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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  October 1, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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drying out. good news. the rain is out of the area. the problems, though, are still piling up. the biggest problem right now is out on the rails in virginia. we have breaking news for all dre riders. some areas remain watergged. we have live team coverage to tell you what problems you'll run into today. good morning and thanks for joining us for news 4 today. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm joe krebs. it is friday, the 1st day of october. we have one school closing to tell you about. st. mary's county schools is osed. it is code 2 for employees. this is due to flooding problems. 00 a.m., 62 degrees. and the rain has finally ended in the area. tom is here to tell us when we can expect a dryout. >> yeah. sunshine should help things ou he our attitudes, too. we still have a few lingering spnkles but the creeks and streams are receding this morning. potomac will be rising the next
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couple days. it will be dangerously high. light sprinkles northern shenandoah valley. elsewhere, though, the rain has ended. the heavy rain is long gone. it's up to the new york city area. maybe flight delays in and out of new york, as well as boston later this morning. in downtown washington rht now, low 60s and near the bay, low to mid-60s. eastern shore, mid-60s. the second surge of rain came thugh last night, exited after midnight, headed now towards new england. a blustery northwest wind will climb up to 70 or so. just a small chance of an additnal shower this morning. clear tonight, chilly tomorrow morning. partly cloudy. 60s on sunday and mond with a small chance of rain. ashley, how is the traffic? >> we are starting off with breaking news. vre and manassas canceled.
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fredericksburgines will be affected as well due to water on the roadways. until 7:00 a.m., they're 30 to 45 minutes late. 270 starting to sta up. 109 at the truck scale. other than that, no big delays to report. 95, volume on the increase. heading up towards the capital beltway. couple issues on route 1 out of staffor legraph and old courthouse road we have high standing water. so be careful. around the capital beltway, inner loop drivers, word of caution. large pothole reported causing flat tires. ashley, thank you. >> thanks very much. more on the breaking news involving cancellations and major delays on vre. let's get right to elaine raise else in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we've been talking about this all morning long. major problems for vre commuters
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out of northern virgia. all manassas lines are canceled today. vre canceled all manassas service about an hour ago because of low power lines over the track in alexandria. dominion power cannot assess the situation until noon today to all service is canceled. expect 30 to 45--delays. flash flood restrictions until 7:00 this morning. trains will operte on time at the southern most stations. but delays will become more apparent as the trains move closer to d.c. vre has the metro option open you can show your vre ticket. it's only good for this morning's rush hour. major delays on the fredericksburg line this
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morning. no bus or schultz service to accommodate any of the passengers. that nas as line customers cannot get to metro station, they wl have to get into town on their own. now a bit of good news this morning. rain is tapering off and water starting to recede from all the floing we have seen the past 24 hours. tracy wilkins is live >> reporter: we're here in vienna where we have a roadblock at brownsmill road, rosewood hill drive. we've been seeing some vehicles do the right thing. turn around and got other way. or some folks driving through becaus they see a space there. you should be careful because you never know what's on the other side. afr all the rain yesterday, many folks in the area are
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looking forward to drying out. >> we needed the rain but not like this. roads around northern virginia to standing water or, in some cases, all-out flooding, making the roads impossie. a "v" dot worker said a couple had to be rescued after they went arnd a roadblock and dro through nearly two feet of water. many drivers knew to stay away from those areas. >> i know the roads and i know the short cuts to g around the flooded area. so i'm st going out, take it easy and do what i have to do. >> up to six inches of rain fell in some areas. driving wasn't the only challenge. at times walkingas just as frustrating for pedestrians. they closed umbrellas while hoping that rain, rainould go away and come back a bit lighter another da >> i've gotten in five different car cidents. it's raining, downpoing. i had to go out to my car which
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is outside. i got soaking wet. that's why my hair looks like this. >> reporter: the goodnews is, we are drying out now. the rain has stopped in virginia. again, you don't know if all the low lying areas had the seed like we had yesterday. tracee wiins. live to you in the studio. well, across the river many maryland residents a waking up out of their homes because of flooding. residents and business owners who have avoided disaster so far know they are not out of the woods just yet. >> so far the water abo the back. we're gtting a little frightened. we don't know what to do. >> we're getting a little frightened. >> pretty soon the water ain't
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got nowhere to go so it backs backward over us. that's the danger the next three days really. >> several roads remain closed. some have high water signs. officials are urging you to be extremely careful on the roads today. bge, working to restore electricity to 6,400 homes, most of them in t baltimore area. southern maryland electric cooperative says 150 of its customers are in the dark. across the potomac, dominion has about 400 customers in northern virginia with no power. and novec has about 170 without power. >> we're not the only one who got drenched. north carolina saw the worst of it. parts of the tar heel state have had 22 inches since sunday. the storm was deadly near the
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town of crestwell. four people were killed when the suv hydroplaned, skipped off the road and ended in a ditch filled th water. october 1st marks new laws in maryland. starting today, you can no longer hold your cell phone and talk on it while driving. u can still use a hand-held cell phone when you're sitting. once your car starts moving, you will need to use a hands-free device or hang up. it is a secondary offense which means police can only write a ticket if you are pulleover for some other reason. $40 for the first time caught and $100 for repeat offenders. >> what we've known for a while will now happen. rahm emanuel will step down as chief of staff. find out who will be his replacement. a new bill on how you will
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watch and listen to tv. 6:09. 62 degrees out there under clearing skies. we'll have weather and traffic on the ones next.
