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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  September 24, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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a passenger in that suv arrested and charged in the murder of ashy mccrae. go the suspect identified as damon sams. 21years old from southeast. they say he is known to some as nine millie. a would be rapper. sams was once mentored by the peaceaholics and they say he broke up a fight between two gangs about three years ago. news of the arrest brought a sense of relief fr the family and friends of ashley mccrae. >> i'm absolutely glad because it was awful the way that she left here shelf shouldn't have left here that way. and i honestly hope and pray you that not only will we pray for her family but we pray for that young man's family. >> ashley mccrae with you a student at devry academy. she had a j at commander
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salamander in georgetown. last saturday night she went to celebrate her friend's birthday at the nightclub in northeast. later, she was with a male friend. early sunday morning, she was found shot to deathacross town in the 2700 block. >> what are you going to remember most? >> that's what is keeping me going, her smile. her smile. she had a prettiest smile in the world. >> reporter: theris a candlelight vigil scheduled tonight for ashley mccrae. sources say that the murder suspect, damon sams and the murder victimere friends. that the shooting came as a relt of an argument. this has been a very busy 48 hours for d.c. police. they have closed four murder cases in less than two days. back to you. >> all right. pat collins reporting. thank you. officially it is autumn out there but i doesn't feel like it. more like the middle of summer.
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hot, muggy, yucky. temperature once again hit the upper 90s. way upper. that man we have now had 66 days like that. a lot of people enjoyed it. they went outside and took full advantage of the sun. chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the weather center with more. hot out there but it will en. >> it will end and i agree with your assessment of yucky. might be the degrees today. shattering the old record of 94 degrees set back in 1970. this is the latest that we have ever seen 99 degrees. just amazing how hot it was. and as you mentioned, we've seen 6690-degree days. if we see one more, that would tie an all-time record as well. right now, 94 degrees. sunshine, human at 39%. the heat index around 96 degrees. the temperature will be on the cooler side. 95 in winchester. culpeper, virginia coming in at
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97. a little bit of a breeze for you off that chesapeake bay. this is what you can expect overnight. 83 around 9:00. 80 by 11:00. by tomorrow morning,ooking at the temperature of 70 degrees. the temperatures will change. weaer will change in a big way. a major pattern shift coming up this weekend. i'll beng break it down for you in my forecast. >> thank yo doug. today some homeowners returned to the scene of a huge fire that damaged eht home in manassas yesterday. meantime, fire investigators are looking into what caused it. now the latest on this. >> the use of this fire remains under investigation. while there's been lots of speculation about what caused it go we're still awaiting word from investigators about what caused the fire. meanwhile, what is known is that a lot of homes, a lot of lives have been disrupted by this. and there is an outpouring of support moral and otherwise for
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those lives were changed. across the street, vinyl siding and a cable box melted from the extreme heat. it started in about 3:00 p.m. thursday. smoke could be sen for miles. concern for flooding flames will will for block. >> they did move us a block up the road. we just live right up the street and debris was flying into our yard. >> reporter: there was a challenge for firefighters. the home were close together. >> access was somewhat limited. and our fire an rat us is rather large, trying to place that in a most advantageous situation. >> reporter: the fire was eventually put down. the aftermath proved too much for one homeowner. >> just to maybe -- terrible. >> when they were building them, i said these ar just too close together. i was afraid something like this might happen.
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>> reporter: now the three home in the communityserb as a reminder of those whose homes were spared. >> i just came from the prince william firemen. i thand them today. i went and picked up anyone that needs smoke detectors. they're giving them away free. free of charge and giving the batteries. >> we have a scientific, a methodology that we go hrough. and even as we're standing here no it is being done by other people that are assisting us. >> now, 11 people were displaced by this fire. they are being cared for by the red cross. luckily, no one was seriously injured. sevel pets were indeed lost. and beside the red cross, there is a clubhouse associated with this communicate. they have a sign-up now that they're taking a check. taking up money to help those who were displaced by the fire. we're live in manassas.
