the hospital never actually closed completely as a result of the shooting. they were able to continue some business in the emergency room, th main hospital building here. and they only had to close off the floor where the shooting happened. and some floors, we don't know how many. some floors around that floor. the hpital never stopped operating here at johns hopkins. >> aaron gilchrist live on the scene in baltimore. johns hopkins. thank you, aaron. three men are dead today after their suv collided with an ambulance in prince george's county. the accident happened around
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midnight on marlboro pike and district heights. news4's megan mcgrath has the details about this deadly collision. >> reporter: the side have t ambulance is ripped wide open. an indication of how violent the collision was. fortunately paramedics had not yet picked up their patient. >> the right-hand side of the ambulance is totally obliterated. the patient compartment area that whole wall is remov and exposed to the exterior. >> reporter: it happened around midnight. investigators stay ambulance had just left the station on an emergencycall. lights and sirens were activated. as the ambulance traveled west on marlboro pike,hey could see headlights headed straight toward them. investigators say the suv was barreling down the wrong side of the road. >> inial indications were driver error on the part of the driver of the suv. they ended up crossing over the double line into the oncoming pat of the ambulance. the ambulance had to make an
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evasive maneuver to avoid the suv. they ended up side swiping each other. >> equipment was thrn down the street about 50 to 100 feet on board that ambulance. you can just see that the, the striking vehicle was traveling at an excessive rate of speed to do that much damage to an ambulance. >> reporter: after hitting the ambulance, the suv struck a brick wall and a utility pole. the vehicle flipped on to its roof. all three men inside were killed. because the driver of the ambulance was able to swerve and avoid that head-on collision, the brunt of the impact was delivered to the side. the patient compartment of the ambulance. and the paramedics were spared serious injury. news4. news4 will have more on this deadly collision coming up on news4 at 5:00. phase ii of the metro rail project could end up costing $1.3 billion mre than originally expected. the new metro line would
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eventually extend from fall church to dulles airport in loudoun county. according to the metropolitan washington aport authority, the high cost could be passed lake to people who use the dulles toll road through higher tolls. officials are now looking into building the metro rail stop at dulles airport abovegrou, rather than underground. that could save about $640 million. a traffic alert tomorrow starting at noon. fourth street between l street and massacsetts avenue will become a two-way street. that stretch is currently one-way southboun there will be a new traffic signal at the intersection of fourth and i-streets northwest. the changes were made to increase safety in that aa. it has seen a boom in housing and commercial development. let's get the latest on traffic at this hour from ashley in e traffic network. >> reporter: we are starting off with a little rain around the region and rain in rush hour never get along. look what we've got already. capital beltway jammed up both directns.
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the outer loop is the headlights. that will slow from about 270 to the better portion of your trip towardallows road. very few breaks if any along that road. inner loop not doing too much better as you can see in the far ground there. very heavy, headed around georgetown road. the pace does lighten up. thankfully you have a breather. then back on the brakes you go as you make your approach toward silver spring. out of virginia, 95, not too bad from the capital beltway toward springfield. it will be heavy as you leave dale city. lanes are op. a little congestion greets you this afternoon. >> all right, thanks. >> we see the adlights. one reason? the cloudy skies. >> we hope they produce some rain. we need some. veronica johnson is in the storm center. >> some of the neighbor getting some rain showers. you saw the overcast skies. the temperatures up to around 90 deees in many neighborhoods.
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the last time iwas that warm was about a week ago. the temperatures, they are men warm still south and east. over i western maryland, take a look at the maryland temperature. 56. a wide range. as the raincomes through and part of the weather system. 88 degrees in the district and foggy bottom. 89 right now. in ashto and montgomery county, 86. and fairfax county now at 78 degrees. we not only have rain showers coming through the area but some thundershowers. you're looking at those in the far upper portion of your screen through southern baltimore county and around hartford coty. there could be more thunder as the rest of the weather front moves through during the overnight period. we've got a couple hours here. some wet weather to not really deal with, but we really want it. 75 by 9:0 p.m. 74 by 11:00 p.m. on your fast forecast, some eveng rain and a little bit of thunder. we've g some breezy sunshine coming your way tomorrow. we'll talk more about that.