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good morning. time for weather and traffic on the ones. 6:11 on this friday morning. thankfully the heavy rain is gone. just a few lingering sprinkles, shenandoah valley.
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it is driftinging to the east. temperatureshis morning are cooler. right annoy we're down into the 50s many locations to near 60 in washington. a bit milder on the bay. highs today near 70 th increasing sunshine. a smallhance of a morning show. blustery winds today as well. winds diminish, high sxz. small chance of shower sunday and morning. how is the traffic now, ashley? >> vre trains canceled today out of manassas due the a power issue. speed restrictions in effect until 7:00 a.m. resulting in 30 to 45 minutes of delays. along 66 heading eastbound, between 50 and the capital beltway, the right green arrow lane is stuck on red x. that was causing some issues. fortunately not in the way of involveme you're krouzing towards the capital beltway. volume on the increase leaving college park, silver spring. no major accidents right now. a new accidents blocks the right
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lane. eun and joe, back to you. >> 6:13. 62 degrees. where you will be able to receive a medical test the dm and chief of staff rahm emanuel will make his decision today. who will replace him. more news onvre. a rough commute for riders. one line my dad is the supervis of a traintation and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality.
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i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have bn able to afford college. ev though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's ner a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving myland forward.
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6:15 is your time. a live look at the beltway at i-270. things are moving at a normal pace for a change. i think that's because the rain has cleared. we're hoping things get back to normal after all the rain we have had had. more on breaking news we have been following. you may need to find another way to work. you could take vre into the district. all manassas lines are cammed today. good morning, megan.
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>> reporter: well, good morning, joe. big problems for folks who ride vre. as you just mentioned, manassas line trains are cancelled. and delays on fredericksburg as well. this monitor tells it all. basically they're informing folks as they arrive this morning that the manassas line is having difficulty. they cannot run the line this morning because of low power lines. dipping power lines on edsell road. beneath the power lines, apparently dominion power cannot get to that location to begin their work, to begin fixing until noon oday. so this is going to impact the entire rush hour. you can probably hear behind me from the inner couple system. an announcement is playing informing folks what's going on. the station is completely empty. bottom line, manassas has been cancelled for the morning. we are seeing delays on
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fredericksburg as well. that's not because of power lines b high standing water. flash flooding sittions here. they're having to run at reduced speeds. that means you can expect between a 30 and 45 minute delays on the line this morning until 7:00. you can hop on metro. this came down late. they don't have a bus bridge in place. metro will honor vre. >> it's going to be rough. megan reporting live. hanks very much, megan. >> good news if you are planning to take amtrak. northeast corridor service has resumed. the number of trains were canceled or delayed after wires and a tree branch fell on a track near boston today. there may still be residual delays. check your train's status before heading to the station. at the airport things are running normally this morning. check with your airline before you leave the house. jfk is reporting major weather
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delays and dlis could spread northeast. again, che before you leave. well, today president obama is expected to announce his chief of staff will leave the white house. sources close to rahm emanuel say he will resign in order to run for mayor of chicago. dia reports wants to move into his chicago area home but his tenants don't want to move out just yet. he claims illinois as his primary residence and is still a registered voter ther the president is expected to name white house senior adviser pete rouse as his replacement. he served as chief of staff to senatorom daschle when tom daschle was senate minority leader. president obama is working hard to try to fire up his younger supporters. he spoke at a democric democrat raiser at the dar constitution hall organize said by a group called gen 44,
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referencing president obama being the 44th president. and mr. obama implored his supporters to do whatever they can to help democrats this november. we can't let this untry fall backwards. the stakes are too high. we have to move this country forward for you in your future. so there better not be an enthusiasm gap, people. not now. >> supporters also enjoyed a con tert featuring concert featurin performance by b.o.b. a bill was passed that would require tv commercials to be no louder than the show they ar in. the fcc must implement the new
