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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 4, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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occasional showers. a little bit of wind, too, for the afternoon. we'll hit a high today. 57 to 58 degree saturated ground. so watch out. when we do get the wind here this afternoon. 54 in frederi for the afternoon today. 53 a martinsburg. ese kind of temperatures are more like what you would expect to see really in mid-novemb. not early octor. high of 63. a little bit of sunshine back. and a little bit more rain by mid week. high, 65 degrees. 30% chance of showers. an then dry for thursday with a high of 70 long through the ekend. veronica, for the most part we're doing okay. a lot of road spray. inner loop has come up from tysons corner, rockville pike doing okay. around the bend, bad curve, be very, very careful. outer loop, no worries as you ad towards tysons corner or ntinuing toward i-66.
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let's head over and see if there's anything on 395. landmark, 14th street bridge. all is pretty well. that's the best you can expect when it's raining and it's a monday. >> anks, jerry. we have a traffic alert for you. there is a tree down in montgomery county blocking traffic. megan is live in bethesda with details. megan, good morning. >> good morning, eun. a lot of people use the stretch of river road to access the beltway. you might have to give yourself a little extra time. weave around to get around this tree that has fallen on river road. you can see the cones blocking the roadway here at brookside road. it's a little bit beyond brookside. it's blocking all the outbound lanes of river road. at this point, though, the inbound lanes are all open. earlier this morning they did have some debris from the tree on the inbound side.
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they had one lane blocked. this is just anssue for folks headed in the outbound direction. all the lanes of river road are closed in the outbound direction. we have a public works crew here on the scene. ey put up the cones. theyreated the barrier here. we're not hearing the sound of any chainsaws or anything like that. they're not th close to removinghe tre. at least they have to get folks on the scene with proper equipment. and obviously the hope here is they will do that quickly, get the tree out of the way before rush hour begins to kick in. for the most, we're not seeing any problems with a backup because of the light volume here. but if this continues to be in the way for much longer, we're going to start to see issues with the rush hour starting t go into high gear. back to you all in the studio. i just heard a chainsaw. >> that's good news, mmegan. we'll check back and see if it
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clears up any time soon. if you or your family or friends are planning a trip to europe soon, be aware of their surroundgs and report suspicious activity. it is one step below a formal warning not to visit europe. >> darcy spencer has reaction from travers headed to europe from dallas. >> reporter: officials say there is no specific terrorist threat, but they want american citizens to be kau to be cautious when they're traveling to europe. the state department is warning u.s. citizens to beware the threat.
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u.s. intelligence worry that al qaeda terrorists are planning attacks in public places, including popular toist spots. >> well, i'm concerned but i'm still going. i don't think anything will happen to us. >> the alert tks about the potential for attacks on public transportation and tourist infrastructure in europe and warns americans to be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activit >> what they're doing out of abundance of caution, soft targets such as tourist sites or transportation hubs are the type of targets that they like to attack. >> reporter: those coming to the united states from europe sunday night said they noticed to difference in their travel experience and did not see addition security. >> i don't think it's made the slightest difference. certainly not to somebody who comes from britain. >> reporter: were you concerned at all about the alert that came out? >> sghtly. i don't know. i think everything is okay. >> reporte the alerts say they have taken precautions about attack.
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they do not tell citizens not to travel to europe, just be cautious when you do. >> you sit there and you listen to theellow alert, orange alert and red alert and you change your life. then they kind of already won. >> reporter: this is a step below travel warning. officials say that would severely impact travel as well as tourism in europe. darcy spencer, news 4. and the travel alert for europe is in effect through the end of january. the state department is urging americans to register their travel plans with the u.s. embassy. a more serious travel warning is in mexico because of increasing violence there. last week gunmen attacked a husband and wife. officials urge americans to only visit tourist areas and only during daylight hours. growing concern this morning at the university of maryland.