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and look at the rest of the forecast. the next seven days. e we gettingny more rain out of this? we'll talk abo that. today is world water monitoring day next. >> we'll see you in a bit. thank you. d.c. mayor adrian fenty endorsed his one time opponent to become the next mayor of washington. fenty lost tuesday's primary to vincent gray. the two were among city officials at a democratic unity breakfast this morning. tracee wilkins was there. >> reporter: it's a sign of things to come for the democratic party. the democratic mayol elect and vincent gray hand in hand. uniting the party after a bitter election was the theme of this morning's breakfast. it is also important among counlmembers who were hoping mayor fenty would win. >> the voters have spoken. now is the time for us to come together.
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everybody who ran, everybody who cares about washington, and work on the thing that a important to us. >> reporter: some of those important things will include the diction of d.c. schools, something they will have to consider sooner than later. >> i think we have to give vincent gray an opportunity to work through what he will do and he will present somethg t the council. >> i think it would be a great loss for the city. to jeopardize e momentum that has been built for change. there are certainly ways to do this differently. but let's make sure that we continue with stng reform effort. >> reporter: she is vowing to continue her fight for d.c. statehod and that she is happy with the partner she will have in vin send grey. >> i applaud what the new mor will do when he says that he understands his rst job is to
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unite the city. and i think he is the man to do it. >> reporter: gray said he wants the good feelings demonstrated he today to go beyond the walls of the democratic party. >> i think you start reaching out to people like is happening today. t only uniting the party but uniting the city. we want to reach out to republicans. we want to reach out to inlds. >> reporter: chairman gray said he will wait to decide any final decisions for the ty to make sure that it lag good transition. news4. when news4 at 4:00 continues, michael jackson's mother sues a concert promoter and blame the promoter for his death. new developments coming up at 4:30. next, a tough stand on smoking even in times square. the rate of illegal drug use in this country is going through the roof. we'll tell you about a starting
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study. plus, a little later. why falling in love will cause you to lose some of your very best friends.
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crews down in the gulf of mexico are closer than ever to sealing bp's fractured oil well. drilling team are expected to intercept the damaged well sometime today. that's when sign will be able to analyze the situation in order to begin the bottom kill procedure. more than 5,000 gallons of cement and thick mud will be needed to plug the deep water horizon well. the job can be done as early as this weekend. scientists are still dealing with blanks of oil. they're still coatinthe ocean floor. it's been a mixed day on wall street with light volume. the dow closed up2 points. the nasdaq closed up over a single point. ill new claim for
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unemployment dropped to their lowest level in two months. the labo department says today, 450,000 people filed new claims this week. as high as that seems, it is down 3,000 from theeek before. that's the third drop in three week. and as a sign employers are laying off fewer workers. among the company cuttingback, fed-ex and a & p super markets. gm said it is bringing back some worker. a new cgressmen us report shows one out of every seven americans lives in poverty. the overall poverty rate climbed to 14.3% or 43.6 million people. that's the highest level since 1960. the report covers 2009. americans without health coverage climbed from 15.4% to 16.7%. the no smoking signs would go up in public parks, beaches, even the heart of times square if a tough new law in the big apple takes effect.
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the new york mayor michael bloomberg and city lawmakers have introduced a broad extension of the city smoking ban. itould extend smoking in central park, on the coney island boardwalk, and on t pedestrian plazas at times square and harold square. while hundreds of municipalities have no smoking laws, new york city is trying to include parks d city blocks as well. most of the country's laws don't include city streets. illegal drugs are as popular in t u.s. today as they have been in nearly a decade. that's according to a new government report out today. it says illegal drug use is up 9%. mostly because of an irease in marijuana, ecstasy and meth. government officials called the report disappointing but they say they can't name a specific reas for the re. the good news, cocaine use is down 32% from its peak back in 2006. fall is the perfect time to spruce up your lawn.