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regulation within two years. well, while you were sleeping some of the world's top golfers were teeing off in the ryder cup early this morning in newport, wales. it puts a team of golfers from u.s. against a team against europe. europe has taken an early lead. right now play is suspended because of rain, a lot of rain. deluge over there. catcthe ryder cup this weekend right here on nbc 4. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and at 7:00 in the morning on sunday. >> wellit will take more than a little to stop the redskins. redskins in a hangar at dulles because of the weather. they take on the eagles in donovan mcnabb's return to philadelphia. the other big story, who will start at quarterback? mike shanahan said clinton portis will start on sunday despite being benched during last sunday's loss to the rams. neither shanahan nor portis wanted to speak much about the
6:21 am
controversy yesterday. >> you knowhat, for these, you hot topics you're bring up, coach is upstairs. you want to walk up there with him, you're going to interview him after this, you can ask him all those questions. >> i don't get into my conversations withlayers. i addressed it at the time. and i addressed it with him and felt very comfortable with the explanation and we go on. >> sunday's game starts at 4:15 at lincoln financial fid in philadelphia. all right. soggy for play but maybe more cheers and boos and rain. >> yes. indeed. the loud rain that was pounding on our roofs yesterday morning, it's nice and quiet now. a few pitter patters of light rain to your east. prince george's county getting a few sprinkles where you see that little blip of blue. another blip of blue in paige county getting a few sprinkles. we have l clouds and blustery northwest wind. 50o 60 around most of the region. it's a bit milder around the bay and the eastern shore.
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later today with increasing sun, diminishing chance of rain and blustery wind will cloo im toclb to 70. good morning. breaking news off vre. manassas trains are canceled in fredericksburg running on restricted pace. ower than normal. 45 minutes will be added to your commute. 95 headed intonorthbound direction we have delays. you'll find them from prince william parkway to 123. and lorton through springfield. along 270 headed southbound, 109, that's causing delays out of frederick. once you get beyond it, it's manageable towards the beltway. no problems as far as accidents. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. 6:23. 64 degrees. one local dmv is no longer for
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licenses. where you will soon get a hiv test. a new way to pay to ride the rules. mcdopd m instrumental music ]
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originally mcdonald planned to call a second legislative session as early as november to address that issue.
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a panel picked by the governor endorsed that proposal t the proposed revenue from that plan continues to go down. mcdonald had promised during his campaign that he would sell off the stateun liquor stores and use that money to pay for highway improvements. >> a new plan to the district provides a critical service in an unlikely place. beginning this tuesday, you'll be able to get tested for h.i.v. at the dmv. the city is partnering with a nonofit group to provide free testing at the penn branch location for one year. according to the "washington post," city leaders chose that location becse they have seen a spike in hiv infection rates in that area. they expect 3,000 people to take advantage of the service. 66 is your tile. 64 degrees. breaking news. vre canceled one line. another line has major speed restrictions. ahead, live team coverage. take a look at all the problems e rain continues to cause this
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morning. we even have one system's schls closing down. and meteorologist tom kierein will let you know what the weather will
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6:30 is our time. good news, heavy rain out of the
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area. bad news, huge problems on vre today. we have some important information for all riders. good morning. welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebs. i'm eun yang. it is friday, october 1st, 2010. we have one school to report. st. mary' public schools are closed. it is code 2 for employees. apparently that's because of flooding in that area. a live look outside the 6:30. 64 degrees. we know a lot of areas are dealing with flooding after all the heavy rains. go news from tom. it will take a while to deal with residual flooding. st. mary's got over a foot of rain in many locations there yesterday. right now thankfully the radar is mostly rain free. just a few sprinkles in prince george's, northern charles, drifting off to the east. elsewhere, we have low clouds.
