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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 5, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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about the forecast today. it'sstill going to feel like winter around here. not going to have showers today. low 60s with a little bit of wind. it's going to get breezy for the afternoon. you'll need a jacket for sure long sleeves to start your day today. we have mercury right at 50 degrees. if you are wondering if these temperatures will stick around for a while, they are. overnighlow at least in d.c. around 50 degrees. one degree in the district, 51 at georgetown. montgomery, bethesda, 49 degrees. areas west, western suburbs, low to mid-40s. add to it that breeze and it feels like 39, manassas. 43 in sterling.
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at 6:00, maybe an isoled sprinkle high today, 62, 63 at 2:00 or 3:00 today. we could get showers but not much. let's see how good we're looking on the roadways with jerry edwards. looking very, very good. wrapping up the overnight road work, interstate 270, south from montgomery village. a lot of overnight construction. pulling up the construction barrels as we speak. after that you are good to go. over on 395, coming up from edsell, ldmark and shirlington. broken down vook errored to be in the roadway. this morning the search is on for answers after a man was found with an apparent gunsh
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wound at a metro station. police found him at the huntington station. megan mcgrath is live from the scene with what we know. >> reporter: lice are not releasing a lot of information about what happened here. we can tell you about 10:30 police responded to the opportunitying ton metro station. they found a man inside the vehicle suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the abdomen. it is said to be life threatening. this morning fairfax county police are releasing very little information.
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back to you, joe. >> megan reporting live. thanks very much, megan. this morning we are waiting to hear if an american drone missile strike in directly connected to a travel alert for americans in europe. telligence offials say the attack killed five german recruits for al qaed airport security is a lot ghter as well as at major travel hubs. >> the u.s. state department won't specify a specific threat but be aware of your possibility of possible commando style attacks. you may notice extra
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security on amtrak. homeland securitsays it is part of a plann exercise called operation rail safe. it often takes place when rail travel is up. the man who tried to set off a car bomb in new york city will be sentenced today. he left an suv loaded with explosives in the middle of times square but the bomb did not detonate. authorities arrested him 48 hours later, pulled him off a flight to dubai after it left the departure gate at fk airport. fire crews investigating the cause of a deadly fire in laurel. this happened yesterday afternoon at 3:3 6700 block of brooklyn bridge road. it was quickly contained and distinguished but a woman was found dead in the basement. her identity has not yet been released. starting tomorrow, a hiring
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freeze in the distct to offset $175 million shortfall. vincent gray asked current mayor to imposethe freeze. it limits the amount of mope to agency leaders to buy supplies. the freeze is just the first step in what could be a tough budget cutting session the next few weeks. certainly in light of where we are at this stage we have not only cut to the bone. we'rdown into the bone marrow at this stage. we're already starting to look at fiscal year 12. city agencies are being told to prepare for budget cuts as high as 10%. gray will begin a series of town hall meetings to push his campaign today. the d.c. council chair beat fenty in la month's democratic primary.
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1400 first street. meeting begins at 30 p.m. later this morning michelle rhee will pass along encouraging ne. d.c. public schools has an increase for the first time in 39 years. according to d.c.p.s., 73 of the 123 schools saw higher enrollment this year. mayor fenty will join rhee for the formal announcement 8:45 this morning at powell elementary in northwest. toyota makes an ouncement about efforts to repair llions of vehicles. it's cold outside this morning. your weather and traffic are next. stay with us. i thought it was czy feeding in the fall.