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in part because there's not as much competition between grass and the weeds. reseeding now gives lawns trim to establish before winter arrives. with help from the how-to website monkey see monkey do. >> reporter: with orter days and cooler nights, it is the perfect settingo renovate your lawn. our first step is to remove all of the unwanted vegetation from this area. down to bare soil. our next step is to provide a thin layer of something come posted. we've used composted leaves. this is not for it to grow in, it is just to nestle and refeign moisture. our next step is to provide lime or calcium. the lime will make it more 5able forhe grass to grow and less favorable for the weeds to grow. and the next step is to apply
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fertilizer. we'll use a low fertility, slow release organic lawn food. that did go down the same time as the lime. no need to wait between the applications. our final step will be to fly grass seed. we're going to put that down last so we're not walking over the top of it several time. we'll sow it by hand because it does distribute evenly. rake it out evenly so everhing is applied at the same distribution rate. watering then would be the final process to settle everything in. and consistent moisture necessary for raid germ nation of the grass seed. that means watering lightly daily, seven to ten days for e grass seed to germ nature. with a little effort now, you have your lawn looking great for the whole season. >> and to see these ts again, visit the home page. and search
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lawns. getting a little help from mother nature on the waterfront today. veronica is up next. plus -- >> a controversial finale on america's got talent. a complete wrap-up is still ahead. plus a 17-year-old snake at the national zoo has a major health issue. a golf ball size problem. the story as news4 at 4:00
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we're welcoming the rain. i'm so glad that finally i don't have to go home and water my flowers. my tomatoes. yes, we are getting some rain. we'll talk about how much is falling in part of the area. before we do that, i wanted to show you some rare snow. we have to go all the way to australia for this. i know. so winter there. just wrapping up. they wrapped up winter in august and now early spring. a rare sight for them. a crazy night in taz mania, snow as well as ice.
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even some tourists stranded. even some proceeds had to be closed. some roads had to b closed. early spring in australia. here we've got some rain showers falling. the temperature at 86 degrees. wind out of the west southwest at 12 miles an hour. where do we go from here? i think the forecast will show rain at 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. then th're seeing the possibility of a few lingering showers early tomorrow morning around 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. up at 6:51. so dropping into the upper 60s by tomorrow morning. here's a look at that rain coming in. the first part of the weather system. the warm front has been moving through. our temperatures. many neighborhoods today. look at haguetown at 62. pittsburgh at 67 degrees. the warm front comes through,
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the temperature will get a little higher. then the cold front back to the west. that will be coming throgh the area a little later on. in terms of showers, wet with rain showers. the thunder has been up to the north around baltimore. then more rain showers back around martinsburg and winchester all moving to the east. here's how much we've gotten already. maryland up to the north, that will help the pollen. 27 grains per cubic meter it is with rag weed being the big offender today. the rain is taking down the pollen. the front comes through tonight, early tomorrow morning. we can again see some showers. it will be a breezy day. your forecast for this evening, wet. you'll need your umbrella if you're going out. from the 80s to the mid 70s. 60 to 67. by the afternoon, 80 to 85. still going to be warm and
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breezy tomorrow. the weekend if you're plook far away. saturday and sunday. i think we'll get most of our sunshine. coming up, i've got some pictures to show of what did i this morning. >> you've been busyhis week. before you come in here. >> yeah. >> thanks. > still to come, michael jackson's mother latest claims about who she blames for her son's death. the latest twist is coming up next. plus he met a man he met in an online chat room. 3q
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welcome back at 4:30. i'm jim handly.