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those robberies against students have now moved on campus. attacks on students have now moved on campus. 4:30 sunday morning, three men jumped a student near a dorm and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies in college park. to help, 911 calls made from a cell phone will go to umd police. and investigators in tacoma park say they have three men in custody after a chase led to a crash. e suspected thieves sped down lincoln avenue, hit several vehicl, hit their own car and landed up side. detectives are not releasing the identities of those arrested at this time. family and friends will say a final farewell to a local navy s.e.a.l. killed inafghanistan. it will be at 100 at the basilica of the national
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sideline in northeast e washington. high atsville path said about 1,200 attended the wake. his helicopter wentown in southern afghanistan. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery next to his best friend who died in iraq two years ago. well, as a member of the philadelphia eagles, donovan mcnabb spent ten years trying to beat the wshington redskins. roles were reversed as he walked on to financial field wearing colors of a different team. he returned to philadelphia as a redskin officially, at least, getting a warm response from the ually hostile brotherly love crowd. and he made eagles fans regret running him out of town, using his arms and legs to defeat his former team, -12 tied at eagles at the top of the nfc
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east. each with a record of 2-2. stay tuned this morning. derrick ward will be live at the green belt metro station getting reaction following the redskins win. oh, yeah. we're all nervous at the end there. >> it was pretty tense. hail mary pass almost answered. >> almost. >> our time 5:08. ahead this hour, a college campus comes together to remember a stude whose death has created outrage nationwide. a setback in efforts to rescue the trapped miners in chile.
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welce back. it's 51 degrees. looks dreary out there. that's because we have had a lot of misty rain out there this mornin we have had kind of a wet weekend as well. veronica joins us next. >> good morning. good inside day yesterday. did u take in any movies? >> yeah, beating of us. good movies. "the town". >> and i saw "the social network ♪ >> td we have to go to work, though. we will need the rain gear for
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today. showers, they're already falling across the area. see the blue, that'she light showers. then we have pockets of moderate rain also coming through. i don't think we'll have anything too hea across the area. so don't think we'll be under any flood wat. we'll pick up quarter to half inch of rain today. 53 the temperature, main street and tacoma park. dmas cuss, 51. shorthand tily, 52. by 9:00 a.m. to 55. 56 by noon time. bit of a chill. or a jacket at least. >> here we are on i-95 northbound. nothing but rain i'm sorry to
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say. accident free. w about that. southbound if you're headed that direction. looking good we'll check out prince george's county on route 4. pretty much the same story on the inner loop and outer loop. >> thank you. 5:13. 51 degrees. hail to the redskins. huge win for the burgundy and goal and an even bigger victory for the quarterback. and two men friends for six decadebut never met face to face until now.
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[ninstrumental music ]] here are the top stories at 5:15. u.s. state department issued a rare advisory for americans living or traveling to europe. it is prompted by information indicating the possibility of terrorist attacks. police at the university of maryland are stepping up patrols afteanother attack. in one on campus 4:30 sunday morning. three men jumped a student and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest in a string of robberies in coege park. family and friends will say a final farewell to a local navy
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s.e.a.l. in afghanistan. lieutenant brendan loonie will be held at 10:00 in northeast washington. the 29-year-old was killed september 21st when his helicopter went down in southern afghanistan. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. redskins fans are in hog heaven today after they eeked out a win over philadelphia yesterday. it made a lot of friends scream eek. donovan mcnabb returned to philly. derrick,ood morning. what are the fans's reaction on this rainy monday? >> well, the bies the mood of the weather. 17-12 is less than a touchdown. just a little bit more than a eld goal. but it's a win. fans will take it. especially when it's against division rivals philadelphia
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eagles. the circumstances surrounding this game. donovan mcnabb returned to philly. we're up in the air on how fans would react. he was received favorably by most fans. something he didn't get when his draft was announced. we talked to one fan who was, indeed, surprised by that. >> yes, i was. >> what did you expect? >> i expected for them to be booing but they didn't. it was good. i love the gape. they won. that's all that matters. >> ined, that is all that matters. looked like she was wearing redskins colors but it was just sort of a sneaky thing because she said they couldn't wear p r paraphernalia on the job. >> stay dry out there. the supreme court is back to work today.