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we're getting blow dried. upper 50 to 60 degrees. and the latest wind gusts 25 to 30iles per hour. we are getting blustery wind. these counties in green are still having standing water problems, including montgomery and s mary's county and the eastern shore. they have a lot of heavy rain overnight. blustery wind today, sun back this afternoon. high around 70. maybe a shower sunday and monday. how is the traffic? >> fve manassas trains are not running. you'll find about 30 to 45 minutes worth of delays on those. if you're traveling along 95 in the northbound direction, you've got some company this early morning. starting you off with delays from prince william. here's t pace past larton
6:32 am
road. heavy but steady. 270 southbound as you make the approach to 109, an aident prior to 109. now we just have delays after that point heading down towards the truck scales. we did have some problems in t way of fallen trees, new hampshire northbound out of powder mill. that was blocking the left side. back to you. >> ashley, thanks very much. well, this morning you can begin to dry off after getting slammed by all the rain and wind and flooding. trays where wilkins is live in fairfax. that road was blocked off for a while. >> yes. it's still plokd. let me sw you vdot reinforced this road. they had down the hill they're looking at a foot and a half o water. we've been seeing cars coming through this roadblock. some turning around but some saying i want to go down and see
6:33 am
what's going to happen. this is why it's dangerous. we're in vienna brownsville road at rosewood hill. they still have barriers ufrom yesterday. it was a mess yesterday. we needed the rain but not like this. roads around northern virginia fell victim to standing water or, in some cases, all out flooding. a couple had to be rescued after they went around a roadblock and tried to dre-through nearly two feet of water. there were a number of road closings. many knewo stay away. >> i know the roads, and i know the short cuts to get around the flooded area. so i'm just going out, take it easy and do what i have to do. >> up to six inches of rain fell in some areas. driving wasn't the only challenge. at times walking was just as frustrating for pedestrians. they osed umbrellas while
6:34 am
hoping that rain, rain would go away and come back a bit lighter another day. >> i've gotten in five different car accidents. it was raining, downpouring. i had to go out to my car which is outside. i got soaking wet. that's why my hair looks like this. >> reporter: we see cars coming down this way and turning around and going bacteria other way. you don want to go through this area. vdot told us they have a foot and a half of water down there. ecause it's so dark you have to be careful. even if you know the area. those situations can become dangerous very quickly. >> plus that, lady's hair looked fine. >> reporter: i know. what was she taing about? mine, on the other hand. >> thank you. >> reporter: thanks.
6:35 am
remain in many low-lying areas, including alexandria and calvert county. they're not out of the woods just yet. >> pret soon the water can't got nowhere to go so it backs backward into us. that's the danger the next three days really. >> reporter: there are still a number of roadways that are either closed or have high water signs. annapolis saw a lot of flooding. however, things are starting to look a lot better. thousands of area residents remain in the dark this morning. pepco is reporting 750 customers withoutpower. bge is work to go restore electricity to 8,000 homes, most in the baltimore area.
6:36 am
smeco, 130. virginia has 435 customers in northern virginia witut power. novec says 170 have no power there. as the storm came up from the south, north carolina got the worst of it. parts of the tar heel state have had 22 inches nce sunday. the storm was deadly near the town of crestwell. four people were killed when their suv hydroplaned, skipped off the road and ended in a october 1st marks new laws in maryland. starting today, you can no longer hold your cell phone and talk on it while drivi. you have to use a hands-free device or get off the phone. keep in mind this is a secondary offense. so you have to be pulled over for something else in order fr police to give you a ticket for being on the phone. $40 for the first time caught
6:37 am
and $100 for repeat offenders. the state is in compance wh the sexual notification act. another measure requires lifetime supervision for those who commit the most severe crimes of sex crimes. nd for the first time in 20 years, a change in child support payments. the state raised guidelines to adjust for child care expenses. 6:37. the "today" show is next at 7:00. let's check in with matt lauer to see what they're workg on and see if they're getting slammed as well. matt? >> it's pouring here. absolutely pouring. coming down sideways. we'll start as we start oa friday on "today". being blamed for at least five deaths. al will give us his forecast. alsahead, will the two college students who used a webcam to most another student's
6:38 am
intimate moment on onloon be charged with hate crimes. amanda knox heads back to court. we'llalk live with her parents. and the parents of a 13-year-old whose donated heart saved the life of a mother of two. we will reunit with that woman in our studio. much more than that. lots of stories coming up on a friday morning when we get started in just a couple minutes. joe, back to you in washington. >> matt, thanks very much. look forward to it. try to stay dry and have a good weekend. >> you too. take ca. >> thanks. why you may one day be able to swipe your credit card on your way to a metro train. more breaking news on the vre. important information riders need to know this morning. and the rain is out of our area. we've got a nice sky in the nation's capital. 63 degrees. weather and traffic together on th
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time for weather and traffic on the ones on this friday morning at 6:1. happy to report the heavy rain is gone. on the radar, a few sprinkles in shenandoah, prince george's county. temperatures have cooled down.