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traffic alert. driving through the district next week could become difficult during the filming of transformers 3. they will shoot scenes in washington. it will close a section of the national mall third street at
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independence. fourth between pennsylvania avenue northwest and independence avenue southwest. pennsylvania avenue northwest between third and constitutional avenue. maryland southwest between third street and sixth street southwest. the roads will be reopened wednesdaymorning at 6:30 a.m., and there will be a quiz. >> would you repeat that, plse? >> just call joe krebs at home. >> just stay out of the area. duck. you don't want one of those picking you up and throwing you. >> i thought it would be cute if eun would do that in transformer voice. >> i can't do that. >> you have to get one of those boxes. we want everybody to be prepared heading out the door. it's nippy. you might want to dip deep and grab that winterjacket. 50 degrees. 51 now. we're up a degree but holding in
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the district. prince george's county at 50 degrees. low to mid-40s off to the west. great falls, 44. we wanted you to see the winds. 5 to 15 miles per hour. notice where the wind is light. the windchill bigger or n as much of a factor but a little bit of a chill as you get into d.c. and clinton. 46 degrees right now iswhat it feels like there. 62, 63 you high for today. that will come at 2:00 or 3:00. breezy it will be. a return of light showers tomorrow. let's see what's going on now on e roadways. >> along i-95 northbound, a broken down vehicle we told you about near the prince william parkway. left side of the roadway on the main lines. vdot isith it now. not too much of a distraction. just be aware. it's there and we'll kee you updated and let you know, which
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hopefully will be soon. capital beltway, route 4, moving along nicely with traveanes open. joe, eu >> thanks very much. >> 5:12. 49 degrees. why one d.c.dmv is about to add a very ual service. changes to the the university of maryland. an overhaul that will change what is considered safe out on the roads. wearing shirts ♪ ♪ which caused a tnd alert
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5:14. this morning we're waiting to hear more from fairfax county police about a man found at a metro station with what looked like a gunshot wound. police responded to reports of a shooting at the huntington avenue grounds. 10:30 last night police spotted the man in a car with a single gunshot wound on the abdomen. intelligence officials say a drone killed five german recruits for al qaeda. airport security is much tighter
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this morning at airports and tour travel hubs and tourist attractions. the man dehind it all, faithful shzad pleduilty to every charge againstim. if you're waiting to get hired in the district, you may have to wait longer. $175 million shortfall. vincent gray asked current mayor adrian fenty to impose the freeze as a tough budget-cutting measure. eun, back to you in the studio. >> kimberly, thank you. starting today on pennsylvania avenue southeast you can ta care of your health while you wait in line. dmv partnered up with a no lo cal partnership for hiv
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testing. >> reporter: the you can donate your rgans, register to vote. so why not get a free hiv test here. that's what they're thinkin as you mentioned this is a public/private partnership. the testing the take place in a private area of the dmv so no one has to worry about being in front of all these people. the penn branch is the only to offer this testing for the next year. d.c. officials wanted to target ward 7 and ward 8 residents. hiv rate has risen in this area steadily over the years. they wanted to talk to people who y not see a doctor regularly. so here's a little bit of information for you if you're interested in coming down. penn branch is located at 3222 pennsylvania avenue southeast. the test sults can be ready in as quickly as 20 minutes. it's an oral test. and if you get tested, you can
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get $50 off your dmv test. they're hoping to reach 15% of the population. about 3,000 people. they think if they can get 3,000 people over the next year it will be quite a success. that, again, all starts today at the penn branch in southeast. >> elaine reyes this morning. elaine, thank you. a robbery forced police to change the way they handle 911 calls. from now on, 911 calls will go directly to university police rather than prince george's county dispatchers. three men jumped a student walking between two dormitories and took his wallet and cell phone. this is the latest in aseries of robberies that began when the school year started. an army ranger from frederick is being honored for years of dedication and sacrifice. lance vogeler was killed in
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afghanistan on friday. he was 29 years old. he became a ranger shortly after enlist anything 2001. he was on his 12th combat deployment and served four tars in iraq and eight in afghanistan. this weekend he was posthumsly awarded the purple hard, mayor tore yous service medal and branz star. this morning another example on the life threatening dangers of becoming a state trooper. right w police are looking for a tractor trailer truck that left the scene. here's what happened. the trooper was on the scene investigating a crash on i- when another vehicle forced another car into the back of his squad car. he was hit by that car. and several others were injured. this morning police are looking for one of t tractor trailers
