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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  October 3, 2010 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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if you bottle them up, the way to do with t pressure. and down on the field with andrea kremer. one of the guys responsible for that. osi umenyiora. andrea. >> thank you. osi, to is not just another win. what was the significae? >> they have the ring of honor. we had honor the players that led the way for us. and we knew we had to come through. and it was total team victory. >> your le knee was bothering you and how do you pull off three of the ten sacks? >> it was -- i got on the fie and i didn't feel anything until the fourth quarter. i had so much emotion and i knew we had to win the game. i had to do everything to win.
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and the team did heck of a job. >> what ebled you? >> we were able to stop the run. and we have to get every play. and we knew were going to get after him. >> thanks very much. take care of yourself. >> ahmad bradshaw. how important was the win tonight? >> we needed this one. we came out to play for the ring of hor men. we knew we had to come out and win the game. >> third quarter, time to win. >> you end up with your touchdown. what was the drive like? >> the offensive line did a great job and it was our game. and they just opened up a lot of holes and they were just able to spring. >> we are in the game, and looks like you are heading right to
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the end zone and you looked up to the screen and the ball is poed out. what happened? >> caught me in the blind spot and i think i relaxed a bit. it's something i got make up. >> how does the team build on the win? >> we got build. offenseively offensively, we got to keep pushing. and we got to get the seco half. >> bob, they fight on against houston next week. >> over to 30 rock and tony dungy, the stumbling start. the two defeats ugly. and backlash that can be rough with the new york tabloids and talk rad in in the town. and they tablish control the in the game. they did.
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it reminds me of the super bowl year. they started 0-2 aneverybody talked about the giants being in disarray. and they did the same thing tonight. they got the running game going and pressure on the pass interthat is wt the giants do when they are running. >> next topic. the steelers and the bes lose today and tonight. the chiefs of all time, the last unbeaten team. think had a bye, they are 3-0, not 4-0. they are not unbeaten. the rams in all four games, and they are 2-2. that is good enough for an nfc west tie. what is up with this? >> it's that type of year. you don't see that consistency and you don't see the dominant teams. we are used to see the colt being out there 4-0 and and new england, 4-0. and no one is playing consistent football. i have to say the chiefs have been the most consistent but
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it's good for the league. you will have tight races and teams we don't associate with first place. and that's good. i'm really excited for the fans. and sam bradford looks like he is a keeper and they believe in m. >> wturn to mike florio. one of the topics tomorrow in your monday ten pack will be jeff fisher who sits on the competition kmcommittee. and the titans have a reputation of being one of the chippier teams. >> this year, it's getti worse. the titans came into the weekend with the most personal foul penalties in the league and look for that number to go up. and today in the game against
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the broncos, chuck cecil showed who will number one. and at will a sizable flag. ,000 off season in an ryan was event in south florida, you have to double that in plain view of television, look for a huge fine. >> sixigures for a single finger, maybe. and it's just 2-2 but it's a winnable division but they may be able to make a quarterback change replacing derek anderson. >> mack hall is a guy that whisenhunt likes and it's one of the factors ithe decisions to
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part ways with matt leinart. the team is in the thick of thin in the nfc west. and the teams tied 2-2 down to the 49ers. and look for max hall to take the cardinals back to the post season for the first year after kurt warn ear's career end. >> the injuries, the one everyone is wondering about, michael vick. >> x-rays are negative but he is in a lot pain. there will be an mri tomorrow. and folks close to vick and vick himself, watching carefully. and carolina, steve smith with an ankle smith. and darryn mcfadden, a hamstring. the team does not know the severity of his injury. >> you can check ot more from
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♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how mu you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. . >> this is the play of the game presented by bank of america.
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>> the play of the game, or ten plays of the game. they look the same. all t sacks. we're going show them all. >> and now in the face time here. it's going to cut into. >> that's a good time. >> it was relentless. and remember, cutler didn't play the second half. this was -- that was all before halftime. and he had just had enough. you can tell by the end of this, he is saying -- this play probably tells it all. this one looks like the one that brings the concussion. and the bears sitting there. and 3-0 and coming in, flying high and all of a sudden, now, the truth came out and bit. >> just a postscript. we have one finger for bob. that is a pretty good line.