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>> i'm pat lawson muse. a murder suicide investigation is underway at johns hopkins university hospital in baltimore. police say the suspect, warren davis, was distraught after gettingnews about his mother's condition at the hospital late this morning. and that he shot the doctor who was giving him the news s.w.a.t. teams later found davis and his mother dead in her hospital room. the doctor whwas shot is expected to survive. three people are dead after their su collided with an ambulance in princeeorge's county overnight. investigators tell us the suv was headed the wrong way down marlboro pike in district heights when it sideswiped the ambulance. two ambulance workers were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. a sign of unity at a unity breakfast. d.c. mayor adrian fenty and his likely successor vincent gray appeared together. who would have thought? it was the first time since the
4:31 pm
mayoral race. this is it. that was supposed to be the king of pop's big comeback tour title. but now michael jackn's mother and children have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against aeg. the concert promoter. natalieorales reports. ♪ >> reporter: in a wrongful death wsuit filled with haunting details of michael's final days, katherine jackson and the three children blame the concert promoter to causing the death. they believe michael was pushed tooar in rehearsals for his highly anticipated comeback tou despite his deteriorating health. in documents filed weesday, aeg is accused of taking control of michael's health after it hired conrad murray as michael's doctor. someone who was selected by, hired by and controlled by aeg, says the suit. and it goes on to claim aeg
4:32 pm
demanded and prird michael jackson be treated by this particular doctor to ensure that michael jackson would attend all rehearsals and shows on the tour. ♪ according to the suit, michael did miss a rehearsal during the final week of his life. and as aresult, aeg's ceo paid aisit to his home. the suit states, aeg threatened that if jackson missed any further rehearsals, ey were going to pull the plug on the show. aeg told murray that he had to make sure jackson got to rehearsals. they said it was to be tough love, and that they had read jackson the riot act. when michael did finally make it to rearsals late that night, witnesses confirm that michael jackson was not himself that day. calling him visibly shaken. then at another rehearsal days before michael's death, the suit described michael as breathing cold and shivering. now the suitlaims aeg had a
4:33 pm
legal responsibility to treat him safely and to not put him in harm's way. katherine jackson and michael's kids believe th company breached those duties by putting its desire for massive profits from the tour over the health and safety of michael jackson. but the jackson estate is already sharing in some of those profits. going to receive 90% of whatever the film makes. that was nbc's natalie morales reporting. aeg is not commenting about this. a company spokesperson said they hadn't seen the lawsuit. they said in the past that michael jackson died before dr. murray's contract was even signed. dr. murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in coection with jackson's death. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is taking credit for the release of sarah shourd. he said she was released on
4:34 pm
compassionate grounds because she has potentially serious medical conditions. but he said, the fate of shourd's companions, shane bauer and joshfattal are not up to him. >> i thi we should let the judge and the court decide about the case. and i think this is -- >> bauer and fattal have been in prison in tehran for more than a year now. theysay they knowly croed an unmarked border while hiking. ahmadinejad told andrea mitchell, if they had not violated iran'sborder they would have been in their own home for the past year. for the first time since king henry viii, a pope is making a visit to the united kingdom. pope benedict xvi arrived in scotland today. on the way to the u.k., he acknowledged to reporters that the church d not do enough fast enough to protectchildren from pedophile priests. he was welcomed at the airport by prince phillip and then taken to the queen's palace in he
4:35 pm
haddinburg. later he was in an open air mass. before the mass, he blessed a 9-year-old cancer survivor. the scotti boy is in remission for a rare bone cancer. when he heard the pope would be visiting scotland, he wrote to the vatican and asked the pope to help keep his cancer away. we have a lot more to ce. vets try to keep an egyptian cobra snake healthy. and we'll tell you how date dog cost you some of your best friends.
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so veronica will tell us abouther second field trip in the second day in a row. >> right. second day in a row. down at haines point four, world water monitoring day. i'm glad that the weather was much better. like the rain, yes. but we've had beautiful sunshine this morning. take a look at the pictures that i was able to get in today.