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involved in the collision. it left the scene of the crash. none of the injuries is believed to be life threatening. today the government will roll out a bra new ratinging system to test whether your car is safe. tracie potts is on capitol hill with more on this story. we're raising the bar on safety. >> reporter: the new five-star rating system includ something they have never used before, female crash dummies. >> we know the size and shape of females is quite different than males. >> reporter: they're rating how cars perform in side impact crashes anconsidering new technology like rear sensors. >> if a car comes close to you on the side or rear backup or if yore too close to a car in the front. so we looked at that technogy as a way to really measure safety. >> reporter: they're collecting more data on injuries, especially head injuries that now factor into the ratings. and there's a new pole test simulating a 20-mile-per-hour
5:20 am
crash into a 10-inch pole just behind the driver. >> in order to get a five-star rating you have to manufacture a very safe car. >> reporter: but apparently a lot of cars are not getting tt top rating. the aim is to protect you and keep you safe and alive. last year in virginia there were over 750 fatal accidents, almost 550 in maryland, 29 in the district. live on capitol hill. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. toyota says it's halfway done fixing millions of vehicles. it started after complaints of cars intentionally accelerated. toyota recalled 10 million cars for sticky gas pedals and problematic floor mats. it has fixed 86% of prius and lexus hybrids due to problems
5:21 am
with the anti-lock brakes. 51. >> if i'm out there with a coat and scarf, you know it's cold out there. >> there is a definite chill in the air. feel like late november across the area. we're already down into the mid-40s in some of your western suburbs. oh, look at that. 51 in georgetown and cleveland park. mt. airy up north still at 50. into chantilly, 44 degrees. manassas, 39. there's a look at the wind chills. a little lower by 2 or 3 deees. high today, 62, 63. but the cloud cover isoing to really be increasing. a litt bit of clouds a little bit of a breeze. high of 63. oh, it's not going to feel like probably what you want. it's going to -- again, we're accelerating already into the
5:22 am
november time period here with a little bit of a chill. jerry. >> veronica, let's head out and see how we're doing. 395 northbound, glee road and smooth sailing for the beltway, to and across the 14th street brid. good to go there. southbound looking good. headed tout catch the train. off to a fine start. metro, vre and mark all reporting no early delay joe, eun. >> thanks very much, jerry. 5:22. tightening the leashn dog owners. an ambitious plan to rescue the trapped miners far earlier than origilly planned. next, is i art or an eye sore. a d.c. family defending their v.w. lawn ornament.
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is it art or an eye sore? you be the juchblth the owners of a 1960s volkswagen bus have been told to get it off their lawn or prepare to get fined. the family lives in palisades, northwest washington. they say what they call the peace mobile, which has been used in school playsis art. the department of public works threatened to fine the family $1,0 if it is not moved. the family started an online petition to save their van. a notice to dog owners.
5:26 am
it could soon be illegal to leave your pets tied or chained in mopt goalry county. a new anti-cruelty law proposed by leggett. he wants pet owners to remain in eyesight of a tethered dog or face a $500 fine. that palty could go up if tieing or chaining causes any pain or suffering from a dog. it's already against the law to tether a dog for long periods of time. 5:26 is your time right now. 49 degrees three of the biggest credit mpanies in the crosshairs of the government. new information about the terror threat that led to tightened security at airports. we now know definitely what caused the tour bus crash. and shooting outside metro a[ male announcer ]e metro the turn changes everything. ♪ the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach.
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travel alert this morning. a group of suspected terrorists are on the runelieved to be plotting attacks on europe. good morning. i'm eun yang. good morning. i'm joe krebs. welcome to news 4 on tis chilly morning, tuesday, the 5th dayf october. let's take a live look outside. if you were a kay line you would be a chilly dog eun, you would
5:30 am
have a chilly dog. >> y should have waited until the kids were up. they could have told that joke all day. i appreciate it, joe. but i don't eat chilly dogs for breakfast. >> mercy. >> it is one of the coolest starts in months across the area. starting out in the mid to upper 40 western suburbs, 50 degrees in the sdrikd. check on some of those temperatures right now. cleveland par 49. 49 in olney. 44 in mclane already. it is a little breezy. 14-mile-per-hour winds in the district. winds will increas throughout the afternoon. could have gusts coming our way. around 20 to 25 miles per hour. 62 to 63 your high with creasing cloud cover today. maybe an isolated sprinkle.