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and the owner got fined $250,000 last year for the gesture. >> it's carrying over. the zbrigiants now, the defensed without wanuka. they think it's going to be a major factor in the game. and they didn't miss him tonight. >> they weren't afrai and not taking kmagess and they go back to pounding the football. >> we started to talk a bit about san francisco. and philadelphia, the big question, does michael vick play? what does the test show? and do you go with kevin kolb? >> the bigger story is what is going on in san francisco.
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here is a team, 90% of the people are making predictions to win the west. and there is not a team that makes you say, we can't beat them. >> st. louis still -- tied for the top spot in that division. and kansas city, the only undefeated team. and philadelphia against the 49ers. and the ryder cup beginning at 4:00 a.m. eastern time on the usa network. this is al michaels. for cris collinsworth and andrea kremer and the entire crew, saying good night from new jersey meadowlands. yeah, sometimes i worry. sometimes iorry.
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(voice 2) got 'em. (voice 3) gre exercise guys. let's run it again. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader, now live in hd, this is news 4 at 11:00. donovan mcnabb was a rude homecoming guest in philadelphia. those philly fans applauded their former qb at the outset but began booing their own team shortly thereafter. the redskins pick up a huge win on the road today. good sunday, everyone, i'm craig melvin. mcnabb's return was all the talk all week, would he rise to the occasion? would the guy he helped land a job in philly, michael vick, overshadow him? mcnabb wasn't stellar but he was
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good enough. vick left early with an injur and our beloved redskins found a way to get it done in philadelphia. ken dermis is joining me now. this was a huge win. >> a huge win. donovan mcnabb says it's a must-win game. that's what he said about sunday's matchup. never mind the fact it was against his former employer, mcnabb didn't return to philadelphia seeking brotherly love. he was there on business. and mcnabb and his new squad, they got the job done. here's how it went down. mcnabb receiving a standing "o" in philly. th's pretty nice. this is nice, too, redskins up 7-0 in the first quarter on third and five. mcnabb throws a perfect pass to chris oley. redskins in front 14-0. welcome back, mr. mcnabb. that was his only td of the game. eagles with e last chance. redsns lead, 17-12. kevin kolb in for the injured
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michael vick. jason avant almost comes down with it butt's deangelo hall with the i-n-t. here's the homecoming king with the game ball. >> was this right here defines teams. this was something we can feed off of going into the rest of the season. we are number one in the nfc. we're going to stay up there. everybody makes mistakes their lifetime and they made one last year. so thank you. >> i loved the emotion. >> i hadn't heard that. that's the first time we've kind of heard him that he used that as motivation. that's big. >>ackers here at fedex here at 1:00. that's a big, big game, too. >> you remember the first tim the skins were at the top of the nfc east? i don't remember. >> we have to go way back. >> we'll give you a few minutes.
