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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  October 2, 2010 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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ing bright sunshine start to finish. four minutes from comg up. stay up until 6:48 this evening. temperatures up to to near 70. college football, kent state
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going to oxford ohio to take on the red hawks. kickoff 1:00 out there in ohio. 57 degrees north breeze and risk of a shower as wl and of course the seminoles are in charlottesville take on the cavaliers. kickoff is at noon. great weather for the game. fair weather clouds around. 66 degrees and nice northwesterly breeze. sunshine today. chance of showersoming back at the end of the day tomorrow and then just flat out rainy and windy and nasty for monday and tuesday. get outside and enjoy your saturday sunshine. in our headlines, news today d.c. police are investigating an overnight murder. police found a man dead in northeast. this happened just after 12:30 morning. detectives did not say what may have led up to the shooting or if they have anyone in custody. it is now illegal to hold your cell phone up to ur ear while driving in maryland. one family hopes the new law
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saves another family from the pain they've had to go through. darcy spencer has thei story now from landover. >> i had angels with me. >> reporter: last may rhonda was critically injured, her husband of 30 years was kill when police say a teenage driver struck their classic car on route 301 in bowie. police say the teen ran a stopped sign and was likely texting on her cell phone. >> you don't realize how quickly in a matter of seconds your whole life and a lot of other peoples lives can be affected by a car accident. he was 52. >> reporter: a ban on talking on your cell phone while driving became law in maryland today. motorists caught not using a hands-free device could face a $40 fine. it's a fast paced world. everybody has them. you got to pay attention. >> reporter: rhondsaid it's a miracle she survived in the crash. she was in the hospital for five weeks and endured 11 surgeries. she supports the new cell phone
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ban. >> i sure would not want another family to go through what we've gone through. if this law does thathen it's a success. >> reporter: the couple was on their way to a car show when the accident happened. rhonda is focused on healing. but hopes this new law brings awareness that cell phones can be deadly distractions behind the wheel. >> we want to move on and not dwell on things and start ling again. so we're going to do the best we can. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news4 today." police in fairfax county are on the lookout for a ser rail bular who has been break into homes and rs. 87 incidents in the past two months. the crime spree has crisscrossed the entire county. the suspect is stealing everything he can get hansds on. almost all the homes the suspect is target, similar, large, suburban plots with very few exterior lights. he's taking advantage of people
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leaving a garage door open or patio door unlocked, grabbing a wallet orurse that's easily accessible. some county residents are taking precaution. advice is simple, lock up at night. >> at my wife's urging, i changed the timer settings on the gate lights so we have the entire night covered. >> please lock your doors and windows of your homes and this includes your garage doors. make sure you have your doors and windows locked before you go to bed. >> and if you have an alarm system turn it on. to add to the problem the burglar has stolen two guns. they are now urging homeowners not to confront him. maryland police are investigating an incident at annapolis high school where a female student says she was sexually assaulted by a fellow classmate on school ground. police were called to the high school campus at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the girl told oicer she knows the boy who assaulted her but so far no arrests have been made.
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big news from the largest bank in the country. bank of america is halting foreclosures in 23 states. bank officials announced it will stop foreclosing on homes after they acknowledged they rushed to foreclose. one official said sheigned up to 8,000 foreclosure documents a month and typically didn't read them. federal regulators contacted five other banks and asked hem to check their foreclosure records. president obama is looking for a permanent replacement to be his new chief of staff. yesterday rahm emanuel resigned from that position possibly even could make a run for mayor in chicago. >> mr. president, ithought i was tough. but as someone who saw firsthand how close our nation came to the brink and what you had to do to put america back on track, i want to thank you for being the toughest leader any country could ask for in the toughest times any president has ever
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faced. >> the president's top senate staffer pete rouse will serve as temporary interim chief of staff. elena kagan took the oath for the supreme court yeerday. the new term of the nation's highest court begins on monday. six months worth of dwi arrests in the district are in jeopardy because of inaccurate machines. a lawyer says d.c. chief toxicologist didn't approve the devices for use until last month. now all those charged wh dwi could see those charges dropped. pat collins h the story. ss >> all the people that pled guilty or were found guilty of dwi based on these scores were wrongfully convictedvery single one of them since march of this year.