5:31 am
our best chance wednesday. only a slight chance of a shower. sunshine the end of the week. let's see how good we're looking for traffic. >> better than krebs's jokes. in from the west along interstate 66, doing all right so far coming in hay market, manassas on the beltway. construction at the very tip of the ramp from 66 eastbound to inner loop. that should be out of there. right now noorries. take a check on the maryland side. outer loop, beltway, university boulevard, right now college park to silver spring, we're okay. crownsville, north of i-97, police dealing with an accident there. out on the rails, fine start to the commute. thanks very much, jerry. a search for answers after a man was reportedly shot in the stomach. officers found him late last night at huntington metro
5:32 am
station in alexandria. police are releasing few detas. anything new? >> not a lot of detai here's what we can tell you. we can tell you about 10:30 police responded to the huntington metro station. it is considered to be life threatening. the question is whether or not the victim was shot here on the ground of the metro station or whether he was injured somewhere else and then drve here to this metro stop looking for help. all of that is unclear. still under investigation at this point. police are not releasing much else in the way of details her we've been talkinghis morning to metro riders. some are concerned about what has happened here and would like to know more on what police believe the motive was or whether there was any connection
5:33 am
between the victim and the person responsible for this crime. we're hoping to get more details. we'll have reaion cing up in the next half hour. eun, back to you. >> megan, thanks for the date. today that man who tried to set off a car bomb in times square will learn his fate. faisal shahzad. travel alert for americans living and visiting in europe. authorities will not specify a particular threat. but the americans are reminded to stay aware of their surroundings and the possibility of commando style attacks. this mning's news 4 jackie
5:34 am
benson is on top of the story from dulles airport. >> reporter: arriving international passengers confirmed seeing tighter security when they left europe. in washington, u.s. attorney general eric hder refused to get into specifics, but insisted the state department alert was, in his words, a timely thing to do. >> when using mass transit to be cautious. in market places, to use caution to avoid political demonstration, things of that nature. >> reporter: police in europe are lookg for ten al qaeda suspects. >> it speaks to al qaeda central, sll having the capability to threaten the west. >> reporter: aqaeda is said to be training europeans in pakistan. five german recruits were killed by a rocket from a u.s. dron u. officials have not identified any of the victims.
5:35 am
>> we need to put something out to warn people of the potential of attacks. >> reporr: officials most fear something like the 2008 jihad attack in mumbai, india. 480 people were killed or wounded ten gunmen during a three-day nightmare. meanwhile, in paris, americans like the new york knicks against t timberwolves this week are not being warned against going to europe. just to be careful in train stations and airports. >> we know where to go. again, not everyay you get to play a game in paris. >> reporte dulles airport, jackie benson, news 4 today. you may notice extra security on amtrak rail lines this weekend, but that is not related to the european threat. it is part of a planned exercise
5:36 am
that will start friday called operation rail shape. it often takes place when travel is up around the holidays. we know why the tour bus went over a flyover ramp. 66-year-old joseph clayborn junior had a heart attac that crash shut down the interstate for several hours. despite injuries to several, everyone else survived. chile's president announced the 33 men could be freed in just a few days. he hopes to be there in person to see the rescue before leaving on a trip tourope. the drilling has gone well enough they think they can be moved up. rescuers say the miners could be freed by the end of the month. not quite as optimistic as the leave your pets tied or chained
5:37 am
usually it's credit card companies imposing fees but american express may have to pay up. it's facing a suit from the justice department. american expre won't let merchants advertise lower fees from competing cards. it won't settle the case because it doesn't have the market power to force businesses to accept its pricing. the justice department sued visa and mastercard as well. but both reached a settlement. 5:37. 48 degrees out there. it's freezing in the district and we're not talking about the weather. a movie shoot about to take over the disict. could turn the morning rush into a g mess. why the irritating sound has now been silenced. up next, the coldest morning we have had in many, many months. the temperature will drop even
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four years ago, bob ehrlich t fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected ta loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, h worked as a hired gun for big corporatns, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle cde do. the sun will come up at 7:08. partly cloudy skies out there right now. and crowds increasing. hey, welcome back to weathernd traffic on the ones. what you can't see, though, those temperatures yet.
5:41 am
they're awfully low across the area. some of the lowest readings we have had around here in months. let's get you going. 49, largo, prince george's county. rosarivill rosariville, 49. prince william, 10 degrees lower, 39 is your current reading. staffordt 42 degrees. we have winds throughout the area that are fairly light. early part of today. just about an hour or so ago running 5 to 15 miles per hour they're continue to go drop throughout the area. those temperatures have dropped a little bit, too. this afternoon the winds will inclees. gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. temperature, 62 to 63 about 3:00 today. a mostly cloudy sky. can't rule out an isolated sprinkle. our best chance late today, throughout the day tomorrow. 30% chance. thursday we'll see an improvement in our weather
5:42 am
forecast. friday, sunshine. 73, 74. through the weekend, columbus day, about 74 to 75 degrees. let's get a look at traffic again. jerry. >> off we go. 395 northbound, 14th street bridge looking good this morning. ouound 14th street bridge headed from the district, into virginia, moving nicely. and g.w. parkway between old town and the bridges. memorial bridge, everything moving along without delays. off we go elsewhere. quick quick. wils wilson bridge is okay. one accident. that's just a bit above i-97. look out for that. out to the rails we go. metro doing vine. vre is okay. early delays. we'll watch this throughout the morning. alady 10 minutes behind schedule. 890 running eight minutes behind schedule. >> thanks very much. our time is now 5:43.
