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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 1, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a wife lost her husband and nearly her own life at the hands of a distracted driver. good evening. i'm jim vance. doreen is off tonight. beginning tonight holding a cell phone to yourar is against the law. that came too late for a couple who got hit by a driver. >> reporter: rhonda callahan is
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speaking out for the first time about the accident that claimed her husband's life. she said if drivers would just keep their hands on their steering wheel instead of on their phones the roads would be a lot safer. >> i had angels with me, i definitely did. >> reporter: last may she was critically injured. her husband doug callahan was killed when police say a teenager struck their classic car in buoy. the teenager ran a stop sign and was likely texting on her cell phone. >> you don't realize how quickly your life andther people's lives can be affected by a car accident. he was 52. it was too early. >> reporter: talking on the cell phone why driving became a law in maryland today. >> it's a sign of the times and everybody has them but you really have to pay attention. >> reporter: rhonda callahan says it's a miracle she survived the crash.
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she was in the hospital for five weeks and endured 11 surgeries. she supports the new cell phone ban. sure would not want another family to go through what we've gone thrgh these last four months and if this law does that, this is a success. >> reporter: the callahs, high school sweethearts were on their way to a car shone when the accident happened. she hopes this new law will bring awareness that cell phon can be a deadly distract. >> he'd want us to move on and not dwell on tngs and start living again. so we're going to do t best we can. >> reporter: under the new maryland law you cannot be pulled over simply for talking on your cell phone. you have to be pulled over for some other infraction first. mrs. callahan hopes that part of the law changes. >> tropical nicole is claed to
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have been responsible for five deaths in north carolina and one in pennsylvania. in our area, southern maryland is still dealing with flooding. it may be some tim before the high water area recedes in st. mary's county. doug kammerer with a look at how things are look torchlt ug? >> i'll tell you what, jim. tonight is probably the last night we're going to see these kinds of totals. live doppler showing things dry across the area. that's the way they're going to remain tonight, into the day tomorrow. here was the last 48 hours. as you can see, we've seen five inches of rainin the d.c. area, over a foot of rain in st. mary's county, just amaining numbers, numbers that come in a three-month period. now, the good news is the rain is out of here for now. we're seeing clear skies and a nice cool night. temperatures, 62 in the district. 59 in manassas. but watch what happens. more rain and wind on the way as another area of low pressure
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will move up the coast and provide our region with more wind and rain. i'll let you know how much more i expect later on in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. a high school student in annapolis said she was sexually assaulted on school grounded today by a fellow classmate. police were called to the annapolis high school at around 12:30 today. the girl says she knowshe boil w boy who assaulted her. no one has yet been arrested. police in fairfax county are warning people to locktheir doors and winds. that's bause of a crime spree continuing across the county. police believe it's one guy who's hit at least 87 times in the last two months. he's stealing everything he can get his hands on from everything from homes t cars. >> reporter: fairfax county police reallyant to catch this guy. almost all of this homes targeted by the incredibly prific burglar have one thing
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in common. they sit on large suburban lots, often lit by only an exterior porch light. pat mclaughlin decided to light more lights after four homes were hit last night, including one of his street. >> at my wife's urnging i changed the timer seths on the gate lights so that we have the entire night covered. >> reporter: faiax county police say increasing home security is a good idea, given the fact that the burglaries seem to be crimes of opportunity committed in the overnight hours. the suspect is most likely driving around. he sees an open garage door or finds an uncked sliding door and inin secon is in and out with a purse or wallet that was left in plain sight on the kitchen counter. >> please, lock the doors and windows of your homes. include your garage doors. make sure you have your doors and windows locked before you go to bed. >> reporter: a map created by
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investigators shows the tally of crimes committed by the same crime suspect is mindoggling. >> we've put a number of resources to this investigation, and i would not want to divulge what those resources are, obviously to help us with r efforts to apprehend the suspect. bu we want to assure residents that we are definitely patrolling the areas and we are out there. >> reporter: he's also stolen two guns and police are warning homeowners not to confront him. jim, back to you. >> thank you, jackie. some people were exposed to measles at national airport. it ppened on thursday, september 23rd. the infected person was in tell nal c fr-- the terminal from 8:8 fomore, you can call the public hotline.
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hundreds of people arrested for dwi in the district over the last six months might hve their charges dropped. thed.c. police use a device known as an intoks oh meter. that device has been in use in the city since march. but a lawyer says the district's chief toxicologist did not approve of the device for use until last month. >> all the people who pled guilty or were found guilty of dwi based on these scores were wrongfully convicted. every single one of them since march of this year. >> despite the error, police say the results have been accurate. all of them will be reviewed. >>there was an emotional farewell athe white house today. president obama's chief of stam rahm emanuel stepped down to run for mayor of chigo.