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back to you. >> derrickward. thank you. police in fairfax county say they've linked 65 incidents to a suspect believed to be responsible for burglaries across the county. the crime spree started on august 24th in the clifton, virginia area. it has spread through other parts of northern fairfax county. the suspect breaks into ho and cars and steals cash and other valuables. investigators say two handguns are among the items that have been stolen so that they're urging residents tbe cautious. they're asking anyone who might have information to could not tack crime solvers. a couple gu took shots at police officers after leading them on a chase in maryland and d.c. it ended around minnesota avenue near ft. dupont park. prince geor's county police say at least two suspects were involved in an armed robbery. then somebody else sle a car in the 47 hundred block o silver hill road.
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police chased both cars. when one of them stopped and then two suspect opened fir on the police. those two guys were arrested after the shoot-out. nobody hurt. police are still looking for the stolen car. the people in it. the commonwealth of virginia executed the first woman in nearly a century last night. teresa lewis was kill by lethal inject at 9:00. her last words were an apology to her only surviving daughr. she hired two men to kill her husband and stepson back in 2002. there were more than 7300 appeals trying to stop her execution. today the university of virginia set aside some time for students to talk about campus violence. and to reflect on ways they might be able to stop it. it was called a day of dialogue. the events started with musical performances and a speech from the president of the university. she said the goal was to foster
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a more caring community and to offer comfort to ose involved in violent incidence on campus it was prompted by the murder of student yeardley love. police say a fellow student, george huguely kill her last spring. >> we're not going to get rid of anger, hatred, drug abuse, an all e rest of the thing that might be root causes. but what we can do is at least be a little more responsive when we know what's ing on. >> there is a new campus group that plans to train students and faculty on how to report violent ituations. today president obama called it offensive andinexcusable. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad claimed the u.s. government mightave orchestrated the september 11 terrorist attacks. other world leaders at the united nations are joining the obama counter attack. steve handelsman reports from new york. >> reporter: in new york to meet
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world leaders and pressuring iran tonight build nuclear weapons, president obama reacted strongly in a bbc interview to be beamed into iran. to iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad's u.n. speech yesterday. >> it was offensive, it was hateful, and particularly for him to make the statement here in manhattan was inexcusable. >> of course, the u.s. government is upset. again toda mahmoud ahmadinejad claimed most americans believed some in the u.s. government orchestrated 9/11. which he emphasizeded to many more muslim deaths. >> we are saddened that people were killed in 9/11. hundred of thousands in our region were killed as a result. >> reporter: why throw out 9/11 now? >> i think it deflect from the nuclear issue and it appeals to an audience that don't like america. that he wants to appeal to. >> reporter: western outrage today. >> bizarre, offensive, and
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attention grabbing pronouncements by president mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> reporter: might actually help that. the iranian president today said iran may still offer to meet with major powers next week to tend stand-off over his nuclear program. but president obama said, what he called mahmouahmadinejad's disgusting statements, it makes american people wary of any dealings with the iranian government. a senior official said ahmadinejad would further isolate iran and harm its people. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news. wall street continued its rally. today it pushed higher by a stronger than expected increase and orders for manufactured goods in aust. the dow jones average gained almost 200 points. it closed at 10,860. the nasdaq increased 54 points. it ended the day at 2081. the s&p 500 was up 20 points.
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it closed at 1148. till ahead, a bank teller is kidnapped and then forced to help rob the bank. comedian stephen colbert took his tookt capitol hill to talk about illegal immigrant farm workers. the top drug enforce many agency wants everybody to clean out their medicine cabinets this weekend. the redskins still don't know who their starting left tackle will be. they do say they're ready for sam bradford, the number one overall pick. plus the terps want to get back on track against florida international tomorr
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in florida, they're still trying to sortout a bank
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robbery that ban the at the apartment of a bank teller. according to investigators, the two men broke in around midnight. they held the teller and his father. then they strapped a bomb to his chest. two of the robbers took him to the bank and forced him to open the vault. the third suspect stayed behind with the teller's father. eventually all three of the robbers got away. it is not clear just how much money they got. nobody was injured. sarah shourd is the american hiker who spentore a year in iran. we have gotten word that she met with mahmoud ahmadinejad in new york this afternoon. tails are just come out bute know that her moer norah was there. this morning on the "today" show, sarah shourd that she hoped to convince mahmoud ahmadinejad release her fiance, shane bauer, and their friend, josh fattal, who are still being held. all three americans were arresd about 15 months ago while hiking in northern iraq.