5:43 am
48 degrees out there. one of a kind plan that could save lives and will definitely save a lot of people money. plus, a hollywood blockbuster with a d.c. back drop that could make amess out of the morning commute. one of the most dangerous in the country. why some people say no way. and why d.c. council members are putting an urgent request to make a permanent addition to the capitol.
5:44 am
5:45 am
good morning. it's 5:45. kimberly suitors live in the newsroom with today's top stories. a man found at met station with what looks like a gunshot wound. police responded to the report of a shooting o huntiton
5:46 am
avenue grounds. 10:30 last night the man was spotted in a car with a gun spot wound to the abdomen. a travel alert remains in effect for americans traveling to europe. no word whether an american drone missile strike in pakistan is in direct with. airport security is left tighter at european airports as well as major travel hubs and tourist attractions. we knowhy the tour bus went over a flyover ramp. 66-year-old joseph clayborn junior had a heart attack. that crash shut down the interstate for several hours. despite injuries to several, everyone else survived. a new five-star rating system. it includefor the first time female crash dummies.
5:47 am
anthere's a new pole test simulating a 20-mile-per-hour crash into a 10-inch pole just behind the driver. joe i could have used that when i backed into the ben sitter's bike. didn't see her. the penn branch location on pennsylvania avenue southeast is now offering free hiv tests. and it can save you even some money on your costs. good morning, elaine. >> that's right. they're hoping that small incentive will encourage people to get tested. they have a captive office here at dmv. d.c. officials are basically hoping people will realize, hey, look, you can get your voter registration card. you can register to vote, donate your organs. wh not have the option to get a free hiv test. it will take place in a private
5:48 am
area of the dmv. penn branch is the only branch offering the free testing because district officials specifically wanted to reach ward 7 and ward 8 residents. hiv infection rate has steadily risen the last several years. and they also wanted this testing to be available to folks who may not be able to visit a ctor regularly. the penn branch is located at 3222 pennsylvania avenue southeast. the test results can be readyin as quickly as 20 minutes. and if you get tested, as joe mentioned, you can get $15 off yourdmv costs while you're here. officials hope to reach 15% of the population. at least 3,000 people over the next year to get tested. so that's how long the program will last starting today over the next year. joe, back to you. >> thanks very muh, elaine. starting tomorrow a hiring freeze to off set a $175 million
5:49 am
shortfaumpt democratic mayoral candidate asked mayor fenty to pose that freeze. it bans most employee travel and training and limits the amount of money avaable to agency leaders to buy supplies. it is just the first step in what could be a tough budget-cutting session in the next few weeks. >> certain in light of where we are this stage, we not only cut to the bone, we're down to the bone marrow at this stage and we're starting tlook at fiscal year '12. >> they are told to prepare for budget cutas high as 10%. today gray will take his campaign from d.c. mayor to public. the chair and democratic mayoral candidate starting a series of town hall meetings. gray plans to me with people living in each ward along with their representative council member and a neighborhood commissioner. today's town hall will take
5:50 am
ace in ward 5 at the community academy public charter school at 1400 first street. the meeting begins at 6:30 this evening. ommunity college in the spotlight today. jill bidenill convene the first ever summit on community colleges. it brings together teaers, students, federal and state policy leaders, including officials from prince george's community college. they will discuss how local schools can play a critical role in america's economic vision for the future. members of the d.c. council looking for equal representation under the capitoldome. they drafted a letter to house spear nancy pelosi and senate majori leader harry reid asking that the district of columbia have two statues just like the other 50 states have. council member write it's, quote, urgent to pass the bill before congress adjourns. d.c. officials have already
5:51 am
created the two statueshey want. one of frederick douglass, and the other the architect of washington. fonchor martin o'malleys supporting a call to put a hold on foreclosure in his state. some homeowners are being mistreated. lenders may have illegally started proceedings against some homeowners. faulty mortgages could bring down property values for neighboring homes. they call for a 60-day moratorium. 5:51. time for weather and traffic on the ones. break out sweaters, jackets, mae even a scarf. >> why not. the ndchill, guys, is at 46 degrees. it's going to feel a little better than it did yesrday but not by muc dry with clouds rolling back in. let's take a look at things right now. temperatures, 51 degrees.