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>> reporter: how many people? hundreds of people. >> reporter: this is an experienced defense lawyer, a specialist in dwi cases. he says hundreds of recent dwi arrests made by d.c. police are flawed because of procedural errors. >> what's shocking is they allowed forms that were clearly false to be signed, to be submitted as evidence when they knew that it wasn't true. >> reporter: last march d.c. police began using a device called an intoximeter to determine the blood alcohol level of drivers suspected of dwi. when the cases were taken to superior court the dwi numbers were accompanied by this paragraph, it says, "i certify that the samples analyzed above were taken according to guidelines set forth by the district of columbia toxicologist, the equipment
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used was approved by the chief toxicologist." that's the way these cases wer brought to court. last march, april, may, june, july and august. the problem is the chief toxicologist didn't approve this equipment until september. peter nichols the attorney general for the district says the dwi cases for e last six months will be reviewed. some charges may be dropped. some may be reduced. he promised to be fair and accurate. d.c. police say their machines are accurate. it's the procedure that was the problem. >> there's absolutely no issues with the integri through reliabily or accuracy of the instruments. >> the problem is? >> protocol. >> reporter: some history. from march 2008 until march 2010 police had calibration problems
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withhe intoxilyzer the equipment they used then for dwi arrests. since then 300 dwi convictions are now in question. i'm pat collins, "news4 today." heads up if you plan to use metro this weekend. you should expect some dels and not just along one line. metro will do track and platform repairs this weekend. expect half hour delays on the green and yellow lines between mount vernon square and u street and on the red line between shady grove and twin brook. also on the red line add about 20 minutes to your trip if you're traveling between the new york avenue and rhode island avenue stations. all these stations should be back on their normal schedules by monday morning. etro also opened an hour early today to accommodate thousands expected at the national mall this morning for the one nation rally. expect crowded trains between largo town center, stadium
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armorry paeng station all on the blue line. rally organizers paid metro for the early opening and for an extra train to cut down on wait times. ten minutes after 7:00 now and 55 grees outside. a lot of people still cleaning after this week's flash flooding. plus, after the death of a popular laosse player a new push to break the silence on domestic violence on campuses. what one d.c. university is doing to help save
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u.s. officials have apolized for conducting medical experiments that exposed guatemala prisoners to sexually transmitted diseases. u.s. scientists secretly injected 700 people with the germs that cause syphllis and gonorrhea. thapd between 1946 and 19. the experiments were designed to
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study the effects of penicillin on sexually transmit diseases. arlington health officials said a person had measles and there's a risk you could be exposed. the infected person was on terminal c back on thursday september 23rd from 8:45n the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. measles is highly contagious. it can spread through coughing and sneezing. early symptoms include a high fever, runny nose, watery eyes and a cough. in the second stage after three days or more a person can develop a rash. for questions or are concerns, call the arlington public health department a703-228-2358. it's been almost five months since the murder of university of virginia lacrosse player yeardley love. her death is being used to educate students about domestic violence. they are kicking off domestic violence month by urging stunts to speak up.
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john trippen has more now from howard university. >> reporter: the death of yeardley love shook up university of virginia's campus back in may. even more shocking to uva students that her former boyfriend wacharged with her murder. allegations also surfaced that there were previous incidents of domestic abuse that went unreported. many wonder if someone had spoken up about the red flags of abuse, love would still be alive today? the red flag camign which has spread to over 100 college campuses across the country hopes to bring awareness to the problem and prevent the tragedy from happening again. >> what's this for? >> reporter: to kick off domestic violence awareness month students at howard university spoke out about the portance of ending the abuse. >> we can change the lives of some of the students. >> reporter: these red flags have to serve as more than just a wake up call. it's one thing for students to know domestic abuse exists it's
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another to speak up and save a friend. >> what we're understanding now is that women in the age range of 16 to 34, women are being impacted by domestic violence. >> reporter: this senior says he knows friends who are part of that statistic. >> have you said anything to the authorities or anyone about it? >> no. i probably should have. to me it seems like an issue that person needs to solve themselves. >> reporter: they hope to get the message out that domestic abuse will only come to an end if people have the courage to report it. john trippen, news 4. recent round of rain will have a lot of people cleaning up th weekend. st. mary's county in maryland is drying out from massive flooding. the local river there crested overnight thursday sending high water dangerously close to some mobile homes. emergency firms went door-to-door and used reverse
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1 calls to alert the community. people described evacuating their homes in the middle of the night. >> come down and got a friend of ours boat and got erybody out as much as possible. >>it was scary. at that time of night. couldn't see nothing. they had to drag us in the boat. now we have nocar. that's all flooded up. >> even after the rain stopped high waters caused problems all day. crews closed flooded roads which slowed down many contraors trying to make deliveries. many roads have been re-opened. all of our three airports reported record rainfall on the date for thursday. but nothing compared to what they had down in st. mary's county. we had just over five inches of rain at national airport. more than 13 inches in st. mary's county. one for the record books. believe it or not thers even more mention of rain in the forecast, those details are next. [ male announcer ] the turn changes everything.