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shourd said they were in a tourist area. >> it is not a war zone. we were guided by the hotel manager to go to this place. and the border was completely unmarked. we men no harm to the iranian people or the government. we committed no crime. >> iran has said shane bauer and josh fattal will stand trial on espionage charges. sarah shourd said theare not spies. late today she said she was grateful for the chance to personally tell her story to the iranian president. the comedian stephen colbert was on capitol hill to talk about farm labor and immigration. he testified before a hoe subcommittee about the plight of migrant workers. >> the comedian took list act to capitol hill for a hearing on immigration. swarmed by media, he barely sat down when one of the congressmen tried to kick him out for attracting too much attention and detracking from theirwork.
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>> i'm not asking you not to talk. i'm asking to you leave the committee room completely and subt your statement instead. >> reporter: colbert didn't budge, was eventually allowed to stay. he did submit written comments and went off script with his trademark sarcasm. >> i'm happy to use my celebrity to draw tang to this important complicated issuism certainly hope my star power can bu this hearing all the way up t c-span 1. >> reporter: he spend one day working on a farm which was featured on the stephen colbert show. >> you're on my turf here. >> i'm sorry. you're not qualified. >> can i go home now? >> reporter: he said his expience in the fields gave him some understanding of why americans don't see jobs mostly health by migrant workers will. >> at this point i break into a cold sweat at the side of a salad bar. >> reporter: satire aside, he was asked why he has taken up this cause. >> i like talkinabout people who don't have any power.
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and this seem like one of the least powerful people in the united states are might go ran workers who come and do our work, but don't have any rights as a result. >> reporter: sarcasm and politics with serious undertones, colbert style. >> i want to make sure if i get this answer wrong, i can't be held for perjury. >> reporter: the comedian attended the hearingt the invitation of u.s. epresentative zoe. she is the committee chair wan. it was one of a series of schedule discussions on the issue of migrant workers. if you have expired, unused or unwanted pill in your medicine cabinets, authorities say it may be fueling the fastest growing drug problem in america. that's prescription drug abuse. to fight the problem, the drug enforce many administration is sponsoring the first national prescription drug takebk day. it itomorrow. people ar encouraged to drop off pill at police and fire stations and other locations across the ountry. no questions asked. the dea said itill dispose of
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them safely. to find a location near you, visit our website. and search dea. a drug that's used to treat anemia is being recalled tonight. two of them. amgen is recalling them because they may contain glass flakes. the biotech company said the flakes are barely viible. one treats anemia and patients with chronic renal failure. patients on dialysis. the other is forpatients on chemotherapy and some hiv infected patients. whether or not michelle rhee could stay or go. and stranded whales off a remote beach. and
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today rescuers started to move 24 stranded pilot whales from a remote beach in new zealand. they were loaded on to a truck and taken 30 miles south where they'll be released. 80 pilot wales washed ashore. only 25 survived. they were on the way to antarctic feeding grounds in the southern hemisphere. boy, that's a bad thing to see. >> th's so strange how that happens sometimes. their radar goes off or whatever. they beach themselves. incredible. >> and the surviving ones
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getting trucked to another destination. you wonder how many make it through that. a lot of us wdered how we would make it through a 98 something today. >> yeah. late september. >> i'm looking at the number and said i think we can hit 95. maybe 97. weit 99 today. this is the latest that we have ever seen temperature this hot across our area. it was just amazing how hot the temperature were out there today. not a cloud in the sky. there it. the record of 99. beating the old record of 94. set back in 1970s. as i mentioned, a very hot day but humidity, fairly l. the average high is 77. we were 22 degrees above the average high. and things will really change over the next couple of days. 94, the current temperatur out there. winds out of the south souwest at 15 miles an hour.