6:42 am
60 throughout most of the region. northwest winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. with us from time to time throughout the day. small chance a shower. low 70s with increasing sunshine. clear and chilly. tomorrow, 40s. upper 60s on saturday. smalchance of a shower sunday and monday. how is the traffic now, ashley? >> good morning. dealing with vre problem. manassas line remains shut down. canceled due to wires down by edsell road. frederick line is affected. 35 minutes late due to high standing water. an accident on the outer loop, university bouleva on the right sulder. but as we no, that's how it takes. we already have delays. it is now inching along. the accident scene again is on the right shoulder. eun and joe, back to you. >> ashley, thanks. 6:43. why metro is opening up early torrow morning.
6:43 am
and the transit agency is developing a new way for you to pay to ride the system. worst kept secret in washingt. rahm emanuel leaving the white house. we know who will be replacing him. vre, a rough commute.
6:44 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up arning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've fren college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now he the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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breaking news. heads-up. if you take vre to work you may need to find another way into the city this morning. all manassas line trains are canceled. there are major delays on the fredericksburg line as well. megan mcgrath. i'm sure this is going to be a recurring theme this morning, megan. >> reporter: unfortunately i think it is. this decision was made very late. a lot of people didn't get the word this morning. a lot did. we are seeing folks trickle in, hoping to catch the train and realized the trns are not running this morning. manassas line has been canceled entirely. basically what we'veot going on here are two different
6:46 am
situations. manassasine, they have an issue with low power lines that are kind of sagging down in the area of edsell road. you can see the announcement they're making here on the intercom. it's not safe to run the trns under the low power lines so they have cammed the ma nas this morning. they will not be able to start the repairs until noon today, dominion. they are having issues on fredericksburg line. a different situation there. that problem has to do with high water and the flash flood warnings. they're having to run at reduced speeds becausef the high water situation, what th are expecting are delays between 30 and 45 minutes this morning. those delays building as the wear on. reduced speeds until 7:00. one commuter is trying to figure out what he is going to do now. >> i come here pretty early in the morning.
6:47 am
and i didn't get an e-mail but i didn't check my blackbery. i guess i'm not surprised gven the storm and stuff like that. the new crew seems to want to be more on time tn the old group does. it's not thateliable anyway. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. i'm a federal employee. ani some annual leave. so ybe i'll just stay home. but di that yesterday with all the delays. i've got work to do. i'll separately or go to springfield and hop that the frederick line. >> because the decision was made so late in the game they were not able to arrange for a schultz bus. folks are having to either drive, go home and work from ho home. show your vre ticket to the station manager.
6:48 am
they'll let you do that free of charge. back to you all in the studio. >> yeah. if that poor commuter heads to fredericksburg, he will face major delays, too. megan, thanks so much. well, some good ns if you plan to take amtrak today. northeast corridor service has resumed. a number of kamd or delays. there may still be residual delays to amtrak is encouraging you to check your train's status before you head to the ation. a lot of rain up in that area. that could slow things down as well. from the rails to the skies, a livlook at reagan international airport. it's all in the northeast corridor. right now no flightsto jfc or laguardia are taking off until at least 7:00 this morning. that affects passengers at all three rports, not just reagan. the are also minor delays reported at boston's logan
6:49 am
airport. as always, check with your airline before you head outto travel. a big announce sxmt big change expected in the obama administration. chie of staff rahm emanuel has expressed interest in running to the race in his home city of icago. the last three decad, white house chief of have typically served two or three years. bail out money ends on monday. more on what's happening with your taxpayer dollars. courtney, good morning. >> reporter: hi. good morning to you, joe. new estimates say the final cost of that bank bailout will be less than $50 billion. i know it sounds ke a lot, but
6:50 am