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for the first time it will feature three women serving at the same time. elena kagan joins the court today after being confirmed earlier this year. francisco h . >> reporter: the u.s. supreme court traditionally starts its new term on the first monday in october. but there's nothing typical about the court this time around. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> reporter: elena kagan is its newest mber. kagan becomes the third woman on the court, the fourth in its history. but shwill likely sit out about a third of the cases to avoid any conflict stemming from her former stint at the courthouse >> if that happens, the supreme court is not going to be able to decide the issue and will ha to come back in another case in another year. >> kagan and the other eight justices will have a full
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caseload whethe session begins. one of the biggest, protests at miliry funals, are protected der freedom of speech. protesters claim it is god's way of punishinghe military's tolerance of gay >> god is punishing these soldiers, punishing their parents really. >> fred phelps was one of several protesters at a military funel of marine matthew snyder. snyder's father said their presence forever ruined the memory of that day >> they turned it into a circus. one of the many pivotal decisions facing the new supreme court stl closely divided between five conservatives and four liberals. studen at rutgers held a silent vigil to honor 18-yeaold freshman tyler clementi. he committed suicide after discovering his roommate set up
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a webcam to show him in a sexual encounter with a man and posted it on the internet. they could face ten years in prison. well, bedbugs have started their assault on d.c. u. agency for international development found bedbugs in a single office. officials say pest control service person came in to treat the infected area over the weekend and will continue to be proactive to prevent any future bedbug activity. and parents of toddlers continueup. most little ones can reach as high as a kitchen countertop, tting them at risk for severe burns. american academy of pediatrics said 76% of kids in their study could reach at least some distance on to the table and much farther than anticipated. there may benother setback for the 33 trapped miners in chile. officials say some technical problems with the drilling
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equipment ha stalled that effort. right now the tunnel has gone down about 587 meters but they have to reach 703 meters. >> every day. of course. of course. we are dealing with promise every day. and they know that. >> it may take at least another month before the men are fnally pulled to safety. it's been almost two months sense the mine caved in, leaving the men more than 2,000 feet underground. hope they get there and get there soon. >> all right. 5:21. weather and affic on the ones. veronica, dreary day. >> rainy days and mondays, don't let it happen to u. i should have had the colors on today. shame on me. we do, again, have showers moving thugh, making their way on shore. you can see them pushing southeast to northwest. not just some light showers.
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we have a few pockets moderate showers. that's what we will see occasionally throughout the day today. you can see the rain from silver spring to mount vernon, brandywine right now. and it's cool, too. 53 degrees wheaton park. wall door of, 52. so the high today, 57, that will occur 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. in is likely first part of the day here. 58 our high temperature. it's going to get a little windy, a little gusty during the afternoon. sohowers for today. sun is up at 7:07. we should get a litt bit of that real good sunshine in here tomorrow and a little bit more rain for wednesday. jerry, how are we looking on the roads now? >> veronica, doing very well surprisingly, despite the weather. right side is the outer lp. as you wiggle your way from connecticut avenue, headed toward rockville pike, travel lanes are open. same thing for the inner loop.
5:23 am
that is good news. northern virginia, look see on 395. both directions right now just a little bit of volume. no major accidents to report. out to the rails, it's a good start. metro rail, vre and mark all doing well as we get under way. joe, eun. >> jerry, thank you. 5:23. think you felt a little earthquake this weekend? it may not have been you imagination. a terrible bus crash claims four lives and injures others. four lives and injures others. details when we come back. four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected taxloope companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%.
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and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporatio, even bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlh sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do.
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a minor earthquake hit virginia over the weekend. the epicenter was 25 north of richmond, 5 miles west of i-95. u.s. geological survey said the 3.0 magnitude quake hit saturday afternoon. the quake was felt in richmond and charlottesville and 339 miles away in canton, north carolina. no injuries or damage was reported. >> remember our earthquake right here in washington, d.c.? >> i go, indeed. it was terrifying. actually, i felt it but thought it was just the burrito i had. two women friends for 63 years but never talked face to face finally met in person. >> they we pen pals and wrote
5:27 am
each other for decades. darcy wrote to vivian first back in 1947. vivian lived in washington state, door three ya in washington state. at 75 years old, vivian recently decided to fly to meet her pen pal instead of sending another letter. i can't believe it. >> i know, i know. >> doothea first wrote to vivian when she was 13 years old, all part of an englishssignment back then when she was in school. wasn't that wonderful? >> what a great reunion. >> what a eat friendship to have lasted for 63ears of writing letters all that time. that's really wonderful. >> i hope people still write letters. forget all thise-mail stuff.