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time to dust off the scarecrow and witch hats. october just started but a lot of people have the end of the month on their minds. halloween can be big business this year especially after scary sales last year because of the economy. the national retail federation expes the average person to spend about $66 on candy, costumes and decoration. that's 18% more than last year. consum experts predi the most popular cosmes will include buzz light year, harry potter characters and lady gaga. i'm guessing the lady gaga -- >> easy one. >> the kids will do harry potter. >> lady gaga easiest adult costume. andids a ghost. drape a sheet over their head and call them casper.
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>> nice day today. there's more chances for rain already showing up in the forecast. might even get our are nex rain drop before the weekends even done. but it's going to be very late in the day tomorrow. t outside and eoy it. the sun is already up on o saturday morning. beautiful day here in washington. all over the region. nice weather expected for your saturdaynd really sunday will be a more nice than not nice day but there wi be a risk of showers rolling in here very late in the day tomorrow, probably after sundown for most of us. there's a chance for a few sprinkles before the sun goes down pup need to get outside and enjoy your saturday. what a great crisp start out ther 52 degrees at national airport. here national airport we've not been below 50 degrees since may 11th. it's bean while. we might get there tomorrow. 45 the current dew point. winds have gone calm.
7:21 am
very light breeze out of the north for the remainder of your sarday afternoon. temperatures 52 in town. 45 degrees in upper montgomery county, 51 degrees in annapolising right alongside the bay. 55 down in st. mars county. hunting town down towards california, maryland in the mid-50s. 47 degrees in port tobacco this morning. nice weather expected for your saturday. temperatures crisp and cool first thing but look at that clear sky overhead. bright sunshine for most of your saturday. might pick up a few mid and high level clouds late in the day today. by and large nice sunny start to the weekend. this rip. low pressure in the atmosphere bringing rain chance to portions of ohio and pennsylvania, ravens fans going out to the game tomorrow night in pittsburgh, the ravens and the steele generally cloudy weather with a risk of some rain there. redskins fans driving up towards philadelphia. redskins eagles game tomorrow afternoon cloudy maybe a chance for a shower before that game is done. similar to forecast right here in washington.
7:22 am
here's our future cast model. clouds sneaking in a little bit late tonight andly tomorrow, full overcast during the course of the day tomorrow afternoon. risk of a few showersolling in here by 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow night. steadier rain as the energy transfers to a coastal storm. real wind and rain maker for us on monday and tuesday. for today, beaiful weather. sunshine near perfect for october weather. light breezes today, high 65 to 70. tomorrow become being overcast. risk of a shower late in the day tomorrow with temperatures holding in the 60s. the lions share of th nex event is monday and tuesday. could get me than an inch of rain again across much of the area. that's not necessarily good news since we just had four,five, six inches of rain in a lot of spots. dry weather returns for the end of next week. kentucky going down to ole miss. kicking it off at noon. 80 degrees in mississippi. michigan is going out to indiana. 3:30 for the kickoff.
7:23 am
60 degrees. kind of clly. gusty north wind. if you're picking which way to kick it get the wind behind your ba in the fourth quarter. alabama taking on the gators. 8:00 kick. clear skies. 75 deges at 8:00 tonight. that is going to be one heck of a good game as soon as my oklahoma texas game is done i'll switch the channel to watch that one. the nationals took on the new york mets on the diamond last night. they went no an extra inning. it wasn'tnoughfor a win. dan hellie has that and more in sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, sports minute begins with the nationals up in new york last night for their final series of the season. they need two wins to get to 70 for the first time since 2007. michael moore is doing his part tied up the game in the top of the seventh but in the bottom of the 10th, josh hitting a
7:24 am
whackoff home run to ght field. the mets beat the nats 2-1. in ten innings. to hockey now. thecaptrying stay perfect in the pre-season. eric had a pretty nice game. ovechkin getting feisty. just the pre-season take it easy. capitals beat the blue jackets 3. to high school football. lake braddock and the quarterback trying to rema undefeated against robinso nebrich scored the bruins only touchdown on this sweet 40 yard touchdown round. but there was a 32 yard field goal that barely squeak across the cross bar 10-7. that's your "sports minute." i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. and a reminder you can watch. ryder cup right here on nbc 4. the u.s. and european teams back
7:25 am
on the course in new port south wales. coverageegins this morning at 8:00 right after this broadcast. your time is 7:25. 55 degrees here in upper northwest wasngton. a crime alert this morning, thieves targeting popular fairfax neighborhoods. what you need to know to keep your home safe. plus new clues ia deadly apartment fire in d.c. why firefighters think it was intentionally set. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] lookinfor a complete picture of your money?