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it was that south westerly wind that really helped to warm us up. 93 in frederick. ball at 92. annapolis, it has been pretty nice for you. temperature in the 80s all day. 85 in annapolis. 94 degrees. chantilly around that 92-degree mark. if you like it hot, a lot of you do. if you like it cooler, here's where the cooler air. is 68 in chicago. 80 in detroit. this cooler a will make its way into our area over the next couple days. when i say big change, these changes are going to be huge. a huge temperature swing of close to 30 degrees. the frontal boundary will move toward the area. not just the front. the front, a fairly dry front. i'm not expecting much in the way of rain. here it comes moving through the area in the day tomorrow and then cooler air. we're still going to nice with highs into the middle 80s. then on sun we'll see another
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area of high pressure. the flow around this area of high pressure will bring moref a nor easterly wind. that is what will cool us down. some locations could be in the upper 60s. to slowe 70s during the day on nday. the rain for the most part, i think, will stay down to the south. we could see a couple of showers around parts of our area. i don't think sun will be washed out at all so don't cancel any plans. saturday is looking great. a slight chance of a shower. you'll need the umbrella early next week. this is why. we've had a ridge of high pressure over the last couple days. now a big trough will develop. saturday into the die sunday. that will bring up a lot of moisture and hopefully, a lot of rain. we need to see the rain. i think we're going to get some. monday right now has the best chance for seeing that rain. could it linger through the day on tuesday as well. this evening, clear, quite rm. 79 to 90 degrees as you step out and about on this beautiful friday evening. it will be a nice evening. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, warm, fog less likely.
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we saw some dense fog. don't expect that tomorrow as we move through. temperature still on the warm side. but nots hot with a breezy afternoon. 83o 87 degrees. wind will be shifting out of the northwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. as we move through the next four days, a slight chance of a shower. a 50% chance of a shower on tuesday. maybe a thunderstorm but i think that would be early in the day. most of the day should be a-okay. looking toward the extended, we could see mostly sunny. >> what's the chance we see no rain at all out of the system? >> zero. >> so we're going to get some rain. it just may over snowe it's a matter of when. >> exactly. i'm thinking one to two inches in some areas. >> all right. thank you. coming up, family and friends paying tribute to a woman run over while on her bike.
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michelle rhee is seen at super man and peoe can't understand why we're not delighted to hav super man. we'll have more on the difference of opinion on whether michelle rhee should stay. >> two members of the military receiving the purple heart. >> plu you'll want to pack your patience if you're going to be using metro this weekend. coming up in sports interesting wizards sign one of the buildi blocks to a contract extension. the big question for the redskins, who will protect donavan mcnabb's blind side. and the redskins, well prepared for rookie quarterback sam bradford. he can still be dangerous. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools.
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it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the nuer of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we n have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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family and friends are holding a ridge is toil remember a young woman who was -- they're holding a vigil to remember a woman. >> friends are paying tribute to the woman who was running for the u.s. senate as a green party
6:31 pm
candidate. darcy spencer is among the group the. darcy? >> reporter: you can see here behind me, the dozens of people have begun to gather at the parking lot of prince george's community college where it happened. her mother said she wants to make sure her daughter isn't forgotten. that there is a legacy left behind shelf wantso make sure there are additional bikeaths built here across the county and across maryland to make a place for people to cycle so there isn't another tragedy like what that to her daughter. pettigrew was training for a triathalon. she was ring her bike here by prince george's mmunity college at about 5:30 in the morning when she was struck and fatally wounded. police say she was struck by a woman driving a cadillac escalade the woman told authorities she believed she hit an animal, possibly a deer. she did not stop at the scene. sherove home about three mile from the scene. that's when she found the bike
6:32 pm
still lodged under her suv. that's when she called authority and reported the incident. pettigrew was found like in the roadway with massive internal injuries. and broken bones. >> she was wonderful. she was just a beautiful person. we would tease her when she came to the pool and found out that she was going to participate in the triathalon. and she would come every morning and just swim five days a week. and she would just swim, you know. and we just loved her. >> reporter: the maryland state police say this is still a very active investigation. in fact, they say they're dedicating a lotf resources to the investigation, working around the clock with investigators over the last few days. at this point, no charges have been filed. that has not been rle out in this case. we should find out at some point very soon whether any charges will be filed. this vigil is happening. i can see people are gathering here behind me. it will continue until 7:30