4:39 pm
i've got themn my weather system here to show you. it is about again, protecting our water resources world water monitoring day. that's what i spoke about today. i had a great time with the kids. we tested the water in the potomac. the ph bance and the acidity. if you want to test your own water, a lot of kids throughout loved doing. that all you have to do is go to and arch water to order your own kit. >> what a turnout! >> 300 kids. really a lot of fun. all right. let's talk aout what's going on out in the atlantic, of course. wave got a couple of storms. three hurricanes. there's therack of igor. it will move to the east of bermuda. it looks like light monday. still a powerful category 4. moving to theorthwest at seven miles per hour. pac winds of 140 miles an hour. we have karl, a category 1 in the caribbean. that will moe towardexico. and julia will be a storm for
4:40 pm
th first. a category 2 right now. overcast skies and some rain showers falling across the area. right now, folk around berryville and paris. that is the warm front that is allowing us to get the showers. it will be the cool front that comes through a little later on tonight. the heaviest rain has been up around cecil county and maryland. that's headed toward delaware. 67 to 68 degrees early tomorrow morning. your high, 83. it will be a breezy high of 83. and then the weekend right now is looking dry. like the fact we're getting rain today. we've got the ne seven days oking dry. in the 80s but looking dry. >> thanks, veronica. when news4 at 4:00 returns, she's got a whole lot of talent. did she win the grand prize on america's got talent? plus, it appears spencer pratt's divorce may not happen after all. think about the inter.
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transparent networks, managed in ways that are clear to all users. we support the fcc's plan to bring high-speed internet to everyone in americby 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the inrnet will continue to grow aninfluee the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t.
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veterinarians at the national zoo are closely monitoring. they discovered the lumps from the visitor's side of the snake's enclosure at the reptile house a f weeks ago. the highly venomous snake was caged and taken to the zoo's animal hospital today. ve will to put the six and a half foot long reptile under anesthesia to run several tests. >> it looked like a soft tissue mass. based on that we have multiple masses throughout all areas of the body makes it seem more serious. >> byologists say an average egyptian cobra's life expectancy is 20 years if it is kept in captivity, the zoo's cobra is at least 17. >> wow.
4:45 pm
blues syringe has traded his crown. he won the competition beating a 10-year-old opera singer who many thoug would be the top vote getter. by the way, all the semifinalists are going on a nation wide america's got talent live tour beginning next month. >> it was a moment even the winner didn't expect. >> a record breaking number of votes. mississippi singer michael grim took the top prize. $1 million and a headline show in las vegas. >> i was deeply shocked. i didn't expect to win this. never expected to get this far. that was huge. >> reporter: the 10-year-old has the voice of an angel. and even though she didn't win, she is pleased. >> i was very happy because i
4:46 pm
was very, very happy for michael. the show was packed with lionel richie, the goo goo dolls and jewel. performers from the crque de soleil show mesmerized the audience. the first to be dismissed from the final four, singer prince poppy congress. >> you are a star. a grand night earning a spot before america in the finals. nbc news. you know we'll be hearing a lot more from her. we have to remember she was second place, too. >> she continue to produce. sometimes people feel left out, even rejected when their close friends fall in love. it seem they're right. >> a new british study has found that people who begin new romantic relationships also lose friends in the process. researchers suspect that's because people tend toocus on their new love so there is a
4:47 pm
little time for anything or anyone else. friends and even family member are often pushed aside. >> love appears to still be in the air for reality tv couple heidi montag and spencer pratt. will there was a picture ofhe two kissing on her 24th birthday in santa barbara yesterday. and montag proudly displayed her wedding ring while giving a toast. esquire magazine s just release ad survey offering insight into the mind of the american male. >> the magazine polled thousands of men from the two laest age groups. 20-year-olds and 50-year-olds. both age groups rated their personal happiness at a high level. four out of ve. the younger men were more conservative on some issues. for example, they are three time more likely tosay divorce is never an option. but both age groups love to watch football. no surprise. there they also agree the best job in america is not the job of
4:48 pm
president but to be an "a" list movie star. and speaking of movie stars, both age groups agree the coolest man in america is clint eastwood. still got it going to in my book. >> still got it. coming up, a bed bug invasion causes a stink at two colleges. plus the punishment for a cop. a man turns a gun on a doctor before turning it on himself and his mother. the people held hostage inside theiscovery headquarters are now talking about it for the first time since that stand-off. and feelng the heat. a firefighter being investigated after getting naked at a retirement party. a story you'll only see on news4.