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new today one man is dead in northeasts d.c. more of what we learned overnight. expect delays on metro. we'll show you what's happening and why metro is opening an hour earlier. good morning and welcome back to "news4 today". i'm aaron gilchrist. kimberly has the mning off. it's saturday, october 2, 2010. we'll take a look at our headlines in a second.
7:28 am
first a look at our forecast this morning, meteorologist bicycle bell is taking a look at the forecast. >> this is the way october should feel. nice and cool in t morning. get tout walk the dog. take that early morning jog or bike ride. great weheror your outdoor activities whether you do them first thing or maybe you're going to sleep in. lounge around. second cup of coffee and then get started. >> after the show you go back to sleep. >> exactly. >> more college football forecast. today's forecast around here perfection. 70 degrees for a high today. blue devils are taking on the terrapins in college rk. 6:00 kickoff. 68 degrees. coastal carolina coming up to richmond to take on the spiders. 70 degrees down the road in richmond. our extendedorecast calls for chance of rain coming in late tomorrow but the bulk of this next one is rain all day monday and tuesday.
7:29 am
>> thank you. in the news now, new today d.c. police are investigating an overnight murder. officers tell us they found a man dead near the tersection of 54th and dick streets in northeast. police say this happened after 12:30 this morning. so far no word if detectives have a motive or a suspected gunman in custody. you can no longer hold your cell phone and talk on the phone while driving in maryland. the state's cell phone ban started yesterday. drivers can still used hand-held phone at a stop light. once you start moving you need to use a hands-freeevice or hang up. marynd's cell phone ban is a secondary offense which means police can only write you a ticket for fit you've been pulled or for something else. the first time youet caught is a $40 fine. thereafter $100. maryland added tougher penalties for convicted sex offenders including a mandatory sentence. certain crimes make gang members eligible f stronger penalties
7:30 am
including witness intimidation and second-degree assault. maryland also has new fines for people who make false health claims. the ste estimates this law could help them rcover some $20 million in medicaid money. police in fairfax county are looking for a serial burglar responsible for 87 different incidents in the past two months. the crime spree has been happening all over the county. the suspect takes anything he can get his hands on from homes d cars. >> reporter: almost all of the homes targetedy the prolific burglar have one thing in common. they sit on fairly large subuan lots. often lit by an exterior porch light. matt decided to increase exterior lighting nearis home after learning four houses in his fairfax neighborhood were hit last night including one on his street. >> at my wife's urging i changed the timer setting on the gate lights so we have the entire night covered. >>eporter: fairfax county police say increasing home
7:31 am
security is a good idea. given the fact that the burglaries seem to be crimes of opportunity committed in the overnight hours. the suspect is most likely driving around. he sees an open garage door or finds an unlocked sliding door and seconds is in and out with a purse or wallet that was left in plain sight on the kitchen counter. >> please lock your doors and windows of your home and that includes your garage doors. have your doors and windows locked before you go to bed. >> reporter: a map created by investigators shows the tally of crimes committed by the same suspect is mind-boggling >> we put a significant number of resources into this investigation, and i would not want to divulge what tse resources are. obviously to help us with our efforts to apprehend the suspect. but i want to assure residents we're definitely patrolling the area and we're out there. >> reporter: jackie bensen, "news4 today."