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no surprise, redskins fans are in hog heaven tonight. they say even though the idea of mcnabb returning to philly was a bit tense, the quarterback quickly showed its true colors. >> it's amazing. >> we love the redskins. we love mcnabb. he let the eagl down for t past ten years but not us. whoo! >> we will, of course, have much more redskins coverage, including postgame interviews. we'll have more coming newspaper sports. >> meanwhile, a travel alert is now in place for all americans living and traveling in europe. u.s. intelligence officials say they are worried that al qaeda terrorists are planning attacks in public places in europe, including popular tourist spots. here's darcy spencer with reaction from travelers headed for europe from dulles. >> u.s. ofcials say there is no specific terrorist threat but they want american citizens to
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be cautious when they're traveling in europe. at dulles international airport, many travellers are heading to european countries as the state department is warning u.s. citizens to beware of the threat of terrorism. the travel alert was issued sunday, discussing the potential for terrorist attacks by al qaeda and affiliated organizations. i'm concerned but i'm still going. and i don't think that anything will happen to us. >> reporter: at letter talks about the potential for attacks on public transportation and tourist infrastructure in europe. it warns americans to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activi. >> what they're doing out of an abunt bu abundance is telling people they should be aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: those coming to the united states from europe sunday night say they noticed no diffence in their travel experience and did notee additional security. >> i just think it's made the
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slightest bit of difference to be honest, certainly not somebody coming from britain. >> reporter: were you concerned when you heard this alert that went out? >> slightly. i don't know, i think everything is okay. >> reporter: the alert says european governments have taken precautions to guard against attacks and have spoken out about the heightened threat conditions. at letter does not tell citizen not to travel to europe, just to be cautious when they do. >> that's part of the whole thing of terrorists, you sit there and look into the yellow alert and the orange alert and the red alert and you change your life. then they kind of already n. >> reporter: this alert is a step below travel warning. officials say that would severely impact travel as well as tourism in europe. at dulles international airport, dorothy spencer, news 4. >> the travel alert for europe is in effect until the end of january. the state department is encouraging americans to register their travel plans with the u.s. embassy. there's a more serious warning in place for americans in mexico
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because of increasingiolence and kidnapping there. a texas coup was attacked last week by gunmen in boots at the falcon reservoir along the rio grande. the wife survived but her husband is presumed dead. it's the fifth attack on americans in that area this year. drug cartels in monterey, mexico, launed four grenade attacks on civilians in the last two days. 15 people have been hurt in those attacks, including chdren. one of the attacks hpened near a u.s. consulate. officials are urging americans to only visit tourist areas and toç only visit thosereas during daylight hours. a robbery ends with a high-speed chase and crash back here in tacoma park. police say three suspects robbed the eastern carry-out and then took off. that's a chinese restaurant. a few minutes ter, the police spotted them chased them down lincoln avenue.
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they lost control of their car andlipped over in front of the mayor of tacoma park's front lawn. police are not releasing identities or age. a student who lives in a rm at the university of maryland was robbed while walking on campus. around 4:30 this morning, three men walked up him, took his wallet and cell phone and took off. this is the latest in a string of robberies on campus that police are investigating. some of the victimsere robbed in nearby neighborhoods whe there's just a lot of off-campus housing. police are stepping up patrols and warning students not to be t between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. the so-called crime time. that's when most of the robberies have happened. they're also asking students to be ext vigilant. >> honestly, i haven't really felt that safe at night. this just goes to reinforce that college park can be iffy safety-wise. >> aoccasionally walk alone. so i'm definitely going to look out for myself.
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>> reporr: campus police have also decided to do something else. when you dial 911 from a cell phone on the campus on the university of maryland, that call is going to go directly to campus police instead of prince george's county police. police are still looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting in northwest washington overnight. it happened just before 1:00 this morning along harvard street, not far fromhe university. the victims were taken a local hospital. 22-year-old michael mosque cornish of silver spring died. the second victim wasreated and released. so far, n arrests. when news 4 continues tonight, a dramatic and deadly scene when gunmen attack fuel tankers destined for coalition troops in afghanistan. we'ltake you there. plus, there's also a problem in chile where rescuers are trying to fe the mirs who have been trapped underground for some two months now. if you're a verin wireless
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customer, good news, folks, you might have cash coming your way. we'll explain. an we know have rain coming our way. it's already here. it will be a messy monday morning. i'll tell you when the sunshine will actually return to the area. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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what you've put aside... and how much you really ve available, right now to spend on the things you want. and you can free up money with a simple slide. it's built to help make your financial life a whole lot easier. experience everything virtual wallet has to offer at pnc. for the achiever in us all. a deadly scene in pakistan where gunmen attacked fuel tankers destined for coalition troops in afghanistan. the attack in islamabad killed three people, leaving six others hurt. tensions are running high in th area after a nato strike killed thr pakistani soldiers thursday. the pakistani official says the supply route for coalition forces will re-opennce public anger cools. back here there was a huge crowd in hyattsville today, all
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there remembering fallen navy s.e.a.l. lieutenant brendan looney. they say about 200 attended the wake today. he was killed on september 21st when his helicopter went down in southern afghanistan. a funeral will be held tomorrow morning at t basilica of the national shrine. dan looney will be buried at arlington national cemetery, next to his best friend who died in iraq two years ago. there may be another setback for the 33 trapped miners in chile tonight. it's been almost two months since the mine caved in, leaving the menore than 2,000 feet underground. crews are trying to drill a tunnel to those men. right now there are about 587 meters down. they need to get to about 703 meters. off[cials say some technical problems with the drilling equipment has stalled the rescue. >> of course, of course, we are dealing with problems every day. they know that.