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tonight. reporting live, darcy spencer. news4. >> thank you. in virginia, governor box mcdonnell announced he will declare april 2011. he drew criticism from across the nation when he made the announcement about confederate histo month. even president obama weighed in scolding governor have the governor for failing to mention the role that slavery played in the could not if he had rasy. the governor apologized saying it was an error of haste and not of heart. the future of the nation's school system is examined. is called "waiting for super man." it features d.c.'s school chancellor michelle rey. ironically it opens at a time when rhee's own future in the district is in doubt. >> reporter: d.c.'s school chancellor michellehee stood about ten feet away from couil chair and presumptive mayor
6:34 pm
vincent gray yesterday as he address the president. these questions come as "waiting for super man," a documentary about the natios failing school system featuring rhee premiers today. >> you wake up every mning and you know that kids are getting a real crappy education. >> she is seen as syrup man. and people can't understand why we're not delighted to have super man. >> reporter: maryis executive director have 21 century school fund. a d.c. based nonprofit working to improve urban schools around the country. she said rhee's approach to reform is nothing new burk more of the same old. >> people like to say, d. has tried everything. no. we keep ying the same thing over and over again. and it keeps being a super man and we are sick of superman. >> i just don't believe that he is the only one in the u.s. who
6:35 pm
can reform school. >> reporter: he said that since rhee has come in, parents have been left out. >> parents are more than just people who have children them bring skills, exrtise, experiences to the table. and they are a part of the process. they don't belong to her themselves belong to us. >> reporter: but for movies to national magazines and talk shows, rhee's hard edged approach is regarded as the model for urban school reform and many in washington agree. >> a lot of peoplerobably move to the district in the hope that there will be large education reform. >>reporter: but there are those who say there is more than one way to reform. and a super collaborator may be better than a super man. >> what would it look like to partner in communy with the people who are actually in the schools, affected by the schools in the neighborhoods to make schools ally work? and that is what hasn't been
6:36 pm
tried. >> reporter: she said the conversation was a first time sxheegt a sit-down discussion. he was not expecting any conclusions to come out of that meeting and he is not saying when those conclusionhere's come. in northeast, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> michelle rhee will be a guest on nbc's "meet the press" with david gregory this week. the broadcast starts at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. >> you will want to plan some extra time if you're planning to take metro this weekend. expect half-hour delays if you're on theorange, blue, yellow or green lines. train on the orange line will be single tracking between the vienna and west falls church stations. on the blue and yellow lines you'll face delays between the pentagon city and braddock road stations. thereill be blue line delays between franconia. and on the green line add at least 20 minutes to your commute if you' traveling between branch avenue and mailer road
6:37 pm
station. >> reporter: a world war ii medal of honor recipient was honored today. he not only fought in world war ii. he served in the first all black unit to intercom bat. he was a young soldier then who was awarded the distinguished service cross for his activities in the war. decas later, after a review of baker's service records, president clinton honored him with a medal of honor in 1997. this past july, baker died after a valiant battle against brain cancer. he was 90 years old. >> two soldiers were awarded the purple heart at walter will reed medical center. he was joined by his family as he received the honor for his service in afghanistan. the specialist zimmerman was also awarded
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there is a bear in montana that may be nervous around vegetables. a woman noticed her bear coming down. she screamed and the bear came toward her, even swiping her leg before moving ck to her dogs.
6:42 pm
>> at that point she look on her kitchen counter to see what she could find and saw a large zucchini. there picked it up and threwt at the bear. >> reporter: the six and a half pound zucchini was enough to scare off the bear but it was still a cse call. wildlife offial set up traps on her property and hope to catch the bear. >> that's a zucchini and a half. >> that's a big zucchini. six and a half? >> i would be scared of that, too. take a look tside. we saw aly temperature of 99. the old record was 94. windsut of the southwest at 15 miles per ur. lows tonight, going to be quite nice tomorrow morning. 63 in frederick. 67 in warrenton toward fredericksburg. tomorrow, most areas should be in the mid 80. much nicer than the mid to upper 90s. 86 in d.c. 86 in warrenton.