5:52 am
reagan international with a west to northwestly wind. 14 miles per hour. you can see across the area, 44 degrees. manassas andwarrenton, 42 in la plata. leonasse 50 degrees in annapolis. 62 to 63 your high about 2:00 or 3:00 today. can't rule out an isolated sprinkle as this low pressure gives. the same low pressure system we had back here on sunday. temperatures back here around 40 degrees pittsburgh. 49 in packs river. frost warnings from detroit, cincinnati, memphis, tennessee. talk about chilly already. running just a little bit ahead of arage. future cast, the next 48 hours, a few falling in akron ohio,
5:53 am
detroit, michigan. that low will spin on rough. best chance of rain throughout the day tomorrow. just a few sprinkles on tap for today. breezy it will be for the afternoon. imagine a hig of 63. a little bit of wind and clouds back. yeah. we're talking jackets for today folks. 64 tomorrow your showers. high for thursday warming up. average for this time of year is 712 degrees. columbus day. ybe a few clouds monday. but th is about it. let's see how we're doing now with traffic. >> veronica, pretty quiet commute so r. a little volume close in. and i mean close in at the american legion bridge. left side the outer loop. inside the inner loop. travel lanes are open. no distractions and no blockages. let's pop over and see how we're doing and go to virginia where it's a quiet commute.
5:54 am
95, 395, 66 all doing well. the only incident is a broken down vehicle. it has just been moved over t the shoulder. metro raildoing fine. vre, one delay. and i fear that we havthe continuing delays at 13 minutes at brunswick 890 12 minutes behind schedule. >> we have a traffic alert. driving through the difficult could be difficult during the filming of transformers 3. they will shoot scenes in washington. it will close section of the national mall third street at independence. fourth between pennsylvania avenue northwest and independence avenue southwest. pennsylvania avenue northwest
5:55 am
between third and constitutional avenue. maryland souwest between third street and sixth street southwest. the roads will be reopened wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m., and there will be a quiz. a d.c. neighborhood is on the top ten list. that's not exactly something to be proud of. l street southeast is one of the cup's most dangerous neighborhoods. the people who live on the street say the study is outdated anpoint to the price of the homes as evidence. craig melvin has the story. >> no way! are you serious? no. i don't believe it. >> reporter: lindsay hadn't heard her street was one of the most dangerous in the country. >> now? recently? >> reporter: yeah. >> maybe ten years ago but not now. >> reporter: about a decade ago developers and city leaders started replacing blocks of dilapidated houses with chained businesses. all reasons why maia moved from northwest four months ago. >> i think there are more questionable people in dupont than you'll find here. >> there's not been a murder in this whole aresince 2005.
5:56 am
>> reporter: councilman tommy wells represents the area. michael stevens is in charge of attracting businesses to it. >> i think they're using erroneous data sets. they have misinterpreted. i would like to see their methodology. >> it collected data from several law enforcement agencies, cluding the fbi. according to its website, used 17 factors to determine danger. among them, the numbeof cars stolen, number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents, your chances of becoming a crime ctim in the area, and number ofrimes per square mile. no one believed the report except this gentleman in silver spring. >> going that way could be. the farther you get away from 16th street -- >> reporter: the more dangerous it gets? >> the more dangerous it gets. >> reporter: lindsay lives in the condos. some of them sold for $600,000. >> i'm walking to the
5:57 am
neighborhood store. the device stalled just a month ago to keep young people from loitering around gallery place is no longer there. that sound was coming from an anti loiring device called a mosquito. it emits a pitch that people 25 years younger canhear. now now the manufacturer is facing an age discrimition lawst so it has taken it down. they're eco-friendly. >> i heard that. >> now they're taken it down.
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