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>> it looks like it will be anher 30 days now before the men are finally pulled to safety. ell, will our workweek start out wet? chuck bell's got the forec
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. en, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. into revolutionary performance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission.
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one word makes the dierence in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. listen up if you're a verizon wireless customer. you might see something new on your bill. a credit. seriously. about million customers will get a refund betweenç $2 and $ on their october and november bills. verizon says they were wrongly
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charged for data sessions or web access they did not initiate, meanwhile, the federal communications commission is investigating to see if any amount of time it took verizen to correct t problem and reimburse customers, that means verizon could still face a possible fie. cool showers tonight. went out fordinner, came back, i was like, man. >> you didn't go out without an umbrella, did you? know, probably not the smartest move. >> i'm here for you. people at home write me a note, say should i take the umbrella to dinner? >> yes i'll take it tomorrow. >> not going to probably need it for tuesday or wednesday but you need to know where it is. you'll have opportunities for some rain o tuesday afternoon and maybe laboring into wednesday. most of the rain we'll get tonight into the front half of the day tomorrow the wiper right there on city cam. how do you keep the lens so clean? we have a wiper on it. absolutely. a sprayer.
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>> maybe we should turn it off before the show next time. >> don't be silly. outside, good looking sunday night at national airport. everybody is out there soaking wet. 67 degrees, our high temperature today after a 53 degree start this morning. tomorrow, we make our third -- it's just after midnight. today, monday will be our third day in a row cooler than average. tuesday is going to be cooer th average as well. the last time we had four days in a row cooler than average, june 30th, july 1st, 2nd and 3rd. it's been a long time. it's been raining not just here in washington but down to our south and east as wel salisbury, maryland. 57 the current temperature there. 54 degrees, the current temperature. down in the sing feel area, arlington, rginia, not too far of a row. just under half an inch of rain there with a fairly light breeze at this point in time.
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annapol annapolis, the north wind at 10. here's the radar few i don't. rain is ending in annapolis. this is going to continue throughout the remainder of the overnight hours tonight and through much of the morning hours on monday as wl. two areas of low pressure, one back across the central appalachians and another one developing off the north carolina coastline. they're going to start to join forces here and eventually turn into oneain area of low pressure right off the jersey coastline. that's going to keep us in a cloudy period with cold air aloft and a northeast wind at the surface. that main area of low pressure off the coastline, gradually becoming the main air afterlow pressure with this whole srm. wobbling around and taking its time. as a result, sunshine will be at a premium. not too good for leaf lookers. next weekend it's columbus day weekend, already near peak foliage up across new england. temperatures in the 40s to near
12:02 am
50.ç tomorrow, cloudy, rain gradually tapering off by monday afternoon. a chance for more showers on tuesday. i couldn't absolutely say no to a chance of a shower on wednesday. i didn't post it there, just to be optimistic but you need to know, we may needo put the drop back in for wednesday. we tn the corner on thursday, it will be beautiful weather for a holiday weekend, columbus day week n. that's a big one around here for leaf peepers. >> for who? >> leaf peepers. people who drive out to the blueridge mountains and look at the leaves, like myself. >> they're called leaf peepers? >> they're called a lot of things. the nationals walk out of new york with a season-ending victory. we're still talking about the big win up in philly. donovan mcnabb and those redskins, getting a huge win against
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words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities.
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restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't cong at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- and our efforts aren't now that the well is cappe is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.


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