7:32 am
a fire that killed one person in northwest d.c. earlier this week may have been intentionally set. that blaze broke out early wednesday morning on the busy 16 street corridor in columbia heights. one man died after he jumped from his fifth floor apartment. several other people were seriously hurt. they are talking to several persons of interest. >> we began to eliminate every single accidental cause and that's going to le us to one area. we're not quite ready to make that jump yet but speculation would say most likelyt's going to be some type of a set fire. >> investigators say a mattress on the fifth floor may have been the source of the fire. tens of thousands of americans who were close to losing their homes are getting unexpected good news. three of the biggest mortgage lenders in the country have stoppe foreclosure, bank of america, gmac and jpmorgan chase admitted thousands of documents may have beenimproperly
7:33 am
processed. >> reporter: new evidence the nation's foreclosure crisis is far from finished. thousands of people, some from as far away as arkansas and florida looking for free help in a last ditch effort to hold on to their hom. among them, this person. >> what's your situation? >> situation is i'm on an interest-only loan that's killing me. >> i don't want to end up on street. >> reporter: one in seven borrowerare behind onheir mortgage. bank of america joined jpmorgan chase and gmac in suspending foreclosure evictions across 23 states. the move is raising questions whether banks were cutting corners. one employee acknowledged she approved 8,000 foreclosures a month. typically didn't read them. in a sworn deposition a gmac employee admitted gning off on
7:34 am
10,000 cases a month. critics refer to that process is robosigning where it's impossible for any one person to review so many documents. this attorney said his client is among those who lost his home. as bankers looked snort cuts. >> i feel the time is now to stop this. >> reporter: all three lenders say they are reviewing their procedures. both gmac and chase say none of the of the processing errors resulted in many improper foreclosures. experts say this new confusion will only make things more difficult in an already stressed real estate market. >> we have a glut of foreclosures right now that need to be processed and gotten out on the market and resold to borrowerwho can afford them. if you delay it you put the pain further down the road. six months worth of dwi arrests in the district are in jeopardy because of inaccurate machines. in a story we brought you first on 4, d.c. police use a device
7:35 am
known as the intoximeter. a lawyer says the district's ief toxicologist did not approve the use until las month. >> all the people that pled guilty or were found guilty of dwi based on these scores were wrongfully convicted every single one of them since march of ts year. >> despite the error police say the results from the tests have been accurate. d.c.'s attorney general says all of the affected dwi cases will reviewed. you might need some extra time if you are commuting ing metro this ekend. work cise will be doing track and platform repairs. expect half hour delays on green and yellow lines between mount vernon square and u street and red line between shady grove and twin brook. add 20 minutes on the red fly in you're traveling between new york avenue and rhode island
7:36 am
aven station. all stations should be back on normal schedules by monday moing. if you're looking for a way to get some exercise and help out a great cause lace up your running shoes and head down to the freedom plaza for the 20th annual washington aids walk. it will raise funds for the walker whitman clinic. the 5k run starts at 9:00. the walk starts at 9:15. both bin and end at freedom plaza. lynda carter is the grand marshall and craig melvin is emceeing that event. head down to freedom plaza at 14th and pennsylvania avenues northwest. time now 7:36. 55 degrees outside. how you can paddle dragon boats right now. we'll show you where you can enjoy the free activity with your kids. plus it is official. ere's a new mega airline in the skies. we'll show you what this means. i thought it was crazy feeding in the fall.
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two of the country's bigger airlines h finished their merger to create the world's largest airline. united and continental finished the paper work yesterday. the new company will retain the united airlines name. they are trading under the ual symbol. travellers won't notice any difference. for now customers can still use both airlines websites. many areas around the washington region are still drying out from flooding. check out what people in annapolis had to deal with. thursday's torrential rains left many major roads closed. auorities lifted evacuation orders yesterday for homes sitting near the waterworks dam. people returned as water levels dropped. high water created problems for drivers in northern virginia. parts of brownsville road in vienna had a foot-and-a-half of standing water yesterday morning. at one point the height of the rain was iassable.
7:40 am
once the water receded authorities opened the road so traffic could ge by again. >> 7:40. 56 degrees outside. we're in for a beautiful day chuck says. he'll have the details i your full forecast when "news4 today" full[ mom ] my son ryans4 today" didn't know his voulez-vous from his frere jacques... [ speaking french ] [ mom ] he decided to study in pas. ♪ to see french masterpieces with his very own eyes. we even linked our citibank account to his so when his account ran low we just transferred funds. i just hope the language isn't a barrier. bonjour. [ mom ] my ryan can be very shy. [ male announcer ] from linked accounts to citi mobile we make it simple to manage your finances. what's your story? citibank can help you write it.