the troubled asset relief program or t.a.r.p., initially cost $700 billion. the cost to taxpayers have been falling because banks receiving the a.r.p. funds continued to pay the deposit back. ceo of , tony hayward, is stepping down officially today. hayward's departure comes after e was heavily criticized for the bp oilpill in the gulf. he will be replaced by robert dudley, who already began working bp chief executive. >> thanks so much, courtly. have a great weekend. >> reporter: you too. metro riders could have a new way to hit the rails, according to the washington examiner. metro officials are working on a system that would allow ders to use their credit or debit cards to pay for their trip. that was brought on by the srt chip card was no longer being manufactured. the remaining supply was bought out by metro and will last
6:51 am
approximately two years. metro board member say the new payment system wou not replace smart trip cards but operate alongside the current system. metro will open an hour early. organizers of one nation rally expects thousands of attendees. rally organizers paid metro for an early 6:00 a.m. opening. all right, tom. we have one closing to mention to you before we go to our weather. st. mary's is closed because of flooding. code 2 for employees. >> they got the most rain. yesterday at national airport, 4.66 inches of rain fell. that was our wettest day in four and a half years. joining me now, chuck bell has more details on some of the
6:52 am
astounding totals yesterday. chuck? >> thanks, tom. yes, indeed, st. mary's far and away the big winner. 62 degrees at national airport. check out the local rainfall amount. st. mary city, 14.36 inches of rain in the last two days. two-day rainfall totals. annapolis, maryland, 9.02 in the last two days. hollywood, maryland, just under eight inches of rain. 59 degrees there. montgomery village in the metro area, 6 .25 inches. 5.2 in the last two days in rest in, virginia. fairfax didn't fare too much tter. 4.75. rockville, maryland, 3 inches in the last two days. winchester, virginia, past the blue ridge, 2 1/2 inches. area wide, anywhere between 3
6:53 am
and 6 inches widespread. back to you, tom. >> thanks, chuck. amazing totals we had right there. right now a cloudy skies over washington. live view from our city camera. cloud cover breaking up. right now the clouds are producing a few sprinkles of rain oeft of washington, prince george's cat and on the eastern shore. otherwise, the heavy rain is long gone. it exited after midnight. a few other sprinkles around the valley and here in southern washinon county. temperatures this morning are in the upper 50s to near 60 throughout much of the region. a bit milder on the eastern shore. the last 12 hours, the second surge came through last night. now the new york city area, heading to new england. maybepolite delays there. cloud cover will break up as the day progresses. a chance of showers in the 50s. and the rest of the day, increasing sunshi and blustery wind will dry us ou highs reaching the low 70s.
6:54 am
clear don't. chilly by dawn. upper 40s. mid-60s sunday and monday. into next week, feeling like autn. 40s to near 50. ashley, how is the traffic? >> we have the vre closed as you make your way in towards town on the manassas line. that's due to fallen wires on edsell road. running 45 minutes late. around the capital beltway and 395, let's take a look at 395. heavy leaving springfield. after that tapers off as yo make your way towards the 14th street bridge, heavy early. college park, you're slammed. earlier accident has been cleared. damage done. if you're travelg along 66 eastbound, we have a lot more company now that the manassas is
6:55 am
shut down. heavy leaving the virginia visitors center towards 29. 50 and 123, you're on the brakes once more. >> back to you. >> thank you, ashley. expect a dryer, calmer y today since the bulk has moved out of the washington area. >> some roads are still dealing with mor dplooding issues. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: goodorning eun. good morning, joe. ok at the road blocks reinforced. brownsmill road because some cars were still going down the hill. as workers came back out to put up additional cones. there's up to a foot and a half of water flowing at the bottom of this road. they want to make sure no one else tried trifg through it. it has stopped raining. if a road is blocked, don't chance it. we saw swift water rescues. it is moving quickly due to all
6:56 am
the wind. tracee wilkins, live in eeen that. back to you in the studio. elaine has our top stories. good morning. >> good morning to you, eun. d.c. firefighters are expected to release morenformation about a high rise apartment fire. police are now calling it a murder. a 38-year-old man died after jumping from th building on 16th street northwest to escape the flames. today is october 1st, which means several new laws take effect in maryland today. yocan no longer hold your cell phone and talk on it while driving. you can still use a hand-held cell pho at a stop light. it is a secondary offense, which means police can only write you a ticket if you're pulled over for something else. vreancelled all manassas service because of low power lines on the tracks in alexandria. expect 45 minute delays on fredericks line. you can show your vre ticket and
6:57 am
ride metro for free. that's a look at this morning's stories. back to you in the studio. >> thank for starting your friday with us. >> be back monday morning. have a great day. happy birthday to my son.
6:58 am
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good morning. massive flooding,he


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