6:43 pm
86 in rederick. it will be a nice day to get out and about. i think we'll see a lot of sunshine and a lot going on. if you want to find something to do, to go the one i would like the check out, octoberfest. that will be a good one. i think i'm going to the taste of friendship heights tomorrow afternoon. that i supposed to be nice as well. apparently they have zucchini on the menu. >> but not six and a half pounds. >> maybe not. thanks, doug. >> dan? what are you going to do this week? >> i'll not having any zucini but i will be watching some football and some gol the pga tour championship going on. trent williams. will he or won't he play? we'll have a little more information on that. plus, the wizards' lockup. >>
6:44 pm
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i remember that. >> you're right. it wasn't that long ago. probably seven or eight years ago. it has changed a lot. these guys are struggling. fo the first time this season the redskins playing on the road. for the first time this season the redskins are favored. three and a half point favorites. a team that hasn't won a game at home since 2008. mediocrity not rewarded in the nfl. but terribleness is if that's a word. st. louis had the worst record
6:47 pm
in the league last season. one in 15. the prize, the number one overall pick. the oklahoma productoing to be a good one. mike snahan said quarterbacks with his talent come along once every ten years. bradford is still a rookie playing in his third career game. the redskins should be able to take advantage of his inexperience. the redskins can shut down the running game. at this point he does not seem capable of carrying the team. the kid does have some tools. >> he does he the make-up of being a great arterback. you see some of the young rookie quarterbacks struggle, especially early in their careers. it's not the case with him. he has a big arm. he can make the throws. it is just a matter of just trying to take advantage of his youth right now. because later on, he is goingo be a die animal ig quarterback. >> i see a guy that is poised. he has great motion. he can get the ball out of his
6:48 pm
hands. he is unbelievably accurate. and i think the guy has, starting in the future. he is really, i love watching him on tape. he is going to be a heck of a player. >> that's the defensive coordinator. if you remember, mike shanahan the coaching staff, worked him out during the off-season. very interesting. we talked a lot about are they going to draft him? are they going to make a trade? it would stink if he had a breakout game. >> it really does make me very nervous playing with guys at home like that. i like what he said at home. if this guy, usually, most of the time if he look left, guess to throw left. if he look ths that way, he is going to throw that way. >> trent william. we're talking about offensive linemen. here's the deal. the left tackle practiced a little bit today on the injury list. he is officially listed as questionable. mike shanahan said williams is doing much better and said if he does play, doesn't necessarily have to be in a starting le. it could be a back-up role. a final decision won't come
6:49 pm
until sunday. right before game time. now if trend william doesn't go, whicheams to be the smart play at this point. stephen could be the replacement. he stepped in when women's went down against houston. and he was called for holding on his first play in. although that happen, the coaches have been pleased with his performance this year. hire is no stranger to filling in left tackle will. >> we're the ones who want to play on sunday. any chance they can play left or right. the tight end. it doesn't matter. we're going to keep going. it is important nonetheless for them. >> a couple more redskins notes according to mike shanahan. albert haynesworth is fine. remember that he had sprained ankle last week but he won't reveal what plans if any he has for usinglbert on sunday. being very coy about that. also, mull mr. reports say the skin will activate ryan from the practice squad and release the
6:50 pm
receiver brandon banks. do you remember who he is? the little guy during preseason who returned that punt. he is wayown on the depth chart. not playing much. >> he was exciting on that day. it doesn't mean if they relee him, they can't bring him back. down a level. 2-1 maryland hosting 0-2 ryland. a winnable game but the terps going in banged up. out for the season with a knee injury. if terps hoping to rebound after taking a beang. maryland was trailing 28-0 at one point in the third quarter. west virgin is one of the top team in the country. they've been beaten by inferior teams before so he is hoping to play against the team, the caliber of west virginia will have his guys ready to go. >> hopefully we can take our
6:51 pm