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>> mr. president, i thought i was tough, but as someone who saw firsthand how close our tion came to the brink and what you had to do to put america back on track, i want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president has ever faced. [ applause ] >> pete rouse will be the interim chief of staff. elena kagan is the newest supreme court justice. she took her seat officially on the bench today in a formal ceremony attended by president oba. e proceeding was closed to tv cameras but afterward kagan stepped outside with chief justice john roberts. the new term of the nation's highest court begins on monday. coming up tonight, an rbi singer has been arreste in maryland. a plane ovrshot therunway. we'll tell you how it was able to be stopped in time. talk show host ellen
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degenere res speaking out. bank of america admits it rushed to foreclosures for thousands of homeowners without reading the paperwork. what have you got, dan? >> the capitals trying to remain perfect. we have a pretty higupset. plus jim hazlett, crafting a game plan to try and stop michael vick and the chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ]
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the. >> rob: singer mario is facing charges the tonight for allegedly assaulting his mother their home in baltimore. it happened this morning in the fells point area there. police say shante hardaway said her 20-year-old son pushed her. barrett was charged with
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second-degree assault. he was released on bond. prosecutors are considering filing hate crime charges against two freshmen at rutgers university. both students are accused of streaming online video of a classmate's sexual encou ter with another man. the classmate was 18-year-old tyler clementi. he jumped off a bridge t his death last week. so far police have charged freshman darrin robby and molly wei with invasion of privacy. talk show host ellen degeneres today spoke out about intolerance. >> there are messages every day and we have to make it stop. wecan't let intolerance and ignorance take another kid's life. things will get easie people's minds will change, and you should -- you should be allowed to see it. >> at least four young men have killed themsels in recent weeks after being bullied over
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their sexual orientation. u.s. officials apologized today for what they call a shameful medical experiment that exposed prisoners in guatemala to sexually transmit dead ceases. a wellesley college historian found the records that showed that u. scientists see kreltly injected about 700 people with the germs that caused syphillis or gonorrhea. this allappened between 1946 and 1948. the experiments were designed to study the effect of penicillin on sexlly transmitted diseases. comng up tonight, you'll hear the 911 call for help after a woman had to beat a bear after her dog with a giant zucchini. the search continues for two americans who vanished during a balloon race over the adriatic sea. and doug is back with
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a private jet overshot the runway at an airport in new jersey. it happened ts afternoon at the teterboro airport. nine people were onboard the plane. they were not injured because of what they call an arrester bread. it's a specially designed group of blocks meant to collapse under the weight of a plen to slow its momentum. it was installed in 2005 after a similar crash there. the largest bank in the country said it is stopping foreclosures in 23 states. that's because officials at the bank of america acknowledge that they rushed to foreclose on homes. it all came out during a legal proceeding in february. a bank official said she signed up to 8,000 foreclosure documents a month and typically never ad them. federal regulators have contacted five other bank and asked this em to also check their foreclosure records. jpmorgan chace has also delayed foreclosures during the process.