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>> i don't think many do. >> that's true. 5:28 is our time. verizon is preparing to send out millions of dollars of runds to its customer could you be one of them? >>. wearing shirts ♪
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♪ tell everybody else ♪ and everyone ♪ tell evebody else goodorning. and welcome back to news 4
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today. it is 5:31. 52 degrees. a chilly start to your monday morning. a little misty as well. >> it certainly is. you can see the spotlights through the rain drops above us right now in the nation's capital. i'm joe krebs. and veronica johnson has talked about us to talk about the rain and see if it's going to last all day long. >> all da >> although by afternoon i don't think we're going to have as much rain coming down across the area. we're probably going to get a little bit of wind. that's just going to make it nasty in its own kind of way. definitely on the cool side today. >> the wind with saturated ground, could we see trees coming down? >> right near the water. that's probably where the winds will be strongest. winds gusting 20, 25 miles per hour. so not extremely strong. nothing like what we have seen in some of the terrible systems we have had just a couple weeks ago. right now, again, it is wet across the area. we have showers making their way
5:32 am
from southeast to the northwest. all that pushing on ore as a result of a low pressure system. i-81, showers in the moderate green. wet for the most part today. 53 degrees. gaithersbu gaithersburg, 52. mercury barely budging. part of the system coming through on wednesday. i-270. the only incident is an accident 270 southbound near route 109 in hyat hyattstown. don't let it pick up too much. weather is certainly a factor. could be a little slick out
5:33 am
there. one more stop over to virginia we go. i-66. no worries. reminder, you will be ticketed at 5:30 if you are an hov violator. metro, vre and mark all doing fine so far. joe, eun. thank you, jerry. travel alert in placfor all americans living and traveling to europe. >> reporter: the state department made it clear this is not a warning to stayhome if you're planning on traveling to europe but a reminder to be careful. europe is under a travel alert this morning. the state department says al qaeda and other terrorists may be planning attacks like the deadly 2008 bombings and shootings in mumbai, india. >> it does make me nervous.
5:34 am
>> reporter: the government says don't stay home, just be alert around trains, airpor and tourist attractions. intelligence officials believe eight germans and two british brothers hiding in pakistan may be planning an atck sanctioned by osama bin laden himself. >> acting on following the needs that have been given to pakistan and that will makeurope and the united states safer. so we hope. >> reporter: great britain, where the terror alert is severe, raised its warnings for france and germany. >> a little concerned. but i'm sure they've heightened the security. >> reporter: the deposit decided against a stronger warning, which would likely cause more travelers to change their plans. >> if you start changing the way you live in your life, then they win. >> reporter: state department's advice, proct yourself and use common sense. now, the alert is in effect until the end of january. eun. >> tracie potts on capitol hill.
5:35 am
tracie, thank you. this is the fifth attack on americans in the year. officials urge americans to only visit tourist areas i mexico and only during daylight hours. and we have a traffic alert for you this morning. a tree down in montgomery county blocking traffic along river road. news 4's mean mcgrath is live in bethesda with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we are seeing some progress being made. a second works crew arrived on the scene. we have four or five people working to remove this tree. we've been hearing chainsaw the last half hour or s they are making progress. off in the distance they're actually picking up some of the wood and throwing it into the back of the truck. hopefully it won't be a whole lot longer.
5:36 am
if you're leaving the house and you use river road to access the beltway. all outbound lanes are sll closed. you'll encounter the barricade at brookside road. they'll stop you. you have to go around it. take a detr through the naked to get around the trouble spot here at least for a bit longer. now, this is not impacting the inbound lan. there was a problem with that early this morning. they cleaned up the debris on the inbound side. all lanes are open. hopefully not too much longer in terms of the outbound lanes. right now still ploblocked at t point. it's not auge tree. good news, it didn't bring down any power lines thatame tumbling down. hopefully as soon as they can chop it up and haul it away they will reopen. >> quite a mess on a monday morning. thank you, megan. growing concerns at the university of maryland after a
5:37 am
student was attacked and robbed on campus. 4:30 sunday morning police say three mennocked a student to the ground and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies in college park. they are stepping up patrols and urge peoe to not be outat 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. when most robberies happen. and investigatorin tacoma park say they have three men in custody after. they got away in t burgundy dodge intrepiintrepid. the suspected thieves sped down lincoln aven, hit several vehicles, hit their own car and landed up side. police are not releasing the identities of those arrested at this time. a gunman shot two people before 1:00 sauntd morning along harvard street.
5:38 am
one of them survived. but the other, 22-year-old michael cornish ied. so far no arrests in this case. family and friends will say a final farewell to a local navy s.e.a.l. it will be at 10:00 at the basilica of the national shrine in northeast washington. hyattsville said about 1,200 attended the wake. his helicopter went down in southern afghanistan. he will be buried atrlington national cemetery next to his best friend who died in iraq two years ago.