experiences from this game and help us with places to play. the more you wi the bigger those games get. that's why i think the game is an important game for us. we have to reestablish ourselv and reestablish our confidence and get our momentum going in the grek we want it to go right now. >> ralph and maryld hosting florida internatial. the wizards training camp opens up next tuesday. two players are going to be going in with a little more security. the team picked up a fourth year option on the contract. that's worth about $2.4 million them also signed andre blatche to a three did not year, $23 million contract extension. blatche averaged about 14 points per game last season. and some have said he would turn the corner. others suchs myself believe he has a little way to go. one thing is unquestioning here. he has a lot of talent. >> potential. >> if he ever matures, if his
6:52 pm
growth catches up with his skills, he will be an awesome player. >> he can shoot from outside. he dribble like a two guard. >> as he good player. golf time now, second round of the tour championship. $10 million on the line. let's to goatlantic. matt kutcher was the fed-ex point cup. he had to take one sock off so he wouldn't get it wet. this was a pretty good shot. actually, lands in the fairway from the water. that ain't bad at all. the brand of shoes that kutcher wearsre called dry joys. not too dry right there. so he had to do a little drying off with the towel. he tookinsole out. he woulbe okay. now to 13 for the shot of the day. this is robert allenby's third shot. this one stops. and makes a left turn and then zbifz the hole. >> oh, man. >> that was nice.
6:53 pm
he is one over. and we decided to make this easy to follow. he did not have the benefit of this little tracking system. breaks about 20 feet and in for the birdie. choi is loving it. he is four shots off the ace. down around 16. looking for a share of the lead. and bird is the word for donald. donald remains high to the league at eight under, going into the week with this guy. jim furyk, chipping in for birdie on the first hole. so it is furyk and donald at eight under par at the tour championship going into the week. they're feeling pretty good. you get a cool $10 million. >> it does deal with hockey. >> that was that flashy strobe light. >> you don't want the strobe. coming up, the final check on the weather. >>
6:54 pm
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the former "saturday night liv actor will be hosting it. mark has more. >> reporter: being in the cast is one thing.
6:57 pm
>> i'm amy poller and i'm hosting. >> reporter: being host for the first time is another. >> you keep looking over your shoulder like lou is hosting? you realize it's you. >> reporter: she joked with jimmy fallon about coming back. >> any characters? >> we'll do crazy susan, little nacho. >> you're making upname. these aren't real people. >> you a making thing up. >> reporter: that's whatthe days before showtime are all about. >> i don't like to hear that at all. >> reporter: making things up. >> it takes aot of pressure off the host. >> reporter: her hosting stint come less than two months after giving birth her second son. able james. >> the craziest thing is that she has two kids and she's back at work. she is an unstoppabl machine. i'm on her team. >> reporter: the team also includes musical guest katy
6:58 pm
perry. they had the welcome mat out for her even if her video was too risque for sesame street. >> i guess i see her in a lot of different events and it turns out there might be a different standard on the vmas as there is on sesame street. >> reporter: the standard for snl -- is simply to deliver laughs. nbc news. >> put that on your schedule for thisweekend. that will be entertaining. >> a lot of thing will be entertaining this week. a big weekend. a lot of festivals going to and the weather will be a-okay. thankgoodness it won't be 99 tomorrow. that's what it was today. that of course setting the record. actually shootering the record. the old record, 94 set back in 1970. here's the four-day show. the temperature cooling down sfoofl on your sunday. a slight chance of a shower sun but a very good chance rain on monday. maybe tuesda but i think the day really is going to be on monday and then another chance of rain coming up possibly next thursday as well. so aittle bit of a change in the pattern. say goodb to the 90s and hello to some much needed rainfall.
6:59 pm
>> sound good. thank you. this wom over in britain who is showing us that it is never too late to try something new. you knew that. joan harding is her name. she is celebrating her 90th birthday. honor of that, she decided to go sky diving for the first time. you go, girl! she took big jump with a parachute team. th're known as the red devils. she even got her own red jump suit. what else? joan decided to do this for a good cause. look at he the jump was organized to raise money for the royal british legion which is also cebrating its 980th year. what doubt she would say? it's a smashing. good for her. that's delightful. on our broadcast tonight, on


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