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coming up -- what's coming up? >> more rain. >> more rain. all kinds of good stuff. >> more wind. >> more wind. >> and one nice day in between. >> we'll take it. >> we have no choice. we don't have a choice at all. it's coming down the pike. rain and wind for the day, think,n monday. but tomorrow's going to be a pretty nice day, althought's going to be cool out there. a nice shot of the nation's capital tonight. looking very good after all a of the rain we saw yesterday that is now out of. there and we actually saw a pretty nice day today with the exception of those 20 to 30-mile-an-hour winds. right now, not too bad. our high temperature today was 7 # 5 degrees. low this morning was 61. we saw low clouds and sunshine. it was cool. even though it was a little bit above average it felt a lot cooler because of the wind there today. current temperature, 26. dew point, 46. winds out of the west-northwest
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at 10 miles per hour. we're all clear on the radar and i think we're going to stay all clear all through the day tomorrow, likely through most of the day on sunday and that's when things get iffy. i'll break it down for you in a second. hagerstown, 58. 59 in mississippi. ch lolottesvill charlottesville, 58. you'll have time to clean up from the flooding youreceived from rains that are now wait out in the atlantic ocean. for the most part off the earn shore. now, what's coming in behind this. well, as i mentioned, i think we're going to get one nice day tomorrow between a couple areas of low pressure. one back to the north and east. there's the one that affected us yesterday, one back to the north and west rather. and in between we're going to see winds tomorrow. towns will be a little bit below
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average. you'll need a jacket. this upper-level low willove in late in the afternoon. that will create some cloud cover, but on sunday it's going to staal right over the area and once again allow another system with tropical moisture to move up from the atlantic, right into our region. this could become a mini nor'easter come monday. that means northeast winds at a pretty good fetch. maybe even faster ang the shore points. so we have one great day and then a couple of nasty days, especially monday into tuesday. your morning forecast, mostly clear skies tonight. 4050 degrees as you wake up. so a little bit on the cool side. but as we make your way through the day tonight. temperatures 65 too 69 degrees and as we make our way through the next four days, 666. then you add in temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60
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degrees. as minged, not a very good wednesday. >> it's going to be like fall it. >> is. >> it will be -- feel a lot like fall. we had a football game. >> we're going to tell you about. we're also going to tell you about three line makers who received perfect scores from a really tough krit sthiek and as doug noticed he would have said e of the best quarterbacks did
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ja a lot of questions going into this game. what's one of the bigger questions? >> you set me up. one of the bigger questions is trent williams. he missed last week wit knee and toe injuries. williams' practice this week. he's listed as questionae. he e said the only thing that ee bothering him is his toe. that's about 90 to 95%. i would be surprised if he did not play. i would also be surprised if the defense did not play better. how could they not. >> that's not everything. first of all, you have to take look at it. if it wasn't for the defense, we would have won. we're playing some pretty good offenses. we got in an overtime game. you get yardage. the houston game, to many big plays and passing game and it's hard to come out of the hole. i think we're doing a good job
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in the running game and there's a lot of areas we like to prove on. we'd like more opportunity to get turnovers, too, so there's a lot of issues we have to deal with and correct them as we go. >> rain as you m know by now washed most of day one of the ryder cup. u.s. leading in two of four matches so far. you can watch ryder cup day two tomorrow. it starts at 6:00 a.m. you can watch the nationals f two more games. the season, aost over. they're up for their season ending series needing two wins to get to 07. pat baffled the bat hitters all night long but michael moor mashes this, a solo shot to right center feel. we're tied at one. misch struck out. josh tolle changes that with one
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swing of the bat. only three home run s this seon. that's due to a walk-off. the capitals on the polar end of e spectrum. they've outscored their opponents 20-9, proving that we can expect this year's season to be a whole lot like last year. let's go to verizon center. we get things started in the first period. caps on the attack. marcus janson drops it off for greene. look at this pass. threads the needle, 1-0. second period, 1-0, capps, the buck comes out right in front of the net. brooks laich johnny on the spot capitals and they go on the win.
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high school football, robinson at florida lake bra braddo braddock, a good old-fashioned backya brawl. look at this. they were trying to put the hex on knee brick with the number 12 assign, id did not work here. talk about getting bic, knee brick keeps it to himself. kite ropes the sideline and dived into the house. 7-0, bruins. look at them shushing the crowd. >> he's picked off by thomas petrocy. knee brick's first inl ter exception of the season. why don't you guys take a little shush right back. le broad ya, bounces over t crowbar and that was the game
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winner. robinson not off unbeated lake brad dock. 10-7 was the final. >> that i (voice 1) we've detected an anomaly... (voice 2) how bad is it? (voice 1) traffic's off the chart... (voice 2) they're pinging more targets... oice 3) isolate... prevent damage... (voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
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the search for two missing american balloon racers is stretching into its third day. they disappeared somewhere off the coast of italy on wednesday. they were piloting through some pretty rough weather over there. they were taking part in a race that started in england last weekend. a woman in moana is getting quite a bit of attention
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for how she was able to fight off the attack of bear. the ar cam onher back porch last wednesday and began attacking her dogs. then it took a swiek at her. the bear ran off only after the woman threw a giant zucchini at it. then she later called 911. >> i got one spot on my leg where he got me. >> tough mama. wildlife officials have set a trap but they've not [ mom ] my son ryan didn't know his voulez-vous
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three spanishines have received a perfect score using a standard by u.s. wine critic robert parker. two of the wines on the select list are repeats from last year but the third is a high-quality rerve from a place called la
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rioja. the winery is special. the only place in the world where grape clusters are split into two parts. the grapes have been washed with grape juice and pressed with a balloon. did you know that? on 3,100 bottles will be produced. each one will cost about $136. my friends here are cheers and applause ]


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