5:39 am
least four people dead and 13 injured after a church van flipped over. it happened late last night in southern georgia. officials say the van was carrying passengers from the tabernacle of prayer and deliverance in columbus, georgia to florida. investigators say a tire blew causing the driver to lose control and hit the median. 5:39 is your time. 52 degrees. still to come, rekin nation rejoices. big victo for the team. apple beware. stiff competition for the ipad. and your weather and traffi on the ones when we return. ♪
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and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world. 5:42 is your time. 18 minutes until 6:00 this morning. 51 degrees outside. d a lot of drizzle and rain coming down on our heads this monday morning. going to make for probably an ugly rush hour. we'll find out mor from jerry. >> chils well. fits with this monday mood. yeah. you want to stay all bundled up. who wants to go to work today. showers falling across the area. at least it's not windy right now. we will have some wind coming our way during the afternoon. but showers pretty much coming through the area. occasional showers throughout the day.
5:43 am
at times moderate. it's making its way from southeast to north and northwest ght now. so onshore. most of the heaviest rain on the other side of i-61. temperatures right now in the 50s. across the area, as we said, it's pretty cool. 53 fres right now up around d.c. and folks around capitol hill, 52. ur high today just 57 to 58. notice that the showers kind of go on and off at 6:00. well, that's because they're going to become more intermittent. we'll get a quarter to half inch of rain. we're not going to get a big soaking. no heavy rainn a short period of time. od news. >> that is very good news. we don't need anymore flooding, that's for sure. green belt, pretty quiet morning
5:44 am
thus far. inr loop and outer loop, i-95 to the wilson bridge doing all right. a couple wrinkles popping up. we head over to the map and show you i-95 northbound in maryland as you make the trip up to 216. look out for an accident there. everything is to the shoulder. flashing lights might be a bit of a distraction. heading down towards the river getting the initial reports of app accident. police are headed over there. i-270, route 109 southbound over to the shoulder. shouldn't be too much of a concern coming it of frederick or urbana. we'll keep a watch. 5:44. still aad, sweet revenge for donovan mcnabb. how fans are reacting to the skins big win. why the ipad may soon be why the ipad may soon be getting a run fo
5:45 am
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welcome back at 5:47. u.s. state department issued a rare advisory for the americans visiting or living in europe. it urges them to be vigilant in public places, especially tourist areas or mass transit stations. the alert is prompted by information indicating the possibility of terrorist attacks. university of maryland police put out arime alert after an attack on campus. three men tackled a student 4:30 yesterday morning and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest attack in a string of robberies targeting students. family and friends will say a final good-bye to a local navy s.e.a.l. in afghanistan. the funeral service for lieutenant brendan loonie 10:00 this morning basica of the national shrine in rtheast. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. the supreme court is pack in
5:48 am
session with i a new look. elena kagan was sworn in. one of the big issueshe court will consider is whether military funeral protesters are protected by first amendment. well, redskins is going to be the talk of the town as you head out this morning. redskins fans in hog heaven after eeking out a win over the eagles. donovan mcnabb returned to philly for the first time since being traded in the off-season. derrick, eeking out a victo is certainly the way to describe it. that was close. >> reporter: eek is what a lot of people said in the last play of the end zone. it may be hold and windy out here but there is a warm flow in the heart of redskins fan this morning. after that victory. it's a 12-17 win. close but it was against
5:49 am
division rival. and of course it marked the rern of donan mcnabb to philadelphia. and as unsure as a lot of fans were about the performance of the redskins, they were unsure how the fans would react. a lot of people were surprised by that reaction. >> i think it was pretty good. so it was fun. >> were you surprised by the fan reaction? >> yes, i was. yes, i was. >> what did you expect? >> i was expecting for tem to boo him but they didn't. it was good. i loved the game. they won. that'sll that matters. >> reporter: and of course that victory puts the redskins at the top of the nfc east. michael vick we down. he hit his stride. we don't know for sure yet what
5:50 am
the outcome of yesterday's game holds for the rest of the season in this division. right now we will take the victim sxri triumph ant return. live in greenbelt. back to you. >> clinton portis, some question whether he will will be able to play again >> derrick, thanks very much. >> reporter: thank you. well, this morning there may be another setback for the 33 trapped miners in chile. some technical problem with the drilling equipment have stalled the rescue effort there. crews are trying to drill a tunnel dow to the men. right now they're down at 587 meters drilling. they have to reach, though, 703 mers. >> of course. of course. we are dealing with promise every day. they know that. >> and it may take at least anher 30 days before the men are finally pulled to safety. it's been almost 60 days since the mine caved in, leaving the