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washington challenges trying to shake off the embarrassing first-round loss in last years playoffs and a special date coming up soon. eun ya has more. >> reporter: this week on kids post a special date, something on skates and a boat that kids can decorate. joining us oe again is tracy grant from "the washington post" kids post.
7:43 am
nice to see you as always. let's begin with the great activity that will keep your kids busy through november. dragon boat. >> dragon boats is a wonderful kids 12 and older to get out on the water. you paddle these enormous boats as part of a team. the dragon comes from the fact that they get decorated in t style of chinese dragons for races. so this is a wonderful team building opportunity, practices that kids can try for free on sunday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 on m street. we write about this in tuesday's kids pots. >> sounds like a lot of fun. another sport that is starting soon the caps season begins. we're big caps fans. >> rock the red. you just got to love t caps. but in thursday's kids post fred bowen will write about how the cap season ended last year and the disappointment. and how kids, what kids can learn about bouncing back from a
7:44 am
disappointment which is what we expecthe caps to do this season, right? >> absolutely. we're all optimistic they will have another great season. a week from today it will be 10-10-10. how cool is that? that's cool for us and especially for some local kids. >> well, you know, turning 10 is huge. it's double digits for kids. but we got together a group of kids whose birthday is october 10, 2000. so they turn 10 on 10-10-10. we introduce you to these kids on wednesday. we talk about some things that didn't even exist ten ars ago. facebook. the wii. pretty much anything that began with i. iphone, ipad. that's in wednesday's kids post. >> happy birthday to them. what a cool date. thank you for joining us f kids post this week. for some fun familyctivities, visit or and click on kids post.
7:45 am
that is kids posts this weekend. i remember when the ternet wasn't that big. >> i know. my freshman year in college -- >> it's in the world book. yeah. when i first started as a freshman in college you had to punch holes in the cards to program the computer and feed the cards in. oh, boy. >> that was even before my time. >> i'm an old man, all right. take it easy on me. >> let's talk about the weather. >> we can do that. good weather finally in store just in time forhe weekend after we got inundated with the rain on thursday andfry. nice dry weekend for the most part. take a check it outside on your beautiful saturday. yes, indeed the sunshine streaming down into the city this morning. good looking day out there, clear sky overhead. temperatures are very chilly, indeed.
7:46 am
especially out in our cooler suburbs out to the north and west of town. a l of spots down in the 40s this morning. 52 here in washington. with a dew point of 45. that's the reason the suburbs are down in the mid-40s this morning. temperatures under a clear sky with a light bree like that. that's very good way to estimate what your low treatment may be as the dew point. 45 in frederick. 44 degrees in hagerstown. a 51 at the naval academy in annapolis where they had 9 1/2 inches of rain on thursday. around the east temperatures in the 40s nd0s right now. satellite picture generally speak is on the clear side. we're watching for a litt weather front coming our way as we get through the rest of the day today and tomorrow. low pressure going through the lower parts of michigan. trailing cold front going to try to make its way to our direction. much bigger thing in play.
7:47 am
this area of low pressure will get cut off from the jet stream and sag down towards the ohio valley. that will transfer its energy to a larger coastal storm starting to show signs by late sunday night into monday. as that happens that will turn into a fairly potent ocean storm. that means a strong northeast wind around here and a definite chance of some moderate to heavy rain as we get into monday and tuesday. so our weather forecast is taking advantage of the sunshine while it's here for today. stly sunny. near perfect dayo get the first weekend of october under way. tomorrow becoming overcast by about lunch time and a risk of a few light showers late in the day tomorrow but the heavier steadier rain rolls in for sunday night. unfortunately will last into monday and tuesday as well. there's your forecast. sunshine today. clouds increasing tomorrow. lit chance for rain late tomorrow night. monday and tuesday look windy and soggy around he with temperatures holding in the 50s near 60 and drying out as we
7:48 am
head towards thursday and friday. last of the college football hokies down in raleigh taking on the wolfpack. sunshine and 73 degrees there. the longhorns and the sooners in the cotton bowl in texas. i want is indeed going to be a great day for the red river rivalry today. 85 degrees the kickoff in a told you last week i was going to put the longhorn upsi down but out respect there was a shooting on campus i put the longhorn right side up. can we put that picture up. this is the game at kansas state la week. we can't do it. there it is. check out that. that's a massive thunderstorm going right over the kansas state game. that's n the thing. i checked it out. that was an amazing picture there. >> all right. >> just want to get that on there. >> pretty cool. time now is 7:49. the redskins take on the eagles pap preview of who will be o the field.