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the fbi is investigating opening an excess force investigation following a beating in dallas. last week police chased suspect andrew collin when he refused to pull over for a traffic violation. the chase came to a crashing halt police then beat collins repeatedly wh their batons. he had visible bruises. police found bout the incident tough an anonymous tip. nce then one officer has been fired and resisting arrest charges against collins were dropped. more officers could face felony charge in the case. students on two college campuses in north carolina are dealing with an tbreak of bed bugs. >> this one has them scratching. the parasites were found at dorm at wake forest university and katalba llege. students are bing moved out so they can spray for the pests.
4:53 pm
they're telling assistants to wash bedding in hot water now. this is latest in a bed bug resurge resurgence. experts adistribute tribute it to a change ofproducts. >> they give never creep. still ahead on news4 at 4:00, a former local high school football star is headed to prison for killing a man he met on a chat line. ♪
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a former high school football star is on his way to prison after being convicted in an elaborate murder scheme. a judge sentenced him to the maximum punishment. prosecutors say it all started on an adult chat line. here more from prince george's county. >> reporr: these grainy security cmera images from 2008
4:57 pm
show the prelude to a cold-blooded murder. the person in the lighter gray coat is a young man named tommy. he was using a cell phone belonging to his cousin also seen here to lure a man to his death in a dark lonely spot behind a landover middle school. other cameras show the two men leaving a short time later. investigators learned the suspect and victim had motor an adult phone chat line. they wouldn't say which one. >> the arrangement was for some sort of sexual liaison to take place in the victim's vehicle. >> reporter: investigators learned that tommy, just 19 at the time, had posted a series of pictures online which showed him holing a gun. a semiautomatic with an exnded clip. it was later determined to have been e weapon use to shoot the victim behind the school. 40-year-old george white jr. of ft. washingtonho was also robbed. >> running back. >> reporter: during the trial,
4:58 pm
the defense counselargued that it was out of caring. a football standout at fairmont heights high school. someone with a future. the judge noted his criminal history and sentenced him to the maximum penalty. 30 years in prison. >> when you kill somebody, athletics before secondary from the standpoint of what will happen to you for e rest of your life. he clearly killed this man in cold blood. left him for dead and took his cell phone so he couldn't even call 911 to get hel >> a d.c. school principal was murdered by suspects he met on a phone chat line. news4. that's news4 at 4:00 news4 at 5:00 starts now. a deadly toned a stand-off inside joh hopkins in baltimore. investigators say a man shot a
4:59 pm
doctor before turning the begin on himself. then his mother who was being treated there. it was a tense and chaotic day at the hospital today. good evening, everybody. >> police stay gunman was overwhelm with news of his mother's condition. so he opened fire on a physician. that doctor is alive. bu the suspect and his mother are dead. the victims of an apparent murder suicide. aaron gilchrist is live with the breaking details on this story. both citipolice have cleared the area. reopen the johns hopkins universityhospital. this is all after an incredible morning, an unbelievable morning. we're told where police tell us that a patient at the hospital was shot in th head by her 50-yr-old son. baltimore city police surrounded hns hopkins hospital about 30 minutesafter a staff physician was shothe


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