5:51 am
men 2,000 feet aches half mile, underground. gunmen in pakistan killed three people and injured six others as part of fuel tankers carrying supplies for coaliti troops in afghanistan. this adds to the area's bod count as nato strikes killed three pakistani soldis on the pakistan/afghanistan border. the supply route will reopen once public anger subside a rainy monday morning as you can see behind us. >> we're really running a month ahead of hedule. like mid-november. >> good news, ough, the showers we're getting today not with a tremendous amount of wind. shouldn't take down too much. we're still waiting for the
5:52 am
great fall color arnd here. 53 at reag international airport. again, it's moist everywhere. so bad hair day, ladies. wind out of the north at 14 miles per hour. it's going to pick up a little bit by afternoon with gusts to about 20 to 25 miles per hour. rain likely for the first half of our day. and then we're going to see by the time we get to the afternoon. we're going to be looking at less showers coming thrgh the area. still again windy. 53 right now in the district. 52 in frederick, sterling, manassas. fairly uniform temperatures throughout. ocean city right now is our warm spot at 57 degrees. let's take a look at things where we go from here. by the time we get to the afternoon, 3:00, about 6:00, occasional showers coming through. 57 or 58. brrr. not one but two low pressure systems hanging off the coast.
5:53 am
by the time the second one comes through, that will be wednesday with a better chance of showers. there's a look at the temperatures. it's cool back in chicago and detroit. on your future cast, you can see wet weather for not only the next 24 hours but the next 48 hours. high today, 58. windy at times during the afternoon. quarter to a half inch of rain today. and it's not going to come all at once. less of a likelihood we will see rain throughout the area. lots of sunshine at the end of the week. all right, veonica. well, we have come to an end of our fine commute. we're getting a rash of accidents on wet pavement. this one in virginia, a cole
5:54 am
moments ago. 95 southbound. left side now plokd. at least one vehicle. up on, well, it looks like on the guardrail, at least over to th shoulder. but ahead of it, more equipment in the travel portion of the roadway. also word of an accident, 66 east bound in fair oaks. authorities are headed over there. let's check elsewhere and see how we're doing. over to the maryland sid inner loop, outer loop doing okay. please be very careful. out on the rails, metro and vre doing fine. brunswick, 870 and 890, under 10 minutes. 503, 7 minutes behind schedule. investigators may be looking into jonbenet ramsey's brother for details in the unsolved murder case. the beauty queen was found strangled in her boulder, colorado home in 1996. app attorney for the family says
5:55 am
investigators have contact the little girl's older brother burk. police, however, have not confirmed that. he was 9 years old at the time of the murder. well, some of you verizon wireless customers may get a refund on your next bill. charg users who didn't have a data plan accidentally accessed the internet. many of them inadvertently hit a button on theircell phone. they will get a $6 credit. those no longer with a refund check will get a refund in the mail. competition hitting the shelves first. >> mark barringer looks at the other tablets aiming for apple's throne. >> and we call it the ipad. >> reporter: apple sold 3 million ipads so far this year. >> it is so far out in front right now it's going to take
5:56 am
time if anybody can even catch up to it. >> reporr: but a vast array of competitors is ready to give chase. >> everybody needs a great playbook. >> reporter: last week black berr itroduced playbook. it is smaller, thinner and lighter than ipad. it has dual hd cameras and flash video. >> they are billing it as a business tool and consumer tool at the same time. >> reporter: samsung will get a jump on it with its galaxy tablet. no price yet but it's the same size as the playbook, as well as dual cameras. it's based on the android operating system. >> it's not ideal for tablets but people are forcing it in there anyway. i have no doubt google is working furiously on a version
5:57 am
of android. >> reporter: four inches smaller than the nine-inch ipad but offers cameras andphone services exclusively through at&t. >> oh, it's a phone i'm sold. >> reporter: and windows # was previewed in january. expected to be are he leased in time forhristmas shopping. with a major head start in sales. apple's competitors have a lot of ground to make it. it's going to be a tough competition there. >> tough to make a choice. you probably will have to have at one point. >> all right. ahead, which building is dealing with a bed bug [ female announcer ] this is wendy. wendy is a big fan of aetna mobile. because life takes wendy places. and li takes her family places. hi, mom. [ female announcer ] so knowing she can find in network doctors and pharmacies whenever or wherever she needs them
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