7:49 am
plus good grief, charlie brown. you can watch the great pumpkin you can watch the great pumpkin this weekend four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
7:50 am
7:51 am
the redskins take on the eagles on the road tomorrow dan hellie has that and more in sports. >> good morning. the redskins and the eagles in philadelphia, 4:15 on sunday. one ofhe bigger questions going into this weekend is the health of trent williams. he missed last week with knee and toe injuries. williams did practice this week and is listed as questionable. he says the only thing that's really bothering him right now is his toe which is 90% to 95%. i would be surprised if williams didn't play. i would also be surprised if the defense didn't play better. how could it not? right now the defense ranked dead last in the nfl in terms of yards allowed. >> that's not everything because first of all you have to take a look. if it wasn't for the defense we wouldn't have won the first game.
7:52 am
they played well enough to win. we're playing some good offenses. got an overtime game. got yardage. i'm not saying -- the game was a bad game. too many big plays in passing game. it's hard to come out of the hole when you get in that. i think we're doing a good job in the running game and a lot of areas i would like timprove on. we need to get opportunities to get turnovers. lot of issues we're dealing with and correcthem as we go. >> that was redskins defensive coordinator. yesterday rain washed away most of day one of the ryder cup the u.s. leads in two of four matches so far. you can watch coverage of the ryder cup basically all day right here on nbc 4. you can only watch the nationals for two more games then the season is over. the guys up in new york for their season-ending ries with the mets. the nats need two more wins this weekend to get to 70 for the first time since 2007. this is the pitcher that baffled
7:53 am
the nats all night long. michael moore gets a solo pitch. he did strike out ten nationals. the game goes to extra. tied at 1- changes that all with one swing of the bat. game over. a walk off homer. the nationals and pitcher clipper are losers. 2-1 is the final in ten innings. capitals still perfect in pre-season. they outscored their opponents 20-9. we can expect this regular season to be like last year when they were the top scoring team. let's go verizon center. capitals hosting the columbus blue jackets. we get things started in the first period. no score. great pass here. threads the needle. caps on top 1-0. one of two goals on the night. second perio
7:54 am
1-0 the caps. fighting for the puck. mes right out in front of the net and right to brooks like the one timer is good. caps take a 2-0 lead. third period, let's remember, folks this is just pre-season. watch alex ochkin going after nick holn. gets right into him. from a different angle you can see ov hasn't lost any of his intensity. be careful. a long season ahead of us. pre-season winner are the caps 5-3 over columbus. all ght. high school football now fairfax county is the spot. it is 3-1 robinson over lake braddock. that was good old-fashioned backyard brawl. lake braddock led by the top quarterback in the area. michael nebrich and robinson fans know it, putting a hex on them. 4-3. nebrich decides to keep it to himself. bounces it to the outside.
7:55 am
what a pretty run this was. tight ropes the sidelines and then dodge into the end zone from 40 yards out. 7-0 bruins. this is the best part. nebrich gets up and quiets the crowd. third quarter, game time 7. nebrich back to pass. he's pickeoff by robinson's thomas petrosy. first interceion of the season. petrosy getting in on is shushing action. this would thread this. bounces off the cross bar and over. give it to us. that's good and that's the game winner. robinson beats lake braddock 10-7 is the final. what a scene that was. good weekend for those guys. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. a reminder you can watch the ryder cup rit near on news 4. they are back in new port south wales. coverage begins at 8:00 this
7:56 am
morning right after "news4 today." just a cple of minutes now. a new portrait has been added to the smithsonian national gallery and won't make you say good grief. it's a photograph of charles schultze the artist who created charlie brown, and the wole peanuts gang. he died ten years ago. his comic strip don't appear in newspapers around the world. in fact today marks the 60th anniversary of peanuts and to celebrate the portrait gallery is holding a free family festival from 11:30 until 3:00. snoopy will there be. there will also be a screening of the halloween classic "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown." some good viewing there folks out at the national gallery. >> a lot of fun. who doesn't like snoopy. even cat people like snoopy for the most part. the rydecup coming up next. programming note no "news4 today" sunday tomorrow because of the golf tournament coverage,
7:57 am
so i'm going to have a long weekend. >> i'm gog to slee in. i'm turning my alarm clock off for tomorrow morning. back here 6:00 and 11:00 tonight. >> have a good day. we'll see you. >> bye now. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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